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  1. I'm honestly asking because I have no idea. Is 40% from 3 in practice good / decent? Does that translate into being a decent shooter in a game? It seems that your percentage would drop significantly under in game situations versus practice because you actually have someone playing defense, you have to get the shot off quicker, and may have tired legs as well. For example, even if Jimerson is hitting 70-80% of his 3 pointers in practice, you wouldn't expect anywhere near that % in a game. Jimerson hitting 40% (or slightly better than 1/2 of his practice %) would seem realistic. Similarly, if Yuri's 40% in practice turned into say 22% during games (slightly better than 1/2 his practice %), that's not so good. For reference, Yuri shot 22.3% from 3pt land last year for St. Marys and 26% career (according to STLToday stats).
  2. Go back and look at the pictures that Coach Ford tweeted out from the pool party at his house (July 4th?). Compare Jimmy Bell Jr’s body to Terrance Hargrove’s (or really any other player’s). JBJ might be in decent regular dude shape, but he is nowhere near peak athlete shape.
  3. IMO giving Crews the interim coaching job after Rick passed away was arguably the correct decision. You could argue for Whitesell, but with hindsight being 2020 I don’t think you wanted either taking over full time. You didn’t really have an option of brining in an outside coach then because you didn’t know if Rick was going to make it or not. Where SLU really went wrong was giving Crews the full time job after his one interim year. However, the decision is understandable. It is tough to not bring back a guy who was winning coach of the awards and just led the program to its best season in the last 50+ years. I think there were publicly visible red flags and you can argue that someone in the AD definitely should have seen what was really happening though. Crews was doing fine w Majerus established players, but hadn’t done for recruiting (by his own admission) and wasn’t doing great with players who hadn’t been around Majerus (see Keith Carter and Jared Drew situations).
  4. Thoughts: Jimerson's shot looks very good, but it is also nice to see Hankton knocking down shots. Hopefully his 3pt % is much better this year and he can be a real weapon as an undersized stretch big for us. Those YC passes are nice, but I don't like the cornrow look on him (maybe it's just because I'm used to him having the braids). Isn't that a travel by Jimmy Bell Jr at 1:50 mark in the video? Just watching their movements, you can tell Goodwin & French are more experienced/comfortable than the others.
  5. This is going to sound a little defeatist, but I’d be pretty happy with a 6th place finish next season given our roster turnover and relative lack of experience. That’s sort of the top of the likely range for us IMO.
  6. The question is silly / pointless, but what else are we going to talk about in the offseason. First some background: Rick last coached the Billikens in 2011-12 (NCAA loss to Michigan State, Conklin's Sr year). Majerus passed away December 2012. Crew then "coached" the 2 NCAA teams in 2012-13 (loss to Oregon) and 2013-14 (miracle win over NC State, loss to Louisville) followed up by two awful season in 2014-15 and 2015-16 with a ton of turnover. Tatum's year at Duke was 2016-17 which was also Ford's first year at SLU. Tatum chose Duke in July 2015, so Crews was still coach and SLU had endured one awful season, but had 3 NCAA appearances before that. In an alternate reality where Majerus is alive and still coaching SLU in at least summer 2015 to land Tatum and presumably 2016-17 since Tatum may have gone elsewhere upon his passing a lot of other things would have changed with the SLU program as well. Here are my assumption on what would've transpired with Majerus during those years: The 2012-13 team would have made a much deeper NCAA run rather than being knocked off by Oregon. They may have had an even better regular season and gotten a better seed or just been more prepared in the NCAAs to advance. I'm not sure how far they'd have gone, but let's say Elite Eight just for this exercise. Keith Carter would have stuck around with the Billikens instead of jumping ship and would have developed into a better overall player more quickly under Majerus. Who the heck knows with Jared Drew. He likely still gets run off. Other players on the team might have developed differently / better as well (Manning, Glaze) or been run off earlier and replaced with new prospects. Our 2013 recruiting class which ended up being Crawford, Lancona, and Agbeko would've been much, much better with Majerus as coach being healthy and actually recruiting while coming off stronger NCAA showings. The 2013-14 team would've also made a deeper NCAA run. Again, they may have had an even better regular season and gotten a better seed or just been more prepared in the NCAAs to advance. They would've had better depth with better players being brought in by Majerus and Carter still around. With better players in 2014-15, SLU would've still made the NCAAs, but likely not have done much after losing so many key pieces. Now in summer 2015 Tatum is deciding between a SLU team coming off 4 straight NCAAs (including a couple of deep runs) with a HOF coach and likely a more talented roster versus Duke instead of a SLU team with an awful coach who rode the previous coach's players to 2 NCAAs, but was then coming off a terrible year with his own players. Majerus would have been 68 by the time Tatum arrived, so despite having coached at SLU 9 years in this alternate reality (and presumably worked out issues w Fr. Biondi and/or outlasted him) there may have been some concerns about how long he'd be around at SLU especially given previous health issues. However, I can't see that being a factor for Tatum because he's only sticking around one year regardless. TLDR: Yes, of course Tatum who seems to love SLU now (despite having gone to Duke) would have come in this scenario where Majerus is healthy and SLU has been really good for 4+ years. He would've led SLU deep into the NCAAs during their 6th straight NCAA appearance and then jumped to the NBA as a SLU legend surpassing Larry Hughes as the greatest one year player in SLU history.
