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  1. back to Florida for a family death(?)
  2. Good. Could very well be ranked at the end of the regular season.
  3. Ya but at least to start the season, we were practicing daily for a while.
  4. Im more worried about shooting than physicality. We have depth.
  5. We’re not in that situation, it would take 2+ losses against the bottom teams for us to be in that position imo. With that being said, I’m far more nervous for the Richmond game. as for Dayton game, I don’t expect a lot of attempts from greater than 10 feet. I bet We shoot less than a dozen 3s
  6. Sounds like he's good, but because he's a Hughes, he's expected to have been past this point by now
  7. Yep. Harder to build your brand this way.
  8. Hes still a junior, he has 1.5 years to get a little stronger
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