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  1. The majority of us have been vaccinated. For us, the pandemic is over.
  2. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that an early March poll of 80,000 adults indicates that at least 83% plan on getting the vaccine. 28.9% of the U.S. population has already received at least one shot. That's nearly 100 million people. 2.8 million doses a day were distributed last week, and that number is rising. Also, the vaccination is still effective in preventing most. if not all of the new strains. Maybe not 95% effective, but still effective. Despite the wishes of many politicians, Covid will not negatively effect next year's college basketball season. I boldly predict zero Covid pauses next year.
  3. ??? Approximately 83% of the US population being vaccinated by the beginning of next season vs. 0% vaccinated by the beginning of this season might make a little difference.
  4. JGood could definitely play professionally somewhere, but in the NBA? I'm no expert, but right now, I think he has more work to do. His 3pt% improved, but still isn't great. His FT% also improved, but could be better. Jordan should come back one more year and lead the Bills to the Big Dance. Then he'll get to the NBA.
  5. Willie Reed named Eurocup MVP of the week last week. Willie Reed named EuroCup MVP of the Week | Eurohoops
  6. Many here, not including myself, wanted Bryce Drew. TFord was a better hire than that. I just wish P.J. Carlesimo hadn’t turned down the job.
  7. A line was clearly crossed by you also, and if you can't see that, that's on you, Talbert.
  8. Except, unlike Goodwin, he's a head case.
  9. I predict JGood and/or Has come back next year
  10. This is the most fvcked up season ever!
  11. Good game, but shouldn’t have given up 72 points. Bring on the Bonnie’s!!!
  12. I think he has the best chance of anybody on the team, although I still say JGood has a shot.
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