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  1. Minuscule sample size, but so far Bell is struggling from the line nearly as much as French. Just like French that is going to limit his offensive upside significantly.
  2. The problem with French having such a high usage rate is that his poor FT shooting then has an even larger impact on our offense. You seem like a numbers guy and have been providing some stats that haven't seen anywhere else. I'd be curious to see our points per possession numbers for all possessions excluding French FTs versus those possessions ending in French FTs. I'd imagine that those numbers would tell opposing teams to foul Hasahn every single time down the floor.
  3. Last night: Jimerson/Goodwin: 18/27 FGs 66.7%, 6/13 3pt 46.2%, 44 total points Rest of the team: 9/27 FGs 33.3%, 1/9 3pt 11.1%, 23 total points Rants on the season: Has is kind of a liability on offense because he isn't good enough to make up for his abysmal FT shooting. Ditto for JBJ, but with even worse non-FT offense. Perkins making less than 1/3 of his shots isn't going to cut it.
  4. I'm pretty sure if you're using Google Chrome as your web browser all you need to do is open a new browser window in "Incognito Mode" by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N and you'll be able to view the article even if you've exceeded your PD freebies.
  5. So it looks like yesterday's attendance was the 18th best in Chaifetz history, highest since January 2015 vs VCU, and 2nd highest non-conference game ever at Chaifetz (behind Nov 2014 vs SIU). Not bad.
  6. Playing devil's advocate here for those complaining about the refs: # of fouls: SLU 18, Seton Hall 26 FTs taken: SLU 41, Seton Hall 26 With those 2 numbers I'd imagine any refs complaints would be met with guffaws by non-Billiken fans. I think there are 2 things going on: There were some particularly poor calls against SLU especially in the first half when we were working to claw our way back. On the flip side, I'm sure Seton Hall fans would've taken exception to some of the calls against their two 7 footers. Seton Hall's game plan was to play super physical against us (French, Bell, Goodwin, and Collins in particular) because they weren't worried about us making FTs. The refs aren't going to see/call all of the fouls they had and they may even call some ticky tack ones on SLU to try to keep the # of fouls more even.
  7. Reading through the Perkins comments I was about to post his stat line. I too thought he looked good during the game and was pretty surprised to see that he shot just 2 of 8 from the floor. He had a few memorable plays during out little 1st half run and I guess those stuck with me (and others) whereas the misses didn't. However, I agree with you overall that I'd like to see him score more and do it more efficiently. It certainly looks like something he is capable of. My other comment is that Thatch's stat line was even worse than Perkins. 19 minutes 0-6 FG, 0-3 3pt, 1-2 FT, 3 rebs, 1 TO, 0 assists, blocks, or steals. I'm just a MBM, but I thought something looked off with his lower half at points during the game and I wonder if there is an slight injury he is dealing with or the mysterious "cramps" were an issue again. I also expected him to be on Powell more than he was (although the 1-3-1 and box-1 Ds that we played a lot limited his opportunities).
  8. Seton Hall came out playing super physical D against us. They did their homework and knew not to be afraid to put us on the line. They had enough bodies to not be worried about foul trouble. Smart teams are going to play that way against us unless we show the ability to knock down FTs. I’m not sure how many teams can make it work like Seton Hall did though. Fortunately our worst FTs shooters are mostly our toughest players who can handle the physicality.
  9. This is where I’m at. Our biggest roster weakness is missing an experienced big man behind French. Santos, Gordon, or even Jalen Johnson to a lesser extent (look up his early season stats which are admittedly against poor competitors) would be nice to have on this team. Just some more “what ifs” to add to the laundry list that Billiken fans have.
  10. Wasn’t sure if this was start a new thread worthy. This is the first thing I’ve seen calling this a White Out game. I guess wear white if you’re going to the game although with such poor marketing of it I doubt anyone will be able to tell it’s supposed to be a white out. If it’s just supposed to be a white our for the students, I don’t really get the point since that’s just one section. Why not try harder to get the rest of the fans to participate?
  11. Found this on Twitter:
  12. That sounds like fighting words to me....who is going to go over there and demand to see some PAYSTUBS!!! (Actually a fairly reasonable take, sounds like he understands this game isn't a gimme, but is one that Seton Hall is expected to win given their ranking / expectations)
  13. This is a game where I would love to be able to have Majerus back to coach our guys and maybe bring back Mike McCall for a game. I'm pretty confident in Goodwin / Thatch being able to slow Powell down. I'd be a lot more confident if the whole team had Rick's defensive coaching and game plan plus Mike McCall just glued to Powell the entire game so he rarely touched the ball.
  14. Just bought 14 tickets for my entire immediate family to go on Sunday. NBD.
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