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  1. Yes. Much of the $$ will be for personal appearances. As to the question of whether players would be able use SLU logos, names, etc., it's an interesting topic. In some situations, top-tier players may compete with SLU for sponsorship dollars. In others, there may be joint team/player/sponsor opportunities. In yet other situations, sponsors may use player appearances as a cheap way to buy an implied relationship with SLU/team or defeat another sponsor's exclusivity. Each might have different solutions as to use of marks. There may be some top-tier players who capture the entire market's passion who advertisers want for more than just appearances. They might compete with the school for sponsorship $$. Now if the sponsor also buys a team sponsorship (or if already a team sponsor,) would SLU prohibit the use of their trademarks and all of the resulting co-marketing opportunities simply because the player is also getting paid? I wouldn't. Now if the sponsor is major, didn't buy a SLU sponsorship (bought the player only) -- and wants more than player appearances -- if you're SLU, you're probably prohibiting use of marks. But there are downsides: no SLU awareness via promotional co-marketing activities, and it reduces the opportunity to use this player-only sponsorship to ultimately bring the sponsor into a SLU sponsorship down the road. It also runs the possibility of angering your player if the deal goes south (because you didn't allow use of marks,) literally costing the player big money. Maybe the player walks at end of school year. There are two other situations. 1) Some schools offer exclusive sponsorships within business categories. For example, "official beer sponsor", "official wireless carrier", etc. (I have no idea if SLU has such.) Sometimes sponsors locked out of exclusive deals use player sponsorships to "break" the exclusivity, especially when there isn't a labor union governing this kind of thing, definitely the situation here. Imagine for a second, if Verizon tried to sponsor a player to undermine TMobile. (again, have no idea whether TMobile's SLU sponsorship is exclusive.) In that situation of using a player-only sponsorship to defeat another sponsor's SLU exclusivity, it would be a definite no-no on use of marks. But what about a player sponsorship in which there is no exclusivity involved, but it does compete with an existing sponsor. An example might be selling players to an automotive dealership group that competes with Bommarito Automotive. (again, I have no idea if that is an exclusive deal.) But what would Bommarito say if 4 or 5 players signed a deal to make personal appearances at a competitive dealership at half the cost of a SLU sponsorship? SLU gets nothing. Players might undermine an existing sponsorship. My opinion: no marks. And I don't really like the thought of it. 2) Small, mom & pop sponsors for personal appearances. A pizza parlor, for example. It's kind of a tough call. They're not likely ever going to be a SLU sponsor -- too small. So probably no loss of revenue that would have come to SLU. And it helps in building local goodwill. But in allowing use of marks, SLU might lose control of how its marks are used and which brands they're associated with. The player would control. Not good. Trying to police this for all their players? A nightmare. On other hand, SLU doesn't want to anger its players. Tough call. Maybe no SLU marks. But simple "SLU player" in ad copy/text is OK. A mess. Perhaps a solution would be a joint Athletic Dept/Players sponsorship sales strategy with rules governing. It would offer a stronger array of options, opportunities for both $$ (short and longer term) and co-marketing. But there may also be legal/anti-trust limitations for SLU, too. While SLU certainly owns and controls its marks, in the interest of protecting its sponsors and sponsorship pricing, can SLU actually limit the sponsors its players sell and the prices they charge? I'm not sure. The players don't have a labor union to negotiate these kind of things. Sorry if I've gotten too far into the weeds on this! But it's a complicated subject, actually way more so than I've highlighted. There will have to be much discussion, processes, rules, approvals, etc put in place. And lawyers. Getting a headache just thinking about it! (no offense to the many great lawyers on this board!)
  2. There is a SLU alumni club in Boston. Have no idea how active. But here's the link. Click on Boston and all of the contact info is there. https://www.slu.edu/alumni-and-donors/alumni/clubs-organizations/club-cities.php
  3. But takes two to tango. In 2017 when AAC sought to expand by one, only Wichita State, Dayton and VCU were considered. Not us. Is now different?
  4. Clock, agree with so many of your points. However, am wondering about your last sentence. If we leave, where do we go? Very limited options, if any. Better options don't seem possible, at least at this time. And the ones which might be possible? They're either worse or no better.
  5. Hoyas win! 66-58. Seton Hall goes down
  6. In case wondering where the Jesuits are moving, not very far. A new Jesuit residence is being built at Spring near Laclede, south of Fusz Hall. Sounds like ground breaking coming soon. https://www.slu.edu/news/2021/january/jesuit-residence.php
  7. With NET of 62 (and 0-4 Q1) they're out of the Dance as we know. A10 would try to help, I'm sure. There would probably be better games for us, but I like it. Currently, Davidson is projected to be in the NIT but towards the bottom, the last 3-seed, the 11th team of 16. There's a possibility those towards bottom could get pushed out as upsets happen this week, particularly conference champs who don't win their conference tourneys. So... if they're interested in playing in the NIT, they could be motivated to solidify their NIT standing, plus stay warm vs a 10+ day layoff. On other hand, losing to us would push them out. And given tough Covid season, players separated from families, etc., they may politely say no thanks to A-10.
  8. Interesting tool, thanks for sharing. For what it's worth, here are the scenarios and results presuming we play VCU: Odds to NCAA Tourney Seed Today post UMass victory: 40.3 11, 3rd of Last Four Byes After beating Bonnies: 72.3% 10 After losing to VCU 59.8% 11, 2nd of Last Four Byes After beating VCU 100% (obviously) 9 But really curious how close this is to Wiz prediction. In Wiz I trust.
  9. and 25 from Perk. Not too shabby
  10. C'mon, Bills. Not only need win, but a BIG win. Line is 8. How about 15 or more. Will help the NET score. Do it. Go Bills.
  11. I'll be there. Section 110. Go Bills!
  12. And have now fallen to 34 in the NET, just 7 ahead of us.
  13. Here's Carter Chapley's latest on the Bills, their post-Covid struggles, how communications was the key to the Bonnies win... and the key to success down the line. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/communication-needs-to-be-focus-for-billikens-to-keep-march-dreams-alive/
  14. Pretty good story from Busting Brackets on the concerns facing the Bonnies after their loss to the Bills. I might quibble with a few things, but pretty fair reporting on the game and issues moving forward. https://bustingbrackets.com/2021/02/07/st-bonaventure-basketball-3-takeaways-from-setback-at-saint-louis/
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