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  1. assume it's the old Lynch street bistro space?
  2. 110% even if your tom hanks y come around a board that has an express fan focus that ain't yours especially with sports. I care about the other 355 d-1 school but wouldn't dream of going on their site. waste enough time on this site. I could give a turd the thoughts of fans of teams we're playing. I guess I could all see this as kosher although not likely, some generic sports fan watching one of our few national impressive performances and want to reach out and hi 5 our fanbase. 50/50 as always fandom would see a mirror of us and be a bit embarrassed. I guess I could see lurking just to s
  3. if we get stuck with 8 or 9 seed in big dance injustice will have occurred. Especially if we win conference championship.
  4. on paper I agree. we have a top 50 ish 6'9" guy replacing a 6'7" over achiever.
  5. All dunks are awesome. since the 3 point basket pioneered by the ABA all dunks are 1 point shy of all 3 point shots made. ten awesome dunks lose game to 7 3 pointers. dunks are the sizzle that sells steaks, 3's win games quicker.
  6. So food for thought. This is my reading of what we have after this season finishes. 2021-22 Freshman; Strickland Lorentsson Russell Jimerson Commit Commit? Sophomore; Collins Hargrove Bell Thatch Juniors; Okoro Linssen Jacobs Courtney Seniors none unless Hightower? or any of the 3 studs decide to stay.
  7. maybe he should NOT practice FT's during warmup?
  8. I'm thinking a lot of what you want of him was there when we signed him. We are not used to this stacked a roster. We have a dozen qualified guys and only 200 minutes a game to feed them. A better situation to be in than one where we struggle to field 5 decent folks, but still an issue. substitute TJ for Strickland and your post could of been from last season.
  9. I was there. Can't open link so not sure if mentioned but as I recall there was some kind of ticket option where tickets could be used for hockey, b ball or soccer. this was the last event that was covered by these tickets and everyone cashed in that night.
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