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  1. Continue to believe what you want. If you don't want to learn, I'm okay with that. Even A Bomb agreed with me that you are wrong. Title IX is much more expansive than simply scholarships, as you have twice stated, It protects people from discrimination in educational programs and activities based on sex. Scholarships is just one element of the Title. The SLU Office of Equal Opportunity and Title iX does more than count scholarships. Carry on.
  2. So you agree with me that JMM28's statement is incorrect. Thank you. That's is all this was about.
  3. As usual the boat left the dock and you missed it. Title IX is more than equal scholarships as JMM28 stated. It has a wide variety of aspects. Learn something.
  4. Read this. From the US Department of Education. Title IX is about prohibiting gender discrimination in all aspects of educational programs and activities. For athletics it includes, beyond scholarships and financial assistance, equipment and schedules, scheduling games and practices, travel and daily allowance, coaching, tutors, and locker rooms, fields, courts, or other facilities for practice and competition, medical and training services, housing and dining facilities, publicity and recruitment. https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/ocr-higher-ed-athletic-resource-202302.pdf
  5. Here is the updated list of P5 teams not yet in an MTE. IF SLU is looking to put one together, the list is shrinking for a top level event. Big 10 is booked. https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2024/5/13/24140186/2024-25-mens-college-basketball-exempt-multi-team-events-mte-thanksgiving-early-season-tournaments ACC: Boston College, California*, Georgia Tech Big 12: Cincinnati, Utah* Big East: DePaul SEC: Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri
  6. Spotted this article on one of my bookmarked sites. It is the first, that I have seen, speculation on the A10 basketball race. https://bustingbrackets.com/posts/atlantic-10-basketball-way-too-early-power-rankings-for-2024-25-season-01hwnn09qf67 For those who don't want to read the article, the author has the following ranks: 1. Loyola, 2. SLU, 3. VCU, 4. Dayton, 5. St. Joe 6. Dusquene, 7. G Mason, 8. Richmond, 9. UMass, 10. Rhody 11. St. Bonnie, 12. GW, 13. Davidson, 14. Fordham and 15. LaSalle. Rosters aren't set yet, so it is kind of a crap shoot speculating. I'll go with the three 5 team tiers. My only comment was that I think he is selling low on George Mason. I'd slip Mason up into the top tier and move Dayton down to the middle level. I posted this roster recap site before. Take a look at the A10 rosters along with stats and see if you can come up with a different ranking. This site is where I see George Mason as a possibly intriguing team. Chemistry for just about every team will be a huge issue this upcoming season in college hoops. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LkmdTvvP-5_gfLo5tmvQ7DORgOdn43NC
  7. https://www.si.com/fannation/college/cfb-hq/news/college-football-news-teams-sponsorships-patches-uniforms
  8. Conference realignment, NIL gone Wild Wild West, open transfer, House v NCAA settlement....now we know what is next. The Big 12 is looking at 2 sources of new revenue. The first is naming rights. The AllState Conference or the Big AllState12 do anything for you? The second is selling a stake in the conference. The Big 12 is looking at selling naming rights to the league. Both are intended to narrow the gap between the SEC/Big 10 and the Big 12 revenue streams. It is getting crazy. Who will be left behind? The Liberty Mutual A10 do anything for you? And yes, it is about time the Big 12 and Big 10 figure out they have more than 12 / 10 teams in their league. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-mulls-selling-naming-rights-opening-door-for-conference-to-be-rebranded-with-corporate-sponsor/ https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-considering-private-equity-investment-of-up-to-1-billion-for-as-much-as-20-of-conference/
  9. The Story behind the Story. With a department in crisis, Indiana State athletes and Sycamores fans deserve better Gregg Doyel Indianapolis Star A wildly popular baseball coach who never wanted to leave is gone, following out the door a basketball coach who never wanted to stay, as the Indiana State athletic department — and its fan base — plumbs new depth of plummeting morale. This is neither breaking news nor a recent development, but the ISU athletic department, like the school as a whole, is in crisis mode as the campus prepares to welcome a new president and athletic director to Terre Haute. And while I’d love to share good news here, because few things make me happier than the success of a state school, the news isn’t good. Because one problem at Indiana State remains: The Board of Trustees. Those folks, as well-intentioned as they must be, have overseen the collapse of the athletic department at the same time enrollment figures have been dropping. Four-year enrollment is dropping across the state, and country, but the trend hits harder at a school like Indiana State, which offers the most affordable tuition among the state’s five largest public universities (IU, Purdue, IU Indy and Ball State). The Board of Trustees made a poor hire in 2016 at athletic director (Sherard Clinkscales) and a disastrous hire in 2018 at president (Deborah Curtis), spent too many years watching those two drive this athletic department off a cliff — even rewarding them with contract extensions through 2025 — before finally getting separation from those two a year ahead of