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  1. Missouri Class 1 shooting guard Isaac Haney is about to blow up in a major way. His 32 points led Dora High School to a 65-60 upset of Oklahoma Heritage Hall, led by top 50 recruit 2021 Trey Alexander, at the Ozark Mountain Shootout. Haney's an athletic 6'2 shooter who can create his own shot. Averaged 28 last year and will probably surpass that this year. He was impressive in the summer circuit playing good competition so this performance is not a fluke. Haney will clearly be a priority target for Missouri State as Dora is less than 2 hours away from Springfield. I wouldn't be surprised if Ford and company get involved before the season is over.
  2. Yadi's in the conversation. That's why he's getting in.
  3. There's room for guys who weren't mashers at the catcher position just like there's room at say, shortstop. But once the math changed to 60% hitting/40% fielding, you had to be an all-time defender to overcome the math. Unfortunately for Boone and Sundberg, the two best defensive catchers of the last 50 years - Pudge, Bench - were also dangerous hitters. There's only 19 catchers in the Hall covering a period of 130 years. The competition for getting in is incredibly stiff.
  4. Frankly, Shaun is better than any local guard we're looking at in the 2021 class except for Jordan Nesbitt. But I think it makes more sense to bring in a freshman to be your 8th man than an upperclassman. The former has a chance to start one day and maintains continuity.
  5. Up until the 1970s, I would agree with you. But once multiple catchers came on the scene who could hit 30 hr a year and win multiple Gold Gloves, that altered the math.
  6. Shaun's a fundamentally sound two-way player who got stuck behind a bunch of upperclassmen and then got recruited over. There's definitely a chance for rotation minutes here once Goodwin graduates. But if he chooses to transfer now, he'll be eligible next January and Goodwin will still be here. Plus, he'd be competing with Yuri, Jimerson, Jacobs and Thatch for minutes. He would be in the same situation he's in now. If I were him, I'd wait until after the season is over to transfer.
  7. Bob Boone, Jim Sundberg and Tony Pena belong in the Hall of Very Good. Lance Parrish was an eight-time All Star, nearly identical to Gary Carter statistically and had a better arm. I have no idea why he isn't in.
  8. Dunphy left the program in pretty good shape. Aaron McKie has this version of the Owls playing stout defense reminiscent of his playing days. He's one of the few former college stars I expect to have success as a head coach.
  9. There are high najor teams in the top 50 right now that won't even be top 75 after finishing 8-12, 9-11 in their conference. I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. That was me who reported Auburn's big man Austin Wiley climbing Noah Gurley's back and Gurley being hit with his fifth. I will be shocked if French goes deep into the 2nd half with less than four fouls. The 2nd half homecooking Auburn received was an awesome thing to behold.
  11. Yep. This will be a tough scout for Coach Ford. Lee will have some big nights but FZN plays against a weak schedule. And curiously, despite being a good three-point shooter he is not a good free throw shooter. It will be interesting to see what progress he's made come AAU season.
  12. All this yakkity yak that we engage in on message boards about whether such and such guard can play at this level often boils down to "can he hit a jump shot?" Jacobs is hitting jump shots. I'm ecstatic for him.
  13. Yuri, even though he is playing with 1.5 hands, is on pace to obliterate the freshman assist record. The facts speak for themselves. Yuri, even though he is playing with 1.5 hands, is on pace to obliterate the Billiken freshman assist record. Goodwin is arguably the best rebounding guard in all of the NCAA this century. They're two different types of dudes.
  14. He's going to be a load even if he doesn't. Players like Fletcher Magee and Kellen Dunham have torn up the NCAA over the last few years while taking well over half of their shots from behind the arc.
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