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  1. I think it slowed it down considerably last year. Potentially making for a bumper crop this year.
  2. Seems like they were rolling along pretty well not too long ago - maybe 4-5 years? - with top 25 teams in both football and basketball. Just looking at it more closely. They finished 24th, 21st, and 8th in football the last 3 years. They won the American in basketball two seasons ago and finished 22nd in the country the year before that. What's the problem?
  3. Utah State's coach already got scooped by Utah. But yeah, those are good guesses if Walton's out.
  4. Long shot (bc too close to Miller and CBI Championships don't mean much to AZ), but one can hope: Lorenzo Romar.
  5. Nice. I overlooked the French, Hargrove and Henriquez 4* ratings. Looks like Luis Santos had a 4* as well. Over 1.5 per year in that case.
  6. Can't tell if you're kidding or not, but Jacobs will have better opportunities than the Summit.
  7. Coach's 6th 4-star player by my count. Back to averaging bringing in one a year.
  8. To your point, and what Pistol said about the direct incoming-outgoing comps, I don't see Hargrove's minutes getting squeezed too much. Okoro only averaged 17, Linssen 12. When Ford wants that smaller, faster look I can see TJ in a position to at least get the 10mpg he saw this season.
  9. Led the country in 3-point attempts this year. About 3x as many as GJ.
  10. Off the bat it seems like Fordham just out-hired DePaul.
  11. DJ seems well poised to follow the Miles Reynolds/Jalen Johnson path to post-SLU success, start at a smaller program then contribute at a larger program.
  12. DJ really went off a handful of times. Which was sort of unexpected, but not surprising, if that makes any sense. Always fun to watch whenever that happened.
  13. Sounds promising. A potential step in the right direction for Fordham.
  14. Zero interest in Iona. We have two former MAAC members in the A10, Fordham and LaSalle. The results speak for themselves.
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