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  1. Taj Mahal 79, you know the Philly scene better than anyone on here. It just seems to me Philly teams like local guys; PA, NJ, MD. Is there a guy with those roots out there? How about the guy from UMBC?
  2. He was one of those guys you thought played for 8 years. Wardle? Didn't he graduate last year? Again and again.
  3. Guys like Few and Marshall are rare. For example I thought Stevens and Mack would die at Butler and X respectively. Both left. So, I do expect Travis will depart someday. Tomorrow if UK called. That said SLU gives him the opportunity to build a stronger resume over the next 2-4 years. A resume that would be appealing to one of the elite BB schools. I'm sure his kids don't want to pack up the tents now that they're in HS. So, SLU's got to keep him content for the rest of his time here by not pulling our usual stupid moves of not paying for ice cream, pulling charter flights, reducing recruiting budgets, and going cheap on AC's. In short, don't give him any reason to leave in the near future.
  4. Texas has more money than the Vatican. Money ain't gonna stop them from buying out Shaka's contract.
  5. Not sure how secure Miller is at AZ as I think they're still looking into his involvement in the FBI investigation.
  6. I think LSU's gonna be forced to fire Wade. I read where the FBI's got him on tape cutting a deal. I'd expect that announcement to come after they've been eliminated or after the dance is over. Didn't someone post on here that Drew's good for another year?
  7. Not yet but it's still a little early.
  8. He at least should given some sort of bonus for getting us dancing. I know a lot of posters don't think he's done enough here to be on any P5 school's radar, but he's a proven recruiter, motivator, and not tainted by any scandals. SLU's got to show him some love to keep him here. Our path to sustainable success is to keep a good HC here for more than 3 years at a time. Remember, Romar was not a roaring success here, yet after 3 years he got hired away by a P5 school. I'd say Travis is a better HC than Zo.
  9. There are right now 5 or 6 P5 jobs open. The Carousel's just started spinning. Porter should be able to parlay his success into something bigger.
  10. If true, my guess is they'll go w/a local Philly guy.
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