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  1. Passes out of the pivot don’t have to be for 3’s. Jones and Hargrove are hitting 38% from the arc, so sure, fire away.
  2. That is a huge factor. This entire season, Okoro has 5 total assists in 16 games, Traore has 2 in 11 games. Linssen, in 12 games has 10 assists. That is 17 assists from the pivot. In 19 games last season, French had 45 assists. Add Bell's 8 assists in 19 games if you want to as well as Linssen's 8 in 21 games, for 61 out of the post. That is a 3.5x factor for passes out of the post that resulted in points in 3 more games. Were we spoiled with French’s elite court awareness? Is our current tag team of 3 more the norm?
  3. Coach on KMOX this morning. Nothing new that hasn't already been covered on the Fordham game. Back to backs coming up with UMass. Coach did remark that we played UMass back to back last year, being in our last game and then first game in the A10 Tourney. I had forgotten about that.
  4. Finishing in the top 4 spots is the key. Discount Fordham and there are six in the running. Richmond is in an early hole. No way we can lose to the bottom dwelling UMass, correct? Good games coming up Tuesday, Richmond at Fordham in a must win for both, Bonnies at Dayton, and Davidson at VCU.
  5. Sure it was the right call. But that was a pass to Traore at the rim, not a shot. We got a break that Fordham tried to deflect a pass that was indeed on it's downward path.
  6. Murray State curbstomps Belmont on the Bruins floor 82-60. Not good for our OOC SOS. Belmont may have to win the OVC tourney to dance. Or could the OVC have two teams get in the tourney?
  7. Belmont down 18 at home to Murray State at the 12 min break. Ouch.
  8. Is the transfer portal open? Williams, Strickland and Lorentsson might as well enter now. They ain't gonna play much, if at all, the rest of this season. We only went 7 deep today with any meaningful minutes.
  9. Geez, Nesbitt has a pull up jumper. Who’d a thought.
  10. Jones leading on the boards with 7. 12 TO. What is wrong with our ball handling these last few games?
  11. If we play like this the rest of the season we will be in the Pillow Fight.
  12. Well 4:10 left on the half and we can call off the 20 point watch.
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