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  1. This thread is so off the rails it's hilarious. Jimerson will get 8-9 minutes in the first half, although Ford will want to swap Yuri in for him in the double bonus, but Perkins will actually handle the ball more late in games, Hargrove will be subbed in as a big just to switch it up as he averages 18+ ppg in conference play, Thatch will have a total break-out year especially from beyond the arc, but Weaver will be on his heals for playing time following a 30pt performance, Hankton is going to turn into a lock-down defender, coach will be want to put Bell in between minutes 5 and 11 of each half, which will perfectly complement J. Good's nightly triple-double threats. Jacobs and Diarra won't see a ton of playing time except for their signature late game alley-oop showcases when we're up by 20+, which will be most games thanks to Hasahn's 11.5 rpg. Great to see how drunk everyone is on Bills 2019 basketball and it isn't even September yet.
  2. Valpo seems like a hlluva buy game. Wouldn't have really minded a home & home with them. A 2-for-1 home and home, kind of like the deal we cut with Auburn, would have been good.
  3. SLU won't have any 7 footers this year. It will have a couple of 6'10" guys though.
  4. I''d agree with that. Already way too many teams using United and FC. Also, it's a soccer team in a soccer league (MLS), FC makes no sense. SC would though.
  5. ^^And a long tradition of excellence and usually going to the tournament. Basically, if you graduate from Murray State you know you're going to dance. Probably a few times.
  6. ESPN+ should carry a number of SLU games, but not all (like those picked up by CBS, NBCSN or regular ESPN). Also, if you follow other SLU sports, they carry SLU baseball, soccer, women's hoops, and others. If you have any interest in lower tier, regional hoops, you will love ESPN+. They carry nearly all MVC, OVC, MAC, Horizon, etc... hoops games.
  7. I see it now. Didn't catch that last frame before - definitely Has. My b.
  8. I think that's Jimmy Bell at the end.
  9. He prefers posterizing people to posting up.
  10. You're the source bauman. You asked "How do you keep Jimerson off the court if he can hit 43%+ from the 3?" The clear answer, short of him being injured or having disciplinary issues, is if his defense is ineffectual. Is there another reason you can think of? No paranoia or concern, that's just why a coach might keep a 43% shooter from 3 off the court.
  11. Oh. You'd said that "USHL teams are required to have facilities which can seat 12,000 or more people." That's clearly not the case as not a single team plays in a 12,000 seat facility.
  12. Some apparent depth there. The glaring deficiency being experience at the A10 level. To your comment, as discussed, Jimerson is kept off the court if his defense is ineffectual.
  13. You left out a Soph and a grad transfer. But yes, it could shape up!
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