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  1. I'll be there. Section 110. Go Bills!
  2. And have now fallen to 34 in the NET, just 7 ahead of us.
  3. Here's Carter Chapley's latest on the Bills, their post-Covid struggles, how communications was the key to the Bonnies win... and the key to success down the line. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/communication-needs-to-be-focus-for-billikens-to-keep-march-dreams-alive/
  4. Pretty good story from Busting Brackets on the concerns facing the Bonnies after their loss to the Bills. I might quibble with a few things, but pretty fair reporting on the game and issues moving forward. https://bustingbrackets.com/2021/02/07/st-bonaventure-basketball-3-takeaways-from-setback-at-saint-louis/
  5. FYI... Despite Mizzou being undefeated at 6-0 to the Bills’ 7-1, KenPom also has Mizzou ranked lower — #39 to the Bills at #30. (as of Sunday afternoon)
  6. Here are the images from the Football team's section of the 1939 SLU Yearbook. Beyond naming all the players and coaches, game summaries from each game are provided for what looks like a pretty lackluster season. One thing that I did notice. In the Washington U game summary, mention was made that the stadium was filled to capacity of 20,000, which is 5,000 more than than the stadium's original 15,000 capacity from Brian's research. So either they already expanded by 1939, or perhaps standing room for this game increased the attendance... or maybe the yearbook editor was exaggerating.
  7. Brian, this is great info. Thanks for researching. My uncle played on the football team in the late 1930s and I have multiple images from SLU's yearbook on the Varsity and Freshman teams. I'm away from them at the moment, but will upload them here later this afternoon.
  8. That would be Sheldon Mickles. https://collegepolltracker.com/basketball/pollster/sheldon-mickles/2020/pre-season And yes, has still not voted for us.
  9. Yes, my mistake. #1 ranking was in 1949 (48-49 season,) the year after. The Bills were voted #1 twice (week of Jan 17 and again the following week,) then voted #2 for the next four weeks, then #3 the last week of the season, with final season ranking of #3.
  10. No reason why not. We’ve done it once. Gonzaga makes a habit of it. By the way, this first AP poll was published Jan 17, 1949 when the Bills were 11-0, on their way to 22-4 and a national championship.
  11. Sorry if this question was frustratingly hard. I didn’t know the answer until this last weekend and I’ve been a fan of this team for at least 50 years. Here’s the answer: https://www.espn.com/espn/wire?section=ncb&id=19032638
  12. Nope. And we call ourselves Billiken fans?!
  13. Ok, just to have a bit more fun, one more hint: this team went on to win the national championship that year.
  14. That might give away the answer. But another hint: St Louis was represented on player roster.
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