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  1. SLU_Lax

    GDT: Arch Baron Cup 2k19

    Are you telling me that they aren’t sending one lucky applicant to space camp each year?
  2. SLU_Lax

    Off topic: Screw Stan Kroenke

    Never thought I’d enjoy watching the Patriots beating the Rams so much. Although what a terrible game.......woof!
  3. SLU_Lax

    Recruiting - 2019

    I will still very gladly take another Anthony.....Great team guy.....Great practice guy.....Great emergency depth. I would take whatever version of him exists as the off-ball guard too. It could be a backup guard from another P5 school or a solid, but unspectacular starter from a weaker team.
  4. SLU_Lax

    Off topic: Screw Stan Kroenke

    I am just glad at least SpyGate will become a news story again which is certainly what the NFL does not want. Screw those guys
  5. Jimbo is good at dealing with Nigerian princes. That thread is by far the best non basketball thread on this board.
  6. Wait until he sees Stanford’s mascot.
  7. SLU_Lax

    GDT @ La Salle

    There was also a Willie Reed comparison in there.
  8. SLU_Lax

    GDT @ La Salle

    We got this. Just need to stop making stupid passes.
  9. I hope we don’t draw UMass in the early rounds of the A10 Tournament. They are a dangerous team when the are going well (albeit they are normally not going well).
  10. I’m a touch nervous. I hope we go on a run and get some breathing room.
  11. SLU_Lax

    Recruiting - 2019

    I would happily take another Anthony for next year. A good depth guy and good attitude. If needed, he has decent size and can give competent minutes.
  12. SLU_Lax

    A-10 League on TV 2019

    Think Phil would ever get the boot from St. Joe's? I have always wondered, but he seems to be untouchable for some reason (its been many years since his deep NCAA tournament run).
  13. SLU_Lax

    Post Dispatch

    I am still not ready to forgive MoState. I am not positive on the details of what happened, but RickMa was upset and this is the only team he ever accused of dishonesty in scheduling. So I am not saying I am well-informed or that I am going to throw a fit if the game happens.... but I still have a strong preference to NOT schedule MoState. I take some satisfaction that MoState probably would really like this game back to play in Saint Louis in front of a lot of their alumni, students, and future students (and recruits).
  14. SLU_Lax

    2018-19 season

    More importantly he has a long life ahead of him. I hope he hasn’t already damaged that quality of life and already I assume he will eventually have arthritis or other foot complications in his future. Another bad injury could make it worse and could leave him permanently hobbled. His body has been through a lot and I hope he lets it rest without the strains of D1 basketball.
  15. It is being used by him this entire year. It doesn’t matter if he is currently enrolled or not. He was on scholarship for the first day of classes for the first semester, so that scholarship is unavailable for the entire year.