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  1. I'm bummed because it feels like our NCAA bubble just popped. We could get it back but I think to be sure, we have to get to the A10 Final. A10 Final is in that *(&%# hole town so that does not bode well for us. It's extra bitter because we weren't expecting to be in this spot. Once upon a time SLU was riding high, ranked in the top 25 then biggity bam the M'fers rubble. Win the next one and optimism is restored. Lose and someone may need to send me the # to one of those hotlines because I'm going to need help.
  2. I was impressed by SBU coach and thinking why hasn't some bigger east coast school snapped him up. He only has 2 NCAA Tourney appearances in 13 years and 1 win in 2012. Sadly that 1 NCAA win is tied for Ford though Ford had 6 appearances
  3. Perkins usually does turn it up in the 2nd half. He's especially good getting to the line and sinking FTs. Hopefully he does so again today but only 1 PF on SBU this half so far.
  4. Some typical over reactions in the GDT. Yeah HF isn't all that great today but his playing isn't just about today but the rest of the season. Dude is usually better. He does pass well out of the post, he hasn't scored today but he has passed well. But he needs the PT to get it going for the rest of the season. It's just a fine line in how much we can afford to give and still win this "must win" game.
  5. I do think we should see TJH when we need an injection of energy. He is so athletic he makes things happen. Also Perkins back in and gets to the line immediately. Nice
  6. Problem is that it's February 4. We have 38 days until selection Sunday. Only 9 games plus tournament to right this ship. That's without anymore complications for COVID, weather, Godzilla attack etc. They can turn it around but time keeps on ticking into the future.....
  7. I'm usually an optimist, I thought this team would come back rested, hungry and best of all inoculated vs another COVID outbreak in March. Not so it's discombobulated and perhaps it's mental. All this talk of lasting effects, heart issues etc affects you. I'm not saying it's not real, I'm saying every lil twinge, every exhausted day you're asking yourself "is this my life now? Do I have some lifelong ailment?" So maybe they'll realize they're OK (and hopefully they all are). Or maybe they'll gel. They need to do it soon. Might have to either win A10 or play enough games to ov
  8. STOP FOULING when you have the guy trapped where you want him
  9. I'd figure we'd see TH on the press, he is very active
  10. I don't know what's the problem with Ricky Guitierrez
  11. That dunk was THUNDEROUS but damn they hit another prayer
  12. Can I get a JP jumper off the curl?
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