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  2. Great job with the interview. She is one very impressive coach and person. If possible, I would love to see SLU come up with a bucket on $$$ to keep her and turn her into the "Mark Few" of Women's College Soccer.
  3. This is a great comparo of reality vs reason. In a world where the only change is the arc distance to the arc, the 3 pt performance should be worse and so you demonstrated it. The Bills on the other hand had major improvements in their shooting and scoring capacity so their results were better than what logic and reason (applied to every team the same way) required. Life, sports, the market, neither are logical or reasonable, the individual details count and alter the results.
  4. Great job guys. Have you guys thought about putting the word out before the podcast and maybe take a few questions from the message board.
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  6. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. The simple answer is yes. Here is the long answer..... In the chart below, we will look at how 2 and 3Pt shots have been affected by moving the arc back. I particularly want to focus on 3 P shot value. 3P shots are more valuable shots than 2P shots. Exactly 50% more. The questions are... when is it worth taking the 3P shot ....who is taking it ...how has the extra distance affected the 3....and most importantly for this thread, who should we be looking for as a transfer. Let's look at the numbers....These will be team stats from all D1 schools....note that these numbers are
  8. What separates the Bonnies and our program is Schmidt's best teams consistently win on the road. We're still figuring that part out.
  9. If Nesbitt and Okoro come as advertised, I am not scared of the Bonnies. They are all Seniors but they lack talent. We beat LSU when we weren't worn down by Covid and Bonnies got blown out by LSU when they faced them. You can say what you want about our performance in the A-10 semifinal, but we were still not the same team as Ford created and fielded at the beginning of the season. The match up at the end of 2019-20 season is more indicative of what would have happened if two healthy teams played last year. 72-49 final IIRC
  10. Ummm 2019-20 Dayton went 18-0 in conference was ranked #4 in KenPom compared to Richmond 14-4 and #46 Kenpom. I doubt the gap between 2021-22 Bonaventure and whomever finishes #2 is that large.
  11. It may be the biggest gap from 1st to 2nd in a long time.
  12. Not a transfer, but I won't start a 'didn't transfer' thread.
  13. Bonaventure is in the top tier by themselves, by a lot. Then you can start a discussion about second.
  14. Agreed. I was insinuating that it was a high priority. I was responding to someone who said they liked flying under the radar.
  15. These early, early predictions are click bait. There are over 1400 names listed on the transfer portal and, just looking at the list, maybe 2/3 haven't landed. Some of those are solid names. But to figure out final rosters today, how they will gell, which freshmen will contribute, is simply an exercise to do while nothing is going on. Baylor did a pretty good job of fitting together transfers. It can be done.
  16. with this free for all lunacy transfer nonsense this year, i wouldnt even try to guess standings in any league or predict anyone's 21-22 season. it is crazy. no one has a set roster one great pickup or loss can drastically change any teams outcome.
  17. Definitely classify this post as rumors, as my source is the UMass BB forum. And we know how accurate forums can be. First, everyone was looking for a package deal of Bergeron and Mitchell. That doesn't look like it is happening. Second, mention has been made of 'twitter chatter' for Mitchell heading to Illinois or UNC. Third, a group believes he will return to Amherst. The forum didn't have many who thought he would go pro.
  18. VCU will not even be in the top four without Hyland.
  19. VCU finished second last year and are expected to finish first next year. We finished 4th last year and are expected to finish 4th next year. Their predictions were well . . . predictable.
  20. If we want to be consistent top 25 teams, we have to become a much better road team. Embracing media predictions is way down the list of priorities, IMO.
  21. Good stuff.... I would make 1 footnote. When looking at individual player stats, sample size is important. You would not want to rate a player who has only taken and made 1 FG , one 3P and 1 FT and comes up with a score of 300.Here is what is generally considered a qualifying sample size in D1. 100 FGM 25 3PM 50 FTM So based on those sample sizes the only player qualifying is Perkins ....well above the 163.5 for an A+. Also, a number of Bills players qualify on individual parts of the slash without qualifying for the whole line. For instance , Jimerson's 39.4% fro
  22. I know about Tsohonis but we will have to see. Bones grew up with that team and Tsohonis an interloper. Chemistry will be interesting. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. Technically, it will be Vince Williams’ team.
  23. There's an old coaching saying that they only make all 3 FT's 33% of the time. Obviously not very statistically based but if you take Wiz's 71.1% FT shooter you end up with a 36% chance of making all 3.
  24. Williams has pretty good numbers, and some of those came against P5 teams. Not saying he's a match to the UW player, but he shouldn't be ignored.
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