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  1. It’s not really about how Stockard is going to take minutes, it’s more about making sure we don’t have foul trouble at any point. Face it, we’re loading up to go all in next year.
  2. Perfect, commit after our deep run and a T10 finish
  3. Meh, not a big fan. I’d rather us to what conf USA is doing rather than playing Fordham more
  4. Makes perry Ellis look like a fool
  5. centers have to make the biggest adjustments imo(for most). you go from being the tallest and biggest in 95%+ of your HS games to "undersized" as a frosh.
  6. I thought teams tried to avoid playing twice if they can. by this I’m meaning we’ll probably be on opposite sides of the bracket than them in Orlando
  7. This is ultimately my main point. Its easy for us to sit here and say "id tell the kid to kick rocks" or "coach recruited him, he should stay", but this is really tough on a coach for both of those reasons. He has to win or hes gone, at the same time he has to build trust with players.
  8. not saying that any of our players are, but what if they're lazy in practice, something along those lines? I get what you're saying, but at the same times you also have to run a business, or you could find yourself without a job. edit: so far I havent seen a player out there that warrants any of this. But if some stud was available who wanted to come here and he would be a huge impact, then I think this would need to happen.
  9. At what degree does it turn into "running off"? I think telling a player that it may be in their best interest to think about transferring if they want minutes, is just fine.
  10. Ya saw someone point things about that too. Im just not sure I see any of them being better than East
  11. Woahhhhh umass’ Sean East has entered transfer portal. That’s a head scratcher
  12. He knows Fatts is leaving and doesn't wanna be stuck there.
  13. more media attention = better for the program.
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