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  1. Thanks for sharing. An excellent video of one of the best Billikens ever.
  2. He liked and spoke a lot with Bernie Miklasz but otherwise 100%
  3. I was, too. Same section.
  4. Nice piece from Martin Kilcoyne at FOX2. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. Not pro-SLU or Mizzou. But definitely pro-come home. https://fox2now.com/sports/tko-slu-mizzous-battle-for-love/
  5. This is a very good set of expectations. The only thing I'd suggest is clarifying the first one. My suggestion would be to Win the A10 regular season AND/OR tournament every 4 years. That would mean an auto-bid every other year and a likely At-Large every other year -- presuming the A10 goes back to a two-bid league. If not, then I'd say win the tourney 2 of 4 years. In the NCAA tourney 50% of the time -- either way.
  6. This. Will be interesting whether there’s enough money raised in BVF and via the Athletic Dept in sponsorship. More important now than ever given how we just finished. Guys wanna get paid and play in the Dance.
  7. to us hard core billiken fans, absolutely. but i think Stu's moved on since the game strategy questions were asked in the post-game presser yesterday. knowing that tomorrow might be their last game or, better yet, on Sunday they might be embarking on an NCAA tourney journey, a feel-good story about these "st. louis-area guys" would be a fitting story from the p-d. presuming the bills win tomorrow, this kind of story in the Sunday P-D would be perfect for the casual fan to jump on the bandwagon as they play for the championship. we'll see if they run it saturday or sunday. i'm betting they save it for sunday.
  8. Here is yesterday's post-game press conference. Travis addresses it in his opening statement as well as later in response to questions. Yuri and Franco do a nice job addressing it, too.
  9. Excellent question. Not sure. I can only guess two things: 1) questions like that were likely asked yesterday post-game (or should have been); 2) in the case of Stu, he asked the players and coach a question about the St. Louis area connections between many players on the team. If I were guessing, that will be the subject of his game-day story tomorrow (or Sunday.) We'll see.
  10. I watched the press conference interviews today of Travis and Pickett. No questions to either of them on Pickett's use in the 2nd half. Nothing this morning in Stu Durando's reporting in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, or on Twitter, either. So I thought maybe I didn't have it right, maybe he DID play in the 2nd half. So I checked the official play-by-play in the second half. He had a bucket at 17:21 (assisted by Yuri.) But that's the last mention of him. Did not score, get a rebound, have an assist, have a turnover, commit a foul, get a steal, have a block, or miss a shot from the field or the free throw line. I'm guessing that sometime shortly after his 17:21 bucket as the Bills were pulling away, Travis just decided not to risk further aggravating his previous knee and ankle injuries. Save him for tomorrow. It's the only logical explanation. Also think that if he truly was injured, there's no way Travis would have allowed him to be one of just three players participating in the press conference today. He would have been asked about it, putting him in a tight spot of how to answer.
  11. No knowledge why he didn’t play in the second half. On the bench in a long sleeve T-shirt. I suspect he may have tweaked his earlier knee or ankle injury and they just shut him down. But didn’t see him gimpy at any point.
  12. Their NET (137 pre-victory) will get somewhat better after beating UMass (56.) You’d hope the NCAA would see the 10 Ws in a row, a Cinderella story in the making and give them a 12-13. But I don’t trust the NCAA, especially with only a .500 record. And supposedly they’re no longer favoring those with a strong finish to the season. Would be stupid for them to bury us and a possible Cinderella PR narrative.
  13. You are right. I misread. Thanks. In the projection I saw, they were shown in the Seattle Regional. But the subregionals are played at the home of the top 16 seeds overall. That would be Iowa/Iowa City. We’ll see next Sunday.
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