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  1. If you go by on the last 3 weeks (6 games) or so, T-Rank had us as the 2nd or 3rd best team in the entire NCAA. We were rolling going into the A10 tournament. Feels like Ford teams usually get hot at the end of the year, but COVID got in the way of that this year
  2. If Bones comes back the A10 might have 4 teams that could make the top 25
  3. A “Jolly” in the transfer portal
  4. BMac announcing tomorrow per his IG
  5. Yes. If a senior uses their free 5th year that doesn’t go against a teams scholarship count
  6. Team did great defensively the offense just couldn’t finish it. Looking forward to what next season brings
  7. This team is so much fun to watch when they play like they should
  8. The fact that we’re only down 7 is crazy. Feels like a 15 point deficit
  9. No more mask for JGood? https://twitter.com/saintlouismbb/status/1373366177699876864?s=21
  10. The mountain west should never get 2 bids again
  11. Louisville or SLU would be up 15 right now against both these teams
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