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  1. I’m pretty sure they’ve been sold out for a long time now, hard to get tickets
  2. Florida, who has a ton of pull, will fight that if true.
  3. Isn’t yuri just one year younger
  4. He is on campus. At the very least he’s been practicing since mid week
  5. Looney reminds me of Has more than okoro. that said, there’s not many, and I mean very few new bigs in the league that don’t score from 3 feet and out, so you’re right with that comp. But looney does a lot of iso 20 feet out, and slashes a lot. I haven’t seen okoro do that, ever? French did that a lot. Plus he’s a WAY better passer than okoro. last I didn’t say he can’t play in the nba, I said he has no shot, like scoring shot. That’s what leads me to believe he won’t make a long career in the nba. Personal option, would love to be wrong.
  6. My vote for most likely to play or stay in the NBA is still on Gibson.
  7. He has no shot. Practically every big in the NBA can shoot 10+ feet out. If he can quickly develop a mid range I'd agree.
  8. 5 SEC school rank higher than Mizzou in almost all credited ranking's. IIRC TAMU, UGA, florida, Alabama typically rank higher.
  9. Ku has opened internal discussions about joining the BE in basketball only.
  10. Sounds like udub and Oregon will follow suit
  11. Not if as inefficient as Perkins was that first half, shot 26% from 3 and 35% FG
  12. would explain why they seem to dominate even the Chicago schools in football now.
  13. I understand VCU not being included yet, but feel like they could end up being there in the end.
  14. I meant big schools as in turns out D1 players(even though they've slowed down recently). But I did not know ESTL dropped down a level, I assume same for football?
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