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  1. Why another time out? Used up the last one in a close game with mintues to go
  2. I think the announcers are fine they are giving Billikens their due
  3. Bell having some good minutes. Once again gave up an OREB
  4. I don't think we'll continue hitting 3s like we have but we can certainly stop giving up offensive rebounds. If we didn't give up OReb we'd be in the lead
  5. I like how Applebee's sponsors our games on TV. Paying it back from that big bump Willie Reed gave them back in the day.
  6. Damron looks like a Yugoslavian gymnastics coach
  7. Is that dude's name Shaggy Deas pronounced Dees?
  8. Yeah he's not draft ready he's very streaky he'll stay somewhere. Again just wild speculation I haven't heard anything about a bad attitude or unrest but that can change with a new coach
  9. Speaking of players transferring back home... this is wild speculation, Shaka Smart is likely to be fired this season by Texas. I'm not sure if Ramey stays depending on the next coach (Chris Beard) but we'd absolutely want Courtney. Again wild speculation but I'm about 70% sure Shaka's out despite his $10mil buyout.
  10. French and Bell need to pull their man away from the basket to open up a lane for DJ or JG to drive. But Davidson plays some good help defense. Gotta try something
  11. Ok well they did half of my suggestion
  12. Oh they need to pull it together force a TO and get a fast break
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