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  1. Whether you lose to the 304th ranked D-1 team or to a D-2 team, you're in exactly the same position: having to win your conference tournament to get into the dance. And winning against the 304th team actually drags down your NET ranking. I'll take my chances with one less D-1 win rather than losing four spots in the NET rankings.
  2. Whoever Coach Ford signs in the next 3 weeks. There are still players available. This guy is a one trick pony with a victim mentality. I don't want him anywhere near young players.
  3. If being D-1 actually guaranteed a minimum standard of quality, I would agree with you. But it doesn't. There are plenty of D-2 teams that can beat D-1 teams. The bottom 60 teams or so shouldn't even be in D-1. But these buy game checks are a strong incentive to make the jump. It's easier to get a game with a D-1 team if you can claim D-1 status.
  4. There are a lot of fit guys who don't have the competitive fire to play high level basketball. The lackluster juco stats are a red flag to me.
  5. There are D-1 teams who were D-2 teams less than ten years ago that are competing for conference titles. One of those teams, Northern Kentucky, while still in D-2 gave Kentucky everything they could handle when Dustin Maguire transferred there. The top 1/4 of D-2 is better than the bottom 1/4 of D-1 . It's been that way for awhile now. These kids play in open gym with D-2 players. They know all the good players aren't necessarily playing D-1.
  6. Almost every D-1 guard shoots the 3 well in pick up games. Hitting that same shot against a set half court defense is the hard part.
  7. Excellent point. Playing any team with worse than a 250 RPI is overrated. They hurt your ranking and there are D2 teams who can give you comparable competition.
  8. These ADs seems to be buying into the idea that head guy just needs to excite recruits and he can hire assistants to handle the details of strategy. If college basketball and pro basketball were the same game, I would also buy into this. But it isn't. College kids aren't as talented or disciplined and they need more than a figurehead to lead them.
  9. Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, Jerry Stackhouse - hiring alumni/NBA assistants is really becoming a thing. I wonder what's driving it? It's not like this strategy has a track record of success.
  10. There's still time for Coach Ford to bring in a grad transfer big. In that scenario, French could be the 4.
  11. Which 4 men in the A10 are you concerned about?
  12. He brought in two bigs because besides French, we don't have any. It just so happens they're freshmen. Bringing in two projects doesn't preclude Coach Ford from bringing in a non-project in 2020. The last two 2020 offers have been to big men.
  13. From a national perspective, these services are the best information summaries we have. Getting the whole story every for every player on every team just isn't going to happen. None of these services generate enough revenue through subscriptions to pay for 100% coverage.
  14. Just to give one example: if a kid has a final 10 games like Yuri Collins had, it doesn't register on national services. They give the most weight to what a player does the summer after his junior season. The national guys get to see a bunch of D-1 players at the same time. They simply don't have enough bodies to track what's going on with hundreds of D-1 players during the course of a high school season.
  15. 247 doesn't do a great job of tracking junior college prospects, transfers or prep school players. So their recruiting class rankings often ignore those players. According to 247, we only have 3 commits.
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