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  1. Playing a DII wasn't really an issue until the NET system was introduced, which takes more of a cumulative approach. It made some sense before then as a chance for coaches and players to work out different things and take something of a breather in the pre-season.
  2. Five college basketball coaches whose jobs may have been saved by the coronavirus pandemic
  3. SATs or not, the admissions officers know what the good high schools are and who the good students are. Did SATs/ACTs help them? Sure. But they've been pulling students from the same high schools for decades and know where they stand. It'll pretty much be the same.
  4. Good for Madani. Although now thinking SIUE should have scooped him. EIU buy game 2022!
  5. Good program. Good for KC.
  6. I think that whole idea of games being scheduled to visit players' hometowns is basically a fiction.
  7. It'd makes sense because for 3-4 days it would put SLU-MIZZOU hoops at the center of the regional/state sports media and get people interested. It could easily become what the Braggin' Rights game used to be. It'd be good for the players, schools, fans, host city, etc... The only person it'd be bad for is Cuonzo as it would add another nail to his coffin.
  8. Bernie’s managed to stay one of the more public examples, but crazy to think how many columnists/journalists/editors you could say that for considering the newsroom liquidation the Post has experienced over the last 15 years.
  9. I like to think people in St. Louis sports media generally really like the Billikens and would like to cover them more, but that the Bills just don't generate the readers, listeners, clicks, page views, etc... that the Blues or Mizzou do, or that even the most mundane off-season Cardinals coverage does. Kind of a chicken and egg issue. I suppose that can all change once the tourney appearances start stacking up. Wish the best for Bernie. He's a good guy.
  10. Let's say you were a pre-med student on scholarship that got a summer job as a laboratory assistant at a pharmaceutical company, but the schools with the top 353 pre-med programs (including at least one for-profit school) got together, formed an organization, and declared that if you got paid for your lab work - or got paid for anything relating to being a pre-med student whatsoever - you would be violating the sanctity and purity of being a pre-med student, would be investigated, suspended from performing lab work and might lose your scholarship. However, there would be nothing preventing the lab from negotiating directly with the organization to pay them for the benefit of your labor. You would get nothing. Your benefit from your hard work would be capped at the value of your scholarship (which your school could pull at any time), any further fruits of your labor would flow directly to the 353 schools. Because again, that would be inappropriate and untoward and violate the purity and righteousness of what it means to be pre-med. The proposed changes aren't sickening. They're way past due.
  11. I was hoping we would get Ford, but more for his track record of NCAA Tourney appearances than thoughts of him being an exceptional bench coach (wasn't really aware of that one way or the other at the time). Anyone who watched/witnessed the 2019 A10 tournament can attest to Coach Ford's ability to "get more out of a team because he coaches players up." Also, finishing 11th in the A10 doesn't sound impressive, but I was amazed he got 6 conference wins and an A10 tourney win out of the '16-'17 team. That was really working with what he had and getting everything out of that team.
  12. Seems like a great move. Good for him.
  13. Has this thread determined what wavelength of light needs to be injected for optimal sanitation? Asking for a friend.
  14. This whole Hankton, Linssen, Okoro, Diarra shuffle reminds me how far we've come from the Soderberg recruiting days.
  15. This. One can easily see how SLU ends up being a great stepping stone for Diarra. For a kid with limited HS play (due to injuries) and limited recruiting (Detroit and Mississippi Valley are the two most often mentioned), it seems that coming from SLU could still be a path to better opportunities than what he was seeing. Alternatively, Detroit appears to still have 2 spots open for next year. He could take Brad Calipari's spot.
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