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  1. see it sucks they have to give up their summers, most coeds still have the summer off I think really the takeaway for me with ur reply is that they are still getting the education, so that's good.
  2. I have np giving student athletes more time to graduate. No way average 18 year old can handle all that travel, practice etc. & then have time to excel in school.
  3. indeed Rodman best example of what JG has always shown, thank god - the baggage. Seems like some team would seek him out next season.
  4. big difference between top 4 and 5 on the list. If he passes AB will be an amazing career
  5. Should be worn out if not retired.
  6. wow we can NIL ourselves MBMs our time has come
  7. a better look for SLU would be him succeeding somewhere as a coach. imo
  8. thnx can't help myself, but can't let sh8t past sometimes
  9. did not the late great Rick Majerus stop for a bit then coached again?
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