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  3. Jacksonville Classic is stepping up their competition. Their will be multiple P5 teams in the tourney. We will be playing a longtime rival that we haven't played since our CUSA days in the first round.
  4. They won't have NIke ones. I don't know if I can pay Nike prices for non Nike Jerseys though. I'd get one fo these for $50 maybe but $110 is steep even in our age of inflation.
  5. I won’t be buying a customized jersey unless it’s an official Nike one… shame because I really wanted to go full Avila uniform with the goggles and everything
  6. They have a photo of Hannah Larson on the Field Hockey page, instead of the field hockey player Sierra Larson.
  7. Interesting. I have no reason to doubt this information. If true, let's hope they have reformated the MTE to one eight team bracket and have some P5 schools lined up. Schertz is looking for resume builders, and last season's version wouldn't have qualified for that. I bookmark this MTE tracker, and they don't have any listings to date for Jacksonville. They show SLU as "Not Yet Attached". https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2024/5/13/24140186/2024-25-mens-college-basketball-exempt-multi-team-events-mte-thanksgiving-early-season-tournaments I also bookmark this google doc on schedules. It doesn't have the MTE listed, but it does have Utah State for the Bills. I was under the impression that game was not on the schedule. Maybe it is. https://d1docket.blogspot.com/p/2024-25-dockets-east-coast-leagues.html
  8. I'd be in line for a Conklin jersey ASAP.
  9. This is where I got the info.
  10. Good information ARon. The five power conferences involved in this suit have a total of 69 schools in them. The way the portion to be paid per school has been determined makes little sense to me but let's check what is likely to happen. I will assume that there is close to an equal division in the number of schools with football programs and schools without football programs in the 5 power conferences sued together with the NCAA. So, the 35 schools with football programs will have to pay $364 M or $10.4 M per school, and the 34 schools without football programs will have to pay $336 M or $9.88 M per school to settle the case. This even split of schools with and without football programs is not likely to be the actual number of schools with and without football programs in these 5 conferences. There is likely to be a much larger number of schools with football programs in this group. This, of course, will result in higher payment being assigned to the schools without football programs. One disturbing issue is that this is just the first class action suit regarding compensation to the players that comes close to settlement. We can call this class action suit a "proof of concept" suit that confirms there is a lot of money to be made by litigation lawyers bringing up new actionable issues to court in new class action suits. I expect we may see a "lawyer's feeding frenzy" of class action suits dealing with different actionable aspects of player reimbursement. In my opinion we may see numerous class action suits being brought against the NCAA and different conferences or school groups. This is not something that will be decided quickly, it will take a fair amount of time in my opinion. I think the NCAA will cease to exist, and also think that there will be very few schools able to pay multiple settlements to class action suits. The schools will have to decide what to do with their athletic programs in the fairly near future, before they are included in a new class action suit brought by yet another group of law firms. The way I see it is that very few schools will be able to remain in D1, and most schools will opt to downgrade to D3 and pay neither an academic scholarship nor NILs of any kind. I do not think this will be the case for SLU, at least not as long as we have Schertz as HC. When Schertz goes, which will come to us just like it did to ISU, whoever is president of SLU will have to give a good amount of thought to the status of the Athletic department and how to deal with the risks of new class action suits without risking the school's endowment in the process.
  11. A very significant portion of the money for the settlement is coming from NCAA basketball tourney distributions. The A10 will be on the hook reportedly for somewhere between $2 and $3 million per year. That is $150,000 to $200,000 or more not coming to SLU from the NCAA annually (as well as the rest of the league teams.) Add this decrease of income into direct payment for players plus NIL, where is all the money going to come from? https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/historic-house-case-settlement-has-college-basketball-not-college-football-to-thank-for-saving-the-ncaa/ Bernadette McGlade is quoted in the second half of this article.
  12. I don’t know what tourney we are in. The 2023 Jacksonville Classic was two 4 team brackets with one initial cross over game. First round of cross over games were on campus. Bracket 1 was George Mason, Charlotte, SD State and UCF Bracket 2 was Utah Valley, Cornell, Cal State Fullerton and S Mississippi. https://www.jacksonvilleclassic.com/ (for 2023) This doesn’t read like a major tourney, at least not last season. Schertz, on an interview, said there would be multiple P5 teams in the tourney.
  13. Per the breakdown of the proposed settlement in the NYT: The Football Championship Subdivision, which includes conferences like the Big Sky and the Ivy League and historically Black colleges and universities, would pay about 13 percent. And Division I conferences that do not play football, like the Big East, would foot 12 percent of the bill.
  14. Cart'are transferred out of Grambling almost a year ago (5/11/23) after 22 gp and 12.7 ppg. No sign of since.
  15. Last week
  16. I think that JS mentioned that to Stu. West Pine Bills I believe also had that on X. Party date/time in Jax TBA
  17. I apologize if this has already been posted, and feel free to roast the sh1t out of me if I missed it somewhere... But! This appears to be live: https://nil.store/pages/saint-louis
  18. Are you speculating about the Jacksonville Classic or do you have some inside info? What time should we be at your house?
  19. The absolute truth of this issue is that no one knows how this process will end. So, think anything you like to think, but remember this settlement may start a sort of "lawyers feeding frenzy" that may lead in unexpected directions. It is true that SLU has over $1.7 B in its endowment (50th largest in the US), and it is true we have billionaire donors, but will this be enough to keep us in D1? As impossible as it may sound to you (plural you) this endowment plus our donors may not be enough to stay in D1 long term. Will D1 survive? Try to think long term, this settlement is not a good thing for anyone. Things change with time. I just read that the Wall Street Journal has lost over 50% of its subscriber's base and is having a hard time staying afloat. Who would have thought this could happen not long ago? And look at the size of the Sunday PD, it has become a fraction of what it used to be, again not long ago.
  20. And to that point, this (i.e., limits on eligibility) feels like the next shoe to drop. Why should athletes only have four years of eligibility? There are already lawsuits being filed around the COVID year eligibility; lawsuits around general eligibility would presumably represent a natural extension of that underlying argument. (And since the NCAA has proven that it can't win a lawsuit to save its life, I'm sure it'll lose that one, too.)
  21. So this academic year SLU won conference championships in Women's Soccer and Baseball, and made postseason appearances in Women's Soccer, Men's Tennis, Women's Basketball and now Track and Field. Considering all the suffering we went through, not bad at all. Next year is going to be really fun. Women's Soccer should be elite. I'm confident Kalish will have a great year with the men's team and I'm as excited about this upcoming basketball season as any since the best Goodwin/French team. Party at my house for the Jacksonville Classic!!
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