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  1. I've gone more in depth on this in the past, but I'm going to continue shouting from the rooftops that playing Rockhurst (or another D2 school) is actually better than playing some no-name DI school. Rockhurst is likley a much cheaper buy game. They don't count against the RPI or whatever it is called now. Most casual fans don't know the difference between bottom tier D1 and D2 teams. Everyone wants to play Xavier, Butler, Cincinnati, etc. for all of our non-conference games, but that is fantasy. We are going to have buy games against no name opponents and if those no-name opponents suck too bad it hurts us. Playing Rockhurst doesn't. Of course I'd be pissed if our schedule was full of D2 teams, but I'm fine with us playing a D2 team once a year during finals week or whatever to get to the requisite number of home games.
  2. I think we've discussed this in the past. I'm pretty sure giving that last scholarship to Courtney precludes SLU from potentially adding a mid-season transfer. Therefore, as cool as it is to see a walk-on earn a scholarship, I'd rather Ford just leave it unfilled to keep his options open.
  3. I do like the element of surprise when it comes to the interviews. However, I think it would be kind of cool if you posted who you're lined up to interview on here and sort of crowd sourced questions for the interview subject. Understandable that might be difficult / impossible to do logistically. Also, understandable that you wouldn't be able to use all of the questions as the best interviews sort of flow naturally as the go along and one question leads to another. For example, (no idea if you address this in the interview) I think the most interesting element of Cassity's SLU career is that he sort of took a back seat down the stretch his senior year to benefit the team. His minutes / usage went down as we saw more Kwamain, McCall, and Jett. Would be very interesting to hear about that from his perspective.
  4. This is certainly out of the ordinary. Usually tools are the ones who opt to not wear Billiken jerseys.
  5. Excited to have Diarra. The highlight videos look promising. Ideally he can get healthy and stay healthy and Ford came up with an under the radar great recruit. There is a temptation to look at his downside as Obi Ikeakor part 2 given the ACL/knee injury history. However, I believe Obi tore his ACL prior to his senior year and was still recovering when he came to SLU. IMO the transition to college while trying to make his way back from an injury was probably a lot more difficult than the situation for Diarra who has already been back on the court since his injury. Rehab / sports medicine has come a long way in treating ACL injuries in the last 15 years or so as well. Unrelated, does anyone else read the topic of this thread as saying that Madani has been put into a mental institution?
  6. I don’t know much about international play, but IMO the immense shooting talent difference between NBA and especially lower level NCAA warrants them having different 3 pt line distances.
  7. English is originally from Baltimore, MD. Attended HS and played AAU ball there. He's played professionally in the NBA for Detroit briefly and G-League in Fort Wayne. He's also played professionally in Europe. In his coaching career prior to UT he's had AC stops at Tulsa and Colorado. Neither* of those schools had any players from the St. Louis metro area on their rosters during or immediately following his tenures. *The possible exception is Zeke Moore at Tulsa who left SLU in spring 2017 and wound up at Tulsa just after English had left for Colorado. The only connection English has to St. Louis is that he happened to play for Mizzou during his college days. I don't think typically collegiate players develop relationships with HS coaches or AAU coaches from a City 2 hours away from their school. That's not to say that he couldn't be developing those relationships now or couldn't have been developing them while at Tulsa or Colorado albeit without anything to show for it. English seems like a personable guy and Tennessee has gobs of money to throw around. However, I'm not losing sleep over losing recruiting battles with Tennessee quite yet. I'm more concerned with K State, Mizzou, Illinois, etc.
  8. Pierre certainly has the experience and the connection to Ford. I do wonder about how good of a fit he would be. Macon was by all accounts our recruiter on the east coast. It makes a ton of sense for SLU to recruit that area given the geographic footprint of the A10. Pierre has spent his entire career at schools in the south or southwest (Charlotte, LSU, Ok State, NC State, Memphis) which doesn't necessarily seem to be an area of focus for Ford at SLU. Also worth noting that Pierre spent his playing career and coaching career at large public universities. Not sure if that really means anything, but again very different from SLU.
  9. This kid is excellent with MS Paint:
  10. Wowza. That's it is a big jump in competition level from the WAC to the ACC. It's not like he was even dominating the WAC or anything. This is another example of how hard it is for SLU to land a decent GT big man.
  11. Having won items in past auctions, someone from the AD usually reaches out to you via a phone call within a week or so.
  12. Disclaimer: I haven't listened to this particular episode yet and I gave the Podcast 5 stars when I rated it. It is really great and I appreciate everything you put into it. My one critique would be to try to tone down the language where possible. It's one thing for me to who doesn't care and is listening to it on headphones while mowing my lawn, but I'd imagine that it turns some people off or doesn't allow someone to listen to it in a setting where they can't have casual swearing playing over speakers (ex: at work, with their kids around, etc.). It is just something that is going to limit your audience without really adding anything or attracting more people IMO. I can understand that when you're interviewing someone that the language will sometimes go explicit and you can't help it. In those circumstances, it is unavoidable and you can throw an explicit tag or try to bleep out language. However, it seemed to me that most of the language was just Zach casually swearing. Understandable that is his normal way of talking and might take some practice to change. However, it seems like something that could be avoided with a little practice.
  13. I should clarify my comment on Zars above. I watched maybed 1 game all year last year and am just looking at stats. Given her stat line I was surprised how many minutes she got. However, clearly Stone valued her rebounding and other things she brought to the table because she got more minutes than you would have expected. I don't think she is a massive loss, but is probably the biggest loss of the 4 transfers. Good news is that Stone keeps bringing in new players who look promising:
  14. I don't think you necessarily need to give anyone the Associate HC title right away. If Ford is trying to lure a great experienced AC away to fill Macon's void that is a nice carrot to offer. However, I'm not sure I'd automatically give it to someone on the current staff if we hire from within or hire a less experienced AC. Ford first year, for example, we didn't have an associate HC and then Macon was named to that position later. If it was me, I'd save the title as something to offer later if an AC on staff that I want to keep is offered an AC job elsewhere.
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