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  1. This. If me or anyone in my house gets COVID, I can’t send my kid to daycare for at least 10 days & my other kid might miss a bunch of school. I know we aren’t likely to wind up hospitalized or worse, but the very slim chances of that coupled with the much more realistic chance of missing 10+ days of work means it isn’t worth going to the game in person. I’ll just watch SLU on my TV until the Omicron surge is over.
  2. Kids under 12 are exempt from the vaccination mandate at Chaifetz and anyone scared of needles could just show a negative test instead of being vaccinated. Blues attendance has been pretty good all season with a vax mandate in place. I can’t see why SLU attendance would somehow be affected, but not the Blues. @dennis_wis absolutely right though. We don’t have any evidence either way.
  3. I pointed this out in a different post. Yuri's +/- was 0 in a game we lost by 5 and in which we outscored Dayton by 4 in quasi "garbage time" after Yuri fouled out. He didn't have a great game, but scapegoating him as the reason we lost is absurd.
  4. I'd imagine Josh Colon gets more minutes with Daye gone. He's the guy currently averaging 15 mins, but averaged almost 30 mins last season. He's 5'10" compared to Daye 6'3", so I do think there defense may suffer with less size. Daye led the team in scoring, but also led them in assists at 3.3 per game. Colon is 6th on the team in assists 1.2 this season, but was 2nd with 2.8 last season. Colon is more of a 3pt threat than Daye, but Daye was much better finishing at the rim & drawing fouls. I know Fordham has played a zone in the past against us, but I'm not sure what Neptune is running this year. If they play man, I'd imagine Colon will guard Collins because he's doesn't have enough size for other guys. That's a huge advantage for SLU vs having a bigger guard on Yuri. It's also a big advantage not having to defend Daye because Daye was really good at drawing fouls. We need to absolutely crush Fordham to boost our NET. No mercy & no letting up if we get up big. I'm fine getting starters some rest, but the subs shouldn't be in there just running clock.
  5. One time baby race Dad here. I recommend this product (https://www.hushhats.com/) or something similar to drown out crowd noise along with possibly some kind of blinder setup to block the kid's peripheral vision. Biggest mistake babies make (mine included) is not getting off the starting block because they are too distracted often by the baby in the lane next to them.
  6. We've been missing this player since Rob Loe graduated. A stretch big paired up with French & Goodwin would have been such a perfect fit. Sigh.
  7. This is the chart I put together for the Future Rosters thread. I haven't updated it for Perkins potentially returning or Linssen definitely leaving, but I think it helps here: Based on what I was thinking for this chart, Williams would not count against the scholarship limit because he'd be in his "extra COVID year". I'm not 100% that's guys not counting against the limit is a thing except for the this season (Perkins). If it's not a thing going forward, HS players are really gonna be screwed until all the guys with extra years have burned through them in 2025-26 and SLU would potentially be oversubscribed by 2 for next season if Perkins returns. I think it's likely all this is moot regarding Williams anyways. TLDR: I made a fancy chart, but it's probably all wrong & even it isn't transfers will make it obsolete.
  8. I picture Jefferson College as having a meth lab beneath the gym floor similar to how LaSalle's Tom Gola Arena is above a swimming pool.
  9. Fred is listed as a RS sophomore on the SLU website. Are we sure putting him on Jr lists is correct? I'm thinking if Jimerson is on freshman lists, Fred should be on sophomore lists.
  10. I'm not necessarily saying the refs cost us the game, but it's pretty obvious Yuri is THE key player for SLU. If he's in foul trouble, we are in big trouble. The refs called some questionable touch fouls on him while Dayton was more aggressive defending on the ball & didn't get called for much. Yuri picks up his 4th foul with 11:14 left in the 2nd half and the score is 43-40 Dayton. I'm not exactly sure when he came back into the game, but SLU was down 15 (57-42) by the time he was involved in the ESPN play-by-play again at 6:09 left. Dayton actually went up 57-42 with 8:17 left in the 2nd half followed by a 2+ minute scoring drought. That means that in less than 3 minutes with Yuri off the floor Dayton outscored SLU by 12. Yuri then played until he fouled out with 1:55 left and the score 65-56 Dayton. SLU outscored Dayton by 6 during that stretch. Overall Yuri was a 0 in the +/- in a game we lost by 5. I think that undersells his importance because we "won" those last 2ish minutes after Yuri fouled out by 4. All that time was essentially Dayton trying to run out the clock, shooting poorly at the FT line & then giving up easier looks on offense because they didn't want to foul. All this was in a game that Yuri really didn't even play well before fouling out.
  11. Jimerson (and Jacobs among others) made a ton of deep 3s when we played Tulane at the Suns Arena because he was consistently shooting behind the NBA line. I imagine having that line on the floor makes it "easier" to take those shots. I'd love it for him to take deeper threes if it means getting a cleaner look & also providing more space for his teammates to work inside.