schedule. Curtis announced in October the 2023-24 school year would be her last, while the school and Clinkscales announced a mutually agreed separation on Dec. 31. Those two get the brunt of the angst from supporters of Sycamores athletes, and they deserve it, but the Board of Trustees allowed this to happen with poor hires and zero oversight. The low moment came last spring when the Indiana State baseball team won the Terre Haute Regional but turned down the chance to host the Super Regional against TCU because of a sheer lack of effort from Curtis and Clinkscales. The 2023 Special Olympics were in town that week, eating up most of Terre Haute’s hotel vacancies, but rather than working with nearby communities and colleges for alternative housing options — as Kentucky had successfully done that spring to host the Lexington Regional — Indiana State pulled its Super Regional bid without a peep … and then hid behind the arrival of the Special Olympics. That lack of care from his top two bosses gutted baseball coach Mitch Hannahs, a 1989 Indiana State alum who applied for the job several times before finally getting it in 2014. Hannahs, the back-to-back Coach of the Year in the Missouri Valley Conference, left last week for South Florida after leading the Sycamores to their third regional in five years. The Super Regional fiasco of 2023 hurt him, and people close to Hannahs will tell you the school’s failure to replace Clinkscales with longtime assistant AD Angie Lansing was the final straw. Lansing, who applied for the job in 2016 that went to Clinkscales, is universally liked and widely considered one of the most valuable employees on campus. She was given the title “interim AD” after Clinkscales’ departure, but the impermanence of that move pushed Hannahs out the door of the only job he’d ever really wanted. The departure of men's basketball coach Josh Schertz was different. He was wildly successful — kudos to Clinkscales for hiring him — but unpopular within the athletic department, a self-serving climber routinely allowed by Clinkscales to play by different rules from the rest of the department. After leading Indiana State to the 2024 NIT title game, Schertz shopped around and found the highest bidder at Saint Louis, with inaccurate rumors flying in Terre Haute of alumni raising millions to keep him. This is not a school with deep pockets, which makes the future of its athletic department terrifying in an era where NIL and the transfer portal have made it even more difficult for mid-majors to compete, especially given the backward step the Missouri Valley Conference has taken as a whole. But this is a school where things can get done. Thanks largely to Schertz, Hannahs and the school’s perennially awesome track and field programs, Indiana State — despite its financial limitations — has ranked third in the Valley in all-sports tabulations over the past four years. The Sycamores can survive with hard and smart work, but in addition to losing those two successful coaches, the athletic department has seen the departures of key personnel in marketing, operations and sports information, and failed to replace most in a timely manner (if at all, in some cases). This is a school where players on the softball team have had to use the press box to change into practice gear, where the air-conditioner in one campus gym broke and went unrepaired for a year, where the Board of Trustees features mostly out-of-towners — leading to the disconnect with the Terre Haute community — and where one BOT member used Twitter this spring to try to bully Lansing into making a hire he wanted. This is a department, and a school, that inspire no confidence. And this is a campus, and town, that deserve better. “This athletic department has so many issues,” said one former longtime employee, “I don’t know if it’ll ever get back to normal.”
  10. Rob tells AD May why he sits during practice when Coach starts talking. He reveals his favorite nickname and one thing about him that most Billiken fans don't know.
  11. I looked at the attendance for this season's team. The average was about 115, with the high of 217 for Davidson. Eight games had attendance below 100. For a decent team, one in contention for the A10 title throughout the season, this seems low. D1 baseball costs are going to increase. With the House v NCAA settlement, schools can go above the 11.7 scholarships which is now the cap. Can you afford full rides to 27 players? Schools will be able to pay baseball players directly. How many non-P5 schools, (add in those southern small schools that have high profile programs such as East Carolina, etc.) will be able to afford to even have a baseball program a couple of years down the road?
  12. Some of the Sycamore faithful believe the 2023 Super Regional issue where ISU had to turn down hosting the even was a factor in Hannahs leaving. ISU has been operating under an Interim AD since January 2. No idea why they haven't named a permanent one. https://gosycamores.com/news/2023/6/5/baseball-athletic-department-statement-on-ncaa-super-regional.aspx
  13. Short interview this morning on KMOX. Starts at about 1 hr 40 min. Discusses Jimerson, Thames and Hughes at about 1:45. Jimerson - cerebral player (well yeah!), moves well without the ball, and is picking up the system fast. Thames - kind of a cross between Larry and Kent, good at cutting and can hit the three's in his wheelhouse and a terrific rebounder. Hughes has a good feel for passing, a high level shooter, can be a guy similar to Gibson, playing well without the ball. A good defender with great wingspan.
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