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  1. Jimerson also won't be leading the team in shot attempts per game (by a wide margin) as he did last year. The reason Jimerson played so many minutes last year is somebody had to get those shots up. That somebody has returned. Also there was no perimeter weapon on the bench to back up Jimerson. This year we have Parker and Kramer gunning for Parker's spot.
  2. We were not picked to dance in year 1 (taking over the Crews trainwreck), year 2 (even before Situation 2, we were expected to be an NIT team at best), or year 4 (lose Bess and Isabell to graduation and bring in a bunch of first-year players).
  3. It's unnecessary to downplay Dayton's talent level in order to build ourselves up. They beat Kansas last year with a bunch of freshmen. If they make the normal freshman to sophomore improvement, Lord knows what they're capable of accomplishing this year.
  4. Rothstein is an A10 booster. He'll back whatever teams he considers the best in a given year. Even when he gets off a team's bandwagon, he gets right back on it after they string together some good wins because that's what's best for the conference.
  5. The portal was made for bench players. By the time August rolls around and we've gotten whoever we're going to get, there will still be hundreds of players looking for a home.
  6. It helps to have a network of wealthy boosters in place, including dozens of current and former NBA players.
  7. I will be watching with interest what Jackson-Durrett accomplishes at UMKC. The previous coach led them to a 23-9 record and an NIT appearance.
  8. I can think of one possibility. Because they're more optimistic about the upside of a 44 year old coach on the rise versus a 59 year old one coming off a losing season.
  9. Question: If you put a hungry young coach with some success at the D-1 level in Chaifetz, will that coach make it to the NIT within 3 years? Answer: Probably. If that is the rationale, I don't think May is wrong here. Yeah, it's a cheap solution but so what?
  10. You can prejudge every move Coach Tillett makes before she coaches a game. Or you can give her a chance. You can't do both. Would I prefer a high major coach that moved down rather than a low major coach that moved up? Sure. Can it work either way? Sure. VCU hired Beth O'Boyle after a three-season turnaround effort at Stony Brook. Basketball is weird.
  11. This may be the first coach in the history of Billikens basketball that gets no honeymoon period. MBMs will be calling for her firing by the end of the season if she doesn't make the NIT.
  12. Athletic 6'6 youngsters with decent ballhandling skills are always worth keeping an eye on. If they can develop a reliable three-point shot and some semblance of a mid-range game, they become a serious matchup problem.
  13. We have significantly more talent than the women's team. If we added an all-conference player and starting guard from a 16 seed in the NCAA men's tournament, would we be better? Because that's basically what coach Tillett added to a much worse team. The question that remains to be answered is: can this staff of youngsters get A10-level players from the East Coast to come here going forward? It will take a couple of years to build relationships locally. In the meantime they have to get players from somewhere. I imagine recruiting to Chaifetz will be a lot easier than recruiting to Longwood's high school gym.
  14. I think their ranker is broken. It's giving a new ranking with each page load. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give props to their page.
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