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  1. Funny. I wonder if the powers at St. John’s think this was not thought out very well and are regretting firing their Coach? blue font, where do they go from here Soderberg, Romar?
  2. FIREBALL! Shout out to the grandkids that introduced me to this pitbull song. Welcome home Mr. Lewis I am happy for you and your friends and family that will get to see you play at the Fetz how exciting that must be for you. I like the mix of local kids on our team however I understand it must be a mix because we don’t want to miss out on players like French. If he is able to play next season we are strong at the guard position.
  3. I do not know, it was the best game. If someone can show me how to extract it from my DVR then I will share it with everyone.
  4. Would never charge, I do not know how to extract the video but if you do you are welcome to drive to Jefferson county and extract it from my DVR. Feel free to pm me and we will make some arrangements.
  5. I kept all 4 of the A10 tournament games on the DVR to get me through the summer and early fall. The 5 guys we have already is a lot to be excited about. All of them fill needs on the team a shooter, point guard, a big, an athletic forward that can defend and score and an experienced forward that can score. I am so excited about how the remaining 3 scholarships are filled and hopefully that is determined by May.
  6. I feel that way too I was just being silly about coach Martin. Hargrove, Collins, Thatch are all solid regional kids that want to be at SLU and that is a good thing.
  7. Blue font, poaching is recruiting too. I would like to beat up on Martin on this one but to be fair Mr. Williams departure was going to happen regardless but it still fun. I wonder how many times Martin has called Mr. Hargrove or his coach to see how committed he is. If Mr. Williams wants to go dancing stay away from Missouri and UConn.
  8. From the STL Today, "Missouri was quick to contact and schedule a visit with Eric Williams Jr., Duquesne’s leading scorer who plans to transfer from the Atlantic 10 program. Williams has scheduled an official visit to Mizzou this weekend, he confirmed Tuesday."
  9. Thanks for the read the replies tip. Some Cincy fans seem to be happy he is leaving and most UCLA fans were not impressed with the hire.
  10. I feel bad for Duquesne, they appeared to be on the rise and now 2 transfers. I thought Williams was a special player after that 40 point game against us.
  11. I will have to look up Rick Barnes and see where he grew up and lived most of his life. I have done a lot of work in LA and never liked the area it is just too crowded. I have also worked in Eastern Tennessee and loved it out there and would have lived out that way with the right job offer. UCLA will not do any better than Coach Barnes and will be lucky to get him. Step 2 after getting a coach is patience.
  12. Very good summary of UCLA. I agree that Randy Bennet would be a good hire for them.
  13. That’s a good hire for them I have a friend who is an alum and he was bummed about Buzz leaving.
  14. Knoxville > LA, Rick Barnes should stay away unless he likes the big city over eastern Tennessee.
  15. Thank you for posting this he had a tough season however he saw the best of times in the A10 tournament and that should motivate the freshman returning when they saw themselves what is possible.
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