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  1. Very sad. I always wondered the backstory with Cam. I am not sure about the timing and forum of Drew disclosing those details, but hopefully the message reaches someone.
  2. Interesting. If true, the Big Ten is desperate to keep up with the size/structure of the SEC. Otherwise, Kansas doesn’t fit the conference profile at all.
  3. This angle is not discussed enough. The current college football playoff setup does not incentivize playing a super tough schedule. Look at ND the last few years. Regardless, this will come down to money. I could see Texas going independent if it believes the money is there.
  4. TV deals nearing their conclusion is what all of this about. Most (if not all) major conferences are few years out from their deal ending.
  5. That is a strange standard. But since you asked: Doncic, Trae Young, and Zion are three who look to have that trajectory. Others such as Tatum could too. If you want a fun exercise, go compare stats of Curry and Young. One thing you will see is it took Curry until his 7th season to average 25+ppg. Young did it in his 2nd and 3rd seasons. Giannis is a 2-time MVP on the verge of winning his first championship at age 26.
  6. Don’t you live in Belleville?
  7. Probably because they are very different players
  8. He won’t have to sit out at either point, but of course he will use a year of eligibility at the JUCO
  9. I hope you are right but I doubt our new 3rd big will be as good as Jimmy.
  10. There is absolutely zero chance the NFL returns to St. Louis, especially after this lawsuit. And even if it remained a possibility, the value of an NFL franchise far exceeds the NFL's potential liability.
  11. Don't let time and a single vote distract from the fact the Bidwills moved the Cardinals from St. Louis to Phoenix.
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