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  1. a better look for SLU would be him succeeding somewhere as a coach. imo
  2. thnx can't help myself, but can't let sh8t past sometimes
  3. did not the late great Rick Majerus stop for a bit then coached again?
  4. <Did the AD have a "come to Jesus moment"? > If Coach does that will be noteworthy.
  5. it's barely April, boy the impatience with this thread on this board!
  6. hope nothing eclipses our big Monday 04/08/24 reveal
  7. 'cause sh1t happens. if we didn't play any starters this wouldn't of happened but then. why have the game, unless it was only to play the end of the bench. most unlucky thing to happen in my 1/2 + century of fandom imo
  8. the no label like Ahearn SLU backers should get him Tree's coaching job & if he succeeds can replace Coach when he leaves after 2 sweet 16's or better here
  9. we should be so lucky. It would take making sweet 16 both years @ least for that to happen. I'd make that deal in a heartbeat. then we r @ worst where the trees r now
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