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  1. Have we made any offers to a grad transfer yet.
  2. Just went over to their board to see what they thought of the hire, and they are having a meltdown with the hire.
  3. Little late but did anyone catch Ford on the radio yesterday at 10:50 am.
  4. I’m pretty sure it means the corners I could be wrong though.
  5. With last minute plane tickets And hotel rooms it’s pretty expensive.
  6. Couldn’t be more proud of this team, 4 games in 4 days essentially 6 deep beat Dayton Davidson St Bonaventure back to back to back one of the most proudest days in Billikens history.
  7. Give me Rhode Island, there gonna be more tired than us and we played them pretty well both times this season.
  8. It’s a long shot but does anyone know if you can stream the game while on a plane. I doubt it but if anyone has tried it please let me know thanks.
  9. Can Jacobs get a medical redshirt for this year? or has he played too much.
  10. Last years game I’m pretty sure was on a Saturday night against St Bonaventure, who was top in the league. This game was on a Wednesday against Duquesne no one really gets excited for them, but I agree our seniors deserved better.
  11. I remember last year we were battling for the 4th seed (we finished 6th due to that crazy tiebreaker) yet he still started the seniors.
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