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  1. <It's vicious. > like those mean libtards' questions at the Rallies masquerading as press conferences? I don't miss the hitler youth jamborees but the helicopters from his quickie PC days drowning out the senile psychopath I do kind of miss.
  2. I'd love getting some Rupp $$ especially with this team. Couldn't be any tougher than Auburn was.
  3. He's an ass that's one reason. I'll take a wild guess you were behind the last president who saved us from economy ruined by the last republican who tanked the countries economy.
  4. I didn't vote for any stock investor. The people elected are the ones that are supposed to be on top of public health not Icahn or Soros. Deep state over deep stupid incompetent self obsessed any day for me.
  5. Amazed he even came here as his initials were already taken.
  6. Did you get a virus looking for substitutes on the Web?
  7. quit the juice this off season. We'll all weigh 300+ if the next season develops the way we all think it could.
  8. He’s same guy said #s would come down when we had 15 cases and he did nothing. Pushing gold post like Stan did with Rams.
  9. That where you were given your screen name?
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