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  1. Clemson was on pause for only 6 days, and had 11 days between games. Apparently only an assistant coach was positive, no players. Just shows you how this virus can impact teams differently.
  2. There is no reason our defense should falter. Offense may take a while to get back into sync. Fitness on both sides of the line likely will be an issue for a few games. We will find out.
  3. Richmond 14 day pause due to Covid 3 practices before first game back Lose at home Hmmm
  4. Chris May was on the Press Box today. He expects to play Tuesday. A handful of fans will be in attendance, like the KC game. He feels that with the COVID numbers decreasing, they will be able to increase the number of fans. He said he doesn't forsee general public sales, but will go through priority point process with season ticket holders and donors. They will start at the top and move down the list. He says expect more adjustments to the schedule. For example, if Dayton goes positive, the A10 would try to get another team to take that game. He believes Richmond is very close to r
  5. I am not sure who it was, but on a recent radio interview, (maybe it was Larry Sr) it was stated that Jr. is a better shooter at his age than Sr. was. The comment was then made that Jr. may be the better shooter, but Sr. was the overall better ball player.
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ncaa-tournament-q-a-dan-gavitt-discusses-plans-and-protocols-for-upcoming-march-madness/ Very good Q & A with David Gavitt on the Tourney. Why the First Four on Thursday? There is a 7 day / 7 test requirement before coming to Indianapolis. The First Four will be at Mackey and Assembly Hall on Thursday. There is consideration of naming over 68 teams to allow for teams COVIDing out. The First Four Out might be 'on call'. (The NIT is not for sure.) Sweet 16 will be at Hinkle and Banker's Life. Elite 8 games are at Lucas
  7. Good news for the A10, Bonnies jumped up to 42 (from 57) with last night's win. Richmond hanging at 50 and SLU at 16. Three in the top 50 isn't too bad. VCU dropped to 57 and Rhody dropped to 70 and Davidson remains at 73 today.
  8. Yeah, you could be right. I'm glad I'm not the A10 scheduler.
  9. Coach was on the Press Box yesterday. Just a few new items. The last practice was Dec 29. So if next practice is Jan 22, that's a lonnnnnnng time. Coach described his symptoms, which were fairly severe. Coach added that a couple of managers also were positive. So 80% of the players, at least 2 coaches and 2 managers were positive. Coach talked about the guidelines, which he said are the strictest ones he knows of, which he also said is probably a good thing. Other programs have allowed negatives to leave quarantine and work out. Looks like Dayton and then at Richmond. Tou
  10. https://www.a10talk.com/who-does-saint-louis-covid-pause-hurt-the-most/ Worth a read.
  11. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/billiken-beat/slu-postpones-another-game-as-covid-process-nears-end/article_b68af686-945d-5eff-a15d-02267f74cb45.html#tncms-source=login A couple of interesting notes from Stu. Maybe mini-pods in the weekend prior to the A10 tourney.
  12. LSU's buttstomp last night has to be the main reason SLU has slipped to 17 NET. Our LSU win now borders at the Q1/Q2 line. We need LSU to get on a win streak. They go to Kentucky (NET 94) this weekend, and we really need the Wildcats to continue their losing pattern. LSU's following game is at Texas A&M (NET 127). The NC State win is hanging in as Q2, with by an NET margin of 3. Indiana State remains a Q3 win, with no possibility of seeing the Q2 line, and hopefully not falling to Q4. Our four Q4 wins are buried in Quadrant 4.
  13. Indy and the surrounding county, Marion County are under one consolidated governing body, commonly referred to as Unigov. Unlike our mess here, one voice, one protocol covers the entire city/county. Indiana has been, to me, nearer to forefront of the COVID program than other states. Early on they sourced one testing company and made the tests available state wide. I have relatives in Indiana, and they all have tested multiple times with minimal waiting for results. Indiana's numbers aren't stellar, but they do seem to have a better handle on this pandemic, than some other states.
  14. Are the 4 players still testing, players who have been negative the entire time? This doesn't say that these 4 are out, so hopefully they are in individual workouts. Stu concludes 11 were positive. 11/16 = 68%, so I wonder the numbers included for 80%. It's not important, but just wondering about the count.
  15. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/slu-still-recovering-from-large-covid-outbreak/article_717f4306-c2d6-5b56-9ccd-4f1218e2625e.html Very good information from Stu, particularly on the SLU driven 7 day return program.
  16. How many positives did Villanova have? Were 80% of their players positive? Were the positives spread out over a week? What are the Philly quarantine guidelines? What are the Villanova guidelines? This is the third quarantine for Villanova since Sept. It certainly sounds like they have this figured out. Thanks.
  17. The previous half dozen or so posts have got me to thinking: 80% of the players tested positive. I wonder if the 'team' is considered to be the 12 scholarship players who dress (80%=about 10 players +), or 13 with Okoro (80%=about 10), or 13+3 walkon's (80%=about 13). It doesn't really matter. Also Coach said at least 2 coaches had it. The first two positives came back from tests taken on Dec 28. With the incubation period being, somewhere between 2 and 5 days, that puts a possible infection window between Dec 26 and Dec 23. The KC game was on the 23rd. Did the game, or the adm
  18. Coach has been getting plenty of air time this week. The first 8 minutes of this session are Coach. Nothing that we haven't already covered. At about 4 minutes he talks about Goodwin and French making money playing basketball in the future, and at 5:45 mark talks about his surprise at how good local HS basketball is.
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