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  1. Whoever lands Smith is getting a player. Very impressive. Miller not so much, very selfish. Did Thames even play? I watched but never heard his name.
  2. Always a sad story. Not just for basketball stars but all the kids that are getting involved in the drug and gang mess. Too many are dying way before their time. With all the recent shootings in St. L, Chicago, NYC, et al it's almost as if a lot of young people have adopted an I don't give an eff attitude. We'd better get it figured out, or it's only going to get worse.
  3. Not to be a cynic, but we should wait and see on Okoro whether he’s a Bess. Here’s hoping he is.
  4. What concerns me about the new rules is P5 teams will reduce the number of HS recruits, which, on the surface, appears to be a plus for mids. However, if a mid lands a kid who would have sat on the bench his FR year at a P5 and gets minutes with the mid and does well, the portal allows the P5 to come after him. So, in effect, the Mid Majors become a minor league for the Majors.
  5. Agreed. They want it all and the March Madness $$ have them licking their chops to bag it all. Question is will it be worth as much to a network when you do away with the David v Goliath drama in the tournament? I still think that’s the big draw of the Dance.
  6. Does this mean Texas gives up their own TV Network? That was the issue when the PAC 12 was pursuing them. They refused. They’ve had to run the numbers and if being in the SEC nets them more $$’s then they’d go. As for ND, once the NBC deal ends they’ll likely join the Big 10 or the ACC. They don’t have the clout today when they got the NBC deal.
  7. I don’t know where or who would give the Bama QB a mil, but I can believe it. Bama FB is a religion and their stars are idolized. I can see enough sponsors ponying up the bucks. Or Gear sales with his image too. All SEC stars will make out pretty well with the NIL.
  8. He seems very intent on making a statement this season. Ford says he’s a hard worker.
  9. Let’s hope the Good Doctor’s focus stays on the Bills. Without his support, we’d be the new Fordham.
  10. The game that really frustrated me last year was the ST. B tourney game. They totally dictated the pace of play, and it worked totally in their favor, ie slow ball and great D (especially Osuni on the inside.) Now the Covid hangover might have been in effect, but I felt if we threw enough guys at them at a much faster pace we might have worn down their starting 5 and two minimal subs. Instead, we played their game and stuck with trying to force the ball inside where Osuni was doing a really good SWAT team impression. I think he had like 11 blocks in that game. That's almost unheard of, yet we kept trying to get shots over on him. I was hoping Ford would make a rotational adjustment at the half but no dice. He stubbornly stuck to some game plan that wasn't going to work. I know we MBM'ers have a tendency to overrate our talent, but still think we have enough good depth to wear teams down. Hopefully, we will see Travis use some of that depth this year against teams that want to slow ball us. Also, am hoping our 3 pt % will improve to where teams just can't sardine can us on the inside. Perkins, Jimerson, and Williams are proven from beyond the arc. If we can add TJ, Yuri, Thatch, and Strickland to that mix we could be a dangerous team. Maybe even the Swede, who was supposed to be the stretch 4 we're looking to add.
  11. Surprised so far that the articles have not mentioned his similarities to Smart's game.
  12. With the depth of talent on this roster do you think there’s any way Travis goes to a Houston or FSU type rotation, ie 10 guys averaging close or above 15mpg? That would mean 2-3 guys getting 30 and 7-8 guys getting near 15.
  13. I was high on Jimmy going into last year. His injury slowed his progress. Then Linssen showed he was very capable at spelling Has. I was thinking Jimmy’s size was unique for the A10, however, he was never as forceful as he should have been. I’d agree with the majority that Jimmy foresaw lower minutes this year and decided to go where he could play rather than sit. Good luck, Jimmy, the discipline you showed in your weight program could take you a long way. And who knows in these crazy times, he could return.
  14. Yurimania will be pressed, which is a good thing.
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