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  1. Both players were diving towards the ball coming from different angles. It was not a head on collision and nobody jumped on top of anyone either. The players were coming more from like a 90-100 degree angle and both happened to arrive at the same place at the same time. I don’t even think they saw one another as both were focused on the ball. Just a freak play.
  2. Sucks when it happens. Sucked for Cody Ellis and sucks for Francis. I hope he returns this year.
  3. This is the crux of the issue. If the opponent is playing defense and extending out, then it is fine to also keep playing hard. If the opponent has pulled back and is conceding the game, then it is bad form to take advantage of that to score easy points. The losing team dictates when it is time to stop playing (of course I think it is fine to wait until under 5 seconds and then shoot a layup or long 3 rather than take the shot clock violation).
  4. If only the shot had gone in...or hit the rim...or hit anything. He may then have had the confidence to become one of the Billiken all time greats.
  5. Order of Operations says do the math inside the parenthesis and then work left to right.
  6. I would love to have Osunniyi on our team.
  7. He is going to be a star. He led his team through the State tournament and to East St. Louis’s first ever State Title. We are lucky to have him and he is putting in the work he needs to.
  8. Great list. Add Marquette even though they are over 4 hours away.
  9. I don’t want to bad post this since it is great info. I just don’t agree with playing the Bears. I will default to RickMa’s judgment and say never again. If we can’t trust their word in scheduling, then we don’t need to schedule them.
  10. I think this is good news...I am being an optimist and thinking it shows how well the freshman are doing. Bell being a day #1 starter is extremely impressive (if it happens).
  11. I just hope Kroenke gets syphilis and dies, but some NFL money from a settlement would be nice too.
  12. I would also think that Weaver can definitely guard the 2. He is very fast and very experienced. I do not share your concern on guarding the 2 unless it’s Ron Baker or another tall guard. Collins is a freshman, so by definition I am worried about his defense and assume it needs improvement. I was the same with Thatch until he could display his ability to play D1 defense during games (I just don’t want people to think I’m throwing rocks at the Yuri train).
  13. I think Perkins is probably in the top 4. Weaver and company will slot somewhere behind him.
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