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  1. There are plenty of NBA centers who can’t shoot from the outside. You can’t use a guy who is regularly an MVP candidate as an example of the typical NBA center. Usually non-elite centers who can’t shoot or defend on the perimeter (or both) are planted on the bench during the playoffs. Regular season big men have a more typical skill set.
  2. I like this plan. The only drawback I see is that for games against lesser opponents right now you want as many bodies as possible inside the arena. Forcing students to register 48 hours in advance is going to mean some students who would walk up to the game are going to be left out. I supposed you could allow student walk ups & just give them unused seats in other areas of the arena near the student section. I’d just like to keep things as simple as possible/ as few barriers as possible for students attending games until the demand increases.
  3. She seems like the exact backup PG type player that the men's team needs.
  4. I feel like this would do the opposite because giving only the A10 winner an advantage with a 1st round bye makes it more likely that they would go on to win the tournament as well. That would very likely happen more frequently than it has in the past with the new format Wiz proposed. In that scenario, you'd end up with the A10/tourney winner being the only bid in certain years. I prefer a format that gives an advantage to the top X number of teams, but no special advantage to the top 1 or 2 to make it more likely a team below 1 or 2 wins the tournament. I think this makes it more likely for the A10 to wind up with 2 or more bids. Honestly if the A10 was smart, they should wait until later in the season to announce the tournament format that year. Adjust the format accordingly to try to maximize the # of bids by making it easier for a team unlikely to get an at-large to nab the auto-bid.
  5. FWIW T-Rank has SIUE at #219 overall. 1st in the OVC just slightly better than Morehead State, but still pretty bad overall. To be honest, I liked it a lot more when Murray St & Belmont were in the OVC and SIUE had no realistic shot at ever securing the OVC auto-bid. I don't like the potential scenario of SLU being worlds better than SIUE, but failing to make the postseason and SIUE making headlines by getting into the NCAA tournament as an auto-bid.
  6. You are totally ignoring the fact that SLU has to have a certain number home games for season ticket holders / to generate revenue for the program. That is why they play buy games & is why it matters a lot where "they toss the ball up at the start of the game". Taking your preference for tougher games to the extreme - If SLU wanted to, it could put together the toughest non-conference schedule in the country. They could accept buy games from top level teams and play 12-14 Q1 road games in the NC. However, they can generate more revenue and build the program better with home games. Not to mention it would be silly to not use our state of the art arena.
  7. It is a really good game for Davidson to get. Kudos to them. You are comparing a neutral site event game versus home buy game. Apples and oranges. Plus our schedule is already gone of the toughest we've had in years. Really odd to gripe about.
  8. Something to keep in mind when predicting the final A-10 standings: Davidson really gets screwed as a team that is likely to be in the middle of the pack, but plays a much tougher schedule than the rest of the middle teams. On a lesser scale, Loyola gets a small boost from having a relatively easier schedule than the other top level teams whereas Rhody & UMass get small boosts by having relatively easier schedules than other middle of the pack teams. Money is on St Joes finishing last given their 6th toughest schedule and projected as the worst team.
  9. T-Rank preseason rankings are I think computer generated based on prior year with adjustments for players IN/OUT. Obviously to be taken with a massive grain of salt (Richmond & LaSalle are overrated in my eyes), but are just as good as MBM guesses at this point. Putting teams in tiers instead of specific rankings is a way to hedge your bets / be less specific on early predictions. You can look at the teams overall grades on T-Rank & lump ones that are closer together into tiers if you'd like.
  10. Home away from home / return game for former SLU DBO / St. Louis resident and Evansville alum / current assistant coach Marcus Wilson.
  11. By T-rank (https://barttorvik.com/trankpre.php) projected finish: 1. Dayton - H & A 2. SLU - N/A 3. Loyola - H & A 4. VCU - H & A 5. Richmond - A 6. Davidson - H & A 7. Mason - H 8. Rhody - H 9. UMass - A 10. Fordham - A 11. LaSalle - H 12. Bona - H 13. GW - A 14. Duq - H 15. St Joes - A Hold serve at home / beat all the teams we should on the road. Barring unforeseen circumstances, anything worse than 13-5 is totally unacceptable. O/U is probably 14-4 or 15-3? Loving that we don't have to travel to Olean to face what looks like mediocre / bad Bona team and that we finally get to place Davidson at home. I like that we have the same H&H pairings as Dayton so there isn't a big SOS difference between the projected top 2.
  12. I really have no idea, but hasn't it been a rumor since the Majerus days that donors pay the HC salary?
  13. I think DOC is trying to say that big $ donors give to the University specifically to pay Ford's salary. It IS included in the AD budget since the AD technically pays him, but it is not like they could decide to fire him & hire a new coach for less and wind up with a budget surplus to allocate elsewhere. Those donations are restricted to paying the MBB coach's salary.
  14. SLU used to have some spirit squad members come out of the tunnels & throw give-away balls from there rather than from the floor so that fans seated in the upper bowl had a chance at catching one. I don't think they've done that recently, but should 100% return to doing that. I'd imagine season ticket holders in the first few rows have enough of those things to fill a swimming pool by now whereas throws from floor never come close to fans in the upper bowl.
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