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  1. Points for - 89.5 (U) Points against - 64.5 (U) Players used - 10.5 (O) Players receiving >28 minutes - 2.5 (U) Yuri assists - 9.5 (U) Nesbitt points - 10.5 (O) Perkins points - 14.5 (U) Players w/ >9.5 rebounds - 0.5 (O) Team FT% - 78.5% (U) Team 3FG% - 34.5% (O)
  2. I agree with most of your points. Checking the vaccination cards and IDs is not a burdensome process though. I have been to two concerts in the past few months that did it very quickly. 5-10 seconds process. I went to an NFL game last December. They did a pretty noble job enforcing the mask policy, but even at 1/4 capacity it was challenging for ushers to keep up with people taking them off. I imagine it will be nearly impossible with a full stadium or arena.
  3. Because one is much easier to enforce? Checking something once at the door vs constant monitoring of a crowd (many of whom are drunk).
  4. I don't intend to get into a pissing match with you, but FYI, the vaccine is not experimental. mRNA technology has been studied for decades, and it is safer than other types of vaccines.
  5. I would not consider myself older, but I totally agree with you. I think going digital-only is a bad decision that potentially alienates segments of the fanbase. Digital + print if requested is the sweet spot IMO.
  6. I believe he was on athletic scholarship all but one year, and then received an academic scholarship to cover his last year of undegrad.
  7. It should be somewhere in between where they live and Chaifetz...I don't think it will be challenging to get them there.
  8. Again, there is less than a zero percent chance the NFL EVER gives St. Louis another team. This is clearly public posturing to improve their public perception in an increasingly-negative situation.
  9. Weston isn’t going to Panama because he’s unvaccinated. Panama has restrictions on entry for unvaccinated visitors.
  10. I had as similar thought last night. You can tell he is young by looking at him, but he is a natural goal scorer unlike the USMNT has seen in a long, long time.
  11. The second tackle didn't deserve a card at all. I am not sure it was even a foul.
  12. Musah has been great tonight. His willingness to carry the ball forward from the middle is exactly what this team needed.
  13. Tony Wroten is also involved. Tony is well-known around here for being part of 2011-2012 Washington Huskies team that took a good ass-whooping from the Billikens.
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