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  3. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/system/files/documents/2020/07/professional-sports-travel-advisory-guidance.pdf
  4. So how did the Mets go to Florida and play the Marlins and Yankees did the same to play the Rays? Because MLB tested them on return?
  5. It was a Sports Illustrated article. Who knows how much he said about each school versus what they actually printed. Not saying it’s bad journalism, but the hometown hero sounds better than printing a third “this is how they’ll use me” quote.
  6. Today
  7. No idea. There are many proposed bubbles in conversations. Perhaps these teams see better options closer to home? Siena and St. John's pulled out due to a mandatory 14 day quarantine imposed by NY Governor on anyone coming back from Florida. You can't blame them for that. (If you are in FL for 24 hours + 1 minute, the quarantine going back to NY kicks in.) There are teams pulling out of other MTE's also. Louisville pulled out of their Vegas MTE, as they reportedly are putting together a MTE in Louisville. I believe Duke dumped out of one of theirs. I'm glad I'm not in charge of anyone's scheduling.
  8. -do these teams have better options to fill their schedule?
  9. Siena has pulled out of our Orlando Tourney. St. John's, Arizona, Dayton and Nebraska have pulled out of their Orlando Bubble Tourney's. Pitt is also likely out. It will be interesting to see the final mixture. Does ESPN combine one or two of the tourneys to make larger brackets and one or two less tourneys? Or do they find replacement teams? Quality replacements might be hard to find at this late date.
  10. Was this not a huge point when Goodwin committed? How it would be his team
  11. Lets not kid ourselves, Ford has told him how he would be used. The only question is - what he told him and if he liked it. Most players are not going to come to a school not knowing what he should expect regarding his position. Telling a player how he will be used is not an assurance that he will play the position - after all the player still has to produce - players want that knowledge. If my son was in this position I absolutely would want to know that answer - now it is up to the player to prove himself. How many times do people on this site post that a player may not see a fit at some school if there already is a very good player at their position - same concept. My point in my original post was that I am sure Ford told him but the question is since he did not mention it is what Ford told him not what he wanted to hear?
  12. The problem with telling anyone how he is going to be used is that it leaves the door wide open for player disappointment. This is something I believe SLU tries to stay away from.
  13. Possibly but he specifically talked about how Memphis and IL were talking about how they plan to use him in a way that he obviously liked. What he said about SLU was nothing about how he would be used. I just thought it was odd that he did not mention that given that it must be a big thing for him.
  14. I just saw the Rothstein Big 12 predictions and one thing stood out, which supports earlier comments of mine. Stay in STL at SLU and you will be a hometown hero and receive consistent media coverage from local print/tv and radio. Leave, even if you are an excellent player, and you will soon be forgotten. What reinforced that belief is that Rothstein picks Courtney Ramey as 1st team all-Big 12. When has Ramey's name even come up in the past couple of years? He is a forgotten St. Louisan and will remain that way, plus the closest he plays to STL for his family and friends to see is 300 miles away, once a year in Lawrence, KA. Compare that to the coverage J Good, Yuri, Javonte and TJ have already received in the last 12 months. Finally if academics mean anything to the Nesbitt family they should compare Memphis to SLU, not much of a comparison! Jordan and Nick , stay home!
  15. We really need to hammer home the playing for your home town team aspect. An edit with all the St. Louis area guys would be cool.
  16. Just my MBM opinion, it is a good thing for SLU that both the Illini and Memphis think they are landing Nesbitt. I would be much more concerned if all the talk switched to him committing to just one program.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Maybe this is our actual bag man? Serious question, are there any rules around boosters communicating with recruits? And what constitutes a booster?
  19. I think I would have a pretty compelling recruiting pitch about his role and how he'd be used: 1) He would have the opportunity to be the number 1 or 2 option on offense early in his career, and would get a lot of shots as an underclassmen (primarily as ballhandler in the pick and roll and posting up smaller guards) 2) Even when Yuri is in the game, he would still have plenty of opportunity to initiate halfcourt offense as a ballhandler similar to Goodwin the past couple of seasons 3) Lastly, Ford could show him tape of similarly-sized perimeter players who have been really successful under his system (James Anderson, Markel Brown, Marcus Smart, Jordan Goodwin)
  20. I see you as a big guard who can score, handle and pass. In other words, a serious matchup problem. Your game reminds me of Jamal Murray.
  21. I like that. J Good is a good example of a position free player. The important thing is he is free to maximize his skills at both ends of the floor.
  22. That's the first day on campus talk. Right now I tell him we see him as a go-to scorer from day 1. I would emphasize that we have multiple players bring the ball up the court and he will get plenty of time handling the ball. And then have Mrs. Goodwin call his mom and tell her how awesome it is to watch her son play at home.
  23. I don’t want to be uber-rich if I’m still tweeting at teenagers that aren’t 100% LOCKS
  24. I'd tell him he will earn his job in practice. Best five on the floor. If he can't beat out Jimerson/Hargrove/Strickland/Thatch/Jacobs/Lorentsson etc., then he sits. Nothing is given out free by TeamBlue. You earn your place on the team.
  25. If it was me, I’d pitch that he’d start at the 2 and be the number one option on offense. He’d take JGood’s shots if not a little bit more.
  26. Just out of curiosity....if you guys were Ford and were sitting in front of Nesbitt and his parents, how would you answer the question of his role coming in and how he would be used?
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