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  1. Kasubke is a classic 6-6 shooting guard who can spot up or put it on the floor. He's streaky from outside but has had games where he absolutely lights it up from three. He's got a nice handle, good speed, and decent hops. He moves his feet well on defense. SLU historically puts together 2-3 strong years in a row and then falls into obscurity because there's nobody left to step up once the core group graduates. Kausbke is the bridge recruit we never get.
  2. Dayton fans are a strange bunch. Anybody who is not Archie sucks.
  3. Is he? Dayton beat Davidson at Davidson last year.
  4. I still think Kasubke goes to Kansas State but I hope he considers this: Dajuan Gordon, Weber's star recruit from last year, was impressive at Team USA trials this summer. He has the makings of a 4 year starter. And there will be at least three upperclassmen vying for the other guard spot by this time next year. The path to minutes is more open at SLU. Weaver's gone after one year and Goodwin and Perkins are gone after two.
  5. Davidson had two freshmen who averaged double figures and those guys will now be sophomores. They brought in a 6'7 sharpshooter to add to their depth. It's a natural progression to top 40 status but I think top 25 may be a bridge too far.
  6. Davidson will get the benefit of the doubt based on the track record of their coach with veteran teams. But I agree with you, they look more like a top 40 team to me. Double digit seed in the tournament. Davidson has always been susceptible to dominant rebounding teams who can limit them to one shot. We are a tough matchup for them.
  7. American demographics are trending toward a poorer, more diverse population. Graduation rates closely track income.
  8. You can if the OOC schedule is tougher and the conference is improved. VCU will be a preseason top 25 team and Dayton and Davidson won't be that far behind.
  9. If you go back and look at Coach Ford's predictions for players he loves going back to Oklahoma State, you'll see a number of, uh, enthusiastic predictions. I think the most important thing to take from coach's words is that Fred is going to play near 30 minutes a game. He loves him some Fred Thatch. And I'm a pretty big fan too.
  10. Goodwin is the leader. We won't have a go to guy. You'll see 3-4 guys averaging about the same amount of points. I think Perkins will eventually become that guy before he graduates based on his athleticism and skillset. Long term, Jimerson is a go-to guy from central casting. He can create space, his range is in the gym and you can't foul him. He's Perkins successor, IMO.
  11. Neufeld put up 16 and 7 in the Big West conference tournament last year. The light bulb may have come on.
  12. I also agree with Rise, except for when we play against intense ball pressure. I'd replace Jimerson with Yuri.
  13. Thanks for the correction fellas. A "final 10" is still bull*$#@. Especially when you're not going to make 10 official visits. Release your top 5 already.
  14. How else are you going to list a final 10 if you don't have 10 high major offers? These kids are ridiculous. I respect the Fussell kid more. He listed us in his "final" 5, then swapped us for Dayton a day later. None of this final 10 stuff.
  15. I have no doubt that Perkins will start. He's the best combination of shooting, ballhandling, size and athleticism on the team. What we don't know is whether that translates to 11 ppg or 15 ppg at the A10 level. Will be play 25 min or 32 min? It's anyone's guess at this point.
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