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  1. It’s a shame. All of this could’ve been avoided if Greg played his best player.
  2. We should not mention Ford’s name in the same sentence as someone who has won an NCAA tournament game at SLU.
  3. He wrote a lot of words to excuse 7 years of mediocrity. Is that logical? BTW, I love ACE.
  4. SEMO got handled by another 16 seed in the first four. Phil is a nice story but he’s at the right level. He put up big numbers on a high volume against poor competition. I’ll take Larry Hughes Jr or Medley.
  5. Do you look in the mirror every time you call yourself a SLU fan to convince yourself it’s true?
  6. I don’t judge coaches based on how good of a person they are in everyday life but Ford is not the most pleasant person to engage with outside Chaifetz. He is a very good salesman.
  7. "Second Runner Up for Entry into NCAA Tournament"
  8. Wasn’t trying to take a shot at May even though I think it would be warranted. I meant the Athletics Department - I should’ve typed it out.
  9. Well said. Same script every game and most the script is corny. Par for the course with this AD.
  10. We agree on the bass. I’m generally fine with the piped in music but it was crazy loud last night.
  11. Thanks. Btw, the entire game day experience is terrible. Who in the athletic department thinks the Billiken clap is a good idea?
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