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  1. Dayton played great D and had a great game plan. I don't believe that they found some fatal flaw or necessarily will destroy us going forward. We missed a ton of shots were obviously pressing / frustrated during the game. This was your classic quicksand game. SLU fell behind early and started forcing things / lost confidence. The harder they tried to get out of the whole the further they sank. Couple that with mediocre defense / hot shooting by Dayton and you've got a blowout.
  2. BTW. I kind of throw out in my mind the 2 games the men's team played coming back from a long COVID pause. The women's team was on COVID pause for LONGER (12/6/20 - 1/17/21 vs 12/26/20 to 1/26/21 for the men) & had only played 2 games prior to the pause because of an earlier pause. If you throw out home losses to Fordham on 1/17/21 (63-72) and UMass on 1/22/21 (62-78) immediately after the COVID pause, then SLU's only loss of the season as in OT to Dayton at Chaifetz. I really wonder if this team could have had an at-large worthy resume if it weren't for COVID. The best part is th
  3. This is an excellent excellent win. Dayton is / has been the best team in the A10, so winning at their place is really good. That being said, the W may means very little in the scheme of things. If that final scheduled game vs Fordham doesn't get played and no additional games are added, SLU has no way of catching Fordham (or Dayton) for one of the top 2 spots & a bye in the A10 tournament. They aren't getting an at-large, so it is all about winning the A10 tournament & it doesn't matter much where they finish if they don't get the bye. Hopefully this game gives SLU confid
  4. This is meant to be criticism of my eye-test and not Brooke. It is incredible how bad / lost / uncoordinated she can look at times while I'm watching and then I look at the stats and she put up a really good game. There were multiple times I felt like she was getting pushed around / bullied by Dayton's bigs. I do think she could have had a few more rebounds / kept Dayton off the glass better, but I think MST being in foul trouble played a bigger role.
  5. WBB trying to get a little payback at Dayton. They lead 39-31 with 4+ mins left in the 3rd quarter on ESPN+. SLU defense has been excellent, but they're getting killed on the boards. MST has been in foul trouble which probably explains the rebounding issue.
  6. I see now the A10 has UMass playing at Richmond on 2/23. If UMass gets to return to practice on 2/21 for the 1st time since 2/6 and then fly to Richmond for a game on 2/23 that's really rough. Sets up nicely for Richmond to get a blowout win over UMass that may boost their NET though. Also stinks for SLU that UMass will get a tune up against Richmond before they play us, but we ought to have no trouble handling UMass at home either way. If we do, then we've got bigger issues.
  7. UMass is currently on a campus-wide COVID pause. There are no athletic practices or competitions per University rules. I have no idea if / when that is expected to be lifted. I hope / assume A10 knows something and UMass will for sure be able to play that game. It would really suck if the Seniors do not get a proper send off. This has potential do be the reverse of what SLU suffered against LaSalle & Dayton. UMass last played 2/6 at Rhode Island. As far as I know they haven't had any positives on the team and are just paused because of campus rules. Either way not practicing fo
  8. Count Fredric Harewood & all his progeny can go suck on lemons. Down with Dayton! #BecauseItsTheCup
  9. Honestly if the opposing team has offensive firepower elsewhere (like Dayton does with Crutcher & Watson), them having a big that only rebounds / negates our advantage on the boards while fouling French a lot ends up being pretty bad for us. Tshimanga is a monster on the boards this season. He's the only player in the A10 with a higher Dreb% than Goodwin. I'm not necessarily worried about him scoring, but he can definitely impact the game. Edit: Of course if you just make shots, you don't really need to worry about an opponent's defensive rebounding.
  10. I agree with you that I'd take J-Good's all around game over Crutcher. I was just trying to point out that different stats sites disagree on who is better and I understand that an argument can be made about it. FWIW I have no idea how T-Rank PRPG! player ratings work. I suspect based on the A10 rankings that it skews heavily toward offense. T-Rank has Goodwin 3rd in the A10 in box plus-minus behind Bones Hyland & Perkins and Crutcher is 20th. That's another overall statistical measure that favors Goodwin.
  11. I think @HoosierPal pointed this out already, but pending additional rescheduled games we do not control out own destiny by winning out. If we win out and finish 7-2 our winning % would be 77.78%. If VCU wins all of their games except against us they'd be 11-3 or a 78.57% winning %. This is a good reason to try to add another game before the A10 tournament. Even if both teams add a 4th game and win it, then both are at 80% winning % and SLU get the tie-breaker having beaten VCU head-to-head. I don't think getting the #1 overall seed in the A-10 tournament is particularly important in
  12. Lot of discussion about swapping men's & women's tournament dates from the men's side, but not so much from the women's side. SLU's remaining schedule looks like this: 2/20 @ Dayton 2/26 @ Davidson 2/28 @ Fordham (unknown if this will be played because Fordham is on a campus-wide COVID shutdown) OFF 3/10-3/14 A-10 tournament Seems fairly unlikely that the game at Fordham will be played which means SLU would have 11 days off before the A10 tournament starts and would have only played 2 games in the 23 days leading up to the tournament. Hopefully the A10 g
  13. I gave this a listen last night. Great listen overall and fun to have an opposing view on. I was sort of appalled that when Sullivan said something like "Crutcher is going to be the best player on the floor during the game..." neither of you pushed back on that in favor of Jordan Goodwin. I don't think it is too controversial to say Crutcher will be the best offensive player (though an efficiency based case could be made for Perkins), but overall I think it gets more fuzzy. Stats wise - Evan Miya (https://evanmiya.com/) has Goodwin #46 ITN in his player ratings and Crutcher is #328, but T
  14. This seems really bizarre to me. Over a week off in between the A10 semi-final and final? If the A10 expects 3 bids that means an NCAAT team from the A10 will have a nearly 2 week delay between losing in the A10 tournament and their 1st NCAAT game. That would kill momentum / excitement for that team. Also does UMass need to get to 13 regular season games to participate in the A10 tournament? If so, this set up potentially screws them out of the tournament.
