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  1. Looks like Knox will be announcing his choice tomorrow at 5pm The “show” he is announcing on seems to be YouTube show run by a guy from this Doc Holliday* guy who is from Memphis & seems to focus on Memphis sports among others things. I’m guessing that means that Knox re-commits to Memphis. Interesting according to Twitter this Holliday dude also has a football podcast with Isaac Bruce so there is a really obscure St Louis connection that probably doesn’t mean anything here.
  2. Minor detail that doesn't really matter, but Bacot isn't coming back for his extra COVID year. This coming season will be his normal senior year. He could theoretically come back for another year after this season. UNC's main guys (Bacot, Davis, Love) are exactly the type of marginal NBA prospects / excellent college athletes that are benefitting the most from NIL and IMO are examples of NIL working / being good for college basketball (if not necessarily good for mid-major programs). There are of course numerous examples of NIL being shady / underhanded & being bad overall for college basketball, so important to point out the opposite. Without NIL, these guys would have likely turned pro & college basketball would have lost 3 guys who because of their NCAA run have become notable players. I'd put Drew Timme at Gonzaga in this category of athlete as well. Timme entered the draft & is going through the process still. He may go late in the 2nd round, but IMO it will be difficult for him to catch on with an NBA team. He very well may pull out of the draft, but I wonder if the ample NIL opportunities for UNC made their decisions to stay in college a no brainer whereas Timme's is more difficult because of less NIL coming his way.
  3. This makes it sound like Roby is getting fired or something. Important to note that Roby is/was a graduate assistant. This GA positions turn over quite regularly presumably because once the guy gets his grad degree your options are to hire him for a different position or he moves on. A GA position is the most natural spot for Conklin to start given he has no experience on a D1 coaching staff. I love Conklin as much as everyone else, but if he doesn’t wants to get into coaching he needs to start at the bottom & work his way up.
  4. My bad. I didn't remember anything about Prifti transferring, didn't see anything on Twitter about it, she wasn't on your list of transfers & she was in the photo from Tillet's first day. I just assumed she was staying. 1,000 apologies. I'll institute a 30 second ban from posting on myself as penance. Marisa Warren is a solid player and Kiley Bess is promising & a good shooter. They were the 4th & 5th leading scorers on the team this past season. I think the more optimistic feel is SLU replacing Harbison & McNeal with the 2 Longwood players while everyone else is healthier & has an additional year of experience under their belt. I fully expect that team to perform better than this past season's injury ravaged squad. However, I'm doubtful they'll be good enough to compete for an A10 title or NCAA bid. WNIT is a realistic possibility if things go right (remember the WNIT is 64 teams).
  5. Roster is full with 13 scholarships, so no room for a possible MST return or Akila Smith unless I'm missing something. Correction: there appears to be one spot left on the roster. Here is last year's roster with players expected to be on this years roster in bold: Marisa Warren 5'8" G - returning Ciaja Harbison G - grad transferring to Valderbilt Natalie McNeal G- transferring to Green Bay Peyton Kennedy 5'11" F - returning Ny Toang F - transferring (no destination yet) Julia Martinez 5'10" G - returning Sevval Gul 6'4" F - returning Kiley Bess 6'0" G - returning Anna Maria Prifti 6'0" G/F - returning transferring (no destination yet) Sarah Lazar 6'2" F - returning Myriama Smith Traore F - graduating / not returning Brook Flowers 6'5" F/C - returning Ronni Nwora F - transferring to Buffalo Then SLU is adding: Kyla McMakin 5'11' G - transfer in from Longwood Kennedy Calhoun 5'5" PG - transfer in from Longwood Ashleigh Conner 5'11" G - incoming freshman Abby Liber 5'11" G/F - incoming freshman Mia Nicastro 6'2" G/F - incoming freshman
  6. I really hope she has success too and I do understand the potential positive impact of bringing in familiar people. That being said, below are the NCAA women's NET rankings for last year. Recreating what she had in Longwood doesn't strike me as a clear path to improvement for the SLU program. I'd happily take a big helping of crow later if a new opportunity / change of scenery leads to better results here.
  7. If you sort by "Level" on the page, I think you can get a rough approximation of where he would rank (maybe?) There are 2 guys at level 1+ which is considered "high major" per the note at the top, 13 more guys in the at level 1 which is "mid major", and 6 guys who are at level 1+/1. That's 21 guys who are at a level above Puryear's 1/1-. Then are 6 other guys at the 1/1- level along with Puryear. TL/DR: I think Puryear is correctly somewhere in the 22 to 28 range. Not sure where that would put him overall maybe 200-250?
  8. Watananbe appeared in 38 games for the Raptors this past season and 121 games total since his NBA career started as an undrafted free agent in 2018. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/w/watanyu01.html
  9. I'm not sure anyone in the A-10 gets drafted, but my money would be on Hyunjung Lee if I had to pick one guy from that A-10 that will eventually see time on an NBA roster. NBA is all about shooting.
  10. This is kind of funny because Gibson while a junior academically this school year was a freshman for athletic eligibility. Presumably he will get his undergraduate degree next May and then have 2 more years of athletic eligibility where he can be on full athletic scholarship for his postgraduate studies. That $5,000 scholarship doesn't really matter to him, right?
  11. Wake getting both Andrew Carr and Bradford would be quite a kick in the nuts for SLU. They don't necessarily play the same position, but both big guys who would have been good fits for SLU's needs.
  12. I assume with Bradford being a local there would be some buzz about him if he was going to announce he's coming to SLU. We've seen that in the past from guys like Frank C. I'm not optimistic on this one.
  13. Haase is from Chile so I’m pretty sure he falls into the no domestic NIL money or he’s screw up his student Visa category.
  14. This rando Southern Miss fan seems to think Haase is headed there: Absolutely zero buzz around Haase outside of this. If it is true he is heading to So. Miss that's pretty disappointing. So. Miss has been terrible the past couple years and is projected to be really bad again. They are in C-USA which is worse than the A-10. Their frontcourt is bit more crowded with Guitian and a couple 6-8 forwards returning, but Haase would pretty easily be their best player & get major minutes. The only clear advantage So. Miss has is fellow Mercer transfer Alvarez will be there. Otherwise it is a backwards or sideways at best move from Mercer.
  15. Exactly. Crean had a really good run at Marquette. Did way better at Indiana turning the program around and churning out really good seasons (though rarely great) than anyone gives him credit for. However, he was awful at Georgia. I don't think he is any better than Ford at this point and maybe worse. Coaching / recruiting has changed drastically since Crean's Marquette days and even a lot since his IU days. That being said - he's still a decently big name & Evansville may be a good fit if he can recruit top level MVC talent there.
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