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  1. And yet to some extent we can't. He never won one in his tenure.
  2. Kinda crazy that in the 18 season coached by that group we never won a regular season title.
  3. ^Should that be the case, the question remains of what action the AAC takes. The Army move mentioned early makes sense.
  4. The Cayman Islands Classic is 3 games, so 11 games total not including the Doane exhibition.
  5. Not seeing Diarra in the bigs shot, but maybe he's just behind Jimmy Bell on the dribbling exercise.
  6. In terms of being better than this past season it's just hard to imagine anyone rising to Javon's level in the regular season or Tramaine's in the post-season. Hopefully that's the case though. French and Goodwin certainly have the ability to - those just seemed like special/senior performances.
  7. More than a single chance. The A10 usually has 3 tourney teams. Lunardi currently has Dayton (which would be the 3rd team in) as the 6th team out.
  8. Seems like a potential good match for a Valley school.
  9. Based on the scouting report sounds like a bigger Agbeko.
  10. ^Certainly UC or Memphis. Tulane would be fun for visiting purposes if not for the NET ranking. Tulsa seems like a reasonable middle of the road AAC option. Murray State, Belmont, UNI, WKU or the Cyclones would all be good neighboring state options for an H&H.
  11. 22,500 sounded too big to me, but then I saw that the MLS averaged 21,873 attendance last year. And even without the outliers of Atlanta (53,000) and Seattle (40,600), the average is still 19,497. Pretty impressive - more than NHL and NBA, and not too far behind MLB (about 28,830). I think many will agree that the more the stadium is open to the north and east the better. Much of the charm of Busch Stadium, PNC Park, Petco Park and others is the sweeping vistas they provide of their city's downtowns. It instills a sense of pride, makes for a great backdrop from the seats and provides free marketing for the city on TV. Obviously the views aren't going to be quite as dramatic from 21st street, but still, Union Station's tower, the civil courts building all lit up, the Park Pacific Building, the Eagleton Courthouse, etc... would make for quite the backdrop. So, hopefully they leave the east and north ends of the stadium more open to provide views from the upper deck. The sun will be coming from the south and west during games anyways, so having the large overhangs on the east and north might not even provide as much protection.
  12. Good luck to Jerry Stackhouse. He inherits an 0-18 team, has never coached or recruited for a college basketball team in his life, has no notable local/alumni/recruiting connections, and - if his predecessor is any indication - has 3 years to get fully up to speed.
  13. Arkansas got jilted by Sampson (Simpson). Going to be tough to make waves in the SEC following A&M's Buzz hire.
  14. Not a grad-transfer, but Trace Young is leaving Wyoming after his Freshman year. Is from about 40 miles east of Madisonville, KY.
  15. Fourth most Final Four appearances of all active coaches. Fifth most if two are eliminated for being vacated. Makes sense to me. Plus, Kentuckians love fiddle.
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