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  1. been an expensive year for me.... multiple Goodwin Wizards jerseys, MLS Jersey, 19nine drops, Homefield drops, Arch apparel drops.... keep em comin baby
  2. after many many years..... for whatever reason, this was the straw that broke me..... old guy is now on my ignore list.
  3. KenPom next up: Maryland 44, Miami 43, Providence 61
  4. watched the game last night.... obviously I'm biased - but the game changes dramatically when he enters. the energy level seems contagious. the man is playing with the fervor of an A10 championship game, you just don't see that in the NBA
  5. Article in The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/3787136/2022/11/10/jordan-goodwin-washington-wizards/
  6. always a job for somebody in the organization willing to do the work others cant/wont
  7. Boots on the ground report from DC..... we got a 'Linsanity' situation brewing. The local broadcast, post game analysis, morning radio sports talk.... RAVING about JGOOD's "lights out performance"
  8. i live in DC area.... got the local broadcast..... it was the JGOOD show ALLLLL NIGHT during and post game. i was living in an alternate universe last night
  9. winning drives donations.
  10. Tatum, Beal, Goodwin, Smart.... interesting synergy on the floor last night
  11. 30% off the practice shorts... promo code MESH
  12. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/34890715/sources-wizards-delon-wright-expected-miss-6-8-weeks stay ready JGood
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