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  1. https://www.zagsblog.com/2020/06/05/rhode-island-adds-syracuse-transfer-jalen-carey/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rhode-island-adds-syracuse-transfer-jalen-carey
  2. Carey only played in two games this past season. He sat out with a thumb injury. That's five transfers in for Rhode Island, the Mitchell twins (eligible in December), Martin from Charlotte and Betrand from Towson.
  3. Ok it doesn’t matter in Billiken Land anymore, but there is the answer to last week's hot question.
  4. Richmond is currently slated to play true road games at Kentucky, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Vanderbilt, and Charleston as part of its non-conference schedule next season. The Spiders will also host MVC favorite Northern Iowa in the start of a home-and-home series. Interesting. This is an extremely aggressive OOC, with 5 true road games. There will be some L's in there, but how will they impact the NET?
  5. It's always fun to speculate on how next season will play out. Usually we are all wrong. I know I am. Goodwin, French, Perkins and Collins all played 30+ minutes in conference. Goodwin lead at 37 minutes, and Perkins was at the other end of this spectrum at 30 mpg. I want them all to play 32 to 35+ minutes, because I want to win. Those four can and will carry this team. I don't care who starts, I care about minutes. Let the other 8 players fight for the left overs. I don't really care if a player's feelings get hurt because he isn't getting the minutes. I don't care if we put future recruiting in XYZ zip code in jeopardy because a certain player doesn't play. The upcoming season should special. Focus needs to be on winning. I think most poster's definition of full court press differs from Coach's. I think we want a Havoc style pressure. At least that is what I want. From what we have seen from Coach, it looks like putting a single defender on the ball is his full court press. We didn't trap on the press all that often last season. Did we have the players to do that? Sure we did. We had 10 to 11 able bodies each game. Coach didn't use them. Fun stuff to talk about.
  6. I fully agree. Goodwin has averaged 34.5 minutes per game through his three years. Coach isn't going to sit him. "Okay, Mr. Senior Leader, Mr. Potential POY, Mr. Potential AA, let's cut your minutes in your last season." He goes 40 if needed.
  7. Legit question. My assumption is that if we were looking at Top 50 (or Top 60), he would have used that instead of Top 75. The next five, 64-60 in reverse order, are OK State, Tennessee, St. John's, Syracuse and UConn.
  8. Here are the non-A10 teams that finished last season with a NET of 65 to 75. (VCU and Davidson were in this group.) 74-Furman 73-Akron 72-Georgia Tech 71-Oregon State 70-Yale 69-Texas 67-Liberty 66-South Carolina 65-Georgetown
  9. I have not asked Coach about his preference I have no problem with a pre-game ceremony.
  10. The link says the NBA draft is June 26. And we know it has been pushed back. The latest I read is a July 31 return to action. That would push the season and playoffs maybe into Sept or October. The draft won’t happen until after all that. The NCAA will have to come out with something so that schools can know their roster before school starts in August. Let’s just hope Goodwin and French know the date they need to come back to SLU.
  11. NCAA Postpones Deadline for Players to Withdraw From NBA Draft Ben Pickman May 13, 2020 The NCAA's deadline for men's basketball players to withdraw from the NBA draft will be pushed back from the initial June 3 deadline, the organization announced Wednesday. The NCAA's decision comes in the wake of the NBA lottery and NBA scouting combine being postponed indefinitely amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Out of respect to the NBA’s process, the decision on a new withdrawal date will be made once the league has determined a timeline for the 2020 pre-draft process," NCAA senior vice president of basketball, Dan Gavitt, said in a statement. "Working in collaboration with National Association of Basketball Coaches Executive Director Jim Haney and the rest of the coaches’ leadership, the NCAA membership will ensure that any change supports a player’s decision-making process related to professional opportunities while also protecting their academic pursuits and the opportunity to play college basketball.”
