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  1. I think Linnsen still has 2 years left.
  2. I hate to say that’s what they will do next year, but I imagine they will play with match ups as much as possible to protect against mid major upsets.
  3. When I was at Purdue, the OSU fans were the worst. You’d have 30 year old men trying to pick fights and chanting at random groups of people. OSU was the only school that caused a few establishments to ban anyone in OSU gear on game days.
  4. Well I think the face shield is to direct the virus to his sideburns where it is safely trapped protecting Pastner and those around him. TBH using masks at this level of competition is more optics than anything.
  5. BTW.....what ever happened to HIPAA...it sorta seems odd to me how such specific names come out. It is also to hide them given the HUGE amount of gambling that goes on around this tournament. Glad it is not my problem to manage those things.
  6. I remember a story (I will just have the gist of it) that athletes cannot start to have the meals paid for by the school until semester beginning or practice start or whatever specific event. Glaze could not feed himself because he lacked the means and they found a way to get him like a jar of peanut butter and a couple loaves of bread to just get him through. While things can change and people can change and his current lifestyle is a bit extreme, Grandy always seemed well liked, friendly, hard-working, etc. I wished him the best when he left SLU and would have also been happy to see h
  7. I struggle to wrap my head around the fact that Jimerson is headed into Freshman Year #3. Thatch is headed into his Sophomore Year #3 next year. An interesting question that I have not seen asked (and I do not want to disrupt the thread) is to try and figure out how long Thatch plays for....I hope 3 more years.
  8. Four years of eligibility...right?
  9. We weren’t even in if Creighton and Colorado won.
  10. Cuse is in. That’s it. Sucks.
  11. Utah State as an 11. Not trending well...
  12. I am offended by the Billiken because it isn’t this. We should implement the change immediately.
  13. It is paid for many times over. It’s just a question if the expense is a basketball expense or general university expense. The numbers are a good indication of what is spent, I just wanted to note the numbers have some flexibility in them.
  14. There is general gamesmanship in all the numbers. Does stadium cost go to the team or athletic department or another part of the school? What about cost of Chris May’s salary? When a school booster travels with the team on their jet, is that an overall school expense or basketball team expense, etc, etc,, etc.
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