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  1. Jett and Loe were out there in Spring 2010 and we didn't have room. Room was made. Scholarships are 1 year renewable. It's not pleasant but it's how the sausage is made. I guess compared to a guy doing onlyfans and showcasing his hole, it's not that dirty of a secret.
  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall next time he applies for a car loan or home mortgage. "So it appears you haven't collected a basketball related paycheck since the pandemic started, do you have any other sources of income?" Grandy: Yeah I've diversified into softcore gay porn. I'll have my accountant fax over my Onlyfans income summary.
  3. Well, Perkins did shoot 20% (11 of 55) from 3 in the first 16 D1 games last year and was 0 for 3 in that Dayton game when he went off for 25, so he was under 20% from 3 at the midpoint of the season before turning into a 52% 3 point shooter the rest of the way. Not sure if he was adjusting to the speed of D1 or if it was a mechanical issue or if he was had a nagging injury or whatever but it's a stunning transformation.
  4. Since Javonte Perkins coming out party vs Dayton last January - a span of 16 games or roughly half a season, Perkins is averaging 20.8 PPG .539 FG%, .515 3P%, .794 FT%, (1.848)
  5. That was some video game sheyat down the stretch. I mean, he show us he could do it last year, but this game was slipping away after Yuri picked up his 4th, we couldn't get stops as we badly missed French on the defensive end, but Perkins would not let us lose. Credit Jordan Goodwin for making big plays when we absolutely needed them while having a rough game overall. Great team win.
  6. Donated. Thanks for keeping it going through the years and dealing with the spikes/outages.
  7. RIP to a Billiken Legend. Condolences to his family.
  8. Guy Phillips jumped on the Spoonball bandwagon and has been tormenting us ever since with his unprofessional PA work and inflated sense of celebrity...with the exception of the occasional reprieve when he's got something more important to do (like annoy Mizzou and Illini fans at the Braggin Rights game). Give the gig to someone who will actually take it seriously and take pride in his work.
  9. Keith Carter wore 0 in 2012 before he peaced out.
  10. Goodwin has also taken 88 more shots than Jett did, and Jett still has 14 more made FGs. Efficiency matters. Remember when everyone used to lament Jett's poor FT shooting? Well his 61.2% > Goodwin's 56.6% I'm not trying to pick on Goodwin because he's really improved from where he was mid soph year, and he fits so well with this current group. He's a guy who does MANY MANY things well and contributes on both sides and works his ass off on both ends and his aggressiveness set the tone for the entire team...but he's not a dominant offensive player who you just keep feeding the ball
  11. Yeah, they were all bad asses who improved mightily as they progressed. Why would not remember them at the peak of their value? Meanwhile other guys (not going to name any names) peaked soph year and never lived up to their true potential. Naturally we're going to glorify the former over the latter.
  12. I feel like Melvin Robinson was made to switch to 54 from 50 his soph year because they realized after it was too late that 50 was supposed to be retired. Not sure if it was officially retired or if it was a Willie McGee 51 situation where Bud Smith gave up number 51 after a pair of starts for the Cardinals in 2001 and no Cardinals player has worn it since.
  13. The idea that Jordair Jett was a one season supernova is revisionist history. Jett made all 10 defensive team as a 7th man on the deepest roster in program history. He was the best defensive player on the best team we've seen. He was not asked to do much offensively but he was a key part of the NCAA run that had them closer to the Sweet 16 than at any other point in my lifetime before Draymond twisted the knife. As a Junior, Jett was 3rd team all conference and once again all defensive A10 on a team that swept the A10 regular season and conf tournament titles. The only Billikens team
  14. Claggett is more worthy than any other Billiken past or present of having his number retired. 3x 1st team All Conf, Honorable Mention All-American. 2nd all-time leading scorer. Jordair Jett is certainly more worthy than anyone on the current roster having won conf POY and Honorable Mention All-American. I think we should also remember that Melvin Robinson wore 50 in 1989-90 and Cody Ellis wore 24 from 2010-2013 after the numbers were supposed to be "retired". I don't know when Boushka's 24 was retired but Larry Simmons wore it in the late 90s. This might have been the period whe
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