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  1. Not a soccer guy.....but this is an entertaining match! GOAL!!!!
  2. I will also go with Murray State. A 1-2 Murray makes their 1-win just look like a fluke and makes it more easily dismissed. I want to get ranked. We aren't playing UMass anytime soon. I root for Murray State for the early benefit of getting ranked with the Murray State victory helping get us there.
  3. I was about to note how happy I am that we can hit our free throws reliably.
  4. You can choose to redshirt. This is NOT a medical redshirt which is something different. Both “preserve” a year of eligibility, but have different rules.
  5. Got 1 ticket from the free deal listed above. No longer need a ticket.
  6. Just need 1 ticket for a 4-year old that will just squeeze in with us in our seats. So I just need to get him in the arena.
  7. Life is a terminal illness. While we do not know when we will die, we do know for sure that when we woke up this morning that we were one day closer to our ultimate demise.
  8. Elliot Welmer. I checked though and he was only 4 years. I did like him. It’s a shame he just wasn’t going to get healthy enough.
  9. I can’t believe the guy with foot problems. Stretch 4. Good shooter. Did he get 5 years in? I count Thatch as 5. Not always playing, but always part of the team.
  10. Especially when you combine them a la Southpark The Movie
  11. I remember Loe's abilty to make space in the lane for the Jett's and the Evans's of the world. I think he made them better players. I'd love to see what he could do for the Yuri's of the world. Now, maybe I am giving too much credit to Loe and not enough to RickMa's schemes. I still think Loe understood on his own how to make space for others in the lane.
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