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  1. I just got front row seats to Hamilton for a song, so I’m in for Brooklyn!!!
  2. With continued improvement from Curcic and Thames, and a healthy Parker, this team could make a deep run in the A10 tournament!
  3. I like the Bill’s lock down D! If they keep this up they’ll hold GW under 80.
  4. This game isn’t about the W; it’s about Sincere getting 30+!
  5. All they have to do is play defense.
  6. Parker is finally healthy, and the team has clearly turned the corner! Bring on St Joes!
  7. No he doesn't. It should be clear to everybody that TFord is gone at the end of the season. Getting rid of him now serves no purpose. I'm just taking it game to game. At least, today's game was entertaining; unlike the last 4 or 5. Bring on LaSalle!
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