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  1. I finally finished shoveling and moving the large gravel pile in my driveway. I rewarded myself with hours of fishing in my pond. The wife deep cleaned the house and organized the bedrooms and closets. Painting the house is the next project.
  2. I checked Pistols list of offers so not currently but I am hoping SLU moves quickly on him.
  3. With the same players returning SLU led the A10 in rebounding because of have an incredible guard that can rebound and score in the paint. Points in the paint is not an issue in my opinion but I do trust your opinion over mine about the biggest need on the team. As the team stands today how do you see the guard position?
  4. Hello coach, my concern is depth at the guard position because Fred Thatch’s condition. I would really like for coach Ford and staff to convince Russell to commit to SLU to replace Weaver’s minutes and if someone gets injured or punished.
  5. You are right about me and you can add my wife wanting desperately wanting KC and all Billiken signees to to be happy and successful. We usually show up an hour before the game and watch the players in the shoot around. You get to watch the team interact in the shoot around and the SLU players appear they get along quite well. KC and Fred could have been down but both displayed a lot of enthusiasm in the shoot around. I wish the best for KC I hope he finds a place that will provide him a degree and playing time. Be well Taj I hope you can make it to a game this season our team is in a good place. The last 3 home games were awesome and beating VCU and the Bonnies like they did was special.
  6. SLU returns 7 proven players that won the last 5 games with 3 freshman now sophomores that have experience and will improve. They will bring back Jimerson that teams will have to watch from the perimeter. The top 8 players on our team should have SLU picked for second if Richmond is first in the A10. The top 8 players alone if nobody else on the team steps up will win the A10. The depth at the guard position is concerning if Thatch cannot return and that might be the reason SLU was not picked first.
  7. He was playing with that big guard SLU recently offered who committed to Cleveland State. I was hoping to land both if SLU had a couple of transfers. Thank you for sharing the information.
  8. You are making accusations about Roy that you cannot back up because you have no idea why Roy is saying this, it’s just your feelings. Here are some facts, it came from China, China suppressed the information and the world has suffered because of it. China also said the virus was caused by American soldiers and many of us do not like that. This is about disliking the Chinese government not the Chinese people or any Asians. I work with several H1B immigrants most are from China and India and the great majority are very delightful people and I wish for them a chance to be citizens one day so when I say Chinese virus it’s my protest of the Chinese government and not the people. We need to think the best of each other and quit fighting each other. We are all Americans and more importantly team blue fans. For the respect of Steve I try to stay away from politics because this site is not about hating and politics it is about posters having one thing in common that no matter who we are politically we have team blue in common. Happy Friday stay well
  9. There has not been a collapse yet and a good chance there will not be a catastrophic collapse. Our government and corporations are in overdrive producing ventilators. Examples are GM and Ford will mass produce the much needed ventilators. Locally Davis tool and dye has dropped everything to produce the dyes for GM, my close friend is making the dyes. In New York the hospital ship will reach port on Sunday. Our country has the toughness and means to keep this from being a catastrophe. Our country is the most informed about this virus the numbers of cases, and best possible practices to stop the spread. I respectfully disagree with your majority comment would vote for adequate health care with the cost of being poor. However If you meant having less wealth and for adequate health care then I am all in on that comment. Happy Friday be well everyone
  10. Respectfully, I know old guy he is not a troll, he and his wife are long time team blue fans. Now back on topic can anyone confirm if KSU plays SLU at home? Happy Friday stay well everyone.
  11. Not very often we score under 60 and WV scored 68 I like our chances. Would have liked to see them control our bigs Goodwin Collins and Perkins. 56 points is too low.
  12. It may come down to what happens to Fred Thatch, will Fred be able to play next season? SLU recently offered another big guard but all of the scholarships are used.
  13. One good thing about this is at least no one is transferring right now. Lets hope Hankton can break out next season by staying healthy and contributing when called on.
  14. Thank you for the kind words it made my day. I am a lucky guy however my wife was the starting Point guard on her high school basketball team so she loves basketball. She is a total team blue lady so her rooting interest are the same as mine so when I asked her to go watch Yuri she was all in and we put on our Billiken gear and sat about 3 rows up from Yuri on his team bench and cheered him on. Just as important she fishes with me and puts up with my childish behavior. Yuri did not disappoint either with 30 points great ball handling and finding the open man. I will pm you next season and see if we can meet. Happy Friday
  15. Shout out to the posters that saw this in this young man before the recruiting process even began and had mentioned that SLU must get Yuri. The posters on this site motivated my wife and go see the kid play and we were rewarded with a 30 point effort and some great assists. Yuri brought back offense to the Billikens. The fast breaks that were so troublesome the season before became a thing of beauty and grace finishing at the hoop. Yuri will score more as defenses will play the pass but it will be pick your poison. Its funny that when Yuri signed the posters on Tiger board said it was a good signing for SLU. Note to those posters it would have been a good signing for them and anyone else in division 1. Yuri was probably one of the 10 most overlooked players in division 1 and will prove that when SLU reaches the sweet 16 next season.
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