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  1. Also Vermont over Bryant seems crazy.
  2. Yep. But we have four chances to get at least one player who ends up being better than originally thought, they get one.
  3. Well this will be our toughest schedule yet if it plays out. #5 Auburn #6 Dayton #10 Miami or #10 providence #11 Memphis #14 Iona Loyola and VCU as next four out. Any chance we play #12 UAB again? Maybe get #16 SIUE this year.
  4. oh I know, but still gotta deliver before he moves on to another school
  5. he was excited about us this season too. Cant let him down 2 years in a row or he'll move on.
  6. I liked Traore, his energy is hard to match. That being said, if we were wanting to be legit next year, we we going to need a player better than him to back up okoro. Ford knows that, and Im sure either Traore knew that too, or Ford told him that. Traore was going to be the 3rd big next year as well.
  7. I believe someone said He could/would take a GA to start off. Not sure if there is anything to that or not.
  8. Josh Mballa to Ole miss. Not that there was any traction, but I really wanted him.
  9. Makes sense, this sets up the likely two best teams for the final game. Ranking of where these teams stand according to T-rank #22 Miami #36 SLU #49 Maryland #63 Providence Or our #1 fan Jon's ranking has us #27 and Miami #33 the other two out of his top 45
  10. iirc he was injured a lot this season to, just seems to be too injury prone for a back up. 3rd option, worth it.
  11. This is the most OT thing I've ever seen on this board.
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