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  1. Per KenPom we're 81st in the country in 3pt % (36.3%, KenPom doesn't count non-D1 games) and 342nd on 2pt % (42.0%). However, our 3pt attempt rate (3 pt FGA / all FGA) is 229th in the country. As is typically the case with Travis Ford SLU teams (aside from maybe 2019 when we had an awful 3pt shooting team), we should be taking more 3 pointers and less 2 pointers.
  2. Rashad Williams is at Arkansas Pine Bluff: Averaging 18.1 ppg, 2.6 rpg, 4.1 apg and 3.3 TOs. Numbers are inflated by 3 games vs non-D1 opponents. Still chucking plenty of 3s (nearly 8 per game & making over 40%), but has diversified his offensive game a bit and is taking over 7 2pt FGs per game as well. He's essentially the same player as always - volume shooter/scorer who can thrive at a lower level, but doesn't fit a role on a good team.
  3. I understand the wishful thinking on Jimmy Bell & it is fun to speculate what might have been. IMO even if he had stayed (or was able to stay) at SLU instead of going to JUCO for a year, I kind of doubt he'd still be around at this point. Last season would have then been his 4th year at SLU & we're talking about a guy who has now played at 4 different schools in 5 years. I expect we would've lost him as a grad transfer (if not earlier) regardless of the JUCO stop.
  4. WBB's next game is Friday 12/1 so they have some time before that. However, they also play 12/3, 12/6, and 12/9 before a break until 12/16. "Soon" as the timeline could reasonably result in her missing 0 to 4 games. I could be wrong here, but don't think SLU has any at-large hopes despite being picked near the top of the A-10. That means non-conference W/L isn't super important (aside from possibly NIT implications or ancillary benefits to the program). Then A-10 play is all about getting a good seed for the tournament and setting yourself up to win the A-10 tournament is most important. All this is to say that rushing Martinez back for a non-conference game would be silly.
  5. 12-12 is a new program record (2 players had previously gone 10-10). 29 points on just 12 FG attempts is crazy. For reference, McMakin set the single game record of 40 points last season, but she took 33(!) FGs. Here is the latest from Stu on Julia Martinez. She can sometimes be turnover prone herself, but is steadier than Calhoun and her presence as a ball-handler was clearly missed versus UIC.
  6. I didn't go back & watch the replay & don't know how egregious it was or the players involved, but it looked like they could have called a foul on Penn State right before the foul on SLU that lead to the game tying goal. I remember it like this: SLU player has the ball facing SLU's goal, Penn State player contests / bumps / pushes her from behind & she goes down, Penn State player gets the ball & move up field, SLU player running beside her bumps her & she goes down leading to the foul call. Credit to Penn State for executing the set piece & getting the goal after the call went their way.
  7. As long as we're piling on with "what could have been" big men - Andrew Carr (who transferred from Delaware to Wake Forest after flirtation with SLU) had 24 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 blocks in Wake's opener over Elon and then 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks in Wake's loss to Georgia on Friday.
  8. Our old 3 pt chuckin buddy Rashad Williams is somehow still playing and hit the game winner for Arkansas Pine Bluff last night.
  9. Was there ever a Casa Gallardo deal? I only remember a Chevy's deal.
  10. I recall it going like this: 1. Dalger draws a shooting foul / misses the shot so he gets 2 FTs 2. Dalger misses 1st regular FT 3a. Lincoln coach is called for a technical. 3b. Refs clear players off the FT line except for Dalger 3c. Jimerson subs into the game (fairly certain he wasn't in the game when the original foul occurred, but was at the scorer's table to check in when the ref called the T & would have come in after the 1st FT) 4. Dalger makes 2nd FT assuming it was his 2nd regular FT, but later refs said it was the 1st technical FT. My guess here is that SLU / Dalger assumed that Dalger would shoot his 2 regular FTs, someone would shoot 2 technical FTs & SLU would get the ball back afterwards. I'm not sure what the actual rules are about a technical being called while FTs are being taken & who gets the ball afterwards. My assumption based on how it played out is that play stops, the 2 technical FTs are taken, and then play resumes so Dalger would go back to the line to take his 2nd regular FT which is kind of what happened. 5. Jimerson goes to shoot what he assumes will be 2 technical FTs. I think SLU / Ford / Jimerson were trying to be coy about the fact that he may / may not have been on the court & eligible to shoot the technical FTs. No idea on the actual rules here. 6. Jimerson makes 1st FT. 7. Refs are totally confused about what to do / realize they screwed up by letting Dalger take 1st technical FT & Jimerson 2nd technical FT. 8. Refs make Dalger go back to the line to shoot his 2nd regular FT.
