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  1. Timing isn't right for either party. We'll be looking to add a guard in 2021 when we have more scholarships and playing time available. Hope Mario has a big year at juco.
  2. Hard to win rivalry games when you shoot 36% from the field and 2/14 from three.
  3. They've been underachieving all season. The least they can do is win out on their home court and bump our loss to a Q1.
  4. Watching Dayton today on the road against Richmond, I'm even more impressed by our near win at Chaifetz. Toppin is unguardable, Crutcher is really hard to guard and their length on defense forces you into some tough shots. There has been talk about us being next year's Dayton. Let me dispel that notion right now -- there will not be any Daytons in the A10 next year. Having an unguardable player puts Dayton on a totally different level -- it makes everybody else on their team that much better.
  5. Open for a shot not for a drive. The defenders never leave the paint. That's why Goodwin wasn't able to drive either. They're just daring our best players to hit a jump shot above the free throw line. The odds are overwhelmingly in the opponent's favor.
  6. The triple teams that French sees never leaves the paint area. Any driver to lane just runs into a crowd of people.
  7. Jacobs has made the biggest jump from a freshman to a sophomore that I can recall any Billiken making in the past 25 years. That's quite an accomplishment. Just like Hargrove is learning to play defense on this level, Jacobs is learning how to play halfcourt offense. His comfort zone is clearly in the open court. In the halfcourt, he can be mechanical at times. Look forward to his continued evolution over the next 2 1/2 years.
  8. Hightower is a game manager. He can hold it down when someone needs a blow in a tight game. He's not someone you want in there when we're playing catchup.
  9. Terrible defense? Weaver does a good job of staying in front of man. But like you said he's 5'10 and the big guards can just shoot over the top. Just because Yuri is more disruptive on defense doesn't mean Weaver is terrible. If he was capable of creating more offense at the point, Weaver would get more minutes backing up the point but that's not part of his game. He's a designated shooter that others have to create shots for.
  10. You've got it backwards. He gets minutes because he produces. If Weaver knocks down a shot in his first 5-6 min, he's probably getting significant minutes that game.
  11. Or the three guys can stay right where they and force him into tough shots/take the charge.
  12. Thanks for the correction. Grant coached in the CAA, back when it was in comparable in strength to the current A-10.
  13. Just means that Grant struggled at the high major level. Other very good mid-major coaches have experienced similar difficulties, there's no shame in that. His record at the mid-major level has been very good: 2 NCAA appearances out of 3 seasons at VCU and on track for high seed with Dayton this year. Even more impressive when you look at the roster Archie Miller left behind. Coach Ford also had good squads at UMass before his ups and downs at the high major level. For whatever reason, the A-10 success of Grant and Ford before their second tour of duty gets ignored.
  14. Grady is a 4 star. JAG and Lee are two of the best international players in their age group. They would easily be three stars under the American ranking system.
  15. They are our best players and he recruited them three years ago. There was something called Situation 2 that removed their complementary shooters from the team. He's done a good job backfilling with Jimerson and Weaver but Jimerson went down. Sh*% happens. I'll put Coach Ford's coaching job with this team up with any A10 coach this year. There is no standout best coach in the league. There's about 3-4 guys who all occupy the same tier. Davidson returns over 70% of the offense, even without Frampton and Pritchett. We return less than 40%.
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