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  1. The best chance we have of getting top 150 players outside of the Missouri/Illinois area is to show them that the players they resemble have had success in our program. Coach Ford and company will be recruiting old-school Bully Ballers for a long time. As long as he complements them with shooters that can get their own shot, I've got no problem with that.
  2. Also, shooting well in a workout is different than shooting well in a game.
  3. Your 5 star do-everything forward has to make a better basketball play than dribbling out the clock and tossing it to your double-teamed 3 star shooting guard with under 2 seconds left. As other posters have pointed out, this isn't a one-time thing, putting his head down and forcing the issue is a feature of Miller's game. Until he can correct his tunnel vision, he'll be hard-pressed to live up to his ranking in college. Props to the BBE kids for taking the best team in the tournament down to the wire. They scrapped and clawed all game. Just came up a bit short.
  4. You're right. Thanks for the correction.
  5. OK, uncharacteristic misses from the free throw line by Kramer and Miller to end the game but BBE is moving on. Without that the Kramer/Thames sequence to grab momentum at the end of the third quarter, that probably isn't happening.
  6. The tandem of Kramer and Thames just dominated the last 90 sec of this basketball game. Good defense on one end, two Kramer threes and an alley-oop finish by Thames off a Kramer pass. Gave BBE a 4 point lead going into the fourth quarter.
  7. Nobody is talking about Cam on social media in 2 days. But the streets will be talking about this for weeks. Believe that. From basketball courts to barber shops.
  8. Because it's not a given he will continue to grow. If he stays 6'5, then he's just an undersized 4.
  9. At our level, most definitely. He's growing into a French-type body but with more speed. He's already a legit offensive threat 10 feet and in. If he can stretch his game to the free throw line, Rich will be unstoppable at the mid-major level.
  10. Kellen has shown in two straight games that he can score against good competition if he gets minutes. We've got two 3 star recruits, folks. The recruiting sites just haven't caught up to that fact. And given how COVID has restricted how often mid-major kids are evaluated, this year's recruiting rankings may never catch up to reality.
  11. Shaft's use of the NIL is something any sports fan can support. What a great representative of the university.
  12. He's not flashy but he gets the job done.
  13. What about the high major kid that is forced to transfer down to make room for the poached mid-major player? He has to go somewhere. And there are lots of 4 ppg high major guys that transfer down and become high performing mid-major starters. Happens all the time.
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