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  2. Idk but Worst football field in the nation
  3. This guess is incorrect. All the major programs were trying to work out what to do with the month-old rule changes, including practicing the forward pass and the onside kick. The new rules also prohibited tripping and SLU could have also been the first team not to trip the opposing team.
  4. People have shoot entire movies using iphones. A 15-30 second commercial wouldn’t be too hard to do
  5. I'm guessing the wheel caught on about that quick, one rolls by all the others roll BEHIND him.
  6. There's a massive difference between the type of content you use for social marketing and a television commercial. You're very much oversimplifying and downplaying what it takes to produce a commercial and you don't want your commercial to look like it belongs on public access.
  7. Two Men and a Garden got Fred Thatch to post a video on social media on his phone, so there’s your commercial. Just have to get it played where they now play dead air. SLU gets nothing for that now, so any money they get from selling that is more than they have now. Advertising on the cheap.
  8. Every program had the forward pass in 1906 including Michigan, Southern Illinois, Washington University and more. SLU happened to have one of the first college football games of the preseason and the rest is history. That is the only distinction.
  9. In this age of NIL and cell phones that record video, a commercial could be made pretty cheaply, and blank air time returns no revenue, so any money at all is better than nothing, so it could be sold pretty cheaply.
  10. Seems like most times, the ESPN+ feed goes to a scroll saying "Commercial Break In Progress" and doesn't show the ad at all. Must be something in the television/streaming contract. Wasn't the Rockhurst game on ESPN+ last year? I seem to recall seeing the Perkins ACL injury live.
  11. Thus the name non-revenue sports.
  12. Thanks. The non-revenue sports look like they don’t generate any income, the bulk of the ads are either the A10 itself, or the school promoting themselves, so that makes sense.
  13. I certainly know SLU isn't getting any money from ESPN+ or Bally and I believe SLU is paying Bally to broadcast games. I don't know which way money is changing hands between A10 and ESPN+ but I would imagine A10 is paying. All A10 members got 10k from the conference to make technical upgrades to their ESPN+ broadcasts. They can sell ads. Just because you can or do sell something doesn't mean anyone is buying.
  14. So does it cost SLU to stream content on ESPN+? Or do they get money from ESPN+ (A cut of what the conference gets?). If they get paid by ESPN+ it seems like ESPN+ would want to limit what gets put on there. It looks like the colleges each supply the content and absorb the cost of producing the content that goes on ESPN+, do they also sell the advertising? Looks like on the non-revenue sports there isn’t much advertising shown. Just curious how it works.
  15. Yesterday
  16. ESPN+ didn't broadcast it. SLU broadcast a scrimmage on the platform of ESPN+. A10 has a contract with ESPN+ as the streaming platform for A10 Sports. Don't think about ESPN+ as a channel. It's an avenue for which schools to broadcast games online.
  17. I bet we could broadcast an exhibition on ESPN+. We can put whatever we want on there right?
  18. ESPN+ broadcast a scrimmage back in August.
  19. I don't expect the UMSL game to be broadcast anywhere. The exhibition games last year were not broadcast. Going back several years, I can't find an exhibition game that was. I could dig up my post from last year, but I believe I did some research & only Blue Bloods typically have a broadcast of exhibition games.
  20. Today, with Frank, Claiborne and Rammer. Segment 2 Oct 5. https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/ Coach really likes his offense, the team is built for scoring. A guy really scoring and playing well in practice is Pickett. Forrester has been one of the biggest surprises of the team. He is a threat with his back to the basket. We just need to add some defense and rebounding to it. Hughes was really impressive to Rammer when he last saw practice. Coach said his defense is at a high level, not just as a Freshman, but on any level. His shot was struggling early, but it has improved. Coach wasn't sure early if he would be ready to go but he has proven he can play on this team. Four days of practice, defense has been the focus on practices. Collins and Thatch lead the charge, but Pickett is a 'disrupter'. These guys can change a possession with their D. Team does not have a Power Forward. Likely will run out a PG, a 5 and then three wings. He does use the classical numbers in practice to tell players where a certain position...tell them where the one goes, where the two goes, etc. There will be four guards with a big 95 to 98% of the time. Will play two bigs at times, but not very often. In his offense, Ford gives players the freedom to make choices. He does emphasize structure, particularly spacing and positioning on the floor. "If the ball is here, you need to be there." Very rarely tells a player not to shoot. More likely, "you should have taken that shot". We want to pass up a good shot for a great shot. Half the team is vets, half the team has never played for Ford. The new ones have to understand our TeamBlue culture. Frank - How do you keep it fresh for your vets? It is a challenge. We are doing drill work. Some of the guys have done the drill a thousand times. The vets need to lead the new ones through the drills. Vets he really doesn't yell at. The new guys get yelled at. "I haven't changed the way I coach. I try to be a better coach. I don't change my approach because of the transfer portal. The game has changed dramatically with the Portal and NIL, so you have to adjust." Three weeks away from the exhibition with UMSL. "We have to get better today." We won't talk about anything more than today. Embrace each day to get better. Coach Sunvold said Ford called him and wanted to move the game days up on the calendar. Sunvold said no. Ford wanted to move it to fit in the scrimmage with Bradley. Dr. Chaifetz and Coach text quite a bit. He is excited about this team for sure.
  21. B’roy, I could be wrong. Yesterday, I went on Bally’s and all they offered was SEast. I couldn’t even bring up the MW region. Today I was able to. We’ll find out soon enough.
  22. about a month ago i called direct tv to try to get the bally southeast channel added and willing to pay. the direct tv rep indicated i would get all the bally stations if i upgraded to the sports pack. i was thrilled thinking i would finally be able to view all the braves games without having to pay the overpriced MLB price tag for games i couldnt care less about. i was also told i would then get all kinds of college basketball come this winter. so i pulled the plug. 3 hours later direct TV told he they could not give me the specific channel i wanted due to blackout rules and i was refunded the cost of the sports pack. not saying that would be the case for anything not major league baseball but just saying adding sports pack to direct tv didnt work for me to get any out of market bally stations.
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