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  1. Actually, if Jimmy Bell really puts in the work and becomes more aggressive, he might have a decent shot at the NBA. He's got pretty good footwork already. And his shooting form looks good. I like his commitment to doing what it took to overcome the weight thing. Shows he's not afraid of what it takes to reach his goals.
  2. Well, so far this board is saying we got 4 potential NBA'ers. By jeeza, we ought to be hell on wheels next season.
  3. I hear Taj Mahal Old Retired Guy' 79's gonna give it a go. He's left his day job and is tired of painting and da couch. Good luck, Taj!
  4. I don't see either NBA ready, but if they get told by the experts maybe that will be a kick in the ass to make them better next year. JGood u need a perimeter shot and Has you need a mid range jumper.
  5. Go get 'em, Fred. All of Billiken nation is behind you and rooting for your return to Team Blue.
  6. Voices from beyond. Remember the year we won the A10 tourney 12-13 season. Someone pointed out they thought they saw Majerus strolling an empty seat section at Barkley? I recall whoever it was had the same body shape and was bald. No wonder Crews got us that win, Rick's ghost was whispering in his ear.
  7. If I recall correctly, last year's Final 4 featured 2 PGs who were under 6'. UVA's and Texas Tech PGs I believe were the ones on the small side.
  8. There's a number of schools like UNC-Wilmington, Greensboro, Asheville, Winthrop that are close to Charlotte. I don't know about UNC-Charlotte. Did he have any offers before signing wit us?
  9. Fordham and LaSalle don't do squat for our recruiting. We have 1 player from NY area (Has) and nada from Philly or PA. We need to get kids from the MW primarily and the South. Fordham should go to the MAAC. LaSalle to the CAA. Bring in Loyola and Bradley to trim expenses. May should be pounding his shoe on the table demanding this to trim our expenses.
  10. I'm having my Biden moments no doubt.
  11. KC was expected. I wish him the best and hope he finally gets healthy. These days being closer to the family ain't a bad idea. In a perfect world we land a French clone. Everyone's worried about our bigs next year, but Jimmy and Has can get it done. Plus, it's too soon to give up on Diara. All we need from him is 5-10 mpg and to cover for foul trouble. Still, a 6'8" PF type would be a nice addition. Good luck KC. Sorry, SLU didn't work out for u.
  12. I missed SD State. Actually could get two whacks at them, since they're in Orlando as well.
  13. Meh.... what's exciting about this list is we get a shot at #3 and # 9 in Orlando.
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