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  1. well, I'll say it really got this board going quickly in he AM
  2. They still have a strong name though. Id rather have them than not.
  3. Mo state is a school mentioned that could be leaving for CUSA
  4. Im a little confused by the thread title?
  5. The ticket for tomorrow’s game on my phone shows a QR code on it
  6. ya its just annoying to have to search the web on my phone to get to it. Wish I could just screenshot the ticket that has the barcode and go in that way.
  7. ST. we're in a group where one guy purchased a bunch of seats, and we all pay him back for each seat. That's what it makes this much more complicated with this new paperless ticket thing.
  8. the apple wallet doesn't work for me. Tickets are going to be pain for me every game, great.
  9. Will I be able to screenshot the tickets on my phone, and use that to get in? Like screenshotting an airline ticket.. I don't want to screenshot the ticket and send it to someone going tomorrow, for it not to work.
  10. Richmond lost to JMU in their scrimmage. Yes, just a scrimmage, but its still telling since know one is sold on Richmond again.
  11. They really do suck. VCU's forum is more aligning.
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