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  1. My source for all this is Chip Brown of Horns247, he was on the forefront of all this realignment talk back in 2010 when Texas considered going to PAC12. Apparently there is reporting that FOX could make a deal for Texas, OU to go independent then fill out their schedule with B10 and PAC10 schools under their media contracts. Texas is much maligned for the LHN and destroying SWAC or old B12 but Texas staying back then saved the B12. Plus I don't care (as a Texas fan) , Texas has to act in their own best self interest and they have the clout to impose their will on other programs. I think UT, OU to SEC is done deal. The leak is Gaggie trying to leverage getting something out of it as a concession. Also some sources state move wouldn't happen until grant of rights expires 2024 but others saying UT and OU would pay the $76mil to leave earlier. What's this mean for basketball? Unclear I like the NCAA tournament but it could look very different. A10 is probably intact as none of the schools are going to be poached for a 64 team super football league. Is there some type of hybrid 64 Team league vs all others in a tournament for National Championship that the NCAA no longer controls ran by an organization like the CFP committee? Maybe could make sense. Bids could be static or dynamic based on some metric (RPI etc), TV deal renegotiated. My optimum endstate would be that even after all the changes that an NCAA like tournament still exists for the National Championship. He'll maybe the NIT comes back as the premier tournament and suddenly our 1948 win looks more important. Don't fret, there's too much $ to be made with an NCAA style basketball tournament so some option will emerge.
  2. The new strategy is to "stay old". Baylor had the oldest roster in the tournament last year. Calipari's 1 and done model isn't working. We saw that hit other programs that copied Cal, Duke etc. So SLU can stay old too. Recruit 1 or 2 HS then get transfers like Bess, Okoro etc. No more rebuilding, less development. Maybe it'll work for Ford. So far we've been right on the cusp of success. Or you can zig instead of zag and try to go all HS and develop over a few years for that window, then rebuild. In that strategy you gotta protect from your good players transferring out.
  3. I'm a UT season ticketholder, got a MS from UT and live 3 miles from campus. I'm excited about this but I understand the trepidation. This is happening now because of the confluence of a few events: NIL previously Mack Brown did not want to join the SEC because of underhanded recruiting. Well now with the NIL that is nullified for big name schools. Plus Nick Saban told the TX Association of High School Coaches that his QB will make $1mil off NIL. Big 12 Media deal is ends in 2024. The Big 12 has the 3rd highest pay out (I think). Expansion of college play offs to 12 teams. That will mean that a team could get in with multiple losses. It is not a done deal but it is moving that direction. So playing in harder conference won't hurt. For those wondering about the Longhorn Network (LHN) the pay is backloaded meaning later years pay more currently it's $6mil/year and goes up 1mil/year. I think it expires in 2030 something. So Texas could leave some money on the table or could get it negotiated into their deal. This whole thing is about money from TV deals. SEC has a deal with ESPN which also runs the LHN. Therefore, they could work it out with Texas. A&M leaked this to the media. It is the A&M beat writer for the Houston Chronicle that published the story. So it's interesting their president is very politically savvy. Maybe they cry in order to leverage some special treatment. SEC needs 11 of 14 votes. Not sure who would be against it besides A&M. A&M needs it for recruiting differentiation. Perhaps LSU because they recruit Texas well and this won't help. Texas is playing Arkansas this year and I think their fanbase misses that rivalry (though Texas fans don't think of them as rivals). This is going to be about money and adding Texas and OU to the SEC will make it far and away the best football conference and will give them leverage. Not to mention Texas just won the Learfield IMG Director's Cup for best overall athletic program (#3 Baseball, #2 Volleyball, #1 Men's Swimming & Diving, #1 W Rowing, #1 W Tennis, B12 B Ball Tourney Champions, etc etc). Texas basketball will probably be preseason top 4, OU is pretty good at other sports too. But but SEC has Texas market with A&M. Eh kinda, there are some A&M fans but it is a foothold not the whole state with massive TV markets DFW 6.5mil, Houston 6.5mil, SA, and Austin. I bet there's more OU fans in Texas than A&M fans. Texas and OU are national brands that will bring more eyeballs. I hear people say things about competing in this or that or this player blah blah. It's not about right now, it's in 4 years. Plus none of that matters the only guarantee is the money guaranteed by a contract. Reasons why it might not happen, state legislatures get involved in Texas and Oklahoma trying to save the other B12 schools. I think it'll happen. Texas AD Chris Del Conte is really good and gets things done (See Chris Beard hiring, see Tom Herman firing, new endzone development). I think the B12 will cease to exist as is, the good football, basketball schools will probably be able to go to PAC-12 they want to get into Central Time Zone and need to stay relevant. Maybe WVU to ACC, maybe ISU to B10. The remaining join up with the next tier football schools mostly AAC (UH, SMU, Memphis etc). 64 teams in 4 mega conferences of 16 teams each is becoming closer to reality and can break away from the NCAA.
