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  1. except for JG I am only concerned with how much all our former players r making. If fellow posters do post try to include salaries. way back it seemed like if u didn't make NBA u just loved the game & played for peanuts. Since Lisch's career DO it's seems there is a reasonable amount of coin 2 b had
  2. keep the updates on this coming
  3. had another chance, goalie going down dooms us I fear but like watching JG this is now must c tv 4 JK III alone
  4. any other MLS SLU players in the past?
  5. true, system sucks, there should be more balanced schedule or handicaps, or something
  6. Old Guy when did they stop using Roman Numerals? Happy 4th fellow MBM's
  7. the money is just unreal, even the first wave of young millionaires that ended up broke D. Miles types it seemed like be careful, but hauling in almost 4 million - taxes etc per month more like this then
  8. <SIUE>. easiest roadtrip ever. great seats.
  9. typical non american football. what sport or anything for that matter have Division 1 attached to the second best entry in said endeavor?
  10. if he. somehow got Justin signed with them he would be loved by da hates around here I hope
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