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  1. Nesbitt has the size and skillset to be in the league in 3 years if he comes here. He's that much of a matchup problem in the A-10.
  2. Could Bell pull down 9 rebounds a game as a 27 min a game starter in the SWAC? Probably. If you project his current stats out to 27 min in the much tougher A-10, you get 6 rebounds a game.
  3. Even his good games in conference were against the bottom half of the league. I'm indifferent based on current production but at worst he's a serviceable backup. Maybe after a year in the weight room he could blossom into something more.
  4. Dayton had two players that were virtually unguardable. We'll have more depth but we only have one guy, Perkins, like that. We don't have an NBA lottery pick to make us the beneficiary of superstar calls/non-calls. And we still suck at free throws. Doesn't mean we can't go on a run but we don't have as much room for error as Dayton had.
  5. Hargrove will have to clean up his dunk contest performance because he has some serious competition at Billiken Madness.
  6. The Mitchell twins both left the Maryland basketball program in December so at worst they will be eligible for the A10 conference season.
  7. Cook could play 25min a game for a Big 12 or an SEC team. Why would he come be a backup here?
  8. Not sure if he will play 30 min a game wherever he's going, but he will definitely get some high major offers. If Miles Reynolds could play major minutes at Oklahoma, this kid's a no-brainer.
  9. Life and death issues that potentially impact the entire population will always cut across generational and political lines. In the late 1960s, there were no amount of logic and data from Vietnam War protesters that would convince hardliners that the War was wrong, even as the bodies began to pile up. The only thing that even had a remote chance of changing their minds was losing a loved one. And many times not even then. How does a group react to react to a life or death situation? The first thing you have to agree on is what constitutes a life or death situation. Many of the Vietnam War supporters, had they known at the beginning what the War what it would like at the end, would not have taken such a hardline position. Once they did, they had too much invested to abandon that narrative. No amount of dead bodies would change their minds. You just got more deflection and obfuscation. I don't think any of this stuff is intentional. Doubling down when your worldview is challenged is a defense mechanism. It's just how our brains are wired. And now we have the technology to live in permanent echo chambers. .
  10. Tay Weaver didn't dominate in HS ball either. He averaged 17 ppg on 44% shooting from the field. In fact, he didn't even develop into a high percentage three-point shooter until his sophomore year of college. Russell already shoots like a sophomore Tay Weaver. I would take that caliber of shooter on my team every year. If that guy never breaks into your rotation, it's because your team is so loaded that you don't need him. Either way, you win.
  11. We would have to lower expectations dramatically if French got hurt. Just like every mid-major team that lost its top big man. Having three guys who are of French/Bell quality is virtually unheard of at the mid-major level.
  12. I'm going to keep pushing you here, if you don't mind. So if the mitigation measures limit the deaths to 100,000, is that success?
  13. Sure, increased strength can make him a more effective driver. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with a small guard scoring almost exclusively from three-point range. Duquesne's Tavian Dunn-Martin has been eating our lunch playing that way. From the Billiken perspective, we would actually prefer Dunn-Martin drive more.
  14. Signed with SEMO in the fall. Decommitted 3 weeks ago after their coach was fired. Very good three point shooter who is a good enough ball-handler to back up the point. While Yuri was a dominant scorer in the the paint in high school, Russell struggles there. A 5'10 guard who shoots well from three and can handle ballhandling responsibilities is the kind of backup point you'd want on any team.
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