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  1. Fortunately for Bell and Goodwin, I didn't see any NBA scouts in the stands at the Davidson game.
  2. Yeah, but given the two previous games against Richmond and Dayton as evidence, a Top Four finish is not impossible. Weaver and Perkins were hot and 10/27 (38.5%) is not bad. A lack of outside shooting was not the problem last night It was everything else. A 36-39 rebounding deficit to a supposedly poor rebounding team is the most glaring problem. In addition, a 32-12 FTA advantage for Davidson definitely helped. I usually don't blame the refs for losses, but something is wrong if they shoot 20 more FT's than us, especially considering the way they packed it in on defense.
  3. David King in the house. Ready to see the Billikens beat down these chumps!
  4. My Boss man’s giving me a pea break because the compactor on our truck is on the fritz. So I checked Jimmy the Greek’s Vlog and one of his experts says if JGood progresses as much in his Sr year as his Jr year, he’s a likely lottery pick. My Charlotte Hornet’s could sure use a player like him now that Kemba’s gone.
  5. Jimmer played 241games in in the NBA. He was evidently "good enough" for 6 years. Actually, Jimmer played in the NBA for 10 years, including 6 games last year. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/f/fredeji01.html Yes, Grayson Allen is on the Memphis Grizzlies. He's playing right now against New Orleans Pelicans. Already played 6 minutes in first half. https://www.espn.com/nba/player/_/id/3135045/grayson-allen
  6. Not very good examples. Jimmer played over 4 seasons in the NBA. He plays in Greece now. Grayson Allen played for Utah Jazz last year, and is averaging 17 min and 7 pt/gm for Memphis Grizzlies this year. Willie Reed did OK in the NBA for a few years too. 5 or 6 potential NBA players may be a stretch. But to think at least one current Billiken has a shot is not unreasonable.
  7. Goodwin's numbers have improved dramatically this year over last. If he keeps the trend going, who knows? FG% 3P% Reb PT 2019/20 48.1 32.5 10.7 16.0 2018/19 40.3 26.3 7.5 10.5
  8. Curious to hear opinions on whether JGood has a shot to play in the NBA. He seems to have developed a fairly reliable midrange jump shot. His 3 point shooting has also improved. In fact, all of his stats, other than FT% have improved significantly. He made 69% of his free throws in his freshman year, so maybe even that is fixable. Could he even be a first round draft choice? I believe Marcus Smart was 6th overall.
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