  7. Weaver and Isabell are both smaller guards, but their games are very different. Just to give you an idea - Weaver has taken 89 2pt FGs total during his career (1621 minutes) and Isabelll took 233 2pt FGs last year alone (1139 minutes). Isabell (48% career) hit his 2pt FGs at a much higher % as well compared to Weaver (38% career). Weaver took 237 3pt FGs last year alone compared to 166 from Isabell and Weaver played close to 250 fewer minutes last year. Weaver also has the % advantage 36% career to 32% career. Weaver (5-10, 170) is also a little bit smaller than Isabell (6-1, 180) which probably helps Isabell's scoring ability at the rim. Basically, like others said, Isabell was much more of an overall "scorer" who could create his own shot while Weaver seems to be just an outside gunner. Given his career shooting %s, you don't really want Weaver taking anything except 3 pointers. I like this pickup because *hopefully* he fits better with Goodwin / French in that his shooting ability will help space the floor better.
  8. I agree. It seems like there are loads of guys with Willie's skill set in the NBA. I think Kevon Looney is an example of what peak Willie could look like in the right situation. He just got $15 million over 3 years from the Dubs. The problem for Willie is that there are a lot of those type of guys (who like him haven't proven themselves as well as Looney) and most of them don't have Willie's other issues. If you're an NBA team looking to sign a backup center to a minimum contract, are you taking Willie or someone without his baggage? Despite his issues / past, I still hope Willie can work out his personal stuff, make it back to the NBA and have a good career. Even though he left early, his bio still says SLU, so his success is a positive for SLU.
  9. Do you know that for sure? He spent 2 years at SWIC and then a year at Cleveland State. It might be unlikely that he has already earned a degree, but some guys do graduate in 3 years. The timing of his decision to transfer seems odd if he wasn't finishing up a summer class to earn his degree and then decided to move on after getting it. I like him a lot more as a grad transfer than as someone who will tie up a scholarship for 2 years.
  10. Interesting. He's a little undersized at 6-7, but at this point we should be adding whatever big men we can. Hill is from Louisville, KY just like Tay Weaver. It is very likely that they know each other / have played with or against each other. Make it happen, Ford!
  11. That type of player seems like he’d be a natural fit with Goodwin and French. A lot of A10 teams have small, quick guards and if he can defend those types it take a lot off Goodwins plate. Team him up with Thatch to lock down opposing guards. Goodwin can lock down a wing and French controls the paint. A guy who can spread the floor on offense, but isn’t ball dominant works great too with Goodwins slashing and French’s post up moves.
  12. My prediction is that Jimerson's playing time will be a function of how well he does on D and the effort he puts in there. My hope is that even if he is a liability on defense, he puts in the effort to be passable, and his offense is as good as advertised.
  13. From her bio (http://www.slubillikens.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=211685477&DB_OEM_ID=27200&Q_SEASON=2019) Larry's daugther (Lauryn) started her freshman year (2017-18) as a walk-on and was given a scholarship during the spring semester. I'm not 100%, but I think that she was back to being a walk on during her Soph. year (2018-19). I count 13 other players who I think were on scholarship. 11 played during the year - Haribson, Rice, McMahan, Jefferies, Frantz, Lindfors, Clark, Wilken, Flowers, Dusharm, Zars plus Smith Traore who sat as a transfer from Marquette plus Jaidah Stewart who come 2nd semester and sat as transfer from Houston equals 13. If Lauryn was on scholarship, I don't think they would have been able to add Stewart. I don't think this is relevant to Larry Jr having an offer or not. I do think it speaks to how highly Larry thinks of SLU that his daughter attends even as a walk-on. Presumably she could get a scholarship and earn playing time at a D-II school.
  14. Dwayne Evans went to Neuqua Valley. Seems like that would be a big recruiting plus to have someone from the same HS who went on to have a ton of success at SLU.
  15. I don't know anything about Davis, but I don't see Suggs as a big difference maker. Over his career he's shot less than 40% from 2, less than 25% from 3, and 66% from the line. He commits about 1.5 turnovers for every assist. He has decent rebounding numbers for a guard I guess, but everything else looks very mediocre. The bulk of those stats come from his freshman year at Bradley in 2015-16, but he really didn't show anything in limited playing time at Mizzou that would make me change my mind. I don't know who else Carbondale has on the roster, but I'd expect Suggs to get minutes and put up more volume stats (especially compared to his numbers at Mizzou). However, unless he becomes more a more efficient scorer I don't think he'll contribute much to winning.
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