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  1. Yes. that being said I don’t want him shooting a ton of 3s, just 1 or 2.
  2. Perkins has to shoot the 3 to help with driving. If the defender gives him space driving his harder. Now, the negative is if he drops below 20% a coach will tell the defender to let him shoot it.
  3. crazy to think 2 of of our top 7 players may both have medical redshirts. 90% of teams with this = complete disaster
  4. crazy to me Kenpom has us closing tomorrow. I know KP has been high on them for whatever reason, but still.
  5. The biggest thing last year, that im hoping we avoid this year was when we went on a 4 game conference skid and or 5 out of 6. Thats where all hope was lost.
  6. I know its not much of a difference, but I want to know what our FT% would look like if put back rebounds cancelled out the attempts.
  7. Man, I opened this thread thinking it was going to be great news.
  8. just comparing this season to last(averages) 2018/19 2019/20 scored PS/G: 66.6 (310th of 353) / PS/G: 72.5 (150th of 353) allowed PA/G: 63.8 (22nd of 353) / PA/G: 65.5 (91st of 353) SRS: 5.06 (106th of 353) / SRS: 9.39 (71st of 353) SOS: 2.23 (97th of 353) / SOS: 2.75 (94th of 353) Rebounds ppg 39.8 / 41.1 FG % 41.9% / 44.2% FT% 60% / 57.4% 3 point % 31.3% / 32.1% Without going deep into defensive numbers, we improved(so far) in everything but points allowed and FT which neither have been far off. Just found this somewhat interesting
  9. why? we offer everything a P5 school does, with the job security of a small school. That's heaven for coaches.
  10. we should win easily, but this cant mean Grady and JAG go crazy at home.
  11. wasnt Butler ranked for most if not all 3 of those matchups?
  12. Do we stand a chance with Nesbit?
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