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  1. Yeah. He played for SLFC this past season.
  2. Georgetown had a goalie from Webster Groves maybe 6 years ago. Would have been a good time to schedule them.
  3. Some will say “coach speak”. I say, pretty cool!
  4. Checked and Yadi’s matches up with baseball-reference. The list was from Wik.
  5. Rank Player (2019 Gs) G as C 1 Iván Rodríguez * 2,427 2 Carlton Fisk * 2,226 3 Bob Boone 2,225 4 Gary Carter * 2,056 5 Jason Kendall 2,025 6 Tony Peña 1,950 7 Yadier Molina (110) 1,947 8 Brad Ausmus 1,938 9 A. J. Pierzynski 1,936 10 Jim Sundberg 1,927 11 Al López * 1,918 12 Benito Santiago 1,917 13 Lance Parrish 1,818 14 Rick Ferrell * 1,806 15 Gabby Hartnett * 1,793 16 Ted Simmons * 1,771 17 Johnny Bench * 1,742 18 Ray Schalk * 1,727 19 Bill Dickey * 1,708 20 Yogi Berra * 1,699
  6. Listen to the Coach sometime. Bell will be on the floor as long as his positive contributions outweigh his negatives. Coach defines positives and negatives based on the resume of each player. The staff watches much more than the box score. You should too.
  7. San Diego State has some nice wins, against BYU there, and Creighton and Iowa in Vegas. They are good. As I posted on another thread, they are our A10-MWC Challenge opponent next season, here. Already looking forward to that game. The MWC will be a multi-bid conference this season.
  8. Man, what more could we ask for. He will fit in well with TeamBlue.
  9. We played Rockhurst, DII, second game of the 17/18 season, winning by 24.
  10. Okay, so Holt gym was one of the locations he was at last night, per Tuesday with Travis. They played FZN out in Wentzville. @Pistol, targets? K. Lee Jr?
  11. Dec 10 edition of Tuesday's with Travis https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/billikens-basketball-update-with-travis-ford-december-10-2019/ Not a lot of new information on last weeks game, if you listened to his Tulane post game interview and/or read the PD article on the game. Interesting, when Danny Mac asked if when recruiting they say "you can be as good as XYZ.." Coach said of course, and they usually pick an NBA player. They used JJ Reddick as a player Jimerson could be like. For Hasahn French, Keneth Faried and Draymont Green are two they ask Hashan to look at and model what he does. As he stated Sunday, it's finals week, plus the players are catching up on classwork they may have missed. Coaches are doing a lot of local recruiting. Ford is going to a couple of local games tonight. (He again said this is the first time in his career he can catch multiple games in one night, due to the talent in STL.) He said they get great local crowds here, saying there are very few places in the country that supports HS ball as they do here. They aren't getting a lot done on the court this week. Practice schedules are fluid. His Mom and Dad try to make every home game. They are 2.5 hours away. Auburn "It doesn't get any tougher". Ranked 12th in AP poll and higher in the RPI. Not many weaknesses. They might be better than last year. They out rebound their opponent by 10 per game. We are a +8. They have four or five future NBA players according to Ford. Nothing said on Thatch or Hankton. Twelve minute interview.
  12. It's called a transition phrase. You are still losing me... ? I guess it really doesn't matter. I gave you a Good Post reaction. Are you okay with that?
  13. and ? Should I not have agreed with you?
  14. Agree 100%, but that call went out about the time "palming the ball" went out.
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