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  1. Donnie Dobbs had the superpower of being incredibly sweaty. That superpower certainly made it harder to box him out.
  2. Ezewiro also has only left due to coaching changes (or at least that is the timing as I don’t know all his reasoning). The WVU kid also just left this time during a coaching change, but the previous wasn’t. The LSU change was especially messy. Who knows what the NCAA is or is not thinking though. Plenty of things the NCAA could highlight as special circumstances if they felt like it due to the mess that LSU was due to infractions getting Will Wade ultimately canned.
  3. How have I not seen this video? I know the song and remember it well. This is amazing.
  4. Of course the most likely scenario is that Stanford, Cal, Oregon State, and Washington State are just gonna be left out to dry. This is about money and driving revenue streams. Those four schools would need to convince a conference that they make more money with them than without them. It'll be a tough sell regardless of the size of the cities or numbers of alumni. SLU has a lot of alumni in St. Louis, but only a small portion are loyal, steady SLU sports fans. Stanford's best shot was the Big10 would want them for academic/research reasons (Big10 makes a lot of money doing government research). The Big10 ship has almost certainly sailed (although never say never). The Pac-12 was stripped for parts because they couldn't make enough money as a group. Oregon and Washington are joining as lesser paid Big10 members. The remaining members are in a pretty terrible spot athletically. Stanford will be fine financially overall and of course has the more traditional view of student-athletes that I prefer. I like the tree and will root for them, but they are in a bad spot athletically. The other three are even worse off. It sucks....but this is college sports now.
  5. I really think the question is health. All players have that question to a degree. He isn’t a huge health question mark (like how he will recover from a surgery). So he is a good pick up that makes us better if he stays healthy enough to be productive. Now we will see how he can hold up if asked to play more minutes and how he does avoiding nagging type injuries.
  6. Michigan lost credit to claim a W. Kentucky does not get a win though. Sometimes the game flips to a No Contest, but most often the losing team still keeps the L. Vacating their victories means only that. They lose credit for the W, but nothing else changes.
  7. Let’s move on. This argument is stale. I don’t enjoy reading about putting people into extreme categories and then arguing if they belong there or not. It’s not adding anything at this point.
  8. The P&L numbers can be highly massaged. The school can more or less decide if they want to show a profit or a loss. SLU could put almost all the arena expenses on basketball, or none of it. It could put tutoring expenses on basketball, or none of it. It could recognize various revenue even from ticket sales to basketball/athletics or to the school. There are a number of legal ways to decide how you want the P&L to look, so I would not think too much of it. You will easily note that a number of schools are showing (to the dollar) the exact same expenses and revenue.
  9. I love that grown men when having a dispute will use the large inflatable rat. I haven't seen it in a while, so maybe I would come out just to see the rat.
  10. Ha! I didn’t mean it as a critique. I was more wondering how good that team would or wouldn’t be.
  11. A team of 12 Josh Fisher's might be an NCAA team.
  12. I have 4 in 108....and 3 sick kids. PM me if interested in either.
  13. Oooof. That’s probably the ugliest look I’ve ever seen for the NET and it already was ugly.
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