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  1. So he's that one guy who enjoys living in Lubbock. Cool. Actually I've been there multiple times and it's not that bad. Ever notice how your sentiment is common for a lot of coaches yet so many move so much? Not saying your wrong just saying I'm skeptical.
  2. That he's waiting for a dream level job. He might not be who knows. All I know is that Lubbock is out there 5 hours west of DFW and thus has no built in recruiting territory. So it's a constant challenge that he's overcome. He's not from TTU. He can certainly wait for the right situation which might be Texas depending on how next year goes.
  3. Moy has some HJ PTSD. Dude had to learn to manscape the hardway. PS shout out to GloyDaze mom!
  4. Are you basing this off some information or just your hunch? Just wondering.
  5. Just read this and I'm in Sonoma today staying at Kenwood Inn. Just ordered a Pliny the Elder at lunch after tasting at Arrowhead.
  6. KU KJ Lawson to transfer immediately eligible. RS Soph G\F https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article228855689.html
  7. Nah I'm not Clocktower trying to make everything about me. It was MoyToy.
  8. But can't get a shot clock that works in his arena. At least that's what some obnoxious fan was yelling at the SLU v UH game.
  9. Jerry Jones is also a big Arkansas donor. Looks like Texas is keeping Shaka so Beard won't be poached to UT. I'm not sure if Arkansas is more attractive than TTU but Arkansas does have better cities to recruit from (Memphis, STL, etc). I think that the social media and vocal fan demands\outrage puts undue pressure on these ADs in the hiring process.
  10. True they don't have to play college basketball. But the rules are unduly harsh and limiting of a person's individual freedoms. For what purpose? To curtail influence to attend one school over another. The rules haven't achieved that purpose so why continue? To continue limits the least powerful in this entire situation.
  11. They are the one's setting these draconian rules.
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