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  1. HoosierPal

    Recruiting - 2019

    I didn't have to hit the link. I have been to about half of them. Played in one.
  2. HoosierPal

    Debate: Last Night's Bunnie Win

    BRoy, here is an interesting article on a ref's whistle. Yes, it does control the clock. Also it has no pea. And the louder you blow, the louder the whistle. The controversy is what note does it play? Experts disagree between a G and an A but tests have show it is an A (for those discerning fans). https://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/20/sports/ncaabasketball/shrill-to-ncaa-tournament-referees-its-symphonic.html
  3. HoosierPal

    2018-19 season

    Ford said he might play Saturday, along with Hankton. Jacobs was practicing at 60% on Monday.
  4. HoosierPal

    OT: Boeheim Hits, Kills Man w/Car

    I have read three articles. The ESPN article said his speed was “proper” per the Onondaga County District Attorney.
  5. HoosierPal

    OT: Boeheim Hits, Kills Man w/Car

    I’m with you on this QIJ1. The first question-presumption if you will- was Coach drinking? Was he speeding? That’s what I looked for in the article and it was quickly answered, no he wasn’t.
  6. HoosierPal

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    For those two who have registered complaints about this thread, DON'T CLICK ON IT.
  7. HoosierPal

    The Last 5 Games

    With St. Bonnie's win last night, they tie the Bills and Dukes for 5th place. Duquesne plays at George Mason next, and St. B goes to Fordham. If, if, if; If we beat Dayton (or after we beat Dayton), and if Duquense and St. Bonaventure both win, there will be a 5 way tie for 3rd in the A10.
  8. HoosierPal

    Recruiting - 2019

    Glad to see this video had a section on Defense. Most of that was blocking shots, but a few were on-ball segments. It's pretty easy to get highlight videos of a 6'7" guy dunking on a 6'er. But watching some of the D gives a better perspective of the young lad's potential.
  9. HoosierPal

    OT: Duke vs UNC

    Jordan Laettner Carter Wallace Worthy
  10. HoosierPal

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    Since the 1988-89 season, the Bills have averaged 68.4% from the line. Nice, we are average. High season was Spoon's first team at 72.7%, and low - will be - this season. Previous low was Majerus' 09-10 team at 61.9%. We are witnessing a recent day record in futility. What is perplexing to me is that our current road FT split of 64% this season is superior to our home FT split of 55%
  11. HoosierPal

    The Last 5 Games

    Wow. Two heavyweights slugging it out. What a final ten minutes. For me Grant just about blew the game by slowing down the tempo when the Flyers were up by a million. Davidson’s at large bubble broke, gone, see ya later. Nothing has changed with us and Dayton. We beat them Saturday, we are tied but have the tie breaker. We still just need to win out. One game at a time.
  12. HoosierPal

