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  1. They did this when Chaifetz first opened. Some cheerleaders would stand near the bottom of the 200 level and toss balls / shirts up to the folks in those 200 sections. I have no idea why they stopped that.
  2. A big issue is that "good/relatively popular" teams (who can generate money from their own games) can likely make a lot more money by paying two crappy schools/teams for two home games than they would if they played a home and home against a good team. Therefore, those schools (including SLU & Mizzou) fill up their schedules with buy games against crappy teams instead of home and homes vs good teams.
  3. MIZZOU hasn't won an NCAA tournament game since 2010. This season will make 10 years in a row with no NCAA wins. Dave Matter is a Mizzou fanboy.
  4. Broken record here, but this why I'm a strong advocate for French shooting underhanded even if it will never happen. Clearly his overhand FTs aren't working and are so bad that fouling him nearly every time is a reasonable strategy. His overhand form during games is all over the place and he can't repeat it. Trying new overhand FT stuff in practice at this point seems to just be adding to his problem of not being able to keep the consistent form during games. I can't imagine the problem being worse with underhanded FTs. Theoretically underhanded form is easier to maintain. Even if he only hits 50% underhanded that's still a big improvement and should be done IMO.
  5. I've done the work in the past for both Yuri and Goodwin. I've also looked up Yuri's HS 3Pt shooting in the past. I'm definitely mixing something up in my head now because that's better than I remembered for Yuri. Thanks for correcting me. His HS career total is 68% which given his Sr. year probably understates his ability a bit. I don't think Yuri will ever be Steph Curry at the line, but 68% would be more than acceptable for this team.
  6. When Willie Reed sucked at FTs (which looking back was not nearly as bad as French) the student section used to chant quietly "Willie! Willie! Willie!". I'm not sure that helped or not, but it would be worth a try. At least it would help down out the groans over his misses.
  7. I've done the research and posted on here before, but I can't find it now. Without going back to look, I think Yuri was better than 56% in HS, but not by much. I think most years he was high 50s or low 60s and his HS career average was close to 60%. I'm hopeful Yuri can improve from the FT line through. He certainly seems to be able to hit them in clutch situations.
  8. Obviously I'm hoping for the best which may be medical redshirt and 3 healthy/productive years after. But honestly, at this point for Fred's sake I just hope he/we get the opportunity to be screwed over by the NCAA. It seems like he's very realistically looking at the possibility of not being able to play at all anymore.
  9. I don't know about eye-test and analytics, but to me more FTs bring the watch-ability of a game wayyyy down. FTs take a lot of time and there is very little action. They disrupt the rhythm of the game. I understand they are a necessary part of the game. I also like the Bills to win so I'm all for us shooting more FTs because of what you and Glazed have shown along with the ancillary benefits that Skip pointed out. However, it pains me from a watch-ability standpoint that analytics are driving strategy and guys are more actively seeking out fouls instead of them happening as a natural part of the game. Don't get me wrong, this isn't nearly as bad of a problem in college as it is in the NBA. James Harden is the poster child for foul seeking in the NBA. He's extremely skilled at it and has honed his ability to draw fouls very well. It is admirable from a scoring efficiency perspective, but I hate him for it because I do not find it aesthetically pleasing. I'm not sure how you can curtail the problem either unless you drastically change the rules.
  10. Great observation and pretty incredible IMO. I've glanced at KemPom and knew he has us ranked higher than last year, but I haven't really dug into the numbers. Going into the year, I assumed there would be a bit of a fall off after losing Bess, Isabell, and to a lesser extent Foreman. Since we weren't a bubble team or even in the NIT picture last year before winning the A10 tourney, my preseason guess was that we'd fall short of those this season and hopefully use a CBI bid to build momentum for next year. That was including me counting on a healthy Fred Thatch to be our 3rd best player. At this point in my head I know CBI is still a possibility, but would be disappointing. Looking at the individual players: Goodwin and French have stepped up. They're scoring more efficiently with a higher usage %. Their defense is key to us not falling off as much. Jacobs was a complete ? coming into the year and has been one of our most efficient offensive players. Perkins is the best JUCO we've had that I can recall. Collins, Bell, and Hargrove have all been great for freshmen and the future looks bright. Jimerson looked great before got hurt. Other than injuries and possibly Hankton (though that may also be due to injury) I'd say that all of our players have met or exceeded expectations so far. Also of note: Isabell was awesome in getting hot at the right time and carrying our offense at times down the stretch. His body of work for the entire season was pretty pedestrian, however.
  11. Unfortunately for us, a lot of this is going to be on how the refs call the game. The contrasting styles of play (with Davidson being a jump shooting team who doesn't draw a lot of fouls and us being a pound it inside team who teams aren't afraid to foul because we're such poor FT shooters) means that there should be a large discrepancy in fouls and FT attempts especially if we're playing well. However, it seems like some refs don't like having a large foul/FT discrepancy. If the refs decide to call us for a ton of ticky-tack stuff to even fouls out, then we could be in trouble.
  12. Ok. I just tried it over in the Test forum and it worked for me just like you said. I've definitely had a situation before where it has not taken me to the latest page and it has left my message in the reply box. I didn't note the circumstances (browser, mobile device, etc.) at the time, but I'll try to going forward.
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