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  1. Williams has pretty good numbers, and some of those came against P5 teams. Not saying he's a match to the UW player, but he shouldn't be ignored.
  2. It appears Richmond will be returning all 5 starters who were predicted to take them to the dance last year and winning the A10. They folded worse than we did. I would guess most prognosticators will give us little notice this year. Like picking us 5th or so in the A10 and no forecasts of us making the dance. I like it better when our outlook is not so great. It seems every year we're picked to do really great, we run smack into an unseen obstacle. If Nesbitt's as good as advertised and can step right in, if Okoro is really a 4 star PF, and Williams is a true consistent high volume sniper we s
  3. All they really need is a jumper from 15 feet. Same for Okoro. We need to find a way to unclog the inside. Mid range jumpers from some of our bigs could solve the problem.
  4. Comcast just came out with an offer that would reduce my cable bill by around $100./mo. Problem is Comcast does not offer Fox Sports MW here. I also looked at Fox Sports Streaming service and they don't offer Fox Sports MW either (was a little surprised at that, since they do offer Fox Sports Ohio- go figure). I have ESPN+ thru Roku, so my question is if I switch and lost FSMW on Uverse, does ESPN+ carry the Fox Sports MW broadcasts? I don't believe they do, but we lost FSMW post covid due to what I'm thinking was conflicts with Blues games. FSMW didn't carry one Bills game after the Covid bre
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Myrtle Beach Classic. C'mon, May and Travis, get 'er done. Up until we got the Orlando bid last year, I thought we might be on some pre season black list. Until then, which of course was cancelled, we were like an afterthought for these tourney committees. The Bahamas would have been a nice one to get into.
  6. And so says Captain Obvious.
  7. Texas, OU, UNC, IU, Fordham, and Marquette all filled. AZ, UC, and TX Tech remain open.
  8. I'd guess Crutcher is doing what JGood's doing, surveying agents. Is Watson considered a possible draftee?
  9. Dammit, once again foiled in my hopes to see the Bills in this tourney. They always have a great field. Well, I can hope they get in the Myrtle Beach Classic. They usually have a good filed as well. I just don't understand why we can't get an invite. It usually has SEC, Beast, ACC, A10, and a Big 10 team. I always figured they concentrated on EC teams that would attract tourists to Charleston. Seein Bosie St in there rather than us, really ticks me off. I normally get tickets because of the quality teams they bring in, but I'm gonna boycott it until they bring in the Bills. Good for St. B's.
  10. Note to Travis: When we face St. B's don't force the ball inside too much. Run, baby, just run. Wear them down. No wonder why ST. B's is so good on D, they take away the chippies.
  11. Never discount the Flyers. Grant can recruit. We've lost 4 straight to them. Time to get that going the other way. Speaking of them; is Crutcher out of their picture, ie has he found an agent? Also, if Gilyard returns does that mean Richmond comes back intact? The last NBA draft forecast I saw had Bones as a late second round pick. Might not make him all that anxious to leave. Another thought on VCU, is there any chance Fletcher decides to join Kern as a Ram?
  12. Bill03, I know Rockport well and will be in Rockland mid July thru Mid August. Did you mean SLU class of 70, or Rockport HS? Was Rockport still it's own high school in 70 or had they combined with Camden by then? Rockport's a great little place. Home to Andre! PM me and we can arrange to get together for a beer or two this summer.
  13. ESPN'S way too early top 25 has St. B's listed as 15. Only A10 finisher. We weren't mentioned even in the other category. I think we will definitely be under everyone's radar next year except for Rothstein who seems to have a bromance with Travis. I buy into the curse thing. I think it's related to that Exorcism the Jebbies tried to pull off back in the 40's. No idea how we shake it.
  14. I didn't say you couldn't be, just don't admit to it. Keep it under your Red Sox hat so to say.
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