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  2. My hyperbole meter was going crazy. We need a big, but most of these *hidden gem* stiffs will do
  3. Yep, but We’ve had 2 players nearly take this route, ha. Nesbitt and Gordon just had quick stops first
  4. I saw that. Kind of crazy for a guy to go from a top 100 recruit at one point & a de-commitment from Memphis to choosing Alabama State. I didn't watch the YouTube commitment show, but given the nature of the show I imagine that Alabama State being a HBCU played a role for Knox.
  5. A back up big man doesn’t take you from an NIT team to a Sweet 16 team
  6. No A10 players invited from teh G League Camp to the NBA Combine.
  7. Freshman commit, not a transfer. Fordham still has two open slots.
  8. Not having the other team’s #1 or #2 defender will do wonders for gibby next year too.
  9. A couple of things I would prefer not to see during play next year is Yuri making as many TOs as he did last season, and also I would prefer to see Yuri NOT charging straight at several bigs during a game. I will be happy if these get under control.
  10. I don’t see why we are apologizing to anyone in the A10. We get the accolades because we are a premier program in the A10. Everyone else can eat it.
  11. I've made 3 posts today with more than one "paragraph", playoff hockey is on. I'm good.
  12. Wah! Get your head in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Jimerson also won't be leading the team in shot attempts per game (by a wide margin) as he did last year. The reason Jimerson played so many minutes last year is somebody had to get those shots up. That somebody has returned. Also there was no perimeter weapon on the bench to back up Jimerson. This year we have Parker and Kramer gunning for Parker's spot.
  14. I was not knocking ford. I was not ignoring bad luck. My post is the opposite. In fact defending Ford and outlining results that I believe indicate outperformance and in game and off season coaching which helped us outperform. Jimerson’s transformation was remarkable and as hard of a worker as he is, there’s no chance he got to where he is without guidance from the staff. I am strictly speaking on expectations in the polls and numbers on paper vs results. There’s a Kenpom screen cap from West Pine Bills about how we’ve almost always exceeded expectations. I’m too lazy at 7:45 in the evening to go look for it.
  15. It’s easy to forget how hard GJim had to work off the ball last year. I’m not sure I remember seeing a Billiken held, clutched, bumped, and just generally guarded as hard and closely Ashe was when he didn’t have the ball. Perk will change that.
  16. I wasn’t knocking Ford. Rather I was saying we’ve suffered unexpected misfortune that has derailed our dance invites. We fans have always been excited about the teams Travis is putting on the floor. But events have happened to trash these expectations. Let me summarize: 6 years year 1 no expectations year 2 some expectations due to transfers - then sit 2 kills the whole season year 3 we meet them and dance year 4 we have a good shot but dance is cancelled year 5 ok now we’re cooking until a 30 day pause and all momentum is lost due to the Covid Year 6 looking good until we lose our A10 POY candidate and a really good AC (sad) I attributed the disappointments to bad luck/bad timing/curse not the HC. U have to admit, we’ve had more than our fair share of some really bad shite.
  17. I didn’t say we were expected to dance his 1st year. I do think we were picked to be a bubble team prior to SIT 2.
  18. I'm hoping Gibby can play similar minutes but he won't wear down as quickly because he won't be the sole focus point of the defense. He makes our offense better even when he isn't scoring. I also hope he got the message that he has to continue to improve his conditioning. Yuri, Gibby, and Perkins need 30+ mins although all 3 of them could maybe play less earlier in the year. Okoro 25+ minutes. Thatch 20-30 minutes. There aren't a ton of minutes left outside of that. Pickett will at least get 20 I'd think and add in 15 to Okoro's backup. While I do want us to push the pace more this season, I also want our best players on the floor. There will be really good players who don't see a ton of the court this season. This team is a backup big-man away from being sweet 16 caliber. I know some on here have kind of dismissed the remaining scholarships because they'll be for bench guys but I truly believe we are a capable big man away from a sweet 16 but not filling that position lands you in the NIT and I personally think would be the end of Ford's tenure. I don't think it's hyperbole to say this is one of the most important scholarships SLU had handed out in the last decade
  19. Yesterday
  20. 30 mpg lowers GJ by almost 4 mpg. The truth is even without adding anyone else at the 1-4 except a back up pg the minutes are going to be tough to divide. Do you see any of Parker, Thatch, or Hargrove getting more than 10? If so Perk, Pick, and GJ can’t all get 30. I suspect at least one of them won’t
  21. The stretch 4 is more of a fun thing then Necessary at this point. But I’m not sure I was more GJ on the court, less tbh. He showed what happened when he plays to many minutes, would like to knock a few off. Also not sure if perk will start off at 30 mpg right away.
  22. That is an interesting point. The core of the roster is built, so you are likely best off just rolling with that and adding a quality backup big to replace Linssen and a backup point guard. Adding a legit stretch four might create some issues since most of our wings are more traditional 3s and you need to spread them across those 3 positions to get minutes as you demonstrated. Definitely an interesting roster with a lot of guys who kind of play the same position yet possess different attributes.
  23. Agree. Ford will continue to play 1 in and 4 out. So if you want a big playing out he has to shoot the three. What we need is someone to spell Okoro other than Thatch or Hargrove. I’m not sure if Forrester would be an upgrade over the departed Linssen. But I’m also not sure we can land an upgrade.
  24. i agree with skip. we need inside defender and good rebounder. doubt he and okoro play much same time anyway. we got wings. a lot of wings.
  25. The more I think about it, I’m less and less concerned with having a stretch 4. I want as many minutes as possible with Perk, Yuri, GJim, Pick, FT, and what if Parker is really good, Hargrove will get minutes also and this does not account for a back up point. Let’s say we add a quality inside big and a back up point. We have 120 minutes between all of our guards and wings. I want Perk, Pick, and GJim on the floor 30 mpg each leaving 30 minutes for Parker, Thatch, and Hargrove plus the Frosh. The stretch 4 will have to be pretty damn good for me to really want him to take minutes
  26. He started 44 of 57 games at Temple. He missed time last year due to an extended illness, but they didn't say it was COVID. Looking at some video and his numbers, his game seems to have some similarities to Okoro. Like Okoro, very highly regarded out of high school.
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