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  1. I'm 80% sure that foreign students can't get NIL. Because the student visas do not allow one to work.
  2. This one is getting support from Horns with a Heart. Seems like a pretty good charity to support. Just getting started and I'm sure $58k can really help other libraries when they go into other communities. https://www.fox44news.com/news/longhorns-linebacker-derrick-johnson-donates-thousands-to-austin-isd-libraries/
  3. Lots of people care about corner backs. One of the biggest NIL stars of college and pro football still endorsing products to this day, decades after playing is Neon Deion Sanders. He's like the biggest example ever, but yes people about corner backs. Think about Brian Bosworth (LB) could he have made money in college on NIL? Yeah. Just throwing out some old school names. If no one cared no one would pay. Now maybe we care a little too much. I'll admit I listen to podcasts discussing the 3 deep center or longsnapper and I'm not the only one.
  4. I predict basketball (football this is already starting) budgets will grow to add non-coaching staff. Staff to help manage social media, scout possible transfers, and maybe non-coaching analysts thar review film etc and advise the HC. All to ease expanding burdens.
  5. I was wrong. I thought it had no chance. Also lay off Schasz dude loves SLU he also likes Tenn. He told us about something before we were aware. You can like 2 programs if one of them isn't SPUMAC, in the A10, X, SIUC, or SMS.
  6. I am extremely surprised by this move. I was wrong by thinking it had 0 chance. I worry about team chemistry. But I'm hopeful.
  7. We've crossed the Rubicon genie is out of the bottle
  8. Mario Cristobal is from Miami and played at UM. Miami has been stumbling through the wilderness for years but looks like they are getting it right this time around with the hire. Oregon will probably be alright.
  9. I think YC was in the right spot for him. He would drive into the trees in the A10 and against undersized teams he could score, against the SEC that part of his game will be ineffective and he doesn't shoot well enough so guys will be able to sag off him and disrupt his passing lanes. 5'10, 168(ish) lbs, meh shooting isn't going to translate. He'll be alright because Rick Barnes teams are hard-nosed and pretty sound but he won't be all conference, not even close. But money talks and Yuri walked.
  10. There is a prevailing desire for a Stretch 4 on this board or at least a vocal group. I understand the desire we saw it work under Majerus. It makes sense if you have a good rebounder and/or strong rebounding guys and guys that can get to the hoop off the dribble you clear out space by having a big man on the perimeter. However, I'm not sure that jives with any system I've seen Ford run. He's recruited a few that never really saw the floor and they left. Am I wrong here? I think a stretch 4 would be good to clear space for Okoro inside and Perkins, Thatch, TJ to drive the lane. I'm just not convinced it fits in Ford's offensive scheme. I think Askew would tear up the A10 he really came on strong at the end of last season in the best conference in the land. I think Ramey would be even better. Both would be a dream.
  11. Because name 1 player that returned after entering portal? This isn't due to a coaching change and he entered while SLU found a new coach then new coach tries to bring him back. Also think about team dynamics. A basketball team is 13 guys plus coaches that is a small element. Unhappiness by influential players or hard feelings will ruin a small unit. If a walk on isn't happy and has limited influence you'll probably survive if you have good culture. If your team leader, starring PG isn't happy with the coaches, the other players aren't happy with him that spells disaster. He can't come back now if he did the team will mentally break down. Trust me on this I'm well versed in small teams of young men in pressure situations. There is a balancing act to keep the chemistry right. Perhaps Yuri leaving can galvanize the remaining players into an US vs errybody mentality. Do that and push the right buttons over the season we may get the success we want.
  12. NIL and the Portal has made it so you not only have to recruit HS, you recruit other college kids and your own team all the time. Think about this, now you have to have a NFL, NBA or EPL like scouting to check out other college players so you have some data if they jump into the portal. Day after winning the National Championship, UGA Football Coach Kirby Smart talked about the never ending grind of recruiting never ending and how coaches aren't getting a break.
  13. I'm surprised by Devin Askew transferring. He seemed to emerge at the end of the year. There's a top PG freshman coming to Texas. Beard must run a real tight lipped group because there's been no prior leak on Ramey or Askew. Askew would be a good get for SLU. Guy looked really good at the end of the year. He'd be really tough to defend by A10 guards.
  14. SLU is a catholic school so maybe a few of you have heard a Priest say, "In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety...." I've also heard some Priests use an alternate phrasing "worry about senseless things" If you're not into Western religions here's one from Ghandi, "There is nothing that wastes the body like worry...." It's senseless to think the NCAA can or will do something about NIL. Ya'll need to stop worrying and learn to love the bomb err NIL.
  15. Players can make money off their NIL just like every other person in the US. It is not the US Government's business how that money is made as long as it's done legally and taxes are paid. As for the second paragraph, it is unenforceable. Schools are not involved in NIL, a student is as a private person with another private entity. The amount doesn't require disclosure and therefore wouldn't be known to penalize a school.
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