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  1. ain't that what the mixtapes supposed to be doing?
  2. exactly. had we had this lame OOC schedule last few years that we've been "beefing" up the level of competion might of included a bit of dancing even with TF.
  3. as any long suffering MBM knows if there is a short end to anything of consequence we'll get it.
  4. I think one can be a Debbie downer & not be a troll. I think a troll is someone who just tries to sabotage or ruin a blog, site thread etc.
  5. https://us.cnn.com/2023/08/30/sport/nebraska-volleyball-world-record-womens-attendance-spt/index.html damn!
  6. heard very little of him on our games as can't miss R&E but always happy with him on Card's games. Seems the younger generation have done good job with uber, designated driver and just general awareness than us old farts. never got a DWI but was guilty of such too many dozens of times, kind of like speeding though still do that
  7. me2. red herring w the most don't have Apple TV just another 20$. so 99 gets u every game every week, season runs longer than any pro league, plus had that whole tournament. also u can watch 6 games @ same time.
  8. if u r season ticket holder u get MLS 4 free. if not & u have Apple TV soccer package is 71$. bring a family of 4 any pro sport team event u'll drop that easy. If one could get all 5 major pro team leagues for 71x5=355 a year for all pro sports cable would fold quickly.
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