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  1. my fear is this email campaign just gets pushed aside like everything else. i dont trust the AD to do anything cool (other than secure top bars at tournament sites). I'm talking about putting $5k together and get this done ourselves.
  2. if all else fails... we forward to email to RallyHouse and simply say "the demand exists, you're welcome"
  3. i think its pretty simple.... @billikenfan05do you still have the arena shop dudes contact info... lets just get him on the horn, figure out how far he got in the process, who he engaged - then do the deal he balked at
  4. Let's form a small committee and get this done. Multiple prong attack - go after SLU, go after Nike, go after suppliers in Asia Willing to kick in whatever investment capital is needed on my end.
  5. thinking of going down the rabbit hole... seems like a decent investment if i could get it off the ground
  6. yeah instead of printing 20 for the team.... lets print 120
  7. remind me again.... whats the dumbA reason we dont have jerseys?
  8. thought there might be jersey news
  9. destroying water fountains, etc.
  10. quick reads of memphis message boards... seems like a headcase... BUT C'MON HOME!!!!!!
  11. for the 101st time.... COVID PAUSE benefit of the doubt. already put my deposit down on Indy tickets
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