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  1. Billikens snub this is bulletin board material.
  2. J. Love was one of my favorites. Dude had an electric smile and could score. His dad was awesome that season wearing the Kevlar helmet with "hard work" (I think) written on it and just going wild at the games. I think J. Love married a Baby Blue as well. I went to see him in some semi-pro league in Oklahoma City (2001, 02, 03. or 04 I forget) once when I lived at Ft. Sill, OK. I had about 4 people there in SLU shirts we cheered for him and I'm pretty sure he saw us in the crowd of about 200+. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was the opposing coach that night. That 2000 Conference USA Tournament was great and in my senior year.
  3. I agree can't take him for granted. If we lost this recruiting battle it would be a double whammy undermining Larry's encouragement of other locals to stay in STL.
  4. OSU, sophomore, shot blocking, Center, Yor Anei,from KC, transferring after school is banned from postseason. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/oklahoma-state-center-yor-anei-transferring-after-cowboys-postseason-ban/
  5. The A10 Cities/areas make sense. NY, DMV, and Philly. I'm surprised at the dearth of IN (1 total), no WI, no KY and no TN (Memphis). Maybe that's just the current state of things ie players not matching what we need or interested. Those are normal BBall hotspots. Coach Ford has certainly garnered enough recruiting credibility to get the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps someone that has Chicago and other connections is a focus. I know a certain dude that can hit 3s and coached in the ACC and Big East.......toot toot Diener Express hop on. Also Chicago, KC, WI connections and maybe some from VA as well.
  6. So what do we need in a replacement? Another recruiter with Chicago ties? It appears so far, Coach Ford has made quality hires on his staff. The recruiting results continue.
  7. Wait so you're not wishing me well? You should be ashamed.
  8. Whew....good thing you wished him well. I'm sure it'll make a huge impact on those other players. I am ashamed. Levi wasn't a good fit, much like you and Billiken Rich's personal Levis.
  9. Tony Romo's alma mater near the Bagel Capital of the World
  10. Lookout mountain yes but I didn't do Rick City or Ruby Falls. All this prominently featured in "American Gods" by Neill Gaiman perhaps KCH is a fan.
  11. Fun fact I rode the Chattanooga Choo Choo as a child. Not closer to home but a nice up and coming town in a beautiful area. Hasn't Chattanooga HC been a stepping stone job to ACC gigs? Google search reveals LSU HC Will Wade (via VCU), Mack McCarthy to VCU then ECU, UMASS HC Matt McCall and maybe some others I give up on my search. I think I was confusing Chattanooga with Appalachian State Bobby Cremins and Buzz Peterson. Might be an interesting discussion what is the all-time coaching stepping stone school? I mean how would you measure it by shear #s that went on to a bigger program or school that produced winning coaches or a hybrid.
  12. Lorenzo Romar Head Coaching Highlights 22 years 2× Pac-12 regular season champion (2009, 2012) 3× Pac-10 Tournament champion (2005, 2010, 2011) C-USA Tournament champion (2000) 3× Pac-12 Coach of the Year (2005, 2009, 2012) 7 NCAA tournament appearances, 3 Sweet 16 appearances, 8-7 Record in NCAA Tournament Games Travis Ford Head Coaching Highlights 20 years (DI only) OVC Tournament champion (2005) A–10 regular season champion (2007) (NIT Bid) A–10 Tournament Champion (2019) 7 NCAA tournament appearances, 1 round of 32 appearance, 1-7 Record in NCAA Tournament Games
  13. I had a WhatifSports account once. I like the simulations. I switched to Wolverine Studios as it was only a 1 time fee (https://www.wolverinestudios.com/draft-day-sports-college-basketball-simulation/). A user made an exe to import real Teams, Conferences, courts, tournaments, and Coaches. I retired after taking SLU to 4 National Championships in a row. I recommend it if you're stuck inside. Doesn't even need wifi. If multiple players get on we could have a Billikens.com multiplayer league
  14. Yeah ithe school tix are so much plus you buy the whole tournament not what you need. Also there's about 38 people inside so if you can get by the usher you can get lower.
  15. According to that chart SLU has the best chance to be in the top 4 outside Dayton, Richmond, URI.
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