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  1. Thames with a baseline drive and dunk
  2. AAC may use this opportunity to try and become a football conference, which then would be interesting to see what is done with WSU
  3. AAC should try and get Baylor and TTU. Would make for a pretty respectable conference for both sports, but especially basketball. Memphis, Houston, Baylor, and TT - along with Cinci and Wichita state, not bad.
  4. That looks 10000x better than the initial plans for the rebuild including rooftop. Looks like a joint that has been around for a 100 years. Wonder if will be open by November.
  5. Bama's QB has made just shy of 1m from NIL so far according to Saban. Wow.
  6. Perkins, Williams, Yuri, Fred, Nesbitt, Okoro, THJ, Linssen, Jimmerson(Not a huge difference in talent from 1 - 9 imo). - And I think Strickland sees a small improvement in minutes from last year, which he ended up at 7.4. that makes 10 players. I only see Perkins and yuri getting over 27 mpg.
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