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  1. This board has spent a lot of money paying Goodwin, French, etc. Will be hard to get me to fork up more cash but we'll see. I'm already out $1000 for Nesbitt and he hasn't even committed yet. I know others have spent a lot more than I have
  2. I just can't believe that they did such a great job of keeping this under wraps all this time and then it gets leaked on their own YouTube page an hour before the event. They did a great job but just shows how hard it is to keep anything private in these days. I love the name, crest, and colors.
  3. The name, crest, colors, etc will be announced in just under 90 minutes. Any last minute predictions?
  4. I've gained about 18 pounds since this virus started. Hopefully Javonte's weight gain is in a more healthy way
  5. I don't like to complain about him because he always gives us great publicity but Rothstein isn't the brightest guy out there
  6. Players care who starts and it does matter but overall minutes is still the more important stat. My predictions at most minutes 1. Goodwin - I'd sit him for 2 minutes in each half. 36 mpg is a lot but that's what you get out of your senior leader/4 year starter. The only two things I'll say is that 1) he can be more aggressive/physical because we have the depth if he gets into foul trouble and 2) if he's having a bad game, we have the depth to sit him for longer 2. French - I think he's going to be an All American this season. He probably won't actually be 2nd in minutes because he's still a little foul prone and he'll be on the bench at the end of games if he can't make free throws 3. Perkins - There's a chance that we jump straight into conference play or at least only have minimal non-conference games. Because of that, he can't afford to start slowly again this season. I still think he was our best player in the last 10-12 games last season 4. Collins - Needs to improve his shooting and still get better at defense but he makes the offense so much better 5. Jimerson - He's going to have to play better defense but I actually thought his defense was fine for a freshman who had basically never been asked to play defense before. Ford played him big minutes last year though and Perkins may take some of those, but Jimerson's shooting will keep him on the floor for long stretches Even though this above 5 players is a small lineup, I think it would be our best lineup and the lineup I want to see play the most minutes 6. Bell - I think Bell is going to be an all conference player as a junior and senior. He will probably start if I had to guess 7. Thatch - Obviously this all depends on if he is healthy. If not, Jacobs is here. It'll also depend on how he responds after basically sitting for 13+ months. I love the idea of him being a total defensive stopper. I don't see him playing in long stretches but he can be a high energy guy in spurts 8. Linnsen - Not sure how much he'll play but I feel like Ford got him for a reason. He brings experience and probably allows us more options for bigger lineups which it kind of seems like Ford is insistent on. 9. Jacobs - I'm torn on him as a player. Good shooter but he release is too slow. Great athlete but not much of a defender. Can handle the ball but not a great assist/TO ratio 10. Hargrove - It pains me to put him this low but I think there are players who just fill better roles at his position. He'll get minutes but they may be inconsistent game to game. His playing time will go up after Perkins/Goodwin graduate 11. Strickland - I'm excited about him, but hard to see him passing any of the older guys especially with a potential abbreviated non-conference slate. Again, he'll play more with future graduations 12. Lorentson - I'm leaving him last for now since we don't even know when/if he'll be here. I'm really excited about him though. I've always been a big believer that you need a big man who can shoot.
  7. Man...I really think he's going to be a stud. I hope we see him in a Billiken uniform.
  8. I hadn't been this excited about Billiken basketball in a long time. Guy is only behind Jim Crews and Jim Platt for worse members of the Billiken community all time
  9. I need to follow more moms on Twitter
  10. Chris Braun was my next door neighbor. He used my driveway/basketball hoop sometimes. He wasn't any good but that puts him on my all-time east-side list.
  11. All of those stats while missing the last 10 or so games of his freshman season. He'll almost certainly play in multiple NCAA tournaments and he/French built the program back up
  12. Pregame is fine but the arena is still more than half empty 4 minutes before tipoff. The only way to do senior night with a packed house would be to do it at the under 8 TV timeout in the first half
  13. Predictions: - Goodwin, Hargrove, Collins transfer to Mizzou - Jimerson transfers to Virginia - French transfers to Syracuse - Perkins transfers to Illinois - Jacobs transfers to DePaul - Linssen and Lorentson both go pro overseas - Okoro transfers to Illinois St - Strickland never steps on campus and eventually signs with the G league - Thatch retires - Bell transfers to Michigan St - Ford goes to Kentucky - Crews takes over again in a low cost move - Bishop transfers back and sits out another year. After an injury year and a suspension year, he finishes his SLU career as a 34 year old - Larry Hughes Jr signs with Duke after SLU fails to offer his all MVC caliber teammate - Shaka Smart takes over the job after he is fired from Texas - 4 years later, SLU has a sweet 16 caliber roster but basketball season is canceled after the players strike because they want higher pay - Shaka moves to Mizzou - 05 records his 500th Harris Stowe basketball podcast
  14. Regardless of all the other factors, these test scores don't mean sh.!t and don't indicate anything about a student.
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