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  1. I think we're going to have to DEPTH CHARGE the Flyers. 30 days off from practice, games, and daily conditioning routines is a high hurdle to overcome. Hopefully, our mental attitude has not suffered, but with JGood being the team leader, I don't think the mental side will be that significant. Still we all know that tired legs can really affect shooting, defending, and getting to the boards. I just think Travis is going to have go deep into the bench to provide 3 to 4 minute breathers throughout the game for our top 8 players. One telling fact was that he cancelled the second practice on Satur
  2. So unpredictable to say what 34 days between games with only 3 days of practice will bring. I’d like to have us playing Fordham just to ease back into game speed. Correct me if I’m wrong but no team has gone thru what we experienced. I have faith in Ford and he’s always had us on the upswing in the latter stages. So, if push comes to shove I like our chances in the A10 tourney. That’s assuming there is one. Plus we have Refuse to Lose JGood and French.
  3. I agree that there’s gonna be some flatness and tired legs affecting our play. Travis is going to have to dive deeper into the bench for awhile. Hoosierfan, whose opinion I respect, said our D should pull us thru. In my opinion D takes more effort, both mentally and physically, than playing offense. You have to have the heart and mental toughness to play good D. To my way of thinking, playing good D takes more of a toll on the player’s durability than O. For those reasons, I will be more interested in how our D performs than our O.
  4. I’ve got a suggestion for the Dayton GDT; DEPTH CHARGE the Flyers. I think we’re gonna see everyone get some minutes. I base this on Travis canceling the second practice yesterday.
  5. Game over. Jeesh, very lucky no one was killed or seriously injured.
  6. And drunk bus drivers. Don’t forget them.
  7. Sounds like Papa Thames is a devout Mizzerian.
  8. Great news. Stay well Mrs Hargrove.
  9. Have we been the hardest hit team in the nation? It sure seems like we are.
  10. Thanks, Hoosier, appreciate these reports.
  11. The 18 year old stuff. Not sure if it has a name. Not sure I've ever tried Lasanta.
  12. I consider myself a pretty optimistic person. But after 10 months of lockdown w/minimal social interaction and not being able to travel to visit family because of my age and a medical reason, I have to admit isolation takes a toll. When Billiken BB returned I finally had something to boost my spirits. And then Team Blue gets Covid and shuts it down for what seems like an eternity. I surely can't wait for the Bills to take to the court once more. I'm not down or depressed just fed up and frustrated with this infernal plague, as are most people in my age group. Some tips to get thru it: happy h
  13. I do expect we'll be a little less machine like against UD. By the way, Minn destroyed undefeated UM. At least we made a game of it.
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