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  1. Blackshear now a grad transfer. Please Ford, get him and pair him with French. DEADLY
  2. When Virginia got that wide open three in the corner right before regulation ended, I had flashbacks of our game against St Bona. Only difference was UVA made the shot
  3. Alabama’s freshman guard transfers Kira Lewis. Averaged 13.5 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.9 assists. 79% FT
  4. French and JGood won’t forget. They will be back and they will win
  5. We had more or less a 6 man roster with Bess injured and still managed to make the tournament. Will miss the seniors. Let’s get a grad transfer or two and come back stronger next year
  6. How about we go up 20 so we can put Welmer in for a garbage time basket
  7. Billikens Revenge Tour: Game One: Beat Richmond Game Two: Beat Dayton Game Three: Beat Davidson Gams Four: Beat Bonnie’s ————— Game Five: Beat VCU in Sweet 16 Game Six: Beat Florida State in Final 4 Game Seven: Beat Houston in Championship
  8. I’ve gotta feeling tomorrow will be a crazy day for upsets. Arizona St, Oregon, Liberty, UC Irvine, and SLU will all win
  9. I meant the fact that they average 5 a game and rely on defense and slowing the game down. If we have a good game from the arc like they did we have a chance
  10. Minnesota plays a similar game to ours and they beat Louisville.
  11. How about Kevin Easly? Not a grad transfer but was the Southern Conferences freshman player of the year. Averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Might have to sit one out but would have 3 yards left
  12. Both teams have recruits that will fit in perfectly to their program. Hargrove, Yuri and Jimmerson will be immediate impacts and I can’t wait to watch them. Will be interesting to see where Love and Fletcher go.
  13. They did though. Having the Porters led to them getting Robertson and Tilmon, making the NCAA tournament a year after not winning 10 games, and being top 10 in attendance. They may not have played as much as they wanted but they still had a great impact on Mizzou
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