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  1. I don't expect the UMSL game to be broadcast anywhere. The exhibition games last year were not broadcast. Going back several years, I can't find an exhibition game that was. I could dig up my post from last year, but I believe I did some research & only Blue Bloods typically have a broadcast of exhibition games.
  2. IMO losing a guy we offered to an Ivy League school is wayyy less disappointing to me than losing them to any other school.
  3. I'm not sure where to find splits on FG% just at the rim, but here is how Okoro's overall FG % breaks down from last season (decent proxy since most of his shots are at the rim): Games 1 - 10: 46.8% (this drops to 36.8% of you take out his 7/8 performance vs Harris Stowe) Games 11 - 35: 61.6% Francis was pretty clearly shaking off rust early & missing a bunch of bunnies at the rim. I'm expecting that a full season of him making more at the rim will improve our efficiency there. Perkins ability as a 3 level scorer will also boost our efficiency at the rim. He shot almost 70% at the rim himself & his mid-range / outside scoring ability should open things up more for others.
  4. My understanding is that he is under contract with the Wizards until they release him, so he cannot sign with another team until that happens. The contact he is signed to has no guarantees, so he can and very likely will be released (if his deal is not converted to a 2 way) at some point before the Wizards have to cut their 20 man training camp roster down to the regular season 15 total. That being said, if another team was interested in signing him to one of their 2-way spots & the Wizards were not, I'd assume the Wizards would work out a trade to that team for some very minor return or just they'd wait for the Wizards to release him. I think there tends to be a lot of movement with players on 2-way deals & exhibit 10 deals near the end of camp as players are released & signed.
  5. I thought that name sounded really familiar. Searching the board SLU had recruited a 2015 kid out of Decatur also named Christian Williams and a 2016 kid out of CBC named Christian Willis. I guess those are fairly common 1st and last names, but still kind of wild.
  6. Not that I necessarily agree, but I think the fact that they were / are "down" on Okoro had to do with not wanting to list 4 guys from SLU in the top 20. They said that a team with 4 in the top 20 should be an easy favorite to win the conference with only 1 or 2 losses during conference play. They didn't see SLU at that level which I think is probably fair. They also seemed to fluctuate between selecting "best" players based on their talent level or "best" based on the numbers they expect them to put up / likelihood they'll end up on an all-conference team at year end. It is fair to think that with the weapons on offense SLU has, the scoring will likely be more spread out. Agreed on them overrating Camara. I think they also overrated a bunch of mediocre guys who will be on bad teams (Grant, Tre Williams, Quisenberry, Reynolds, Bishop, etc.). Okoro is easily better than those guys. You could make a case for Thatch & Pickett being better or just as good as them. Same goes for a few guys on Dayton they didn't mention
  7. I hope we don't continually run a 1-5 pick n roll against zones. It was frustrating to watch that last season.
  8. Got an email for complimentary tickets to the game tomorrow vs Loyola. Here is the link if anyone is interested in going: http://links.engage.ticketmaster.com/ctt?m=8656413&r=LTIzNTUyODA3OTMS1&b=0&j=MTU4MDU1OTk1MgS2&k=Link2592851-3&kx=1&kt=1&kd=https%3A%2F%2Fam.ticketmaster.com%2Fslu%2Fpromotional-page%3FfilterType%3DNjc%3D%26spMailingID%3D8613648%26spUserID%3DMTkxNTU0OTM1ODEzS0%26spJobID%3D1560517621%26spReportId%3DMTU2MDUxNzYyMQS2%26spMailingID%3D8620587%26spUserID%3DMTkxNTU0OTM1ODEzS0%26spJobID%3D1560563571%26spReportId%3DMTU2MDU2MzU3MQS2
  9. I'm pretty sure the NBA has said that any change wouldn't happen until a year far off in the future. There have already been a ton of NBA draft picks traded for the next several years and the NBA doesn't want to drastically change the value of those picks by making a year with picks already traded a "double draft" with HS players eligible. NBA teams can trade picks up to 7 years in the future.
  10. Also important to note that Goodwin's cup of coffee last year counts as 1 year of experience for a 2 way deal. Theoretically a guy could play 4 games in 4 different seasons and no longer be eligible for a 2 way deal.
  11. CP3 is arguably a top 10 player in NBA history and pretty easily top 20. The comparison is valid in that Yuri & CP3 are both 6ft PGs, but expecting Collins to be anything close to CP3 is totally insane. CP3 shot 47% from 3 during his college career on roughly 3 attempts per game. Yuri is at 33% on 1.4 attempts per game.
  12. If I'm remembering correctly that path likely means Thatch would finish his 2nd major this academic year and likely not return to the team for his 6th year of eligibility. I seem to recall it being a choice of 2nd major & play 1 more year or go for his doctorate and play 2 more years. If accurate, the path he's on doesn't necessarily preclude a return, but makes it much less likely than if he was going for his doctorate. MBMs please correct me if I'm wrong here.
