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  1. The bench had a nice game and when Perkins got his 4th foul I posted in the GDT who other than the seniors will step up and the answer was Collins, Linssen and Thatch. Thatch did miss 2 bunnies however his 3 point shot and defense to cause a turnover was huge reason they beat Richmond. Yuri Collins has 4 turnovers but he had 9 assists and was a magician under 4 minutes to play to secure the win. Linssen was his normal productive self.
  2. Linssen, Thatch, Collins stepped up to help the seniors nicely done. Billikens win sweet Caroline
  3. Perkins 4 fouls, Jimerson is doing nothing. Besides the seniors who can show up for the last 7 minutes and help out
  4. Thatch out of control Hargrove misses a bunny no one can guard Golden Collins 4 turnovers. As Jack Buck would say what a revolting development.
  5. Try Bell again to defend Golden Linssen cant
  6. Decent half would have liked to see Thatch score a couple of those close ones
  7. Bell big rebound he has done well
  8. French high arc free throws look better
  9. Rammer is saying Bell was tripped
  10. The ball was pinned on the rim figure it out zebras
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