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  1. I guess he could take the Billiken 05 Leadership course and learn how to be loud and obnoxious.
  2. I'd say as we move forward Jimerson replaces Bess. He's not as good on D, few players are, but I thought he did a respectable job against HP. Granted, that's not saying much as the competition will only get tougher down the road. I'm just hoping his offense can make up for the D shortfall. I thought Hargrove would be the answer at the 4 alongside French. Two things I was misinformed on; first, his height I thought he was like 6'7", and second, his basketball acumen was higher than it is. Therefore, we are left with Hankton, who seems awfully fragile, and Perkins who could provide points but how about some rebounds and defense? Bell is a space eater or a jammer. Hopefully, he's the man to keep French out of foul trouble just by helping out against opponents' fives. Take the big guy from Dayton, does anyone care if Bell pounds on him and fouls out? Nope, just as long as he's not getting shots at 3 point plays. Yes, it would have been good to land either a GT PF or skilled FR, say a FR version of French. Didn't happen, so we have to play the cards we've been dealt.
  3. I liked them. On FSMW they almost looked a little gold colored. Kind of like a uniform GT or ND had at one time. Not bad, thought.
  4. He could be added to the list. It's time for Goodwin and French to start getting in the player's grill if they sense he is taking plays off. A lot of our players haven't realized yet the focus and effort it takes to succeed at this level.
  5. I'll make a stab at this Jacobs and Perkins. Unless he hits a 3 Jacobs appears to vanish into thin air. Perkins seems only wants to score .
  6. All I can add to the discussion about last night's game is Travis Ford looked ticked off the whole evening. He had to like what he saw from Jimerson and JGood, but I never saw him without a scowl on his face. He was probably figuring on a cakewalk warmup game for Belmont. Now he's probably worried a whole lot more about Saturday's game.
  7. Time for JGood and Has to hold a team only come to Jesus meeting. There are guys that just disappear out there. This could be a really good team if they played more hard nose.
  8. Well, Belmont is gonna be a test. We better find a D that works.
  9. Hope Belmont comes in over confident.
  10. Gibson is gold! Cash Money! Just what we needed.
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