  12. Several Local HS allowed seniors to opt out completely of e-learning, with their GPA final as of mid term. The thought was that most seniors going to college have been accepted at colleges, so what was the point of making them continue.
  13. No comment needed. No, don't go up and read about UT's 2.89 GPA.
  14. Ok, this has nothing to do with Jimerson and Weaver, nor Billiken Hoops, but it is hilarious. And you know these guys aren't taking many challenging courses.
  15. I too remember listening to the call on radio. Was it Rammer and Claiborne? I think that was before Earl's time. In addition to the 45, Bonner had 20 boards and only 1 TO. And he played all 45 minutes. It will be extremely difficult for any future Billiken to top that overall effort.
  16. Regardless of what Figueroa has said or not said, personally I have ZERO problem with anyone using COVID 19 as a waiver-reason to get the heck out of NYC.
  17. No offense taken. Certainly there is speculation in my opinion. I underlined guess as a starter. The NCAA hasn't tabled the transfer rule. They moved it back and have changed the process. They want to go through a legislative process rather than use a waiver from the existing rule. This May 20th link from the NCAA provides the latest. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-approves-transfer-resolution I too hope it never comes to fruition. But I would bet that it will in a year or two at the most. Part of the reason is that the NCAA, and I believe they would agree, knows their current waiver program is broken. They realize it isn't going to get any better and the time they spend on waivers isn't going to lessen. As far as the COVID waiver, Figureoa's portal entry has been suggested to be on that aspect. I have read more than one sports column that suggests this flood of COVID related requests will happen. Why wouldn't it? If I was seeking a waiver, for sure I would use 'the closer to home due to the virus' angle. The other common waiver request speculated by writers, will be "I was told there would be a free transfer rule". For me, that one is a 'too bad' response. From Newsday, May 26: The acknowledgment that the NCAA needs to change its rules augurs well for those seeking waivers to play in 2020-21. That Figueroa wishes to transfer from a school in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic makes him a strong candidate regardless. I am not enamored with the ethics of coaches, alumni, sponsors, AAU coaches, etc. who flirt with tampering lines. There are many ways 'to get into someone's ear'. They know how to stretch the boundaries. Enough from me.
  18. The NCAA will get buried this year on COVID waiver requests....I want to be closer to home, I need to be closer to home. Will the NCAA grant them or not, who knows? The NCAA has already given spring athletes a blanket COVID waiver for an extra year. The NCAA has soooo many issues right now, they may just say yes to the basketball waiver requests and get them off their list. Very few transfers may end up sitting. Verbal Commits lists 930 transfers, six added in the past day. How many of the 930 will request a waiver and how many will use COVID in the request? 300? 500? 700? Everyone will likely get one free NCAA transfer after this next season, so why spend time evaluating this pile of waiver requests? It's not like the NCAA has a reputation of honesty and respect they need to uphold. Players transfer from likely NCAA tourney teams all the time. Just about every NCAA school has had one player transfer. Just a random number here, but 60 of the 68 NCAA teams for next season may have had a transfer out. In the Big 10, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Ohio State, all potential tourney teams, lost players. It happens. Let's hope neither French nor Goodwin (or Perkins) take leave. But to think neither has been approached, well, I'm guessing they may have.
  19. Agree. I think it is called, get used to it. Frankly I would now be more surprised if schools had NOT been in Goodwin and French's ear, particularly French as he is from the East.
  20. St. John's Figueroa hit the portal today. Interesting but not surprising rumor on waiver.
  21. Jalen Crutcher is currently ninth on the Flyer historical career list with 470 career assists. He will end up as either #2 or #1 on their career assist list. I'd say he is doing okay. He will be a candidate for POY in the A10. From the Flyer website: After three seasons as UD's starting point guard, he is currently 36th in career scoring at UD with 1,170 points, and ninth with 470 career assists. Crutcher is third at UD in career assists per game (5.0) and second in assist-to-turnover ratio (2.18).
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