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  1. This is just, pretty cool. Happy Birthday Sister Jean. May you have many more birthdays! https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/sister-jean-celebrates-100th-birthday-shares-her-secrets-to-living-a-long-life/
  2. We have had only 10 sophomores average 14 or more ppg. So yeah, that is a big leap. (Clags, Boushka, Gray, Highmark, Mitchell, Burden, Liddell, Douglass, Lisch and Wiley)---Bonner was ''only' 13.8 ppg. That's tall cotton for Thatch to get to. I'm hoping he gets there.
  3. Thanks @moytoy12 I didn't want to quote your entire post. It does bring to light an interesting issue, who will be the team leader? Last year Bess and then later on Isabell took charge on the floor. They set up the offense, and were the two 'go to guys' when we needed them to be. No one was in the locker room, but I assume Bess had control in there. We believe Isabell was more of a me first guy, and it paid off in the last half of the season, but was he that way in the locker room? Who will take over the leadership role in the locker room and on the floor? Who will be the go to guy? Choice 1 is Goodwin. He seems to be vocal enough to be recognized as a leader, but he isn't (based on last year's stats) the guy I want to have the ball in crunch time. French? Will he be on the floor at crunch time, when we have the ball with 20 seconds left? So who is it going to be? It may take time for this chemistry to develop.
  4. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/new-mls-neighbors-mean-big-things-for-slu-soccer/ First article?
  5. My prediction. A bunch of people will absolutely hate the team nickname. And a bunch of people will love it. The owner brought up the name Archers as being popular. I think she may have a say in what the eventual name is. I'm okay with Twellman. I appreciate his passion for this city.
  6. This quote from Ben's article makes me feel comfortable that it won't be one of the lame European name, with FC or SC. I'm good with Archers, Gateway, Spirit of STL, or Stars Garber has encouraged the ownership group to find something that honors the city’s history. Kindle Betz mentioned she has been following the public discussion about potential team names, and said she has observed a lot of suggestions for Archers. “Public support and public opinion mean a lot to us,” Kindle Betz said. “We will do a deep dive.”
  7. A10 article lists Hargrove as one of the top 6 prospects coming to the league (page 3). https://bustingbrackets.com/2019/08/19/10-basketball-6-talented-prospects-2019-recruiting-class/
  8. I'll let you know in March. I'd say 50/50 we end up 143, better or worse. Yeah, I look at it because it is there. It gives you information on departures and returning players. It's the first thorough preview out, so it is worth my time looking at it every few days. I find it interesting, but preseason polls are pretty useless. It beats talking about Bunge moving to STL on a Billiken basketball forum.
  9. Rhody comes in at #79, and per the author, slotted for 4th in the A10 and an NIT bid. They have a lot coming back, and add a transfer from Georgetown and a JUCO shooter ready to go. Rhody was dead last in NCAA 3 FG % last year. They fix that issue and they will be tough. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17721
  10. Of course we are on the same team. There are only a handful of posters who wish the Billikens ill will- Tilky, the Mizzou honk, and the KU fanatic. It's off season. Talking about the team beats discussing whether or not Bungee is a Fortune 500 company. You are already knocking Diarra off of the rotation? Don't you think it is a little premature? He is on the roster, and he has been injured last year. If you want to limit your comments to your top 9, do so in the original post. I saw no qualification on your comment. Thanks for agreeing that we have had shooters in the past. Until this year's team gets on the floor and have games under their belt, we only have HS and JUCO stats for the newcomers. We know that it is unusual for a D1 player to duplicate his best HS numbers his first year in college Thatch, Hankton, Jacobs, Gudmundsson (and Wiley) all had glowing shooting stats from earlier years, and didn't come close to replicating them last season. Johnson was a shooter, and had a higher rebounder and shot block numbers than Foreman. I don't consider him a one trick pony. Gordon certainly would have helped had he stuck around AND had he and French figured out how to play together. Santos was a total unknown, one who was a roll player on a bad 7-23 South Florida team. All you can do is speculate on how he would have developed here.
  11. BenFred on Scoops with Danny, said he has no inside info on the name or colors. He said he has 'heard' that the MLS doesn't want anymore United names. He feels the area wants a name not based with Europe traditions, but one identified with St. Louis. He also said STLC isn't going anywhere.
  12. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/soccer/mls-to-announce-st-louis-as-expansion-team-winner-sources/article_22a84fbd-8440-56d3-b0f4-2a7870fc397a.html
  13. An interesting story from Ford on his role in "6th Man". After he got cut by the Warriors, he signed up to play pro in Israel. He had his bags packed, and the night before he left, his agent called him to say this Israel team hadn't paid anyone for some time. Then he got a call from LA and a director wanted him to audition for a role in the movie. They couldn't find anyone to 'direct' the actors on the floor. He went to LA, auditioned, and got the job. He got paid around $50K for his part. (He still gets royalties- he had $600 to $700 built up in the royalty fund a few years ago.) He talked about his dunk, and how he was in a harness for the dunk. He took off from mid floor and the crane took him to the hoop. He was on set in Seattle and Vancouver for a month each, and then in LA for another month, and he 'got the buzz' for the movie scene. But in the end it sounded like he got home sick for Kentucky and came home. While he did say he has the best talent, top to bottom, he mentioned the lack of experience with this team as being an issue and that the A10 will be deep in experience. He talked about again defending at the highest level, present a physical problem for anyone, and continue being a high level rebounding team. He mentioned 'having 8 or 9 guys with different strengths'. I take it that he won't deviate from his normal pattern of playing 8 to 9 heavy minutes. So who sits? One difference between SLU and his other coaching positions is that at his other stops, the fan base in primarily alumni based. Here there is a larger fandom from locals who aren't alum's. "If Cuonzo calls, we will play".
  14. August 26. https://www.slu.edu/registrar/pdfs/2019-2020_academic_calendar.pdf
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