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  1. Exactly. I just want one Slu Designated dive bar
  2. im not familiar with Kasubke other than he goes to chaminade. Based on what ive heard, he seems like a Jimerson type, correct? Maybe a perkins?
  3. Yep. unless one of their bigs takes a big step from last season, that front court is a joke.
  4. With the amount of money poured into the XFL it’ll be hard to only last a year.
  5. im all about it since I refuse to watch the NFL but still miss football. Just looked up the ticket situation, about to put down my deposit for ST
  6. Ya typically it’s club not city year. But I say since we’re not supposed to be like Europe , frick it.
  7. Well, graves was extremely quick, but not sure if he counts
  8. I’d say most likely final, yes. But I have a feeling the coaching crew still has their eyes out. Just not much to work with at this point.
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