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  1. This is in French’s head during the games. Watch French at the shoot around before every game he sinks most of his attempts and never an air ball and all attempts are close. I think the air balls are fatigue related French plays balls out every minute. Blue font team blue needs to take French back to a happy place before his free throw attempts.
  2. He sure saw a good one with the best crowd student body and game for a loss. I think it would make a good impression on any recruit.
  3. Please change your name to Dukes fan and stop your charade of just a fan of the A10 with a slight bias towards the Dukes. Please post how well the Dukes will do on their site not ours. I could care less about how well the Dukes will play against Dayton with that defense and probably most on this site could care less.
  4. Great post Taj perfectly said. I wish you could have been there last night the entire student section was present and in to it. The crowd was incredible totally in to it standing several up several times getting on the officials it was a site to see and I hope for more crowds like last night.
  5. These refs are corrupt protecting dayton
  6. Free throws and great shooting by Dayton is killing us
  7. The crowd is great you are never here horrible post
  8. French was fouled before the jump ball these refs suck
  9. It’s my night I finally beat a kid to the thrown shirt then got it and gave it to the kid. My first shirt in 30 years of trying. Wow what a game run the offense and burry these guys and do not stall atrack
  10. These refs suck and they are getting it from the fans. A10 memo to refs protect Dayton
  11. Free throws will cost SLU the game good grief it should be a comfortable lead.
  12. What a game hit the bunnies and free throw there up over 10. The people that own the seats next to me never show up including tonight.
  13. Lots of empty seats but we are always fashionably late
  14. Weaver just stroking 3’s and not missing I hope he shoots like that during the game.
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