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  1. Miller really messed up the last 10 seconds good grief that was bad.
  2. Miller needs to improve but rebounding is why they are losing. They are giving up second, third and four chances every miss shot.
  3. Never sad to love college and high school basketball it’s a good thing.
  4. This website for the fans proves that SLU has the most passionate fans. Billikens.com is second to none.
  5. I like this recruits size, our team needs bigs.
  6. Good point I forgot about the Swede and he might have been pushing Jimmy Bell for playing time.
  7. That is what I predict for the starting 5. 5 race horse athletes running teams off the court.
  8. Very surprised with this late transfer I was interested to see how much he developed over the summer. I think Jimmy was not used enough however last season based on what I saw I did not see that Jimmy’s skills improved. I appreciate Jimmy’s contributions especially his freshman season against Richmond and Rhode Island. I appreciated Jimmy’s free throw shooting to close out games. Best wishes Jimmy I will follow you where ever you go and hope you score lots of points, grab lots of rebounds, and block a lot of shots. Be well big man
  9. Good points and I will add St. Louis and the NFL do not like each other. The NFL sent St. Louis on a snipe hunt to keep the Rams in town. The group jumped through hoops to get an approval for a billion dollar stadium on the River front. The group spent several million dollars made all of the NFL milestones and the NFL allowed the Rams to move. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be an unprecedented pay day coming to the plaintiffs and I look forward to seeing the pain.
  10. Those who say St. Louis screwed up and that is why the Big Red left are correct however that is not the whole story. The Big Red was a futile franchise that drafted poorly and ran off Don Coryell. The futile franchise destroyed Oklahoma coaching legend Bud Wilkinson and fired Gene Stallings who won a National Championship as the head coach of Alabama after he was fired by the Big Red. 78, 79, 80 and 81 were brutal seasons for the Big Red. In 82-84 they had records of 5-4 strike season, 8-7-1, I was at the Monday night 10-10 tie game with 4 missed field goals and 9-7. After 84 Bidwill wanted a new stadium for a team whose historical record was under 500, (481). The investors of a new stadium wanted a commitment from Bidwill of putting a good team on the field before investing in the team. In hindsight they should have built the stadium but would the Big Red demand another new stadium now to replace the one they built? Probably St. Louis city and county is a political mess. The city and county messed up the expansion team that eventually went to Jacksonville. I am glad the corrupt NFL is not in St. Louis and I hope the plaintiffs win a billion dollar suit
  11. I have always felt the NFL in a settlement would try to find a home for the Chargers who are unable to sell tickets in LA and not offer a new franchise. Today, I do not think that the NFL would want anything to do with St. Louis and the feeling is mutual with St. Louis. Awarding a team to St. Louis would make too much news and would be a reminder to all why St. Louis got a team. I cannot see the NFL ever saying we were wrong and screwed over St. Louis so here are the Chargers and some cash. For it to be quiet they will have to settle big bucks in the 700 million range or risk losing 1.2 Billion in a made for TV court fight.
  12. I think in the end St. Louis and other plaintiffs in this lawsuit will win big money or get offered a franchise plus money. This exposure hurts the already damaged NFL reputation and I believe the NFL will eventually want a quiet settlement. I hope there is no settlement by the plaintiffs and they win the billion dollars worth of damages the NFL owes the plaintiffs. I loved those pictures of Dan Dierdorf and Roy jet stream Green. I miss the old big red even though they did not win much but the NFL was really fun to watch in the 70’s and 80’s.
  13. IMO starters Okoro, Nesbitt, Collins, Perkins, Hargrove.
  14. Mr. and Mrs. CBFan welcome Kellen Thames to team blue, we look forward to watching you on the court.
  15. Old joke on this board just like tool. Because it is an old joke blue font is not necessary most of the time.
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