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  1. Ummm 2019-20 Dayton went 18-0 in conference was ranked #4 in KenPom compared to Richmond 14-4 and #46 Kenpom. I doubt the gap between 2021-22 Bonaventure and whomever finishes #2 is that large.
  2. With all of the transfer talent UMass should be pretty solid next season / maybe just as good or better than this past season which is saying a lot after they lost Tre Mitchell. The key will be how quickly all of these new pieces mesh together.
  3. You say that UNC may not ever be a future possibility for him. I disagree. If he has the type of success the UC is hoping for then I'd certainly think that he'll be a top candidate for the UNC job in the future and UNC will go after him. That is why I think it is curious, if it ends up being a good hire, it drastically increases the chances you lose him to UNC. UC obviously hopes Miller to has a wild amount of success, so they also must hope that Hubert Davis has a ton of success at UNC & sticks around well past retirement age and/or another possible UNC candidate like Stackhouse is mo
  4. The Wes Miller hire at UC is interesting. I have to imagine if he's successful there that UNC will come after him either when Hubert Davis retires or if Hubert Davis doesn't have a lot of success and is pushed aside. Could very well be a good hire for UC, but kind of sucks for Cincy fans that you know ahead of time if your coach is super successful he'll be leaving you behind before long.
  5. Praying for Coach Stuen and thinking positively! Part of recruiting is being a great storyteller. He's going to have one heck of a story to tell recruits when he pulls through this and make a full recovery!
  6. That's interesting. I didn't think the Ivy League allowed grad students to participate in athletics and Yess was a senior this past season.
  7. Kessler is the type of big who gave us problems this season. I'm optimistic that with Okoro inside and hopefully a bit more outside shooting, we won't have as many issues against shot blockers.
  8. Whenever I’m at a Kohl’s or Target type store that has a bunch of random college sports t-shirts (SLU, Miz, Illinois, MO State, etc) kind of thrown together on some racks I take it upon myself to front all the racks with the SLU shirts.
  9. Remember that English was an AC at Colorado before moving to Tennessee. Good for Mason (and the A10) that English is landing Power 5 caliber players, but I'll be a lot more impressed if/when he is able to land any that he hadn't previously coached.
  10. Yep. Looking back 5 years, I'm thrilled with where the program is right now. I'll add this. This season was disappointing, but considering that we're losing 2 all-time great Billikens and are still projected early as a bubble-type team tells me how far the program has come. Right now it's all about stacking talented classes and raising the floor. Ford has done that. Soon we'll work on raising the ceiling as well.
  11. To each his own. IMO more Billiken basketball is always a good thing. More games on national TV is always a good thing. As long as we make the NCAAs occasionally, NIT trips are fine with me until we're making the NCAAs 60% of the time or more.
  12. This is insanity. In the last 20 seasons (not counting the 2019-20 season in which no postseason occurred), SLU has been to the NCAA tournament 4 times (20%), the NIT 3 times (15%) and the CBI once (5%). That means 60% of the time we have had no postseason at all. In that context saying that ANY SLU season ending in an NIT appearance is a huge disappointment means that you have totally unrealistic expectations. I'll concede that an NIT appearance instead of an NCAA appearance this past season was a disappointment relative to pre-season expectations, but to suggest we should have turned
  13. KenPom Assist Rate: French: 2021: 17.8 2020: 15.1 2019: 10.7 2018: 12.0 Okoro: 2020: 2.4 2019: 2.2 We are definitely going to miss French's passing ability.
  14. How soon before an SEC team to scoops him up?
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