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  1. Toronto at some point will get picked up by a bigger conference. It just makes too much sense, being in the 9th biggest metro is a big get. Not to mention, whenever this does happen, they will be a regular T25 team. So much talent in Toronto that they cant keep because kids want to play in the NCAA. There was even an article written 13 years ago about building their football program to get into the B10. And last, geographically its ideal. We're the furthest away from Toronto of any school(obviously) and yet, its just 660 miles - equal to Pittsburgh from here.
  2. Unless it’s the university of Toronto * fify
  3. I can see it a little, the crazy part is it felt like Cory had 3 inches on Thames, not just one.
  4. Thames would have dominated on a Rhoades VCU team. Its weird to me Thames spent 4(?) years as Pattonsville PG but he looks so uncomfortable with the ball.
  5. You're missing the biggest factor, not winning.
  6. No matter what it will be a lot, at least 6 min
  7. Made sense to do this. Get all the madness out of the way fast.
  8. Yes, this should have always been the case . And never more so than this season.
  9. Agreed on all but absolutely disagree with the medley take.
  10. I know what you meant but considering it’s Gibby it makes it that much funnier
  11. If Richmond had a better offense man, they’d be legit
  12. Richmond is currently an 11 seed according to bracket matrix
  13. Go Spiders? Half joking, but if this means they win the regular season and not UD, Im in favor.
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