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  1. I just hope Kroenke gets syphilis and dies, but some NFL money from a settlement would be nice too.
  2. I would also think that Weaver can definitely guard the 2. He is very fast and very experienced. I do not share your concern on guarding the 2 unless it’s Ron Baker or another tall guard. Collins is a freshman, so by definition I am worried about his defense and assume it needs improvement. I was the same with Thatch until he could display his ability to play D1 defense during games (I just don’t want people to think I’m throwing rocks at the Yuri train).
  3. I think Perkins is probably in the top 4. Weaver and company will slot somewhere behind him.
  4. I like him just fine. He is not here often and while a bit off center, he seems harmless.
  5. I do vaguely remember this I think. Is this while we were still at the Enterprise Center?
  6. I’m just barely too young to remember since I went to games with my parents tickets. What was the deal/details?
  7. https://cbbtoday.com/now/depaul-blue-demons-coach-dave-leitao-suspended-program-on-probation/
  8. A contributing factor to S2 was also race as much as gender.
  9. I heard it was Richard Benigna.
  10. I wonder if this would be with a walk-on which I would be great with. I’d also be great with holding it for a mid season transfer (although I know we are looking to have 2020 scholarships available too).
  11. Are you saying that Frank (like many of us) sometimes lets his fandom interfere cause him to sometimes be overly optimistic that something is going to happen
  12. It is a pretty fair write up (I only had a couple complaints). It did remind me that I personally had somehow forgotten how turnover prone we we’re and that while we’ve talked about our hopes for improved shooting that the other key may be reducing turnovers.
  13. Stumbled into this and thought I would share...not the greatest....but I gave it a glance. https://www.ksdk.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-basketball/the-billiken-logo-through-the-years/63-2358e160-05de-4d5a-ba92-e0b837fdb0b9
  14. I stared at these pictures for quite some time. I never once noticed a duck in any of the pictures.
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