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  1. I was going to post the same question. I cannot remember any pre-season prediction or poll that had us in the Top 30.
  2. This is obviously good news. It was also not surprising. A hearing of this by the Supreme Court was an extreme long shot for multiple reasons, not the least of which was the Supreme’s rejection (at same time of Kroenke’s appeal) of an immediate stay Kroenke also requested. It was a harbinger of what was announced today. I was hoping for a trial late this year - and was getting popcorn ready for nightly pre-trial coverage on ESPN, etc. But turns out trial date is another year away — October, 2021. For anyone interested in the complete schedule/deadlines for discovery, witness lists, variou
  3. A+ Right on. And an excellent beat writer would also be providing more context -- way more than a single sentence -- on the upside this may allow in Ford's recruiting. But getting actual recruiting reporting? Never see it. The real "news" is not Hankton's leaving. It's what his leaving sets in motion. Sad that it was missed. And only reported here.
  4. Right you are. Meant to add that myself!
  5. Seems really bizarre that in NBC Sports' bubble watch review of the A10 this evening, they include Rhode Island with a NET of 57, but don't mention SLU with a NET of 49. So if Rhody can't get an at-large without a victory over Dayton, apparently the Billikens don't even have that hope. These guys are asleep. https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2020/03/08/ncaa-tournament-bubble-watch-northern-iowa/
  6. Yes, with parents. Seemed to be enjoying the game throughout. Stayed through conclusion of post-game Senior Night festivities.
  7. Yes, shot looked a bit funny, but he did have good pull up jumper - to 15’ or so - which helped in keeping defenses from over-playing drive to basket.
  8. Clock, absolutely correct. I'll go one further. The biggest problem with the Crews hire is that it violated one of the University's two key strategies in the building of a Top 50 program: a top-flight coach. This is all about recruiting. Kids want to come play for high-level coaches. I know nothing about the behind-the-scenes deliberations on this. But Rick Majerus vs Jim Crews? No one would describe Jim Crews as a top-flight coach in any imaginable metric... nor find him comparable in most any way to Majerus. And said in most basic way, if you asked 100 top recruits if they'd rather come play
  9. Agree. Just need the Bills to make teams pay dearly for it.
  10. You know the book is out when Has only attempted a grand total of 3 shots in 35 minutes yesterday vs Fordham.
  11. Of all the missed calls last night, the almost carte blanche the officials gave Toppin all night on moving screens was disgusting. He looked like an offensive tackle clearing out the key. Only one whistle. Could have been called a couple dozen times.
  12. I know you’re talking about this Friday’s home game vs SVU, but your post reminded me about the tickets and pre-game fans party for the SVU game at Dayton. $40 package includes ticket and party, or $15 for party only if you already have game ticket. Meant to post this a few weeks ago when I saw it. https://alumni.slu.edu/s/1264/17/interior.aspx?sid=1264&gid=1&pgid=6685&cid=10619&ecid=10619&crid=0&calpgid=413&calcid=8723
  13. Here's the story link at KSDK.com: https://www.ksdk.com/article/sports/college/slu/slu-basketball/mysterious-condition-keeps-slus-fred-thatch-sidelined/63-5e7fdf06-6dba-4464-8c0e-1eaaa22e14d0
  14. Probably right. 25 wins is the number. And a 26th victory in conference tourney would certainly seal it. But winning all remaining games except Dayton and VCU is a long shot. Needing OT to beat 6-7 (now 6-8) UMass in our own building exposed the additional work - and maturity - the Bills need to make this happen. 23 TOs?
  15. Pistol, thanks for doing this. I can only imagine the time it takes...
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