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  1. Waheed thanked every head coach and university that he received an offer from.
  2. I agree. But gold has more prestige and symbolic value than copper. That's what the P5s are paying an arm and a leg for. We're recruiting at the copper level of the transfer market. If they put up gaudy stats at our level, the P5s will recognize them as gold and bid accordingly.
  3. Based on their modest accomplishments coming in I'd say Conwell and Swope were copper that Schertz helped transmutate into gold.
  4. The only thing making the Lakers relevant is Lebron. Maybe Hurley could marginally improve their standing but Lebron has at best 2 years left as a top 10 player. Then the Lakers will be in full rebuild mode, as they were in the final Kobe years. Sure, Hurley could double his salary for a few years but he would also triple his stress.
  5. Coach Tillett is a women's empowerment guru who happens to be a basketball coach. Unusual arcs to her seasons but you can't argue with the results.
  6. The weights correspond to the time the player was entered in the database. So if the entry was made two years ago, it's probably no longer accurate.
  7. The days of "best player available" are over. Coach Schertz wanted a backup big man, scouted the terrain and got him.
  8. Excellent points. Every coach refers to positions when it comes to defense because they have to. You need to have the personnel to defend traditional position players even if your personnel doesn't function the same way on offense.
  9. When we learned that we would get two starters from last year's team instead of four, I predicted that the preseason outlets would rank us as a top four A10 team. Four returning starters plus Jimerson would have made us a top 25 team in eyes of the media. That's how the preseason Olympics works. It's largely based on returning a bunch of starters and high profile recruiting classes. We have neither. The boosters have invested in long-term program-building rather than gambling on a quick fix. Schertz's track record at D2 and D1 suggest that we will be a top two conference team within 3 years. If all the pieces magically blend together in a single year, awesome.
  10. I really like Osobor as a college player also but I'm not sure he will make a total of $2 million in his post-college career. The math ain't mathing on this investment. But these are rich people problems. If I was rich, I suspect I would also throw away money on dumb sh$t.
  11. The best version of Calipari we ever saw was as the coach of those early UMass teams that first broke into the top 25. He wasn't bringing in McDonald's All-Americans back then but those teams were a handful.
  12. How much time should you invest in recruiting 11 12 and 13th players at a university where the walk-on is probably going to be a top 500 guy? I wouldn't invest much. The guys we're recruiting for that role simply walk on at an upper-tier P5.
  13. You don't get more wildcardy than a 6'9 perimeter player who has been on the scout team for a year.
  14. It's no wonder Coach Schertz's teams handle the ball so well and why his team free throw percentage is so high. He targets those abilities in the recruitment stage. Maybe not in every single player but in the overwhelming majority of them. This is the secret sauce of roster construction. Individual recruitment is in service to larger goals.
  15. Schertz's resume supports his statement. He spent 13 years coaching in Division 2 at the same school. It's nearly impossible to last that long at a P5. If he's going to replicate that resume in Division 1, it will be at SLU or a similar level school.
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