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  1. I haven’t given up on Hankton and Jacobs they have one year in. There are 6 players with college experience and a Juco junior. A starting line up of French, Perkins, Hankton, Goodwin, and Jacobs does not scare me if Jacobs and Hankton become the players we thought the were when they signed. My expectations is that Perkins, Jacobs and Hankton would be our shooters. This is not what I think our starting line up will look like I think Hargrove will start and I cannot wait.
  2. Then you should not be worried then because SLU is coming off an A10 championship. The guys that gave a verbal early were mainly local players that wanted to be at SLU to play locally, Gordon, Goodwin, Thatch, Hargrove. I do not get the same vibe from the local offers so this might be the year that the commitments come in November without the early verbal. Coach Ford has a lot of offers out there and he will probably have 2 signees in November. Playing for Coach Ford and SLU is a good thing he will get it done, in Ford I trust.
  3. I think that might be the conference those out of town schools are in. Examples would be Missouri, Illinois, and K-State, Xavier. I think the A10 really hurts our status with the local kids. Coach Ford must win a lot and get the local media’s constant attention and to build a lot of local excitement like the Blues and Cardinals get. Transform SLU to Gonzaga then the conference won’t matter as much. Thanks for the Majerus quote, a classic.
  4. I agree with yours and Roy’s feelings and I did not think anyone was confronting any fan on what they are wearing. My hope is that Chaifetz is sold out for most of the games and those fair weather fans will probably not wear blue but I want the sellouts first then the sea of blue.
  5. Until we sell out every game all are welcome no matter what they are wearing.
  6. Any feeling about SLU’s chances for these guys. Having both of these guys for 2020 is what I hope happens however I just do not get that good vibe like I did with Collins, Thatch, Hargrove, and Jimerson.
  7. I spent 3 months in Sidney in 1992 working for Kellogg’s and it is a awesome place to live. The women in Australia love American men and it was strange to hear that I had an accent. The Australian people I spent time with were fun loving beer drinkers, my kind of people. The only culture shock will be the driving in the right front seat instead of the left. My advice to Javon while driving if your seat is closest to the middle of the road you are driving the right direction. Best wishes Javon Good Day
  8. No, you said Yuri would not play very much and made a false claim that Yuri will be the smallest D1 player then, I told you about Gilyard being smaller. No one said you are anti Yuri that twisted thought is in your brain not ours. There is no doubt in my mind you are a super Billiken fan.
  9. Wut? Gilyard for Richmond is smaller.
  10. That is what happened then, thank you.
  11. I just confirmed and purchased my 4 season tickets for the lower bowl just a minute ago. I am so excited to be in section 101. FYI, for those that are changing season ticket seats do not have to wait for the September phone call as I was told you can make the change now if you call the ticket office.
  12. Have you seen Yuri play? I have at the high school playoffs, he can pass, defend shoot free throws really well. Biggest question will be outside shooting in D1.
  13. I agree with you Roy on Hargrove, Jimerson, and Collins. I feel all 3 are special and there is no doubt in my mind that all 3 will have successful freshmen seasons. I think Hargrove will be the best freshman in the A10.
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