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  1. Extremely glad the Billikens extended Ford. Something really special is being built here.
  2. Not all recruits are huge hits. Unfortunate it didn’t work out, hopefully KC gets playing time at another school and we get a good recruit.
  3. It’s all just jokes. Sucks for them I was gonna cheer for them to go as far as they could for the A-10.
  4. Just when Dayton thought they got the last laugh on us.
  5. The X factor for me is if the refs will actually call fouls on toppin.
  6. SB nation also has us as next four out.
  7. Just to remind everyone we had a 4% chance of getting the 4 seed in mid February.
  8. Can’t get them all. Very happy with all the bubble teams losing today.
  9. Tickets on vivid seats are gone. Should be a good crowd, it’s Saturday, good weather, big game.
  10. The “bracketolgists” are criminal it could be because I’m biased, but on USA Today’s latest bracketology they have Clemson mentioned, they have a 81 net they have Tulsa mentioned a 75 net they have unc-Greensboro mentioned a 79, but our 53 isn’t even in discussion.
  11. Previously said in other threads our net ranking is up to 53 and the umass loss has moved to a q2 which helps. Now we have more reason to cheer for umass to beat Rhode Island.
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