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  1. Donovan was mentioned recently in connection with Texas but I think Rodney Terry will be retained since he made the Sweet 16.
  2. Nah we went from Kool-Aid to drunk on Haterade. Your responses are like the red bull in our RBVs. Just pumping us up more. I'm off for St. Joseph's Day. Keep hitting refresh praying for intercession.
  3. Perhaps other events of the day threw a wrench in the plans. IE the opening at PC.
  4. Who's monitoring what today? If there is indeed a sword of damocles over CTF where will the news break first?
  5. Providence Journal article behind paywall so I can't see whole thing, says Micah Shrewsberry (PSU) is a likely candidate at PC. Not sure who else is mentioned.
  6. I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation. - George Benard Shaw
  7. Not by Mack. Mack was cleared. That's why he taped the assistant.
  8. Forgiveness my son. Also the paying of the assistant to take the fall and act as bag man to the woman. If I recall correctly.
  9. It was a really weird situation. He recorded a conversation with an assistant that was trying to extort him/UofL. Mack was fired for not following school guidelines after this occurred. UofL was a mess and worried about more lawsuits, Pitino sued for $38mil. That's not baggage that I'm worried about at SLU as it's all UofL specific.
  10. I get it, I'm trying to be reasonable. Sometimes there will be injuries or an issue or just a rebuild year. So I'm saying 3 of 4 years post season.
  11. C. Mack to SLU, I don't want to get into bidding war with Providence. I hear it's a nice town though. What were they paying Cooley? Who else is a Providence candidate?
  12. @Dr Bird 1. Agree that would be cool (Belmont?) 2. They changed scheduling to help the top teams get better match ups. This could be achieved with divisions as well to determine who you play across division 3. Yes, I've been wanting this too
  13. OK I'll start with what I think SLU's overall expectations should be: -Win A10 regular season or tournament once every 4 years. -NIT appearance 2x every 4 years -Advance in NCAA Tournament 50% of your appearances, so every other time win at least 1 game -Advance in NIT at least every other appearance with more than 1 win. Next season, I need more data on who's staying and who's transferring in
  14. You guys, stop arguing about did we finish 2 or 4th. There's no argument there's like an official ranking by an impartial arbiter called the A10. We could do something constructive and try to reach (in a civil manner) a consensus on what SLU's expectations should be next year and overall.
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