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  1. That block in game 1 of Tatum by Bam though.
  2. We love soccer so much that we're not going to support the local professional soccer team or attend soccer games just to prove how much we love soccer more than everyone else!
  3. I understand you sentiment, but IMO a good way to kill the future of the program would be to prevent students from coming to games. Students bring energy to the games that a vast majority of other fans do not. Also students become new fans for life / future season ticket holders. Technically students pay for their seats as well since they are charged an activity fee with tuition. That total $ charged to all students probably blows away what most normal folks season ticket holders (not high rollers) contribute to the program.
  4. Heck, why limit it to 5-7 games? Take the 3 weeks from after Thanksgiving to before Christmas when classes aren't happening anyways. Play a "home and home" versus all of the other schools for a total of 14 games over 4ish weeks (27 days) from Nov 27 through December 23. Quarantine / off from then until after New Years and then conference play starts up.
  5. I'd imagine that an ancillary goal of setting up non-conference bubbles would be to establish some level of determining overall strength of each team / conference outside of their own conference. Therefore, non-conference bubbles shouldn't include multiple teams from the same conference. This may be unavoidable in some cases. However, SLU's bubble should not be so heavy on MVC teams (SIUC, MO State, Illinois State, and Bradley) nor OVC teams (Eastern Illinois, SEMO, and SIUE).
  6. This analytics based site has K State at #34 which is even more outragous: https://barttorvik.com/trankpre.php I suspect that they're numbers are off because they show K State top 2 players as JUCO guys they're bringing in that the projection system has ranked as better than Jordan Goodwin. Probably funny stuff going on with these guys JUCO stats in the system. Somewhat funny given the unrealistically high ranking of K State is that the site still has them as #6 of 10 in the Big 12. The league is stacked again and 6th in the league is their ceiling. Going to be a long year in Manhattan even if they're decent.
  7. Plus Weber (and Lowery) have always recruited St. Louis going back to their SIUC days. They have relationships in place that they’ve built over a long period of time. Also minor correction to your post - that Illinois team lost its regular season finale at Ohio State so they weren’t undefeated going into the national title game loss to UNC.
  8. I wonder if the Cardinals / Blues didn't exist and then St. Louis got a baseball / hockey expansion team who used the Cardinals / Blues branding what the reaction would be? I know the Cardinals went through a few different iterations of names / logos in the early years and became the Cardinals because of the color the team wore. Those circumstances coupled with the fact that it was such a long time ago, means there probably aren't comparable news stories about how "Cardinals" was received. However, I wonder if there are any old articles on the reaction to the Blues branding when they first came out? I think most sports branding is intentionally neutral and fan bases then become enamored with it (or not) because of the traditions that develop around it.
  9. For me, the loss to Duke is so memorable whereas the loss the following season to UConn is so forgettable.
  10. SLU and Minnesota have a little bit of history too, so that's fun. SLU lost to them in the 2003 NIT 1st round (Marque Perry's senior year) and the 1996 NIT 1st round (year after Claggs, Highmark, & H when we were led by Harris & Jamal Johnson). SLU beat them in the 1995 NCAA 1st round before Tim Duncan / Wake ended the careers of Claggs, etc.
  11. Why aren’t we using “Grin and Win” as a slogan?
  12. Agreed. Goodwin is essentially the PF in those lineups where French is the only "traditional" big man. In any meaningful / close game, Goodwin will be playing almost the entire game regardless, so this is really a non-issue.
  13. First caveat so I'm not disappointed later - This season isn't happening. This exercise is futile. Now in the magical parallel universe where the Billikens aren't the basketball program equivalent of Sisyphus - I think we'll normally play smaller than your minutes breakdown would indicate. Therefore, I think that you have Bell and Linnsen too high. I'd go 1 - Goodwin, (gap), 2 - Collins, 3 - French, 4 - Perkins, (gap), 5 - Jimerson, 6 - Jacobs, 7 - Thatch, (gap), 8 - Bell, 9 - Linnsen, 10 - Hargrove (gap), 11 - Strickland, 12 - Lorentson. We'll still see a lot of lineups with French as the only true big man because those will be our most effective lineups. Goodwin being excellent on the boards and most A10 teams lacking effective big men to take advantage of small lineups allows us to do this.
  14. Semi-blue font: maybe you buy the rights to the Battlehawks logo & branding, replace the sword with a ball and use the name SoccerHawks. That name somehow became a kind of cult sensation with fans with the KaKaw stuff, etc. You'd like to generate the same kind of fan enthusiasm, so why re-invent the wheel when there is likely readily available IP that isn't in use.
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