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  1. Ricky Clemons correspondence school can get you a lot of summer credits.
  2. I got the feeling he didn't particularly endear himself to Bess. I would think if this has even a shred of truth to it, Ford would go to JGood and French for their take.
  3. On the one hand he is talented. On the other he's a whacko. He could make us really good, or he could rip us apart like a tornado.
  4. Recently, French has been kicking the ball out. See La Salle game for proof.
  5. Some one or two players are planning on transferring. The staff would know, but we don't.
  6. We can be a lot better and deeper. However, what could make us a lock type team would be Has adding more weapons to his game. Notably a short jumper and getting his FT% into the 60% range. He's pretty one dimensional at this point. Yes, Jimerson opens things up for him, but that can't be counted on every night or he gets injured. Not only would expanding his game be good for the team, but better for him as well.
  7. Versus going to a highly rated team that has a legit shot at a Nat'l Championship? I don't think a JGood or French will check out, but a kid like Jimerson might give it some serious thought. One thing that might give an advantage to mids is getting better players out of HS. If a Calipari or Coach K start bringing in a bunch of transfers HS kids may think they could get recruited over pretty easily.
  8. Slowly but surely the NCAA is taking college hoops in the same direction as FB. I predict in the next 5-10 years the dance will only be open to the P5'-P7 schools. This transfer rule will definitely work in the favor of the biggies, especially Duke, UK, KU, et al. Coach K loses a PG to the NBA, no problem just go to the mids and cherry pick the best mid PG. Voila, PG hole plugged. As many have said, the mids will serve as the farm system for the majors. Calipari needs a sniper, let's offer that Jimerson kid from SLU. Say Jimmy Bell does develop into a really good big, Izzo comes a calling. Transfer portal will be stuffed full of good mid major players. Consequently, the NCAA will one day determine the mids can't compete any longer, so why waste the money on schools that are first round fodder for the bigs. For anyone out there who scoffs at the idea of us getting into the Beast at any cost, this is the reason why we need to be there. Elsewise, all the mids will become just a notch above D2 schools.
  9. Our O was taking them to school in the first half and then..., poof... it vanished in the second half. Tho was... I still don't know what it was.
  10. I don't think I've ever been this PO'd after a loss. I don't have anyone to blame. But, c'mon, let this one just slip away when it was needed so much. I'm beyond ticked right now. ............. insert swear words.
  11. It's a game of runs. Always has been. Stop their runs and get a couple of ours. We win.
  12. Agree. Not a lot of whistles. Let 'em play.
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