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  1. Larry Jr. has been trying to prove since last year that he is a threat from outside. But after yet another rough night shooting the ball, something like 4-16, he's shooting less than 30% from the field this year and in the teens from 3. His best scoring success this year has come as a driver. If he accepts that, and becomes a lot more selective with his perimeter shot, those percentages will go up. Mayo has very good shot selection and his percentages reflect that. His ability to get to his spot gave Chaminade the offensive lift they needed to pull away late in the 4th quarter. He'
  2. It was industrial engineering but we were never a lock. Matt Painter was the lead recruiter for Shaw when he was an assistant and his main priority once he got the head job. Painter went after Shaw like Brad went after Lisch. The only way Brad could have beaten Painter to the punch was by offering 9 months earlier than we did. I was the biggest proponent of offering Shaw and even I thought that was too early. --------- https://dailyegyptian.com/27577/archives/centralia-star-shaw-expected-to-sign-with-siu-today/ Once he gets to Carbondale, he wants to win a conference ch
  3. Then Nicholson's back from the Grind Session. Because he wasn't there a few weeks ago.
  4. I understand that. But Carry's the only one going to a mid-major 30 min from his house when he would be a prized transfer in the high-major market.
  5. It does if there are personal issues that are pulling him back home. Per Dambrot's comments, this doesn't sound like a basketball issue.
  6. They played in the Grind Session in December. I don't know their local schedule. I suspect teams A and B will re-integrate at some point.
  7. Actually we were one of the first schools to offer Shaw, the kid took three visits and decided to go with the best local mid-major at the time. This wasn't an Ahearn situation. The biggest issue in the Shaw recruitment was Brad was just an average salesman selling an average product. We needed an above average salesman. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/matt-shaw-down-to-three-leaning-to-one Small forward Matt Shaw out of Centralia High School (Ill.) is fresh off his first of three visits. The 6-foot-6, 218-pound Shaw spent the weekend on St. Louis’ campus and will spend
  8. When Soderberg got the job, Ahearn had just come back from a broken hand he suffered in the divisional playoffs and wasn't playing particularly well when he got back. Soderberg went after Darren Clarke, who was playing very well and the more highly rated kid. Clarke got injured prior to his senior season and was never the same after that. That's the recruiting biz for you.
  9. St. Louis Christian has an A team with the high major D-1 recruits on it and a B team that frankly, sucks. They've yet to win a game this season and this is the team CBC beat. It's good that Larry has been scoring a lot against the weak teams on CBC's schedule. But he's been a non-factor offensively against strong teams. That's a pattern that's carried over from last season. Still waiting on him to turn the corner there.
  10. Soderberg caught a bad break by choosing Darren Clarke over Ahearn. Clarke was lighting up the AAU circuit, including a 41 point outburst in the big event out in Vegas. Then he had a bad ankle injury prior to his senior season and never regained his explosiveness. At the end of the day we were never going to sustain success recruiting to West Pine. You have to be able to recruit good players outside the area, not just the mid-major kids in St. Louis who are interested in staying home. Can you imagine if Chaifetz Arena was never built? We might be La Salle right now.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fox2now.com/sports/positive-covid-19-tests-pause-billikens-mens-basketball-program/amp/ If enough games have to be made up, May said one option could include going into a “mini-bubble,” similar to what the NBA and NHL did this past season.
  12. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/ford-unsure-when-slu-will-return-to-practice-games/article_a921f948-5106-5d5a-8d90-78e699cb7ba0.html Ford said if only a portion of the team was cleared, he would start doing individual workouts while waiting on a full-fledged practice.
  13. Again, no AD just volunteers administrative rationales. We're probably one of the fortunate fanbases in that our MBM commentary often provokes a response.
  14. At this point, the scheduled dates are just placeholders. Going forward, you'll see a lot more teams who will decide to play because their respective opponents are in time out.
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