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  1. I I have talked to two graduated players over my Billiken Fandom days. We are talking players from 2+ decades ago. Both went through the ceremony before the game, but they both said they wished it had been after the game. Why? The same from both....the ceremony is emotional for them and they lost their focus on the game. The adrenaline levels peak during the ceremony, and they weren't ready to start the game. So is the ceremony for the players or for the fans? Another issue for discussion, a pre-game ceremony would need to start 20 to 30 minutes before tip off. TV schedule would dictate the game broadcast be initiated on time. How many seats would be filled 30 minutes before tip off, even with knowledge that the ceremony is pre-game?
  2. Just information, but after the 22-23 season, and before the 23-24 season, 61 D1 coaching jobs changed hands. Some were retirements, some were fired. So there were plenty of portal situations as you have described.
  3. Medley will soon pass Goodwin for Assists as a Freshman, in substantially fewer minutes played. He already passed McCall, and might catch MItchell. Maybe 10 to 12 games into the season, before he was hurt, Meadows was in the Top 25 in the Nation in Assists to Turnover Ratio. But hey, if these two are the worst combination of point guards in your fandom, it must be so.
  4. I feel sorry for the young man. First Parker’s foot injury and now Curcic’s.
  5. Yes. Medley is currently 5th on the SLU Freshman Assists list, having passed Mike McCall. He is 5 assists behind Goodwin, and 10 behind Kevin Williams. He has a reasonable chance to finish just behind K. Mitchell who has 2nd. I do wish he scored more.
  6. During Ford's 8 years, the average number of players leaving the program prematurely is 3.5. (The number disregards players who did not use their Covid year such as Collins.) That is the floor. Add departing seniors and the number reaches 1/3 to 1/2 the roster, depending on the year. With NIL now full blown, NIL will also influence the numbers.
  7. I really hope the A10 gets in 2 teams. Richmond is in the bracket today as the A10 AQ. Win today they stay as the AQ. Lose and they are then tied with Loyola and Dayton. I'm not sure who the AQ would be then. Richmond with a current NET of 72. Bonnie is sitting at 69. Both can 'see the bubble' from where they are, but the committee seldom selects mid majors for at large bids if they aren't in the 40's. Dayton at 20 currently would be safely in. They have Loyola and SLU on the road and VCU at home prior to the league tourney.
  8. BOT's have standing committees that delve into specific areas. Not all BOT members are involved in all topics. I don't know the number of committee's with SLU's BOT nor the number of members each committee has.
  9. The road for two A10 NCAA bids is for Dayton continue it's strong conference performance, maintaining a low NET, but to not win the A10 tourney. Dayton is the only A10 school that has a realistic chance to receive an at-large bid. Two bids would bring in more credits and $ for the league. For me, tonight's game doesn't impact that scenario at all. I got no beef with Dayton, nor with Richmond.
  10. Board of Trustee meetings are commonly open to the public. I know this is true for other universities, but I am not verifying it for SLU. I do know that students and alum have addressed the BOT in the past - it's in the minutes. My advice for those upset with the BOT - their lack of fiduciary control, their apathy towards athletics, or whatever else you are not happy with - go to their next meeting and air your grievances. Call Pestello's office (no don't text or email - pick up the phone) and see if you can get a 5 minute slot for your presentation. List your issues and provide solutions for their consideration. Expressing your opinion on an anonymous public message board might make you feel good for 30 seconds, but it has no impact in the world. Do it in person. I'm not positive, but I think the next meeting is in early May. These BOT meetings can last more than one day, so be patient.
  11. Unfortunately I couldn't agree more. There are maybe 10 freshmen in the Atlantic 10 that are significant contributors to their teams. Maybe one or two have turned out to be difference makers. The Top 4 teams in the league rely primarily on transfers and hold overs. Having one or two freshmen is fine.....someone needs to ride the bench. But if you get the portal wrong, your chances of success are minimized.
  12. From ESPN: UMass had also been engaged with Conference USA, per sources. Ultimately, the MAC made more geographic sense, and it also houses more of the sports that UMass offers. UMass athletic director Ryan Bamford made clear in recent comments that joining a league was a priority for UMass. UMass will play its final season as a football independent this year, and its schedule includes five current MAC members.
  13. UMass reportedly will apply to stay in the A10 for men's lacrosse, as an affiliate member. High Point and Hobart currently are affiliates on the Men's side. And their hockey team remains in Hockey East.
  14. The good news for Mr. Goodwin is that he is having a nice year financially. The Nets pick up the rest of his guaranteed portion of his contract (from the Suns) and now the Grizzlies are paying nearly $250,000 combining his ten day contract with the prorated 2 way contract. Mr. Goodwin will be paying income tax on well north of a million dollars.
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