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  1. Mizzou scheduling Missouri State and Wichita State.... they too scared to schedule us???
  2. T-Rank had us as the 3rd best team in the Nation in the last 3 weeks of the season
  3. “How many NCAA Tournaments have they (K State) made” A: They made the Elite Eight 2 season ago lol
  4. I could see them push the season back to the start of the 2nd semester to be honest. Would suck but would be better than not having a season at all
  5. Last year over 180 underclassmen declared for the draft for only 60 spots. Most went back to school. I see this as a good thing for them to get to find out what to improve on (besides free throws lol)
  6. Richmond got a non con game against Kentucky. Hopefully they can win that and we can perform well in the Orlando tournament. Would be great for the conference to have more than one top 20 team
  7. Siena is decent. Went 20-15 (15-5) and we’re going to the big dance. Were 151 NET, 145 KenPom, and return 4 of 5 starters, including three players who average double digits. We’ll have to watch out for Jalen Pickett, the MAAC player of the year. they will probably be similar to Belmont was this season
  8. Unless they allow higher seeds to host I don’t see it happening either
  9. I hope they release the bracket and NIT bracket joust to see where we were heading into the A10 tourney
  10. all I can think of right now is thank goodness this wasn’t next years tournament... I can’t imagine having a season like Dayton or San Diego State and not getting to see that team play in the tournament
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