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  2. https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/i-never-thought-id-join-this-club-of-childless-mothers-says-st-louis-woman-and/article_b07ee087-4351-5dde-80eb-2f298f9a928d.html#tracking-source=home-top-story
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  4. goodwin had a couple of noticeable hitches in his free throws, i am sure if i could see it so could the coaches, sometimes players just do not listen
  5. My compliments for the proper choice of spelling for complements.
  6. The best chance we have of getting top 150 players outside of the Missouri/Illinois area is to show them that the players they resemble have had success in our program. Coach Ford and company will be recruiting old-school Bully Ballers for a long time. As long as he complements them with shooters that can get their own shot, I've got no problem with that.
  7. I like what I see on his videos. He appears to have a bit of Jordan Goodwin to his game.
  8. Quion Williams cuts his list to nine: Cincinnati, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts, Saint Louis, TCU, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech. Per 247sports, the leaders in the clubhouse appear to be SLU, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. He'll likely visit those 3 and 2 others in the fall and commit shortly thereafter. His quote about SLU: "Phil Forte texts and checks on me every day. When I went to the doctor to see about my knee injury, he recommended a doctor for me to go see. He is always there. Whenever I am playing in events, he is front row at every game. That is what I like about him and the program."
  9. Fixed, thanks. When I update recruiting stuff, I tend to do so much at once that things blur.
  10. I have absolutely zero doubt that our coaches talked to him about arc. It’s simple physics that a flat shot gives you less margin for error than a higher arcing shot. It’s impossible that the coaches didn’t notice how flat JGood’s shot was (think about all the times he would stand at the free throw line and throw up a line drive that would bounce straight off of the back heel of the rim). I don’t think this has anything to do with our coaches not doing their jobs. Sometimes, you just need a fresh set of eyes and a new voice to get it to finally sink in. Somebody already said his shooting numbers went up every year. Maybe he just found a little tweak in his mechanics that finally got it to click. Happens all the time. Doesn’t mean Ford and Co. are bad coaches.
  11. Happy retirement and thanks to Jack for his support as well- hope to still see you at MBB games
  12. The current structure of the NCAA basketball tournament is the last thing institutions involved in conference restructuring are worried about. The possible increased payout from a new basketball tournament structure isn't worth the downside risk of possible loss of revenue under a new structure and the possible antitrust cases it would bring.
  13. i agree, however i believe the power schools are two arrogant and greedy to agree. they truly believe most of america would rather watch kentucky play duke for the 3rd time. i think that we are headed for a split of D1 and in basketball it will be D1 and D1a with everyone outside the 4 power conferences. hope i am wrong. i still believe the best thing that could happen is expand the tourney to let everyone in. so you know i am not a fan of the what appears to be on the horizon.
  14. The popularity of the tournament would shrink greatly if the size were reduced by the big schools leaving. The tournament is a ratings success because everybody has a team. Whether it's your school your city or your town or your favorite mascot everyone has a team. To many of us the first weekend is what makes the tournament special. TV would not pay a billion dollars to watch Kentucky play Duke for the 3rd time. Cinderella is what makes it special.
  15. I'm sure they could, and I'm sure it's something they think about. Kansas probably doesn't like splitting some of its money from the NCAA tournament with Loyola Chicago or SLU or VCU. But those schools also know that the current tournament is lucrative, continues to get more lucrative, and that trying to fix something that is already a cash cow is a dangerous proposition. Especially when so much of the marketing of the NCAA tourney is driven by the upsets and cinderella stories. Not to mention, many of the NCAA's legal arguments about why they should not have to pay players are that the NCAA is too large and complex an organization, with too many different members, to manage. If Kansas/Alabama/Kentucky/Texas/Etc. were to split off from the smaller institutions and form their own tourney for $ purposes, the legal scrutiny they would face regarding paying their players would be too immense to fight back any more. I don't seem them digging their own grave in this regard.
  16. The big schools would break from the NCAA and create it's own basketball tournament was my point.
  17. This is not really correct. There seems to be a myth that the NCAA itself is this giant organization that operates over the schools. In reality, the NCAA is merely the spokesman for a business which is owned by a variety of athletic conferences, which themselves are owned by the schools. The NCAA Board of Governors decides how the money is distributed. You can see their roster here (http://web1.ncaa.org/committees/committees_roster.jsp?CommitteeName=EXEC) but only one member works for the NCAA itself. 12 of the 23 members are from D1 schools, 3 are from D2 schools and 3 are from D3 schools. 4 of the other 5 are independent members like Robert Gates or Grant Hill. Generally, about 60% of NCAA revenue goes directly back to Division 1 schools. Another 30% goes to run D1 championships, do drug testing, athlete insurance, or to D1/D2 schools. The remaining 10% goes to the NCAA, split between legal/insurance and just NCAA operating expenses. When the tournament was cancelled in 2020, schools revenue from March Madness went from $600M to $225M. If it was not a cash cow for NCAA member schools, then COVID-19 cancelling the tournament would not have ravaged athletic budgets the way that it did. Whenever people are talking about the big, bad NCAA it's important to remember that the people pulling the strings are the presidents of the schools who make up NCAA membership.
  18. This may be true, but I feel pretty ambivalent about it. I will follow the SLU team no matter where it goes. It might be fun to watch SLU win a national championship in a bifurcated league. I don’t really care. SLU vs. Alabama or Texas doesn’t really matter to me. Same with the rest of Football-it-dum.
  19. Just a heads-up that in two places you accidentally replaced the recruit's name with his high school's name.
  20. Right now no one knows what's really going on. Its amazing how lazy some of the reports have been. Some "reporters" have popped off and have been completely wrong. My guess is the religious schools in the Big 12 are really in trouble. K-State is also not in a good spot. How this is a SLU problem is the future of the NCAA basketball tournament. Its not going survive. I read some where someone said it's a cash cow. That is only true for the NCAA offices. The schools get a fraction of the profits. If you're a blue blood that sells the tournament you might want a bigger piece of the pie or all of it. I think it would be foolish to not include the Big East, Atlantic 10 or the Gonzaga conference but if you are not in the SEC, ACC or Big 10 you are in danger.
  21. You really think anyone on this board can answer that question??
  22. This could happen in some form, but the "SEC" media partners would not abandon the West Coast Market. [Nothing says SouthEast like Normal, OK.....get a new moniker.] Just throwing stuff up here (both literally and figuratively), but get an ACC/SEC merger of some sort and then a Big 10/Pac Whatever merger of some sort. Why worry about academics, why not just make this an NFL minor league that uses uniforms supplied by a University?
  23. Likely a mix of considerations: hoops success, media market, geography, financial strength, private school, presence in a recruiting hotbed, etc, etc.
  24. After thinking about it, I do not see why the SEC should stop expanding. Now that they have these teams, they should just grab Clemson, Miami, and FSU. Once that is done, Michigan and OSU, then USC. There are a few others to fall in line. End up with between 30-40 teams, with UND being the last team. Then they would be a minor league football group. Fully separated from the rest of the NCAA teams. They could basically set any rules they want. They could roll the football teams as separate entities from the universities, where the teams pay a fee for use of the logos. The players could major in Football, etc. etc. etc. This would make the SEC teams the most money, probably. Right now, schools might be scared enough to fall in line.
  25. -is that how Butler got in, more resources per student? or was it massive success in hoops?
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