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  2. indeed his loss worse for them than our fallen phenom has been for us.
  3. Mizzou has fallen off a cliff without Tilmon's presence. Without him they're nothing but a jumpshot team. Live by the jumper, die by the jumper. And they're mostly dying this season.
  4. Extremely stupid. Please delete the thread.
  5. Timing isn't right for either party. We'll be looking to add a guard in 2021 when we have more scholarships and playing time available. Hope Mario has a big year at juco.
  6. Agree. I don’t want him. We need another shooter and a big
  7. Agree. I don’t want him. We need another shooter and a big
  8. https://theconservativeopposition.blogspot.com/2020/01/proof-that-anti-trump-polls-lie.html
  9. Caught a tape of Rammer on the Press Box Friday: "We still have a dozen games left...." Davidson totally sold out on in packing it in. 100%. Rammer wasn't as upset at the fouls that were called as the ones that were not. Discussed Weaver's coming off at Dayton, with French's arm around his shoulder. Yes, Weaver was upset. Likely Ford wasn't pleased with this defense. But we need Weaver to be consistent. He doesn't need to hit 5 three's a game, but come off the bench, play solid D and hit 2 or 3 three's. The team understands that the ball needs to run through Perkins. Rammer wants to ask Ford if Perkins played too many minutes against Davidson, 36, and maybe should not have started the second half. Rammer says he isn't there yet, to play full time. Perkins knows how to score. Frank wants him to isolate more. But as Rammer said there was no room in the paint for Perkins to drive in against Davidson. Frank and Rammer think the A10 is a three bid league. Dayton is granted as #1. Next two, three and four slots are wide open. Rammer lists VCU, Richmond, SLU, Rhode Island, Duquesne and maybe Davidson as candidates. (Remember this was Friday's broadcast.) Rammer went out with his wife and some friends after the Dayton game, and "I was an ass". Frank saw Chris May after the Dayton game, and he was devastated. We would have been in the 30's NET had we beat Dayton. Frank talked again about the recruits at the Dayton game. Rammer; most of the big recruits they are going after were there. Rammer would have liked to see Bell get more clock at Davidson. Let him get some fouls, beat up a few guys. "He has had only a couple of stinkers all season." Rammer thinks they will bring in a JUCO or GT big. We cannot stumble on these next four games. Fordham, St. Joe and LaSalle, and exact revenge on Duquesne here. Frank; Nesbit and Kern are being worked on hard by Tate and Ford. Rammer says Ford relentlessly embraces recruiting. Rammer lists Goodwin 'his heart - refuse to lose' is along side of Bonner, Jett, Hughes, and Lisch, and he says Goodwin is top of the list. His demeanor and commitment to win is off the chart. Rammer on Bonner, "You didn't know what you were getting when he came in. He was an assassin, he wasn't going to be stop.' Fred was on the Davidson trip. Rammer, "I don't think he is going to play this year, but I hope he does. If he plays, it means he has figured out how to control his ailments." On Jimerson, Rammer has been told that "You don't apply for a medical waiver until your eligibility is up. So we won't know for a few years."
  10. Rhodey beats the Bonnies. Dayton puts away Richmond. Duquesne loses at Umass. Things are starting to settle. Dayton and VCU remain class of the league. Rhodey second tier. The #4 spot remains up for grabs.
  11. Clark is waiting on big time offers in the spring. Nice player but not much mutual interest.
  12. Yeah, I was shocked to see them ranked 21.
  13. Speaking of Illinois RIP Robert Archibald.
  14. I have 3 tickets for the game tomorrow. Does anyone need them. Pretty good seats.
  15. Hard to win rivalry games when you shoot 36% from the field and 2/14 from three.
  16. Underwood changed it up after that loss and Missouri has fallen off an even steeper cliff
  17. They've been underachieving all season. The least they can do is win out on their home court and bump our loss to a Q1.
  18. Watching Davidson v Mason. I really hate Davidson. They are not packing the inside like they did against us, just playing good D and hitting 3s.
  19. That was a good game to watch.....for about 14 minutes. The Spiders finished strong but not enough to ground the Flyers. Toppin had some nice assists. Would Francis have made a big enough difference? Maybe, maybe not. The Spiders head across town to play VCU next.
  20. Been wondering the same thing. Inexplicable.
  21. How did Missouri kill them?
  22. Watching Dayton today on the road against Richmond, I'm even more impressed by our near win at Chaifetz. Toppin is unguardable, Crutcher is really hard to guard and their length on defense forces you into some tough shots. There has been talk about us being next year's Dayton. Let me dispel that notion right now -- there will not be any Daytons in the A10 next year. Having an unguardable player puts Dayton on a totally different level -- it makes everybody else on their team that much better.
  23. Underwood looking like a nice hire.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hello, no easy W's in the A10. You just never know who's gonna bite u in the arse. Bills go to get it together.
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