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  1. Hawks left for Atlanta long before merger, that was the Spirits that dissolved with merging of ABA and NBA.
  2. The guy is supposed to be top 5 shooters in his class I thought. If that's the case there's no friggin' way we've ever had one of those. Maybe Larry was that high in something but I don't think in any % stats.
  3. My dream is always to have all metro teams 5 starters to sign. If below that I’d pass.
  4. Wonder if Brad is getting any interest?
  5. This transfer stuff which I fully support but it's really messing with a cool product. Bad enough that coaches move around so fast but now the players. Knowing the other teams in A-10 and any team is not as fun without the enjoyment from following players from year to year.
  6. I feel for papers but they're on their way out and citizenry is the poorer for it. TBS % of the 3M residents of metropolitan area that care about our obsession is much lower than some on here seem willing to accept. smaller still % is those that care about college baseball. Hard for us to fill student seats and they get in for free and only have to walk across campus.
  7. Some talk here makes me think there is a known number of 4 and 5 * recruits in each class. If this is the case please inform this eager to learn dimwit.
  8. Pistol or anyone give a brief overview of Lewis HS, recruitment, our previous involvement, college. Of course I could google it but oh well,
  9. Joe Micheletti working Stars game right now on nbcsn
  10. Thatch if you're reading this disregard.
  11. also easier to hold stomach for a still, exhausting for a video.
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