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  1. "I don't trust nobody", is a red flag, a siren, and a flashing yellow light all rolled into one is a huge warning signal saying Stay Away.
  2. We had 5 last year. Agreed it's gonna be tough with them expanding their conf schedules. I believe we have at least 1 with Seton Hall. Should get 1 more in some tourney. I'd take 2 bottom feeders.
  3. I'm high on Yuri too. I have a feeling he'll be a starter before season's end. As for schedule I hope we get 4 P5's (one in a tourney), 5 mids below 150 and 4 against + 150's. We need some cupcakes this year, since we're basically new team. In that top 144 blog, figure we'll be between 125--110.
  4. More like he needs an anger management course.
  5. The NCAA's in the pocket of the P5. Likely, won't happen.
  6. Back to the scheduling problem. Why would be having such a tough road? The P5's expanding their conf schedules hurts, but they still have to play at least 10-11 non con games. Are these possible reasons: 1) we're insisting on home and home series with bigs and they won't do it? 2) Conversely, are we being asked for home and homes w/ lesser mid majors and we won't do it? 3) P5's see a W against us as not worth risking a "bad" L? I.e., The Mizzery syndrome. 4) I think we're viewed as a bad travel team for tourneys, we are, and that's why we don't get invited to the good ones that UD, VCU, and Davidson get to play in? Just some thoughts. Be interested to hear what others think are reasons for scheduling problems.
  7. Glad I googled him before I made a fool of myself.
  8. Question is what's a "difference maker"? Does it means getting someone who could be all A10 or someone who can start or get serious minutes alongside French? Would anyone consider a DJ clone to be a difference maker? I'd rather see Hargrove and Perkins get the minutes rather than a DJ level PF. That level of talent is not going to increase our chance of getting to the dance by much. Develop what we've got because they're our future at this point.
  9. With two FR bigs at 7' and 6'11 we have 10 fouls to give at the big position. If someone's killing us put 'em on the line. May not be the answer for Golden, as he's probably decent from the line, but it should work against most bigs.
  10. I nailed it on 04/12. I think Old Guy said no way.
  11. Were we ever on his radar? Probably not. Bradford's the gem for us, but according to the reports on here, he's opening a lot of eyes.
  12. I'm figuring there are 3 spots pretty much wide open. Obviously, Lewis and Thatch have a big edge in experience, but I'm not so sure they're stone cold locks to start and pretty sure both of them won't start together. The fight for minutes will be fun to watch.
  13. I have a feeling these lineups will be all over the map.
  14. I'm going out on a limb here: Yuri, Lewis, Goodwin, Hargrove, French. Off the bench: Perkins, Thatch, Jimerson, Jacobs, Hankton. Bell and Diarra in special situations, Foul trouble for French and a big that's killing us, e.g. Toppin or Golden. Goodwin becomes this season's Bess.
  15. I think someone posted after the Ill St championship game the difference between Hargrove and Liddell was minimal at best.
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