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  1. Currently Lunardi has us as the 5th team out
  2. That’s good. Minnesota is on the bubble with us and is probably behind us now
  3. Also, if St Joes beats Richmond the oath would be: StJ/Gw winner / UMass, Bona, Rich/VCU
  4. So if we win on Monday does it go 1. Bona 2. VCU 3. Richmond 4. Davidson 5. SLU
  5. Vince Williams now injured for VCU and Davidson leads 51-43
  6. IMO if we win out until we lose the A10 championship game we’d half a 1 in 3 chance to make it. More likely wed be one of the first 4 out and have to hope some teams get COVID so we could take their place.
  7. Bona is now a Q1 win after their hammering of GW. NC St is now 1 sport away from being a Q2 win.
  8. They moved it back one day to Monday, March 1st
  9. 23 bench points today, including massive buckets by Thatch and Linssen at the end of the game.
  10. @The Wizif we win our next 3 to make the A10 championship game and then lose what % chance to we have to dance? Any hope?
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