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  1. Im with you on this, I think he'll be a big part of our 8 deep line up, but I'm not sure if I'm including him in the top 5 or 6 yet.
  2. Idk who will be in the roster but this is my line up steffen dest Robinson Brooks Robinson Adams mckennie musah Reyna Sargent pulisic Potential replacement is Zimmerman for Robinson or dike for josh
  3. This may be so, but doesn't mean he's ready, or will be ready at some point soon. Its a lot to ask for a new player to surpass Fred as a frosh.
  4. I'll be interested if Ford does more of a "wave" with subs with year. I could see a few bench guys playing a lot of minutes together, ie the trio or Fred - TJ - Williams
  5. would be great to see, although city inquires about every striker ever, so nothing will come from that nor should it.
  6. Looks like WE play Sunday on nba TV, it’ll be the first time I’ve ever used that channel
  7. Rather see josh in the championship next season
  8. ive just heard the owner is hard to "work with"
  9. I've heard trouble up top, I've also heard they have trouble since they keep going into spots that simply are not big enough.
  10. Thames with a baseline drive and dunk
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