    The Last 5 Games

    Yes, we want Dayton to get as many L's as possible the rest of the season. They are a good team. Today they are 4th in the nation in FG% at 50.3% up there with Gonzaga and Tennessee. That's high cotton. They are 2nd in fewest PF per game, so don't expect the zebras to bail us out. 16th in assists per game and 28th in A/TO ratio. Toppin is 3rd in the nation in FG%, sinking 2/3 of his shots.
  13. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/tuesdays-with-travis-february-19-2019/ Scoops with Danny Mac: New stuff only listed below that was not discussed on Sports on a Sunday Morning or Coach with Rammer Coach is recruiting locally this week. He has later trips scheduled to Georgia, Florida, and Baltimore area. ( @Pistol fill us in on targets.) HS seasons are coming to an end. Recruiting has changed, all about phone calls and personal contacts. No more written letters like he used to do. Tries to get to know the entire family, figuring out who around the player he trusts and will help him with his decision.....HS school, AAU coach, parents, grandparents, etc. Recruits ask two key questions in recruiting, what is your system and how much competition will I have at my position-immediate playing time. Big city v little city isn't large on the list for a decision. Danny Mac asked about having an ex-NBA player contact a recruit. "It isn't allowed by NCAA." But Coach says you use the history of players similar to the recruit that have had success in his program, such as Marcus Smart and Markel Brown. Talks to recruits about how these players became better in his system. Tell recruits what plays he ran for these guys, etc. A10 standings and bye game possibility: Coach talks about it but doesn't put much emphasis on it. At today's 7 AM practice, he told the team we are 1 game out of third, in control of our won destiny. He doesn't want to team to feel a loss puts them out of contention.
  14. Please relay the hard hitting text question you sent in that they didn't answer. (You know you can just make something up right now, if you like, no one will know. It will save you embarrassment.)
  15. Here we go again, Rammer and Coach Ford, Feb 18: Numbers showed LaSalle the best D of the season. Points per possession for LaSalle was 0.62 in first half. Second half 0.75. Goal is to keep opponent under 0.9. Coach said he saw the team was focused before the game. They were quite in the locker room, which is what this team does when it is ready. It is not a 'rah-rah' locker room. In LaSalle's winning streak they were hitting 10 to 11 three's per game. They hit the details on guarding three's and stopping dribble penetration in practice. Remarked that during the losing streak, several players got an F grade; they didn't contribute anything. (Players are graded every game for total game effort.) He has gotten back to focusing on us rather than the opponent. It's all mental now. No new plays. Everyone knows what is expected. LaSalle game - Isabell's best game of the season, not only stats but how he influenced the game. Isabell got inside of LaS defense early in the game which opened up the the game for us. Talked about Isabell's big smile when at the FT line late in the game. Coach said his body language is read wrong a lot of time. ? from audience at the Fieldhouse: Who picks out uniform for each game? Day before game players are asked which one they want to wear. Supposed to wear white or gray. But if you want a dark, you notify the visitors and ask them to bring their light unis. On road, we more or less wear blue or black. Sometimes when we win, Coach stays with the same uni. He said no one really cares. Black on Saturday was because the Students were having "Black Out Day". Coach complemented BenFred's article on the student section. (Coach said attendance is down everywhere, including Kentucky where you can now get tickets.) Text on Injured Players: This bye week is unusual. He would rather play with two wins in the book. But we do need this week to get healthy. Jacobs did more today than he has in a month. Practiced 40 minutes at 60%. KC looked better today. Goal is to have both back by Saturday. Bess was held out today, again. (He sneaked back into a drill after being told 'No'- Coach wasn't happy.) Coach wants him to do nothing until Thursday. Players weights are checked daily. Everyone is staying in the range where they need to be. High on putting calories back into their bodies after practice. Every player has a different item to put back what they lost in practice. Welmer still wants to try and play. He was running today. Coach said it will be difficult for him to get back this year, but never say never. Coach had a 45 minute conversation with his doctor a few days ago. "Tough decisions ahead for Welmer, his doctor, his family and the team." Text, Do you have a favorite song that the pep band plays?: Coach spoke to band after the game Saturday at their 'get together'. "I really enjoy you guys. When I come out the first thing I see and hear is the pep band. It gets me fired up." Didn't pin point a favorite song. Rammer said National Anthem singers have been 'off the chart' great. But he enjoys when the band plays it. Game Day presentation is really good. Coach talks to recruits about the Game Day experience and shows video of it. Lot's of schools lack substance here. Text, do you get to pay attention to other local sports team? Cardinals a little bit. Goes to games in the summer when he can. He follows the Blues but doesn't know much about hockey. (Learned about it at UMass.) Timing is bad for him to go to Blue's games. Rammer: What do you like about living in a city larger than Amherst, Stillwater, Richmond KY? Being a small town boy, he didn't know what to expect when moving here, but he and his family enjoys living in STL. This is the biggest town he has lived in. Likes the school options for his kids, culture options, going out to dinner at different restaurants. "STL really doesn't feel that big." Playing at Dayton this weekend. One of the top 5 to 10 places to play in college. Have 100+ sellouts in a row. Even with more bodies, not sure how much Hankton and Jacobs can contribute.