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  1. Wasn’t sure where to put this or that it deserved its own thread: Vote for JGood
  2. I'm not sure you get what @Franchise_08 is saying. He's not suggesting that SLU should go after Williams or that SLU can't or won't be able to do better. He's saying that K-State is one of our primary rivals in recruiting local St. Louis talent at the level we are recruiting (not 5 stars). Therefore, if a St. Louis kid goes to K-State and "fails" by transferring / not succeeding, then it is good for us because it might make it more difficult for K-State to recruit St. Louis in the future. Flip side is that a guy like Sneed going to K-State and succeeding isn't good for us. Bringing it forward - K-State beat us out for Kasubke and Bradford. I don't wish ill on any players, but I won't be unhappy if things don't pan out for those guys at K-State.
  3. For sure. There is also something to be said about a guy playing to his strengths / knowing his limitations and not jacking up a bunch of 3s. Tommie didn't take a ton of 3s, but he generally made the ones he did take count. I think early on we've seen that Yuri Collins is an example of that type of player. He's shooting over 60% from 3 on just 8 attempts. Despite the %, Yuri knows he's not a long range gunner ala Jimerson, so he's going to continue to pick his spots to shoot open 3s if they're available. I'm sure his % will come down from 60%, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Yuri keep it higher than expected just because he's not taking any bad ones.
  4. Ok. On a computer instead of a phone now, so I looked it up. We actually haven't played D-II opponents very much under Ford whereas Majerus nearly always had one on the schedule. My memories are coming from the 2011-12 Illinois-Springfield game you mentioned and the 2009-10 team beating Rockhurst 66-53. The other D-II wins were by 20+ points and often weren't during finals week, but rather one of the first few games of the season.
  5. Too lazy to look up the games, but I seem to remember us normally playing like garbage during these exam week games vs D-II opponents. We should win by a good margin, but I’m not going to assume anything.
  6. Exactly. I wasn't trying to knock Tommie with my post. He was a heck of a player who did a lot of different things very well. At one point, I believe he was the only Billiken in the top 10 in career scoring, rebounding, and assists. I just never considered him an excellent 3 pt shooter despite that one great % season. I'd still rank a few of the guys (McCall, Mitchell, Ellis) on @NH's list as better shooters than Tommie because volume matters. I'd probably put the other guys about even with him because of volume (Loe, Bess, Isabell) or the career %s being about even (Fisher, Brown).
  7. I'd rather have French guarding a guy who is more likely to stay close to the basket so that he can provide help / shot blocking. If he's pulled out to the 3 pt line, I'm not sure i trust Bell to defend the paint. Ultimately, it may not matter much who is on who to start a possession. Recently (especially SUI & Tulane games), we've been switching a lot on defense so it will be a matter of trying to avoid mismatches (ex. Collins on Wiley) and covering when those mismatches inevitably happen.
  8. Given some of the dry spells we've gone through. I'd take a 69 any time of year.
  9. KenPom has us losing to Auburn by 12. I have no idea how his rankings work, but I'd imagine if we lose by less than 12 or win, we'll move up. If we lose by more then 12, we'll move down. Bigger difference one way or the other will cause a bigger shift in rankings.
  10. I'm sure you know this, but that year (his soph season) was by far Liddell's best shooting year. He didn't top 35% any other year and even with that big year in his career totals he shot 37% from 3 for his career. He also wasn't ever shooting a high volume of 3s, so IMO the %s are much less impressive. That big soph year he set a career high with 108 attempts or 3.3 per game. He shot 2.3 per game from distance for his career. For comparison, Lisch over the same time frame shot 5.3 per game and Jimerson is at 5.9 per this season. Even a player like Javon Bess who wasn't exactly known for 3 pt shooting shot 5.6 per last season and 2.7 per for his career (including time at MSU where he barely shot 3s at all). Long way of saying that I do not consider Tommie Liddell III to be among the top 15 (perhaps more) 3 pt shooters in Billiken history despite that one season with a great %.
  11. The whole point of the message board is to discuss the Billikens. I don’t get telling posters to stay silent on an obvious discussion topic about the team. It’s okay to disagree with the coach. I love Ford, but still can question things he does.
  12. I'm the same way. I went to games during that time frame with my dad and I'm a fan for life despite having gone to a different university. Given how high attendance was in those years, there has to be a ton of 30 something year olds who went to games as kids in the mid/late 90s and just need to be pulled back in somehow.
