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  1. that's why I was intrigued to see the STL connection.
  2. Thought that too, but this tweet was from a STL hs skills coach. oh well.
  3. I found one link but that's all. And it was a local guy who tweeted that he's a local kid. https://hoopseen.com/players/5615-jeremiah-oden
  4. Anybody know more about Jeremiah Oden from Wyoming, apparently he's a local kid but everything I see says Chicago?
  5. Ford being on a warm seat is literally the only thing 99% of this board will agree on. You can still pro or against and agree on that.
  6. But thats just boosters everywhere.. Thats always been a booster thing to do.
  7. Yep I will be here, and as the biggest fan of SLU, the program. I never had to be a big fan of a coach, the water boy, the AD, the ticket taker at gate C.
  8. Good question. I think answers would explain or make things more clear as to if those fans are ok with 20 wins and being close and that's all or at some point results have to be made.
  9. You act like dozens of schools every single season in all major sports don't go through this, and we're the first ones. This is all part of the game(job). That god we sabotaged Crews, or were you against that too?
  10. Ethical, that's a new one. What's unethical about a booster speaking out against purchasing a buy out? Ethical is paying that buyout, unethical is avoiding it - see St Johns and mike Anderson currently.
  11. Again, its better to have a booster stand up for anything than to sit there and not pay attention. whether that's pro or against Ford.
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