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  1. FIFA rankings are in parentheses below. Obviously these rankings are flawed, but it seems clear to me Spain's path is easier. Up for debate if they purposefully engineered it or not. Avoiding Brazil in the quarters is a pretty big boost to their ability to make a deeper run. Japan's(24) most likely path is now Croatia(12), Brazil(1), Argentina(3), then France(4) or England(5) in the final. Spain(7) has Morocco(22), Portugal(9), England(4) or France(5), and then Brazil(1) or Argentina(3) in the final. Germany(11, but under ranked IMO) being eliminated is pretty big as well because they were a title contender that Spain now doesn't have to worry about.
  2. College basketball writer tweeting about the World Cup that fits right into the discussion here. I'm not super knowledgeable about soccer, but the theory here looks sound:
  3. Yuri is up to 11.6 assists per game this year which would be good for 3rd all-time for a single-season.
  4. It'll be really interesting to see what happens with Goodwin's playing time when Delon Wright comes back from injury in a few weeks. In my biased opinion, he's played well enough that he should continue getting regular minutes even ahead of Wright, Monte Morris and Will Barton. However, the Wizards may not want to sign Goodwin to a regular contract until they have to (last day of regular season to be playoff eligible & that's assuming the Wizards make the playoffs). Therefore, they may use Wright's return to give Goodwin more off days (or a stint in the G-League) so they don't exceed the 50 games he is able to play on his 2 way contract. He's already at 14 games (out of 21 team games). He's played in 12 of the last 13 with the only one missed due to injury.
  5. You are giving Mizzou too much credit here with their schedule. KenPom has their current non-conference SOS as 361st in the nation. That's 3rd from the bottom as KenPom lists 363 teams.
  6. You’re seeing something I’m not with Parker & assists. He only has 2 assists all year. 1 came in the game last night. There was one play in particular where Forrester was wide open under the basket and Parker didn’t see him. Even on the coast to coast slam, he had Jimerson open in the corner & called his own number instead. He’s a scorer first & has shown flashes of brilliance in scoring the ball. I like having a guy like that though. Microwave bench scorer. There was a play toward the end of the game where Parker passed to Cisse and started to cut, motioned to Hughes & Thames as though they weren’t doing the right thing of offense so he got the ball back from Cisse himself & just nailed a decent look from 3 with the shot clock ticking down. That’s what I like from Parker. He was the ability to make something from nothing (for himself) on offense if things don’t go right.
  7. Attendance was announced at 5,343. It felt like more than that in the arena, right? Definitely wasn’t packed, but seemed more than 1/2 full.
  8. He used to bury seemingly every one of those jumpers from the elbow off a curl. Hasn't hit them with the same regularity yet this year. Note that Perkins also started slow / inefficient his first season with SLU. Different circumstances, but it shows that he can / has adapted & gotten better during the season before. I'm not really worried about Perk, but it stinks that the biggest games on our non-con schedule are sort of front loaded. On the flip side, our A-10 schedule is heavily back-loaded. Need to get / keep everything healthy & clicking by February.
  9. 38% would be the best 3 pt % of his career. 2019-20 - 35.1% 2020-21 - 37.6% 2022-23 so far - 38.5% career - 36.5% As Zac said, he's been fine from 3. 2 pointers are an issue (at least compared to his past level of greatness): 2019-20 - 48.9% 2020-21 - 51.4% 2022-23 so far - 41.4% career - 49.4% So far he doesn't have the same burst / verticality post injury to get past defenders / finish over them. That'll get better as he gets healthier & also adjusts his game. Of note, he's been taking more 3s than ever and less 2s than ever already this year.
  10. I need 1 ticket for tomorrow's showdown with Paul Quinn if anyone as an extra. Thanks!
  11. Here is the link for tickets if anyone is interested in making the 4 hr drive to Bloomington: https://iuhoosiers.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventList?groupCode=MSNCAA&linkID=indiana&shopperContext=&caller=&appCode=
  12. It pains me that Relph is a trainer in the Dallas area now & has connections to several guys we've recruited. Therefore, he pops up on my twitter feed every now & then. I have to restrain myself from replying with obscenities directed at him. Future recruiting > past hate.
  13. I guess Collins is at best 6th on the list of all time best SLU PGs then behind not only Goodwin, but also David Burns, DC Wilcutt, Barry Orms, and Larry Hughes who was listed as a PG sporadically during his NBA career. Can't wait until a several years after Collins SLU career is over to see whether or not he makes the NBA so we can finally determine how good is SLU career was.
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