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  1. Welcome Brock Vice, your the big man the team needed and look forward to seeing you receive a medley of passes for finishes at the rim.
  2. I agree the attendance was good for Auburn and Dayton last season. The A10 will never be The Great Midwest or Conference USA when crowds were huge and SLU was in the top 20 in attendance. Attending the games is so much better than watching on TV. If SLU can get in the top 25 early in the season and stay in the top 25 to March then I think more fans will show up.
  3. Some fans posted that they would stay away because of the mask mandate, vaccine or proof of a negative test to get in. I read some posts that SLU was not strict enough and stayed away. Hopefully all fans that did not attend because of COVID will come back and enjoy watching this team live and be rewarded with a special season.
  4. The context of the subject was under 6’ 2” and wasn’t Mike listed at 6’ 2”? If Mike is under then his name should be mentioned he is a Billiken great.
  5. Thank you for the information coach it reads in my opinion a lean to Missouri. No mention of SLU leads me to believe he is a long shot commit to SLU but I hope I am wrong.
  6. Welcome Cian to Billiken nation. Your are the future floor general.
  7. If Perkins returns to form and Parker is a creator like Perkins defenses will get scored on if defenses swarm Yuri. Last season it worked because Yuri created for the other players because no one on the team stepped up for that role. I was hopping Nesbitt would be that guy last season but Nesbitt did not finish when he created so swarm Yuri was a good defense.
  8. 6’ 4” 4 Star point guard sounds great to me I hope SLU is a serious contender for this player.
  9. The positive side of your post is spot on. As soon as Yuri announced SLU responded quickly to give the players additional resources to set themselves up money making deals. At the time I thought wow this was the first time SLU responded to an issue so quick. My personal feeling is that Yuri, if he has another great season, will get a great NIL deal from a top school that he dreams of playing for and get a chance of being the point guard for a National champion team. My belief is that the only reason he is not playing for Tennessee is because of tampering.
  10. You just could not resist HP, thanks for the laugh
  11. Fair question for a recruit to ask now with the NIL. Chemistry with the visit with players and coaches is important along with winning, location and education for some. There are plenty of miserable people working jobs they hate but the money is good. Hopefully kids will weigh out the whole package instead of just going for the money.
  12. Thank you for posting the tweet I tried posting the tweet and twitter flagged my account as spam and locked my account, lol. I appealed and quickly got it unlocked but older people and twitter can be dangerous.
  13. West Pine Bills on twitter is posting Bailey is back and his evidence is that Bailey has been wiped from the UMass site. I would post the tweet but I have not figured that out yet.
  14. I agree and I think it’s too late now to find a player available that would be better than Hughes or Thames but I could be wrong. I am not a good evaluator of players so I am probably wrong. Happy Friday
  15. A assumption about not having a backup point guard because no one on the bench has that title. I will wait and see when the team plays if there is not a suitable backup. The best way to find immediate playing time the new players have is to work hard in practice to win the backup Yuri position. I am hoping for Thames or Hughes to step up and claim the backup up role. If this team loses Yuri to injury getting to the big dance will be in jeopardy.
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