  12. Christ. This board is becoming a cesspool. It's fine to say you don't think that's racially problematic or disagree on whatever we're even disagreeing about regarding Jimerson, but personal attacks should NEVER be welcome here.
  13. IMO given the majority of the players on our team are black, we should avoid using terms that could in any way be seen as racially problematic for black people. In my head, that term fits the description to a T. I wasn't trying to pull a race card to win a debate (is hoping one of our players adds to his offensive capabilities a debate?) nor am I personally offended by the comment.
  14. Jimerson has shot more FTs this year partially because he is our go to guy late in the game when we are leading by a small margin & teams are looking to foul. Perkins got the ball in those situations last year. That's not to say Jimerson hasn't done a better job drawing fouls this season. He absolutely has. Like everything else there are shades of gray here. I said this before, I'd like to see him be more aggressive pushing off defenders and pushing or bumping defenders into screens to create space for himself on the perimeter especially when teams are being aggressive holding / pushing him. He very rarely commits fouls himself (1.3 per 40 mins this season, 1.4 last season), so I'm not at all worried about him getting in foul trouble by picking up offensive fouls. Someone did say they think Gibson often misses big shots late in games. That's pretty light in terms of criticism, but I also don't think it is entirely valid. I think this is primarily recency bias since he missed a 3 late against Iona, but there are some other examples of him missing shots late. Important to remember though that even the best all time 3 pt shooters miss well over half their 3 pt shots. I still absolutely want him taking those shots. In no way do I think that any of this is turning him into the racially problematic term you used to describe what you perceive as MBMs bashing him.
  15. Rumors are that Stamos will be getting "Jesse & The Rippers" back together to play a special tribute concert honoring Saget's life at an official Arch Baron Cup pep rally. Stamos would never use face paint & hide his gorgeous mug, but has commissioned commemorative Billiken biker jackets with a special RIP Bob arm patch for the whole band.
  16. Don't you live in Cincinnati? Will you make a detour to drop it off at Chaifetz before returning home? *Pistol stumbles in the door to his house at 8am on January 12th.* Mrs. Pistol: Where TF have you been? The game ended over 10 hours ago? Pistol: Errr....sorry honey. It's been a long night. I had to drive to St. Louis to deliver a fictional trophy to the SLU basketball arena. Mrs. Pistol: ... Pistol: Welp. Time for work. See you tonight.
  17. Devils advocate: I don’t think it’s out of line to say TJ plays with a lot of emotion & wears those emotions on his sleeve at times. Sometimes pulling a guy after a mistake may not be about scolding him for the mistake, but letting him have time to re-focus instead of potentially getting down on himself over mistakes & having them compound. Perfect example of this was Okoro early be Iona. TJ averages the 3rd most minutes on the team. It’s not like he gets buried on the bench after a mistake.
  18. I was ready to pull my hair out when Jones picked up his dribble when double teamed in the corner in the backcourt with no one to pass to in the 1st half. Ugh. That’s like grade school basketball level awful press breaking.
  19. This a a huge pet peeve of mine. Just because the # of fouls called on each team are close to equal does not mean the refs were good or that the game was called “fair” (ex: refs sucked but were bad both ways so it evened out). If one team plays a is hyper aggressive / physical defense like Iona, you’d expect them to have more fouls called. Refs tend to call more fouls on drives to the hoop / in the paint than on jump shots, so you’d expect the team who scores in the paint more & takes fewer 3s to draw more fouls. SLU took fewer 3s and scores in the paint more. SLU also intentionally fouled once at the end of the game. 21 fouls were called on Iona and 20 were called on SLU. IMO it should not have been that close.
  20. Totally. When teams are grabbing / bumping Gibson on every action while not getting called for fouls, I’d love to see him be the aggressor & start pushing off / bumping or pushing his defender into screens to create space for himself. Worst case you get called for an offensive foul & make a plea to the refs to watch the defenders grabbing / bumping. Gibson averages the fewest fouls per 40 mins on the team so I’m not worried about him picking up too many fouls. That being said he was a team high +13 last night. Single game +/- can be kind of funky, but I think it shows that even if he didn’t have a great game shooting the ball he still makes our offense better by spacing the floor & his defense is not a liability.
  21. One for the small sample size - the last time SLU had this situation arise with a last minute game scheduled we beat NC State just last season.
  22. Why would you use a Reds era Griffey Jr photo? Mariners era Jr >>>>> Reds era Jr. Given the contentious nature of this thread, I feel like I need to hurl an insult your way so …you’re a real nincompoop! Now get off my lawn!
  23. Note that "driving a bus" is properly omitted from this list.
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