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  1. https://kslsports.com/489123/could-utah-be-heading-to-the-big-xii/ Article from Utah.
  2. Rumors are flying, aren't they. They change by the hour. ND can wait this out but if/when Florida State and Clemson bolt to the SEC, their options will be fewer than they are now. Would Clemson/Florida State remain in the ACC if ND comes in full time? That might save the ACC, but they would need to poach some teams from where (Pac 12?) to keep up. If the Big 12 and the 4 from @BLIKNSpost come to an agreement, the Pac12 is dead. Just waiting for an existing league member to get kicked out of their league. Then the fun really starts.
  3. I like your optimism. I hope you are right. I really do. The networks are throwing around billions.....billions of dollars. Currently March Madness nets about $1 billion to the NCAA which they spread out across their kingdom after their take. If Fox/ESPN can deliver $1billion+ to two (or three) 20 team leagues, the take per team increases dramatically. College Admin is focused solely on the dollars. They don't care that the SIUE's of the world will get kicked to the curb. Paying whatever penalty is needed to CBS/Turner can be skimmed off the top. 2032 is way too far away for ESPN and Fox to sit by. What will TV look like in a decade? Will the NCAA even exist? You know that these new Power Conferences will make their own rules. Strap in. It's going to be a wild ride.
  4. CBS and Turner Sports has a good thing going on with March Madness. ESPN and Fox are pretty much on the sidelines, except for reports from the sites. They are buying into these SEC and Big 10 football moves to the tune of billions per year. Do you think they quietly will sit by until 2032 before figuring out a more lucrative deal for their leagues on March Madness?
  5. https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/atlantic-10-offseason-breakdown-3/ Rothstein likes the Bills, Dayton, VCU and Davidson as the top 4. Collins, Perkins, Burton, Oduro and Holmes as 1st team (No Loyer?) He picks Holmes as POY. Pickett is one of his Top 10 Impact Transfers and Forrester one of his Top 10 Under the Radar Transfers Appears the A10 is a guard (wing) heavy league, as usual.
  6. Goodwin is on the Wizards Summer League Roster https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/wizards/wizards-summer-league-minicamp-roster-features-johnny-davis-kris-dunn
  7. Why wouldn't it go the other way, the Big 12 poaching what's left of the ACC. It's football we are talking about. Schools like Boston College, Pitt, and Syracuse may get left behind. The current rumor is that Washington and Oregon follow to the Big 10. Everyone is waiting for Notre Dame to get off the pot. If that happens there won't be much left of the Pac 12 to merge with.
  8. Why not? A few modifications are needed, but let's go! Let the rumors fly!
  9. Collins birthday listed a couple of websites I found as 3/7/2001. So he is 21. Perkins birthday 8/24/98. He is 23 going on 24 next month. Didn't find Jimerson.
  10. Simply posting what may or may not be a true statement. Spearatics is somehow connected with FSU. He does podcasts, etc. If true there soon will be only two football conferences. One will be called ESPN and the other FOX.
  11. I watch plenty of NBA. Okoro won't make it. He has no outside shot. But I hope you are right in that he makes it.
  12. Correct. A Center in the NBA needs to at least be a threat from the Arc. Joel Embiid even shot 37% from downtown last seson. Okoro may have taken a 10 footer or two, but his range is 5' and in. Okoro hasn't shown to be a French-level rim protector or has the ability to pass the ball.
  13. He would have been in the back half of the Wildcat's rotation this season. He's going to play for his Dad, so you can't fault him for that. Wildcats now have two open scholarships. I guess the Davidson coaching change let him jump into the portal at this late date.
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