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  1. UMass getting a little scarier. Don’t they have the 2nd or 3rd best PG in the A10, Hernandez or Fernandez? There’s a lot of height on that roster. But anything that makes the A10 better I’m all in.
  2. Ford’s Rob Lowe! We all loved him. Welcome Mr Vice. Be a leader so we can can call us the Vice Squad.
  3. I agree with in person being better than TV. I hope to make it to the Fetz this season, because the Temple game I went to was a lot of fun. Even though we lost.
  4. Well an inflation rate of 9% ain’t gonna help matters, is it? That plus the Covid vaccine that doesn’t prevent it, only limits the severity, doesn’t help either. And the TV factor only adds to the problem. Still, it’s likely one of the best entertainment values in STL if you’re winning. Just got to make it more fan friendly I guess. I will say it’s depressing to see all those empty seats in the lower bowls. You know they’re sold but no arses in the seats is sad to see.
  5. Is the Student section full for all games or just the big name games? I would start there, ie drum up student attendance. In the salad days of Spoon the team got the attention of the general public. Largely due to Spoon’s good old boy aw shuck’s personality, and we were winning in a solid conference with long time well known rivals. However, Travis can’t be Charlie, and LaSalle ain’t Louisville. So, the only answer is winning winning winning and win some more to give the public the idea they are missing something special.
  6. Projected ‘23 one and doners will still get offers from the elites, but the elites will hold off on fall offerings to those ranked below the premium players. The elites will have the luxury of waiting to see who enters the portal in the spring and then assess if they want to offer ‘23 kids. Also, the elites can always get a 23 kid to de commit by offering a sweet NIL deal if the portal doesn’t fulfill their needs. This approach could make it easier for upper mid majors to land 4 and 5 star players with firm offers in the fall. However, that’s no guarantee the kid who signs a LOI in November of 22 will ever play there because he can always de commit. Welcome to the anything goes Wild West days of college recruiting. I would expect Travis will try and capitalize on this situation by bringing in 3-4 23 kids that might have interest from the P5’s, but no firm offers, and then fill in gaps with 2-3 portal players, if he indeed has 6 openings.
  7. Morant was not highly recruited and some say he’s the best in the NBA. You just never know.
  8. I caught the replay this am. First, pretty nice that ESPN thinks enough of us to broadcast a scrimmage. Second, little disappointed in the fan turnout. Need more hype? Fred was tough on both sides. How does he not get 25+ mpg? Whether he starts or comes off the bench he’s a plus, says Captain obvious. I liked Pickett and Forrest as well. They could be real difference makers come A10 play. I thought the FR played well. Especially Thames on D. Kid has quick hands. He’ll be a terror for A10 sized PG’s. Overall, we still have a ways to go to being a top 25 team as we were a little careless with the rock and missed some wide open 3s. But my hopes are high for this group.
  9. A blast from the past; Triangle and Too! Kind of miss him and his sure thing take it to the bank revelations , eg Brian Gregory is our new HC. Not that he was that accurate but that never stopped him from taking posting his wild ass guesses. Does anyone else think he still posts here but under a new moniker? Back in the day you couldn’t shut him up. Hard to figure he just quit cold turkey.
  10. And the Obvious Truth will set you more free, right?
  11. There’s no denying it, you do have a talent for stating the obvious.
  12. Ok, got it. Kid’s looking at a good mix; elite education, P5 program, two top Mid programs but only 1 of them in the academic top 100. We’re like the hybrid program. And we have a big need at his position.
  13. Kind of disappointed in the practice reports. I heard the Ford interview where he said some guys would be missing, but thought you locals would give us more than how they identified themselves.
  14. For a while there I thought Will Bailey was coming back as the Mascot. Tx for getting the train back on the rails. The only thing I recall is Bailey works with developing our guards. Don't know how much input he has on scheming games. Although, I would think in the film room all the AC's can contribute their insights.
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