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  1. My three boys and I will be loud in section 201! Still working on that Saint Louis chant/spelling with the twins!
  2. Gosh that was fun. Let’s hope for similar dominance.
  3. There’s a good crowd for the championship game today. Bills are up 1-0. You can probably hear my kids doing ninja warrior on the espn+ broadcast.
  4. Good morning! Does anyone have the link to the downloadable schedules like they have made in years past? I loved that the official link updated if game times changed
  5. I’m a pharmacist by trade. I work as a clinical product manager for a medium sized managed care organization (competitor with centene)
  6. They throw up prayers and they bounce in every time! Hoping the Bonnie’s tire out the second half
  7. At least D has stepped up the intensity. Eventually we will draw contact and get some fouls on the center right?
  8. We gotta get out for that three ball D.
  9. I don’t think I heard it mentioned by the announcers yesterday, but we did beat the Bonnie’s by 11 one month ago today!
  10. Claiming second post for continuity. LETS GOOOOO!! my SLU roommate came to visit this weekend. Can’t leave any doubt about the loudest household in Ohio title.
  11. This week has been a slog. A couple Billiken wins would make it much better!
  12. My family is trying hard to take the crown for loudest Billiken house in Ohio.
  13. And most importantly—how do I get tickets to watch our boys win the a10 championship??
  14. With 10 minutes left or so, jgood was running point and had 6 assists already. I was hoping for his next triple double!
  15. Anyone else trying to watch Richmond vs Loyola and getting a blue “event about to start” screen?
  16. He’s my cousin! Family legend along with AJ Hawk. I didn’t get those genes...
  17. Woof we are looking shaken up out there. Let’s go bills!
  18. Disappointing first half. I hope we can break the record in the second.
  19. Can we get a game against Tennessee now? Would be nice for the A10 to take out the top 3 in the SEC.
  20. That was a fun one! Taking advantage of the opportunities we are given is so key this year. Perkins is
  21. Fun game to watch! Excited for the season. Wish I could have accessed the GDT
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