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  1. Gotta hit $70 for free shipping. If you're planning on ordering everything, you can easily split into 2 orders and get free shipping on both. Save enough in the 2nd order to get free shipping on the hoodie when it's back in stock, but you won't have to wait to get all of your merch.
  2. To clarify do you mean: 1. These current designs will stay & remain the only offerings OR 2. These current designs will stay and they may add more down the road. Apologies if you don't know, but you seem to have a good handle on how Homefield does things.
  3. I suspect this is the way we will operate and it's actually how we've played most of the time under Ford as well with Perkins and/or Goodwin as one of the 6'4" to 6'6" guys. We'll still have plenty of the 6'3" (going down a bit to include more guys) to 6'6" guys to choose from after this coming season: Thatch, Hargrove, Nesbitt, Strickland, Jimerson, Kramer, Thames, Parker. The challenge will be defending 2 bigs if our opponent plays that way. I suspect that'll fall on Hargrove, Strickland, & Nesbitt as the bigger guys of that bunch with Thames perhaps filling that role down the road. Alternatively, we could play some zone D.
  4. Kind of disappointed this iteration of the Billiken doesn't show up anywhere: Would make for an awesome kids shirt if Homefield ever does that.
  5. I'm able to add the T-shirt with the MO outline in any size. None of the items are showing as sold out except for the hoodie in L & XL.
  6. Overall these look great. I'm dropping $141 on 3 Ts and sweatshirt. I do have one complaint. This is going to sound very @billiken_roy like, but I wish they had more available in blue. I'd love the 1971 Billiken shirt in blue instead of gray. Two blue options out of 10 when blue is the main school color is kind weak.
  7. I wasn't talking about your soccer recaps. I was talking about his basketball recruiting work. Peter from @Midtown Madness often does steal things "word for word" from the Billikens Dot Com poster @Pistol for the basketball recruiting stuff which is totally fine because they are the same freaking person. Regarding the soccer stuff, IMO, before throwing out wild accusations of plagiarism and calling fellow posters unethical, you should have concrete evidence. The examples, you posted are not even close to "word for word". You guys are both describing the same soccer games. There is bound to be overlap in the recaps. Even if someone didn't watch the game they can get all kinds of details from Twitter, highlights, and recaps on SLU's website. Recapping the same games as you while also using common soccer terminology does not prove that anyone has been stealing from you. I cannot fathom having such a high opinion of myself that I'd think my collegiate soccer recaps on an internet message board were so sacrosanct that anyone describing the game in a remotely similar way must be stealing from me.
  8. This is wild. @Pistol creates an insane amount of NEW content with his recruiting work. I guess you could make an (incorrect, IMO) argument that he is just compiling things you could find yourself on Twitter or elsewhere. That's totally wrong though because he's the one putting in the work to find & compile all that stuff.
  9. I just want to say that I really appreciate what @billikenfan05 and @Pistol do with the Podcast. It can be a little rough around the edge at times compared to professionally produced sports Podcasts that we're likely used to. However, for a couple MBMs, it is fantasic. I also really appreciate what @courtside does with the soccer threads here on the board. I don't follow soccer that closely, so detailed recaps are nice. I've listened to all the Podcasts and read most of the soccer stuff and have never once thought that the Midtown Madness guys were ripping, you off @courtside. I think you're being a little paranoid. There also isn't some kind of struggle for attention between the Podcast and this message board. People who read the board can/will listen to the Podcast and vice versa. You can do both. Having both is a good thing.
  10. You WILL save money. Use promo code MIDTOWNMADNESS to get 15% off your order.
  11. Agreed. I mean I don't dislike those ones necessarily, but I have a lot of stuff with that logo on it already & it's not really old enough to be cool / retro in my mind. Interesting question is when something goes from "That's the old logo, dude. You need to update your gear" to "Wow, cool retro shirt!".
  12. What retro logo is everyone most excited about getting on a T-shirt? I know there are some others in addition to the ones below, but here is a sampling: I'm personally hoping for something that's really cool with the 1971 logo. My dad used to have a sweatshirt he always wore with that logo on it, so it holds kind of a sentimental value for me.
