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  1. He also sells a lot of jerseys. https://bealestreetbears.com/2019/05/04/yuta-watanabe-memphis-grizzlies-jersey-sales/amp/
  2. They don't have enough players to full court press. Crutcher and Watson are already playing 40 minutes as it is. They want to turn this into a half court execution contest and hang around long enough for Crutcher to live up to his nickname. We're the ones who want to speed it up and jump on them early.
  3. We're too far west to have this much influence over an East Coast conference. How dare us.
  4. Exactly. The vast majority of those 115 weeks occurred prior to 1965. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/saint-louis/polls.html
  5. There is no absolute stat. But of the 12 teams I tracked through the first week of January, 10 teams struggled in their first game back. Stopped counting after that since the pattern had already been established. Even if the percentage has now fallen from low 80% to low 70%, it's still a decisive majority of teams that fall in this category. We would be bucking the trend if we won tomorrow's game by double digits. It's possible but I don't think it's fair to our guys to set that as an expectation.
  6. It was chaotic in the rankings between 16-30. About two thirds of the teams ranked there last week, lost. A couple of them (Clemson, Connecticut) lost twice.
  7. This year was all set up for Richmond to be in an at-large, they just had to win the games they were clearly favored to win. Instead they have Q4 losses to Hofstra and La Salle. Brutal. They'll go into next season with Tyler Burton, no big man through which to run their offense and a bench Mooney hasn't developed. They may be a basement dweller next year.
  8. The common denominator is the team they both played in their return, Clemson. Clemson has been absolutely brutal after their pause, getting blown out by 35 at home to Virginia in their first game back. They don't even look like the same team.
  9. Almost every team has struggled in the their first game after a long pause. Preparation matters. I expect a dog fight on Tuesday.
  10. With the 2022 class, I think it's a matter of months rather than weeks before anybody breaks out of the MM+ category. They've all got some things they need to work on, whether it's their body, three-point shot or ball handling. Most Billiken recruits out of high school fall into the MM+ category so that isn't a knock against anybody. But when you have 3 scholarships to give, the goal is to land a guy who can carry a team offensively with one of those scholarships.
  11. We're the only school that has offered Martin. If you ask a kid which schools are recruiting him the hardest he will often tell you about his most recent interest, regardless of whether they've offered.
  12. There are so many 2022 kids at the MM+ level, there's bound to be at least one that breaks through. The only one the coaching staff has not offered yet is Stacker. He's gradually adjusting to a new team but I think his day is coming.
  13. Hughes made his first couple of shots, both in the flow of the offense and he was off to the races. He just needs to see the ball go through the hoop. When he misses shots early, he starts taking harder shots instead of taking easier ones. I stated before that he and Stacker have the highest upside of the MM+ group and I stand by it.
  14. The SLU in-state prospect having the best season so far is 6'6 SG Braden Appelhans at Blue Springs HS in the KC Metro. He's been a 180 shooter so far this season. Already made an on-campus visit back in October.
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