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  1. I wish I could see Bess defend Zion in practice
  2. Javon Bess has signed an undrafted free agent deal with the Pelicans!! Congrats to Javon!! Show them how good you are!
  3. St Louis players the new 247 top 300 Love : 26 Fletcher: 38 Kalkbrenner: 92 bradford: 180
  4. Same with dru smith at Mizzou last year. His coach got fired and he transferred, but no waiver. I have no idea why Mark Smith got one without any complications other than not wanting to play at illinois. The NCAA makes zero sense
  5. Yeah your right. Don’t know why I put that on this thread lol.
  6. Fletcher releasing his top 5 tomorrow.
  7. Best chance of getting five are if VCU, Dav, Dayton, Bona all have great seasons and one other team steals a bid. I know the SEC shouldn’t get as many as last year due to losing a bunch of players, but I don’t know much about the other conferences
  8. 5 bid A10? VCU, Davidson, Bona, Rhody, and maybe we can shock some people
  9. Blackshear now a grad transfer. Please Ford, get him and pair him with French. DEADLY
  10. When Virginia got that wide open three in the corner right before regulation ended, I had flashbacks of our game against St Bona. Only difference was UVA made the shot
  11. Alabama’s freshman guard transfers Kira Lewis. Averaged 13.5 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.9 assists. 79% FT
  12. French and JGood won’t forget. They will be back and they will win
  13. We had more or less a 6 man roster with Bess injured and still managed to make the tournament. Will miss the seniors. Let’s get a grad transfer or two and come back stronger next year
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