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  1. Without Blues hockey, I think we'd have a similar turnout in the STL. Almost every bar in the winter time has the Blues on by default.
  2. Fun fact: Batman was modeled after the pulp hero the Shadow and in his early appearances in Detective Comics busted caps in his enemies. The avenging angel of Gotham we see today is actually the kinder, gentler version.
  3. It took scores of posts before MBMs started calling each other idiots and liars. That's progress. Group hug.
  4. I've been impressed by the respectful tone of this exchange. It's a far cry from the no-holds barred street fight of months ago. Turns out you can teach an old MBM new tricks.
  5. Hey, Coach Ford had Perkins playing 30 min a game "off the bench" his first season so I guess anything is possible.
  6. Ohanon was pretty good his final season, that squad just sucked. He'd be a tough cover in today's A10.
  7. Lorentsson is going to be good. I I hope he doesn't get frustrated by the lack of playing time this year. With Perkins and most likely Linssen moving on after this year, he could step into a significant role.
  8. We don't control what happens on YouTube. If you think Carter is being unfairly criticized on this message board, however, we'll have to agree to disagree. The MBMs here are some of the mildest media critics in basketball fandom.
  9. Thanks for you and HoosierPal's honesty. It takes a big MBM to admit they got this one wrong. I recall a heck of a lot more than two people wanting us to move to the AAC.
  10. After 30 years, Xavier finally got a coach who is merely average. It had to happen sometime.
  11. This is not the day for his contrarian takes just for the helluva it. Get on message, Carter.
  12. Our Multimillionaire donors are not the most compelling speakers. But I think it would be rude for us to tell them to shut up and give us your money.
  13. On a year to year basis, I think it's more important that we would be considered the default choice for any top 100 local player. A frontcourt of Perkins, EJ Liddell and Hasahn French would be formidable, even in the Big East. And returning Perkins and EJ Liddell would have us in the preseason top 25. One and done players don't usually stay home, despite their rhetoric.
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