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  1. So, bottom line, we’re hoping for a big Yurimania type headfake. He looks at the Messphis hat only to pick up the Bills cap with the other hand?
  2. I thought I’d read somewhere that Messphis had signed a 5 star 2/wing for this class. I could be wrong. I figured UI because they will have a hole their next season. By the way isn’t Strickland the same size as Nesbitt? If so, we can wait and see how he develops. In Travis I trust.
  3. This Spring could bring a whole host of promising players: rising HS players, JUCOs, and transfers. Penny’s a hell of a recruiter, but Messphis still hasn’t set the world on fire. UI’s different because Underwood can coach.
  4. I bow to the staff’s roster designs as well. However, if Russell shows he can contribute at this level, ie an effective A10 player, why would we risk losing him if we withhold a scholie? That said, I do think we will lose a player or two to the transfer portal for the 21-22 season once the 1 year sit rule is history. I don’t want to speculate who they might be but given our current roster, and especially if we add Nesbitt and Kern, minutes for some pretty solid players are going to be hard to come by. In that event, this discussion will become moot as we’ll have more openings.
  5. I don’t see the immediate need for a big in the 21-22 season. Bell, Okoro, Linssen, Lorensson, and Hargrove (who plays big) should provide a more than capable inside group. Plus, if we land Nesbitt, and he’s a clone of JGood grabbing caroms shouldn’t be a problem, or should it? Give it to Russell. You can’t have too many guys who can play the point.
  6. They’re waiting on Big Steve’s dad to come up with the final payoff.
  7. I don't really expect much from French at the line, because I think it's a mental thing. We've all noticed and commented on how good he looks in warmups then the buzzer goes off as does his 80% mark in warmups. Hope I'm wrong, because FT's have killed us the last two years. I didn't realize we missed 11 against SVU. Hell, if we'd made just 70% of those misses we'd have blown them away.
  8. During these troubled times I'm hoping he seeks the comfort zone of home.
  9. You should consider Zaga and X as P5’s as Quad 1 Ws. And I agree taking the whole thing is possible. Since we got everyone back we shouldn’t have the learning curve to go through. I think Zaga returns their core too, however.
  10. Given the fact we’re not going to play at least 4 games of our OOC schedule, I think we’re gonna have to win 2 of our 3 games in Orlando. With at least one of them coming against a P5. The selection committee is going to be working with fewer data points, so every opportunity we get to knock off a Q1 team must be taken advantage of.
  11. Drooling over waiting for Yurimania driving and kicking an outlet pass to Gibby. BANG! He got it for 3! Question: what’s more exciting a Gibby 3, or a Hargrove jam? I’ll take the 3 because of the extra point. Even though, a TJ slam definitely gets my blood flowing.
  12. My guess is we will be in the 39-35 grouping. UR will be ranked a little lower. Which I don't get since we waxed them on their home court last year and both teams haven't changed except we improved our bench with the addition of Linssen and have Jimerson and Thatch back at full speed. Any Loretsson sightings?
  13. Kind of neat, Broy, you got your own personal spell checker.
  14. That page has a nice pic of Jayson T in his Celts uniform. Just tell Jordan he can practice against him if he comes to SLU. Unless Jayson suddenly goes to UI in the off season. Also, he might even bring Mr. Smart along just for the fun of it.
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