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  1. Dayton is playing 3 seniors, 1 transfer and 5 freshmen. Three of the freshmen will draw some attention in tonight's game. 6'10" Amzil has been with the program for a month and is averaging 11 and 5. As a newbie to the Flyers, he has been somewhat inconsistent, scoring 22 against LaSalle and 0 against VCU. Half his shots are behind the arc. He still doesn't have the feel for the defensive side of the game, so we need to exploit that weakness. Nwokeji is a 6'7" forward that has been playing some in the post for the Flyers. His season somewhat parallels Hargrove's frosh season. N
  2. Our LSU win is now in Q2. The NC State win is now Q3, right there with Indiana State. Minnesota game remains Q1.
  3. Ford and May both said they anticipate a home game being added in the buy week after the Richmond game. If the A10 is looking at the schools we paused on, Davidson has pretty much the same window as we do. Other home teams we missed, St. B, UMass, and Duquesne all have mid week games scheduled in that period. But you never know how the league might shake up the schedule.
  4. Coach's Show with Rammer: It was on Facebook Live. Apparently Rammer addressed the team at the Saturday practice. Coach complimented the trainers as they are going through this process for the first time also. They do hydration tests daily and the players are wearing heart monitors in practice. Some players have had good days followed by bad days. After 3 practices, Ford hasn't learned yet how to move forward. Situations change fast, in each practice. Dayton game: big wins against Ole Miss and Miss State. Crutcher is averaging 18 ppg and performing at a high level, shooti
  5. May covered this in an earlier interview. I'm not sure if you can find it, but I posted a recap of it on the Radio/TV thread. The short answer is yes, pretty much same as the KC game. Longer term, he said he foresees increasing attendance, but there will be no general admission to any games. They will use the priority list of Billiken Club and Donors to offer tickets, starting at the top of the list.
  6. Agree. I will be disappointed if we see a marked lapse in defense. We do have the bodies to throw out there to defend. Bell, Hightower and Strickland can all be out on the floor to defend for a short shift. (Bell v Tshimanga - yeah.) I won't be surprised at all if our offense is sluggish. We really only go 6 or 7 deep on the offensive end, as far as significant scorers. Watching Richmond's return, their spacing was off at times and their second half shooting significantly faltered, perhaps due to tired legs?
  7. This isn't a bad snapshot of the A10. Anyone can adjust the Tier's as desired. If you want to lose a Tier, move UMass up to Tier 2 and Duquesne down to Tier 4. For me, there are two questions TBD. Who will get the Top 4 seeds in the tourney (assuming there is a tourney with all teams) and who might still be in the running for an At-Large bid to the NCAA. For the Top 4 seeds, I'd certainly go with the Tier 1 teams and then flip multiple coins for the 4th. Today UMass actually is tied for 3rd place in the standings, but standings are at best an inconclusive mess. Rhody has played 9 l
  8. Chris May on KMOX this morning. I just listened to the podcast. News: May believes a home game will be scheduled between the @ Richmond game on the 29th the @ GW game on the 6th. "French looks as good as I have ever seen him. He was on top of his game. In the 1/2 hour I was there I didn't see Gibson Jimerson miss a shot."
  9. Clemson was on pause for only 6 days, and had 11 days between games. Apparently only an assistant coach was positive, no players. Just shows you how this virus can impact teams differently.
  10. There is no reason our defense should falter. Offense may take a while to get back into sync. Fitness on both sides of the line likely will be an issue for a few games. We will find out.
  11. Richmond 14 day pause due to Covid 3 practices before first game back Lose at home Hmmm
  12. Chris May was on the Press Box today. He expects to play Tuesday. A handful of fans will be in attendance, like the KC game. He feels that with the COVID numbers decreasing, they will be able to increase the number of fans. He said he doesn't forsee general public sales, but will go through priority point process with season ticket holders and donors. They will start at the top and move down the list. He says expect more adjustments to the schedule. For example, if Dayton goes positive, the A10 would try to get another team to take that game. He believes Richmond is very close to r
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