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  1. I was serious but I now meant great player. cool can't have too many of them. So all that's left is to whine about backup point guard who can sub Yuri for a few minutes
  2. he's got the gift of gab & would be good DJ or he will be a superstar in basketball?
  3. grass always greener. cool thing about playing patsies should reap W's but have to pretty much run the table. tough schedule may bring us to 500 so no dancing either. hope we're as great as we all think
  4. sounds like you'll need another vacation soon
  5. I'm sure u can get him to do something 4u with that kind of coin!
  6. bullseye. for me he had his chance to prove his worth when Yuri was not playing end of season & he showed me nothing..
  7. you'd be perfect to explain "striped toothpaste"
  8. those directional folks are a lot of pointy headed nerds. but we need OCC W's so fire up the home grill come November!
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