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  1. Can't believe I remembered Bryce Husak being a 5 year and not Kwamain. Even though he wasn't technically part of the team for a semester, I'd still consider Kwam a 5 yr with 2010-11 being his red shirt season.
  2. Bryce Husak maybe? Didn't he redshirt? I can't think of anyone else that redshirted and stuck around / played 4 years.
  3. No idea currently. I believe there are like "act of God" type clauses in collective bargaining agreements that allow the owners to drastically reduce salaries in the event games are unable to be played. I'd imagine they're hoping to avoid that because it would very likely spark a major dispute / legal battle.
  4. If I'm building a team or drafting for an NBA team, I'm taking Obi. His numbers are better also better. He's a better POY candidate. He's a much more difficult match up over the course of a game. If I'm down 3 with 10 seconds on the clock and I need a guy to create his own shot / hit the 3, I'm giving the ball to Powell.
  5. This is the 2nd time you've mentioned SLU being interested in a big. I have a feeling there is some knowledge you're withholding from us here...
  6. Ummm, I mean his brother didn't hit the last 2nd shot and he still coached at Valpo, then went on to be a very successful coach at Baylor. I think Bryce very likely still becomes coach at Valpo and has success even without hitting that shot. He's probably still hired away by a bigger school. I agree that he seems to have gotten promoted above his level (peter principle), but I'm not sure his hitting that shot had much to do with it. His family tree perhaps, but not that shot in particular.
  7. I feel like A10 records are some combo of strength of the league, strength of schedule, and luck. Here are the KenPom ratings each year: 2016: 161 2017: 202 2018: 292 2019: 260 2020: 245 Obviously still pretty terrible, but it is Fordham after all. Neubauer probably doesn't deserve to keep the job, but changing coaches at Fordham = rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
  8. This is a very...um...interesting...hire.
  9. I'm guessing the rankings I posted aren't taking into account the incoming players (yet) and only factor in what Auburn is losing. I still think Auburn will see a drop off from this year and SLU should be better than them.
  10. Projected rankings by http://barttorvik.com/trankpre.php #1 Gonzaga - pretty surprised they're #1 given that they lose 3 senior starters, but they return their best player (Petrusev) and are still loaded with talent. I don't think any of the younger guys are projected to go early into the NBA. #16 Michigan State - "only" lose sr. Cassius Winston among players who regular contribute. Again no early NBAers projected. #32 Saint Louis #39 Xavier - lose 2 senior starters #93 Boise State #122 Belmont #200 Siena #263 Auburn - this ranking was shockingly low to me, but they lose 5 seniors (4 starters) and their only non-sr. starter (Okoro) is expected to jump to the NBA early. All told they're expected to lose 84.1% of their total points scored, 75.8% of their total 3pts made, 73% of their total rebounds, 89.4% of their total assists, 80.4% of their total steals and 82.1% of their total blocks, I don't know what they'll have coming in with freshman & transfers, but that is a lot to replace. The dream draw is Xavier in the 1st round, beat them, get MSU in the 2nd, beat them, then beat Gonzaga in the finals. It will be really interesting to see how this thing is seeded and the draw makes a big difference for how much value in terms of NET / NCAA cache SLU can get out of this thing.
  11. I'd imagine this is just for traveling to recruit, right? Hopefully Travis is good on the phone / social media.
  12. Malachi Flynn, their leading scorer / PG, may very well enter the NBA draft. As you mentioned, they'll also lose 2 senior starters. It will be a very different SDSU team. Still should be good / NCAA quality, but not a #1/#2 seed type team especially if Flynn leaves. This is a game we should win if we're going to be as good as we hope.
  13. Goodwin lost the last 7 games of his freshman year to...er...some BS and now has lost IMO at least 3 games off his junior year to COVID-19. Imagine what Goody's stats would look like now with an extra 10 games played. At his career averages per game he'd have An extra 124 points for a career total of 1,280 putting him 17th all-time and in great position to finish 5th all-time or potentially as high as 2nd. An extra 85 rebounds for a career total of 871 putting him 5th all-time and in great position to finish to finish 2nd all-time An extra 20 steals for a career total of 202 putting him already 1st all-time An extra 35 assists for a career total of 358 putting him 7th all-time and in position to finish 1st all-time (until Yuri passes him) He'll should finish with a ridiculously impressive resume regardless, but man, I wish he had those extra 10 or more games.
  14. I love love love the way Yuri pushes the ball up the floor, looks for an advantage and pulls back if there isn't one. Early in the season, he was prone to making a mistake / forcing something, but down the stretch he was great at exploiting the D being late getting back or stopping if there wasn't anything there. However, on the defensive end, I actually thought we did better when we slowed things down and stopped trying to force steals / jump passing lanes all the time. We were just forcing tough shots, grabbing rebounds, and then pushing off of those if the opportunity was there. That is the kind of defense that the Majerus teams played and I feel like it can be totally demoralizing for an offense. Of course, match ups will dictate everything. We'll see the 1-3-1 against some teams and that will force more steals. Generally IMO our best bet will be fast / controlled on offense and grinding / tough on D.
  15. He also has Richmond beating UVA in the 1st round. This bracket would have resulted in 8 or 9 NCAA credits for the A10 (I'm not sure if Dayton gets an extra credit for winning the thing or it is just credits for games played). Sigh.
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