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  3. Probably had 2 years left on his contract, rumors had it it was more. So we played this turkey close to a mil a year. Probably the worst coach in SLUs history. Ekker had an excuse (low budget, the West Pine Gym, uninterested administration with O'Connell, etc..) and Buddy Brehmer was a little before my time.
  4. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/illinois-mizzou-slu-hope-record-pay-results-in-big-hoops-payoff/article_f95186ae-17f8-576a-ae76-b45ddf59331a.html Nice Article although it has the obligatory Illinois and Mi$$ou have "significantly larger budgets than SLU." The biggest takeaway for me is this though. This is outrageous, appalling, disgusting, embarrassing. I know I've never seen this figure reported anywhere before, though I may have missed it, I kind of doubt it. Heads should have rolled for giving the world's worst basketball coach a buyout of nearly 2 Million Dollars. Jim Crews should be serving time in the St. Louis workhouse for this type of robbery.
  5. Well given that the Blues required that you be vaccinated to attend this picture is only proof that you are comparing apples and oranges.
  6. But by the time they arrived the hype began to fizzle. 1993-early 1995 was when it was the talk of the town.
  7. SLU non-conference opponents: For the 2nd time in 3 seasons, Xavier has won the regular season Big East Title. (3 local starters) (Georgetown, Butler etc some good teams) Xavier and SLU opponent Purdue (in the Big 10) have had strong top 20 caliber seasons. All 5 of SLU’s Power 5 opponents have been RPI Top 100. KU has had some big ranked wins, combined with some disappointing results. Louisville was top 40 much of the season before fading a bit in the rugged ACC. Iowa piled up a strong early season record and had some heartbreaking close losses.
  8. hard to believe it's been 22 years since they have been in. seemed like they were going most every year for awhile but time flies. gotta believe america for the most part is rooting against the evil astros. despised cheaters and nobody likes dusty. wear your pearls!
  9. The Brave’s are on a roll keep it going. The Brave’s are making the World Series interesting and worth watching.
  10. Thanks for your critique. I value your opinion. It’s why I post.
  11. Shout out to @billiken_roy! We ‘re in the World Series! Still can’t believe it!
  12. Rhode Island 1 SLU 0 OT SLU controlled the game and had several chances. Rhode Island had few, but made a great shot off of a couple of mistakes in OT. Caroline Kelly had a strong first half on the wing. She made several good passes, including this one to Hannah Friedrich who would like the finish back: SLU had several chances dominating the final 15 minutes but couldn’t find a goal. Here Abbie Miller heads a Friedrich corner off of the crossbar that almost bounced over the line: Another cross for Miller was volleyed off of the near post. Kelly had a great chance but a good diving save and loose rebound was cleared. Rhode Island OT goal. A Heckel pass giveaway, (she had a couple of those today) turnover and pass ahead to top of box and Stram took a poor side angle, (earlier she did a nice job marking tight out to 25 yards) player and ball get behind. SLU is too slow to get to the ball for the clear and Claire Ross bends a perfect shot far side netting from 18 yards out for the winner. Stunning defeat. Earlier in the game, Rhode Island had another chance with a forced turnover at midfield from the wing. Miller, who won several midfield balls, didn’t make the play, doesn’t have the footspeed to get back, Kohl gets caught in between stopping ball and covering the open player in the middle. (Houck needs to slide over and she did) but Kohl was late to stop ball. The defense is split, Heckel drifts back too far inside the box. Shot from inside 18, nice save from Puricelli. That play happened way too many times early in the season. Friedrich had some chances she’d like back from the wing. SLU had several shots from distance just over the bar. Gaebe had some really deft touch passing around 18-25 yards. Shots were 16-6 for SLU. Corners were 8-2 for SLU. Previously SLU had gone to a mid game lineup of Friedrich inside of Kelly and Sawyer with Gaebe up top. SLU dis not try that this game. With the loss SLU loses the #2 seed to Dayton. (VCU won. the regular season title Thursday night). Puricelli Houck, Stram, Heckel, Halverson Miller, Kohl Kelly, Preusser, Friedrich, Gaebe Lots of Beach outside back rotation with Houck and Halverson (who both played good games.).
  13. 2022 SLU commit Lauren Hiatt scored the game winning goal (2-0) in the Tennessee AAA large school Sectional Finals, to send her Ravenwood (Nashville) team to the State Quarterfinals. Lauren was recently named to the All District Team. She has made a nice comeback from her serious knee injury last year. She has been a big factor in both the defensive midfield and backline since her return this Spring. She will return to TSC ECNL club ball after the High School Season.
