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  1. You can add Michigan State and North Carolina to your list as well. Current NET rankings which I suspect will change dramatically before then of the season: 19. Kansas 50. UNC 82. Kentucky 87. Michigan State 89. Duke
  2. I'm a cord cutter who has been out of the cable game a little while. Are games on USA Network better than games on NBCSN? I seem to recall USA Network being a part of more basic cable packages and you needed a more premium package for NBCSN with some providers.
  3. I know NBA stat types often look at FT% as an indicator of pure shooting ability because it removes things like defense & shot selection from the equation. Therefore, it seems the stats actually provide evidence that Roy is correct about Larry Jr. being a good shooter and 3 star is correct that his shot selection needs work. Obviously what you want to see is Larry Jr. being a good in game shooter as well. Hopefully that happens as he learns better shot selection or as Roy said doesn't have to be the guy taking tough shots.
  4. I'm not sure that Richmond game 1/29 is happening as scheduled. Spiders are currently on COVID pause themselves. I'm sure A10 will reschedule SLU will a different opponent if that's the case. GW is also on pause and they are scheduled to host Fordham 1/30 so easiest schedule change is SLU hosts Fordham either 1/29 or 1/30 instead of playing at Richmond. That would be an awful game for SLU's SOS so hopefully A10 does some additional shuffling to get SLU a better opponent if they can't play Richmond.
  5. John Duff was a really good 3 point shooter. Assuming Justin had a similar game, there is a much greater appreciation for that kind of player today than there was during John Duff's career.
  6. Yes, I totally understand this. My post was a joke poking fun at his choice of Memphis, Memphis losing twice to Tulsa, and at Jim Platt's ineptitude.
  7. He couldn't wait to play for a Memphis team that has lost twice this season to a Tulsa squad that employs Jim Platt.
  8. If you measure hardest hit at # of games lost, then probably not. SLU has played 8 games to date. Not counting the Ivy League and a few other schools who haven't played any games there are still a bunch of schools who have played fewer games than SLU. Some of them (ex Alabama A&M 3-0 and Siena 6-0) skipped nonconference play entirely so I'm not sure if that was by choice or because of COVID. In the A10 alone the following teams have played 8 or fewer games to date: Fordham - 6 Bona - 7 SLU, St Joes, Duq - 8 One thing I do not like is that there are currently
  9. I know we're all frustrated that the team has been on pause for an extended period of time, but I'm really proud of the University for making the players health the #1 most important thing and not just generating profit from the team. I have not read about any other schools undertaking these efforts to track & measure the health of their athletes as the return from COVID.
  10. Sounds like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. At one point during his NBA career there was a popular Cavs blog called "hey larry hughes please stop taking so many bad shots". Fortunately for Larry & SLU his talent level was so high that there wasn't really such thing as a "bad shot" for him in college. It does not sound like Larry Jr. is particularly close to the talent level of Sr. Hopefully he learns & adjusts as such.
  11. This is an excellent question for Stu Durando. As I said earlier in the thread, he posted the Tweet / photo with absolutely no follow up at all. A good journalist would have followed up. I just double checked his article here (https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/slu-women-return-after-enduring-three-quarantines/article_889bbb41-1307-50bd-aa4e-c0340bd94e6f.html) and there is nothing at all about it.
  12. The above is just about perfect. I can absolutely get behind it and agree 100% First part of your post is a big shrug from me. People can sit for the anthem if they want and others can & will be disgusted. That's within everyone's rights. What I think we ought to be looking at (and IMO all of the hand-wringing over respect for the flag obfuscates a bit) is WHY are they not standing? Can / should something be done to make the country better & make everyone without a doubt proud to stand? In some cases, the answer might be "no" or at least "nothing reasonable can be done
  13. I saw that Stu tweeted about some WBB players not standing. I would have been nice if the beat writer did some actual journalism and followed up on it by asking why they weren't standing instead of just stirring the pot. Were they players trying to make some kind of statement? They could have just as easily been protesting the election results as protesting something else, correct? Maybe they were just being lazy? Perhaps they easily fatigued after battling COVID & standing for an extended period would have been cumbersome? It is also not clear from a still photo that those players a
  14. To be fair to Minnesota their road losses are at Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa who are all probably top 15 or better teams. The margins of all of the losses are pretty bad, but there is no shame in losing those games. Minnesota's Big 10 schedule is relatively easy for the rest of the season.
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