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  2. I have noticed the increase of pics involving Phil posted by SLU.
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  4. Coach's Show with Rammer: It was on Facebook Live. Apparently Rammer addressed the team at the Saturday practice. Coach complimented the trainers as they are going through this process for the first time also. They do hydration tests daily and the players are wearing heart monitors in practice. Some players have had good days followed by bad days. After 3 practices, Ford hasn't learned yet how to move forward. Situations change fast, in each practice. Dayton game: big wins against Ole Miss and Miss State. Crutcher is averaging 18 ppg and performing at a high level, shooti
  5. Carter also tweeted that Strickland will not be available tomorrow after traveling to Florida for a death in the family.
  6. FSU missed 14 days and in their first game back won 105-73 against NC state But 14 days and 30 days is another thing
  7. -ok, what teams? would make me feel better to know this
  8. I’m sure it varies by team and that there are plenty of instances of teams who came back from COVID and looked fine. I also saw firsthand with my second favorite team (Vanderbilt) how out-of-shape a group can look when they come back from not playing for an extended period. Fortunately, I think SLU has two big advantages that some other teams who have struggled in their return may not have had: 1) we are playing a rival who beat us in two emotional games last year. If there’s any game in which our guys will have a chip on their shoulder and will be ready to lay it all on the line it’s Da
  9. I am thrilled we are still ranked, and actually moving up. But more than anything it speaks to how crazy and unpredictable this season has been. So few teams standing out. We are benefiting from the fact that the voters don't really know who to rank right now. For example, how is Utah State not ranked..but Oklahoma and sliding VaTech are? Boise just barely getting votes. We just need to dominate against this awful A10. Forget Richmond. It is down to the Bonnies and us again. And maybe Davidson. No one else is good at all. Anymore than 1 (maybe 2) losses before the A10 Tourney would be a fai
  10. I expect the shooting will be rough and the offense out of sync at times, but the key will be not to turn the ball over. At least get shots up even if they are bad shots, so we can do what we do best, crash the boards. Rebounding and hussle shouldn't be impacted by the layoff. We may need to give the bench and especially the hussle guys like Thatch and Hargrove a little more pt in order to spread the minutes around. Under normal circumstances, we would have little problem handling this year's Dayton bunch at home, but considering the layoff, who knows. I'm just happy we can FINALLY watch the t
  11. Strickland's grandmother died. He's back at SLU now.
  12. back to Florida for a family death(?)
  13. There is no absolute stat. But of the 12 teams I tracked through the first week of January, 10 teams struggled in their first game back. Stopped counting after that since the pattern had already been established. Even if the percentage has now fallen from low 80% to low 70%, it's still a decisive majority of teams that fall in this category. We would be bucking the trend if we won tomorrow's game by double digits. It's possible but I don't think it's fair to our guys to set that as an expectation.
  14. It was chaotic in the rankings between 16-30. About two thirds of the teams ranked there last week, lost. A couple of them (Clemson, Connecticut) lost twice.
  15. Where did Strickland travel to? I must have missed that
  16. Back to 24 in the Coaches Poll. Time to hammer some folks on the way back.
  17. You can add Michigan State and North Carolina to your list as well. Current NET rankings which I suspect will change dramatically before then of the season: 19. Kansas 50. UNC 82. Kentucky 87. Michigan State 89. Duke
  18. Agreed, but bully ball can be exhausting for a team that is coming off the Rona. Fully expecting Travis to be running the sidelines for substitutions like clockwork tomorrow.
  19. May covered this in an earlier interview. I'm not sure if you can find it, but I posted a recap of it on the Radio/TV thread. The short answer is yes, pretty much same as the KC game. Longer term, he said he foresees increasing attendance, but there will be no general admission to any games. They will use the priority list of Billiken Club and Donors to offer tickets, starting at the top of the list.
  20. I mean, I bet Seton Hall 1H +4 against Villanova and had LaSalle moneyline at +800 hit and I have won every bet blind-fading Clemson their last 3 games. The Clemson/FSU line particularly made no sense to me. So Vegas perhaps have not adjusted yet. (Too bad I lose it all back on NFL. NFL is impossible) But at the same time, when Dayton line comes out at +5.5 against us, are you really gonna back Dayton only to have Perkins drop 30 on them? Definitely no bet tomorrow night.
  21. Also, it is so funny to me that a10 twitter has completely forgotten how good this SLU team is. Underrated at beginning of the season, and honestly, barring a covid regression, everyone around this league (media, fans) continues to not give this team credit. In the offseason, it always, "well they can't shoot so they have a ceiling". Well now SLU is top 10 nationally from 3, and over 70% from the line. SLU is in a tier by themselves and frankly people comparing Bonnies and SLU is just disrespectful. SLU ran them out of the gym last season, and only one team has added meaningful pieces (Jimerso
  22. It is interesting - David Jablonski, Dayton's beat write has Bona at #21 and SLU unranked. Either he's punishing for our covid pause, or he's out of his mind
  23. Good. Could very well be ranked at the end of the regular season.
  24. Bills #22 this week. Bonnies in ARV
  25. Are there any "semi-comprehensive" stats on how teams have performed coming off longer COVID layoffs or is it all anecdotal? I ask because there are also examples of teams doing well after they come back. Georgia tech was off for 17 days and hammered Clemson in its first game back and only lost by 2 to Virginia in it's next game. Florida St was off for 2 weeks and has gone 4-0 since coming back including a 32 point thrashing of NC State in the first game back. I'd think if the "teams always underperform on the first games back" concept was a real issue, Vegas would be all over that
  26. There will be some fans at the game tomorrow.
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