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  1. In the last couple of weeks I recall you posted something about if the Billikens kept up their consistency they had a 40% chance of either winning the A10 or making the NCAA tournament. I can't remember the exact prediction you were making. I looked in your "Billikens Over" threads for the last 3 games, couldn't find. I was going to post the following questions there, but I think it probably warrants its own thread. So the questions: - refresh my memory: what is the potential result you thought the Bills had a 40% chance of achieving this season if they continued playing consistently? - since that post, does your computer still say 40%? or have the odds increased with two or three more victories? - the real question: it is rare for non P5/P6 schools to get an at-large bid with RPI (now NET) in the 50s. almost always a score in the 40s is required, and for non-P5/P6 schools, the lower in the 40s the better. given the A10 is relatively weak this year with no conference team having top 50/40/25 NCAA NET scores, is it statistically possible for the Bills to achieve a NET score in the 40s by playing teams with NET scores no better than ours -- and mostly worse -- even if we win all remaining games this year? If we play no one better than us (more/less,) and the other top A10 teams don't play anyone better than them either (more/less,) don't we just tread water in the NET? If not, can you explain how we can potentially gain sufficient ground / 40s in the NET? I hope we win the conference tourney, of course. But if we don't -- everything else equal -- what's our path to make the Dance? And how razor-thin is that path? Billiken fans (at least this one) would love a high-level explanation of the statistics driving Team Blue's road to March Madness. As always, thanks for all you do in this area!
  2. Adman

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    Travis post-game: we won because of toughness, grit, refusing to lose. very physical game, was somewhat unhappy with officiating. free throws and rebounding won the game for us. had a few guys that didn't play well, some who did. glad to be 2-0 on road trip. still encouraging the shooters to shoot... wiley, isabell, etc. the guys are tired... 4 games in 9 days. guys banged up. probably will give the guys a day off tomorrow. no discussion of goodwin's shoulder.
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    GDT Patriot League Rams

    quite unbelievable, too. none of the fordham players are as quick as us. lack of effort.
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    GDT Patriot League Rams

    I'm using Chrome, enabled Flash.
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    GDT Patriot League Rams

    You may have to enable Flash, hit refresh a couple times.
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    GDT Patriot League Rams

    It was bothering me, too. So I switched to a stream that's the same as Rammer and Earl: https://vipbox.im/watch-saint-louis-vs-fordham-stream-1
  7. Adman

    Umass from da'Couch ......

    I thought he played good defense last night, too. He may have missed something somewhere. But he was hustling, bearing down, stayed with his man off the dribble. He's picked up this part of his game.
  8. Did you ask him where is Houston from?!
  9. I was watching him closely on this and was surprised how well he defended on-ball. Not sure the relative quickness of the guys he was defending, and the sample size was somewhat small. No doubt couldn't handle physicality down low or win rebounding battles. But he looked good on-the-ball.
  10. Agree, and for those concerned with A/TO ratio, if the Bills just hit their layups, the assists would have looked much different.
  11. Adman

    Fieldhouse: Saturday at 2pm

    Old guy, good to meet you today. Next time we’ll have to talk about longevity factors in more detail. Surprised how little genetics play.
  12. Adman

    Missed 2nd Half Pitt ....

    Apparently turned his ankle. Unsure if same ankle that was injured a few weeks ago.
  13. On Coach Ford's post-game radio interview with Bob Ramsey and Earl Austin, he said the same thing. He thought they unintentionally did us a favor switching to zone in second half, despite how this strategy would usually be good against a poor shooting team.
  14. BillyKen, great that you set this up. I took quick look to see where they set up the SLU section in relation to the SLU bench. The tickets are in Section 5 which is on the corner of lower/main level closest to the Bills' bench. Given late date, this is about as good as could be expected. Maybe you knew all of this already, but I was curious... and this is great!