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  1. not bad at all, I expected worse. Seems like he could fill in some minutes until one of the frosh gets up to speed. Count me in.
  2. 4* guard Trevor keels is on campus today
  3. could be way of base, but every time I think of a father son duo, the father and son live in a different city than the school. Its sorta like the fathers career took them away from where they are from and where the sr went to college, which is why a lot of sons dont follow.
  4. right. I'd be shocked if SLU isnt one of his main schools.
  5. im sure you'll get a chance at some point. Media is gonna do whatever it takes to get behind the scenes.
  6. This is the one thing that stood out. With the amounts of transfers now, this has to be hurting data. You almost cant count on a player to stay 4 years, you can hope.
  7. im concerned about or FG shooting, I think we improve on 3pt%. Other than French and jgood Im not confident on anyone who can score down low.
  8. I mean, im sure stats back up that 5 stars average more than 4 stars who average more than 3 stars. I understand the star ranking, but don't think its everything. I just hate the "who cares if he is a 3 star of 5 star", thats a pretty big deal.
  9. what an odd list. the closest schools are tamu and Creighton, at 877 miles distance.
  10. fordham is a home game for him
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