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  1. Tennessee joining lawsuit to stop NCAA restrictions on transfers. https://www.wsmv.com/2023/12/07/tennessee-joins-lawsuit-against-ncaa-over-transfer-rule/ Legal document in the story if your interested in reading
  2. HC Speedy Claxton is a Hofstra alum played under Jay Wright then won a Championship in his 1 season with Popavich at the Spurs. He was a scout for the warriors before joining the staff. In 3 years he has 1 regular season conference win and NIT bid. Dude learned from 2 of the best coaches.
  3. Good to hear about the injuries. Had to be difficult running practice with so many guys out.
  4. Yeah I like those guys. Thanks for sharing the article last game he flashed some skill. SVB was injured in 22 requiring a rod to be inserted in his leg before coming to SLU. Ez is a 2x transfer requiring a waiver. Zhang and Magassa are both internationals requiring longer NCAA due processing. That's your front court.
  5. You're probably right. If they did try to fire for cause these things usually go to a settlement.
  6. I hear ya. I'm not advocating for the lock downs. But it was a big deal at SLU. To publicly flaunt the rules of your employer is bad. Bad Decision to break rules + Bad On Court Results = (should) get fired without buy out. Also we've been told if only they didn't get sick that would've been the year. It was all bad luck.
  7. Like I said before winning cures all. Lose and you got problems. See Gundy survival at OSU, see Harbaugh at Michigan, see Adams fired at TTU and Huggins at WVU. You win you can overcome issues. You lose and you don't. At the time he was winning. Now he's not. That's what I'm suggesting, SLU act like every other college program that wants to win. Save the $7.5mil nice nest egg for the BVF. Thanks for the timeline.
  8. Ever hear of plausible deniability? They can ignore it until they can't ignore it. Then they must act. Happens all the time. Then it becomes who knew what and when. The cover up is often worse than the offense.
  9. Alleged Party was 23 December 2020, after the emails above and after the "Campus Commitment" to abide by the protocols. The party was allegedly at The Boundary in the Chesire Inn. Witnesses have reported seeing pictures of coaches and players in attendance. Some reported pictures of the event have been shared online on X and other social media outlets.
  10. I appreciate the posters that are nice people and are not into harsh criticism or action. Firing people is not good and it's something that should be avoided if possible. Also I'm sure that criticizing someone for family things is distasteful. I agree with you. However, I'm not criticizing the kid or the family. I'm criticizing the judgement. SLU was very strict during COVID as were many schools. So strict they started mandatory room inspections in the dorms and apartments. The VP of Student Life sent out threatening emails. Take your personal views of COVID out of this and look at SLU the employer in this situation. SLU felt that the protocols were saving lives. They took extraordinary measures to enforce the protocols. If the top paid employee, the most visible employee, very openly violated these protocols that is a grave error in judgement. The kind that could lead to being fired for cause. Furthermore, if that incident led to the team contracting COVID-19 and hurting the season. 1. it risked the student athletes health. 2. it cost the University the revenue that an NCAA tournament appearance provides. 3. It opens the school up to lawsuits. Here's 2 emails from President Pestello. One outlines the rules against gatherings on or off campus. The other links to a pledge to follow the protocols that all students, faculty and staff had to sign. So there is no excuse of being ignorant to the rules. Pestello Email 5NOV20_copy.pdf Pestello 11AUG20 Campus Commitment _copy.pdf
  11. I disagree. My daughter was a student at school during the time in question. I got weekly emails regarding all the measures SLU students, faculty and employees had to follow. They were detailed and they were strict. I paid particular attention as Terri Rebmann PhD a former professor of mine in the Biosecurity MS Program was the special advisor to President Pestello. She advised on the protocols. Dropping off your kid at SLU was a challenge, they had to have immediate COVID tests and often re-tested. Students weren't allowed all the normal activities that students do. SLU made college nearly unbearable as there was no sense of community and everyone was isolated. They could not gather in groups at all at certain points. There were consequences for students and organizations that violated the protocols. The emails were so threatening from SLU regarding the consequences for violating COVID protocols, at one point they had to walk back the threats. I'm not sure if the allegation is true, but if it is, Ford's the highest profile employee in the entire university. He's supposed to be an example, and he has extra incentive to keep himself and the players healthy. I see it a grave error in judgement and clear public violation. Not only that it may have directly led to an immensely negative impact on the entire season. Furthermore, treating Ford differently than they treated any other student, employee, or staff member is inequitable treatment. It exposes the school to lawsuits. Did it happen? I want to know. If so he should be fired for cause, no buy out. SLU ruined the college experience of thousands of students while a terrible basketball coach flaunted the rules. Is it a punch below the waist to point it out? Will my daughter ever have a college experience like so many others? Or should she just have broken the rules like the basketball coach? Only problem is for her she risked loss of scholarship and expulsion? While Ford just keeps cashing those #TeamBlue $2.5mil checks.
  12. I don't disagree with this and don't fault him for the hire. See Texas last season with Rodney Terry (I fear it will turn out the same way). Did it have to go as bad as it did? Would another AD have made a difference? Unclear, but I think there's enough other problems to warrant a change. Simply paying over $1.2mil more than the conference average is criminal. He's making more than the Davidson, Duquesne and Fordham coaches combined!
  13. Yeah see the initial post. May needs to go now-ish so that the next AD can hire the new coach in March. We can't wait and see until the end of the season who still has a job.
  14. I hear what you're saying. But both May and Ford need to go. Until we know that's for sure going to happen. I'm not stopping, and the pressure/methods will only increase public embarrassment or otherwise. I didn't advocate jumping to protesting at games or billboards. I've posted on this board which is read by a select few and emailed the Athletic Department. If they get embarrassed go ahead and resign, problem solved. I'm sure this is nothing compared to the Oklahoma State outcry, there's no dead longhorns in his yard. As for May he's been sucking off the teat of easy street SLU AD long enough with mixed results. Time to go run Bellarmine or Drury. To the big money donors that maybe propping up this regime, they need to know the fans aren't happy. It's no fun sitting in the front row, alone watching the team you dropped big money on lose to SIUE, SIUC or the next directional school. So pull the plug, the department is Terry Schaivo and you're the parents just hoping that 1st half against Drake was the sign of life. It's not. Remember despite having a D-K and E in the name that was Drake a MVC team not Duke.
  15. Who was that guy with the shirt? We need his enthusiasm. As for the sign. They probably wouldn't notice. Get a seat that'll be on TV often. Do it they'll eventually notice. Well need this when we move into the embarrassing the AD phase.
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