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  1. Bring back Richtorscale Or maybe I heard Leon was good with ball knowledge
  2. Hmmmm interesting kid is from Denton Ryan HS powerhouse in FB just north of Ft. Worth. There's chatter of Smart to Michigan he could probably keep a good class together or maybe lure this guy back to Texas. We have an assistant opening maybe we hire this guy's lead recruiter and get him to SLU.
  3. Maybe a guy that can recruit Chicago, KC, Fond Du Lac, WI and coach FT shooting, a possible coach in waiting with Big East experience................. toot toot all aboard Diener Express!
  4. It's dead spin they post crap. We're culpable because we click the links but it's the off season and we can only project minutes so much.
  5. https://deadspin.com/look-into-the-face-of-march-madnesss-cruelest-mascot-1823690107 Couldn't they get an actual Friar? Also why? Guess I shouldn't be so hard on the new Billiken this is worse.
  6. We don't need another guard but this guy is now available. Elijah Mitrou-Long transferring from Texas, went to a Jesuit HS originally from Canada. Hit 33 of 103 3Pts. Didn't play much down the stretch in NIT. Started at Mount St. Mary's. In the future this dude's going to get so many alumni donor solicitations with all his schools. https://www.burntorangenation.com/platform/amp/basketball/2019/5/2/18527753/elijah-mitrou-long-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal-texas-longhorns-guard
  7. Awesome, congratulations Early Sign Guy sighting.
  8. Last night's episode really annoyed me. I spent all day Saturday "wargaming" a tactical plan then I watched this poorly executed deliberate defense. So I was in analytical mode. If you have obstacles (trenches, tricalps etc) they are used to slow or divert the enemy. If you have fire support (cannons, rockets, missiles) you target the enemy at those points. Also calvary doesn't attack head on, usually used along the flanks. So if I'm defending Winterfell, I have flame trenches and dragon glass tricalps emplaced at near the limit of trebuchet range. I add another line of them at the limit of long bow range. This provides targets for the indirect fire weapons. Then I would have flaming oil ready to poor on those who make it to scale the wall. I would also continue to use dragon fire on the enemy at the choke points. I keep the Dothraki cavalry on the flank to quickly maneuver to engage the enemy on the flanks and keep them cannalized. And that's just my issues with the tactics. The long stares the running from 4 dudes in the library after you dropped about 88 in 2 seconds was just meh. Also I want to be up there fighting. Chance to fight comes. Nah I'll just chill here with my Valarian steel dagger. The long leisurely walk to Bran and smug face.
  9. I'm skeptical I bet he's wearing different shoes and shorter shorts. Plus he's missing a 22oz ball. Not the same.
  10. So he's that one guy who enjoys living in Lubbock. Cool. Actually I've been there multiple times and it's not that bad. Ever notice how your sentiment is common for a lot of coaches yet so many move so much? Not saying your wrong just saying I'm skeptical.
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