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  1. Call it Yurimania! I like it. Thanks OG.
  2. You, my fine sir, have now earned a reserved seat in the first class club car on the Yuri Express. While, B'roy and Taj Mahal 79 are still riding in the livestock car. With Yuri it's all about the unreal, imaginative, Bird and Magic like assists. Scoring is just a plus. Get him measured for his Billiken HOF blazer. You heard it here first.
  3. Plus, with the great assists he'll be getting from Yuri..... Jam time!
  4. I guess this explains the practice at Harris Stowe.
  5. Exactly. I was a little dumbfounded by Little Bill's post. Is it possible he mistook Hargrove for Yuri? I haven't heard much about Hargrove being a sniper, so I figure he'll be getting most of his points in transition or somewhere near the basket.
  6. I see TJ Hargrove in that play. Of course, Yuri w/ the assist.
  7. No. Hargrove will hopefully be a killer on the inside (w/ feeds from the great Yuri). Bess turned himself into a 3 pt threat and more. He was always good on D. Hargrove could be but they're two different players.
  8. You are still a Yuri non believer. Hope you and your buddy TajMahal 79 like riding in the livestock car on the Yuri train. While Bay and I are sipping our single malts in the private Yuri don't Worry car.
  9. I'd wait and see how much Thatch's 3 pt shot has improved. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he shoot the 3 in HS at around 35%. I don't know if JGood will ever be a decent (say 33%) perimeter guy. Now I base this on B'roy's take on him since he saw him a lot in HS and at SLU.
  10. Good point. Those suffocating defenses were intended to shut down our inside game. If, big IF, we can shoot from the outside they can't play us that way.
  11. Given a little time, Yuri will chew 'em up.
  12. To me there is nothing more beautiful to watch in hoops than a PG setting up his team to score baskets. By all accounts, and some amazing highlite videos, this is what Yuri lives for, the perfect assist. Can't wait to see him in action. Ford, himself, was a fun PG to watch, and now he gets to pass the baton to a guy born to be a PG. exciting times ahead for us with Yuri Don't Worry conducting the Billiken Basketball Ballet.
  13. Yuri Don't Worry will be the straw that stirs the drink by January. Get ready for some jaw dropping, eye opening, mind boggling assists.
  14. Yuri, a natural at PG, will be the PG.
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