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  1. The no uniform or team logo rule isn't an NCAA rule. UNC just unveiled a program where their athletes can profit while wearing UNC gear. Expect many schools to follow.
  2. Even if he doesn't stick in the NBA beyond a year or two, having him drafted and getting minutes would be a nice win for Ford and SLU.
  3. SLU and Mizzou fans are really obsessed with each other for 2 programs that never play and neither have made a sweet 16 in the last decade
  4. As always, special thanks/shout-out to @Box and Won and @slufanskip for making this happen
  5. It looks like Jimerson has secured a deal with Barstool (per his instagram bio)
  6. I'll take you up in the arch this summer
  7. If Larson blew out her knee, I am guessing she'd miss next season since it starts in 4-5 months?
  8. Bad luck with Larson out and had some chances and more bad luck in the overtimes. We had a great team. The A10 being so weak does us no favors in getting ready for these games but we proved we could compete with the non conference schedule this year. Just didn't go our way tonight. Excited for next year.
  9. Looks like Stuen was put on life support. Hesitant to share this but if his wife made it public then I think we can do our part by sending thoughts and prayers. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNn6mToD__P/?igshid=1p9h6ckagh7jh
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