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  1. just watching you mature on here has been a joy. r u now into participation badges ;)?
  2. that time we played in St Charles for NIT one of the least atmospheric home games in my 50+ years of attending live sporting events.
  3. Second best hitter in one of the 8 positions of a sport who's had over 15k players in the last 120 years. mic drop
  4. FYI roster has him as six feet.
  5. Cool he'll be able to show off to K State faithful in a. few weeks
  6. If his granny could get out of bed she'd be on her way to tan your hide
  7. just seeing if you have me on ignore:)
  8. Well said. It will be interesting to see how things play out when his sophomore fellow guard FTJ heels.
  9. The fact that we have 5 different 36% or better shooters is amazing especially with the new farther arc.
  10. Nice. I'm not sold on the resurgent E Washington but let's hope.
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