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  1. I stand corrected. Unless you pay for ESPNNEWS via cable/satellite, unable to view on ESPN+
  2. It holds about 10,000, correct? Similar to Chaifetz…
  3. The game is also on ESPN+. I’m looking at the game icon in the interface, awaiting its start.
  4. I was at that game. A tough trip home.
  5. Doesn’t seem to be highly recruited. Anyone know his story? Did he somehow sneak past big schools? Did we get in early?
  6. Nothing preventing SLU from doing same thing with Sports Commission. Yeah, no football team. But who seriously thinks Mizzou has one or has had one any time recently. Ditto basketball. SLU’s basketball and both soccer teams are way better. Don’t tell me there’s no way we couldn’t set up a very attractive NIL deal for SLU and visiting players. How about a pre-season basketball triple header or tournament? NIL from Commission and TV network? Smart minds can figure out.
  7. If I were the writer -- and had some intention of communicating how the expectations for both teams is very high this year -- I would have written something like: "Both Dayton and Saint Louis are widely expected to battle for the A10 championship. And with the Flyers at #23 and the Billikens at #27 in ESPN's latest pre-season poll, both are expected to not only play in the NCAA Tournament, but be battling into the second weekend." That creates some excitement, eliminates any second thoughts that they can't be any good because they're in the A10, speaks in fact, doesn't call the Billikens second banana, and sets reasonable expectations for the season. A good writer who deals in fact but also feels that at least part of his job is to support local teams would take an approach similar to the above.
  8. Torch, excellent thread. Brought back all the memories. And yes, we are light years away from that lack of commitment from the administration. Let's go Bills!
  9. For top-20 schools, maybe not much. But for those outside that, gunning to make the tourney, the Bills are expected to be a tourney team and a Q1 team. Plenty of reason to do a two-year H&H deal.
  10. Very interesting interview. Nothing discussed about NIL money. When Cusumano asked CTF why Yuri was coming back: “… realized… upon reflection what a special situation he had here: playing on a really good basketball team, with teammates he’s comfortable with, that believe in him, he believes in them, a coaching staff that trusts him.”
  11. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. Is Yuri's decision to go into the portal a 100% confirmation he won't be back? Is it possible he's doing it to solicit the highest NLI bidder or to force SLU to match another team's (TN) offer?
  12. Isn't Sincere Parker the combo guard? Could run the point when Yuri is out. How well does he handle the ball? Can't imagine leaving a Juco All-American who averaged 15.6 PPG on the bench too long.
  13. Here’s a good story on the alcohol NIL sponsorship topic. With only 78 of the 3xx D1 schools allowing alcohol sales at games, wonder how that’ll play into the equation. https://boardroom.tv/alcohol-nil-deals-nkosi-perry/
  14. Yes, Bud Light is still a Billikens sponsor. But important you know a couple things about college marketing by beer companies: - many years ago, the beer companies came to an agreement to greatly limit their college marketing given that roughly half of college students are underage. This is too complicated a subject for an internet post — what is and isn’t allowable — but if you want to read more: https://www.anheuser-busch.com/content/dam/universaltemplate/ab/better-world/alcohol-responsibility/responsible-marketing/College-marketing-code1.pdf - to the above point, a beer company would never hand NIL money to a high school senior - or 19 or 20 year old to shill beer - if you think they might for 21-24 year olds, it is possible. There is one case of it for a small brewer in FL I’m aware of in the NIL era. And to date, the NCAA hasn’t waded into that water to hold players to rules. But I think the PR risks with MADD etc will be too much for an AB-InBev at SLU or major universities. - could some team beer sponsorship $$ be transferred quietly to NIL money. Again, doubt it at SLU
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