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  1. All of those stats while missing the last 10 or so games of his freshman season. He'll almost certainly play in multiple NCAA tournaments and he/French built the program back up
  2. Jimerson played more minutes than I expected last season. Perkins has emerged now which will cut into his minutes a bit but it's clear Jimerson's skillsket is important to what Ford wants to do offensively. There will be some really good players who don't play a ton of minutes next year.
  3. Totally agree but I also won't be upset if Ford can game the system and get us a Q1 level win without playing someone that is all that great
  4. Pregame is fine but the arena is still more than half empty 4 minutes before tipoff. The only way to do senior night with a packed house would be to do it at the under 8 TV timeout in the first half
  5. Predictions: - Goodwin, Hargrove, Collins transfer to Mizzou - Jimerson transfers to Virginia - French transfers to Syracuse - Perkins transfers to Illinois - Jacobs transfers to DePaul - Linssen and Lorentson both go pro overseas - Okoro transfers to Illinois St - Strickland never steps on campus and eventually signs with the G league - Thatch retires - Bell transfers to Michigan St - Ford goes to Kentucky - Crews takes over again in a low cost move - Bishop transfers back and sits out another year. After an injury year and a suspension year, he finishes his SLU career as a 34 year old - Larry Hughes Jr signs with Duke after SLU fails to offer his all MVC caliber teammate - Shaka Smart takes over the job after he is fired from Texas - 4 years later, SLU has a sweet 16 caliber roster but basketball season is canceled after the players strike because they want higher pay - Shaka moves to Mizzou - 05 records his 500th Harris Stowe basketball podcast
  6. Terrible article but good publicity I guess
  7. Regardless of all the other factors, these test scores don't mean sh.!t and don't indicate anything about a student.
  8. Back when he was with the PD, he sent me a direct message on Twitter asking me to stop asking him to cover the Billikens more. He said I was stressing him out. I haven't liked him since.
  9. Ford has brought in a sweet 16 caliber roster for next year. He doesn't have a good track record in the NCAA tournament but he can put a lot of those questions to rest with one deep run
  10. @SluSignGuy I appreciate you letting this thread be open but this has to be his last ever post right?
  11. If we can actually start testing properly, I'm totally fine with opening up basically everything with some restrictions.
  12. Sorry I was a little delayed because I had to get the bag of cash sanitized but I have completed the drop off. We should be good
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