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  1. The Brave’s are on a roll keep it going. The Brave’s are making the World Series interesting and worth watching.
  2. Any one interested in 2 free tickets in section 101 for the exhibition game? I will probably have additional free tickets available for the first 3 or 4 games. I bought the 2 additional seats this season to help support the team so you will see me posting a lot until the team makes the top 25 then my fair weather fan friends will want them. See you all at Chaifetz soon, the wife and I are so excited to get into Chaifetz.
  3. Respectfully I am not because several unvaccinated have had COVID and there is no logical reason to be vaccinated if you had it. A friend of mine died 8 weeks ago of COVID and was not vaccinated. On our last conversation 2 weeks before he died he wished that he had been vaccinated. My doctor told me that I will need the booster but not right away because of my reaction. I will get the booster but I am scared but I trust my doctor. We all live in a free society and there are always risks. If fans feel like complaining to SLU and wanting there money back then so be it exercise your freedom.
  4. I am vaccinated twice and the second shot made me sick for 8 days and my doctor does not want me to take the third yet. I was so sick from the second shot I am more afraid of the third than the virus and I should be able to attend games inside. I completely disagree that SLU is being reckless on their stance and I feel finally that somebody is being reasonable. For those that feel SLU is reckless do you speed in traffic, run red lights, driven intoxicated or have caused a car accident that hurt another person? I am scared of the reckless drivers I have to deal with every day not the unvaccinated. After the pandemic is over I still have to be concerned of reckless drivers.
  5. Thank you for the information, I going to put if off for another year if I can.
  6. Older fans like me do not like the digital tickets but it is the only way I can get in. I figured this was coming so it’s time for me to learn how to use it. I still print out my Southwest tickets even though it’s on my phone. I printed out seven six flags passes plus 7 fright passes last weekend, I am a mess and a tree hater.
  7. I was one also the A10 is much better now. Cincinnati football program this season is great and will help the B12.
  8. If there are no injuries and no COVID shut down. 2 losses in the none conference 2 losses in the conference. Win the conference tournament championship and a 2 seed in the dance. Our team can win when the defense struggles. The team will have consistent 3 point scoring coach Ford can play the hot hand in different combinations. The 3 point scoring will open up the post area and Okoro is going to average double digits. Perkins will average 20 points a game. Nesbitt will be the A10 newcomer of the year. Thatch will the be the best defensive player in the A10.
  9. Agree Roy Mr and Mrs booster are friendly people.
  10. @The Wizis a Cardinal season ticket holder and I would appreciate your opinion of the Schildt firing and Schildt’s management of the team.
  11. Schlildt should be manager of the year keeping the team focused and winning the second wild card and winning 17 in a row for the team the lousy GM and President gave him. Mozeliak probably told Schildt he was going to re-sign Carpenter and to play Dejong more was the differences. Schildt will get another chance to manage and the Cardinals will regret firing Schildt. No shock, Mozeliak is a clown.
  12. Winning more is what it will take to get over the hump to have a chance. SLU in recent history has won with the zen master Majerus and coach Ford. SLU should get some credit for the 2019-2020 team. When that team finally put it together that team appeared ready to make a run. Like Dayton that team was robbed of that opportunity by COVID. SLU will be playing for their fifth straight winning season it’s a good start but I agree with you they need a deep run and coach Ford has the team to do it this season if they stay healthy.
  13. Not a dead horse ever, it is good information for a message board, good post thank you.
  14. You are probably right about fans attending. I will watch parts of games if nothing else is on TV and I like seeing the Chiefs lose since the owner voted for the Rams moving back to LA. In the end the NFL will have to pay something plus an expansion team immediately or the plaintiffs will make StanK and the NFL to open the books. The plaintiffs case is strong with the stadium deal that was made on the riverfront property. It was a 1 billion dollar open air stadium and the Rams moved breaking the NFL guidelines. I hope the plaintiffs say no deal and win big. With the new soccer team I do not want the NFL competing for those fans I would rather make St. Louis the best soccer town in the country. Maybe some of the NFL money could be used to make that happen.
  15. Thank you for the clarity on the other plaintiffs involved. You made great points about the NFL and some owners having to open their books and will have to air their dirty laundry, what is the NFL’s price on that plus the monetary damages would make building a new stadium and giving St. Louis a team much cheaper. I have always felt and I am probably wrong that the NFL should have paid off the 100 million dollar mortgage on the dome, not put St. Louis through a 16 millions dollar snipe hunt of building a stadium to keep the team and a big thank you to St. Louis on the way out could have avoided all of this. Instead the NFL lied, flipped us all off by bad mouthing our community , and cost the parties involved in building a new stadium 16 million dollars on a lie that the team would stay if it was built. I praise the business leaders and political leaders that got the new stadium plan done so fast. It was a job well done and unusual for our community because in the past we don’t work that well with each other.
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