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  3. Totally agree with this. My husband grew up in Kansas and went to KU and is a big KU fan. I've tried, but I just can't care about it that much. Huge part of the reason is it's just not that exciting when they're really good, because they're always really good. And it's not that big of a deal if they don't have a great-by-KU standards year, because it's just like...So what? They'll land one of the top recruiting classes again the following year and have a shot at the final four every single year. When was the last time they didn't make the tournament? Who cares if they make a second round exit lots of years.....they'll be back again next year, probably as a 1 or 2 seed. It's really hard for me to care about a team under those circumstances because it just feels like the stakes during any given season aren't that high. Maybe that's just me rationalizing. I would obviously love for SLU to be in a similar situation to the teams who are always at the top. But for the time being I do enjoy the highs and lows.
  4. This is just, pretty cool. Happy Birthday Sister Jean. May you have many more birthdays! https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/sister-jean-celebrates-100th-birthday-shares-her-secrets-to-living-a-long-life/
  5. behind it? Not that there's anything wrong with that
  6. That is until we beat them during conference play.
  7. Why is it fun to be a Bills fan, you ask? One word, the DRAMA every season brings. We all love drama. It's why we watch movies, read novels, binge watch TV. Drama! You just never know how it's gonna all turn out in the end. The 2019-20 season thread is evidence of why we love Billiken Hoops and have for so many years. Ups, downs, and all arounds keeps us all pinned to our seats and TVs all these many years. Would you rather be bored by the Dukes and UKs of the world? Every season those dullards know how their season is gonna play out. 30 and 3, win their conference, ranked in the top 10, # 1 seed in the dance. Where's the drama, the suspense, the dream of shocking the world? They don't get the pleasure of experiencing that kind of excitement and anxiety that we do just about every season. And we don't have to experience the depression that sets in on the fans of the elite when they fail to win it all. Not like us creaming our jeans when we just make the dance. And go bat s$&t crazy if we actually win a first round game. They take all that for granted with a ho hum attitude. Who's having more fun and thrills them or us? Us! Over the last 25 years we've gone to the dance 8 times by my count. Everyone of us can tell you who we beat and who beat us in those 8 special years. I'd like to see a Kansas fan come up with who they beat and lost too in their 20-25 trips over the same period. They likely know who they lost to because their dreams got crushed. But their wins, not likely. Yeah, we all want to be the next Zaga, but it wouldn't be half as much fun as we're having now. Well, that might be a stretch on my part, but we wouldn't have the drama and anticipation we all have for this upcoming season. We have no idea how this year will play out for the Bills. Will we have more lows than highs? I hope not, but that's what makes it all worthwhile to watch and support this team. It's highly likely there will be games where we are pulling our hair out, tossing the SLU hat against the TV, and grabbing another beer. Meanwhile, the Duke fan will be headed to bed w/ 10 minutes left in the game as they're hammering Wake by 30. I ask you, who's enjoying it more? I'd say us.
  8. I've seen several tweets suggesting Provel FC, which is pretty hilarious (despite my dislike of "FC" names).
  9. -The Tugs and build the stadium in Sauget or on Washington Ave
  10. -fwiw, CBSsports has a top 25 with VCU at #18 and David at #23
  11. I haven’t given up on Hankton and Jacobs they have one year in. There are 6 players with college experience and a Juco junior. A starting line up of French, Perkins, Hankton, Goodwin, and Jacobs does not scare me if Jacobs and Hankton become the players we thought the were when they signed. My expectations is that Perkins, Jacobs and Hankton would be our shooters. This is not what I think our starting line up will look like I think Hargrove will start and I cannot wait.
  12. -wow, Kalkbrenner has moved ahead of Bradford, at least by some margin, in this ranking, kid had a very profitable summer
  13. The St Louis Better Together, or go with what keeps us apart, St Louis Des Peres. fwiw I could live with Clydesdales (unless another team somewhere is already using). No other animal name more closely associated with the Lou I'd reckon.
  14. St. Louis Toasted Ravs St. Louis Asian Carp Invaders St. Louis Megan Ellyia-Green's St. Louis Battlehawks St. Louis City, NOT COUNTY!!! St. Louis Clydesdales
  15. I was responding to the comment stream from where you questioned why the 76ers and 49ers were different than the European team examples.
  16. and Jimerson, and Bell had a year of Prep School ball...
  17. Yes. I don't love the name either. So what about the award to a college player -- especially since this will be a professional team (not college) and the best guys no longer play college, and those that do play college, don't play 4 years of college anymore. Put me in the camp with those who like the St. Louis 1764 name.
  18. How well our guys play up to our hopes/expectations and as a unit, and how soon the mesh, is all fair an legitimate topics of debate. Subjective. I get it. No right or wrong answers. We all must wait and see. But cgeldmacher, you need to admit that we are not as young and inexperienced as you make our team out to be. Quite possibly Weaver has a horrible year -- but he is not young with no prior experience. Same with Perkins - he could be terrible this year -- but he is not young and not without post-high school experience. And Goodwin, French and Thatch each might not take that next step we all want them to take - but they are not young and are not inexperienced either. Why you and others act like we are going to be lining up 5 kids fresh out of high school and say - now go win the A10 is beyond me.
  19. MAC way too exclusive-ish for entity that is trying to fill 22k + seats to attach itself to.
  20. Where KC plays is not relevant. The Giants and Jets play in NJ and they still count themselves as New York teams. The only problem I see with the Missouri Athletic Club name is that it is not specific to the StL region other than the fact that the Club is located in StL.
  21. Think I might disagree. The more MLS has been willing to fit into the international soccer community, the more successful it’s been. I agree we shouldn’t feel bad about calling it soccer, or having mascots. But soccer is a global sports marketplace, and if you’re not going to try to fit in with the rest of the participants (e.g. playing games in the middle of the European transfer window) it’s going to hold you back. People who correct someone calling it soccer instead of football are the worst, we agree. But I think your attitude is a little more aggressive on this issue than it probably deserves.
  22. Totally agree. That's the toughest part about having to try to combat this over optimism. I'm extremely excited about these guys. I just don't want to submarine them by saddling the team with expectations that are too high. But, my excitement for watching a group develop over a few seasons hasn't been higher.
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