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  1. T.J. Otzelberger should be concerned...
  2. All advanced metrics say we were better at the end of the season. Regardless, it is pointless to debate about, but we're more likely to make an appearance in the top 10 than end the season where Goodman places us.
  3. Someone like Goodman should be able to look at the context of the season, which would tell him that SLU was the better team at the end of the season (and returns every key contributor).
  4. All over for 10 years after his NBA career ended, per his Wikipedia page.
  5. Bundesliga is one of the most entertaining soccer leagues in the world. Worth checking out for anyone who is starving for sports.
  6. Yes, and the ACT/SAT are not good indicators of future success. You seem to be ignoring this key point.
  7. Except one of the primary reasons for eliminating the emphasis on ACT/SAT is affluent parents already are using it to their advantage more than less affluent parents.
  8. The ACT/SAT is one of the biggest institutional oppressors in the country today. This is a good change. FWIW, I believe standardized tests serve a purpose, but the structure (costs, prep, frequency, etc.) of the ACT/SAT is a major problem.
  9. It seems that could be done the day before the first game if the AD is willing to process refunds for games not attended (this is how the NFL is doing it for the upcoming season).
  10. Why do that when he could go to a mid-major D1 program and do the same?
  11. I hope they didn't have to explain to you where the University of Chicago is located.
  12. Labeling these people as casual sports fans is likely inaccurate.
  13. You can’t be serious with the bolded part.
  14. This post would have been spot on 3 years ago. However, Travis has already started getting enough of the high-level (top 300) local recruits to stay home. Showing that our best 3 players over the past ~17 years tended to be non-local players is largely irrelevant.
  15. Based on sheer output, VCU has been a big one the past 15 years. Capel to Oklahoma, Grant to Alabama, Shaka to Texas, and Wade to LSU. Interestingly, out of that group, Shaka is the only one who didn't serve as an assistant at VCU prior to being hired as head coach.
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