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  1. Hope the family enjoyed the evening at Chaifetz. I was listening driving to Emenence Mo last night then I watched the game on ESPN plus. One of your favorites Parker had a nice game and what I did not expect from Parker so far this season was his ability for assists. We got to see how athletic Parker is with the coast to coast jam we just need his 3 point shots to start falling and he will be a force. See you next home game Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Additional hits were McCall, Jett and Evans but I understand where you a coming from. Happy Thanksgiving Taj and keep your opinions coming of A10 players.
  3. The best Billy Tubbs moment in my opinion was a game against Missouri at home that I was watching. Tubbs and the OU fans were upset with the referee’s so the fans started throwing stuff on the court. The refs asked Tubbs to get on the PA to settle down the crowd and to ask them not to throw stuff on the court. Tubbs tells the fans to stop throwing stuff on the court no matter how bad the referee’s are, classic.
  4. I heard the announcers say that. What was your opinion on the 2 fouls I mentioned?
  5. The last 30 seconds of the game in my opinion the announcers of the game were way off base on what a foul is. When Yuri was fouled he was first fouled by the arm bar by the defender then the body and then a flop. I thought the continuation of the shot was questionable but not the foul because Yuri was fouled twice. With a few seconds left the player ran into a wall of Yuri and Okoro. Yuri had the right to that spot on the floor Yuri was at that spot before the player and the player made contact with our guys. The announcers said because there was contact that was a foul. I was troubled by the announcers behavior on Saturday by promoting the obnoxious screamer at the Billikens. It’s one thing to call him a fan but to get his name and announce his name several times was annoying. The Billikens earned that win yesterday and I felt those azz clowns tried to make it about the officiating, rant over.
  6. I had to drive my grandson home today so i has to listen and get angry yell at the refs and cheer. This game brought out all of my emotions for our team. I was very critical of the coach after yesterday’s blowout but today when down 13 the coach kept the team from losing composure and they pulled it out in the end on a poor 3 point shooting game and without Thatch. Yuri is the best 21 points and 7 assists. Perkins is getting the drives at the basket to finally fall and Okoro limited with fouls came up with a huge rebound and free throws.
  7. Perfectly said Torch. I am not a coach Ford basher but it has been a bad trend that has not been fixed and the reason I keep saying no excuses. The bad trends must change with this team or what Ford team will.
  8. Apples and oranges Rich that was not a team that had any chance of going to a tournament and finishing in the upper half of the A10. That team that scored the least amount of points also defended and did not give up 95 points. When Majerus assembled his team they did not lose on the road like this. Those teams won at Xavier, Butler and VCU. What we saw yesterday is a disturbing trend on the road against good teams under Ford whose team has an elite point guard and shooter. No more excuses, Ford has to fix this.
  9. All solid well thought out posts 72. I am on the same exact page as you are. It is not that the Bills lost they got the crap beat out of them away from Chaifetz which was an issue last season that did not get fixed. I pointed out yesterday that for 3 seasons Majerus’s team never looked that way away from home and 2 or those years the coach was Crews. Coach Ford can recruit, win at home, has brought a lot of excitement high expectations of this program and have the team in the running each season for the A10 title and that is great. But defending the 3 point shot and the team falling apart away from home is still a problem.
  10. For a chance of an at large and to ease the pain of yesterdays no show this is a must win game. Come on experienced guys get it done.
  11. Fair enough were down almost 30 gave up 95 and were not in the game for 30 of the 40 minutes. I do not think that Majerus’s last season or the 2 following seasons under that coach did a Billikens team lose this bad. Losing for me is not the issue not being in the game is. I will sing a different tune tomorrow if we win tomorrow and they better get it done.
  12. At least the coach sat Yuri save him for Sunday
  13. Every average to bad teams will have blowouts not good teams.
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