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  3. Your aunt no longer needs balls to be your uncle. She can just identify as your uncle.
  4. We have the same amount of open scholarships as New Mexico St, Jesus it’s worse than I thought
  5. Was that I’m the January 23, 2023 update NCAA Guidance document? If so, I missed it. He would have to tie a coaching change into mental health issues is the way I read it.
  6. Here’s a post from Transfer Portal for Playing Time’s twitter @TP4PT Transfer Portal for Playing Time @TP4PT CBB Division 1 programs with most available scholarships today. 8: Cal State Northridge 7: Prairie View A&M 6: Bethune Cookman 6: Mississippi Valley 5: Coppin State 5: Eastern Illinois 5: Nicholls State 4: Alabama State 4: Arkansas-Pine Bluff 4: St. Louis 4: Notre Dame 4: Jacksonville State 4: Texas 4: SC Upstate 4: Michigan 4: Chicago State 4: Buffalo 4: Manhattan 4: Howard 4: Maryland Eastern Shore 4: Louisiana 4: Texas Southern 4: New Mexico State 4: Southern Utah 4: Pacific #TP4PT #TransferPortal 9:05 AM · Jun 1, 2023· 3h Update: EIU now has 1 available, and SC Upstate has filled out their roster. ᗩᑎT ᗯᖇIGᕼT
  7. It was on twitter somewhere this morning. I think 247 tweeted something about teams that still have a few spots open along with the named teams.
  8. Really? I have searched the internet and can't find any source that gives open roster spots by team. So is your statement based on fact or "gut" feel?
  9. Makes sense. Before the calculus was looking for a "good fit" and making a leap of faith to a program that was "best" for you. Now it's in kids interest to see if they can scare up an extra $5-10-15K. They're incentivized to wait around and see if more money comes along, whereas simply getting scholarship offers they probably had a better "final" list sooner. It might even be a good strategy for some transfers to wait until some programs feel a bit desperate and try and scare up some more alumni cash.
  10. No, really not too many teams with 3 or more, and most of those teams are typically ranked in the 300's outside of just Michigan who is in a complete collapsing mode. There's a reason most teams have the roster ALMOST complete at this point(mostly 1 open spot). But you're trying to convince yourself its not a problem and that's fine, but not the case. By July any potential starter will likely be gone. And we need a few. Also for the 100th time, I still have not met or heard a single person who "hates" Ford.
  11. Agree. Some folks just hate Ford so much, they see disaster around every corner. My guess is that most if not all A10 teams still have unfilled spots on their rosters. It is just the new reality of college sports. I will be concerned if 2 of the 3 sports aren't filled by July. Until then, I'm chilling.
  12. Absolutely. He did have an awful first half - like most JUCO players. In conf he shot 42% from 3. He needs to finish through contact a lot better, but he can shoot the 3 and mid range with the best of them(Perk and Gibby)
  13. Parker can flat out score at all three levels, he just didn’t get the shot attempts last year. I don’t know enough about the 2s and 3s in the rest of the conference to definitively say where’d they stand in the A10, but I’d pick them against anyone on the offensive end. However, the defense probably holds them back a lot
  14. I candidly tuned out more last season than typical, but is everyone sold on Sincere Parker being an all conference caliber shooting guard? Again, I can't say I watched him closely enough, but it is interesting that Jimerson (his production as an all conference shooter is known) and Parker (averaged 5.9 points in 12.5 minutes per game) would be the top wing combo in any major league heading into the season.
  15. always. Tv markets are the biggest drivers in conf realignment regardless of what people want to think. But along with that, you also have to win.
  16. There's still something to be said for media market even if the Bills aren't getting Cardinals-like viewership. There's a reason that schools like Rutgers and Cincy get scooped while Western Kentucky and Memphis get left behind. Conferences want to be in the biggest possible media markets.
  17. Time to call up the University of Toronto to replace VCU.
  18. Yes you're correct in that comparison. I did not do enough looking into his social media behavior.
  19. I'm comparing their attention seeking behavior, not their content.
  20. "BG's schtick (same that made you guys want him on the show initially)" I didn't do my homework on his schtick. However, I wouldn't compare the content he had been putting out with his big guard series in the same realm as McBroom. McBroom is a lifestyle youtuber, and alleged scam artist. All I knew is he was putting out quality Youtube content featuring Yuri breaking down game film. I assumed his motive was to continue on that path, not become some sort of handler/street agent. My assumption that his motives were on the up and up was a poor one. That's on me.
  21. My hope here is that Yuri didn't / doesn't know anything about the sh*tposting on Twitter. His goal is to make the NBA. He's got bigger fish to fry than paying attention to BG's social media activity. An agent / PR person might deal with that stuff if Yuri gets paid, but for now it would all be on him and he probably (or hopefully) doesn't think about it. BG's schtick (same that made you guys want him on the show initially) or some prior connection that made them acquaintances sold him that partnering with him on a few things to boost his profile as we good idea. The fact that BG was clearly wrong on Yuri in the portal and the K-State stuff shows that he has little / no influence there and you're making a mountain out of a molehill over the Snarfs event. To be clear, I'm not casting any shade at you guys for having him on the show. There wasn't any indication back then he'd later be sh*tposting and trolling. To me, BG is like a basketball only Austin McBroom without the "attractive" wife and "cute" kid to exploit for followers. He'll resort to any means to get attention. His initial setup of just trying to showcase small guards wasn't generating clicks, so he's resorted to stirring the pot to get more attention.
  22. Any chance BE thinks that VCU's 2 at large's in 6 years isn't enough to offset some other troubles there?
  23. And I feel personally responsible about it. I feel sh*tty as fuok about giving him any platform. He showed his true colors eventually. Yuri was also doing free sandwich coupon giveaway on campus, so I'm sure there was a bit more than just a single event. Now this is going to be a bit of mild goalpost moving, but when I say "make a buck" it isn't just money. It's using Yuri and his connection to him to further whatever his agenda or end goal is. Is it to make connections with college coaches to get access for his show? Is it purely clout? Maybe BG was just hungry and wanted some free sandwiches courtesy of Yuri. I don't have any insight on the deal. But again, when you associate with a person who is on twitter sh*tposting about your team, coach, program etc. It might be time to cut that relationship off.
  24. No one cares about any of this Like just show me the embedded tweet, that's it
  25. yes and no. From how I understand it is yes coaching changes no longer count, that said, it helps your chances still until the NCAA completely revamps everything in the coming months.
  26. Having had some interactions with guys like "Big Guard", they're the latest version of what used to be called "handlers" in recruiting. Except now they fancy themselves as contract attorneys and want to take 20-50% of the "deals" they negotiate. They might do a first little something for free and then say "Man I've spent a lot of time helping you out so I do have to take my share of this..." when a decent money deal comes around. The NIL game won't be ruined by collectives or boosters paying guys. It will be ruined by these types that are taking advantage of young guys who don't know any better.
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