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  1. Condolences to the family I am sorry for the pain of losing a loved one. Condolences to the players and coaches.
  2. Hate Houston / Calvin Sampson Mo. State, VCU, Duke, NC, Kentucky All B10 schools Love Billikens and all Jesuit schools.
  3. Whatever the number of players available is it seems there are many in the transfer pool and high school senior pool and I wonder why there are not many commitments lately and why SLU hasn’t gotten another commitment?
  4. Just guessing but probably there are so many players on the roster that play that position and the team just added Nesbitt. I am still hoping for a big and combo guard. With so many players out there I wonder how the 2 scholarships will be filled.
  5. They held my money for this season and I assume they will not ask for any additional money from fans like us that allowed SLU to hold the money. I am buying 2 additional tickets this season next to my current seats and I expect those to cost more.
  6. I have not seen an email or regular mail from SLU about an increase in pricing. Have you received something? SLU lost a lot of revenue last season so it makes sense SLU will have to make up for it. My wife got her second COVID shot and I get mine a week from today so I am ready to get into Chaifetz at any cost. Happy Friday
  7. The only player with a lifetime pass is Perkins and no other player. I like all of the players on the team and because of that I do not care who is named the starters as long as it is the 5 best and it is a fair competition for all 5 spots. All positions must have challengers that want those minutes.
  8. Hopefully Cook feels he can beat Collins out of a job signs and tries to do just that. I hope the point guard position as with the other 4 positions are available to the best player.
  9. I am all in Cook showing our team how to get to the final 4.
  10. I thought you were joking about Mimlitz because you have been a fan longer than me. That should have been 1 season before Bonner because Douglas and Gray were freshman and played with Mimlitz. Roder and Mimlitz was the beginning of the turnaround from the dark days.
  11. I think posters mistake why other posters would want to give Russell a scholarship. I am not fascinated with Russell and I was not fascinated with Aaron Hines either but Hines got a 1 year scholarship and I am glad he did. I have a soft spot for St.Louis area kids and because there is an extra scholarship available this year and all 14 scholarship players will not play next season I thought for an emergency fill in like the previous season a 1 year scholarship made sense. College basketball business wise I would be a failure I like the kids too much and would have too many nice
  12. By this post is it safe for me to assume you do not think Williams is a combo guard? I trust your knowledge on players does the other guard that Ford is taking to have that ability. I appreciate your posts 3 star.
  13. There goes my extra scholarship idea for Phillip Russell. Good luck and best wishes in your college career and thank you for the help Phillip. Thanks for the information Littlebill.
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