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  1. Centers aren't normally good free throw shooters. If you can get good free throw shooting in addition to post scoring and rebounding that's a bonus.
  2. Barret Benson is transferring from Northwestern. He's a 6'10 240 lb backup center who averaged 10 minutes a game. Was stuck behind Derek Pardon for 3 years, who earned all-conference honorable mention this year. The Northwestern board is in shock. They were projecting him as a 20 minute a game player his senior year. We've got minutes available and there a very few A-10 players who have Benson's combination of size and mobility. He'd be a very good fit, IMO.
  3. This is the easiest decision to extend a contract that Chris May will ever have. Coach Ford has taken this program from the dead to the tournament in 3 years. Recruiting is stronger than it's ever been. That's the very definition of a job well done.
  4. Looks like Ben's getting swept up in the euphoria. I think it's cute. He's on the right track, though I think his clock is just a year fast. VCU and Davidson will be ranked next year. Dayton, Duquesne and the Bonnies willl be really good. We can gently inform Ben of that in October when the public is actually paying attention to preseason predictions.
  5. All the pressure is on VA Tech. They know what happened last year, even if the media doesn't. They'll try and blow us out early. We have to withstand the run.
  6. Collins and Jacobs will be be going up against Goodwin and Thatch every day in practice. Hard to offer a tougher challenge than that. Coach Ford said when we signed Thatch that he sees him as a combo guard. He was used primarily a defensive stopper this year but I think you'll see him handle the ball more next year.
  7. Dambrot chose his own players over the guys he was left. Carry is a two way player. Lewis is not.
  8. But coaches rarely operate that way. A freshman has to be head and shoulders above an upperclassman to get the nod. That scenario plays out time and time again across all of college basketball.
  9. Does Perkins career 38% 3 pt shooting at SWIC and strong mid-range game not count?
  10. Actually this is exactly the time when traditional 2 year transfers become available, when the season over. That's how we got Bess and Foreman.
  11. The whole point of the traditional transfers and the grad transfers was to turn around the program as quickly as possible. I'd say that has been accomplished. I don't know of anyone who was advocating for no grad transfers. I've been supportive of a grad transfer big for two months now. But to sign a grad transfer guard when we'll have arguably the best collection of young guards since Majerus was here? It sounds like folks are exaggerating a need.
  12. You both make good points. If Perkins + Jimerson + Collins > Isabell + Bess then there's nothing to worry about. The bulk of the shooting will be taken care and we'll have plus ball handling when Yuri is in the game. Goodwin can continue to play to his strengths and be the X factor in big games. If Goodwin has to be the 1st or 2nd option on offense, then shooting is a major concern. It will be fascinating to see how it all works out. The good thing is we don't have to worry about Goodwin and French never making the Dance. We don't need the answer to emerge right away.
  13. I agree that big uptick is overstating the impact. Where I think it can help is getting out-of state guys we're already recruiting to take us more seriously. It's hard to pull even a 3 star guard from the East Coast without a national profile. Keep making tournaments and that will change. This is a huge step, though!
  14. Coach Ford was on the verge of tears in his post-game interview. Talked about how everybody, including himself, came from different backgrounds for different reasons. And how the team had overcome so much, from injuries to roster changes. There had to be a reason they were all here today. Happy St. Patrick's everybody!
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