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  1. I disagree. The large state schools are basically representatives for their respective states. Their fan bases are not made up of only students and alums. When I lived in Ohio I saw it with OSU FB and BB. Their fan base is statewide and encompasses citizens from all walks of life. I’m pretty sure this the case for all the flagship state schools. Look at SLU. Mizzery FB has a lot of supporters from our alums and students who are Missourians. You are right that they have become professional minor league teams, but they’ve always been that. They just didn’t pay the players.
  2. Better than the past season is setting a really low bar.
  3. Good job by Schertz and staff. We’re suddenly a BIG team.
  4. I heard Auggie paid for the center with the proviso only Bud products could be sold. And In Bev does have a suite at the Fetz.
  5. I wonder if his wife and child will take to Wyoming.
  6. I believe he and Gordon are now tied for number of schools attended. I guess Jimmy Bell is in that group too.
  7. At least no one brought up the issue of Wyoming Ice Cubes.
  8. I’m hoping this player development under Schertz is real. Travis did little for us in that regard. Rick’s Boys all showed progress. If Schertz is Rick Redux then we should expect Larry Jr and Thames to make a leap forward as well. I think we’d all like to see them flourish under Schertz as well as our newbies.
  9. This shite is getting even crazier. I thought the Holmes rumor of a mil was out of bounds, $2mm to Osboro is insane.
  10. Looks like a top 4 A10 team. Other 3 looking like UD, Loyola, and ???. Looking forward Taj Mahal 79’s and the Wiz’s A10 analysis once all the dust settles. Looking like VCU is having portal problems.
  11. No doubt Calimari has assembled some great talent. But it was coaches like Jay Wright that changed College hoops. He won with teams he developed that grew together. 22 year olds playing Mickey D HS all stars will win most of the time. Cal may have finally realized this. Even Coach K’s championship teams were mostly made up of veteran players. Experience and hardened D1 players will usually beat a team of future NBA one and doners.
  12. Short sighted on Cal’s part. Injuries, situations, foul trouble, etc are all likely factors. However, it is going to be difficult, even with some NIL $’s, to sell a player on limited minutes. And the NIL $’s aren’t going to be high enough to convince a player to be a pine rider. I’d be looking for FR, foreigners, and/or guys coming off injury who may need some extra rehab time. A full roster is required these days.
  13. It is if your team is a perennial winner and goes dancing every year.
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