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  1. I had a WhatifSports account once. I like the simulations. I switched to Wolverine Studios as it was only a 1 time fee (https://www.wolverinestudios.com/draft-day-sports-college-basketball-simulation/). A user made an exe to import real Teams, Conferences, courts, tournaments, and Coaches. I retired after taking SLU to 4 National Championships in a row. I recommend it if you're stuck inside. Doesn't even need wifi. If multiple players get on we could have a Billikens.com multiplayer league
  2. Yeah ithe school tix are so much plus you buy the whole tournament not what you need. Also there's about 38 people inside so if you can get by the usher you can get lower.
  3. According to that chart SLU has the best chance to be in the top 4 outside Dayton, Richmond, URI.
  4. Duq's play at VCU and Richmond. 2 tough games remaining. Our other 4 seed competition St. Bonaventure, has St. Joe and us. Need a little help with Duq and we handle business vs the welders and GMU we get top 4 seed. A10 tournament last 5 years, 5 different champions. That's conference parity. SLU trying to be the first to repeat since Temple 2008, 2009, 2010.
  5. GJ sporting that sweet Color Me Bad style facial hair
  6. Now that was some nice passing and moving without the ball
  7. One of the few games this year that HF and/or JB isn't in early Foul trouble. I just worry about staying fresh. TH giving some good minutes should help
  8. Yeah taking the ball all the way behind the back and finish. SLU needs to finish a few more at the rim and we'd be ahead.
  9. Why another time out? Used up the last one in a close game with mintues to go
  10. I think the announcers are fine they are giving Billikens their due
  11. Bell having some good minutes. Once again gave up an OREB
  12. I don't think we'll continue hitting 3s like we have but we can certainly stop giving up offensive rebounds. If we didn't give up OReb we'd be in the lead
  13. I like how Applebee's sponsors our games on TV. Paying it back from that big bump Willie Reed gave them back in the day.
  14. Damron looks like a Yugoslavian gymnastics coach
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