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  1. I had the same expression on my face as his mom when he did that. Seeing that happen makes me paranoid of any SLU recruits with hats in front of them when making their announcement, I cannot watch anymore, I will read about it on this site.
  2. I like your write up on Houston and I was going to ask you if the latest offer to the JUCO big was because SLU did not have a chance to land any of the remaining power forwards listed in the recruit thread. Since SLU is in his finalist list I hope Stuen is visiting Houston and can convince Houston to visit SLU. I rank Houston as the number 1 power listed. I like his size and seems to have a jump shot.
  3. Jimerson from Ragazzi’s on Dagget bang he got it or Collins weaves threw the state streets and passes to French at the Arch, Jan time!
  4. I can see it now 105.7 playing some Tool, Alice In Chains, My Chemical Romance, etc... to get us revved up for Billiken Basketball.
  5. Great post all true about the Cardinals plus the Cardinals built their own stadium and created ball park village. 81 home games brings in a lot of people. The NFL is a different story 9 to 12 home games depending if the team makes the playoffs or play one home game abroad. The owners make the tax payers pay for their very expensive stadiums. Can anyone imagine if the Rams stayed the Billion dollars the tax payers would have to pay off. I would not live long enough to ever see that stadium on the river paid off. Good riddance NFL
  6. I had such a connection to pro football because of the big red so I was willing to give mine and others money to the rich to keep a pro football team in town, my thinking was wrong. St.Louis still owes 100 million on the dome. There was a net loss with the Rams with exception of StanK and the NFL. With the exception of Hockey pro sports is a turn off, I am a college sports fan.
  7. The post dispatch writer Kevin Horrigan excuse my miss spelling of his name made that comment about Stouffer. Stouffer was drafted in the supplemental draft and the Big Red had to give up a first round draft pick for him. In hindsight we should have built a stadium for Bidwill however all that was asked of Bidwill was start running a franchise worthy of it. In 83 and 84 Jim Hanifan had 2 winning seasons and that is when Bidwill wanted a new stadium however he followed up with draft picks of Clyde Duncan in 84 and Anthony Bell In 85 and a miserable 85 season. Bidwill’s franchise was never worthy of a new stadium.
  8. 1984 first round draft pick Clyde the glide Duncan, 1985 linebacker Anthony Bell in the first round, Steve Little second round kicker who could not hit a field goal. In 1983 I was at the Monday football game against the Giants that ended in a 10-10 tie Neil O’Donahue missed 4 chip shot field goals, I am scarred for life.
  9. I remember that picture of you and your son it was a good look. You could find that post with that picture in this site, it was on the VCU GDT thread wasn’t it?
  10. Caleb Love commits to North Carolina. Blue font, coach Martin calling to check how strong his commitment is.
  11. Agree, Ike, Houston or Lewis would be the players I hope the coaches are visiting and watching their games.
  12. Could this stupid obsession have waited another couple days so we can celebrate the Strickland commitment. Is your life so lame you just have to start this thread after the Strickland verbal. You are the poster boy of the saying, “misery loves company”.
  13. I agree and I hope Stone makes an announcement soon it will be a nice class.
  14. Welcome to SLU and the team blue family. I really appreciated the kind words about your visit from your Family. Great job coaches.
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