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  1. If I had to pick (1) Billiken to knock down an important (3) to win the game, it looks like this: 1a: Kwamain 1b: Mike McCall
  2. edit thought you we're referring to my favorite Lindys cover that had us #9...... ill leave this here anyway The 2012–13 Saint Louis Billikens men's basketball team represented Saint Louis University in the 2012–13 NCAA Division I men's basketball season. they finished the season 28–7, 13–3 in A-10 play to win the regular season conference championship. They were also champions of the Atlantic 10 Tournament, defeating VCU in the championship game, to earn the conference's automatic bid to the 2013 NCAA Tournament where they defeated New Mexico State in the second round before losing in the third round to Oregon. FINAL AP AND COACHES RANK = #16
  3. Final Four observation..... we are light years away from losing to these teams by singles digits
  4. WHAT?!?!?!?! holy crap... how many total daily reactions do I have allotted?
  5. LOL forgot about Austin Gillman.... too funny
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