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  1. You need to get in on the pearls Old Guy is dropping in the bets. Check the test board. Stone Cold Lead Pipe Locks
  2. Yeah i saw them get in Schulte's face. What the hell?! Two d$ckhead moves in 2 games for Duke. They should be embarrassed. Luckily they'll have all off season to focus on it while Schulte and SLU prepares for UW in the Elite 8.
  3. Team of Destiny Return of the Billikens
  4. Sweet Sassy molassy [YouTube// // YouTube]
  5. Boom goes the dynamite!!!!!!!!! 4-1 off the corner
  6. Texas has laws against online betting so I can't use the DFS or the new MGM sites. 10-20 BSU line over SLU was high before their loss to CSU-B. I was thinking 7. Now maybe only 3. Teams can stumble early like BSU just did. People mostly bet on whales but remember some of those lesser known match ups can make you $$$.
  7. What's the early line on the next game? Which way do you see it moving? If you were to parlay it with a few other games who'd you pick? Maybe a stone cold lead pipe lock of the week recommendation would be awesome.
  8. I'm going to sponsor an NIL deal for him. Possibly sourcing some kackwurst from chi-town to sweeten the deal.
  9. I think you're contractually obligated to do so. PS Ginger Grapefruit Palomas are so good
  10. Coach Keller looking like he had 3 Mezcal samplers for lunch
  11. Not sure how I feel about the SLU Coaches Nike Windbreakers I mean you're indoors in Mexico. Plus they don't look that great.
  12. In Brooklyn today and I see a bunch of VaTech fans but no Memphis. They play at Barclay's tonight. Pulling for Memphis for RPI purposes
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