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  1. As a tax guy, this is my interpretation as well. Donations that are required to purchase seats are not tax deductible. I would imagine if they don't end up playing and season ticket holders still "donate" the same amount that would be tax deductible. You have to actually get some kind of benefit for it not to be tax deductible. I'd also encourage folks with the means to make a decent amount of charitable contributions, but who otherwise are not itemizing their deductions to look into using a donor advised fund to lump a few years with of charitable donations into one year such that you can itemize that one year. Example, let's say I'm married and together with my wife our state & local taxes (real estate, personal property, and state income taxes) exceed $10,000. Under the new law, our deduction for state and local taxes is capped at that $10k. Since our standard deduction is $24.4k*, that means we'd want over $14.4k in other deductions to itemize**. The only other itemized deductions that most people use are mortgage interest and charity. Let's say my mortgage interest is another $8k and I usually give $4k to charity each year. That's going to put me at $22k in itemized deductions or just $2.2k short of the standard deduction. Sucks that I get no real tax benefit from taxes, mortgage interest and charity. However, if instead of making $4k in charitable contributions each year for 3 years, I put $12k into a donor advised fund my charitable contributions are $12k for this year and I'd itemize my deductions with $30k in total deductions. Then I can spread out when charitable organizations of my choice actually get the funds over the same 3 years (or whenever I want) by paying them out of the donor advised fund to charities over time. You still take the standard deduction 2 of 3 years, but the total amount of deductions you get over the 3 year period are more and you aren't "wasting" the tax benefit of the charitable donations as much. * - this is indexed for inflation so it will go up tp $24.8k in 2020 ** - there are some circumstances where you may itemize to save on state taxes even if you are slightly below the standard deduction
  2. If you're just looking to buy a Billiken face mask, Google is your friend. Here is the first link that came up for me: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/billiken+masks
  3. Verbal Commits retweeted the NMH tweet I posted with a comment about SLU offering him. I'm pretty sure they are basing their assertion that we offered Brumbaugh solely on the poorly worded NMH tweet.
  4. This is the tweet that everyone seems to be using the indicate we offered Brumbaugh: This tweet is poorly worded / confusing. Given the accompanying graphic, I'm reading it as though SLU offered Avery Brown and Brown University offered Rowan Brumbaugh separately. Not that Brown and SLU offered both of them. I think this is valid because Brumbaugh himself put out a tweet about getting an offer from Brown, but did not put out a tweet about getting an offer from SLU. Likewise, Avery Brown put out his own tweet about the SLU offer, but has not tweeted about an offer from Brown University. If you think differently @Pistol, you are the expert so I'll defer to you.
  5. Even if you don't think Goodwin will wear down by playing too many minutes, you want to avoid injury and also want to develop other players as well. If we're blowing teams out (up 20+ in the second), Goodwin shouldn't play much to #1 avoid injury at a time he isn't even needed and #2 get some younger guys extra playing time / experience. These things and him playing 30+ minutes are not necessarily mutually exclusive. He'll probably play 20-25 minutes even if we absolutely destroy another team. Meanwhile he's likely to play nearly 40 minutes in close games. We're likely to have less overall blowouts than close games, so his average will be 30+. I don't think we will see him average 35+ minutes though because I do expect some blow outs.
  6. I followed him after I saw the offer and he accepted. He has 99 followers and here are the notable ones: Jim Fenerty - AC at Temple Jim Platt (!) - Director of Player Development at Tulsa Kyle Griffin - AC at LaSalle David Patrick - UC Riverside HC Michael Lecak - AC at UC Riverside Dave Paulsen - George Mason HC Maurice Jopseh - AC George Mason Jason Slay - Youngstown State associate HC Vic Sfera - AC at Charlotte Marcus Conrad - Charlotte Director of Scouting Vince Walden - Texas A&M DBO Tony Bergeron - AC at UMass Brian Kennedy - NJIT HC Joe Gutowski - AC at NJIT Ryan Wahlen - AC at St. Peters Chester Frazier - AC at Va Tech Cody Hyatt - Texas DBO Mike Schrage - Elon HC A bunch of fan accounts follow as well mostly from the schools above, but also a UConn fan account.
  7. No sarcasm - this upcoming season could actually be Fordham’s best team in over a decade, but they’ll still finish close to last in the league and definitely have a ticket punched for the Wednesday Night pillow fight (A10 play in games). They should be ahead of GW and battling w St Joes and LaSalle for 11th - 13th.
  8. Got it. In retrospect, I'm not sure how a could have assumed that spending had to be equal because it would be near impossible for women's sports to match football spending. I'm a true MBM. Title IX is a lot less progressive than I thought.
  9. I was sort of in this camp. I felt like a possible worst case scenario for Gibson was a Drew Diener type. He showed that he's much better than that with only 10 games as a freshman. His defense was better than I expected and not necessarily a liability, but he's not great on D. It helps that we have some pretty elite defenders to help cover up other guys (French & Goodwin).
  10. I'm not knocking it, but I'd imagine Title IX has a lot to do with this, correct? My understanding of Title IX is that schools have to spend just as much money on women's sports as they do on men's sports (and have the same number of sports programs for men and women). Power 5 football generates a ton of revenue, but there is also a ton of expenses that go into fielding a Power 5 football team. These schools have to match those expenses somewhere on the women's side and the women's sports are all way less expensive than football. Therefore, most Power 5 women's sports programs are going to be elite and have gigantic budgets compared to their non Power 5 / no football counterparts.
  11. Assuming fans are allowed at games, SLU should absolutely have a game honoring Justin Love. Have Billiken hardhats be the giveaway with Justin’s number on them and raise money for a heart disease charity throughout the game. Video montage of his career highlights and teammates talking about him at halftime. Etc. Let’s do it @Brian Kunderman
  12. Holy sh*t. This is incredibly sad. @The House That Rick Built just posted early this morning that they had a re-watch of the 2000 SLU/Cincinatti game with former Billiken Justin Love and @billikenfan05 that they are going to put up on YouTube. Going to be incredibly difficult to watch that now and keep dry eyes.
  13. We actually already had this conversation way back on pages 1 and 2 of this very same thread. Here is my post on the topic outlining some father-son pairs who went to the same school: I actually stupidly missed the Luechtefelds when talking about SLU in my post. My takeaway remains the same. It happens sometimes and other times it doesn't. I don't think the father-son thing is ever the primary reason a recruit chooses or does not chose a certain school.
  14. The lack of blood* is made up for with pretty much every other bodily fluid / excretion in Majerus stories. * - with the exception of the Lisch bloody face, but I can't remember if that was Majerus era.
  15. Haha. I was actually thinking of a way you could get the Tarantino format to work on the Podcast. The dream would be put all of the Majerus stories together from various Majerus era guys (Evans, Ellis, BIancardi, Daly, etc.). Take the crazy stories and kind of chop them up and put them into an order that makes it really fun. Basically an oral history of the Majerus era in Tarantino format.
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