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  1. I have 4 free tickets in section 101 plus parking for RI on Tuesday.
  2. I am calling you out punk. Big Bill Fan terrorized me with unsolicited private messages because I bad posted him. The best part is that Henry B apologized for doing this meaning Big Bill Fan is Henry B they are the same. You call me a loser yet you have another account to back your obnoxious behavior. I have never been suspended from this board but you and your account and Henry B have been a couple of times. I have proof on my phone with your nasty PM’s and Henry B apologizing. You have attacked Pistol and whined you could not PM him. Steve put a stop on your nasty online harassment. These 2 accounts from one crazed individual wants to hide like a coward and harass people. I look forward to meeting you face to face someday so you can call me a loser. As for the posters that liked Big Bill Fan calling me a loser, shame on you what is wrong with you. I am a frustrated fan so I am a loser for that good grief. You just supported a poster that has 2 accounts and harasses posters with unwanted PM’s and has been suspended, strong move.
  3. A nice surprise tonight I am so down I thought we would give up a lot of points again and lose. Good win on to the next game.
  4. Parker’s 3 point shot is back, Hughes should get some of Jimerson’s minutes.
  5. Yes it does and maybe a few others and that is why there needs to be a change. Don’t let this game slip away.
  6. Improvement we did not give up 40. Bad trends of poor shooting continues with Perkins and Jimerson. Defense is there, Hughes defended number 1 well.
  7. Turnovers and horrible Jimerson shooting and missed bunnies. Why doesn’t Jimerson get the hook for the off balanced 3 attempts?
  8. I yelled at Jimerson to get his feet under him then shoot. No reason to shoot that fast on that miss.
  9. Lots of no shows and people telling me they are not renewing unless Ford is gone. This team needs a win bad to change the mood, go Bills
  10. You have no way of knowing this until we see the kids play. Kramer has a division one build played defense and is a good shooter in high school and in practice he is 6’ 2”. He can also dunk the ball. Thames was the leading scorer on his high school team. If they stay at SLU I am looking forward to seeing what all 3 can do.
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