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  1. I'd tell him he will earn his job in practice. Best five on the floor. If he can't beat out Jimerson/Hargrove/Strickland/Thatch/Jacobs/Lorentsson etc., then he sits. Nothing is given out free by TeamBlue. You earn your place on the team.
  2. He won't be the point guard here (as Penny apparently has told him), until maybe his junior year. No way Collins isn't the primary PG until he graduates.
  3. Drive in, play game, drive home same day. Dec 15 https://gosycamores.com/news/2020/9/28/sycamore-basketball-adds-saint-louis-to-2020-21-slate-lose-dayton-due-to-covid-19-changes.aspx
  4. Interesting information. Several pending waivers are A10 players. VCU's Medley-Bacon elected to redshirt.
  5. Pretty solid package deal we got four years ago.
  6. It looks like Siena might not be in the Orlando Tourney unless the NY quarantine list changes.
  7. This is a very level headed analysis of the Bills. I took off my blue and white glasses and said, yeah this is a solid take on the season. I didn't realize we were 347th in % of shots behind the arc. Yes, if we want to play with the P5 big boys, that has to increase substantially as well as a corresponding % made. Hightower got some props here, but Russell not a mention. I like the fact he broke the squad into Guards, Wings, and Bigs. None of the ancient 1-5 slots. (I didn't see the need to copy the entire article.)
  8. I could care less who starts. I look at wins and then minutes played, as the key to the wins. TeamBlue, not TeamMe
  9. Tall white player is Linssen, right? (Shirt partially rolled up on line, halfway through video.) He looks taller, and thinner, than I expected.
  10. Two other lesser categories for Goodwin's career stats will be minutes played and minutes per game played. Right now he is 2nd to Bess in career mpg and is 17th in minutes played. The number of games to be played this season is a total krapshoot at this time, but 30 games at 33 mpg puts Goodwin in 4th on minutes played. He is 2 mpg behind Bess, so that is a huge hurdle to overtake him.
  11. An ESPN report says VCU will play Virginia in an extra Orlando Bubble game. Let's tee up a good one for the Bills while in Orlando. Ford wants 9 OOC games. 4 to 5 in Orlando, 4 or 5 in another Bubble?
  12. The entire Orlando Bubble Extravaganza is over a two week period. Our 3 game festival will take, what 3 or at most 4 days? And it is (was) early in the two week time frame, but schedules are made to be broken. That could leave 10 days for additional games, pending the site's ability to house all teams for the 2 weeks and someone willing to foot the bill. There are 47 teams listed in the 8 tourneys (Gonzaga is in two). Is there room in the Bubble for all teams that want to stay for two weeks? (Need practice and weight room facilities.) The article says 3 games will going on at one time in the Bubble. There will be time after the Orlando Bubble to go to another locale, if that is the plan.
  13. Here is the official notice from the A10: https://atlantic10.com/news/2020/9/21/mens-basketball-mountain-west-atlantic-10-challenge-series-postponed-for-one-year.aspx Matchups will be shuffled for next season. The Atlantic 10 Conference and Mountain West Conference have mutually agreed to postpone the leagues’ challenge series, originally scheduled to begin in December of 2020. Matchups are slated to be rescheduled for the 2021-22 season.
  14. Crazy stuff is happening. The Maui Classic moved to NC. Louisville dropped out of the MGM Classic in Vegas apparently wanting to form a bubble concept in Lexington. I expect our schedule will be nothing like what we envisioned. Vegas and Indy are both attempting to put together some major bubble events. BC against Rhody is on, but will BC come to STL? It's a two hour drive from Amherst to Boston, a three hour flight from Boston to STL.
  15. If we haven't heard about it by now, I'd say no. The Dec 5 date now is open. Maybe, just maybe, we sneak into the 20 team Houston Bubble event which opens Dec 1?
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