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  1. We are set up for one of the biggest paybacks in sports history if Phils come back, we collapse
  2. How bout them Redbirds. 14 game winning streak tying team record set in 1935. Outside of Old Guy something none of us have ever witnessed
  3. if we start Nesbitt, Perkins, Hargrove, Okoro, & jimerson, the average height is 3" higher than Donnie Dobbs.
  4. Hope we see him day 1, it's Rockhurst.
  5. When Kansas plays MU in stuff they often play in KC & it is thought of as neutral (think) if not it is. We should play Mizzou every year @ either dome or whatever Kiel is these days. 1/2 tickets to each team. Seems like that would please MU alum in the Lou if not everybody else.
  6. small world Taj Mahal the singer is 79 years old.
  7. I'm embarrassed for life to ever act like I know much about soccer but I too luv reading about our team. keep up the good work
  8. The media just didn't like the themes presented in the movie, not exactly what criticism should be based on. We wish
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