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  1. Tough loss for the team blues but this team will pull it together soon
  2. They seem like good players. Hopefully Ford can empty his bench in our games against Team Purple and Team Green. Teams Red and Teams Blue look tough this year but there is opportunity for these guys
  3. And do it via super secret private messaging rather than on the main board
  4. You should yes. A new slu soccer fan could come onto the board right now and be very very confused. But hey gotta be consistent so here we are
  5. I'm going Collins Jimerson Perkins Thatch Okoro Thoughts? Let's get some discussion going but you can always join my private message group if you don't want to post here
  6. Actually it's not the thread. You just want to rename this one because your big troll ego doesn't want a new thread that doesn't show all your posts.
  7. If somebody actually looked at the board instead of trolling the same thread for 3 years, they'd see this. But hey let's get rid of the bad post/troll post so we spare feelings
  8. You wear a hat and a jersey sometimes. You aren't a real fan. And yes I go out of my way to be concerned about your fashion.
  9. A few months ago this board was mad at 05 because he wears hats to basketball games so don't take anything from his opinion. Imagine being so oblivious to fashion that you wear a hat! WOW!
  10. I'm going to feel that way until he has a double double in the first game of the season. Maybe it will take until we beat Auburn on the road behind a big game from him. I definitely agree for now but once the season starts, the blinders are on
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