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  2. Thanks! He was born in GW's backyard and will likely grow up in Fordham country. So the work on indoctrinating him as a Billiken starts now.
  3. A month ago my wife went to the hospital, took a Covid test and had the results back within 90 minutes. Pretty straightforward. There is the one factor of her giving birth about 2 hours after that. But if you can swing it, it's a great way to get a quick result.
  4. Perhaps more so for Lorentssen than Linssen, considering that Linssen has already been in the country for four years and has earned a degree. He's already resided in the U.S. for some time. I wonder if he even took all of his belonging out of the country.
  5. My wife works for total access. Over the past two weeks patient load has increased by 4x, most requesting covid swabs or antibody tests. Several locations ran out of tests over the past week. There were 6+ hour waits to for test to be administered at most locations. Typically return time on a test has been 1-3 days. With the patient overload right now the labs that service them are backlogged and results are returned in the 7-12 day range.
  6. It is going to be difficult to get Lorentssen and Linnsen in the states.
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  8. This may be a dumb question, so anyone who knows more than me, feel free to call me out. If it came down to it, and the $h!t hits the fan, would it he possible to move all athletics to spring and summer of 2021? At least there’s a possibility of a vaccine having limited availability at that point. I know it’s not ideal, but it’s better than cancelling everything. Just from a financial and logistical perspective, would it be possible if, if it came down to it?
  9. Pat forde says ncaa is thinking of starting basketball a few weeks early to make up for potential break between thanksgiving and Christmas break. https://www.si.com/college/georgiatech/basketball/si-report-ncaa-considering-starting-2020-21-basketball-season-early
  10. Going through the county is a much easier (and free!) process.
  11. I'm hearing he's back in the mix. I don't know what that means for any other player's status.
  12. -if it was up to me and I controlled all things around men’s college hoops, here’s a start to what I do for the season, realize this is written with a bias to having a season and with the mindset that these players are in tip-top physical condition -there are probably some things missing as I put this together quickly during lunch and a bit of a review after a meeting (zoom) and some folks will not like parts of it but in my bias view is this makes some sense -have schools say by Aug 15 if they are going to field a team for this season -if there are enough schools to say we’re playing, the season goes, for me that number is 170, I don’t care if a team is from A10 or SWAC, if less than 170 the rest of this doesn’t matter -170 teams is 2.5 times the number that make the Tourney and just under half the number of D1 so making the Tourney is not a given and still an achievement -if your schedule has only teams that are playing, you are lucky but you can change it if you can find willing partners but you cannot add more games than NCAA allows -if your schedule has unraveled as teams are saying they are not playing your first inquiry is to your conference to see if they want to add conference games, if this can’t get to 30 or whatever number of games then fill the schedule trying to stay local (not because of the virus but because I think kids miss too much class time traveling and to reduce costs), it may be that schools don’t play the same number of conference games or have a balance of home and road, this season is unlike any other so deal with it to get games played -if scheduling is an issue because you were going to play teams that now are not playing the season, as to the Tournament your invitation, where you play and seeding will be influenced, perhaps heavily, by a team’s response to requests to play other regional teams and the make-up of their home and away schedule (this is my way to get a Syracuse, Duke and the like to play non-con road games outside of just one or two other P5’s if even just for one season) -schedules are final by September 18, you play the games you have set on this date even if under 30 or whatever number to give some time but a deadline to get it done -if a kid doesn’t want to play for fear of the virus but his team is playing they can transfer to a school either this year or before the following season without having to sit out a season, this is intended to be a one-year, virus driven exemption on the transfer rule or the school can keep the kid who doesn’t lose a year of eligibility but the school does not get extra scholarships for any of these situations -conferences might have all teams indicate they will play, if so great, if not they can choose to play more conference games for this season to fill the schedules of their members -individual schools decide if they want fans in the stands, and how many, and they make that decision with input and standards from legitimate health professionals, if fans don’t want to attend, don’t attend, schools can devise their own way to deal with tickets -for SLU we are playing, clearly the expectation for the season is high, our coaching and training staff is mostly under 55 years, if someone on the staff not comfortable they can take a leave for the season at reduced salary (everyone might be on reduced salary already) -for all buildings, no on court seats and for areas like where our students are the first 4 rows are not used and are behind a secure shield mainly to protect visiting players, also the area where teams/officials enter/exit the floor those seating areas are not used and there is protection along the lines of hockey glass -no cheer or dance teams closer than 4 rows of the court, no on court contests or recognition or cheers, no one on the floor except players, coaches, officials, training staff and a couple of folks to mop the floor at halftime with some agent to kill any bad stuff on it - this means media can’t be closer than 4 rows from the court, there will be no manned cameras on the floor by the baskets, at Duke the broadcasters are in the rafters so the media can deal with this everywhere for one season -at the scorer’s table will only be the folks that are needed for game operations, no media at the scorer’s table -in our building the tunnels accessing the floor would only be for players, coaches, officials, training staff and a couple of folks to mop the floor, Band and all others impacted will have to come down steps to their seats at least 4 rows off the court -for tickets sell as many as we can with the knowledge that you could be sitting by a stranger, wear a mask or other protective gear if you want, wear a spacesuit if you must, individual decision, obviously no one is forced to attend -test the team and staff for the virus at every opportunity, positive tests lands that person in quarantine until they test negative and they can’t spread it -tv is happy if 170 say we’re playing as they will have live content, sports pages are happy as they will have games to report on -I tried to think of as many items as I could but probably missed some details that can be filled in as we go, realize inconveniences will be had so games can be played and hope the following season is more or back to normal, whatever that will become -again I have a bias to playing, I don’t want to take this season from the players, staff and students as it is special and us fans, too -if this doesn’t work, like the song sings, blame.......
