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  2. I don't see either NBA ready, but if they get told by the experts maybe that will be a kick in the ass to make them better next year. JGood u need a perimeter shot and Has you need a mid range jumper.
  3. And you're only giving your opinion and nothing else. Stop being a jerk to people who are respectfully offering input/thoughts.
  4. Good luck Jordan and Has (and take Javonte w you) and represent Team Blue !! The fact that 2 (maybe 3) underclassmen are declaring/trying out in the same year is a testament to our program and coaches!!
  5. <It's vicious. > like those mean libtards' questions at the Rallies masquerading as press conferences? I don't miss the hitler youth jamborees but the helicopters from his quickie PC days drowning out the senile psychopath I do kind of miss.
  6. I thought your Mickey Pearson bit was funny but you are just being an ass
  7. You also ignored the fact that multiple other countries have already approved the use of the drug against Covid. This is strong evidence in and of itself. and true you do not approve drugs and have absolutely no part in any deliberations the FDA may have about the approval. What you are giving is just your opinion, nothing else.
  8. That’s the smart move by her. She has talent but was recruited over the last two years.
  9. The feedback they would get would look something like this Goodwin needs a tad better inside shot and three point shot French can't be the sole reason are team is bottom in the nation in FT, also needs a mid range shot, cant dunk over every NBA player. Not worried at all about them being drafted because they won't. But I am worried about them leaving for a D League team and not finishing up their degree.
  10. Doing this allows them to get feed back so they know what to work on. All this does is help their game which also helps the team. I think I might put my name in the 2020 draft too. Why the hell not?
  11. Last year over 180 underclassmen declared for the draft for only 60 spots. Most went back to school. I see this as a good thing for them to get to find out what to improve on (besides free throws lol)
  12. Hope Perkins does too. id be more upset if these players didn’t take this approach.
  13. For the record, on the below site, which is a strong site historically for big boards, neither of our guys are on the top 100 draft prospects for this year. https://www.nbadraft.net/ranking/bigboard/
  14. Not fretting. They have a lot to polish up on.
  15. With their stat lines this year it makes sense... I imagine both will be back but it’s gets them on the radar of the scouts... I don’t foresee either getting enough interest but they join a list of other elite players from the conference to declare and I don’t blame em.
  16. The part about "in his mind" his Billiken career is over doesn't make one feel great but I guess that is what he's supposed to say.
  17. Per Trump today, coronavirus is not the same as the flu. It's worse. It's vicious.
  18. Feel like I should add this to my work email signature
  19. Agreed. Honestly, like @billikenfan05 said, Perk is the most NBA ready.
  20. Yeah I am not really worried, if you are an elite player this is the new norm
  21. Well, this news just keeps getting better. I remain optimistic however.
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