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  1. Your right about a charitable contribution. The basketball program is right where the wife and I want it, competitive and a good chance of NCAA post season play every season. 2 seasons ago SLU wins the A10. Last season SLU wins the last 5 is completely dialed and I believe would have won the A10 again and would have surprised the country. This season SLU is solid at every position with depth. To maintain a high level of basketball it takes money and support and the wife and I want to be part of it. We will donate our season ticket money to the athletic department if we are unable to go to games. Happy 4th
  2. I raise my hand HP and I contacted brown Indian and congratulated the Bonnies for getting him. He is a young guy that can still turn out to be a good player.
  3. Bell made that play with French sitting on the bench for the last 6 minutes with 4 fouls. Hack a Bell will cost our opponents points from the line.
  4. Hargrove’s big 3 was a different game. In the RI game he was dunking but I remember the game when the team was on a scoring draught Hargrove hit a big 3 that the coach talked about in the post game. What excites me about our team from what we saw last season was winning the last 5 games with blow outs against VCU and the Bonnies and controlling an away game like RI. The team adjusted to the losses of Jimerson and Thatch, the freshmen greatly improved and Perkins could not be stopped, defense and rebounding was strong. The team last season was so locked in I thought they win the A10 tournament and would have surprised in the big dance. We speak of Dayton being denied I think we were denied too, SLU was a hot team and that matters. The team for this season has bench strength especially up front sweet 16 or bust.
  5. No there is no infrastructure in the rural area that live in so the only choice is satellite. If I could get cable what a blessing that would be. I have the same problem at the Lake of the Ozarks only satellite and I have a place in a densely populated area. What you get speed wise with dish is around 15Mbps so it is not good for working at home over a VPN either so I have been going to my office during the pandemic.
  6. That is a beautiful place I visited the Biltmore mansion and the drive to the Biltmore was how I remembered that area of the country as a kid, spectacular.
  7. It was the only way I could own my private fishing pond. Thank you for the laugh Willie
  8. Thank you but Hughes Net is exactly the same, faster for the first 50G data then slow unlimited after that. They get away with high speed because of the first 50G. When I got Dish I was cutting the cord until I found out about the 50G. 1 hour of video = 3G of data used. I was told by dish do not get Netflix or anything like it otherwise it will eat up the 50G.
  9. My wife and I do not have any choice other than dish because we live in the middle of nowhere rural. Is there anyone out there that would know any other options? Streaming with the dish internet is not possible because of the 50 gig data limitation. Dish type internets advertise unlimited data however the first 50 gig is at 15 M speed and after 50 gig 1 M speed making it impossible to watch anything.
  10. Agree with lots of doubt with the season I am concerned. If we cannot attend games I hope SLU will offer a game streaming package for the season I will gladly pay for it.
  11. Rest In Peace Billiken great Justin Love. Thank you for the great memories. Thank you for sticking around town and being part of our community. My condolences to the family and friends for their shocking loss. I hope there is a moment of silence in Justin’s memory for the season opener.
  12. Thank you for participating with the pod casts. It is nice to put a face to your name. Zach helped me pre game during last season to get my phone set up so I could see the pod casts. I think what all of you are doing that gives me more information about my favorite team is great no matter how it is delivered. Great job all.
  13. Agree Skip Which MAC team in that list am I supposed to get excited about playing? SLU has played Dayton a lot and I love it. Giving VCU the beat down feels great. I always look forward to playing the Bonnies. Playing against a well coached Davidson is a challenge and you know you beat a well coached team. The Duquesne coach Dambrot gets on my nerves and we need to own them this season. I would like to see Grant Golden lose to SLU a couple more times in his senior season. Rhode Island is also a tough out and it was a great feeling beating RI at home last season. Finally watching Tre Mitchell play for UMass is a treat. I am not going to have any of those feelings for any of the MAC teams it will feel like some of the cupcakes we play in the non-conference.
  14. Really good point Willie and we don't even know if we will be allowed to fill the house for home games so that is a lot of lost revenue. I cannot get mad if SLU has to cut the basketball budget if there are restrictions on attendance and how many games will be played.
  15. My favorite Gus description of multiple player changes from the opposition team is “a bunch of guys”. Gus does this a lot and thinks it is funny because people laugh. Messing up Dwayne Evans name really got under my skin.
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