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  2. His Mid range not only went MIA, half of the shots were poor decisions. Turn around one leg jumper when you're cold? No..
  3. By force do you mean going from a 3 points and 1 rebound a game to 6 points and 3 rebounds a game? Because I think that's all you can reasonably expect even with increased minutes this year. He came off the bench for his prep team. He's a fundamentally sound project.
  4. Verbal meme: Vegas Doesn’t Know performed by Matt Damon in Eurotrip.
  5. Utah State is the @MB73 15 star lock of the decade. Bet the mortgage and the emergency fund.
  6. This is true. Young Mr Hughes is hitting a respectable 37.5% from the arc, but his mid range jumper is MIA. He is shooting around 16% inside the arc. That is not sustainable for a starter. His D is solid, rebounding is just okay, but he needs to help out filling the gap left with Parker on the sideline.
  7. I think playing Zang now, so that he is a force by tournament time is in Ford's best interest. If we sweep the conference and dance, he saves the season. But what does a one point victory against Dartmoth buy us.
  8. We're going to take our lumps while the youngsters are going through their growing pains. Ideally, you want that process spread out over the course of a season. They need to become sophomores in the next 5 weeks. Otherwise, we're lucky to win 3 games.
  9. The Iron Five of LaSalle knock off Coppin State to move to 5-1 and give Fran Dunphy his 600th career win. All of Dunphy’s wins have come in Philly as he’s the only person to have coached three of Philly’s Big Five schools. Was a little surprised to see that LaSalle has had 8 straight losing seasons. No MTE for them this year so they’ll need to win at least 15 to break the string. Probably will go 9-3 non-con so six A-10 wins gets them there.
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  11. LHJ is off to a slow start and we need him to get going. He went 1-7 from the floor and the six shots he missed were all poor decisions. His one make came on an impressive follow of his own shot but the first one shouldn’t have been taken. Combined with Medley they were 1-9 from the field and Medley’s 2 three point misses were shots he should’ve passed up. I think Ford’s comments about poor shot selection were addressed to those two, and probably Bruce as well for his ill-advised airball. We’ve got to get LHJ going as he figured to be a key contributor this year but hasn’t put it together yet. One other thing is that Jimerson really played well in spite of the 6-18 from the floor. While his three point shot wasn’t there, he had several great drives, had some bad luck on most of the ones he missed, and earned his trips to the stripe. I was listening to parts of the game and Rammer’s description of events made it sound like he was really off, but watching the replay showed he had an excellent game and my criticism of his play was unfair.
  12. Vegas spotting us 5.5 points. Honestly seems low, hope I’m wrong.
  13. SLU Men's Basketball Game Notes & Information Game No. 8 Saint Louis (5-2) vs. Utah State (5-1) Date // Time Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 // 7 p.m. Location St. Louis, Mo. (Chaifetz Arena) Tickets Purchase Now Radio KMOX 1120 AM (Bob Ramsey, Earl Austin Jr.) TV Bally Sports Midwest Extra (Scott Warmann, Scott Highmark) Stream ESPN+ | Bally Sports app and BallySports.com Live Stats StatBroadcast Series History Saint Louis leads 1-0 Game Notes Saint Louis | Utah State
  14. BetOnline has it at Utah St -6 tough to argue with after watching Dartmouth
  15. That took surprisingly little time to become an organized, alumni-driven enterprise. But historically, people have been predicting the demise of college sports since as long as have had them.
  16. Can’t wait to get dominated by Great O. and D. Sprinkle…
  17. @Fordham (4-3) 93 Manhattan 61- Final, in the Battle of The Bronx.
  18. Utah State is a much better basketball team than Wyoming. On a neutral court they would smoke us with a healthy Parker playing. It will take a heck of an effort and some luck for the Billikens to pull out this one.
  19. Nice. Ace did go for 27 and played all 40. His ex-teammate Zeb Jackson went for 22 for the Rams.
  20. neutral site game in Kissimmee Florida. Nice win for VCU
  21. While it’s always good to see a B1G school taken down, I don’t know what to think of actually rooting for VCU, so for me
  22. Not sure if this is still an A10 thread or just another hijacked thread. In A10 news, yesterday, VCU took down their old coach Rhoades and his Penn State Nittany Lions by 12. Ballwin and Kern start for PState and shared in the humiliation.
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  24. 20 wins is .500ish anymore, and many of those wins are against "buy game" foes. 20 wins is more impressive at Savannah State than at SLU. people that do this also count games against non-D1 competition. 30 wins is the hallmark of a truly great team anymore. The years of jj/mm/km/de/rl/ce we had 27 and 28 wins and won the a10 and went to the tournament. That's a GOOD or GREAT team. Last year was mediocre or average. Jim Crews last two years we surpassed ten wins. It's hard to lose when you're playing Dartmouth.
  25. Yeah I think at this point in SLU WBB history your non-con schedule only serves as an extra benchmark for year in year out improvement. Assuming WBB continues on a steady upward trajectory it will be a few more years before at-large bids are realistically on the table at the beginning of seasons and even then, as LE said, it's kind of up to the A10 to do its part as well. If they would have gone 2 for 2 in Hawaii, I think it would have been squarely on the table.
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