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  1. Only thing that pisses me off is how many fans are ok with that .
  2. small difference but hoping its every bit of 7'1
  3. Few people on this board have mentioned they've found articles listing him between 6'6 and 6'9. No one really knows.
  4. Yep. Im thinking my normal 2 beers a game easily stretches to 3, maybe 4.
  5. Thanks for the correction. Mixed up the running joke of always finishing 4th with just outside T4.
  6. Sure. But I’ve also never watched a mixtape of an 8th grader thinking he’s better than most seniors I’ve seen. Liked I said earlier, I would have thought he was a junior or senior
  7. Obviously we're not finishing T4, cause - we cant even do that with good teams... That said 5th-6th finish where the main contributors are LHJ, Cian, or Parker AND any of the bigs - then I can be right back on board for the following year. But if we're talking like 6th place because Gibby and MM did everything than ya, Its over. This whole thing if over.
  8. His mixtape was crazy for his age. You could have fooled me on a 4star entering his senior year and I'd believe it.
  9. And by fine I truly mean this as in pre season rankings - not where we actually finish. That is never fine, ever.
  10. lol sorry, it was mentioned on the first page. Scottie Adkinson, came from Madison il, somehow got him over Chaminade and SLUH(?)
  11. Webster has a (potential) 5star PG in this class. Already holds offers from Mizzou and Illinois.
  12. Yes, correct. I mean wins = crowd support will be very low for a bit, I believe.
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