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  1. Thats how I understood it. Even with that said, consistently winning helps battle kstate better with STL kids than getting kids who want to transfer out. And getting kids who are better players will help keep the winning ways going. Sure getting these kids who leave kstate also looks good, but ultimately if you're not winning, then who cares?
  2. how come the NCAA website only shows 350 teams? And they also have Mississippi valley at 348th
  3. I get what you're saying. But if we make it back to the tourney, in back to back years with a ton of momentum, I think we can do much better.
  4. nothing real impressive about the guy. I like that hes from the area, but I think ford can do better.
  5. we have a mountain to climb to just get out of grade F lol
  6. I was just moving things around. Point is, with that resume that shouldn’t be outside of the Bubble
  7. Lol I said we beat auburn, and H against UD with just 4 losses(5 on the season) and it says we still don’t make it
  8. Split at the very least. If we beat auburn and lose to kstate, we can afford to lose more conf games, beat state but lose to auburn, we have to be on point in conf play.
  9. while good reason for hating him, his ways will give us a solid opponent over the next few years.
  10. SDST only 2 points less than auburn on a neutral court?
  11. Based on what you said above, here you said "10 of 14 teams have a chance to make post season play", this means NCAA or NIT right? Not just NCAA or even CBI.
  12. This times a million. If we eased him in like most frosh, we would be beyond screwed.
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