  4. This guy is like regular Andre but with waaaaay better D! Bring da De No time for love Dr. Jones only De!
  5. anyone going to USMNT vs Canada in KC on Sunday? I just got my tickets.
  6. Only 1 way to settle who can use the Iggy namesake.......... IGGY SHOWDOWN* SALINA KS Bring yer paystubs! *both Chode and Iggy may represent themselves in the engagement or choose a representative
  7. I think it might actually help a school like SLU that is in a metro area. Local appearance fees or sponsorships have to be more lucrative than in Olean or in a really huge metro area like Philly. If you're worried about the rich getting rich, they're already rich. This type of thing could be a huge distraction at a large program so maybe it's better not to have huge money in flows. It's just another thing for the coaches to navigate. You have to adapt to the operational environment and find a way to win. Smaller schools not dealing in 1 and dones can focus on building cohesive teams that play well together to overcome teams of athletes that stay only 1 season. Perhaps 4 years of a player will breed familiarity and open up opportunities. SLU AD needs to adapt now and partner with a brand/licensing company that provides guidance to the athletes. Furthermore, they will need to set their policies on what types of appearances/products players associated with SLU can represent. Then they need to pitch that vision to recruits and parents. Here's why SLU and STL are a great fit athletically, academically and for your name brand marketing. The NCAA should have conducted contingency planning for this day as it has been coming for a long time. I doubt they are as so many organizations are bad and preparing for the most basic outcomes. Don't get me on schools not being prepared for COVID to continue, graduations, blah blah. Come on, pick likely outcomes, develop courses of action (COA) to deal with those situations and meet a desired endstate. So NCAA likely outcomes 1. No pay to student athletes 2. Full Pay no limits 3. Some limited pay. Desired endstate is to continue to allow a "level" playing field in college atheltics. Develop your COA to deal with each usually we try to do 3 COAs per. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. Pick a COA. Boom. Emmert call me I'll fix you.
  8. I was working out at a boxing gym in Austin with Battlehawks OT Kent Perkins. He was wearing a Battlehawks t-shirt so I asked him about it, large human being. Are the Battlehawks coming back? I'd be the # fan of my Home Boy Perkins and French. Also need to continue that SLU NFL tradition. Kids in NY still talking about the legend of Pat Leahy (I have about 20 Pat Leahy cards world's largest collection outside his mom's house).
  9. Anyone going to KC next month? I'm contemplating.
  10. Just saw that on Horns247. Another big-time front court transfer to Texas. Beard is masterful he pulled All Pac 12 Utah Timmy Allen, SEC leading rebounder Vanderbilt Dylan Disu, and Creghton Christian Bishop. Jericho Sims could return if not drafted and B-Roy prototype player Brock Cunningham is coming back. Solid group plus Ramey, Jones and UK transfer Askew. Now SLU doesn't have to deal with Tre Mitchell. Bell step up, Linssen continued solid minutes with Okoro living up to expectations SLU front court will be solid too.
  11. Video Coordinator could be a Grad Assistant, that's how Chris Beard got his start under Tom Penders. I saw Chris Beard at the NCAA Austin Super Regionals last night.
  12. EPL teams play so many games, he'll get PT in Cups and if the main keeper is hurt. Club Brugge is alright usually Europa League level team. It would be better if Horvath were starting for them, maybe he can get on with another club to start.
  13. Roy we're discussing driving through OK as fast as we can and Stu's songs don't bring us down. Did the drive on Saturday stopped at Choctaw Casino won $190 in about an hour. But I gotta keep going south past DFW southbound 35.
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