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  1. Likely a mix of considerations: hoops success, media market, geography, financial strength, private school, presence in a recruiting hotbed, etc, etc.
  2. This should be merged with the other thread. Also, can't help but wonder if in a Big East expansion scenario Richmond has a leg up over VCU, being private and having a lot more resources on a per-student bases.
  3. I didn't mean that the PAC 12 would somehow drop down and out of the so called P5, just that there would be four bigger major conferences east of Colorado. To some extent the PAC 12 can sidestep the scramble/shuffle of the Big Ten, Big XII and SEC. If they expand they've got Nevada, New Mexico, Boise State, Colorado State, BYU, San Diego St., etc.... to choose from. They'll certainly still be in the so-called P5 or P6 (for basketball). But like the Big East they may feel pressure for further expansion.
  4. I could see this round of realignment basically resulting a bigger non-Pac 12 P4. SEC + Texas & Oklahoma = 16 teams Big Ten + KU & Iowa St. = 16 teams ACC + WVU = 15 football, 16 basketball (w/ND) American + remaining Big XII = 16 football (w/Navy), 16 basketball (w/Wichita St.) Between having 11 members and a new norm of bigger conferences, I could see this indirectly encouraging the Big East to expand.
  5. Damn. Sorry to see JBJ go. But sounds like he'll have a strong crew to play with out there. Could be fun: The newcomers are: freshman forward Myles Mendes (6'6, 225) from Minneapolis, Minn. coming from Troy University; sophomore post Jimmy Bell (6'10, 270) from Saginaw, Mich. coming from St. Louis University; freshman guard Bol Akot (6'2) from Manchester, N.H. coming from Quinnipiac University; and sophomore wing Jo Jo Toppin (6'6) from Brooklyn, N.Y. is coming from Georgia State University.
  6. That's a great line-up. The substandard Cancun tourney is starting to look like a non-factor. It'd be nice to see the return of SIU-C to get that tradition back on track.
  7. Great news! Can't wait! Welcome Kellen!
  8. Whoa. Good memory. It definitely was. And I think it only became clear that it would be streaming there the day of or something. Kind of like how that random Tulane game in Arizona got picked up at the last second.
  9. I agree. I don't think we have trouble scheduling good non-con tournaments. This year is something of an outlier to the downside. A tourney without P6 participation makes me think a couple of buy games wouldn't be too much worse and would be much easier to attend. 2017 was VaTech.
  10. Enjoyed that write-up. As for the season opener, the 2021-22 season starts on Nov. 9. So I think we should have 3 or so games before facing Mercer, at least two of which are likely to be significantly easier buy game matchups. Recent examples being SEMO, SIUE, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Washington, Northern Alabama, and Arkansas-Pine Bluff.
  11. I think Federal income tax would still apply. But the sheer cheapness of rural Greece should help.
  12. UT @ Austin has started down that road with the Longhorn Network. Although it's not available (yet) as a standalone streaming service.
  13. It's behind a pay wall, but I'm pretty sure the headline and blurb say it all: Media Views: Bally Sports Midwest expected to charge $20-$30 monthly for direct access Channel that carries Cardinals, Blues and some SLU games is planning to be offered à la carte beginning next spring.
  14. Why do dozens of schools pay $2,000,000+ to recruit and coach talent that there is no demand for? I guess by definition the talent is worth at least $2,000,000 to those schools. Strange that the coaches would get paid so much if it's only the schools, and not the individual players or coaches, that drive demand.
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