  13. If SLU could have kept the mid/late 1990s hype train running, then I have no doubt we'd be similar to Dayton in terms of fanbase rabidness. Romar (to some extent) and Soderberg really took the wind out of our sails. Need to sustain success across generations with no gaps of being awful to build that kind of support. We started to build it up again and then Crews killed it.
  14. Let me preface this by saying that I love SLU. I wonder how many people are actually going to attend a game between SLU (St. Louis, MO) and Tulane (new Orleans, LA) in Phoenix, AZ? SLU and Tulane are both roughly 1,500 miles away from Phoenix. SLU averages less than 7,000 fans per game at home and Tulane averages less than 2,000. I understand that both schools probably have alumni in the area that might attend the game. This is a showcase with some other games later and they're probably selling tickets as a package deal. However, I'd guess it will be very sparsely attended in person. Talking Stick Resort Arena has a capacity of over 18,000. The place is going to be a morgue. Further, if there is no TV for this game, I wonder if the total number of people who witness this game is going to be less than 1,000. If a NCAA Division I basketball game occurs and no one sees it, does it actually count?
  15. I wanted to "Bad Post" this, but I don't think that is the spirit of the reactions. If Gordon had shown in some way that he'd matured while at JUCO, then sure I'd take him probably back. However, he's now cycled through 2 other programs and left. He's even more of a liability now than when we first signed him. No way I'd take him back at this point.
  16. Didn’t they offer Bradford and Kasubke, but lost out to K-State? Martin is 4th place at best when it comes to St. Louis talent behind: 1. big name school (Duke, UNC, UK) who take top recruits, 2. Ford, 3. Weber. This isn’t going to be popular, but I’m not going to throw stones at Mizzou for this loss. The stat line looks exactly like I’d expect an inexplicable SLU loss this season to look: Positive rebounding margin, but horrible shooting by us and very hot 3pt shooting by them.
  17. We're ahead of my prediction as well. However, the A-10 looks a lot stronger overall than I anticipated, so I might still have us finishing with the same record overall despite being us being better than I thought.
  18. Small sample size alert. I'll counter with this (also small sample size): Average rebounding margin: Home: +7 Away: +12 More missed shots just means more opportunities for us to grab rebounds.
  19. Isn't one of the main "home court advantages / road team disadvantages" tied to teams playing on unfamiliar courts not being used to the shooting background and, therefore, shooting worse from the outside? Our shooting mostly sucks anyways, but we can rebound anywhere. I don't see this road or neutral courts being as big of an issue for us as it might be for a team that plays "beautiful" offense and relies less on rebounds.
  20. Trying to compare baseball stats to basketball stats is like apples vs oranges (or more like apples vs orangutans). Basketball stats have much more noise in them (things that mess up what the stat is trying to measure) because offense especially, but also defense are more dynamic in basketball. You're relying on the other players on the team much more and having more direct interactions with the other team. In baseball, there is much less noise especially for offense. The rest of the team has very little to do with what one batter does. WAR in baseball isn't perfect, but it is much better than any similar stat for basketball. Further, trying to draw absolutes from basketball stats only 8 games into the season is foolish. The sample size is still way too small even for the guys who have played a lot. The stats clearly aren't distinguishing between various roles players play on a team (Weaver can't play center, Jimerson isn't a PG, etc.), so you can't just pick the top 5 and call that your best lineup. IMO as has been said, the best you can glean is that Weaver has (very likely) played well in the limited minutes he has been given. It doesn't mean Weaver is the best on the team and should play 35+ mpg, but it means maybe he should get a few more minutes than he's getting currently.
  21. More playing time for Weaver! (semi-blue font knowing these are all small sample sizes and Weaver's is even smaller)
  22. Start a shooter (Jimerson / Weaver) instead of Collins (or Bell, but I understand the idea behind starting Bell). Stop trying to force feed French at the beginning of games. Tell French to pass the ball when he's double* or triple teamed inside. * It'll be harder to double him with a shooter on the floor and also provide him with a better option to pass to if they do double him.
  23. I'm not sure if he can do it, but Collins should / needs to shoot 3s when opponents sag off him a ton like SIU was doing and make them at a decent clip* (33% or more). As Roy pointed out, he's currently shooting 50% from 3 pt land which means he isn't shooting enough when he's left wide open IMO. * - I'm not saying his overall % needs to be 33% or more, but just on the wide open ones where opponents sag off. He shouldn't really be taking others unless he really develops a good shot, but I do expect that he'll take a one here and there or be stuck w the ball and the clock winding down and have to put one up.
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