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  1. If we’re Sodersaving scholies in this day and age of NIL and no sit out a year rule, our program is more trouble than I thought we were.
  2. If we were to get in this year we’d all be wearing blue bags over our heads. We’d likely get smoked by DePaul.
  3. Patton, Saving Private Ryan, Bridges of Toko Ri.
  4. Well, I would imagine this year’s payroll isn’t all that steep. I’m purely speculating but have to think Gibby got somewhere in the 5 figure range to stay. Others not so much, say in the $5-$7k range if even that. Everyone returning didn’t do much to create a value for their services. Perkins, based on his JUCO stats, might have got some nibbles had he tossed his hat in the ring. I don’t have any idea what the $ inducements might have been for our 3 portal players but would guess not enough to buy even a 10 yr old car. Overall, I’d guess SLU ain’t really out much in the NIL game this year.
  5. Tx, B’roy, that was him. He was en fuego. Epic game for him. Where is he now? Was he the guy hit by a bus or something?
  6. Makes sense, Torch. I have a question for u guys who watched SLU from 1973- thru say 1993. There was a video posted some time ago on a game against Memphis and there was a player tearing up Messphis. Was that David Burns? Whoever it was he was in the zone. If it was Burns, outside of the Legend that guy has to be considered a great Billiken. I don’t think he played for Spoon. So it had to be in that 20 year span where Billiken hoops to me was only a line score in the paper. Although, I do remember watching the 1989 NIT final on TV. Bonner’s team.
  7. If Yurimania got a 1/4 of a mil and others got chump change or nada, the main reason for last season’s let down suddenly becomes much clearer.
  8. Face it, if SLU was a Beast member our $$’d would probably double. Every team we’d play is a Catholic rival because they are nationally known.
  9. What’s most surprising is Dayton not in the top 10. Every UD game’s a sell out of 12000 +. What’s a ticket cost? Plus they travel like a P5. I’d wager they travel better than any Beast team other than UConn and Nova. Was it because they do have a low level FB team? I guess the same is true for Nova not being listed.
  10. I refuse to get overly excited about the upcoming season with what’s returning or coming on board. Color me meh at this point. Until Travis can out scheme his opponents or coach guys up any optimism at this stage is unwarranted. The only proven player we got from the portal is the kid from Tulsa. Noland and Ezwiro were bench warmers from mediocre teams. Getting Harriman back may be our best off season move. All that said, sports have a way of surprising us, and so I’ll hope to be surprised.
  11. I’m guessing Parker will be a starter. If I was Ford I’d be working overtime with Legend Jr on his PG skills. Am sure his dad could be a huge help here as well. There were games last year that I thought Legend Jr ran the team more effectively than Yurimania. A 6’4” pg who can hit from the arc would be a problem for most A10 opponents. Is it true that LH jr has been training in CA? If so, I hope he’s working on PG skills. PG’s aren’t born to play the position they have to be groomed to play it.
  12. I was in that group because of that MSU tape. Just goes to prove even a blind squirrel can find an acorn now an then. Unfortunately he’s still blind.
  13. If Jimmy Bell got $175k, it makes me wonder how much guys like Gibby, Parker, and Hargrove got to stay put.
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