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  1. Columbus. Specifically Kwam's parking lot 3... I'll chase that rush for the rest of my life
  2. went to San Jose last year... bought tickets thru SLU
  3. *** IT.... Lets just win the whole damn f-ing A10 tournament. To be the champs, you gotta beat the champs... 2019 A10 Tournament champions coming to Brooklyn, watch the F out
  4. i think optics are very important in the A10 standings... finishing 3rd would be HUGE
  5. some people insist on showing out on their Bday... Yuri seems like hes low-key one of those dudes
  6. I went 1 for 10 a few weeks ago. (33yr old male, good shape, great hand eye coordination, competitive tennis player) My girlfriend went 0 for 10. (knockout stunner)
  7. praying for another shot at Dayton... thats your dance ticket
  8. Albany, Spokane, or Sacramento... HERE WE COME First Four: March 17-18 -- Dayton | Tickets First/Second Rounds: March 19, 21 -- Albany, St. Louis, Spokane, Tampa | Tickets First/Second Rounds: March 20, 22 -- Cleveland, Greensboro, Omaha, Sacramento | Tickets
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