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  1. I expect Reed will play out the summer, take his visits, most of which will be to Big 10 schools and pick a Big 10 school.
  2. I believe it. Madsen's list is getting bigger, not smaller. However, there are plenty of combo guards out there and months before they all find a home. We'll land one eventually. I'm more interested in how well our 2022 big man targets fare on the AAU circuit.
  3. It was an inefficient 37, on 10-27 shooting. There are mediocre high major programs where you can chuck up 20 shots a game, but playing for Cuonzo isn't one of them.
  4. St. Louis metro produces, on average, 1-2 blue chippers a year. Everyone else should go to the mid-major that is the best fit for them, IMO. You're going to end up there anyway. Might as well start out there and get a head start on improving your game.
  5. Depends on what high major we're talking about. There's lots of KState, Mississippi, TCU situations out there.
  6. You can be accurately graded in high school but a bad college fit will make you look like a much worse player. There's a reason that Isabel looked like a bum at Mizzou and a superstar at Drexel. He's a ball dominant player and anything else wasn't going to work. Watson is a volume scorer who was relegated to spot up shooter duties at Mizzou. Bad fit.
  7. Former 4 star guards who didn't produce are a dime a dozen in the portal. You will see a lot of those sorts of players settling for much humbler situations.
  8. We got Okoro because he is a fomer Beagle. And we already have Linssen. In order to break into the rotation, a PF would have to be better than Linssen.
  9. It's a seller's market for decent power forwards. Everybody's looking for one and there aren't many to go around. Frankly, we have a better chance of landing a college-ready PF in the 2022 high school class.
  10. Injury and horrible point guard play his junior year stunted his development. The Gassama we saw this year we should have seen last year. An athletic 6'10 project can develop into a formidable mid-major big if he can rebound and hit free throws. Gassama can do that. There are lots of mid-majors where he could break into the rotation right away. I hope he chose one.
  11. Stretch forward Zach Cleveland can shoot it.
  12. Sean Miller was just let go for not winning enough the past three years despite cheating. Lon Kruger has 674 wins so he may to wait for the 2nd ballot. Xavier's coach has missed the dance three years in a row and is currently on the hot seat. So yeah, you have to be a Hall of Fame coach to make the tournament almost every year. And how many of those coaches are in mid-major conferences? Hardly any.
  13. Whether the number is 90 or 99%, that doesn't fundamentally change my point. You're talking about first ballot Hall of Fame coaches and then everybody else. Did you really think we would replace Majerus with another first ballot Hall of Fame coach?
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