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  1. Anyone else want to guess! I’ll take 6’ 7.5” West Pine Big Ten Haters @WestPineBills · 9h Good read on the SLU Center competition, and plans for what Travis Ford will consider if Brad Ezewiro is not granted a waiver. One thing in here that is important: Aboubacar Magassa, the freshman forward from France, is 6’6, and not the previously reported 6’9.
  2. Grayson is a shooter and not really a point guard at 1.7 apg, and Little certainly isn't. Johnson, whom they also picked up, doesn't play point either - career average of 1.8 apg.
  3. I'm pretty sure I read that SoFi field was too narrow by FIFA standards and would require some significant renovations to the stadium, likely removing seats, to host any matches. More to this than what has been reported.
  4. A link popped up for the Ford media session. https://www.stltoday.com/news/multimedia/videos/video-travis-ford-on-new-slu-basketball-players/video_2fe00d3e-6a6b-547c-9990-51e760e174f9.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  5. There is a video up of Coach Ford addressing the Media today. It wouldn't copy over, but go to the St Louis PD, it is there. Highlights, TJ and Gibson are co-captains. Coach obviously wants them to lead by example. No word on Brad Ezewiro's waiver request. He has lost 30 pounds since he came to campus. Stef vB hasn't been on the floor yet, due to a foot injury. Coach hopes he can start practicing in 3 weeks. He did include Abou in his grouping of bigs, so I'm guessing he is 6'9". Zhan has a great basketball IQ but so far has been having trouble adjusting the the physical nature of the game. Meadows and Medley are handling the point. Hughes, who has looked good the past few weeks, is playing off the ball.
  6. I took a look at four preseason polls and looked for a consensus. Blue Ribbon, Almanac, Rothstein, and Jablonski. Here are the average of the predictions. 1) Dayton 2) VCU 3) St. Bonaventure 4) Duquesne 5) St. Joseph 6) Fordham 7) SLU 8 ) George Washington 9) Loyola 10) George Mason 11) Davidson 12) Richmond 13) LaSalle 14) UMass 15) Rhode Island Loyola and LaSalle both had the largest 'spread' of 6 positions. SLU's spread was 6 to 10. Bottom line, after the top 5, your guess is as good as anyone's.
  7. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/mens-basketball/top-144-previews Duquesne comes in at #43, tops in the A10. Recapping the College Madness Top 144, with 6 A10 Teams on the list: 126 St. Joseph 112 St. Bonaventure 79 Loyola 73 Fordham 53 Dayton 43 Duquesne. I have no problem with Duquesne coming in as the top seed. But VCU no better than 7th doesn't cut it. They will be in the top 3d of the league, even without Bamisile. I'm not sold on Fordham replacing Quisenberry and Moore successfully for a 3rd place finish, but that is why they play the games. Loyola can be found in the top 3rd, middle 3rd, and bottom 3rd in various polls. Spin the wheel! If you look at the list to date, Memphis is slotted at 47th, and 2nd in the AAC. But this list has them in the NIT, meaning the AAC is looking at a One Bid League according to this source.
  8. stu durando @studurando · 2h Back from vacation in time for a big week at SLU. Men's basketball starts practice Wednesday and women on Saturday. Men's soccer hosts top-10 Missouri State on Wednesday night
  9. Weird, but I like it, regarding the MLSNext Pro playoff rules. Pick your poison. Tom Timmermann @tomtimm · 3h For those who haven't been following Next Pro rules, No. 1 seed gets a first-round bye and No. 2 and 3 seeds get to chose among other four playoff teams for their opponent. Unpicked teams play in the other game.
  10. A10 Talk's Preview of the Billikens https://www.a10talk.com/2023-24-atlantic-10-preview-saint-louis/ I wonder how much research the author put into this piece. Reading between his points, he believes Hargrove starts and Parker comes off the bench. Meadows and Medley handle the point (no mention of Hughes). " Zhang's job to lose" in the pivot.
  11. How tall is Abou Magassa? The SLU roster lists him at 6'6". When his signing was announced, he was 6'9". [For those who were around, that is Donnie Dobb's level shrinkage.]
  12. I copied this from the G Mason forum. So 2 decided in the A10 and 3 still to be decided. Others awaiting news: Woody Newton (GM) may have a shot at a waiver because of the death of his father and moving back home. Jalen Haynes(GM), probably would be one of the most impactful players, Mason fans think his chances are slim. Brad Ezewiro (SLU) a coaching change may not cut it for him, without him their frontcourt would be thin. David Green (URI) who knows, haven't heard anything. https://www.masonhoops.com/threads/welcome-woody-newton.2528/page-3
  13. Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · Follow Sources: As of today, the NCAA has only approved 18% of waivers for two-time transfers in all sports who attempted to earn immediate eligibility during the 2023-24 academic year. 12:13 PM · Sep 1, 2023
  14. A ray of hope for Ezewiro? Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein Source: George Mason's Woody Newton has received a waiver from the NCAA and is eligible for the 2023-24 season. Newton is a two-time transfer who has previously played at both Oklahoma State and Syracuse.
  15. West Pine Big Ten Haters @WestPineBills · 13h I don’t mean this in a rude way, but someone has to want UMass in order for them to leave. Not sure how attractive they are with recent hoops and Football track record. Quote Fight Massachusetts @FightMA247 · 13h I believe if it does inevitably happen (sooner, later, whenever) both UMass and the A10 will be better off going their separate ways The school and the conference just aren't a fit anymore, haven't been for a while
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