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  1. Fordham refuses to let the Bill’s lose.
  2. What can a first round draft pick expect to earn in the MLS?
  3. Okoro’s stats are beginning to remind me of French’s
  4. How many shots has Iona blocked?
  5. Probably a subject for a different site. The majority on this board are good fans of St Louis sports.
  6. Ever watch the Spirits of St Louis, or the St Louis Football Cardinals or Rams? Every other city the size of St Louis supports 2 or 3 major sports teams.
  7. Bought time Hargrove hits a 3
  8. Yeah, I can blame them. For its size, St Louis is a $hit sports town.
  9. He’s playing a good game. 9 boards good FTs
  10. Great effort, tough loss. Time to climb into a bottle.
  11. Bills will rain down the 3’s in the 2nd half!
  12. Okoro has really stepped it up!
  13. I think Yuri just broke the SLU assist record!
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