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  1. I don't like the weave but they just aren't hitting shots we're trading missed FTs for 3 Pointers by SHU. Now if got the And1s we'd be golden. 1-3-1 isn't going to be as effective as it was for that 4 min stretch. Sadly we didn't take advantage. Need a couple outside shooters to get hot and French to get going. I'm hoping their foul trouble pays dividends this half
  2. Rammer's been wrong all these years that call on HF was the worst ever.
  3. All conjecture and opinion so let me get in on this. . . French would've made the Majerus' teams better. He can pass out of the post well and rebounds better than anyone on those teams. Furthermore, Goodwin is an all around good stat sheet stuffer comparable to Evans (I think) but also probably a better rebounder. No problem having a stretch 4 that doesn't contribute rebounds when Goodwin can pick up the slack. Evans did this as well but Goodwin seems better at it to me at this point. YC this guy just might become something really really special. His vision and passing is outstanding. He also hustles on D, no he's not Kwamain level but he may be one day. Now if we're adding all kinds of qualifiers imagine Majerus coaching this group or Bess. I'm just excited that we're comparing this team to the best team we've had in 20 years. It's early but I'm mixing some strong stuff in this Koolaid right now.
  4. So pumped 3 games into this season. There were a bunch of unknowns even though much of the board was high on YC and GJ. They've lived up to our hype, most don't but it's our nature as fans to be optimistic about our guys. 11 Assists is so awesome no matter who you're playing. Dude is exactly what this team needed a player that can create for others. We have some athletes but not all of them can create shots for themselves consistently. So we needed someone that can make the offense more cohesive. Usually I think 12 turn overs per game is the bench mark. At 12 you're ok, under you're good, above you're bad. However, since we're playing at a faster pace perhaps 14 should be the bench mark. The beginning of this game was sloppy. We'll need to come out strong taking care of the ball and work the ball inside to HF. That has multiple benefits gets one of our top players involved with higher % shots, his size/ strength can eventually wear down another team and they hack him and end up in foul trouble later. That will pay dividends later in the game as we have a deeper bench this season and we hopefully stay fresh to end games strong. We can't rely on FT shooting at the end of games.
  5. If you took a shot everytime Highmark says, "Yuri Collins can pass a guy open" you'd be pretty drunk. Like 05 Appletini or GDaze zima level drunk
  6. This game in St. Louis has Gotham written all over it. They'll wear these guys down..... hopefully
  7. Exciting start and we got to see what we wanted a few dimes and GJ raining 3s. Tough D too and they are playing uptempo for real this time
  8. Wow camera angle changed dramatically to normal BB coverage Good Bell 2 Offensive Reb Bad 1 TO
  9. GloryDaze mom always drops me off.
  10. I've been to Qatar a few times they weren't air conditioning the place I was at, unfortunately. It's so hot. The city has some super modern buildings but what an otherwise lame spot for the WC. There will have to be so many pop up entertainment exhibits for visitors. The airport is amazing though so there's that
  11. The current trend in arenas and airports is to have local food options. I like this trend over generic options. Everyone in that picture is wearing Billikens colors so that's good, virtual fans are supportive. What's up with that dude carrying a back pack to the game though? Maybe he's getting some slushies to take to the student section .
  12. The game tonight will be streamed on ESPN+ I went ahead and got the yearly subscription at a discount saved $10 (enough for $ for 6 easy drinking Busch Light tall boys at my local 7-11).
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