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  1. It does seem that way. I would think that the A10 should trump all decision makers and maybe they're giving Ford some leeway since they know SLU is their strongest team.
  2. As much as I want us to come back only when we're at full strength and ready, I also don't think Ford/SLU should get a say when we come back. I would think once we are out of quarantine/city protocol, we should be required to come back and play even if our guys are out of shape or not in a basketball rhythm
  3. Would you rather be on covid pause and get to watch no Billikens games or be able to watch games but it's the Crews-led squad losing by 28 at home to George Mason?
  4. Nitpicking here but I can say with a lot of confidence that once Indiana entered the picture, SLU had no shot at Stemler. He is a relative of mine and I won't tell the full story but SLU did all they could with him. Nothing illegal or anything like that from IU but he was taking the biggest offer he could get
  5. Everything that Stu just put on Twitter is what I think we've been asking for. For the most part it's a bunch of nothing-statements from Chris May but it's at least it's publicly acknowledging the situation. I never understand why that's so hard but good to get some information.
  6. The official statement for the men was: "Program activities will resume only after all personnel are cleared via the extensive Saint Louis University campus COVID-19 testing procedures and protocols." I'm too lazy to see if there was a statement for the women when they shut down. If Stone is starting practice without a full team you would think it's because not everyone has been cleared yet but they expect them to be soon. I guess there's a possibility that she is starting with a small group before bringing everyone on but that doesn't make any sense especially considering the long layoff
  7. I also am in shock of the decision to send the local players home. I get it from the emotional side of things but it seems like a crazy risk especially after the holidays. Families could all quarantine now but surely they all weren't doing so in the week prior to the positive test within the program. Also I could understand sending them home to take away the temptation of getting on campus or seeing other people but it's not a real quarantine if they're hanging out with families, girlfriends, etc and just doing it at home. They should be confided to a room or a basement like kshoe mention
  8. Agree. Unless they are forcing the players families to quarantine too, this seems like a terrible idea
  9. I agree. We have to be better defensively against them and not sure that will come from GJ but we'll see.. He has a week to get his shot right and I do hope we can design a couple of open looks for him early. A couple of makes and confidence is back up
  10. Jimerson has given himself such a reputation of a shooter that going 1 for his last 4 and 4 for his last 10 is considered panic mode
  11. Jimerson is never going to be a lock down defender and Ford doesn't have him crashing the boards to rebound so he really needs to find his offensive game. He was actually pretty good against NC State so it's only been 2 off games for him but it's a big dimension that we are missing offensively although having him as a threat has opened things up for Goodwin. Perkins needs to adjust to getting bumped and hit every time. I'm okay if he wants to start flopping a bit. Let's run the offense through French and get our shooters some easy kick outs. Goodwin is a stud. Collins didn't sc
  12. Game only lasted about 1 hour 45 mins. Another nice benefit of the refs not calling fouls every 12 seconds like the Minnesota game
  13. Agree but most of the comments are about his shooting.
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