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  1. The Kat is back. It must be HOOPS time.
  2. I have a feeling Linssen will start as our big. I still expect Okoro to be the #1 big for the bulk of the season, but I can see Travis going with the more knows the system guy to begin with. I base this on nothing but a gut feel.
  3. Russell was notorious about interacting with fans. There was an incident in the late 60s at a charity golf tourney where a kid who was like 10 asked him for an autograph. He blew the kid off. To say Russell was rude and aloof is a huge under statement. Well known in New England to give Bill a wide berth.
  4. Well, as I understand it, Rickma was no hail and jolly good fellow either, but he could coach. One of my biggest snubs occurred on a plane ride back to Boston from Chicago, and I got seated next to Bill Russell. Now, it was well known in Boston that Russell was fan unfriendly, no autographs, no small talk, no answers to any hoops related questions. Nothing from Bill. The trip was 2.5 hours, and all I said when I took my seat was, Hey, you're Bill Russell, aren't you? I got an icy stare and not even a nod. And dead silence the rest of the way. I was really glad to get off that plane. It was uncomfortable. I guess my point is these guys don't need to be friendly, yeah, it helps their public image, but the great ones don't really care. They let their records do the talking. It's not like we're gonna be teening it up with these guys every Saturday morning and then drinking beers in the grill room, or inviting them to our kids weddings, so why get upset when they blow you off? Agreed it's rude and a friendly smile or a thanks for being a fan would be great, but I just chalk it up to everyone's different.
  5. Those who lived in St L for the Spoon years know better than I, but ,besides winning , Charlie’s down home humor and love of all thing Cardinals, which he expressed often on his KMOX show, was also a factor in the impressive attendance figures. I used to catch his show occasionally in Ohio, and he was a fun listen. I recall one night where he and Karaker spent about 90% of the show how his love for the Cards originated when he was growing up in backwoods Arkansas. Charley was a good coach, but a good huckster as well. We never should have lost him. Had he been kept happy he likely would have got the program to X’s level of consistency.
  6. True. When I was at SLU more kids went to Blues games than the Bills. Their parents usually had season tickets. However, Spoon proved hoops in STL could be a major attraction. So, there is hope. Get in the Beast and bring their biggies to the Fetz, the people will come.
  7. The Zags must have wealthy fans and students. Otherwise, I don’t see them traveling very well to attend conference games that are roughly 2300 miles on average for away games. Contrast that to Dayton fans who would sell their first borns to attend every road game anywhere in the universe. Not a plug for UD to get in but there’s no denying the SVU crowd travels well. I think it’s the primary reason they get selected for a major holiday tourney every year. The year they played in the Charleston classic it was like an SVU infestation. Maybe Taj Mahal 79 can explain it, since he’s so well connected with Dayton’s fat cats.
  8. Any word on whether exhibitions will be aired?
  9. If Travis uses the depth and runs the Brownies ragged. In last year’s tourney game we ended up playing St B’s slow ball game and got thrashed. I think St B’s had a top 10 D last year. A large reason for that is their using a lot of clock on offense. Reminds me a little of Brad’s teams. Yes, they’re the team to beat in the A10, but they aren’t exactly what I’d call a dominating team or a stone cold lock. They can be had.
  10. I agree but over time this will be THE TOURNEY TO WATCH. Anything else is minor league. I want to believe that the networks will say “we’ve got to have the David v Goliaths”, but they’ll cave if the P5 push it hard. The P5 doesn’t like seeing those $$’s being spread around to the minor conferences. They are greedy SOB’s.
  11. ND and Cuse giving up FB and the ACC is a total pipe dream. Is the Beast $$$ anywhere near the $$$ level of the ACC? Doubtful. And ND football as an independent isn’t as big a draw as it used to be. Beast fans are dreaming on this one. Zaga hoops is the big frog in a little pond that virtually assures them a permanent annual tourney invite. They would risk this in the Beast. Although, they would be very competitive as long as Few sticks around. I don’t see it, but I never expected to see Joe Biden get elected as President either. We’ll see.
  12. I’ve been saying this is where the P5 was headed all along once conference realignments began. They want a FB type set up for BB, so they’re not sharing tourney money with the Savannah States of the world. They want it all.
  13. Well, my theory is go with the money and Fox is paying the freight. I think if they put their foot on the pedal the BE would listen.
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