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  1. If this team can continue to play at the same level on defense as today, they will play in the Big Dance.
  2. Tough loss! That was the best that the Billikens have played ( except for FTs) this season. Clearly, the Bills are the best team in an otherwise atrocious A-10. We will get an at large bid to the Big Dance!
  3. They didn't guard very good last year either.
  4. This kid reminds me a lot of a young Yao Ming!
  5. Pathetic half by a team that doesn't realize good defense is more important that good offense.
  6. Team defense needs to step up. That's on TFord.
  7. Need to hold these guys under 60 pts.
  8. JGood has played 3 minutes in the 1st quarter so far tonight vs Jazz. He's 3 for 3 from 3 pt line leading the Wizards with 9 pts in 1st quarter!
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