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  1. I’d like us to continue playing a big east team as often as possible. Unpopular opinion: I’d actually like to play a middle to lower tier big east team. I want as many straight wins as possible.
  2. Had to have been. I’d rather sit on bleachers. Funny enough, the high class sections have the NICEST seats I’ve even felt. 4 inch padding, built in seat warmers
  3. ah nope, didnt know this was a thing. Cool.
  4. go see mcBride? No, went like 4ish years ago.
  5. etihad has the cheapest, most unconformable seats ever. those frickers make matches hell. My back muscles are always on fire in those. Also I think the rules against drinking during matches plays a role in that. stamford bridge has like no stands at all to get food or drinks at.
  6. craven cottage is the best. Nothing comes close to that.
  7. Am I missing something here? Why does everyone keep talking about the grass?
  8. agreed. especially united, but thats probably just because of who i support
  9. its a very MLS-like stadium, this design would not sit well in England. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Only a few stadiums in England have a similar feel to the new concepts of the mls stadiums, such as Falmer stadium and cardiff city stadium. Though, Falmer is a great stadium, very clean.
  10. Agreed. I dont know, just something about a athletic 6'7 shooter that seems to always gets NBA exc happy
  11. This surprises me a little. Given everything Ive heard about Perkins along with his size, the sounds like a pro.
  12. Yep. So happy the final four in 2 years is as close as Indy
  13. Same. In fact he is who I think has the biggest year next year of the newbies
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