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  1. Pat forde says ncaa is thinking of starting basketball a few weeks early to make up for potential break between thanksgiving and Christmas break. https://www.si.com/college/georgiatech/basketball/si-report-ncaa-considering-starting-2020-21-basketball-season-early
  2. Willie reed is on the money team who is playing now.
  3. the hughes guy is annoying me, I can see why bess is getting frustrated
  4. he hit a three then had a rebound and assist on the following play.
  5. all im saying is they were the first to cancel basketball early and everyone followed suit, could see the same trend this year.
  6. this is true to some extent. My friend lives and works here, but teaches English to Chinese students. On the 4th we were talking about the programs he has to use, none of which I had ever heard of, due to Chinese filters.
  7. ivy to announce today that fall sports will me moved to the spring.
  8. sounds like GW and Davidson wont even be able to field a team
  9. I’ll just say they had issues when living together in Europe
  10. What a sad story that became. From best friends to enemies
  11. Tate in the 90s? Otherwise no clue who it could be.
  12. I’d rather not see them play live but have them play it out vs Dayton who got to watch the best Team they’ve ever had for pretty much nothing.
  13. thats what I just got. I think I pay like $80 for that and internet.
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