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  1. I am not aware of any specific agreements. I just see the Busch Student Center and AB Auditorium and AB Institute (or whatever that medical building is officially named) and it seems SLU has potentially along the way promised that AB is their beer of choice. Again...I have zero knowledge of anything specific (I just couldn't see any other obvious reasons that Urban Chestnut would partner with SIUE over SLU).
  2. I would assume that since we are in bed with AB (I assume they have a number of different partnership and sponsorship agreements still) that precludes us from also partnering with Urban Chestnut.
  3. I wonder what Conference USA gains. This just gives them a team and numbers help, but it doesn’t seem to bring any other benefits in recruiting, travel, SOS, TV revenue, or anything else.
  4. I do not think he speculated on what they would do. He was just saying that the new president will have a say in his AD and that is an important position, so I am sure it will be reviewed I thought it was a straight-forward and concise statement (especially by OG standards). He did not speculate that the new President would remove the AD. He only speculated that it is reasonable to conclude now that we have a new coach and no hint of a change at AD that things are in a holding pattern for the new President to evaluate.
  5. Or I was wondering if it was he backs up the 5 and gets another 15ish minutes at the 4. It means he is an important role player and depth piece, but not featured. I don’t know at all. I will say I really wanted him and think he would’ve made us a better team.
  6. Thank you. That’s what I failed to state clearly on us passing. Of course we would take Turnbull, but I understand him wanting some assurances or indications he will get lots of playtime.
  7. Any hints if Schertz passed on Turnbull (or didn’t prioritize super high) or if he passed on us. I thought he woulda been a good fit. Maybe this means the incoming freshman big will play a bit.
  8. Right now, the hope is that Thames can become the next Conwell. He certainly has the tools, but we will see if Schertz can unlock his potential. Of course, the dream is we find another Conwell in the portal.
  9. Boaty McBoatface https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2016/apr/17/boaty-mcboatface-wins-poll-to-name-polar-research-vessel
  10. More than any other person (coach or otherwise), Grawer saved our program. He also had a great basketball camp for kids.
  11. Unless of course you manage to make it a business expense. So if a bank makes a contribution and it is wrapped into their overall advertising strategy or builds their corporate goodwill, they can make it deductible. Of course, the details matter and they still may get some scrutiny or second guessing by the IRS.
  12. He wants to change it to Stone Cold Shane Ford
  13. Ooooof....I guess I should limit my multitasking. Cromwell would be great. Conwell would be better.
  14. Crowmwell is hopefully in play. He will be a tough get, but I would really like to get him as well. Who knows...maybe Turnbull will fill that 4 slot really well and give us some extra height and ability to get blocks defensively.
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