  13. Knollmeyer is more absurd. Today kids post to YouTube all day long. When Knollmeyer was in HS it wasn’t very common. Plus I think the choppiness of the Jolly gif makes it look like he’s skipping when he’s really not.
  14. Welcome Sincere Parker! Looks like a great pickup. Excited to see what he can do. Not trying to take anything away from the excitement of a commitment, but here are few thoughts: Caveat - with the way transfers are going, worrying about scholarship count and roster construction year to year may be kind of pointless. Our 2022 class is now kind of a curious fit because al 3 are wing types. I worry about our front court depth a little bit. If you project out, in 2023 you are left with Traore and freshmen or transfers as the only bigs on the roster. I guess we could call Lorentsson a big, but that doesn't assuage my fears. I also don't think Okoro gets an extra COVID year because he didn't play last season. We're currently over booked on scholarships for 2022, right? 2 scholarships available for 2022 would be the one that's current unused and DeAndre Jones. Or is Linssen a "senior" who wouldn't take a scholarship spot if he comes back in 2022 (similar to Perkins this year).
  15. Ugh... I'm going to cease commenting on this topic anymore so my faith in humanity isn't crushed any further.
  16. I always wondered why they didn't get another big name NBA player to be the 3rd recruit in Blue Chips instead of Matt Nover. There is a rumor that Bobby Knight wouldn't do the movie unless one of his IU players got a part. Did they need a white dude who looked like a freshman in college age farm boy and weren't happy with the crop of well known NBA players who might fit the bill? Everyone hated Christian Laettner & Bobby Hurley? Maybe they couldn't afford a 3rd NBA player? It always kind of baffled me.
  17. My asthmatic kids can't get vaccinated yet & people who have been vaccinated can still spread it, so...yeah people thinking it is over earlier than they should is kind of a big deal for me.
  18. Yep. Packed houses at football games mean the pandemic is over. Nothing to see here: https://apnews.com/article/health-public-health-coronavirus-pandemic-idaho-a0729894b42af1c3dadeccaffeabea0c Just because there are a lot of people okay acting like the pandemic is over doesn't mean it actually is.
  19. Oh man. I was totally focused on local (or semi-local) guys just knowing what little I know about your background. Excited to hear who this is when the news officially drops. Thanks for sharing.
  20. I wonder if this has anything to do with @seanwest’s comment. You guys holding out on us @Midtown Madness.
  21. No inside info, but if the recent trend continues, there will be an announcement on SportsPlus tonight w Frank Cusumano on Channel 5. Kind of surprising we’d get another wing commitment after already landing Nick Kramer and Kellen Thames in the same class. Again no inside info at all, but perusing @Pistol’’s 2022 list my guess would be either Hughes Jr or Damien Mayo.
  22. I'm really hesitant to post this here. Blues announced negative COVID test or proof of vaccination will be required to attend games. I'm not commenting on whether I agree or disagree with it. Complaining about it on a message board is a fruitless exercise. I'm not trying to solicit anyone else's opinion on it. I'm mostly posting this as a means to set expectations for what attendance at SLU basketball games at Chaifetz may look like this season. I'd guess that SLU will follow the Blues lead.
  23. I agree that I think Hargrove will improve, but it seems like expectations are already decently high for Hargrove. I'm going to cheat by throwing out 2: Markhi Strickland - Didn't see much PT at all last year, but showed flashes of potential & great athleticism. I haven't seen a lot in terms of expectations for him which is kind of understandable given the amount of depth we have. Not hard to exceed non-existent expectations. I think he is a key role player off the bench. I like his potential on defense. Gibson Jimerson - Shooting slump near the end of last season put a damper on expectations for him. I think he avoids a prolonged shooting slump this season and improves his overall game. He's my pick for 2nd leading scorer behind Perkins.
  24. Ha. For whatever reason Hannah sticks out more to me than Emily. I think sometimes the Annas blend in with the Hannahs. FWIW, Emily was the #1 girl name in the US from 1996 - 2007 and was top 5 every year from 1993- 2008. Emily started losing ground to Emma which has been top 5 from 2002 - present with 6 #1s in that span. Expect an influx of Emmas on the team in the coming years. SLU is actually ahead of the curve on Sophias because that name didn't break the top 5 until 2009.
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