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  1. Always play this on my drive back from STL to Austin when I turn at the Big Cabin exit and pass the Indian Smoke Shop after I pass that big McDonald's.... followed up by a lil Tyler Childers Feathered Indians.
  2. I'm a free market capitalist so let the chips fall where they may. I don't care if you get paid for being hot, funny, having a lot of Instagram followers whatever. If you think the rich will get richer you probably already believe there's cheating so what will this change? Former Texas QB Sam Ehlinger could've made more on promotions in college than he will holding a clip board in the NFL (Axios estimated $962k).* I get it if you're worried about SLU being competitive. Don't be you gotta find a way to win whatever the environment. This is just another change like the transfe
  3. I'd take one. Austin based Yeti (Austin FC uniform sponsor) had a special vintage Longhorn Yeti at the Texas Football game the AD, Coors and Yeti had the deal. $40 for the limited edition Yeti and a Coors Light tall boy. A vintage Billiken and a Budweiser would be sweet.
  4. I watched the culture montagefrom a good YouTube basketball guru who breaks down offenses and defenses, Hoopvision68. I bought the book he recommended on how to analyze basketball, "Basketball on Paper" by Dean Oliver. It's the Sabermetrics of basketball.
  5. Kinda opposite of Tiki Taka style which focuses on short passes and maintaining possession.
  6. Abilene Christian HC Golding hired away by UTEP. Texas had previously hired UTEP HC (who was under .500) to be an assistant. I think this is a great hire. UTEP is a nice campus and has a National Championship. Back when I was a kid in El Paso, I ran into Don Haskins volunteering at a charity golf event. Dude was revered in El Paso.
  7. Uhhh going to SPUMAC is always the worst
  8. I like Linssen's game and I think his smart movement without the ball and screens can compliment a more perimeter focused team. So maybe HS is the place to look for a PF to develop behind our current crop. In a pinch we have big enough Guards and Wings to go with 4 G/Wing line up.
  9. Transfers are a big part of recruiting now. I'm noticing traction of a "stay old" philosophy using the portal. You recruit sparingly amongst HS and fill needs with experienced transfers. This is in contrast to a previous way to "stay old" using red-shirts and players waiting their turn to start. Also (knock on wood) SLU has done better getting players that transfer eligible to play. In the 90s and 2000s it was always such a crap shoot. Now it is assumed.
  10. Is he still under 30? What happened car accident? Played for Ford (his uncle) at OSU All B12 Academic Team. 2 coaching years at SLU. SLUBILLIKENS.COM lists duties as Director Player Development managing day to day team internal obligations. Do we know if he was a lead recruiter for any players? He's young so that can portend to help one's recovery chances. Hoping for the best.
  11. Also I'm pretty sure Kevin Bacon could show up at any time and change their policy.
  12. Yeah I wrote it in haste forgot Marquette and TTU. Fordham was/is a joke. Though maybe the right coach could have Manhattan Jaspers level success.
  13. Some big jobs open this off season Texas, OU, Indiana, Arizona, UNC, Cincy, Fordham
  14. I'm just going to put this right here: Baylor had a COVID pause of 3 weeks.
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