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  1. Blue font, it comes down to whether the Nesbitt family wants Pappy’s on game day or Lambert’s cafe in Sikeston on their way to Memphis for a game. I am hoping it’s Pappy’s.
  2. Good riddance lying troll. The majority of D1 programs are clean not just SLU. Have fun accusing SLU of cheating on the Illini message board when Nesbitt commits to SLU. Please make good on your promise of no more posts.
  3. Russell can also sub as a ball handler our team has so many options. This is going to be fun.
  4. This route should secure him a masters degree so he has that going for him. I am curious of what kind of player he will be and my guess would be probably not very good or he would be playing. SLU is better off without him.
  5. Hope all is well with you Taj. Benefit of the doubt from players that are transferring because of a COVID and the NCAA is not challenging them on a waiver. The NCAA is inconsistent always in their rulings and I agree with the names mentioned in your examples of not fitting the COVID mold. I believe the NCAA has a one size fits all mentality this season so all players are transferring because of COVID. The NCAA also might be trying to see what the reaction is with allowing so many waivers then if there is a bad reaction the NCAA will blame the pandemic. There are plenty of people taking advantage of the pandemic. My company is busy I am on a job site right now in Kansas and in March my company canceled raises before the country shut down. I have not missed a day of work and have worked weekends. My opinion is post pandemic that waivers should only be given to players if the coach leaves or the school is put on probation that is no fault of the player. Instant eligibility will make the mids a farm team.
  6. Taj and others make great points about what is happening with the waivers but my belief is that the pandemic has changed everything so give the players the benefit of the doubt understanding there will be others that will take advantage of the situation. The players on the Billikens roster for P5 / P6 possibilities to use a mid as a farm team is Jimmy Bell and Yuri Collins. Bell and Collins have been developed by the SLU coaching staff and could be an immediate impact on another team trying to fill a need.
  7. I think this time the NCAA has it right. I understand why players might want to move from a hot spot to an area of the country that isn’t. I understand players being concerned about COVID that the player and parents want them closer to home. Even though I do not fear COVID plenty of people do and I respect their feelings so the NCAA should make an exception until COVID is brought completely in control in all 50 states. Happy Friday
  8. Jordan Goodwin was a 4 Star are you talking about 5 star? In hindsight or the world according to CBFan Hargrove, Perkins and Collins could play for any top team so I think coach Ford has done well locally and even convinced a D1 player to walk on. With recent success hopefully the 1 out of 5 will play for SLU and a good start would be a Nesbitt signing. This is sure fun team blue is loaded and I hope to see them play in 2020.
  9. Welcome Mr. Russell to team Blue, what a pleasant surprise and blessing to have you on the team.
  10. Still VCU because I root for the Bonnies when we are not playing them. The VCU fans come on this site and post non-sense while the Bonnie fans are respectful. A good Bonnie fan @brownindians has posted respectfully on this site for years. When we beat VCU I enjoy because I just don’t like them. When we beat the Bonnies I enjoy it because we beat a tough well coached team that I respect. I hope that VCU, Dayton, Duquesne, Bonnies, Richmond, and Davidson are good teams each season for the strength of the A10. Happy Friday
  11. I raise my hand HP and I contacted brown Indian and congratulated the Bonnies for getting him. He is a young guy that can still turn out to be a good player.
  12. No there is no infrastructure in the rural area that live in so the only choice is satellite. If I could get cable what a blessing that would be. I have the same problem at the Lake of the Ozarks only satellite and I have a place in a densely populated area. What you get speed wise with dish is around 15Mbps so it is not good for working at home over a VPN either so I have been going to my office during the pandemic.
  13. That is a beautiful place I visited the Biltmore mansion and the drive to the Biltmore was how I remembered that area of the country as a kid, spectacular.
  14. It was the only way I could own my private fishing pond. Thank you for the laugh Willie
  15. Thank you but Hughes Net is exactly the same, faster for the first 50G data then slow unlimited after that. They get away with high speed because of the first 50G. When I got Dish I was cutting the cord until I found out about the 50G. 1 hour of video = 3G of data used. I was told by dish do not get Netflix or anything like it otherwise it will eat up the 50G.
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