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  1. ^, unless people are assuming a big is 6'10 or above.
  2. Luke visited a few weeks ago but I don't call any offer news. At this point, It looks like the staff isn't too interested in Zyree.
  3. Could be wrong on this, but I thought I heard a story something about expansion teams typically don't spend much till like year 3 on average.
  4. Yes. Though, Sam is the only name I was told (and not a secret). He also had issues with our interim manager, that’s way he wasn’t on the staff and given a new role - pretty much a made up position. They wanted to keep him, but Carnell and him did not get along
  5. A lot of it was out of Bradley's control, but once you lose the locker room, its on you. The FO thought it was only going to get worse because of the locker room trouble
  6. It had to happen. There was a lot of internal issues
  7. Wright city is part of our district. Its Webster Groves, Rock hill, Shrewsbury, Wright city and Marion, IL
  8. Tim weah is the real patriot
  9. Jay said when he took the job they want to get on the national schedule. got to recruit big time to do that.
  10. I haven't even seen the facilities. I just remember watching them play WG last year and I was like man, they're pretty good. Then I look them up and its all frosh with just a few sophomores.
  11. Principia is gonna be handful over the next 2 years, potentially the best in STL.
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