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  1. I still don't see the Big East happening. That being said, in your scenario where they add Wichita State + 2 of the 3 A10 schools you mention, I think Dayton could be the odd man out based on Xavier not wanting them in.
  2. Guys routinely improve their shooting at the NBA level. When basketball becomes your sole focus and you have to shoot well to keep getting paid, there is both time and motivation to get better. I don't think that is somehow damning of our coaching staff's ability to improve Goodwin's shot. Goodwin actually did improve his 3pt % each year at SLU. Fr - 23.5%, So - 26.3%, Jr - 28.2%, Sr - 31.4%.
  3. Given that he was kicked out of Notre Dame, it is safe to say that "the streets" were having a negative impact on him during that freshman season & could have even before that. Could he have been a one & done type talent if you put him in Tatum's situation / up-bringing? I don't know /no way to answer that. No doubt Cam was extremely talented either way. Basketball Reference has him as ranked #46 in his recruiting class. Of the 10 guys ranked 40-49, 5 of them played in the NBA. The word "easily" is too much because I don't think anyone's path to the NBA is easy, but saying Cam had a good shot at playing in an NBA game isn't hyperbole.
  4. Exactly. Look at the bottom right hand corner of the graphic "data compiled by South Harmon Institute of Technology" (S.H.I.T.)
  5. Same guy who has been using Blake Griffin as an example of an overrated / non-superstar player is also crapping on Chris Paul as a choke artist.... Paul has never been on a great team / team that has been a prohibitive championship favorite. His best teams were the Rockets teams and they lost twice to one of the greatest teams ever assembled (KD Warriors). In one of those years they might have won if Paul didn't get hurt. He's 6 foot nothing / not a prolific scorer, so can't dominate a game on both ends of the floor like Giannis just did. He's still a great player / HOF like you said. His reputation as a loser / choke artist is more outstated than him being overrated IMO. He's had some terrible injury luck in the playoffs (both him & his teammates), but I think the choke artist thing is unfair. Regarding all time PG rankings, are you just forgetting Magic Johnson or not considering him a PG? What about Oscar Robertson? Are we only ranking small PGs? I'm honestly not sure Chris Paul is definitely a top 5 PG of all time, but he's still a phenomenal player. You can make arguments for Magic, Oscar, Thomas, Stockton, Curry, Nash, Kidd, Jerry West and Walt Frazier over him.
  6. Agreed. Impressive for a kid who is the star / leader of his HS team to be able to take a backseat on his AAU team & still contribute with the "little, unglamorous things" as Pistol calls them toward winning. He'll need to make a similar adjustment playing in college and this tells me that he won't have a problem doing it.
  7. Zion was 22nd in the leage in offensive rebound percentage ahead of guys like Joel Embiid and Bam Adebayo. Bruce Brown tied with him and he is the only guy shorter than Zion tied or higher on the O reb % leaders. However, Zion was only 83rd in defensive rebounding percentage. He's behind among others Steph Curry, Tyler Herro, and James Harden. Even on the Pelicans he is behind Josh Hart and Steven Adams with Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram right on his heels. Admittedly I did not watch much Pelican basketball this past season. However, those stats tell me that Zion's overall lack of defensive rebounding likely has more to do with their team rebounding scheme than Zion himself. Perhaps New Orleans' plan has been for Zion let another guy grab the rebound and then streak down the court trying to get a fast break opportunity (where he can uncork one of his highlight reel dunks). I do think that some of what you're saying about Zion is true (rebounding looks like a hole in his game, playing soft / afraid of injury). I'm just saying the basic stats may be a little deceiving. That being said, I think Zion needs to work on defense the most. If New Orleans is going to play him as a forward, he has to be able to guard on the perimeter. His freakish size and athleticism allowed him to be a good defender in college, but he's been pretty mediocre in the NBA.
  8. What are you talking about?? Longest Main Street in the USA!!!
  9. I'm not sure the on-the-court product is watered down especially compared to the 1970s. NBA is a global league now. The quality of players is likely better than ever because the league is pulling in players from all over the world rather than just the USA. The potential issue the NBA has is that isn't that there aren't enough rising stars to replace the aging Hall of Famers. Rather there are not enough US born rising stars. This sounds Stephen A. Smith-eque and that makes me want to throw up in my mouth a bit, but NBA's core audience may not relate / get as excited watching foreign players. A lot of the best NBA players under 30 are foreign born. This is especially true of the ones on good teams: Jokic, Giannis, Luka, Embiid, Gobert. Good US born young players are on bad teams: Zion, Beal, Towns, LaVine, Fox.
  10. As much as I like the NBA and would love a local team to root for, I kind of like the Billikens being the good doctor’s sole basketball interest. I also like SLU being the “biggest” basketball show in town. Therefore, I’m okay with the status quo.
  11. I wish I could claim that honor, but the search function tells me @White Pelican deserves belated congratulations for being the first to use it in a post back in 2016:
  12. I feel like we've seen some running / pressing early on both this past season and 2019-20. Both seasons that fell by the wayside as the season wore on. Tough to tell if it was because Ford didn't think it was working / wouldn't be effective against tougher competition or we stopped because of extenuating circumstances losing players to injury in 2019-20 (Thatch & Jimerson) or having the COVID issues this past season.
  13. I was thinking something similar. This guy seems likely to be a project big and all things considered I'd rather have a more experienced transfer who will only eat a scholarship for 1 or 2 seasons instead of 4. That being said, it is very late in the game and beggars can't be choosers. We need depth. If this guy can offer cromulent defense and rebounding as a depth big anything on offense is a bonus. Odd of him being around 4 season in today's transfer happy environment are slim regardless, so my concerns about him taking up a scholarship for 4 season are largely moot.
  14. VC does this for non-HS prospects. Only the players whose names are black are actually on the roster as scholarship players. Any shade of blue is just a prospect with interest regardless of where they fall. If they listed us with interest in a JUCO guy who would come in as a soph or junior they would show up in blue for those years. Note also that VC has already rolled forward the roster to next season, but they're accounting for the COVID year for all the players. Goodwin & French are listed as gone, Perkins is still a Sr, Collins a soph, Strickland a freshman, etc. I think they have Thatch in the wrong year though. Since Lamin would be a freshman in the fall that is where is is listed. Not exactly sure why they still have a separate column for 2021 HS prospects rather than just listing them in the freshman column like they do with Lamin. Color Coding Black- Scholarship Player Burgundy- Red-Shirted Scholarship Player Red- Current Red-Shirt Scholarship Player Purple- Non-Scholarship Player Gray- Player No Longer On Roster Dark Green- Signed LOI Prospect Light Green- Verbal Commit Prospect Navy Blue - High Interest Prospect Royal Blue- Medium Interest Prospect Light Blue- Low Interest Prospect
  15. That's crazy and seems like it has to be injury related, right? How do you go from posting excellent #s against very good / great teams to mediocre #s against awful teams? I can't find anything about an injury online, but he did only play 2 minutes vs UAPB on 1/18 when his previous low was 15 mins. Doesn't look like he missed time immediately after, but his #s dropped. Then he only played 2 mins again on 2/13 and missed a game on 2/22. Makes me wonder if he had some kind of nagging injury during conference play that would flare up on him or reoccurred a couple times. Also kind of bizarre that Alcorn St lost all the games where he was good / great (even during conference play) and he was bad / barely played at all in all of their wins. Most of that has to do with the level of competition in the Ws (all 6 Ws vs teams ranked 348 or worse in KenPom), but weird nonetheless.
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