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  1. his jump shot is what should rule him out....it's brutal.......
  2. no, practicing is not the same as being able to play in a game...
  3. Yes, getting your opponent into foul trouble is huge, particularly when your opponent lacks depth to begin with...
  4. According to Frank Cusumano we have a very good chance.
  5. It would make sense for him to play the 2nd semester at a d2 school and then sit out 1 year at his new school. He would then have 3 years of eligibility left.If he transfers to a d1 school now , he wouldn’t be eligible until the 2nd semester next season, and then only have 2 years left after that season. He could also play at a juco school to finish this season.
  6. You’re full of crap, obviously you just hate Ford and want an excuse to get rid of him. Ford is doing an outstanding job in my opinion...
  7. I think some perspective is needed. I did some calculations on the odds of a 40% shooter from 3 making 6 in a row, and it was .004 or 1/250. You rarely ever see anyone make 6 in a row even in the warm up. I would take those odds every game...
  8. You’re wrong, we didn’t have a time out left.
  9. Corey Tate and Troy Robertson were on with Frank Cusumano today... go to segment 2 https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  10. here is the link starts at 8:30 https://live.101sports.com/listen/
  11. Yuri hit him pretty hard as he dove for the ball.
  12. No interest, he has one of the worst looking shots I’ve ever seen.
  13. Frank Cusumano said that JB, has a second practice almost everyday with one of the coaches.
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