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  1. Powell hurt again going to the locker room with a limp
  2. It’s a great game to watch from a mostly neutral point of view. Powell scares me.
  3. Are we the second best team In the A10 right now?
  4. Not A-10 news but Myles Powell got injured in today’s game. Won’t play against Michigan State and will be at least limited against us
  5. Seton Hall losing to Stony Brook at home by 2 at the half... might be beatable at home next Sunday!
  6. We are so much better when Yuri is on the court
  7. I wish I could see Bess defend Zion in practice
  8. Javon Bess has signed an undrafted free agent deal with the Pelicans!! Congrats to Javon!! Show them how good you are!
  9. St Louis players the new 247 top 300 Love : 26 Fletcher: 38 Kalkbrenner: 92 bradford: 180
  10. Same with dru smith at Mizzou last year. His coach got fired and he transferred, but no waiver. I have no idea why Mark Smith got one without any complications other than not wanting to play at illinois. The NCAA makes zero sense
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