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  1. Torch is right - at the very least it was weird to cut the video right before our guy does the drill
  2. Maybe to an extent, but why should we assume other teams won’t have good team chemistry too?
  3. I understand wanting to compare Yuri to Goodwin, but the similarities pretty much stop with them both going to SLU. Goodwin is 3-4 inches taller with a 6’10” wingspan. Those are major differences in a league filled with absolute freaks. Collins needs to become a 35-37% 3 point shooter to have a real chance. I’m not optimistic, but hope I’m proven wrong.
  4. Correct. He got the triple-double in the midst of an absolute tear that January. He missed a triple-double the game before by 1 point and 1 rebound, and the game after he missed another triple-double by 2 assists. He then put up 15 pts, 10 rebounds, and 2 assists against VCU.
  5. There is a decent chance he becomes the starting PG on a team that will contend for a title
  6. As long as they won 20 games last season
  7. I don’t really disagree with you but think there is more randomness to the process. Forte was able to land a few guys (finally) and then decided to leave. It is bad timing but not sure how controllable it all is.
  8. Assistants do the bulk of recruiting, as you know. It is not uncommon for players to feel more attachment to an assistant.
  9. Yes I do, and it’s likely not through posting on this site, so at least we can agree on that.
  10. People who care - aka “the haters” as you call us - will keep complaining until there is meaningful change. History tells us that change will not involve Ford being SLU’s head coach.
  11. It is strange, especially since Google/Android is frequently ahead of Apple from a pure phone tech perspective
  12. Lol. You can’t be serious. Last year, Yuri shot 32% from 3 and Love shot 30% from 3. Yes, I agree with your idea to get two of the best 3 point shooters ever and let it fly. Using that as a comparison is comical.
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