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  1. Okay this is what I was looking for. Backing up 42 days from Nov 9 puts you into mid next week. But yes we know Coach starts with some of the required off days so I’m guessing sometime week of Oct 4.
  2. I’m seeing a couple of ‘midnight madness’ events closer to the first of next month. Last year’s season start was delayed due to covid. First exhibition game is Oct 26. Mid Oct start would only give them 10 or so practices before Rockhurst.
  3. When is the first day of full team practice? A while back the NCAA allowed 30 practices before the first game, but required days off in that schedule. The rules may have changed, I don't know. So Day 1 is coming up soon, within the next week or two, right? Anyone know? I remember Coach normally doesn' t start on the first allowable date as he takes some of the prescribed off days before he begins practice.
  4. About 8 days ago, Richmond came in at #53, destined for the NIT. So according to 144, only 2 A10 teams will be dancing, St. Bonnie and VCU. 144 Recap below. I do believe that last season's Pre-Season trophies are available on ebay. Richmond #53 SLU #69 Davidson #85 Dayton #102 Rhode Island #121
  5. I’ll post what the AD says when I email them after Williams gets his waiver.
  6. This is all good stuff. I am asking @SluSignGuyif pinning your matrix is feasible. It is a resource that I think we all have been looking for. It would have to be refreshed annually, but I trust you would/could do that. As I said earlier, once Williams gets his seedless watermelon, I plan on emails the ADepartment and getting some details confirmed. I am curious if Okoro is eligible for a medical redshirt, as he did have two surgeries and could not have played the entire season.
  7. The exit fee is indeed $10 MM, with a 27 month notice. It can be 'adjusted' (upward) for a quicker exit. These figures are in the reports on the three teams leaving. What we don't know if Wichita State has the same exit conditions, being that they are not a football team. Their impact on the league (football dollars) is less than the departing three. And Charles Koch could pay the $10 MM by collecting the money that has fallen out of his pockets into his couch. If Wichita St wants out, and Koch is on board, they are gone.
  8. This is a Perkins thread, right. Look at Rothstein's list.
  9. I have a question on this part of your post. Are you saying that if Okoro had played last season, he would be able to play 2 more, for a total of 5 seasons (with the 5th being a Covid year). But since he redshirted, he will only get 4 years of action? No matter what he did, he would be done after 22-23? That would make 22-23 his Covid year or he doesn't get one? Okoro had two surgery's last year so I'm not sure he 'could have played last year'. I don't know if a medical redshirt was been filed or not, but I would assume he would qualify.
  10. Some speculation there, but that is why I started this thread. Yeah on leaving Parker at 2 years for now, but I'm leaning on him getting a COVID year. Once the roster is settled for this season (Williams getting his transfer waiver), I may email Kunderman and find out Okoro's, Parker's and Williams' Covid year status.
  11. I really, really like your format better than mine. Parker has been discussed in subsequent posts, and I am among those who think he will get a 3rd year at SLU. NJCAA has granted the waiver to those in Parker's class. https://www.ncsasports.org/coronavirus-sports/ncaa-eligibility-coronavirus We know that the NCAA is passing waivers out like Halloween candy. On Okoro, why wouldn't he get a Covid year for 23-24? Being redshirted last season shouldn't negate him getting a 5th year, should it? I don't know but that for me is up in the air. And another OT player (maybe) is Jimmy Bell. Does he retain his Covid year? (After all, the conspiracy theory is that Bell is being sent to the minors for a year, and then will come back to SLU.)
  12. Trying to make sense of the number of seasons our players have available now and in the future, particularly counting the optional Covid Year (CY). I appreciate any edits based on facts. Maybe the biggest question is do transfers carry the CY with them? Collins, 2 + CY Hargrove, 2 + CY Jimerson, 3 + CY Jones, 1 Linssen, 1 + CY Lorentsson, 3 + CY Nesbitt, 3 + CY Okoru, 2 + ? Perkins, 1 Thatch, 2 + CY Strickland, 3 + CY Williams, 1 + ? CY
  13. You are correct. If a player is on an Exhibit 10 contract with a particular team, it would allow him to participate in that franchise's training camp. The team will control that player's G League rights, and he is eligible to get $50,000 if he manages to spend 60+ days with the G-League affiliate. Signing a basketball athlete to an Exhibit 10 contract works out well for NBA teams, who hold the option to cut them or include them in the roster if they play well.
  14. We are talking about next season for Williams. Perkins has the Covid Year exemption for this season.
  15. As we all know, Williams has played 3 years at the D1 level. This season will be his fourth. If he, along with all other 2x's, gets a COVID year I assume it would not count on the roster limit. Parker would put us at 13 for the 2022-23 season, with potential outgoing transfers messing that up. Williams would/could then be #14, without counting on the limit. The wrinkle might be if for some reason Williams is the only 2X not granted a waiver by the NCAA, and he has to sit this season. That would screw up my count.
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