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  1. First, I am praying we stay plague free. Second, I’m praying we do get to play this season. When did we ever have such a deep talented squad playing such a really good schedule? 11-12 season comes to mind, but we didn’t have this kind of depth.
  2. Really? Horse is a shooting game. Easy enough to give 6 feet in Horse. Kind of hard to give 6 feet when you're fighting for a rebound.
  3. Watching games where players have to social distance, hmmm? They might as well play HORSE.
  4. Not on Instagram, Pistol. Can u summarize? Thanks.
  5. Off season cluster f$&k for sure. If we don’t have a season, I expect some really crazy shite to be posted.
  6. Ok, thanks. I’ll place my order.
  7. So far on FB I’ve seen 4 ads for UD Flyers face masks. Our Billy face is perfect for a mask. Anyone here got a contact in the AD or bookstore should tell them to get in on this business.
  8. I’m agreed if they NEED to play 35 to 40 mpg to put us in the best position to get a W than play them. I just don’t see that happening much with this team. Plus, there are going to be games where the matchups and opponents game plans will dictate who gets minutes, eg if team’s pack the inside you can bet Jimerson will be inserted. I like B’roy’s idea of pushing the tempo with our strong bench. You want to beat Richmond, wear them down with bringing in fresh players. I think our second 5 could finish 7 th in the A10.
  9. Hopefully, TJ, gets his 15-20 mpg this year. It seems as long as he is a contributor, which he definitely was at the end of last season, he's content with coming off the bench. He's an exciting player, who I'd hate to see get frustrated by lack of minutes. As things stand now minutes are going to come at a premium because of our depth. I even doubt that Has and JGood will get more than 30mpg. Which will be a blessing come March.
  10. If Crutcher returns UD will likely be 3 would be my guess.
  11. All I know is we beat Richmond by double figures at their place last year.
  12. It was Anaheim. Some of the best BB The Bills ever played. We schooled every team in that tourney. NOVA, BC, and OU. We were a well oiled machine. Watched every game on TV, and the Bills were awesome. 2 days later we ended up losing to Loyola Marymount. It was like WTF just happened? Crazy.
  13. Idiots. They make u want to scream, STFU!
  14. Gotta love Rothstein’s enthusiasm for the Bills. Wished he’d have mentioned Jimmy Bell who was really coming on at season’s end. Jimmy’s a key guy in this team.
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