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  1. Are the chances of us winning this game greater than or less than the chances of French hitting a free throw? I need to decide how excited to get
  2. Games like yesterday are so important. We won't shoot like that every time out but if teams scouting us have to see that tape and stay a half step closer to Jimerson and Jacobs, Goodwin and French will be even more dominant. We have a well rounded team but I still think this team will go as far as Goodwin and French can take us. And if our shooters and can make life easier on them, then I really like our chances.
  3. The guys on the court should play at max effort no matter what the score/time. You can put the end of your bench in if you want, but those guys should get the opportunity to play hard and actually try to score. I'm not about sparing feelings in sports.
  4. Is this game really not going to be televised at all? When's the last time we have had a game with no streaming options at all?
  5. I like Bell and his long-term potential. My only feedback on the lineup would be that Jimerson, Goodwin, and French should be out there together as much as possible. The spacing with Jimerson on the court is outstanding and French and Goodwin can be (and have been) dominant with a more freed up lane. Goodwin and French have definitely made a jump in terms of their development but it's a whole lot easier when the opponent can't sag 5 guys into the lane
  6. Hopefully someone less lazy than myself can do this same exercise for when we made our first substitution. I think that would be extremely valuable to compare to the above so that we can find out if we are just slow starters or if it's a problem with the starting 5
  7. I'm just a mbm but sometimes I really don't understand our lineups or why some guys have extended stays on the bench
  8. Can someone tell me what the tournament news is for next year
  9. As a side note, I would play Belmont every year, home or away
  10. I'll defer to Ford obviously but I wish Weaver would get more time
  11. This may be the dumbest thread in the boards history
  12. I greatly prefer our black unis but they were still fine
  13. This board has a problem with taking every word that Ford says literally. I know we went a long time without a coach who would say anything to the media but "coachspeak" is a real thing
  14. Jimerson has made the most 3's on the team and is shooting 44% from 3 in 20 mpg and I honestly think people are disappointed in him. We finally get a sharpshooter at SLU and people's expectations have gone through the roof. He may be one of those people like Goodwin who will be all over the record books, but people still think he was a disappointment for some reason.
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