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  1. Was really hoping the A10 would avoid this latest round of realignment, exuding a general sense of solidarity and stability for the conference.
  2. The WAC for UT-Arlington and OVC for UA-Little Rock would be good fits.
  3. Most of any SLU coach since Spoonhour (with 7).
  4. Those are all good reasons to play a very low level team at that point in the schedule. I'd rather it be a UMKC, SEMO, SIUE, Tenn-Martin, Western Ill., North Alabama, or comparable D1 team. The game would be a little more interesting to watch, marginally more meaningful, and would tell the coaching staff just a little more about those sets, new players, and bench depth. HSSU just seems like it should be an exhibition, not a regular season game.
  5. A little surprised to see HSSU on the schedule. I was hoping our days of D-II regular season games were over following the advent of the NET ranking system. Maybe it acts as a buy-game so it's a way of SLU throwing HSSU athletics some support?
  6. Unfortunately that isn't the case: Game Zero: Spread of virus linked to Champions League match
  7. It certainly seems to be snowballing - two teams leave the Big XII, three teams leave the AAC, six teams leave C-USA....
  8. FAU, Charlotte, North Texas, UT-San Antonio, Rice, UAB accept invites to AAC: https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32445087/florida-atlantic-charlotte-north-texas-utsa-rice-uab-set-join-american-athletic-conference Any "would it have made sense to stay in the MVC?" discussion around here will pale in comparison to what's happening in Wichita.
  9. If we can get Memphis on the schedule regularly (ideally annually) we'd have the best of both worlds.
  10. I join Wichita State in raising my hand.
  11. That leeriness makes sense, but Better strength of schedule (creating more tourney opportunities) Higher ceiling (BE gets 1 and 2 seeds, which the A10 doesn't) Higher floor (DePaul recruits guys that Fordham and La Salle's don't bother with) More broadcast revenue (to support the athletics program overall) Some programs may not take advantage of the increased opportunities the Big East presents, but they'd be foolish to avoid having them.
  12. Makes you wonder if, having put in the work and paid the exit fees to join the American Athletic Conference, Wichita State and Temple (among others) are comfortable competing in a reconstituted Conference USA.
  13. If George Mason had gone to 22 consecutive NCAA Tourneys.
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