  13. The Big Ten will play a conference-only football schedule for 2020 season amid COVID-19 pandemic. Bunch of cross P5 conference games are included. This could crush some Non P5 schools banking on buy games to survive. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-ten-to-play-conference-only-football-schedule-for-2020-season-amid-covid-19-pandemic/ Here is an interesting take: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2020/07/09/big-ten-football-schedule-change-signals-beginning-end-2020-season/5409526002/ Smaller schools will lose sports. And people will lose their jobs. Hey, take it from Northern Illinois athletic director Sean Frazier, who was able to schedule Florida State shortly before the 2018 season. Northern Illinois received $1.6 million for the game. “Florida State, essentially, saved people’s jobs,” Frazier told the Associated Press. According to that AP story, 39 Power 5 schools scheduled 49 “buy games” for the 2020 season for a total of $65 million. UMass is scheduled to receive $1.9 million to play Auburn, which means if that game is canceled — when that game is canceled — UMass will be out nearly 20% of its $10 million budget for football. Who’s going to pay for that loss? Perhaps the UMass track and field teams, next spring. We’ll see.
  14. Dartmouth eliminating 5 of 35 varsity programs. Again, an extremely well funded school, especially for its size. Guessing this is just the beginning of a much broader trend.
  15. Jeff Reynolds (@ReynoldsJD) Tweeted: The superintendent of schools in Dallas told MSNBC high school football in the state of Texas is highly unlikely in 2020. No HS football. In Texas. Prepare yourselves accordingly. copied from a tweet Earl Austin Jr. retweeted.
  16. Urgent Care Rock Hill, Urgent Care Tesson Ferry, Urgent Care in St Charles and Mercy Hospital. All had no kits last month/ early this month. Urgent Care Farmington did. Results 10+ days.
  17. Not a lot. We are small. This is not our typical work–we are usually more research based and not a routine testing lab, though we do have CLIA certification required for clinical testing. we are just trying to step up because of the pandemic and help places reopen. As a non-profit we have the ability to do that. Having said that....probably 500 samples max.
  18. Agreed. But the extent of testing is now quite prevalent. And testing supplies and quality will only get better. General students on all college campuses will need to be tested - and tested more than once - and not just the athletes, coaches, trainers, etc. So I see COVID-19 as a cost of college expense - and not just an athletic/conference expense. Maybe a better and less expensive method is to do group testing. I have heard the experts discuss this. I am not sure of the maximum number, but let's say that 100 need to be tested so if they divide the 100 into 10 groups of 10 and if 10 people each spit in the same jar, or have their swab sample collected in the same common sample, and if 9 of groups tests are negative, then we know that 90 of the 100 tested are negative by doing only 10 tests. Next, assume the 10th group sample is positive so each of the 10 then get individually tested to find out the source or sources. In my example, 20 tests are used to test 100 people - not 100 tests.
  19. Willie reed is on the money team who is playing now.
  20. How many test samples can your lab process in 24-h?
  21. Game re-watch with Justin Love is out on our YouTube page. Recorded about a week or so prior to his passing. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  22. Where were these individuals trying to get tested? Any STL County resident can get tested for free. It’s an incredibly easy process. Edit: Results are also received in 3-4 days.
  23. Yes it is wild. I have a relative in Indy and they can get next day results. They encourage everyone to get routine testing. Something is wrong here in STL.
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