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  1. I dunno. Kwamain had the 1A most fun 3-pointer made versus Dayton as time expired. Conklin definitely had 1B (and he shot 50% from three that year).
  2. I’ll play… UMass, Rhode Island, and St Bonaventure are the most likely candidates. St B made tournament last year, but lost everyone. I’ll say they don’t make it. Richmond needed AQ to go to NCAA, but that still means 2 tournament A10 teams are not on this list. I’ll pick UMass with Frank Martin due to Fernandes returning on two good front court transfers from BC and Louisville. I wouldn’t be surprised if Archie Miller and Rhode Island are the mystery 7th team though.
  3. So I know it’s a bit ridiculous to say, but it is technically accurate when speaking of NILs. International pros are being paid direct for playing basketball (costing amateur status). NCAA players getting NILs are not being paid to play basketball...they are being paid for their personal name, image, and likeness instead of their performance on the court. I know the distinction is pretty silly and clearly an oftentimes dishonest distinction. For now though, that is the company line on what is happening.
  4. I know Nebraska isn’t an academic powerhouse (even though the N on the football helmets stands for Nowledge), but I don’t see at all how Mizzou academics fit the profile. Nebraska got a pass based on football pedigree and it didn’t work out at all. Big10 also has some large amounts of research money for all its members. Washington, UNC, Duke, UCLA, and USC all further strengthen the academic profile. Not sure on Oregon and Mizzou doesn’t trash the academic profile, but it’s a slight drag on the average rankings for sure.
  5. Of course the worst team always has a tougher schedule in part because as the worst team they will never play against the worst team. But St Joe does have a tougher schedule than other weak teams.
  6. The video will only load if you are pure of heart. It is a new validation the ADept added.
  7. Where would Boaty McBoatface fit on your list? https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/22/world/europe/boaty-mcboatface-what-you-get-when-you-let-the-internet-decide.html
  8. The ultra wealthy donors will most likely find a simple way to make NIL stuff a business expense on their tax forms....I would assume.
  9. Agree on Wiley. It was a great gamble. If healthy, he could be dominant. If not fully healthy, he could still bea role player like he was. He still filled a need for the team as a rotation guy with limited minutes. Incidentally, I also think Anthony was far from a bust. He gave us a solid big for practice. He was a great third big from the bench in times we needed a stopgap for a few minutes. He was a great teammate. If we pick up one more solid big to back-up (or start ahead of) Okoro, I would not mind an Anthony 2.0 at all. Everyone has a role and when people are comfortable in the role it can make a big difference.
  10. I don’t think the stands are easily removable for it. Could be wrong. At a glance it looks like removal of the stands and then replacing them would take days and not hours. so to make it suitable for ice hockey would require a sizeable investment in replacing the type of stands around the court. I can verify it’s suitable for Disney on Ice.
  11. Oh Bess...he went to MSU not Michigan.
  12. I loved when Willy would go for the pump fake and still land and get back up for the dunk. He was unrefined for sure. I just personally really enjoyed watching him and was excited to see what his still developing potential would be. I loved Willy celebrating with students. I actually only saw him play maybe 3 or 4 times after his freshman year. Mostly in that summer tournament as other times he barely had PT.
  13. I will say that the second best athlete, ball player, whatever you want to call it since Larry is also the second most entertaining player since Larry....Willie Reed. Entertaining dunks and blocks....even his smile and energy was entertaining.....heck he was entertaining when shooting free throws (albeit at a poor make rate). No doubt in my mind....Willie Reed was the #2 most talented Billiken since Larry the Legend. Granted his off court decisions cost him at SLU. It cost him a contract he really, really, really should have accepted (choosing his agent is part of his decision making). It ultimately cost him his NBA career. Still...for that one year at SLU before things got sidetracked....Willie was the most entertaining, enjoyable, engaging, and talented player I had seen at SLU since Larry.
  14. If the NBA was on channel five and a bunch of frogs making love were on channel four, I’d watch the frogs, even if they were coming in fuzzy -Bob Knight
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