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  1. ratings, tv. all of it sucks but who cares. ever since big explosion of sports they've added tons of B S > the hot babe on the sidelines "reporting"., and always one @ the talking heads table, all the pre, 1/2 & after B S is sickening. mute FF . from the Dan Devine show in the 60's a child could/did glean that coaches aren't about to tell you anything that has any chance of hurting their chances of winning. it's all publicity etc. now they interview players during the game in the field in MLB. no coach or player would rather have it this way then the old way but none of them are selling insurance during the off season, a common highlight of many a baseball card bak in the 60's. for the most part when we watch most major league pro teams we are watching millionaires having a go.
  2. i'm not seeing game listed on SEC on Uverse? any ideas?
  3. 'Cest bests Vests in Bad Boy Black Friday matchup. A-14 does suck.
  4. Kansas so frigging lucky :(. good weekend for D1 hoops!
  5. I heard third rock from the sun now boast 8 billion of us, not to nitpick but……..
  6. He was wearing a Walkman while jogging.
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