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  1. Punishments are handed down to the lesser programs to make it look like the NCAA is really doing something without losing any money. The Missouri football program is a good example of the bias. I would bet Alabama would not be punished like Missouri if they reported on themselves about tutors taking tests. Alabama would be praised for their integrity.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I am probably wrong but I would think SLU would have a better chance of getting a recruit from the North East than the South East based on media coverage.
  3. I agree with the GT big or any GT that could help our young players. Nothing against Loc Wur but I would prefer to have 2 scholarships available and hope Bradford and another shooter could fill those 2 spots. There are enough freshman in this class plus is Wur a better player than Hankton, Perkins or Hargrove? If he isn’t or as good what does the team gain from signing him?
  4. Thank you for reminding me about the MLS team that would be the cherry on top.
  5. It is a good start of being one but could improve by 2 GT signings, Cardinals in the playoffs and early signings of Bradford and Kasubke
  6. Thanks for posting the tweet. Most pictures I have seen of Terrence he is always smiling. He appears to be upbeat and all in as a Billiken and I think he will be a player we will talk about for years after he graduates for his playing performance and his character, I am so excited he is a Billiken.
  7. Gus will still call him Lock
  8. I believe Gordon will never play a game for DePaul.
  9. Respectfully disagree, just like the Blues you would hear how long it’s took to get there from everyone. Then coach Ford leaving for a better job would be constantly talked about until the next season begins. Getting to the final four is as unusual as the Blues getting to the finals and winning games both are big news stories. I thought the local stations did a good job of covering SLU after the tournament win against Dayton. Happy Friday
  10. Even though the game against VT was bad the A10 tournament run was a fun ride and now we have the Blues playoff run a couple of months later for the big prize and we our enjoying another fun ride. 2019 has been a good year so far for our teams and if we can finish the year with a Stanley cup, 2 surprise GT signings and a World Series with the Cardinals it will be a championship year.
  11. We have five returning players 3 are proven significant contributors at a high level. I have high expectation for Hankton and Jacobs, both have a lot to prove. When last season first started I could not wait to see Jacobs on the floor and I was disappointed. Jacobs showed nothing last season and Hankton showed glimpses that he might be a pretty good player. Both players now understand what it takes to be a successful college player and I think both will pick up their game and be a big part of the success of our team especially when the team leaders are French and Goodwin telling you to work harder like Thatch. I really think the newcomers will contribute and make our team deep with the exception of the 4 and 5 position and that will probably have players playing out of position and that is where I see the problem. I measure this team as being successful by hitting the following milestones, winning record in conference and non conference, and winning at least 20 games.
  12. Just because excellent post was not an option I must post excellent post too you. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. Welcome X fan thank you for the kind thoughts. I go back to the MCC conference when we played twice a year. I was really excited when SLU joined the A10 and we were playing each other again. At the very least I would love to play Xavier in non conference every year. Xavier’s basketball program success is what I would like to see SLU have. As long as Travis Ford is SLU’s Coach SLU will be successful. Coach Ford is a good recruiter and will have good players every season. The class of freshman and one Juco is a good class coming in this season. I expect SLU to compete for the conference top position in the upcoming season. All SLU fans want in the big east and will hope that we will be in the big east on the next expansion. I believe SLU will compete in the big east because SLU was competitive in the great Midwest and conference USA so SLU has made it happen in a tough conference before. My only concern is how long will coach Ford stick around after his kids graduate high school? X fans understands how a loss of a good coach can hurt a team.
  14. Agreed, I worked as a contractor in that brewery and tried a few of their other brews I like the two women bock. I recommend visiting the town of New Glares for a tour.
  15. Thanks for sharing the news Taj, I wish the best for coach Phil in his new position.
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