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  1. More detailed information: 6'0", 185 lb 29 games played 105-266 FG (39.5%) 78-190 3PT (41.1%) 30-36 FT (83.3%) 89 Rebounds 38 Assists and 31 Turnovers 21 Steals and 4 Blocks
  2. No vote to expand was taken by the Big 12. No invitations to the conference were issued. Yes scenarios were discussed. UConn remains in the Big East (for now). This thread can go back into hibernation.
  3. No conference is that short sighted. Long term, not short term, is the focus. Market shares, local support, long term success, fans traveling to conference tourney's are much more important than what did you do yesterday. What can you bring to the table for the next decade, can you enhance our revenue, that is the issue? If you follow your line of thinking, Dayton is in trouble too. They had a Top25 team, with 2 potential NBA players, and didn't make the NCAA.
  4. Was that I’m the January 23, 2023 update NCAA Guidance document? If so, I missed it. He would have to tie a coaching change into mental health issues is the way I read it.
  5. Coaching changes are no longer on the list for an automatic waiver. But yes, I assume the NCAA Waiver Committee will be handing out waivers upon request. Until Brad gets his, I have an * by him on the roster list.
  6. Some MBM posters seem to like to spread half of the story. Yes the Big 12 is talking/going to expand eventually to 16. At their league meetings this week, Gonzaga's consultant Navigate, was present. Gonzaga is looking for a P5 move. UConn would be a 'complimentary move' with Gonzaga. The Big 12 Commish did take a fact finding trip to UConn as reported in the Athletic. Why would UConn move? Simply put they would receive 3X to 4X amount of money from the Big 12 (or ACC or Big 10) then they are today in the Big East. Their football team, which is pathetic, would have to put on the afterburners to come up to P5 speed. With the revolving portal door, that is doable. Why wouldn't they leave the Big East? They have a boat load of NCAA tourney shares that they would leave behind; they would have to pay a fairly large exit fee; they would not get full revenue from the Big 12, or other P5 school, for several years. So if invited, is UConn looking at short term $ or long term $. They also have rivalries that would be left behind, but rivalries have become almost trivial. Money over opponent. The Big 12 is seriously considering several Pac 12 and other schools. Colorado is first on their list, as are Arizona, Arizona State and San Diego State. The Pac 12's negotiation for a new TV contract is the first domino. And it doesn't look good for the Pac 12 today.
  7. Dayton Basketball @DaytonMBB · 10m The University of Dayton rising junior forward DaRon Holmes II announced Wednesday that he will withdraw his name from the 2023 NBA Draft and return to the University of Dayton
  8. Okay that is what I was looking for. Frankly I like it. Stick around, graduate and get ‘support’. Give incentive to stay and graduate. Players that want to Play for Pay can apply elsewhere in my opinion.
  9. Don’t see where it says they paid players Collins, Perkins and Thatch with one month left in their career. When did they start paying them?
  10. The BVF was announced in Feb. So are you saying they started paying existing players, Yuri, Perkins and Thatch, who had already left the team, with one month of basketball left? Where did you read/hear that?
  11. Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein · 3h Hampton's Jordan Nesbitt tells me that he's withdrawing from the 2023 NBA Draft and will return to school next season.
  12. Same here. I wasn't too excited when he first committed, so hard for me to be upset he isn't going to be here. I doubt if anyone had him penciled in as a starter. For me he was going to be, at best, a rotation player, 8 - 10.
  13. It is too early to talk preseason polls, but you need to look at who VCU is bringing in. They have two starters from Utah State's At Large NCAA team, both who averaged double figures, Kuany Kuany-whom we had interest in, Joe Bamisile (if he gets a waiver), and two others. Ray Odom is a pretty decent coach. They will be one of the top tier A10 teams and will not be an "unmitigated disaster".
  14. Too early to tell, in my opinion. Rosters still are far from set. St Joes will be improved, but Duquesne, St. B, and VCU will be tough. We still need one solid BIG piece to be in the fight.
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