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  1. That's not a need, but he will start. Not sure why my post deserves a bad post either. Perkins is one of our best players, and his starting role is inevitable.
  2. The first (and obvious) hint was Perkins averaging 15 ppg last season. Him starting next season has been a no-brainer all off-season. I expect the starting lineup to be what you listed or YC, GJ, JG, JP, and HF. It may depend on the game.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Messi remains the world’s best player by a pretty wide margin if you believe in advanced stats.
  4. Totally agree. Still, I expect him to start.
  5. Let’s stop acting like Perkins, potentially our best player, won’t start next season.
  6. Fair point, although he did that AFTER you attacked him and he had already admitted his mistake. Back to what we all agree on: I’m glad all of the boys are enrolled. Hopefully André is able to join the team soon.
  7. The difference between the elite professor and you, the ignorant banker, is the elite professor is willing to admit when he’s wrong whereas you would revert to false claims and distraction techniques.
  8. Yep. We have BODIES, which is why I’m so bullish on our chance to make a deep run in the NCAA tourney.
  9. Doh. Not sure how that didn’t click.
  10. I always appreciate the updates to these threads, so I figured I would contribute by putting together a scholarship grid. Let me know if you see any inaccuracies on this initial version. @Pistol Feel free to utilize however would be helpful.
  11. That poster also claimed Illinois was in good shape with Nesbitt only a few days before. He/she has no idea, and now is backpedaling to save face.
  12. Good post. Somehow I missed the news about SFA being penalized. That’s pretty wild.
  13. Does anyone have insight into one of our current players supposedly leaking or hinting at Nesbitt’s commitment? It’s being discussed on social media, but I haven’t seen it.
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