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  1. Can’t someone dub a copy?put the 40$ toward Guy’s diction lessons?
  2. it came from me. don't understand what you don't understand. I think if we have no departures, injuries before the season starts we have more qualified players than we have minutes to keep them all happy with their amount of minutes.
  3. Seems likely we have a player or two unhappy with their PT.
  4. If they fear anything able to cause S3 as much as they fear the weight room we're in great shape!
  5. We danced, Blues got the cup, Redbirds reach NL finals. Yippy Yahoo.
  6. Hope Colorado and Wyoming put there's the court too.
  7. A dynasty! Like running back u for Syracuse back n da day. TF pg factory.
  8. One month till first real game.
  9. If he hits 45% from 3 first 20 attempts he should play at least 30 mpg.
  10. Guy 50/50 on which he would rather have. He hopes Bell is a 40 minute stud.
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