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  1. You can double down on it with not burning bridges for big time LOCAL recruits.
  2. Duh. I did a search for Stepinac in Pistols recruiting thread and only saw the 2 guys I mentioned. I guess he hasn’t added Chimezie yet.
  3. Based on Pistol's lists my guess is that Tate was watching Jordan Nesbitt.
  4. This seems to indicate that Corey Tate was also watching Tahron Allen recently:
  5. I'm going to put this here. Since RJ Davis (2020) trimmed his list and SLU wasn't on it. My best guess is that Tate was watching Adrian Griffin.
  6. He's got a good name (@Box and Won)
  7. I'm gonna put this here because I don't know what recruiting thread it really belongs in: @Pistol's recruiting lists only show one guy who goes to OSL and he's a 2019 guy who is already committed somewhere else. Any ideas who our staff is watching at OSL?
  8. MBMs are all about potential. Not saying this is correct one way or the other, but Hankton only took 25 total 3s last year, so his % can be dismissed as a small sample for a freshman and you can still dream on his future ability. It is harder to do that with Goodwin who has now taken 176 total 3s in his Billiken career and made just 25%.
  9. On one hand, I agree with you. I don't expect Jimerson to break our freshman 3 pt record (58 by Lisch in 05-06). On the other hand, you're talking about a totally different era of NCAA basketball. 3 point attempts per game have increased a bunch even since Lisch's time. I can't find data, but here is an article that says 3 point attempts per game were 32.1 in 2001-02 and increased all the way to 36.4 in 2016-17 and was continuing to climb. I suspect Jimerson won't set the freshman record because he won't get nearly as many minutes as Lisch did his freshman year (874 total / 30 per game). However, if he's as good a shooter as advertised, I wouldn't be surprised if he bested Lisch on a per minute basis.
  10. Check out the mysterious shadow figure (also multiple locations) who appears to be levitating in mid-air. There's some nefarious sh*t going on at this new Duquesne arena.
  11. This is a really well thought out minutes projection. Noting not only that MPG have to add up to 200, but also that minutes will fluctuate throughout the year and must be distributed according to positions. Kudos. I'll add a couple of points: Total minutes per game will likely end up slightly more than 200 total because we're likely to play some OT games. However, capping it at 200 makes sense for simplicity sake. I wouldn't be surprised if several players see some DNPs-coaches decision (especially during the conference season) or god-forbid DNP-injuries. Important to note that what we're looking at here is really minutes per team game played and not really minutes per individual game played. It is an important difference that I think a lot of people are overlooking. For example, last season KC Hankton played 5.6 minutes per game over 22 games, but the team played 36 games so in this analysis KC actually got 3.4 minutes per game last year. Given my 2nd point, I think some of the lower totals on your list are too high. Additionally, if a big contributor ends up getting hurt, it really throws the whole exercise into chaos.
  12. I read his comment wrong at first as well. He's saying that the projected numbers were done by Collin Kessler who is another writer on the blog / voice on The House that Rick Built podcast. It has nothing to do with Yuri Collins.
  13. Pretty impressive for NZ to knock off a team that took USA to OT. I believe this was the final game for Rob / NZ. They placed 19th of 32. Due to some upsets, USA (1) is looking at a tough road to the final. FIBA rankings in parenthesis, but they seem to have last been updated in February so not totally accurate. They play France (3) Wednesday in the quarter finals and then either Serbia (4) or Argentina (5) in the semifinals if they advance. Then potentially final vs Spain (2). Spain on the other hand has a much easier road to the final. Their side of the bracket features quarterfinals vs Poland (25) and a semifinal against Australia (11) or Czech Republic (24).
  14. Weber did great with Self's recruits and was just ok afterwards. In his last 5 seasons at Illinois he only made the NCAAs twice and had 2 9th place conference finishes. From 1981 to 2007 Illinois only missed the NCAAs 5 times and then those last 5 years of Weber they missed it 3 times. I don't think it was crazy for Illinois to fire Weber. Hindsight being 20/20, you'd keep him over hiring Groce, but that really just means Groce was a terrible hire.
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