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  1. It may be the biggest gap from 1st to 2nd in a long time.
  2. True, but I think in this case Nesbitt and Okoro don't have the numbers to prove they can fill in, and the dude who is going to vcu from UW has nearly identical numbers as Hyland did last year
  3. https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/page/bracketology/ncaa-bracketology-projecting-2022-march-madness-men-field Stubby Joe with his early bracket for next year. For the A10 its: Bonnies - 5 seed VCU - last four byes(11 seed) Richmond - last team in(12 seed) ------------------------- Auburn - 8 seed Memphis - 5 seed San Diego st next four out. Agreed on the Bonnies, VCU I disagree big time with, Richmond will be Richmond.
  4. Thanks, like I said I really only saw highlights etc. and it rarely seemed like it was anything outside of 10 feet. But those dont get the clicks dunks get.
  5. I didnt see much of him in hs, but I didnt think he had much of a shot in HS. Here he is shooting over 40% from 3.
  6. He wasnt at first. Watson was driving the ball a lot early on, but when he wasn't finishing he lost a ton of confidence and never got it back. Going into mid second year any time we would drive, he would almost flinch or stay clear of contact. After that he just stayed out and shot 3's. Watson was a case of a player doing what he wanted against bad competition in HS.
  7. Maybe not a big name, but a 2 seed this year and a top 5ish team next year
  8. they've since tweeted it has nothing to do with basketball. Booo.
  9. Not saying you're right or wrong on any of this, but a buddy of mine went to college there. His 2 friends had such a good time partying there when they visited, that they too moved out to live with him right off of campus. It may be wack on campus, dunno never asked, but they have amazing parties right off of campus.
  10. Orlando invitational Seems like one we could end up at
  11. Auburn just picked up walker kressler from unc. Former 5* 7’1 center only worthy of posting since we play auburn
  12. So basically he’ll be a NBA all star
  13. Are you trying to say something?
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