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  1. How about Kevin Easly? Not a grad transfer but was the Southern Conferences freshman player of the year. Averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Might have to sit one out but would have 3 yards left
  2. Both teams have recruits that will fit in perfectly to their program. Hargrove, Yuri and Jimmerson will be immediate impacts and I can’t wait to watch them. Will be interesting to see where Love and Fletcher go.
  3. They did though. Having the Porters led to them getting Robertson and Tilmon, making the NCAA tournament a year after not winning 10 games, and being top 10 in attendance. They may not have played as much as they wanted but they still had a great impact on Mizzou
  4. Missouri is KenPom 68. That’s worse than VCU and Dayton. They would probably we 13-5 or 14-4 in the A10.
  5. In 7 of VTech’s 8 losses, they made 10 or less threes. If we can hold them to less than 10 threes we have a chance
  6. Yahoo says that VTechs biggest weaknesses are rebounding and lack of depth . Looks like we need to stop them from 3 point range which they are top 10 ITN and we have a decent chance as long as we rebound like normal.
  7. Interesting statistic: according to the committee: Virgina Tech is the worst 4 seed Mississippi State is the worst 5 seed Liberty is the worst 12 seed
  8. https://myteamisbetterthanyourteam.com/path;winner=St Louis;loser=Virginia Tech;sport=MCB;year=2019;method=0
  9. Lest wear black all the way to the championship game
  10. We play the last game of the 1st round late Friday Night
  11. Thank god that last shot didn’t go in. Would have been demoralizing
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