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  1. I agree, I think the Twitter queries sites have set up are parsing this poorly worded tweet and incorrectly attributing a SLU offer to Brumbaugh. I understand why Avery Brown would get an offer from us this early as he is the 4th ranked recruit in Massachusetts and the 80th ranked recruit in the country. But Brumbaugh is the 13th ranked recruit in the state. He doesn't even have a 247 profile. It seems highly unlikely that he would get an offer from us at this stage. Every other out-of-state guy we've offered has been a top 150 recruit.
  2. It's a critical time in the young man's recruiting. This is where college coaches were supposed to find out whether his game held up against upperclassmen on the summer circuit. As it stands he's a tiny titan lighting it up at a small school in the middle of nowhere. There are kids from these kinds of backgrounds that have done well at the mid-major level and those who got exposed very quickly. Still a lot more questions than answers.
  3. This has been a fascinating conversation but we have 20 years of data that indicates how much Goodwin is going to play. Coach Ford's best player has always played 33+ minutes.
  4. Me too. I don't think it can be emphasized enough that players can improve yet not see their minutes increase the following season. If Thatch comes back healthy and demonstrates the offense that coach saw last summer, Hargrove's minutes could actually decrease.
  5. Even after we've established ourselves as a top 50 program, it will be tough to beat out high major programs for recruits in their own state. Just like we have an in-state recruiting advantage so does every high major program who is at least decent.
  6. JGood played more minutes as a frosh, soph and jr so his total stats are higher, but the quality of the stats, other than rebounding, is lower. Lower shooting percentage, lower free throw shooting percentage, lower assist to turnover ratio. If Jett had played for weaker Billiken squads as Goodwin had, he also would have played more minutes and had higher cumulative stats. I agree that it's tough to compare different players who played different roles on different caliber teams who played at a different pace. There's always going to be a subjective aspect to the evaluation. The only apples to apples comparison we can make is percentages, all-conference teams and all-defensive teams. I think people forget that Jett also was on the all-defensive team for three years in a better conference.
  7. I'm interested in the basis of your disagreement. Jett's career FG and FT percentages are higher and the former is significantly higher.
  8. Jgood is the best rebounding Billiken guard I've ever seen but Jett did everything else better: better shooter, better ballhandler, better passer, better defender.
  9. No, because if Richmond and SLU are both capable of going 16-2 in the conference or better, then there is no clear team to beat in the A10.
  10. We could win 4 more games than last year, including a win over them head-to-head and still finish a game behind in the standings. I don't see any clear separation here. Whoever wins the regular season will win by the skin of their teeth.
  11. Similar skillset. But seeing how Richmond won 14 games, a legit scorer off the bench and the backup point guard they signed in the 2020 class could get them to 16-17 wins.
  12. For me, starter will always mean the 5 guys who play the most minutes. Starters who only play 15 minutes a game are starters in name only but not in function. But I get your meaning.
  13. Unless Fred is good to go, I believe Jimerson plays 25+ minutes a game, just as he did prior to the injury.
  14. Richmond doesn't just have everyone come back, they have a 6'6 transfer who is eligible that averaged 10ppg during league play as a freshman for Tulane. Basically their our own version of Jimerson but Richmond has the luxury of bringing him off the bench. At the end of the day, the teams are being viewed by prognosticators as 1 and 1A in the A10 and at-large NCAA teams. It's kind of hard for me to view being regarded as an-large team out of a mid-major conference as a slight.
  15. There seems to be a board consensus that LHJ will have his pick of high major schools. I'm not convinced of that. Luke Kasubke was a better player at this point of his high school career and he ended up at KState. And from what I've seen, Robert Martin will be the dominant player for CBC this year. If we have a strong season this year and LHJ's best offers are say, Purdue (who just loaded up at shooting guard at 2020 and are in hot pursuit of another in 2021) and Kansas State, I like our chances.
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