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  1. The guy in the black shirt and white pants that was in the middle of the brawl was a KSU player who didn’t dress. He is in serious trouble also.
  2. Can we defend Davidson's 5 out Motion Offense better than they can defend our Interior Post game? Collins is scoring at the same clip in conference as Grady, 14.4 ppg. Who said they were a two man team? Coach Ford will have defending Collins in his game plan. The Davidson boards say Frampton has left school.
  3. https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/billikens-face-questions-battle-narratives-after-heartbreaking-loss-to-dayton-flyers/ Interesting article by Carter. He brings up some points not covered in the 726 replies to this thread.
  4. Frank also said that 6'9" 240 lb Tarris Reed sophomore from Chaminade was right behind the bench Friday.
  5. Yes, WAY too early for this, but an interesting post. The Top 4 are A10 Tourney double byes, the Bottom 4 are Wednesday's participants, and the rest in the field. (I am assuming the tie breakers are correct...I did not review them.)
  6. I didn't think I need blue font but I guess I did. It was an indirect reference to one of my favorite Bobby Knight quotes on LSU Coach Dale Brown. Down 75-66 against LSU with 4 min to go, “It didn’t look good,” Knight said. “In fact, my assistants had just about given up, and so had I. Then I looked down toward the other bench, and I saw Dale Brown standing there. I knew then that we had a chance.”
  7. Yes that would be HUGE. I was shocked to see KSU win a game, particularly against a ranked opponent, but then I remembered WVA is coached by Huggins, so it makes sense. We also need Richmond to keep winning to preserve that Q1 win.
  8. He played four minutes in the first half. He got beat bad for a bucket and I could see Ford was not happy. He left shortly after that, but his ‘negative’ was no worse than many others. An injury would make sense.
  9. Wow, not good for Evans nor VCU. Williams is a valuable piece of their HAVOC defense.
  10. Ya know I looked at the replay several times. Our scorekeeper could have given us 0.8. That’s when the ball passed through the net, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I agree if the heave was good it would have been called off as with 0.1 you can’t catch and shoot. At 0.8 you can.
  11. Question about Attendance. Last night the attendance was 10,007 and listed as a sellout. It is my belief that Chaifetz holds 10,600. It is my impression that typically attendance figures are tickets sold, not turnstile. So for me there is a discrepancy. Does anyone REALLY KNOW if the 10,007 was tickets sold (and not a sellout) or turnstile? Or have seats been removed? Last night was only the 15th largest announced attendance at the Fetz.
  12. Last night is over, time to move on. Two intriguing league games today. Richmond is at George Mason. Richmond needs to keep winning so we can retain our Q1 win. Both teams are without one of their leaders. St. Bonnie is at VCU. Rams are a 9 point favorite, which seems about right. I'm interested in seeing how Lofton handles Havoc and the Santos-Silva - Osunniyi matchup. Not in the A10, it would be helpful if Kansas State would win a game. They have W Va at home; likely not gonna happen today.
  13. We did. We had 7 buckets in the paint, where Obi was stationed, after he got his 4th at 2:54 left in 2nd half. He was backing off.
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