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  1. Handful of match ups around the time of ours. cuse v GT, FSU v Clemson, Houston v SC, okie state v WSU, texas v TAMU etc. Not sure we get picked up on the ESPN family.
  2. we all have costumes too. going all in for the reasons you said.
  3. same, that offense was fun. defense kept them from being great
  4. got a group of 14 with ST. It started off as 3 of us as a joke but more wanted in.
  5. Sounds like Austin is in big big trouble with the law.
  6. Carter said only Tulane hasnt been picked up
  7. Webster High barely have enough for just a varsity team, they already had to scrap the JV team. A large chuck of kids jumped over to the soccer side, probably our best program now.
  8. Ive moved on from the NFL, but I would gladly take a team and get back into it. But I like many are in good spot, I dont have to have an NFL team. Im still pretty convinced the NFL wont be what it once was in another 15 years. City could really do well with the lawsuit money and straighten itself out.
  9. agreed, I think this is the NFL trying to please the city before those court hearings next month in st louis.
  10. OT: Taylor Twellman @TaylorTwellman There was a STRONG rumor floating around in recent weeks that the #NFL had “offered” the city of St. Louis the @Chargers franchise....
  11. I like the idea, but im not a wine fan. wish this was more of a sports bar type. O well, still a step in the right direction.
  12. So he got a DUI but just a ticket, not booked?
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