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  1. Technically it was an assistant that procured professional recruitment assistance not Coach Pitino.
  2. Went to UTEP at Texas Football on Saturday. 25% capacity is allowed at the games so that's approximately 25,000 people which seemed so sparse in the huge stadium. Ticket holders were assigned a specific entry gate to limit mixing. All concessions were open to limit waiting in line. All students with tickets were Covid tested on Thursday in order to attend game (95 positive of 1,198 total). So this has me thinking about SLU. I'm not sure if they've completely decided against allowing spectators. But, if they did it could be done safely. Perhaps for big games they have it in the do
  3. You know more than me. Just playing Football Manager 2020 the MLS is crazy with confusing rules. Check out this English dude's YouTube video The question is, if you're an American wonderkid is it better to be a regular player in MLS or go overseas? Answer is probably depends on the player. I'd like to see our future USMNT stars right here on the pitch in Austin next season but I see value in getting training overseas and competing at the highest levels too. Bringing this back to STL, they'll get an expansion draft with Austin, Charlotte, and Sacramento. Last exp
  4. Yes but doesn't that home grown contract end at 18? So they aren't locked in and can bolt? It's soooo confusing.
  5. You guys ever look into the MLS rules for salaries and contracts? They are convoluted. You can have 30 players; 1-20 slots count towards the salary cap $4.9mil. But the cap isn't really a cap as you can use General Allocation Money or Target Allocation Money to pay down contracts but only to a certain amount depending on the contract type and I don't think it's a dollar for dollar pay down. A team can have 8 international players. 3 designated players are players over a certain amount of salary can also be international. Up to 10 players don't have to count vs the cap such as Home Gr
  6. Just referencing 2020 specifically. Okoro should count as transfer recruiting is becoming a winning strategy (see Texas Tech). He is local recruited in 2020 just not class of. I hope it is a one off and not a trend.
  7. Does the coaching staff deserve criticism for failing to secure the commitment of 1 local player? It appears STL had a great number of talented players as evidenced by commitments to numerous Blue Chip programs. SLU head to head vs a Blue Chip outside STL, I don't hold the coaches responsible for losing out. But in our own backyard we should win at least 1 out of 5 right? Overall recruitment under Coach Ford has been very good but this failure to lockdown 1 of the high level STL recruits is bad.
  8. Football independents just need to make a deal with a conference. B12 would probably take BYU and UCONN to round out their schedules this year. There's already speculation in the media on those deals. One of the best Billiken teams since I've been a fan. Really really hoping it's deemed safe enough to have a season.
  9. I get it why EPL is more popular in the US. English language and bigger stars. But Bundesliga is the more exciting style play with the up and coming stars there's quite a few Americans too. Fox Sports covers it pretty well and I like Alexi Lalas ever since I was in HS and he was on USMNT. I do think MLS would benefit from what all the other leagues in the world have, relegation. It is exciting at the top to see who will win and you're still invested if you're a fan of a bottom team because you want to avoid relegation. Plus the champions leagues add intrigue to see teams play against
  10. I'm pumped about Austin and STL both getting MLS teams. I've gotten into soccer a lot more over this past year attended Real Madrid vs Espanyol back in DEC at Bernebeau and watching my adopted team Frankfurt Eintracht on FS1 on SAT or SUN. I'm not the most knowledgeable fan but I'm learning a lot playing Football Manager 2020 that game is intense and complicated. Anyway, I think I'm probably in the middle wave of Soccer fan converts. Austin went with FC. I like the colors, I'm not sure what's up with the tree logo though. I think the colors are the important thing and if I were
  11. Billikens snub this is bulletin board material.
  12. J. Love was one of my favorites. Dude had an electric smile and could score. His dad was awesome that season wearing the Kevlar helmet with "hard work" (I think) written on it and just going wild at the games. I think J. Love married a Baby Blue as well. I went to see him in some semi-pro league in Oklahoma City (2001, 02, 03. or 04 I forget) once when I lived at Ft. Sill, OK. I had about 4 people there in SLU shirts we cheered for him and I'm pretty sure he saw us in the crowd of about 200+. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the opposing coach that night. That 2000 Conference USA Tournam
  13. I agree can't take him for granted. If we lost this recruiting battle it would be a double whammy undermining Larry's encouragement of other locals to stay in STL.
  14. OSU, sophomore, shot blocking, Center, Yor Anei,from KC, transferring after school is banned from postseason. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/oklahoma-state-center-yor-anei-transferring-after-cowboys-postseason-ban/
  15. The A10 Cities/areas make sense. NY, DMV, and Philly. I'm surprised at the dearth of IN (1 total), no WI, no KY and no TN (Memphis). Maybe that's just the current state of things ie players not matching what we need or interested. Those are normal BBall hotspots. Coach Ford has certainly garnered enough recruiting credibility to get the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps someone that has Chicago and other connections is a focus. I know a certain dude that can hit 3s and coached in the ACC and Big East.......toot toot Diener Express hop on. Also Chicago, KC, WI connections and ma
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