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  1. CBFan

    Recruiting - 2019

    I appears if he gets fouled he might be able to hit free throws and I like when I see him making foul shots. With our teams needs he is worth the risk get him in for a visit and a verbal Ford only plays 9 or 10 however a big will see some time if they can defend.
  2. It is also a time for fans to relate to the coach, players and not be so serious like we are on this site. The best coaches show ever was Charlie Spoonhour and Jack Buck that was must listen radio. Those two characters were great together. Coach Ford has a lot of positive energy and is a good marketer of the Billikens for the casual fan I still think he will get us to the big dance. Coach Ford is the reason I will upgrade my season tickets next season and move to the lower bowl.
  3. I think knowing what song coach Ford likes is fun for me, I love the Budweiser song I enjoy the tuba's out in center court. The coaches show should be fun with some news and the news was that Hankton and Jacobs will probably play and Welmer wants to play. I really appreciate HP's summary posts of the coaches show I need to remember that the show is on and start listening in.
  4. CBFan

    No TV for Dayton

    Just checked ESPN and it shows that it is on CBSSN so it is all good 72 unless you don’t have it.
  5. You have proved to me 100 percent you do not follow this team at all. The true fans of this team know exactly what is and was going on with Thor, Hankton, and Wiley, Welmer. The only mystery is what is going on with Jacobs. You have really embarrassed yourself with this thread.
  6. Lots of people leaving half of the student section is gone
  7. Izzy having a nice game almost got an assist on a Wiley missed 3 it was close.
  8. 2-13 if we lose it is because of foul shooting
  9. Offensive dead zone again LaSalle crawling back