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  1. "I heard, somebody said etc"........ruining this great country. If I was JG I would go anywhere but here. Scouts know what they know all of us have seen him more than any scout. He is never going to be one of the 64 most coveted non signed people in the NBA draft. Same for Has. If they are the 1% or so student athletes that is in it for the schooling they should go somewhere else and get a bankable free good 5th year. If they're like the rest of folks they should find a fit both $$ & comfort and play pro ball. We have enough ex Bills out there that have played in a variety of leagues
  2. That works out to 4+ per team, seems high.
  3. thanks, couldn't muster up the words but these are perfect. I bet he does very well.
  4. yep, bet 3 seniors would of made bit of change for the billboard on 44. good concrete example bout generic big & brad That's all we're asking ***. right now if Pappy's wanted to put Yuri on an ad saying "Assist leader's know the bestway to score Q in town is a Yurmania pass away from here" on back of the game program they can't. Yuri pockets a couple hundred $$ if they can.. I c no losers except the knuckle dragging folks amongst us feelings. Right now the losers are the kids. u youngins may not be aware of this but when going pro early became a thing & a controversy back in
  5. well said. y anyone equates this with college players becoming national spokes people like Snoop, or the Progressive insurance lady is missing the obvious. Signing autographs at fish Fries and school picnics, small local companies things of that nature are all over the place. Belleville guys could be in Eckert's commercials, Sky View Drive in, Beast Craft, L.O.T.S. Christmas display. Those using local athletes can be seen as supporting college athletics by using the local guys rather than generic local actors and save $$. Local fitness clubs seems like a natural fit also.
  6. Lonesome Dove was my first binge. Friend taped it all week. Grabbed from him 10 in evening brought home watched whole thing straight through till 430 a m
  7. so he will be a 5th year freshman @ his 4th school with 0 credit hours?
  8. hope you're right. all those qualities similar to Yarbrough's.
  9. Also the assistants include head guys who have been "relegated". not talking about them is kind of like not talking about Gordon and the like, guys might not actually be playing but are still eligible and not part of the portal. seems anyone that has time to read this humble fan site shouldn't mind wading thru stuff that doesn't interest them. odds r I will never post on the merch threads but don't mind reading them. I wish we had more postings and O.T. threads of interest.
  10. if baseball is so predicated on the batters not knowing what's coming take a step into 21rst century & let the catcher & pitcher communicate electronically or some such. If winning is everything kind of hard to get all uppity about getting the edge anyway one can imo
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