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  1. The Commissioner of the CAA, Joe D'Antonio, was recently on Bloomberg's Business of Sports. There's not much specific to college hoops (it's kind of football heavy, especially for the CAA), but the first 12 minutes provide an interesting look at what is being discussed by schools and the challenges that they are facing: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2020-07-22/d-antonio-on-the-complexity-facing-the-colonial-league-podcast
  2. I commend you b.i.. Fielding a competitive A10 basketball team is hard enough. Doing so in an isolated hollow of the Allegheny foothills prone to burying lake-effect blizzards, where "Big City" means Buffalo, and the strongest pitch to recruits is, "If you survive the journey to get here we can offer you sturdy shelter from the bleak surroundings and harsh elements, within which sits a basketball court from the middle of the last century", must make it all the more difficult. Indeed, the Bonnies are a testament to the grit and tenacity of college basketball. Which it needs now more than ever. I agree that we are Goliath. David was an adulterer, home wrecker, back stabber and murderer, which I have no doubt are common practices among the St. Bonaventure alumni community.
  3. I'd feel more of anything toward the Bonnies if they'd beaten us in the 2019 A10 tourney final. As of now my general horror and pity for where their campus is located still trumps any sense of rivalry.
  4. Terrible news. Seemed like a great guy to have in the area mentoring young players after his adventures overseas.
  5. Having the most years as a grad assistant, having had the DI (even A10) player experience, and having played in both the G League and abroad seems to check a lot of boxes for Lowe. Just a huge disparity in experience compared to Bailey's 15 years at 4 different programs before coming to SLU.
  6. Agreed. The Wichita State path is an interesting curiosity if nothing more.
  7. One of the MAC's best basketball programs recently - Buffalo - hired SLU's former assistant coach - Jim Whitesell - as its head coach last year. I think that perfectly illustrates the relation of SLU to the MAC. Speaks for itself.
  8. Again, Reynolds played his senior season at Oklahoma as their sixth man averaging 20+ minutes over the season and two NCAA tournament games (in other words it was "suited to his talent level"). That's to say, he upgraded to a better team in a P5 conference and made a meaningful contribution to it. Not just a "so-so contributor" to Pacific (not Pepperdine). That's not to say your theory isn't true. But if "Billikens that transfer don't do particularly well elsewhere", then Reynolds is an exception to that rule. If your definition of "doing particularly well elsewhere" is exclusively becoming a stats leader at a major program and going on multiple multi-game tournament runs, then yeah, I suppose Reynolds doesn't fit in that category.
  9. Just to clarify on Miles Reynolds, in 2017-18 at Pacific he was the 2nd highest scorer on the team and 2nd in mpg among guards. In 2018-19 at Oklahoma he was 3rd in minutes and 4th in scoring among guards. He averaged 23 minutes in their two NCAA tournament games, basically as their sixth man at that point. Being a leader of a .500 WCC team, when the WCC had two Top 25 teams, and then contributing significant minutes (averaged 20+ for the season) to a P5 tournament team, including in two tournament games, was "transferr[ing] to better things and careers" than he could have expected by staying. Also, you left Milik Yarbrough off of the list. He led the Illinois State Redbirds in scoring, rebounding and assists two years in a row. Not defending Crews' recruiting ability here. Just saying that a few of these kids had some talent and were worth more than.... what you describe.
  10. I think Yuri will probably have more minutes than Has. Just because Has' is more prone to foul trouble.
  11. Five college basketball coaches whose jobs may have been saved by the coronavirus pandemic
  12. SATs or not, the admissions officers know what the good high schools are and who the good students are. Did SATs/ACTs help them? Sure. But they've been pulling students from the same high schools for decades and know where they stand. It'll pretty much be the same.
  13. Good for Madani. Although now thinking SIUE should have scooped him. EIU buy game 2022!
  14. Good program. Good for KC.
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