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  1. Looks like the full schedule is out: https://slubillikens.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule/2023-24 with Dartmouth and Lincoln (Mo.) rounding out the schedule. Oct 24 - Kentucky Wesleyan (exhibition) Oct 29 - Berea College (exhibition) Nov 6 - Southern Indiana Nov 8 - Lincoln (Mo.) Nov 11 - Illinois State Nov 16 - Wyoming (neutral) Nov 17 - Charleston or Vermont (neutral) Nov 19 - TBD (neutral) Nov 25 - Dartmouth Nov 28 - Utah St. Dec 2 - SIUC (AWAY) Dec 6 - Drake (AWAY) Dec 9 - Hofstra Dec 16 - Louisiana Tech Dec 20 - NC State (AWAY)
  2. No problem. Defaulting to bashing the Billikens without really thinking about it is a common occurrence around here.
  3. We finished in the top 4 in 2020, 2021, and 2023.
  4. The Hofstra game is on the same day as the MLS Final on Dec. 9th. The only other possible overlap is Nov. 25th.
  5. Not exactly Conference Shuffle, but I was looking at games in Brooklyn this fall and saw that the St. Francis College Terriers (Northeast Conference) will not be competing in D-I. The school announced in March that they will be eliminating their athletics program.
  6. Thanks to everyone - @HoosierPal, @Pistol, @wgstl, @Scoop , anyone else - who has helped cobble the schedule together through sleuthing and re-posting things here. It's helpful (especially for us out of towners that might want to plan a St. Louis trip around a home game) and just good to know what we have to look forward to.
  7. I'm not so sure about that. Two considerations: Missouri State has football. So, assumedly, at least some of its $158,000 in licensing and royalties is coming from the Missouri Valley Football Conference. It's not unreasonable to think the A10's payout could be 2X the MVC's. Missouri State's NCAA distributions could be significantly padded by A10-member Loyola Chicago's final four and sweet sixteen tourney runs.
  8. As the top four conferences gain a stranglehold on football, I wonder if lesser programs will give up on it. Schools like Charlotte, Temple, and UAB doubled down on football in the last decade. The pendulum could swing the other way. We're already seeing it a bit with UConn leaving the AAC for the Big East. If the likes of Charlotte, Temple, Tulsa, or WKU opt out of football irrelevance, and/or Wichita St tires of playing second fiddle, there could be some solid pick-ups available for non-football conferences.
  9. Missouri State: Licensing & Royalties: 158,000 NCAA distributions: 700,000 Conference reimbursement: 580,000
  10. Looking at the 2022 budgets for the two A10 public schools without football: VCU: Media rights: 235,059 NCAA distributions: 776,528 Conference distributions (non-media or bowl): 1,315,820 GMU: Media rights: 235,059 NCAA distributions: 869,981 Conference distributions (non-media or bowl): 139,624
  11. The total payout to all NIT participants last year (collectively) was $334K, with a maximum payout of $26K. Participants in the CBI pay a $27,500 entry fee. It wouldn't take much to lure the best non-tourney teams and shake things up. Consolation tournaments - NIT, CBI, whatever Fox is cooking up - don't matter. If participating schools can get a little more money out of it, great.
  12. Those considerations, combined with the slight but steady westward migration of the conference, would have made Pittsburgh an ideal landing ground. Baltimore or Wilmington would have been a good East Coast neutral ground options from a cost of living + travel access perspective.
  13. Biggest revelation here is that Davidson has a new logo:
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