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  1. That was great breaking down the film and the analytics. I'm impressed. Dude came out firing with the hard questions about transferring and money up front then went straight into basketball strengths weaknesses and all. The democratization of media access makes this possible you would not get such an interview on a news/mainstream outlet. Even as the Steve Kerr of Kuwait (2x champion coach) I learned watching this video.
  2. NYC to Odessa TX is a culture shock. No blaming this kid for wanting to get back to a city quick. Interesting pick up has the physical stats and working on the basketball. I'm all about filling up the scholarship spots because who knows what tomorrow brings.
  3. PAC-12 is about to die. According to Scheer, the Pac-12 has reportedly received an offer worth $24.5 Million on its expiring media deal. That is no Bueno so look for members to bolt to B12 and/or other spots. Smart $ was on the members waiting for the offer before deciding to jump ship. That offer is really low.
  4. There are some advocating that college football as we knew it would be saved if the power conferences collectively negotiated their TV deal. This would remove the reason to change conferences. Therefore, avoiding megaconferences and splitting off.
  5. MLS did a deal with Apple. $100mil but my only issue (as someone that wants more MLS exposure) is that it will be behind a paywall. But I think it was the most money MLS was offered and I think there is a lot of cynergy with Apple and MLS fans so maybe it'll work. Not to ruin Business MSNBC on Billikens.com but to bring this back to the topic on hand, the next domino is the PAC-12 media deal. So if the $ isn't enough you may see some bolt to the B12. Most likely the AZ schools, UU, CU. WU and Oregon could maybe go B10 but that is a loooong flight. If they go B12 longer flight as the B12 added UCF and has WVU. Cal and Stanford are just different animals they won't go B12 (I don't think but we live in a crazy world). B12 has a new commissioner (Yorman) who is way more active than the last dude that was napping on the job (Bob Bowlsby).
  6. I'm hearing B12 trying to poach some PAC-12 teams, AZ, ASU, UC and 1 other, I sing recall. Also a rumor of AAC considering SMU (not well established but still out there). Interesting times
  7. Old Guy you don't know what you're talking about. Savannah is a great town to visit with a lot to do. It's beautiful, there's some funkiness to it due to the Art Institute being there mixed with the Old South. Plus it's near the beach. They have a huge St. Patrick's Day celebration. Looks fun and they're going to the extreme to bring in fans to minor league baseball.
  8. I find this funny as the PAC-12 and ACC had an alliance to counter the SEC expansion. Now this happens and PAC-12 could lose it's 2 most relevant programs. Those other conferences voted not to expand CFP because SEC wanted it to expand. Super Conference is likely.
  9. See last season. L's in big games and no tournament without JP. I used to be a Pollyanna. The last few decades have drained that from me, I'm thinking we go 11-7 this year in Conference.
  10. Uhhh Rose' is a back up drink that can only be counted on for about 5 minutes because these days you can't get a respectable Rose' to be a back up drink unless you're really going to pay. So I'm not even sure why you'd stock Rose'. But I'm also not saying don't stock Rose', because Cougars definitely need back up drinks. But 05 is holding out for Appletinis and that helps nobody.
  11. Hutto High in Hutto TX really embraces the hippo as their mascot they got concrete hippos all over town. Pretty decent football program too.
  12. Washington Monuments rolls off the tongue but maybe too phallic for 2022. The Foggy Bottoms That's all I got for now.
  13. Schrute Bucks can be used as legal tender in transactions for Nissan Xterras or Message Board betting. Also it has been known to be used in beet acquisition.
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