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  2. Haha, I figured you would appreciate that! Some of his hashtags are quite good though at least for folks like me who are incredibly immature.
  3. 4-5 in conference. Last year’s team won 5 conference games total.
  4. Looks like this team is really coming together. 7 games to go, I predict 5-2 the rest of the way.
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  6. Saw Zeke Moore last night, learned he was placed on waivers by the Santa Cruz Warriors (G League) last week after playing in 11 games with 12.8ppg
  7. Perkins is effectively crippled. Perkins driving the lane is just a failure of coaching & decisionmaking. He is a spot up jump shooter even more than Jimerson is. Watch Perkins try to defend... anybody. He's slow and plays with a constant limp. If he's not shooting jumpers he is wasting time.
  8. Not making any excuses for ford, but I watch a lot of college bball. And a big part of some of better offenses is creating mismatches and allowing scorers to take their man one on one and score. Perk and certainly picket were not able to do that last night. So many missed mid range shots. that being said, with fordham playing so far out and not much help defense, run a damn back screen.. cheese and rice!!!
  9. If nothing else, the dude is nice and does great with kids, even if we adults think he's a bit doofy.
  10. nonsense like this just makes me want to can Ford even more. Excuses are lame. Coach-speak is lame. Where the WINS? Lame. Boooo.
  11. You win the internet for today.....
  12. Yuri moved up to second on the (Recent) A10 TOV list. I expanded the copy to include Goodwin at 17 and Jett tied for 19. Since 2007-08 Rank Player TOV From To 1 Chaz Williams 353 2010 2014 2 Yuri Collins 348 2020 2023 3 Grant Golden 347 2017 2022 4 Tu Holloway 345 2009 2012 5 Chris Gaston 343 2010 2013 6 Jerrell Williams 339 2008 2011 7 Rodney Green 331 2007 2010 8 Derrick Colter 326 2013 2016 9 JeQuan Lewis 320 2014 2017 10 Branden Frazier 317 2011 2014 11 Otis Livingston 316 2016 2019 12 Jaylen Adams 314 2015 2018 13 Kevin Anderson 307 2008 2011 Chris Braswell 307 2010 2013 15 E.C. Matthews 303 2014 2018 Chris Wright 303 2008 2011 17 Jordan Goodwin 298 2018 2021 18 Andrew Nicholson 296 2009 2012 19 Tyreek Duren 295 2011 2014 Jordair Jett
  13. Makes perfect sense to me. I’ve been packing my own ice cubes in my suitcase for years. I put the ice cubes in a zip lock bag, take along an ice cube tray. When you get to your destination just put the melted ice back in the ice cube tray and re freeze. Of course you could just take a bottle of water, but I have found that melted ice cubes re freezes better than just your standard bottled water
  14. @rgbilliken That's incredible.
  15. here is what I got from ChatGPT:
  16. Yuri adds 1 more assist and brings his total to 767...He is now 48th on the all time list...he has moved up 1 place on the all time list. Tied... Marcus Carr...1999-2002...Cal St-Northridge
  17. 68-56 win over George Mason, Brooke Flowers got a Triple-Double with 11 Pts, 18 Rebs, 11 Blocks, which gives her the first Triple-Double in the history of the program, and she also broke the season blocks record (she has 96 this year). Kyla McMakin get 22 pts, Julia Martinez 10 pts, and 8 each for Mia Nicastro and Peyton Kennedy. Overall both teams shooting was low, the Billikens line was 24/23.5/61.5, and George Mason’s line was 34.4/15.8/72.4. The crowd was large and loud on Education Day, which probably affected both teams. By the way, if you have a room full of kids and want them to make as much noise as possible, Dre is the man to make it happen. SLU is now 4-5 in conference.
  18. Every single player on the team is averaging the same or less than last year in steals. last year - this year Yuri 1.9 - 1.3 Pickett 0.9 - 0.4 Perkins 0.7 - 0.4 Gibby 0.5 - 0.5 Fred 1.1 - 1.0 THJ 0.4 - 0.4 Jake 0.3 - 0.1 Okoro 0.6 - 0.4 I wish there were other stats that measures forced TOs
  19. I agree. And to think that a good number of MBM's want them kicked out of the A10.
  20. Good for them - finally a basketball team at SLU that is showing signs of improvement.
  21. With as much as Ford talks about the team wanting to run, it is quite a contrast when we play a team that actually does.
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