  15. I agree that I expect Okoro to get the bulk of the inside minutes. However French has averaged just over 30mpg during his career and we've had considerably less depth behind him the the exception of this season. Also, keep in mind that Okoro is coming off a season he is sitting out to recover and he's also been considerably more foul prone than French during his career so far (5.3 per 40 mins compared to 4.2 per 40 mins). With those things in mind, I doubt Okoro averages more than 30. He should no doubt top 30 in competitive games where he avoid foul trouble, but I expect enough foul prone
  16. French often brings the ball up the court after grabbing rebounds and sometimes takes bigger guys off the dribble from outside (this happened more often last year, teams now largely play their big back & leave French unguarded on the outside when he has the ball). Linssen arguably has better footwork / post moves (French mostly uses his strength to create looks inside & Linssen is more finesse), but I don't really consider that ball handling. Linssen never brings the ball up or takes anyone off the dribble from outside.
  17. As you've alluded to it opens a giant can of worms if you allow teams to skip their conference tournaments with no repercussions in terms of losing NCAA tournament at-large bids and still give the auto-bid to the tournament winner. You'd actually incentivize all teams that already have at-large bids locked up to skip & give their conferences a better chance at getting more NCAA bids. Gonzaga & BYU skip so that an underserving 3rd WCC team makes it, Houston skips so a potentially undeserving AAC team makes it, Loyola skips so a potentially underserving MVC team makes it, all top teams
  18. Where do his 2 dunks vs LaSalle rank all-time? I think I'd put his tomahawk above the alley-oop from J-Good. I was more fired up after the alley-oop because I wanted J-Good to get a triple-double too. Overall though I think the tomahawk was more impressive. When he went up for that, I had this moment of dread that he was going to brick it. I guess that is years of Billiken fandom never really seeing a guy throw down such a dunk. Sort of backwards way of saying how impressive it was that I didn't think he'd actually pull it off.
  19. If we're talking about any player on the roster who can possibly put up a Goodwin like stat line, then my money is also on Fred. He is similar in build with both being listed at 6-3 and 200-215 lbs. He's also an excellent rebounding guard. Thatch actually has a higher offensive rebounding % than Goodwin this season (12% to 10%), but Goodwin's D rebounding is much higher and Goodwin has put up the high O-reb % in a larger sample. I think part of that D rebounding is by design because having Goodwin get the board allows us for more transition offense. Fred may get more D reb opportunities ne
  20. IMO as long as you're not yelling anything inappropriate / vulgar, IMO coaches should be fair game for taunting by fans. Total BS if paying fans were thrown out for yelling at the coach and they weren't cussing. That's called home court advantage if the opposing coach allows fans yelling at him to get under his skin.
  21. I hadn't previously thought about walk-ons getting the extra year of eligibility. I suppose they do. Would be nice to have experienced guys as practice bodies to help prepare for games. However, I'd assume it is less likely walk-ons would use the year because they are paying their own way. Hightower's case may be unique though because he is an accounting major. If his plan is to get his CPA license he may need extra credit hours to get to the 150+ necessary to take the exam.
  22. How is it possible that Goodwin got a double-double in the LaSalle win, but went down? Did some other team play twice in between our Ws over Fordham & LaSalle and one of their players got double-doubles in both games?
  23. This is such a huge advantage for us defensively because we can switch every screen and not worry about having a lumbering big man on the perimeter trying to cover a a quick quicker / smaller guy. It is basically what made the Warriors lineups with Draymond Green at center so effective on D. When French is playing D on a guard on the perimeter, I'm not worried at all about the guy he is guarding scoring. The concern is usually that there is a smaller guy matched against a big inside. However, we have very strong big guards like Thatch & Goodwin who can play very effective post D an
  24. Honestly you'd think that a guy trying to sell his betting advice would actually welcome the exposure of people on twitter reacting to his picks - good or bad. He's missing out on a lot of free publicity if he blocks anyone who calls him out for when some of his advice inevitably doesn't pan out.
  25. I am salivating at the thought of a Goodwin, Thatch, Hargrove, Strickland, French lineup where play old-style VCU HAVOC defense to force turnovers and then J-Good lobs alley-oops to the other guys on fast breaks off turnovers all game. Heck plug Yuri in somewhere if you want to sub some length on D for better playmaking on offense. Now obviously that isn't going to happen. The fact that we have guys who I think would be very effective playing that style, but can also play effectively in the half court is pretty awesome. I absolutely love how versatile this team is and how all the p
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