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  2. You are correct...even with the height difference. I think prepping hargrove for him would be interesting though. He has the athleticism to do it
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  4. Missouri Class 1 shooting guard Isaac Haney is about to blow up in a major way. His 32 points led Dora High School to a 65-60 upset of Oklahoma Heritage Hall, led by top 50 recruit 2021 Trey Alexander, at the Ozark Mountain Shootout. Haney's an athletic 6'2 shooter who can create his own shot. Averaged 28 last year and will probably surpass that this year. He was impressive in the summer circuit playing good competition so this performance is not a fluke. Haney will clearly be a priority target for Missouri State as Dora is less than 2 hours away from Springfield. I wouldn't be surprised if Ford and company get involved before the season is over.
  5. While I doubt 60% will be a regular occurrence, I'd say 45% would likely get the job done most nights. Let's hope Jimerson, Jacobs, JGood, and Perkins do it in Birmingham.
  6. Edited as I don't want to turn this into a Yadi thread
  7. Are you open to sponsorships, by podcasts for example
  8. Wasn’t sure where to put this or that it deserved its own thread: Vote for JGood
  9. Ive got one in training. The don’t drug test do they?
  10. Thank you for elaborating my point. Maybe the grass isn’t greener in the Little Apple. K-State is poaching St Louis and is one of our main competitors for local talent. I honestly do not know anything about Williams, not sure why he wasn’t that highly thought of coming out of high school. Maybe cause we weren’t recruiting him, but I certainly do not condone him being a Priority. We need another big even if Diarra works out.
  11. Yeah. He played for SLFC this past season.
  12. There are a variety of ways of getting into the Hall of Fame. Longevity is going to help Yadi. For example, he will likely surpass 2,000 hits next season. There are only 7 other catchers in history with 2,000. And yep you guessed it, all 7 are in the Hall of Fame. (Simmons 2nd on the list) These types of longevity stats are the things that can put a player over the top in addition to defense, other offensive categories, intangibles. I left off award stuff with Simmons, 8 time all star etc... But those things can add to someone's case.
  13. Madeline, My 10 month old will be participating in the baby race this year. Any other posters have their little ones in the race?
  14. Yadi's in the conversation. That's why he's getting in.
  15. For that particular statistic yes. Fisk for example played 3 other field positions as well as DH. Rodriguez played 2 other positions and DH.
  16. On the the 350 question....there are 3 teams that are not full members of Div 1 (they are new)...N Ala....Cal Bap...& Merrimack.... they do count in the standings. As for the different standings on FTs....I think the discrepancy is a time factor between data services. ..I have 1 service that updates as soon as the game is complete....another service updates after the last game of the day and some update every few days. Sometimes my instant will be different than my daily....bottom line ...we are F- and not close to F no matter who you check with.....btw we finished at 352 last year with a 59.8% vs 53.5% this year....we've got a ways to go to match last year's mark.
  17. The best defensive catcher of the last 50 years is Yadi.
  18. So you're including games not played as catcher.
  19. There's room for guys who weren't mashers at the catcher position just like there's room at say, shortstop. But once the math changed to 60% hitting/40% fielding, you had to be an all-time defender to overcome the math. Unfortunately for Boone and Sundberg, the two best defensive catchers of the last 50 years - Pudge, Bench - were also dangerous hitters. There's only 19 catchers in the Hall covering a period of 130 years. The competition for getting in is incredibly stiff.
  20. just watching you mature on here has been a joy. r u now into participation badges ;)?
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  22. Georgetown had a goalie from Webster Groves maybe 6 years ago. Would have been a good time to schedule them.
  23. Some will say “coach speak”. I say, pretty cool!
  24. Men's Final Four tomorrow: Virginia v Wake Forest Georgetown v Stanford. Stanford has won 3 out of the last 4 men's National Titles. Would like to see SLU continue to schedule these schools. Why not Georgetown, one of the best teams in the country? The Jesuit school has had 8 of 10 NCAA appearances under Brian Wiese, a National Title game appearance and Final Four. 5 Big East Regular Season Titles, 4 conference tourney titles, multiple Academic All Americans (has worked with over 10 Academic All Americans as a coach at 3 schools). Georgetown and UVA are two of the best teams I saw this year. But Wake and Stanford are very good as well.
  25. I perhaps wasn't clear. Above the list, I said players who played their career primarily as a catcher. Simmons played in 2,456 regular season games which is 3rd all time for players who played most of their career as a catcher. (Many of course on the old Busch turf) Rodriguez and Fisk are 1 and 2 in that group.
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