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  1. He played 11 minutes last year. Too many if's.
  2. Congress was totally consumed with impeachment/trial when the virus was exploding in China.
  3. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/ncaa-extends-eligibility-for-athletes-in-spring-sports/article_9df7ee7c-71f2-5600-bb91-2ad6208626a7.html The NCAA has given all spring sports athletes a mulligan on this season. At least they didn't limit this to seniors. But they are leaving it up to each university how they want to handle this. Lots of unanswered questions. With the NCAA dollars coming to schools cut back this year, it will be interesting to see what schools do.
  4. 18 FT made would tie a Billiken record held by Burns and Johnson. So who do you think hits 18 FT? Bet it isn't French. Other than Free Throws, what the heck are you talking about?
  5. You got it. Reading a paper on our screened in porch with a cup of coffee is my definition of a start to a good day.
  6. George Washington has added Hunter Dean, 6'10" FR from Southern Miss and 6'8" JR Matthew Moyer from Vandy, immediate eligible. Already reported, Fernandes from Wichita State to UMass. St. Joseph added midyear 4* SG Dahmir Bishop from Xaiver. (St. Joe has Gonzaga transfer PG Greg Foster also joining next season after sitting out this season.)
  7. Thanks. That sentence was not in the Post Dispatch article that was delivered to my front door this morning. Yes I still get the PD delivered.
  8. Where was it stated that Hankton wanted to be closer to NC?
  9. If you take these stats as being basically on target, the question mark I have is the 2FG%. 33.9% from inside the arc (40 of 118) and 56.8% from outside the arc (63 of 111) doesn't add up very well. I would take this to mean that Russell has trouble finishing at the rim...(many blocked shots?) I assume he is solid anywhere 15 ft out, but what happens closer in?
  10. For me, the only way to not go to 20 games is to get more league Challenges set up. Perhaps the Atlantic 10, American, West Coast, Mountain West, Missouri Valley and Mid American combine for some rotational set up where leagues have at least two challenges per year. Have a two year home and away series with two and then move on to another two conferences. Matching up 14 teams conferences with 10 team conferences would still need to be addressed, but it could be done.
  11. Agree with you 100%. Some posters just need to B and M. Hankton has yet to make a statement on his transferrrig. There is no story, yet.
  12. Do you really think that first and foremost on the A10's agenda is to trim SLU's expenses? You want Loyola and Bradley. We play SIUC annually and played Valpo this season. Why not just join the Valley? It would be cheaper.
  13. For my 2 cents, KC was misplayed as a post player. I wonder how often he envisioned guarding the opponents big man. Given enough reps he could have been a nice stretch wing.
  14. Since the A10 went to an 18 game schedule in 14/15, here are our home and home opponents. I get Dayton and Duquesne, to an extent, being annual, but we should be playing VCU twice every year. And why haven't we drawn Davidson twice, ever. HOME & HOME since 2014/15 Dayton 6 Duquesne 6 LaSalle 4 George Mason 3 St. Bonaventure 3 Rhode Island 2 St. Joseph 2 VCU 2 Richmond 1 UMass 1 Davidson 0 Fordham 0 GW 0
  15. Definitely. Our resume would have looked much better without Maryville and Florida Gulf Coast. Give me a second game with Richmond, VCU, Davidson or St. Bonnie instead.
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