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  1. I absolutely look forward to this game. I hate illinois a ton, and obviously it just makes the loss slightly more justified.
  2. I mentioned something like this earlier in the season. Typically opening night has like 2 big match ups, with a few more opening week. This year, it was horrible even the first 2 weeks.
  3. right now stopping yuri translates to 7-9 assists a game.
  4. Yep. Got a big table reserved at wheelhouse
  5. I think this is more about being a slow starter. Last year he started slow too, 6 points 7 rebounds through first 7 games at a 35% clip.
  6. Typically I like the let them play approach even if its against us, but that foul on GJ when he went up from a layup could have been very dangerous.
  7. we're doing everything we can, at some point it becomes out of our control.
  8. SLU shooting just 27% from 3 the last 4 games. Not ideal.
  9. Yuri = amazing. The rest I’m still trying to figure out
  10. Yuri only has 14 assists, I would have guessed it was around 18
  11. We’re also getting lucky, we could have been called for a foul a lot
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