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  1. On February 24th the stock market was looking very good (to sell anything/everything).
  2. ^Sounds like we can agree that there's no need to get huffy Old guy.
  3. You just wrote this in another thread - give it a read: SLURadioBoy, making predictions about sports, particularly early predictions, is like learning how to dance in public. As long as you do not mind looking like a total ass, it is a lot of fun to do. Why not? What is not fun to do is to get huffy about being right afterwards.
  4. Too bad. SIUC seemed to be putting some pieces together this season under a new coach. They had a nice little seven win stretch mid-season, including wins over UNI and Loyola. Hopefully things work out for SIUC and Davis.
  5. Makes sense that a UNC, Kentucky or Texas would be allocated more revenue than a McNeese State, University of Maryland Eastern Shore or Alcorn State considering the amount of revenue they generate.
  6. Both are listed as Forwards. Coach Ford's first SLU team - Crawford, Roby, Agbeko, Johnson, Moore, Gillman, Welmer - was so earthbound it was laughable. I went to Senior night that season (March 1, 2017) and Crawford dunked at one point late in the game on a fast break. People lost it.
  7. This is more well rounded than I anticipated. Great to see.
  8. Also, there is a sliding scale of what is meant by "international players" in terms of recruitment. Glaze played 3 of his 4 high school seasons in the US, all at different schools. So, even though he's from Canada, it's not like recruiters were taking a flier on him. Same for Agbeko who had played 2 years of high school ball followed by one at a prep school. Diarra and Neufeld both had one year at a US prep school to hone their skills and prove their ability and become more of a known quantity to recruiters domestically. Ingvi and Andre are obviously completely international. Can't speak to the others, but it seems like bundling all "international" students together just doesn't really make any sense - some are much more known quantities than others.
  9. Maybe Coach Ford wins a national championship at SLU and a P5 school in the same year after we join the Big East. Not a full program turn around, but Frank Haith just had a sort of comeback year, finishing in a 3-way tie for first in the AAC with his second best record there (13-5), after obviously getting run out of MO. I don't think he's necessarily beloved, but probably bought himself some goodwill in Tulsa.
  10. But I agree re: the deck chairs. Not sure who else would want the job or that Fordham has the resources to attract anyone worthwhile.
  11. Not sure how “strength of league” is a factor. If the A10 is up and your conference record is terrible or if the A10 is down and your conference record is terrible, in neither instance do you belong. Also a 5 year track record over the course of 90 games is a large enough sample size to take “luck” off the table.
  12. I wonder if Fordham will fire Jeff Neubauer. Despite getting his first A10 tournament win the other night, each of his season’s there has achieved new lows: 8-10 7-11 4-14 3-15 2-16
  13. I guess George Mason and Fordham are co-Champions.
  14. I wouldn't mind a 32 team tournament - just the automatic bids - held over 5 days. Makes things easy on the selection committee.
  15. Not really. Maybe a little with the West Coast Conference Final. Saint Mary's punched their ticket by beating BYU yesterday. But if they're blown out by Gonzaga and we beat the Bonnies and Dayton, we could be jockeying with them for seeding. All other conference finals tonight - Horizon, Summit, CAA, Northeast - are one bids.
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