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  1. Linssen almost didn’t make the trip due to being sick
  2. Boards are even. They have 7 Offensive Boards. That has to stop. We have 8 TO to their 5. Fouls are 14 to 10 against Bills. We have to figure out how to stop Kigab. 14 pts.
  3. Once, again, sync up the video and KMOX. I'm doing it through Audacy. Rammer and Earl plus the video.
  4. Jones 2 assists, 0 TO, 8 points. Our other PG, 0 assists, 2 TO, no points.
  5. I'm riding Thatch and Jonesimania hard the second half.
  6. FT s are the story. We make them, they miss them
  7. Sync the game with Rammer. That’s what I’m doing.
  8. We got away with one there. Double dribble.
  9. Rammer said Linssen has been sick over the weekend.
  10. And some posters were saying he is better than French.
  11. Put in the JV’s. Oh wait, they are already in.
  12. Curious, what does the distance between the arena and airport have to do with anything? A bad driver can hijacker’s a bus no matter what the distance.
  13. Gio Reyna finally returns to training at Borussia Dortmund. He spent 3 months on the sideline due to his hamstring injury in Sept.
  14. Deandre Jones went to High School in Boise. Perhaps there will be a Billiken Jones cheering group at the game.
  15. I think we all would like to see what Williams can deliver. So far that hasn’t happened. My guesses are that he has defense issues, or Ford is iron clad on a 8 man rotation. Don’t know.
  16. Ford has played 8 +2, like forever. Annually he has stated his preference is an 8 man rotation with 2 others that can hold the fort for the rotation in selected short periods of time. I don't see him changing his methods any time soon. NOW would be the time to get those guys experience, not in the A10 season. But I raise my eyebrows as to why Williams has been relegated to the bench.
  17. Scenario: Bills one point down. We have the ball with 25 seconds on the clock. Game on the line. Who takes the shot? Assume the opponent will have their shot blocker in the paint. Zebras will swallow their whistles, so don't even count on free throws. Any of our 8 man rotation could be in; your pick. I really don't know. Collins, unlikely unless he has an uncontested 12 footer. Defense would have to make an error to have him that open, so he is a no. Linssen, chances are good his shot would be blocked. Not sure I want him to take a 10 footer. Okoro can't finish in traffic, so two no's for me. Jimerson, he would be guarded like a glove on the perimeter, and his handle isn't good enough to penetrate into the tall trees. So another no for me. Thatch doesn't shoot well enough and hasn't shown the ability to penetrate in heavy traffic. But I'd have some faith at him finishing at the rim. So a maybe leaning to no. Jones, well he can get his shot off on the dribble, and does have a mid range, so he is a maybe. Hargrove, yeah, he has a mid range and can finish at the rim, but finishing the rim is problematic in my scenario. He is a maybe. Nesbitt, if he wasn't a freshman I'd say yes. He can get his shot off the dribble and could take it to the rim if there is an opening. He is also a maybe. I guess I'm looking at Hargrove or Nesbitt to take that shot. Really wish we had Perkins!
  18. This is a good discussion @mrjoelabs. Thanks for starting this thread. I'm taking a different approach to #1. For me, at this point of the season, the most indispensable player is Collins. He is the one who stirs this drink. His play will dictate how far we go. If he has games like he did at Cancun and Memphis, we will have a rough ride. If he plays like he did in the other games, we will be rolling. We are only 8 deep. (If you are St. Bonnie, that is a deep team. If you are VCU that is not deep.) We have four or five players who could hit 20 a given night. We have three or four who could hit five three pointers a given night. Yes we have Jones as Collin's backup, and he has been quite impressive, but for him to run the team 35 minutes, well we would have a different look.
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