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  1. I'll take you up in the arch this summer
  2. If Larson blew out her knee, I am guessing she'd miss next season since it starts in 4-5 months?
  3. Bad luck with Larson out and had some chances and more bad luck in the overtimes. We had a great team. The A10 being so weak does us no favors in getting ready for these games but we proved we could compete with the non conference schedule this year. Just didn't go our way tonight. Excited for next year.
  4. Looks like Stuen was put on life support. Hesitant to share this but if his wife made it public then I think we can do our part by sending thoughts and prayers. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNn6mToD__P/?igshid=1p9h6ckagh7jh
  5. I know it's all in the Transfers thread but thought he deserved his own thread. I will miss him as a player. I always thought his ceiling was higher than anyone else on the team. Some bad luck caused him to never consistently get there
  6. Losing Will Bailey and Vac Macon was a big deal in terms of player development
  7. 16 of your last 20 posts have to do with Marquette. Like I said you are on the wrong message board.
  8. If only there was a Marquette message board
  9. 82 points per game pre covid with 73 possessions per game. 69 points post covid with 66 possessions per game. 1.15 points per possession when we played fast. 1.04 points per possession when we slowed down. Bully ball is an effing joke. Play fast. Win. Competition was better post covid for the most part but we have a team of athletes and a few good shooters and we slowed down and tried to let undersized guys bully their way into big men. Covid zapped our energy but man our change in philosophy to bully ball tanked the season. Maybe we couldn't run as much post covid but we didn't have the legs
  10. Unpopular opinion but I am ready to move on from Goodwin/French. They are both great all-time Billikens and they lifted the program from a dark place. I certainly wouldn't be mad if one or both came back but I want the underclassmen to have a chance to grow and develop and I want to see us move away from bully-ball. Yuri, Thatch, Jimerson, Perkins, Okoro is still a heck of a lineup and add in Hargrove, Strickland, Jacobs, Linnsen, Bell, and probably some impact transfers and I think you have a NCAA tournament team that also oozes upside in future years. Again I'm not going to be upset if Goodw
  11. Yeah I feel like the transfer market has gotten so much attention that lots of people in the college basketball community have stopped talking about high school recruits
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