  14. The first part of this post is just stupid. I thought you were better than that.
  15. Spoon coached the Bills for about 4 years while the Rams were here
  16. I guess there ain’t no cure for the wintertime blues?
  17. One thing to remember about Spoonball is that it was during a period in which there was no NFL in town yet. Yes the Blues exist, but the certain demo the Bills are trying to attract doesn't care about hockey.
  18. Any one interested in 2 free tickets in section 101 for the exhibition game? I will probably have additional free tickets available for the first 3 or 4 games. I bought the 2 additional seats this season to help support the team so you will see me posting a lot until the team makes the top 25 then my fair weather fan friends will want them. See you all at Chaifetz soon, the wife and I are so excited to get into Chaifetz.
  19. Wait, he didn’t get into a fight on the broadcast about COVID? Isn’t that an integral part of the 2021-22 season, which is why we won’t stop talking about it here.
  20. That's fine. You have your list, I have mine, slufanskip doesn't like stats nor apparently lists, but the only list that counts is Coach B's. I really, really, really hope that Sargent turns the corner in what has to be a call up next month. I really, really, really want our local stud to excel, but he needs to justify his call up. So far in 18 caps, he has 5 goals. Wouldn't it be great if you could put Pepi's soccer skills into Dike's body?
  21. Coach on KMOX this AM. Pumped on the possibilities the new Champion Center will give all SLU athletic teams. This was AD May's vision, and he has been working on it for 8 years. Coach spoke first about Nesbitt. Said he hasn't played college ball yet (I guess Memphis didn't happen) and he doesn't want to put too much on his shoulders. Needs to learn from Collins, Perkins, and Thatch (older guys). Okoro, he can change the game with his speed and athleticism. His offensive game is coming, but it is a work in progress. He wasn't asked to be an offensive player at Oregon. He is getting more touches than he has in the past. He was on the sidelines for 7 months last year with a couple of surgeries. He is 100% now. Rammer and Earl will be going on the road with the team. Exhibition on Tuesday against Drew Diener's Rockhurst. Expect Rockhurst to heave up 3's all night.
  22. @brian & 72 --- that's a standard, running joke with me, y'know. Kind of like SVU, Geedubya, YouDee, 50/50, tool, MBM, podcast, etc. Dayton has 8,644 students per a number from fall 2020. They all can't fit in the arena what with the big boosters and the like. They only get one end of the court under the basket for seating and that is not the biggest majority of seats. The bulk of attendees are graduates IMHO. My buddy (fellow SLU grad twice) has season tickets but he is a local doctor and well-connected with the influential. And this is where they go to be seen. I have sat at SLU games with him in his fifth row seats. I wear my blue in defiance. They are respectful ---- unlike Xavier and UC dregs who were condescending and then downright vicious should we have won. Daytonians are over the top when it come to expectations of their program. Not boisterous but expecting. They shake your hand after the game, win or lose. They don't get profane. I've been to a few places over time and it seems the most vocal, turn-on-you-if-we-lose fans were Cincinnati, Xavier, Temple and Louisville. St. Joe's fans are passionate, but like most Philly fans, they'll scream at their coach first. La Salle fans remind me of SLU fans. Ditto Fordham. Mason fans are hard to find. That beautiful arena is mostly empty. Ditto George Washington --- their international student body doesn't really support the team and Washington is too diverse and has too many schools well above Geedubya in the pecking order starting with Maryland and Georgetown. I'll see what Palumbo and Duquesne brings this year.
  23. SLU 4 George Washington 0 SLU clinches the Regular Season A-10 Title. Both John Klein and Simon Becher are forwards who are very good at two way play, coming back to defend and to show as a target, to create offense. Becher set up SLU's 4th goal from a pass in SLU's 3rd of the field to Klein to Leeth. SLU's backline, and defensive midfield, does a good job of breaking up plays before they develop and stepping into the offense. Niece, Keller, etc... No Palazzolo for SLU, but he did travel and dress. He was kicked in the knee on a slide tackle last game. John Klein keeps moving up the all time single season assist list for SLU. According to SLU, he surpassed Brad Davis' 2001 14 assist season. Klein has 15. (Matt Mckeon had 20 in 1995) Becher scored his 10th. Heading into the weekend, 5 players Nationally had more than 10. Mason Leeth had two goals for SLU. Goals: Schulte Murana, Keller, Niece, Vaughn Leeth Wilkinson Buendia Parker Becher Klein
  24. Looks like Blues fans agree with you, Roy.
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