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  1. Mark Dressler did not go to WGHS but did grow up in WG in 70's and played for Norm.
  2. HF can be limited a bit by doing the offense/defense switch out end of both halves to avoid horrid FT results.
  3. Agree with all that. Way cool if somehow we could have them square off with all things being =. Straight up I would take JG first in a fantasy situation.
  4. what are YTTV restrictions on how many streams can one subscriber have? Also does a subscriber get regular Youtube commercial free like the old days?
  5. Marlin home games usually could do the 6' distancing thing easily.
  6. this all seems like something that the school would have an easy access running history of players and what #s they wore.
  7. another couple Pistol hours (Days, minutes?) you could do all the other numbers that aren't in current use
  8. Both Tatum and Hughes families reflect well on CBC.
  9. Totally agree. When I first got on the web troll seemed easily defined as someone that gets on site and is just disruptive often to the point of ruining the scene. T ravs of the world. Those on here that go back n forth are akin to debaters imo.
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