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  2. i think the newbies are very talented, some have elite skills, jimerson's shooting, collins passing,perkins has shown he can score. obviously not at d 1 but i think we are going to be pleased with this team. having potential shooters is something we have not had in some time
  3. Yep, and Belmont will be before Wisconsin. Others may follow.
  4. I don't know what happened sending that one, should have sent a week ago
  5. Did you write this after hopping out of the Delorean?
  6. Saw on Badger Wire , GT Tyler Scanlon will visit Wisconsin. Said he visited GW already.
  7. I like the fact there will be a recruit visiting Wednesday, there will be a buzz with the Blues playing1
  8. Exactly. That's why I think our non-con record will suffer accordingly. There's no Bess or Gordon to save us when things go left.
  9. Different team than the conference team. We had Gordon then and Gordon was big in each of those wins. The game at Seton Hall was our best win on the year and Gordon was the best player on the court for that game.
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  11. agree, there are some what ifs. what if perkins becomes a big scorer, jimerson, hargraves. i have hope, and yes goodwin and french have to make another step up
  12. But we beat Seton Hall, Butler and Oregon State in the non-con on pure talent. I think we're going to lose against good teams in the non-con simply because we're newbies.
  13. -not sure I can quibble with the write up or projection/prognostication considering we lose the following: 47% of minutes played 40% of scoring 59% of rebounds 48% of assists -I did see on this board, so consider the source, that Hargrove was moved to a 4 star after winning IL state title with his team
  14. That is basically what happened with SLU last season. We only beat LaSalle, Fordham and GWU on the road. We were scuffling team all regular season
  15. This list is for last season. I'm good with him not being in the Top 25. I would put him fourth on the Bills for last season for total contribution.. The way you "evaluated Goodwin" at the end of the season, I'm surprised you ask "How is that even possible?"
  16. it all depends on the summer. we shall see. imo, the continued development of goodwin and french is the most important. they have to become the real team leaders for all aspects of the program. not only on the floor but off. what bess meant to the program cannot be defined with statistics imo. with so many newbies, that leadership replacement is vital.
  17. Who cares where a player is ranked in high school. Star ratings don't put points up on the scoreboard. Show up in college, lace them up, show what you got in practice, earn Playing Time, contribute to your college team......all more important than rankings and stars. Coach doesn't ask about stars when he recruits a player.
  18. Frankly I don't believe Richmond will have to improve 100 spots to finish above us. With all the new guys I think we're going to struggle early and take our lumps in conference before we figure out how to win on the road. We could be playing good ball by the end of the year but have a .500 conference record to show for it.
  19. I think we are going to need a breakout scorer to finish top 5 in conference. Thatch, Goodwin and French will D up. But whose gonna hit a shot? GJ and Perkins hopefully. Relying on Slu newcomers is never a good position to be in though
  20. Richmond finished 203 last season in Pomeroy's ratings. Heading into last season Mason was the team many thought would make a huge move because of who they brought back and the edition of Reuter. They improved going from 220 to 156, but didn't make close to the jump many were expecting. Expecting a jump of 100 around spots out of Richmond is asking for a lot
  21. The Bonnies lost even more talent last year and won 12 conference games. Picking them outside the top 5 given their track record the last five years seems bizarre to me.
  22. I think SLU and Richmond will be pretty close quality wise this season.
  23. They lost Stockard and Griffin, their first- and third-leading scorers. They have a couple great rising sophomores, including as you say one of the best PGs in the league (who basically took over for senior PG Lofton this past season). But they had enough roster turnover to make an outsider hesitate to pick them higher. VCU, Davidson, Dayton, and Rhode Island are no-brainers for the top 4. 5-9 is where it gets interesting because you can make arguments for or against Bonaventure, Duquesne, Richmond, SLU, and Mason. I have them in roughly that order. Duquesne would've been an easy #5 for me if Williams had returned. Richmond has almost everyone back and a ton of pressure to make a leap.
  24. You think we're better than Richmond with everyone back plus Sherrod? We barely beat them last year when we were playing our best basketball.
  25. I think sixth is probably about right. Sixth is where we finished last season. I just think the national ranking number is about 25-35 spots off. You could even finish below sixth in the A10 and be better than 143 nationally this coming season. The A10 will be much stronger this season.
  26. The Bonnies finished two games ahead of us last year and only lost one significant player. They have one of the best point guards in the league and arguably the best coach in the league. If they finish outside the top 5 I'll be shocked.
  27. No idea who Father B is, but he sounds like a reasonable Billiken fan.....here's his exact post, please tell me what was offensive enough to be labeled a troll by you??? Probably not game changing for SLU fans to give him his own thread, but game changing enough for KU fans to give him his own thread? The difference in the tone of response on the KU board: https://247sports.com/college/kansas/Board/103719/Contents/Lok-Wur-132807725/ "Exciting prospect. A lot to work with there with a solid skill set and great length." "The offers/interest flooding in say all you need to know. This kid would be a GREAT addition this late..." "Ok, I want this dude. Where do I send the check to?"
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