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  1. Guys are starting to bounce out of the NBA draft, but most are returning to their original team. Movement is starting to happen. The next two weeks will be interesting. The return from the draft window closes end of this month. FYI, Dayton has one open scholarship. They are kind of in the same boat we are, 'come and play on a probably NCAA tourney team'.
  2. One that didn't transfer. Seven players for the Explorers.
  3. Nothing here says you can't go back and get a post grad degree at anytime in your life. Anyone can. If you want a post grad degree, enroll and go get it. Of course, if you want to be a Grad Assistant at Davidson, they reportedly don't have a grad school so you are out of luck.
  4. We could have had Tre Mitchell if we wanted to hire Tony Bergeron as an Assistant.
  5. Why? The Graduate Assistant role is aimed at students who want to earn a Post Graduate Degree, which Conklin already has, and get experience on the bench. Pay is basically the tuition for the grad school and the GA has to show progress towards a degree. What they can do regarding recruiting is highly limited.
  6. He is not eligible for a GA as there is a 7 year clock post graduation.
  7. I would suggest waiting until rosters are complete before predicting gloom and doom for any team. St B has 4 open scholarships. Let's see who takes them. The next benchmark is the end of this month when players need to opt out of the NBA draft in order to maintain eligibility.
  8. I just looked and about half of Ford's GA's were on board for two seasons and the rest only one season.
  9. Yes there are limitations on how long one can be a Graduate Assistant. They have to be enrolled in a graduate program and have to be making progress towards their masters degree. Typically it is a two year max term, but under some situations it can extend to three. I'm not sure if their is much compensation directly from the basketball program as a salary except for the grad school tuition and fees. GA's can make money elsewhere, or likely in camps. Roby is listed as an enrolled Student in People Finder. There is also a seven year window of time when a student with a bachelor's degree can serve as a GA. I'm not sure, but i don't think Conklin fits into that window.
  10. Too bad he left SLU because Goodwin wanted his number 23.
  11. https://pickinsplinters.com/2022/05/14/bonnies-continue-to-rebuild-frontcourt-with-commitment-from-pitt-center-amadasun/ Played 21 minutes for Pitt over 2 seasons. Scored 4 points and 5 boards.
  12. According to the Missouri Legislature, Coach Ford and Staff can now be more involved with NIL deals.
  13. Reportedly StB offered $80k NIL money. Florida went higher.
  14. The Pacers are working out six players today, including both Lee and Hall.
  15. https://www.si.com/nba/2022/04/14/nba-mock-draft-jabari-smith-chet-holmgren-paolo-banchero-jaden-ivey Just another mock. First one I have seen Burton being drafted, 2nd round #49 to the Timberwolves. And I agree with RUBills, Lee may have a decent shot at the NBA. I could see him getting an invite to a summer camp. Yes, second round of mock drafts have a lot of guesses in them.
  16. The G League teams are those two teams set up for HS graduates that don't want to go to college. On a related G League topic, I wonder how NIL will impact these G League HS grad teams. They can get a handsome paycheck (6 figures for some) in the G League, more than the average G player does. If pay is about equal, do they go one and done in college or stay in the G League.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if he graduates early, but I have no information on his status one way or the other. What is not stated is if the scholarship is tied to a school, or to the student. I'll guess it is tied to the student. With the current state of affairs in the NCAA, I will be pleasantly surprised and pleased if Jimerson is a 6 year SLU student.
  18. Gibson Jimerson, junior in International Business, and Martin Linssen, graduate in MBA program, were the two men's TeamBlue members to be honored by receiving Straight A's during the spring 2021 and/or fall 2021 semester. https://slubillikens.com/news/2022/5/11/billiken-athletics-billikens-faculty-staff-recognized-at-annual-straight-a-celebration.aspx Earlier this spring Jimerson, along with Fred Thatch, was honored by the Atlantic 10. Jimerson with a cumulative GPA above 3.9, was also selected as the recipient of a 2022 DI-AAA ADA postgraduate scholarship and will receive $5,000 toward his postgraduate studies. Jimerson and Thatch were the only set of teammates voted to the 12-person Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association Scholar-Athlete Team.
  19. Just two separate combine events, the G League and then the NBA event.
  20. You are nervous? Might look for an edible hat. I have simply supplied you with a mock draft. Why would I want to bet if Hall does or doesn’t get drafted? I think I'll leave you hanging out there by yourself.
  21. https://www.nbadraft.net/nba-mock-drafts/ You might want to call the Pelican's front office and tell them what you know. Or perhaps, you can ask Emeril Lagasse to whip up a special cajun hat dish for you.
  22. -Nice int'l flavor this year, with 7 non-US based prospects -All 5 G League Ignite prospects -Two Overtime Elite prospects -Youngest player: 18.4 years old -Oldest player: 22.8 years old -Most invites for one school: Duke (5), Gonzaga (4) No A10 players on this list for the NBA Combine. As stated above, a few of the G League Combine list will be invited to join this group. Collins (and others) can still have private workouts with NBA teams. I have seen St Joe's Hall and VCU's Williams as second round NBA selections on two different mock drafts.
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