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  2. I doubt we'd get an annual opponent from the Beast, but I hope we get a Beast opponent every season. Same goes for the AAC. Just about given up any hope of ever playing Mizzery again, but you'd think we could get a different B/12 or SEC team every season.
  3. Keith Stone is taking his Keystones to Miami
  4. Get DePaul on the schedule it would be nice to get Gordon a game in his hometown. Xavier would be my dream yearly Big East opponent.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Haven't we always been told he's 6'8"?
  7. I’d like us to continue playing a big east team as often as possible. Unpopular opinion: I’d actually like to play a middle to lower tier big east team. I want as many straight wins as possible.
  8. I’d say it’s more about the mediocrity (relative to the competition) of the product. This year so far has been an exception, obviously, with the team in first place. If they can keep it up closer to playoff time, I’d expect bigger crowds.
  9. I’ll get on my soapbox and say that low attendance for STLFC is the bleacher seating but I hate bleachers, so.....
  10. Had to have been. I’d rather sit on bleachers. Funny enough, the high class sections have the NICEST seats I’ve even felt. 4 inch padding, built in seat warmers
  11. The seats at the Etihad were made for standing lol
  12. Agree. I liked the approach last year — a couple of nearby D1 schools — SEMO, SIUC — and no Rockhurst or Illinois Springfield. The eastern half of the US was well covered.
  13. That would be cool. id like Cincinnati from the AAC too.
  14. Wouldn’t get too hung up on the details within the stadium. Remember the initial renderings of Chaifetz they put on the fundraising brochures? It looked quite a bit different than it ended up.
  15. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/mls-update-with-carolyn-kindle-betz-jim-kavanaugh/ Scoops with Danny Mac. CKB and Kavanaugh. Have Letters of Intent, Memorandums from sponsors. Imo's on Twitter, stadium is "Second Square Beyond Compare" Details with City and State on the land still to be worked out prior to MLS stamping the franchise. More details on high level sponsor validation still needs work. CBK asked for visits, clicks, etc on website. She said that MLS is looking at the website interest. https://mls4thelou.com/ Danny Mac, any team name: CBK says "We need a team first". "The Archers seems to be a fan favorite." per CBK. They will do town hall's and debates on some of these branding issues.
  16. ah nope, didnt know this was a thing. Cool.
  17. The said they will be figuring out the supporters’ section in the coming months. It is not yet accounted for in these designs.
  18. McBrides is the bar at Craven Cottage they named after Brian McBride.
  19. go see mcBride? No, went like 4ish years ago.
  20. For those that have been to Craven Cottage, did you go to McBride's?
  21. I wondered about this too. Maybe need some kind of louvered shades that can open and close.
  22. etihad has the cheapest, most unconformable seats ever. those frickers make matches hell. My back muscles are always on fire in those. Also I think the rules against drinking during matches plays a role in that. stamford bridge has like no stands at all to get food or drinks at.
  23. craven cottage is the best. Nothing comes close to that.
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