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  1. I say kick 05 off the pod and give him a 3 month ban on the board. I have a baby at home!
  2. While I do think that assistant coaches' impact is often overstated, this is a big loss for us
  3. You know your other teams are really succeeding when the only team the city troll can attack is the baseball team
  4. The goal is to list every available grad transfer and say he'd be a good fit so then if he signs with us and has some big games, we can all say that we called it
  5. I know it's hard to win at Navy, but Lange went 93-113 in 7 seasons as the coach at Navy
  6. Mike Anderson out at Arkansas
  7. Yeah Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, UNC, and Kansas are looking at him because he won his conference championship and they didn't
  8. Somewhat noteworthy although Jensen has been gone a while
  9. Mizzou will be a factor once he commits somewhere else
  10. Yeah I would be really concerned about Goodwin if he cared about the grade I gave him
  11. Thats a generous grade. I was definitely up there with the most negative guys on the board
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