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  3. Brief thoughts from last night: Possession was about 60/40 in favor of SLU. Denver had a few moments of decent possession in our half, moving the ball left to right but did not make much out of it. Shots were pretty low across the board. SLU is averaging roughly 12 and I think we ended up under 10. The front line tandem of Novaes, Becher, Klein, and Boyce were fun to watch at times, zipping the ball between each other and disrupting the backline with good runs. Although the game was close, SLU had the feel of that team where its quality would eventually come through which it did with Klein's 25 yarder. Regarding the best soccer comment, I was saying last night during the game just how SLU just seemed faster, more dynamic, higher quality, etc than the last few years. It had the feel of the early 2000s SLU soccer we remember at Hermann. Long way to go to even rightly compare this team to those, but they were playing some nice attractive soccer.
  4. You are not hyper critical. And I do think you are correct, we are playing our best soccer in years. I go back to Joe Clark and Bob Warming. Sorry but never was a fan of Donigan or McGinty. Thank God those days are over!!
  5. I'm being hyper critical here and I realize it, Kalish has us playing our best soccer in I don't know how long and I am thankful for it. But I would really like to see us get Schulte some support by netting a few more balls. Across this 6 game win streak, our margin of victory is a slim 2 goals, only 1 goal across the year. The 4 straight shut outs have led to an impressive goal differential, but let's get the man in net a little more breathing room. Again, this is a hyper critical assessment of the Bills play.
  6. Patrick Schulte is a magician. Four shutouts and counting. Six straight wins for the Bills. I was hopeful there would have been a few more goals tonight in a statement win, but I agree with the sentiment that Denver is a better team than their record states. BRING ON THE FLYERS.
  7. Class finish from 3rd generation soccer Billiken John Klein, far post upper corner 22 yards out. Denver was highly ranked pre-season. They have had many close losses to quality teams. Washington, Stanford, Indiana, Notre Dame, SMU, tied a good Seattle team, win over Cal. They just needed a couple of results their to change their season. Now they have struggled against a few less quality teams in the middle of the season.
  8. Yep. Top 100 team (for now), had to win, took care of business. I only saw a few minutes but from what I read it seemed like it wasn't the prettiest game. The W is all that matters, though. Bring on Dayton.
  9. Final 1-0. Another shutout. keep that train a-rollin’. i wish Denver was as good as years past. Still a good win against a known program.
  10. 1-0 Bills. Goal by Klein in 58th minute.
  11. Bills and Denver tied 0-0 at half. #1Virginia up 1-0 in final 3 minutes.
  12. It will be interesting to see where football is in 20 years. I played HS football in the mid 90s. A few years back we had a reunion of sorts for our 94 state title appearance. I'd say 80% of the guys said there was no way they were letting their kids play football. My children will not play football. I can't count how many concussions I had not too mention knee issues. Anything I got from football could have been achieved focusing on another fall sport while not having lingering injuries down the road. Just not worth it.
  13. I mean usually. It’s not like a rule they only get one bid. If anyone will do it in the near future it’s SLU.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Obviously K-State has been picked up by ESPN+, but it was relayed to me prior to Carter's announcement that the K-State game would be on FSMW. Something obviously changed, not that big of a deal, but an interesting "turf war" for television coverage on some of these games. I wondered if the Big 12 network had a contract that would keep FSMW out for that game, turns out there certainly is: "On Wednesday, the Big 12 announced a new digital rights agreement with ESPN. Beyond giving ESPN the rights to the Big 12 championship game every year until 2024, this new agreement also moves some Big 12 inventory to ESPN+, a paid subscription service. All of the Big 12’s men’s basketball games that weren’t already on an ESPN network — plus a slew of non-revenue sports, spring football games, and some actual football games — will now be on ESPN+."
  16. The risk in football isn't necessarily caused by concussions. CTE is caused by small, repeated banging in the head. Helmets actually enable this problem. Lineman are at the biggest risk.The longer a kid plays, the greater the risk regardless of level. https://www.bumc.bu.edu/busm/2018/01/18/study-hits-not-concussions-cause-cte/
  17. A10 Women's Soccer is a Juan-Bid league, is it not?
  18. That is definitely the guy. My memory is not great with regards to his exact behavior, but I remember leaving the game with my friend (we sat behind the Denver bench) and we were saying how we should reach out to the athletic department concerning his actions. He definitely got into it with one of our players towards the end of the game, but I am forgetting to what extent that was. He was also aggressively getting after the officials. I boo this man.
  19. FWIW, my boss was a Division 1 football player at Baylor (pre-any scandals so that weren't that good, but still, D1 football is D1 football). He and his twin brother, who is also a VP at my company, were both big Texas HS legends back in their day. Football is religion down here. Regardless, they both have young boys now, they emphatically state that they won't let their sons play tackle football until the 8th grade. To add to that Brett Favre is now a huge advocate of starting full contact ball later, around HS. The Manning brothers didn't play full contact until the 9th grade. These guys are all tougher/better athletes then I ever got even close to obviously, if they don't believe their sons playing full-contact football until far later than traditionally is the call, who am I to dispute it?
  20. This is very similar to my household. I have three sons. Wife doesn't care one way or the other if they play or not. I have said 'heck no' to them playing. I played up through high school and have had several concussions, and still have terrible knee problems. They play soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and they're runners...but football is a big nope. Concussions aside, in high school an opponent was paralyzed on a kickoff return. The kid on my team who laid the hit wasn't particularly big, fast, strong etc; but the kid fell just right (wrong). Same could be said for any sport where landing the wrong way could end in the same result; these things just happen more in football IMO.
  21. If there is one thing I am always pro, it is constant, borderline-inappropriate, unceasing smack talk aimed at opponents coaches. Jamie Franks looks like a nerd, someone at the game tonight remind him that he is one! Let's Go Bills!
  22. For those out of town or who cannot attend the SLU v Denver game tonight, next week SLU opponent, #1 Virginia is hosting #18 ranked James Madison at 6pm Central tonight on ACC Network. UVA is also #1 RPI and James Madison is #22 RPI.
  23. Times have changed in the Stl. Many more schools have kids that played youth/grade school football. Recently CBC, a top 5 or so Stl area team this season (DeSmet, East St. Louis etc...are a bit better than them this year) played a top 10 Division 2 Cincinnati school, Winton Woods, (2nd largest Ohio Division out of 6) and CBC won 42-31. The kids at the private schools and top public programs all have had several years of youth football experience. Some of the kids are bigger and faster and more skilled than ever. Many more good coaches out there too. Better college football opportunities. In the old days, Stl had skill positions and speed, but couldn’t control line up scrimmage and didn’t have the physicality of some of those schools of the other parts of state. That changed a while back too. It of course isn’t Ohio, nor close to it, but it’s progressed a lot.
  24. La Salle (now 77) was the best remaining A10 team on their schedule RPI-wise, and is still second in the conference. Like I said before, the next three teams will not help them so they need to win all three. Given how they took care of La Salle, I'd be shocked if they have an issue with any of them. The next real test is the regular season closer vs. GW (120). GW tied VCU over the weekend to drop to 5-0-1, giving the 6-0 Bills a clear path to win the regular season title outright. Without knowing a ton about the women's soccer NCAA Tournament, what kind of RPI ranking puts you in "safe" territory? With teams #120, 198, 228, and 257 left on the schedule, I can't imagine they'll get much help in the ratings even with four decisive wins.
  25. Erwin Claret Rick Madeira Marc-E-Perry Amarone Bonner These are bad but I'm sure there are good ones if I knew wine better.
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