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  1. Does anyone know if there will be a stream tonight? I can't find one currently
  2. "Knife to a gunfight" should be quoted and attributed to the person who first used that phrase. We all know @billikenfan05 has a huge problem with plagiarizing courtside's 15 paragraph soccer recaps by using generic soccer terminology but we don't need everyone doing it.
  3. The funny thing about this is that the schools who are tired of losing to mid/low majors like Kansas, Michigan St, etc are actually going to be more likely to get knocked out early than they already are. If Kansas played Bucknell 20 times, they probably win 19. If they play Minnesota 20 times, they probably win 16. The CFP gets criticism every year that non major conference teams have no chance. They also let ND/Oklahoma in constantly and they get run off the field. There is a lot of momentum for them to expand just to give some of the lower conference schools a chance. So when people say that basketball should copy the football model, they are saying that they should start with a bad model and then go to what they already have now.
  4. My otherwise completely healthy son, who was 9 months old at the time, spent time getting oxygen in a locked down floor at Children's Hospital this August because he had covid. So I am pretty firmly in the camp that kids can get pretty sick from this. I've had a few people say "well he's fine now" but that doesn't really change how we felt for that week in August and how we don't want to relive that ever again. That all said, I realize my family was the strong exception to the rule. I don't expect SLU (or anywhere) to put precautions into place to cover 100% of the possible scenarios and eliminate all risk. We may not go to as many games as planned this year but that's an "us" decision. It sucks for us but after 20 months of this virus and almost 12 months of a vaccine, I am ready to be at a point where people make their own decisions and don't have decisions made for them.
  5. I don't particularly care but I am honestly surprised considering the vaccine requirement for students and faculty and that covid tanked our season last year (not saying the players are at risk from unvaccinated fans - just that it would be on people's minds). I actually expected the overkill approach of both proof of vaccination and masks
  6. Thatch releasing his own merchandise soon. I like his logo.
  7. What are the chances that this announcement lives up to the hype that the school/athletic department are giving it?
  8. Trying to keep it separate from the Big East talk. I guess the announcement is about facilities but don't sleep on the idea that it's my 1 year old son becoming the Billiken
  9. I'm always somewhat in the minority here in that I think the A10 is actually a pretty good conference. That being said, the Big East is obviously the dream and it seems achievable now. I'd love having Gonzaga in the league but a 12 team league might actually be my preference. Villanova is obviously king of the league. DePaul is like Fordham, Vanderbilt, Boston College, etc in the sense that you can pretty much always count on them to finish last in their conference. St. John's, Marquette, Georgetown have a rich history but seem stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. The rest of the conference is pretty jumbled with teams like Providence and Seton Hall making recent runs while Butler has been a little down lately. I know there is always some concern that we could join this conference and struggle but it seems like the ideal time to join. We have momentum and there are a ton of programs in a transition period. Add in the new facilities and we could easily be a Xavier level program in the Big East pretty quickly.
  10. Really good article here https://theathletic.com/2883188/2021/10/19/the-death-of-beloved-saint-louis-assistant-ford-stuen-changes-the-billikens-journey/
  11. This project is one of the worst kept secrets at SLU right now. Making a formal announcement isn't just about informing alumni and the St Louis public. The Big East is targeted here too
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