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  1. $230 Bills +2.5 to win $200..... if you thought i was playin, holla at your boy. LOCK IT IN
  2. looks like i might get a tax refund this year... have a few PTO days earmarked for March.... i dont care if we play in Siberia.... im going
  3. played in Dayton.... id loooove that
  4. but imagine their hunger if they miss it...
  5. assumed this thread was about Larry Hughes Jr giving a verbal
  6. I’ve been thinking about the last A10 tournament shot that didn’t fall... it goes both ways..... but FFFFFFF I wanted that one
  7. ive never left a sporting event so down... feeling great about the future of this program.... but FFF i wanted that one
  8. Soooo any stud recruits in the stands to watch that amazing display in their backyard?
  9. Without Ford we’d have Brett Jolly recruits... take the good with the bad
  10. Puke cleanup in progress in student section. Passed out dude on stretcher. Go bills!!!
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