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  1. We have always been Kasubke's fallback school. His strong performance may eliminate the need for a fallback option.
  2. If those same ratios hold up in games and Jimerson is the 45% shooter we think he is then Yuri is about 25%.
  3. A guy who starts for a bad team is always going to have much better stats than the 9th man on a better one. What it doesn't tell you is whether the first player is better than the second. You don't want to use a multi-year scholarship this late in the game unless you're absolutely sure.
  4. I can't think of any player that lacked a back to the basket game in high school that became good at posting up in college. Pros yes, college no.
  5. Can the 4th option from a 10 win mid-major team help you win? That's debatable.
  6. Hargrove is more raw as an offensive basketball player coming out of high school than Bess was. He still relies a lot on athleticism rather than making simple basketball plays. Learning that delicate dance is easier said than done.
  7. Hargrove posts up occasionally against other bigs but he prefers to take his man off the dribble or shoot jump shots.
  8. Bradford is an upgrade over Diarra, even before Diarra's injury. He's got more offensive ability. Bradford and Graham Ike are the only true centers on our offer list. All the other bigs we've offered can play away from the basket.
  9. Yep, we have two scholarships open for 2020. I doubt we see any commits until after school starts. This isn't like last year where our local targets considered staying home their best option.
  10. Bess is 6'6 and could guard power forwards. I don't think we'll ever see another Bess in a Billiken uniform. But Thatch does have the potential to be the best two-way guard in the conference.
  11. He's the key to an upside surprise IMO. We've actually seen Thatch be a solid jump shooter in high school. If our best one-on-one defender is also one of our best scorers, we've got a weapon no other team in the league has.
  12. Unknown. But Perkins is the biggest matchup problem so he's the leader in the clubhouse.
  13. Yuri and Hargrove didn't even shoot 25% from 3pt range in high school last year and you're expecting 32% from further away? And you expect Hankton to increase his shooting percentage by 8 points while shooting from further away? The percentages you're expecting from our top 8 would take us from the worst 3 point shooting team in the conference to one of the best. If there was any team in college basketball last year who improved their perimeter shooting that much in one season, I'd like to know who they are. What you're hoping for is bordering on miraculous.
  14. True but I don't remember quickness being brought up as a concern when Jalen Johnson was signed.
  15. I think it's been mentioned before but he's white. MBMs are accustomed to the bad ass white boys being on the other team. This is a new experience.
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