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  1. these young'ns at work are ready to see this action i preach on..... anybody got 2 extras for tomorrow?
  2. the roof is gonna blow off this place if we keep it close
  3. no doubt Seton Hall wants some revenge... but could be beaten up and shorthanded. Chaifetz should be LIVE too
  4. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28043643/seton-hall-loses-star-guard-myles-powell-serious-ankle-injury also didnt realize they play Michigan State right before us... might be hard to bounce back
  5. CAN I BUY (1) F-ING JERSEY????
  6. soooo Yuri drops 9 assists in his debut...... oooook then....
  7. 1. go to - https://am.ticketmaster.com/slu/#/ 2. Login to your account 3. Select your tickets to this game 4. Select TRANSFER 5. Enter my email address Let me know if this works for you...
  8. 05 didnt do a damn thing.... if you can transfer them to jobekwslu86@gmail.com id appreciate it
  9. my biggest flaw in her eyes is my billiken fandom.... i scare the dogs during games
  10. dude... hes NEVER played a single minute yet.... calm down
  11. full disclosure... im not a rich man. I have upper level season tickets.... taking a lady friend tonight.... anybody not using some good seats?
  12. only this. ask the hard hitting question your audience craves
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