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  1. almaman

    Recruiting - 2019

    when I clicked that link in Stu's tweet they're were 5 teams listed including us, UNLV, 3 others. Figured that had to be wrong, thanks
  2. almaman

    2018-19 season

    Is Wiley issue from something that happened in the last game? The only one of the other 3 that I am sure could help is Hankton.
  3. almaman

    Recruiting - 2019

    How can a 7 footer 3+*s only have 5 offers and we are the highest profile some 40 weeks till beginning of his first college season?
  4. almaman

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    Down goes Zion! out for rest of game at least.
  5. almaman

    Recruiting - 2019

    Is he playing somewhere?
  6. One thing Hankton can do (EW) too if he's in tennis shoes, is to come in on offense for French in last minute or so each have to counter balance hack a shaq treatment.
  7. almaman

    No TV for Dayton

    r u able to watch our 30 games, the Blues 82 games + playoffs, 162 El Birdo games + playoffs? If so pray tell I'll boot my Uverse in a nano second.
  8. almaman

    No TV for Dayton

    on the app you can make it record so if you want just wait till game town go to 1643 on app menu's ch guide and hit record this program. think it and guide only go out a week or so but seems weird they don't have it listed. it's on the handout schedule from QU exhibition game I got wedged between couch pillows.
  9. they should have to release like in NFL list; Doubtful, Questionable, probable. then for some WTF?
  10. almaman

    The Bills over LaS by 6

    got the Blues on?
  11. almaman

    2019 SLU Baseball

    glad wasn't a home game.
  12. almaman

    Frank's puff piece on Rammer & Earl

    bump cause I haven't done GDT because sync of these guys makes me a behind by a few seconds but to anyone that i thinking about syncing up as such or somehow has it that way already it's a blast when you can see them and here them. couple classic shots of them tonight.