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  1. His mom, Shanda Greer Samuels, played for the Lady Bills (when they were called the Lady Bills) 2001-2003. There are still 13 open scholarships in the A10, with the outgoing portal open until July 1. And of course, the senior class players can still opt to return without counting on the total. Davidson has 2 open Fordham 2 LaSalle 1 Rhode Island 1 Richmond 2 St. Bonnie 2 Saint Joseph's 1 Billikens 2
  2. Email Brian at his slu account. He will respond.
  3. No mention of a weight room in the short article nor in the renderings. @brianstl do you know if one is to be included? There is mention of a 'training center'.
  4. There seems to be varying opinions as to whether Musah is cap tied to the US or not. this agrees with what Twellman said, that he was capped thru the North Ireland game. https://en.as.com/en/2021/03/28/football/1616965711_557648.html I'm going with 50/50.
  5. Tonight during the Costa Rica friendly Twellman did some research and said effective Jan 2021 FIFA changed the rule on Cap tie, in that if a player plays 4 friendlies with the nations ‘A’ team, he is capped tied. He said Musah has meet that criteria.
  6. The League basically just flipped last year's initial schedule H to A and kept the same double matches.
  7. https://triblive.com/sports/keith-dambrot-says-dukes-raised-our-standards-in-almost-total-roster-makeover/ Some interesting and some questionable comments from Dambrot. It certainly looks like he kicked some of his previously recruited players out.
  8. I'll go with 11 of 11 from the line!!
  9. Herrera should have been tossed out of that game after his slide tackle of Horvath. Earlier he choked McKennnie and went studs up into Weah. He knew exactly what he was doing going after Horvath.
  10. Hasahn also playing in Tampa. With 11 points, he hit a FT (or a three pointer).
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