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  1. BS Yuri walked the ball up including the last seconds that was my problem. They lost the game on the line I get it.
  2. Do feel good about that comment? Ford slowed them down. The free throw misses sucked but he slowed down again in the last minutes of the game
  3. Why don’t you I don’t like your posts
  4. You know what I was watching smart azz why the pathetic post
  5. I won’t trust this team for a while what a choke job. The Ford slow the offense down the stretch clown show in the last 4 minutes is hard to understand because it does not work. Auburn did not slow it down Auburn attacked and won.
  6. Ford sucks slowing down the offense
  7. If we lose it’s on the line not on the coach. Auburn is spent take it to them
  8. Pickett has been great however I thought the last shot attempt was not a good selection
  9. None of our bigs have played well offensively. The Billikens are giving this game away with turnovers missed free throws and missed bunnies
  10. We are going to lose this game on the line
  11. Why hasn’t Parker played in the second half
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