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  1. Most fu<ked up season in the history of basketball!!!
  2. For a half time adjustment, TFord should tell the fellas to play defense.
  3. Jeez!!! I hope Coach Rhoades doesn't read this, or the Billikens will be D.O.A.!!
  4. I still say Bills will beat VCU
  5. Games like this should allay fears that TFord will be taking a P5 job in the foreseeable future.
  6. Wrong. Regardless of this disaster, beat VCU, Richmond, and UMass, and we’re still in
  7. Unlike the Wiz, many Vegas oddsmakers still take into account Jimmy the Greek's "intangibles" when analyzing match ups. Clearly, the Billikens get the check mark in the Intangibles column. Although unmeasurable, the Billikens are superior to Dayton in attitude, effort, communication, and overall team chemistry.
  8. I don’t know who these jabroni announcers are, but they suck. Maybe worst of the season. Bills are clearly the best team in the A10; they deserve Pete Gillen for every game.
  9. Dayton just earned a double beat down on Friday for dragging that abomination of a game on for so long!
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