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GDT: Beat the Tigahs


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Think about this we won this game with 3 Pointers and FTs down the stretch?!!!

Get HF back and we can win ugly or we can win a shoot out too.  That is something that I really hope is not just an outlier.

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Excellent win especially with no French.

Watford was a Tre Mitchell preview.  We need from to match up with mobile big men like that.  Linssen & JBJ are just a step too slow.  Good news is that UMass doesn't have nearly the supporting cast that LSU has and no one even close to Thomas.

I've said before that we need our #1 and #2 scorers to be Perkins and Jimerson.  Look who was #1 and #2 today.  Goody took 2 more shots than Jimerson, but Gibson outscored him by 5 (neither took a FT - when is the last time JGood didn't shoot a FT?).  I'm not saying Perk & Gibby need to be #1 & #2 in shots, but because of their ability from 3 and scoring efficiency they should be the top 2 scorers even when French is back.

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Much better to go home and watch a game I know we won. 

Some things that stand out in the stats.

Bench points 19-1 Us

Outrebounded them 30-22 and 7-4 Offensive

21-12 Us on assists

9-4 Us on fast break points. 

The 2 things we needed to improve the most coming in to this year. Free Throws 93% check. 3 pt 42% check 

Great Job Bills 


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One of the most exhilarating games I've watched as a Bills fan. Shame the fans couldn't be there live for this one.

Couple of my observations:

  • Impressive win. LSU played an incredible second half. We took their best blows and and some responded well.
  • Believe it or not.... we WON A GAME AT THE FT LINE!!
  • Javonte Perkins is the best pure scorer to ever don a Billiken jersey. One of the purest shots I've ever seen. He has a spot in the league if he keeps playing like this IMO. Not joking.
  • Cam Thomas is a stud. He'll be an NBA first rounder.
  • French should shore up our 2nd half shoddy interior defense. Linssen brings great energy, but really could've used French's defense and rebounding in the 2nd.
  • Jacobs stepped up huge in a game with no Thatch and Yuri and Goodwin in foul trouble.


This team is special. Previous Bills teams definitely would've folded. Gonna be a great year!

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