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  1. Don’t put much faith in Torvik rankings. Had Mizzou at 13 in the preseason last year
  2. Mizzou just offered this wing from Springfield. Any chance SLU goes in on him? Insane potential and he’s potentially going to reclassify to 2022
  3. His hand won’t be numb as well which should help
  4. this kind of implies that we could end up playing Michigan State, Gonzaga, Auburn, and every other team in the tournament. Play the tournament, and then play the teams you didn’t play in the week or so after it ends. Interesting
  5. Same here. I hate to say it but I feel like they shouldn’t give the players eligibility if there isn’t a season. It will really suck but you can’t let this hurt the class of 2021,22,etc
  6. if they extend this to the winter season is there a chance we see two more years of Goodwin/French/Perkins (assuming they don’t leave for pro leagues)?
  7. More than Mizzou and Illinois combined lol
  8. Not a medical expert but why make a decision on only the first half of College basketball, which starts in November, in the middle of August? Obviously if things stay the same the season might be delayed but you don’t have to make that decision now...
  9. TBT tournament. Number 22 on team Big X
  10. Mizzou scheduling Missouri State and Wichita State.... they too scared to schedule us???
  11. “How many NCAA Tournaments have they (K State) made” A: They made the Elite Eight 2 season ago lol
  12. I could see them push the season back to the start of the 2nd semester to be honest. Would suck but would be better than not having a season at all
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