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  1. I think it sounds legit. 300+ D1 teams. Lots of money and almost certainly tax fraud. Thousands of people involved over the years and all kept relatively quiet. Sounds reasonable to me because if there is one thing I know for sure...getting thousands of people involved and getting teens involved in secret keeping is by far the best way to ensure the secret is kept (especially when the secret getting out would most likely lead to jail time for some).
  2. Marquette at #88 Creighton at #112 Mizzou at #124 Dayton at #133 Maryville at #196 SIU-Carbondale at #258 Memphis at #258 UMSL at #258 UMKC at #272
  3. I really hope Slam Dunkley googles his name and finds this thread.
  4. I believe you. That is ridiculous and just amazingly stupid.
  5. I did not pull numbers and do not care much to (delays in collections make it hard to rely on data and to get it). That said....I can confidently say that overall mortality should be down. Until you are closing in on Social Security eligibility, the thing that is most likely to kill you is your car. If people are driving less....they are dying less in car accidents. I do not think Do-It-Yourselfers deciding to use a chainsaw for the first time or other in home accidents are spiking enough to fill the car accident gap. Who knows....I may be wrong. There has to be an actuary on this board that knows more than me and would have an interesting take. In short, so many things have changed that it is very hard to mathematically isolate the fluctuations in mortality. Also....wear your seatbelt.
  6. The missing piece is that it does NOT have to be equal. Equal is an aspirational goal. It just cannot get worse, but if football already existed and tilted things towards the men, you just have to maintain or lessen that tilt. There is no rule that it must be even to be in compliance. It gets a bit abstract and is a wonderful ruling that has done wonderful things. That said, in a more perfect world it would be updated to recognize progress already made and the changing landscape of college athletics (but good luck to anyone going into those political waters).
  7. Out of reactions...but this sums it up perfectly. And of course it is still a data point that is available for those who wish to include it. It will make SLU more competitive...not less. It will emphasize performance more than aptitude and the availability of test tutors.
  8. This is a really good point and a big concern. It is up to SLU to recognize schools that do this or that are sending kids that are not prepared and to adjust accordingly. It also means it is more important to find other factors than only GPA to get well-rounded students who will achieve at high levels. SLU is lessening the weight on one factor used to evaluate students and they will need to have a plan to ensure the new method is more effective. Now I want to emphasize that ACT/SAT really is not as strong an indicator of success as the whole business operation built around it would want you to believe. My 1-person example is a friend in college that was a high achiever at Purdue. He could not get into U of I (despite living in Champaign) because of his test scores. He did so well his freshman year, he got accepted to U of I on a full-ride after his freshman year. He graduated in ChemE from Illinois and got paid a high yearly stipend plus free room and board to do his grad school at Stanford. The ACT/SAT was a terrible predictor of his success.
  9. I think it is closer to the opposite. It puts more weight on your actual performance (i.e. grades in high school). People who test well and f off in high school can often find schools that will take them based on ACT/SAT scores. Instead this says that for whatever reason if someone does not test well, but has shown good grades, good extracurriculars, and otherwise shows to be a good student that they can now more easily be accepted to SLU. ACT/SAT certainly is not a perfect predictor of collegiate academic performance and post-graduate success. Its predictive ability is lessened further when you isolate the variance due to socioeconomic factors.
  10. A really impressive list.....now to be "that guy" that nitpicks and adds subjective opinions.... 2019 French > 2019 Isabell
  11. Mo Jeffers dunking over that guy on the breakaway was awesome (if that’s the dunk you are talking about).
  12. I really like Diarra and thought he’d be a contributor as his health and strength returned. I hope he goes on to put together a great career at his next stop. I will be rooting for him.
  13. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I just brought up the oil because I did not even know that a negative price per barrel was even possible before today (oil trading isn't really my thing). I hope my statement did not come off as blaming or negative....just more a statement of shock. I just also noted that we have been net exporters since before Trump so that I was not getting flack from the other side either. I will make one statement that may come back to look terrible (especially as I am no fan of regulations). It does appear that despite everything happening that banks are doing MUCH, MUCH better now than in 2008-2009. The regulation that neutered their ability to get some higher margins, also seems to have left them less exposed. I wonder if the aftermath of this will lead to corporations being neutered in their ability to buy back their own stocks.
  14. Oil is so low that it went into negative territory. We have been a net oil importer for many years now, but I do not know if oil at negative $35.00 a barrel will increase or decrease our exports.
  15. This is the news I love to hear. I think we can all can agree that Stan Kroenke sucks. He has a lot of his wealth tied up in sports teams and those teams are not doing so well these days. His stadium is billions of dollars over budget and ticket sales are going slowly and the Chargers were not selling many PSLs before the virus shut things down. On Paper there is no doubt that Kroenke is worth billions and billions....I do wonder if his liquid assets are starting to take a hit. It is probably just wishful thinking. Either way.....I hope Kroenke gets syphilis.
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