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  1. Please start a new thread to cover EACH of his 5 trips.
  2. Last season BC finished 11th in the ACC, ahead of last place Pitt. So at least we are moving up!
  3. Ronnie Suggs is walking off at Missouri and heading to SIUC. They might be okay this season even with a new regime and losing a bunch of players.
  4. Post moved to Update on 2019 Grad thread. Mods please delete this post.
  5. Is this a ‘last post wins’ contest?
  6. His dad was a head case. Hope his son inherited some common sense from his mom.
  7. Man, don't you think that the Nebraska OOC deserves a thread of it's own?
  8. Think we can get a home and home against them?
  9. I'd say @billiken_roy, @Old guy, @brianstl, and @RiseAndGrind are all either right or wrong, it's 50/50, Coach has who he wants or he doesn't. Exciting times!
  10. Collins is in the House. He's just a tiny bit shorter than Bell.
  11. Yes Mack hit 56% of his FT, but he only took 50. Mack played 699 minutes, so the total FTA isn't all that skewed. He made 28 of the 50. Thatch played 695 minutes with 54 FTA and hit 61%, sinking 33.
  12. He’s transferring out of Alabama. Football is kind of big down there. He knows all about fishing in big ponds.
  13. October 27, 2011. Best sports date in recent St. Louis history.
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