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  1. May has succeeded in a lot of areas. He has failed in baseball/softball plain and simple.
  2. The chair of the BOT was the leader of the Ford extension
  3. How would you think of Chris May if he had a full head of hair?
  4. GREAT JOB BY CHRIS MAY!!! See nobody cares about the baseball facilities. Sorry @billikenfan05
  5. I'm not positive if you know what you did there
  6. There's no chance anyone is happy with the baseball facilities. I could listen to an argument that there will always be more pressing needs but you can't tell me that what we have now is good enough for anyone.
  7. Hey you have to have at least 10 posts before you can go after @billikenfan05. There are other posters you can go after from day 1. Mainly those who live at high school girls soccer games.
  8. I don't passionately care about the baseball team but I just don't see why you wouldn't make a commitment to improving an already very good thing. Sure it's not a money-maker but that's college athletics outside of 2-3 sports. May is both incredibly overrated and very underrated by this board.
  9. I'd argue it's underpriced
  10. Someone start the Trump thread as a way to get the bad/troll post option back
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