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  1. Boise St now at 13 straight wins since losing to us and Iona is 17-3, UAB 16-4, Belmont 15-5, Auburn 19-1.
  2. Kinda hope we run it up for NET purposes
  3. Nesbitt comes in and we immediately go on a huge run. Maybe he should get more minutes!
  4. I think we’ve missed about 10 wide open threes
  5. Marty comes in and the offense and defense get fixed immediately. Need him to get back to 100%. Yuri relies on him more than people realize
  6. We’re making UMass’s defense look like VCU…
  7. Also lost because Yuri got into foul trouble. We had gotten the deficit down to 3 with 11 minutes left before he picked up his 4th foul. I think we should beat them at home if we play a normal game
  8. At least we didn’t lose to GW at home. It could always be worse
  9. You seem to be forgetting just how awful we were when he first took over. I can only imagine how many of those road games lost were in the first 2-3 years with Ford
  10. 2019- NCAA Tourney 2020 - NCAA Tourney if not for COVID pause 2021 - Lost Goodwin, French, and Perkins and will probably make the NIT Next year we return practically everyone and potentially add Perkins back. Seems to me like an overreaction to what most people expected to be a rebuilding year
  11. Rutgers isn’t even in the top 100. Boise St and Iona are top 50
  12. This game has the feel of an overtime game
  13. Man UMass is getting really lucky at times
  14. Need to feed Thatch more. He’s been great today
  15. Fernandes travels every time he touches the ball
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