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  1. I think the Boise home court advantage will be less of a factor than some (bookmakers, ESPN, etc..) are making it out to be. ExtraMile Arena is all of 3 miles from Boise Airport. With 6 days rest/break/travel/acclimation time, I just don't think it'll be as big a factor as regular season games where there's a 3-day turnaround. Also, Boise St. has a single home win this year - Utah Valley.
  2. A win tonight would move Coach Ford (95-66) one Billiken win ahead of Richard Raymond Majerus (95-69). They are currently tied for 5th all-time.
  3. Mizzou beat a dude named Paul Quinn. Paul struggled to find his rhythm in the first half, but had a solid second half after some halftime adjustments.
  4. Didn't realize the Drake game was in Las Vegas. Fun.
  5. We got 3 votes in the Coaches Poll. Tied for 41st in the nation. Keep winning.
  6. Yeah, I think you're wrong there. Goodwin saw the scenery and wanted to do whatever he could to add top 25 rankings, A10 championships, NCAA bids, and NCAA wins to it. To torture your analogy, a good lead dog doesn't enjoy the scenery, it runs even harder to push the rest of the pack. That's Goodwin.
  7. That's off base. Goodwin wanted to win and worked really hard to do so. He's not some kid who skated by on his talent waiting for some worthy challenge to come along down the road.
  8. Feels like it. Makes me wonder if it's a product of the new transfer rules, or having a bunch of 6th year seniors kicking around, or the strange HS recruiting year that just happened. TBD.
  9. Seriously. Especially considering that one win was against a DIII school and the game was in Olean. St. Joe's beating a P6 team yesterday - even a down Georgetown - also seemed off the walls.
  10. Rutgers-UMass is a solid opportunity for UMass to pick up a 2nd win against a BigTen opponent, especially as the game is in Amherst.
  11. George Mason drops their fourth in a row. This one to South Dakota State, albeit in South Dakota. They've fallen a long way from beating No. 20 ranked Maryland @ Maryland.
  12. Coach said on the post-game interview with Rammer & Earl that Thatch was dehydrated, and that that was the reason they couldn't play him as much as they would have liked to down the stretch.
  13. Bills first Q3 win this season. 5-1 in DI games halfway through the DI non-conference schedule, with the only loss to a Top 10 team. Great start.
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