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  1. I don't think your family is doing Thanksgiving right. But I now have visions of a pre-dinner mushroom hunt. Is it before or after the airing of grievances and feats of strength?
  2. I just made sure to always buy a beer and have it in my hand. It seemed to be a good way to comply, but 05 is right....I would still get an infrequent reminder to pull my mask up essentially between sips from an usher.
  3. RickMa loved many of his players. He would just beam with pride as he would talk about Paul. I don’t remember, did Paul ever get a scholarship? Either way, one of the great Billiken student athletes that makes being a SLU fan so much fun.
  4. I simply do not see any path for Okoro to get a fifth year. The NCAA "COVID year" essentially says that the 2020 season does NOT count as a year of eligibility used (i.e. it is a free year). There is no mechanism to try and get that free year applied to any other season or situation. It was done solely to get players to play in 2020. I still remember the empty feeling of the 2019 season ending with the Billikens playing great and set to take out Dayton and go to the NCAA tournament.....then poof....season ended due to COVID. The 2020 season began with A LOT of uncertainty. One of the only sources of optimism was NCAA football had gone reasonably okay. NCAA tournaments were set to be cancelled (heck...we say Indiana State just bail game day on the Bills, then the Bills bailed on Richmond (boarding a plane and just leaving....understandably) on game day, the players were all but locked in their rooms in isolation for weeks.....AND despite ALL of those things listed that overall the 2020 season went as well as could have been expected from a scheduling standpoint....I am still sad we did not return to playing form post team quarantine). Either way....the 2020 season being a "free" season in which players did not burn eligibility was a one time event and certainly not transferable to other season (regardless of why you did not get to use your "free" year). The NCAA recognized the risk of teams going over scholarship limits and extended your scholarships ONLY for the player playing his fifth year for the same team he played for in 2020. The NCAA is not looking to expand the 2020 "free year" program in any manner. In fact, I would not be shocked if the NCAA counted a year played at a JuCo in 2020 as a year of eligibility used.
  5. This is exactly right. The reason it was done was to encourage players to play last year. The NCAA was worried all the uncertainty going into the season was going to lead to players choosing to opt out. This reduced the risk of players opting out because they didn’t want to burn a year on what could have been (and often was) a very disrupted year with many game (and our Orlando Tournament) not played. If players opted out, it was then a health decision and not based on fear of not getting a full season of play completed.
  6. This is exactly my understanding. The "COVID Year" was essentially motivated to make sure players played. The amount of uncertainty going into the season could have led players to decide...."I am not playing this year. I will take the year off and heal or do whatever, but I do NOT want to play a 6 games and then have COVID cancel our teams season, or the A-10's season, or the entire NCAA's season and now I just burned a whole year of eligibility for 6 games". To remove that risk and that uncertainty, the COVID waiver was granted to help ensure that players played the season last year and did not opt out.
  7. Just ludicrous. But then again....at this point I’d rather not play them.
  8. Hey....Fred is only a Sophomore.
  9. Damn. I think he did a good job judging by the on court results.
  10. I am sad to see Jimmy go. He showed his ability to achieve through his weight loss. I wish him the best and think he will have success.
  11. He had a rough 4 years to be a Billiken. He always kept competing and he kept producing. I am sure he was frustrated that the team overall was not what he thought it would be (i.e. he joined a top 25 team that fell to the bottom of the A10 when he arrived). He never let that frustration that I assume was present become a distraction or bring his commitment to the team in question. I hold Roby in as high regard as Lisch, Goodwin, Highmark, or any other Billiken. I am excited he is back.
  12. I think Linnsen still has 2 years left.
  13. I hate to say that’s what they will do next year, but I imagine they will play with match ups as much as possible to protect against mid major upsets.
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