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  1. The only solace I take from this recruitment is that Illini "insiders" remain as delusional as ever. Once again Derek Piper and Brian Snow pimped them for a few clicks in the final days before a commit.
  2. The A-10 is the higher rated conference this year. Whether Penny can coach at this level is still an open question. What Penny has going for him is that he's a cultural icon. But the honeymoon period isn't going to last forever.
  3. Based on what I saw of Penny's motley crew last year, I will be shocked if three of them are good enough to go to the NBA after this season. Overseas maybe, but they could have gone to any school to accomplish that.
  4. If all "stud athletes" thought that way, they would all accept their most high profile offer. But some don't. Those kids pick the lower profile school so they will get a better chance to play. This sort of cutthroat recruiting wrecks that calculus. Penny must think the rotation players already on the team are fools.
  5. Has anyone ever seen a program go this many schollies over the limit? I haven't.
  6. You'd think that a guy that was in the movie Blue Chips would know better than to attract this kind of recruiting attention. The optics are horrible.
  7. An offer is just a matter of time. Mayo and Reed will be the dynamic duo at Chaminade this season.
  8. I'm aware of that. Whenever I speak about rankings it's about consensus rankings.
  9. The only top 100 high school recruits we've gotten the entire history of this program have been right here at home. I expect that to remain the case for at least the next few years. Mid-majors have to put together many years of success to dramatically alter their national recruiting profile. If Nesbitt goes elsewhere, save one scholly for a Bess-level transfer in the spring. Two is overkill.
  10. That's just Reed's current suitors. If his junior season goes well, that list will get upgraded. He just got an offer from Michigan St.
  11. Because we're not high major. Which is what he's aiming for.
  12. I see you as a big guard who can score, handle and pass. In other words, a serious matchup problem. Your game reminds me of Jamal Murray.
  13. Then it will be because someone transfers. Because the staff has been pretty clear in its intent to land a big.
  14. I think bauman is comparing duos who came in together. At least that's how I read it.
  15. Tatum with 31, 10 and 6 tonight in a Celtics win. Just another night at the office for the honorary Billiken.
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