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  1. Okoro is a top 3 big in the conference. If he's not top 20, he's very close.
  2. Nobody appreciates a traditional big man unless he's on their team. They're effective but not the most exciting players to watch.
  3. The NIL exists precisely to avoid the scenario you're describing. It pays players so they don't have to leave early to grab a paycheck. What was the point of going through all this NIL chaos if we're just going to give them strings-free eligibility anyway?
  4. Why? We went years without an age limit without this happening.
  5. Okoro was clearly more productive in his junior season than Loe was. What we don't know is what Okoro's senior season will look like. He will get more minutes so the assumption is his stats will be better than last year's, possibly even the best big man in the conference. But that's just an assumption.
  6. Okoro's junior season over Loe's junior season? Absolutely.
  7. Who was the toughest player to guard in your A10 career and why?
  8. Again, most of those are more tech-focused or closer to tech and finance hubs than SLU is.
  9. Meanwhile, Santa Clara, Pepperdine, Villanova and other schools smaller than SLU -- who are more closely aligned with the economy in terms of curriculum and geography -- zoomed right past us. And as I pointed out, their endowment per student is larger.
  10. With the economy shifting to tech and finance over the last couple decades, we've seen the rise of small schools near those business centers or focused on those fields. In most cases their endowments are larger than SLU's on a per student basis.
  11. The endowment arms race of the past couple of decades years has caused a lot of schools to sink in the rankings. The top 50 is dominated by schools with strong ties to tech, the big law firms and Wall Street.
  12. Degrees from certain universities open up a whole lot more doors than others. This is especially true in tech. It's a numbers game. If my degree opens up 15 doors and yours only opens up 3, my chances of success àre much higher.
  13. If you're recruiting at a high enough level, you'll always lose good players to transfer. High major programs lose four star recruits to the portal every year. The only way to avoid losing players 11-13 is to recruit guys specifically to be practice players. No one wants that.
  14. The only thing that a player having success at another mid-major school proves is that he was a good fit at that school. Which is something I hope for all local/regional players.
  15. One guy gets three months in jail, another guy gets a 6 year contract at Xavier. Luck of the draw, I guess.
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