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  1. LSU getting hammered by Kentucky in the first half 49-36. LSU does not defend well at all. Maryland beats Minnesota 63-49. North Carolina beats NC St. KU, Duke lose again. Florida State wins again I like them and think they will be a surprise team.
  2. Your team is playing quite well no surprise your coach is really good. What are the COVID restrictions in Olean? Currently in St. Louis restaurant capacity restriction is 50 percent and those businesses would love to have an A10 bubble. Blue font, team bus drivers are suspect in Olean, how do we ever regain that trust? Be well
  3. No matter our politics we all share the love of our Billikens. At times I have been triggered by some political cheap shots that posters who have no respect for Steve have posted but I quickly remember my respect for Steve and our common bond of Billikens basketball. I am sure my political views are different than a lot of my favorite posters and like Brian said the fans I high five and sing sweet Caroline with after a win. Lets get the party started again.
  4. LSU is up by 6 under a minute to play this one was too close for comfort.
  5. Kentucky is still struggling so much for the 3 game winning streak they had. Is Fletcher still in the dog house with the coaches or is he injured because he did not play. I hope Fletcher runs away from that program no matter where he goes.
  6. There conference record is a reflection of your post 3-4. Robbins has 21 points 8 rebounds Carr has 17.
  7. Minnesota putting on the hurt on Michigan 61-44 under 7.
  8. Alabama smashes Kentucky by 20. Alabama is 10-3 and looks to be a real good team and in the SEC. when Kentucky won 3 games in a row sports pundits were saying see I told you so. Check out these numbers from last night 19 turnovers, shot 21-61 34.4 percent 4-18 from 3 22.2 percent. I had the pleasure of watching Duke getting defeated by VT. My friend is an alum and I had the pleasure of sharing his happiness with the win. VT has a nice team too. KU loses to OSU but I do not get worked up like I do with Kentucky and Duke losing.
  9. I chuckled a lot with your post thank you. The truth is always funny.
  10. I think most posters are okay with Fordham just a few that think they should leave even after beating Dayton. I like playing them especially when our team is down because it gives SLU a good chance to pick up a win in the conference. I am not a big fan of the conference when Butler, Xavier, and Temple left the conference. I loved SLU playing Xavier going back to the MCC days. Sweeping Xavier in the A10 was so sweet. I like the AAC if SLU cannot get into the Big East.
  11. Fordham transfer Honor ties the game with NC State with 38 seconds left.
  12. NC State struggling down the stretch up 1 with 2:01 left.
  13. I am watching it and both teams are on a scoring pause.
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