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  1. Boooo. Thursday hooky from work was the best. Kids are at school. It’s just the best. I don’t like it one bit.
  2. I did not mean my comment to be anti-conservative or pro-liberal. I understand completely that it can be read that way though. I do apologize as I should not have made it and should have just read past it if it did not interest me.
  3. Cut it out. You keep pushing politics on the board and then racing to play the victim anytime someone pushes back. It is getting really, really old. I do not like when anyone brings up politics. I understand that politics and the real world often overlap making it unavoidable at times. But please, please, please stop. I am sorry if this post makes you feel persecuted. If it is any consolation, I am a Free Trade Globalist which means that I am really a man without a party these days.
  4. This is a good post, but I will say that I did think Brad was a good coach and was initially disappointed when he was let go (not knowing who his replacement will be). He was a good guy. He was a good game coach. He brought in good talent. I thought his biggest weakness (as has been mentioned many times) is he just did not bring in enough good talent for good depth. Ian and Lisch are still two of my favorite all-time Billikens. I enjoyed watching TL as well (he just did not rise to all time favorite). Luke Meyer was very easy to root for too. Drejaj was fun. I enjoyed his teams and en
  5. I think 56 years ago counts as a lifetime ago. Impressive call though.
  6. I coached for 6 years from 2004-2010 (if I remember the timeframe correctly) then had kids. I later came back and helped a bit. We share the same first name and I once sent you to join a DePaul huddle because I was annoyed the decided to huddle on our half of the field. You played midfield
  7. My experience was 10 or so years ago....but it was brutal. We would have been better off staying in a truck stop's men's room.
  8. No lie....I have stayed in that Knights Inn with the SLU Lacrosse team (we played Harding University). Opened up a pull out bed and there were bugs, faucet had vice grips instead of a handle, and a few other things. We checked out about 10 minutes after checking in and just drove to Memphis to stay in a hotel there. I am not sure what the normal standard of Knights Inns are, but I sure hope that was well below the standard.
  9. How often does a team’s high scorer only get 1/8th the team total of points. Weird box score.
  10. Crazy thing is the highest scorer for Murray State had only 22.
  11. To be fair, those posters were still advocating for him to get the 2nd or 3rd most minutes. They just wanted to see his scoring come as a first sub boost around the 17 minute mark. I had no opinion either way, but not surprisingly definitely think he looks great as a starter. Jacobs can come in and spell Yuri or JGood or Jimerson or even Perkins as fouls and gameplay warrant which now seems really great. Thatch is also still in the mix.
  12. If they want a return game next year, I hope we give it to them.
  13. 93% from the Charity Stripe today just awesome. 10 TOs is good too (not that some weren’t painful when they happened)
  14. Man could we have used French on D. HUGE team win
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