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  1. Wilkommen meiner brüder von einer anderen Mutter.
  2. It's good exposure. Exposure helps recruiting and NIL donations. USA USA
  3. I enjoy this dudes break film break downs Vidoe also mentions the "Barkley" backing down your man in the post. I've been thinking lately, with the focus on big guards in the 5 out, we can play "booty ball". It's a trend in the NBA with guards backing their man into the post and taking a shot. In the NBA, it's harder if they call the 5-second rule, but that doesn't exist in college. So I can foresee large guards getting some booty ball points in the A10 and vs P4, the large guards neutralize the opponent doing to us.
  4. Did SBU-Unfurled post that first?
  5. Analysis below to answer @cgeldmacher's question. Stats are from KenPom ISU contributors (% of possession used) in order were: Over 24% Avila 20-24% Conwell Swope Bledson 16-20% Larry Kent Lineup projected Starters in Bold: G Hughes, Dotzler G Swope, McCottry, Johnson G/SF Jimerson, Thames PF Anya C Avila, Casey, Pikaar Swope took the most 3PA on ISU at 302 making 108 Gibson took the most 3PA on SLU at 214 making 74 Avila is the key to the offense. He is now a JR and gets to eat/workout at the O'Laughlin Champion Center so he should improve. Swope see above. He can improve. Is Jimerson better than Conwell? He is equal in 3PT shooting but less of a rebounder. Edge Conwell but Jimerson will improve in a better offense. Push. Is Anya better than Kent? Anya has better OR & DR% but a lot less 3PT shots/makes. Push. Can Hughes, Dotzler, Mccottry, Johnson be better than Larry in year one with Schertz? Probably not. Edge Larry. Cumulative we have 2 improves, 1 push, and 2 likely less effective starters. That equals a push. But I speculate that we'll have a deeper, more talented bench than ISU to withstand injuries etc. So, yes, SLU can be better than ISU last season. Expect a top-3 A10 finish, 40 KenPom and a NCAA bubble season. The prediction is that the offense is not at last year's ISU levels (that's hard to replicate) but still very effective, and the defense has slightly improved.
  6. According to the STL PD article he has a 6'8 wingspan and he's 210 lbs. That's some beef at the Guard position. According to KenPom he improved to .381 on 3 in Conference play (8-21) so he's not a volume shooter. He was #3 in the nation in Fouls Commited for 40min at 1 compared to Jimmerson who was #1 in the A10 at 1.2.
  7. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10120474-john-calipari-wont-fill-arkansas-roster-theyre-leaving-anyway-in-transfer-portal According to that article Calipari is considering only filing 8, 9 spots and if he gets a 10th guy. "That guy knows he's the 10 guy.". Plans to get recent Euro players as grad assistants to fill out practice squads. I think this is a mistake. While I understand that a player is likely to transfer, you need depth. Furthermore, a player could surprise and really turn into a contributor. Not filling the spot guarantees that you do not have that opportunity. While it's unlikely that a player emerges from no where it's not unheard of.
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10104303-ranking-every-college-football-conference-after-the-2023-24-season Last season CUSA barely edged out the MAC in average ESPN FPI. MAC #10 with CUSA #9 of 10 total. So yes last year it's the worst. But CUSA isn't much better. MAC has more regional alignment for a Midwest school. For basketball there's more of a gap. Per KenPom CUSA was #15 and MAC 24 last season. If you're a SPUMAC Lite fan who would you rather play? Liberty, and Jacksonville St or Miami, and Ohio? Plus did you miss the part about the Snoop Dogg Bowl? But to answer the question I didn't realize how bad the MAC is now. However, the difference in football with CUSA is negligible and basketball the gap is bigger but still they're both one bid leagues. I'm glad I'm not a fan of that school.
  9. A better move in my mind would be to the MAC. UMASS to the MAC makes 13 teams, SMS could be 14. Better conference with regional alignment. Plus added bonus of tie in to the Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl presented by Snoop and Dre Gin and Juice.* SPUMAC lite being dumb * This is not a joke this is real
  10. I hope all these guys are eligible to play. Should be an improved A10.
  11. It's almost like there's a coherent media campaign that benefits Saint Louis basketball.
  12. Now I'm offended I'm only here to teach. You can ask the other posters, I'm patient and understanding. Plus it's great to meet a fan of a conference. Especially one like the Missouri Valley. Usually a poster will be a fan of a specific school and mean-spirited posters (not me) would then criticize that poster's school. But you, you're like a unicorn, you must just love Arch Madness so happy no matter who wins. But it's gotta be disappointing on selection Sunday, when the one bid monster gets the MVC yet again! The above is also not irony, it's sarcasm. Still teaching. Please keep coming back for more lessons. That last sentence was irony. Bonus lesson.
  13. Yeah still not irony. I think you are confusing it with hypocrisy. If you consider SLU's actions hipocritical then you're ignoring the actions of MVC schools and schools in every other conference better than the MVC. Hence criticizing SLU fans and not criticizing them as well, makes you a hypocrite. While you obviously read my post you didn't understand. It's ok, not everyone grasps concepts immediately. Hang in there buddy you'll come to understand. To review: If given a choice, schools and fans don't want to move to a lesser conference. The lesser conference coaches and good players will often move to better conferences. Accepting that movement doesn't mean you should be willing to move to a conference with less NCAA bids, media coverage and revenue. It's just something else that seems hard for you to understand. But please try to seem smart in your retort by explaining a simile or some other non-sequiter.
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