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  1. Interesting, so his mom whom along the family tree is no where near the top for him got the condo, but the rest of the fam who he lived with until a month ago got zip? Seems brutal, I wonder what other gifts distant family members got
  2. I think perkins would have became a stater later in the season had Gibby never gotten injured. Coach, like many coaches love having fire power at the 6th man spot.
  3. Just weird HOW many people brought that up
  4. The comments in that tweet have me curious. Does the AAC and the A10 have something in the works ??
  5. id be shocked. 5 stars are way too important to a school
  6. Another way of looking at it is you could split up two teams of 5 as evenly as possible, both teams would probably be top 3/4 in the league
  7. very possible. Makes using the enterprise is possible even that more entertaining.
  8. roughly 20% of the capacity of the fetz. currently in college football, schools are allowing 20-25% of fans in, so im going off of that.
  9. ya you're right, I dont know why I was thinking it was mid 4k
  10. has the doctor/music DJ said anything yet? He's my favorite.
  11. I do just for this exception though, not for any other season. as of now, it sounds like there will only be 2,200 allowed to games. 2,200 for what will likely be one of the best teams we've ever had = a tough ticket.
  12. If we could fit a few games in at enterprise, Id be happy with that. 20% of enterprise is right at our average attendance of 4,400. I think SLU will have a tough time with attendance given the average age of the fans. Its no secret that SLU has an older fan base, and with that, older people are less likely to attend during the outbreak.
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