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  1. Some gravitas, COURT is now Rick Majerus court.
  2. You have these debates these days for one reason; the transfer portal which has had a much broader impact on the college sports world than even the NIL. For example take a FR who is dissatisfied with his playing time. The portal gives him the immediate satisfaction of going elsewhere with no delay. Are NIL $$ his objective? Unlikely unless he’s a proven commodity, say like Love, then it becomes a free agency move. I have no problem with that, but he should be forced to sit for a year. Now for the guy who got 2 mpg and averaged 1 ppg, it’s more about playing time. This guy is not in the market/portal for NIL bucks, because no school’s or sponsors are gonna throw limited funds at an unproven commodity. The big mistake here was doing away with the sit out one year rule. Unless, this rule was deemed illegal by the courts, it should make a return. This would bring back some stability to college sports. To have to sit out that one year for an 18-20 year old is not a hardship, although to them it may seem like a life sentence. I don’t know why the portal was ever adopted to begin with other than the NCAA was ordered by a court ruling to do away with it. Were they?
  3. Hard to imagine the A10 is as attractive when the last one was done. The only thing right now the A10 has going for it is the schools are located in big TV markets.
  4. I’d add UConn to the losers list. Beast $$’s aren’t Big12 or ACC FB $$’s. And they’re gonna have trouble getting big FB games as the 4 conferences will likely play only 1 OOC game. I’d guess UConn’s FB dreams will have to be scaled back. Unless Clemson and FSU leave for the SEC, UConn is basically a hoops only school getting hoops smaller $$’s.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but just about every game, road or away, can be viewed on ESPN+. If it’s a home game you look up the visiting team and select the game.
  6. I was talking to a WF alum this week and he said the ACC wants to add Stanford and Cal largely because of their prestigious academics. He also expects FSU and Clemson to go SEC.
  7. I didn’t predict greatness. I said he might surprise us. He was, after all, he was a high scorer in JUCO.
  8. Parker could be a pleasant surprise this year. I think he played a little tentative last year in fear of the hook. One play that stands out in my mind was a dunk where he started from the baseline and powered his way over the defender to complete the jam. I think it was against St B’s. It seemed to me he just decided to throw caution to the wind and said I can do this. If he doesn’t feel constrained I think he may surprise us all.
  9. Not bad a lateral move today. God forbid he turns into the new Blake Ahern. Knives will come out.
  10. Did Kramer find a new D1 home? Just curious, because I don’t see where the portal helps a FR who doesn’t have any D1 resume that will make him attractive to another team. Not sure why you’d take a chance at the portal, unless he’s just very unhappy with the place he’s leaving.
  11. Who knows what transpired with these two and the staff. Let’s not knock the One. He’s been spot on more than off the mark.
  12. Dandridge bobble head dolls for $5/ ea are now free just pay shipping.
  13. CofC will have a good following. Kelsey has excited the whole town about Cougar hoops. They were a very hot ticket last season.
  14. I’m going. I’m going to get the center court sideline pkg. Okie are these reserved seats or open?
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