  11. I'm not necessarily defending the May or AD here. Your point about May having a system in place to make sure the people under him are doing their jobs is valid, but this is throwaway line is ridiculous. Dominos is the largest pizza company in the world. They had over $4.5 BILLION dollars in sales in 2022. They can afford more advanced software / tracking systems than the SLU athletic department.
  12. Plus they were up like 40 midway through the 2nd half against a D2 team. It was largely deep bench players and walk-ons playing the rest of the way. Not worth getting worked up at the refs when the game wasn’t in doubt and Sincere wasn’t likely to play much longer anyways.
  13. I know this is a joke/mistake, but in all serious SLU should 100% organize one of those pre-season charity exhibition games versus Mizzou to be played under the Arch.
  14. MBMs circa 1941-1964: For allegedly being baseball's perfect warrior and baseball's perfect knight, Stan Musial sure makes a lot of outs at the plate.
  15. Theoretically if you care a lot about the SLU basketball program, but you aren't happy with the Athletic Department or men's basketball coaching staff, NIL / the Billiken Victory fund are the best place to donate. May and Ford technically* have no control over the NIL $ / Billiken Victory Fund. Troy Robertson & the BVF board control what happens with that money. * - I'd be shocked if Ford isn't somehow dictating to Troy where he wants that money allocated, but theoretically Robertson, etc. could tell Ford to piss up a tree and allocate however they see fit. Even so, the money only indirectly helps Ford & the AD by theoretically helping attract more talented players. It is directly benefiting the players on the court.
  16. It's a 100% correct take. Jimerson has missed nearly 60% of his career attempts. He DOES miss a lot (340 career missed 3 pointers and counting). For an alleged great hitter Ted William sure did NOT get hits in a lot of his at bats.
  17. Maybe he will graduate in December and then becomes no different than a grad transfer who would be immediately eligible?
  18. There were so many reasons to hate him before this season. Now that is essentially robbing the only Billiken in the NBA of minutes, it is personal.
  19. Brandin Podziemski is also listed on the SC Warriors roster, but has a full guaranteed contract with the Warriors.
  20. Goodwin's 10 mins all came in the 1st half when the Spurs couldn't miss/Devin Vassell was going off & no one outside of KD on the Suns could hit anything. Spurs cooled slightly/Vassell got hurt, but dominated the boards and the Suns turned the ball over a ton. Why you wouldn't put the closest thing to a true PG on your roster who also happens to be an excellent rebounder when you are getting worked on the glass & coughing the ball up repeatedly, beats me. KD & Booker put up 28 & 31 respectively on great efficiency. Suns need some defense, rebounding, & ball control to win games NOT additional guys who can score. But by all means Frank Vogel, keep throwing Grayson Allen out there to get cooked on D.
  21. I don't really like the guy, but lumping in Alford with Crews and Isiah Thomas is harsh. Alford flamed out at UCLA (as have a bunch of other pretty good coaches), had middling results at Iowa, but was really successful at New Mexico. He got Nevada to the NCAA last season, but jury is still out on him there.
  22. Based on the Twitter stats her post above about doing PxP for SLU games currently has 76.5k views, 28 comments, 11 reposts, and 315 likes. For comparison, you have to add up the last 11 tweets from the SLU MBB account from 10/27 to today to top 315 likes. Last single post that had more was their 10/16 post about Collins signing with the Warriors that got 600 likes.
  23. This is actually pretty awesome for SLU / better than I thought. Twitter...er... X followers aren't everything, but: Datt has over 46,000 followers. Warmann has about 1,300. Danny Mac has 9,700. SLU men's basketball has 24,000 which is almost double SLU Athletics and slight more than the University's account. Getting someone involved with SLU athletics that has a platform / online reach that is much larger than anything they otherwise have is pretty awesome. I've not heard Datt do play-by-play (has she done any in the past?), but I was never that impressed with Warmann. If they aren't going to give it to Colin Suhre, you might as well bring in someone who might attract some new viewers. Big whiff on SLU's part not including a picture of Datt in the marketing releases / social media stuff.
  24. To non-professional basketball players that a lot of moolah, but Goody is making the league minimum. If he carves out a roll in the rotation of a championship caliber team, he'll could make 10 times that on the right deal in a few years (see Bruce Brown).
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