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  1. CBFan


    For our team to have success I felt Hankton and Jacobs would have to be solid contributors. We have 1 of the 2 contributing. Jacobs is still learning he does not have the confident fire in his eye like French and JGood but he will get there. I am looking forward to the fake 3 shot from Jacobs with a run to the basket for a jam, it is coming.
  2. Nice win Sweet Caroline like this team it was Jacobs this time who will be next.
  3. They kept the foot on the gas keep it going finish strong a good chance to score 80
  4. 450 left keep the foot on the gas and close it out well.
  5. He will only get better our newcomers have contributed well so far.
  6. The Tulane coach whining to the officials.
  7. Our team recovers nice job young men. Collins keeping defenses honest with a couple 3’s well done.
  8. Slow start some bad shot selection time to find out how our team recovers.
  9. Nice half keep the foot on the gas no quarter. Jacobs shows us once again why we were excited when he chose SLU. We have depth it is the next man up so far this half it is Jacobs who will it be the second half.
  10. Foul differential is 9 to 3 and the travel calls are not being called on both sides. Travis needs to talk to those officials. It is raining 3’s today 7-10
  11. Bills keep their foot on the gas keep extending the lead.
  12. Here is the fast start we have been waiting keep the foot on the gas and keep control.
  13. That was a bad time and I often wonder what would have happened had Romar stayed at SLU? Hollins was a good player for UCLA, we won the conference USA tournament the program was on an upward trend. It is hard to believe we are recruiting Nick Kern’s son. We had to wait for the next generation Kern.
  14. Yes with a big from California that ended up going to UCLA
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