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  1. true for our 2 other local D-1 schools
  2. Cougars may follow. March Madness living up 2 it's name!
  3. Maybe closer to "what they think is best for them"
  4. thoughts & prayers. not a good age to lose. one's mom.
  5. wish they'd trade him to Indy or Grizzlies!
  6. indeed it is really getting more coverage than not long ago. wonder if the ch 30 thing is because of being hometown team?
  7. I'm going out on a limb here but I think he could listen 100% & still show no noticeable change.
  8. what you been using to watch this year? the eye test is all u need he is a shadow of the player we saw b4 he hobbled off court in the exhibition game last season, key event in 2 disappointing seasons.
  9. after sitting thru it 4 real not sure want 2 c again
  10. and put in Parker season would of been different imo but should that of been done? I have to go with no.
  11. Lindenwood maybe a good fit for him, or any local that wants to have family see all the time.
  12. amazing how many of the "new" treatments end up helping. let's hope this is one such case.
  13. if empty seats are your trigger it's crazy time with the dance. There are plenty of them first week.
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