  13. Goodwin isn't really competing with Beal, Monte Morris or any of the other guards the Wizards have on guaranteed contracts for a roster spot though. I believe the Wizards have a full roster of 15 guys on guaranteed contracts. There could be some kind of shake up with that, but realistically Goodwin is hoping to land the 1 open 2-way contract the Wizards have (his G-League teammate for a good chunk of last season Jordan Schakel has the other one). For that spot he's most directly competing with their other non-guaranteed exhibit-10 contract training camp invitees Makur Maker, Quenton Jackson, and Davion Mintz. Maker is a 21 year old raw 6-11 forward/center. He was a highly rated recruit in the 2020 class who chose Howawrd. He played just 2 games for Howard in 2020-21 & sat out the rest of the season with a groin injury. He then played in Australia for the Sydney Kings in 2021-22 before going undrafted in the 2022 draft. He is related to former 1st round pick Thon Maker. Seems like a choice of Maker / Goodwin for that final spot would be more of a philosophical one than performance based (raw big guy vs relatively polished guard). Jackson is a 24 year old 6-5 guard who played 3 season for Texas A&M. Fairly pedestrian numbers in college overall 33% from 3, 11.9 ppg, no other stats that jump out at me. Mintz is a 24 year old 6-3 guard who played 3 seasons at Creighton and 2 at Kentucky. Again, he didn't have eye popping numbers. Career 35.6% from 3, 7.8 points per game. No stats jumping out. Goodwin is still just 23 and is 6-3. IMO he'd be in a similar boat to Jackson or Mintz if he chose to do a 5th year at SLU. Instead he left, showed himself to be one of the better players in the G League and got a cup of coffee with the Wizards. Jackson & Mintz look like better 3 point shooters though none are snipers. They don't seem to have the ballhandling chops nor rebounding tenacity of Goodwin. I hope Goodwin can earn that 2nd two-way spot. It seems plausible that he could (although there certainly could be more roster shakeup that makes it more difficult). And of course Goodwin could always get traded / signed to a 2-way spot by another team as well.
  14. Important aspect of an exhibit 10 deal that I don't see above is that they typically involve a $50k bonus for the player if they stay with the team's G-League affiliate. Goodwin had the same deal last season. My understanding of Goodwin signing an exhibit 10 means: he's guaranteed a spot in the Wizard's training camp if he makes the regular roster, he's on a minimum salary deal the Wizards could convert it to a two-way contract (they still have 1 two-way spot open) Two-way means Goodwin would split time between NBA & G-League with certain restrictions on how much NBA time he can play if he gets waived, he gets a $50k bonus to stay with the Wizards G-League team for a certain amount of time. Since he signed the same deal as last year, he's basically in the same spot. I think he has a better shot at a two-way spot though after playing well in the G-League last season.
  15. @Midtown Madness @billikenfan05 @Pistol - I'm thinking this might just be user error or my iPhone being old / funky, but just in case I thought I'd say something. When I'm trying to listen to this episode through the Apple Podcasts app, it is playing S3E4 over again. Like I can click on S3E4 and it plays the episode that starts with talking about Mike Crawford's wedding and if I play S3E5 it plays the exact same thing.
  16. Do the cumulative yellows reset after the suspension? Theoretically if SLU has a good lead in the A10 standings & some players with 4 yellows going into the 2nd to last A-10 regular season game, they should actively try to get yellows late in that game so they miss the final regular season game instead of any A10 tournament or NCAA tournament games, right? Game is less meaningful & SLU could likely handle St Joes in that game even without a couple key players. Or do yellows reset for the tournaments?
  17. I saw that the broadcast was a 12:30 AM and assumed this had to be a re-play. Kind of wild that in 1979 the soccer game was recorded to be re-played 6 days later. Was the game originally broadcast on another channel and ESPN picked it up to replay it?
  18. I don't think this deserves a thread of its own, but I wanted to post it here because I know @billiken_roy will be very excited about it.
  19. The most unbelievable aspect of this is that the Post Dispatch ran a several page interview with SLU's AD.
  20. I think were there a couple of highlights from the Euro trip that started off with an Okoro pass. Can't get a ton of insight from highlights, but I'm hoping that means he's improved that part of his game.
  21. Someone used the magic words! (Note: @SluSignGuy can we get a bot that auto-posts this link whenever someone uses "dunk" "over" "trash" and "can" in a post.)
  22. It is an interesting choice Rivera had to make. Is it better for him developmentally to get playing time at JuCo or to some to SLU to get a head start on learning the system working with coaches, etc., but likely ride the pine this year? I think he probably made the right call assuming he can stay motivated / work hard without the incentive / measuring stick of game action.
  23. Oh yeah. I'm not necessarily expecting big minutes from Parker this season. He's a big X factor. I think I've posted this before - If his defense is up to snuff & his offense is as good as advertised, it raises the ceiling on this team. Even if he is relegated to the bench, I'm excited to see him to put on a show at the end of blowout wins.
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