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  1. If talking plus-minus, I do want to always point out that it can be skewed by the end of the game. If we keep French in for defense and pull him for offense (for foul shooting reasons), then (depending on the game and what happens) he may be on the floor while we give up several points and then promptly pulled before we score any points on Free Throws (so he wouldn't get credit). At some point there will be a close game where this strategy will cause French to be a -8 or higher in the final few minutes (even if the Billikens increase their lead over those final minutes).
  2. SLU_Lax

    GDT vs Buttler

    Ha. You’re right. I humbly accept defeat. Stupid arithmetic.
  3. SLU_Lax

    GDT vs Buttler

    928 more would have been 10,600
  4. SLU_Lax


    They said French held him or yanked him, so somehow that is a point of emphasis. I do agree the Hall player’s elbow was inadvertent and not a flagrant. It’s ludicrous to call the flagrant on French though.
  5. SLU_Lax


    Old Guy?
  6. SLU_Lax


    No question he had two. Both on baseline (one of those to end first half and maybe buzzer already sounded?)
  7. SLU_Lax


    We got this.
  8. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    Agree Pink is real (although he is going a bit over the top to prove it). Now to make him mad... https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/benfred-evansville-should-reconsider-its-petty-stance-do-the-right/article_4e5cab79-6568-5a48-8b3f-43515dc840e0.html It appears Poach Martin is reaping what he sows as Evansville is making it tough for them to get Dru eligible for this season.
  9. SLU_Lax

    GDT #Hawktober

    I love his defense so much. A couple times he was matched with a guard at the top of the key who thought the could blow by him for a lay up. French has such good footwork to stay with them and then block/alter their layup attempt. He did the same thing to quick guards last year. I just love watching it. He also has great hands on the perimeter to occasionally knock the ball out of guards hands.
  10. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    I wanted to bad post this because of the news, but I guess it’s wrong to shoot the messenger. I am glad the kid can play, but WTF is NCAA doing
  11. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    I am probably running down the bunny trail a bit on this, but do want to note that if anyone dives too deeply into the numbers that it is not a linear equation on determining the expected record. Kshoe is right in his assessment, but I just wanted to take it to the next nerd level. I believe there is a 35% chance of winning all ten games in the above scenario and a 39% chance to win 9 games (if I remember permutations and probability correctly), so the most likely outcome is 1 loss (but not by much). I show my math below. NERD ALERT: The chance of winning all the games is 90% x 90% x 90%....(and so on 10 times for 10 wins). The chance of winning 9 of ten games is 10% [the chance of the loss] x 90% x 90% x 90% (9 times for 9 wins) then multiply that by 10 (for the number of permutations for WHEN the loss occurs (1st game....2nd game.....10th game). All I am trying to say is that being a 90% favorite does not equal .1 losses. Although you are pretty far down the rabbit hole if you start trying to reverse engineer the predictions and the percentages and begin checking their calculations and math. I will say that I think most of these services/projections are reasonably accurate and reasonably free from improper bias (incl. improper conference bias) and if you accept their probability of a win, the resulting projected record is a reasonably accurate portrayal of what is MOST likely to happen.
  12. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    The assumption is you will lose some games you are favored in. So we may be favored by 2 points which would equate a 60% chance to win (don’t remember the exact breakdowns). The projection would assume if we had 5 games like that we would be 3-2 or 4-1 (again I forget the exact correlation). hopefully what I said made sense even if the numbers were not exact to how this model works.
  13. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    I am assuming surgery would be needed if the break caused one of the air passages in his nose to collapse (completely or partially)?
  14. SLU_Lax

    Recruiting - 2019

    I would very happily take Rashed Anthony 2.0 as a 4th or 5th big. He was good for practice and while not a star, he was credible while on the court. He also only takes up a scholarship for 1 year so our hands are not tied when it comes to future opportunities. I would want to do better to fill the first 3 big spots, but would ALWAYS gladly take Rashed for the 4th or 5th spot. (Of course this is just my personal feelings and an opinion of mine...it is not meant to indicate that I think there is a right or wrong answer)