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  1. slu72

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    I just finished watching on DVR. My observations: 1) Goodwin's gotta slow down. 2.) Thatch should start. Isabell can come off the bench as a sort of an igniter. 3) Jacobs needs more grooming. Too many bad passes. 4.) Javon Bess has got to stay healthy. (Captain Obvious comment). 5.) Foreman- love him and hate him. Gordon's a lot better. 6.) I guess the PAC 12 allows the Eurostep. If I was a ref they would have been hit wit a bunch more travels.
  2. slu72

    Where is Isabell?

    Who gets his spot? Jacobs or Thatch?
  3. slu72

    Where is Isabell?

    As Rosana Rosanadana always said: it's always something.
  4. slu72

    December in the A10 ....

    And here's hoping the Bills offense shows up too!
  5. slu72

    Former Billiken in the news

    Bet I could sell my contraband Jordair t shirt for a lot of money down under.
  6. One observation on Foreman, it seems almost every time he gets the ball he tries to put a move on his man and drive to the hoop where he runs into a log jam? He rarely looks to pass or kick it back out to an open man.
  7. slu72

    2018-19 season

    With this offense I worry about them all. Not gonna worry about FSU and Houston, though. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  8. slu72

    2018-19 season

    I'm just worried about OSU! Must win game!
  9. slu72

    Around the A10 Composite

    And we always play so well when we travel to the North Pole.
  10. Time to end the Isabell as PG experiment. He's a 2!
  11. My concern is if we don't have shooters now we can't rely on the cavalry to save us. Better figure out other ways to score.
  12. slu72

    Around the A10 Composite

    I think we're in for a bit of a surprise as to just how good VCU and Dayton are going to be this year. We all pretty much thought the A10 would come down to St.Joes, Davidson, and GM as our biggest threats. I think you can add the Rams and SVU to the mix at this point. We are definitely going to have to step up our game come conference time.
  13. slu72

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    This game turned out just as I feared. It wasn't a trap game as SIU is a decent team. It was a road game, coming off a sugar high of beating Butler, Bess not at full speed (this should concern us going forward), and SIU hot to beat the rival team getting all the ink this season. Still, our offense does seem totally effed up. I don't know what the problem is but am reluctant to say Travis Ford is a lousy coach but marvelous recruiter. It's still a new team on the floor. Give them some room. Let's put off judgement until about mid January.
  14. slu72

    GDT Rename them the Slukies

    Score. Can't get this anywhere?
  15. slu72

    The Bills over SIU by 1

    Way more scared of this game than Butler. Even before the uncertainty surrounding Javon, never felt this wouldn't be a difficult game.