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  1. I must’ve missed that about Conklin. Can you expand? Wiki said he got in trouble a few times for elbowing opponents
  2. The losses by LSU, Minnesota, and NC State were all to teams with top 25 NET rankings at the time (Florida, who LSU lost to, dropped to 30 after losing last night).
  3. A few factors at play. LSU (19), Minnesota (31), and NC State (33) have maintained respectable NET rankings. These teams will likely stay high throughout the year since their schedules are littered with strong teams and they get some notable wins along the way. It also helps that we maximized our wins against lower ranked teams by winning by 10+. As Al Davis would say, "just win, baby!", but even better if we can do so by 10+ points.
  4. Fordham also had Jon Severe that year. Severe was a more coveted recruit, and had a great freshman year, but ended up being somewhat of a bust (I believe he dealt with injuries?).
  5. He’s referring to Minnesota’s last three games, which included wins over Iowa and Michigan State.
  6. I'm with you. What you said isn't mutually exclusive from being thoughtful in placement.
  7. Gary Parrish is consistently one of the best in the business at ranking teams. I appreciate how he is thoughtful about placement (e.g., SLU is one spot ahead of LSU), and isn't afraid to drop teams if he realizes they were over-ranked.
  8. You kind of contradicted yourself. It is a notable change when our highest-usage player, Goodwin, appears to have significantly improved on FTs.
  9. Yeah, it was referenced in a few of the articles because someone overheard him at the airport talking negatively about the program. Calipari’s most recent statement about the situation made it seem like he might return soon though.
  10. That’s the only viewpoint an outsider could have. It sounds like someone may not be taking well to a demanding new coach.
  11. Lol. Of course he didn’t play. It was widely reported Cam’Ron stepped away from the team and is back home.
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