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  1. re: Yuri I hope he lives up to the hype/potential. I've long believed that having a quality play maker the most valuable asset in basketball. Until he shows it against regular season D1 competition, he's a prospect. Period. re: Jacobs I expected more from him this year. If he wants to transfer, fine. If he wants to stay, fine. I'm of the opinion you can't have too much depth when it comes to ball handling guards.
  2. As someone who called out Jordan Goodwin at times, I will say he has raised his performance over the last 8 games The FT shooting obviously needs to improve, but those are respectable FG % from 2 and 3 and 9 bounds (4 offensive) per game is sick...they would absolutely not have made the dance without his contribution and most encouragingly he was making good decisions in transition and wasn't afraid to shoot from range (the 3 he made before the half on Sunday was huge) still, he needs to get better at scoring in the half court sets as we're losing our top 2 scorers, but I do concur he's trending up
  3. I just noticed that through Selection Sunday, Javon Bess leads all of D1 in minutes played...
  4. I'd be fine with him joining the club Sunday evening... Bess, Burns, Justin Love, and Donnie Dobbs are the only 2-year Billikens to get to 900. Roland Gray and Monroe Douglass were each over 900 points scored through their 2nd season. Kwamain had 899 through his soph year.
  5. No boozing either...and how about we lift the limit on reactions, Steve?
  6. Bonnies 13-0 run to close out the half 29-27 Rhode up 2
  7. We want to play the teams that don't go very deep on the bench. Bonnies had 3 guys play the entire 40 yesterday and another go 37. Davidson will be the tougher game, regardless.
  8. Over the last month (8 games) Isabell's averaging 22.5 PPG and shooting 53.5% from beyond the arc...after averaging 10.9 PPG on 24.2% from 3 during the first 24 games
  9. Au contraire... We're losing our top 2 scorers, so regardless of how things go the rest of the way, we need Goodwin to polish his offensive game for 2019-20. Even if Goodwin plays out of his mind for the next 2 weeks including the NCAA tournament, there's a 57 game sample where he's averaged 10.9 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 3.8 APG, on 38.4% FG, 24.2 3P%, 59.2 FT% - we need better than that next year.
  10. Jordan - J-O-R-D-A-N - same spelling as Michael Jordan - the greatest basketball player of all time. Disappointed - D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-E-D - as in we're all disappointed in a tied for 6th conference finish.
  11. He needs to be able to hit an open 3 if left alone, but I concur if he can consistently finish at the rim, a lot of the other flaws can be overlooked (see Jordair Jett)
  12. You could see Goodwin's potential in flashes. Next year we NEED him to be a guy who can consistently score. Beating a dead horse but... -Work on half court repertoire, post up game, mid range jumpers, his little running sky layup -FT% > 70% -3P% > 35% Hopefully he benefits from playing alongside a pure point guard and a true 3PT sharpshooter, but he needs to polish his offensive fundamentals if this team has any hope next year
  13. The announcer apparently thought they should go inside to Evans... Jett standing at near mid court until the shot clock hits 5 and proceeds to beat his man then weave through 2 additional help(less) defenders, in the process clinching the outright A10 title and staking his claim as Conference POY. Jett was so gangsta.
  14. Underrated moment when after the tying layup, Jett blindly anticipates/deflects the inbounds pass to Chaz Williams. Also note Jett's defense on Chaz' final shot - absorbing the pushoff and keeping the hand in his face without fouling. In one of Coach Majerus final interviews during the run up to the 2012 NCAA tournament, he spoke of Jett's balance. That's what I think of watching his defense on that final shot.
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