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  1. No, you’re trying to justify your lying to promote your agenda. Saying parents are responsible for making health decisions for their child is not remotely the same as saying one doesn’t care about sick children. How far do you carry your insanity?? How long have you been demanding health records from people your children may come into contact with??? Should people be denied access to grocery stores, pharmacies or any other public building because they don’t have your stamp of approval? Thanks however for your example of what a fascist society looks like..
  2. No, you lied... no one ever said they didn’t care about sick kids..
  3. Lying about what they said is fostering hate...
  4. Stop the lying, no one is saying that they don’t care about sick kids. What was said is it is a parent’s responsibility to care for their children. If you’re afraid they are going to contract a virus by attending an event, then keep them home. You on the other hand want to put the blame on an unknown, unvaccinated person for the well being of your child. The argument in itself is ridiculous, because vaccinated people are contracting and spreading the virus in large numbers anyway...This is just an excuse to foster hate and promote a political agenda...
  5. True, but let’s be clear, there is only one side who is trying to bar Billiken Fans from attending the games...
  6. again, then stay home if you don't feel safe...it is your responsibility to do what is best for you and your family, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK OUT FOR YOU. The fact is that a healthy individual has an extremely low chance of being seriously harmed or die from this virus. I can't believe this is the world you want to live in where your every action is controlled and mandated by the government... little wonder that the suicide rates are skyrocketing with all of the fear and hysteria....the fact is most of the people who are dying of the covid have already surpassed their life expectancy....for those who have a compromised immune system, they need to do what is prudent for them, but not at the expense of everyone else's freedom and liberty...sadly I think your dad may be at more risk of having a heart attack from the fear you generate than of becoming ill with the virus..
  7. HEY, DID YOU GET VACCINATED??????? THEN WHY AREN'T YOU PROTECTED ?????? if you're really that concerned about protecting others, how about banning beer sales at games??? wouldn't that make it safer for the motorist on the road after the games????? oh, but that would hit home.... if you don't want to go stay home, better yet, never leave your house, safety at all costs, right????
  8. Frank Cusumano @Frank_Cusumano · 1h Just watched some of the @SaintLouisMBB scrimmage. All I can say the next 4 years watching Jordan Nesbitt will be a delight. Mad skills.
  9. here is a link to the interview....
  10. I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but the current limit for Women’s D1 scholarships is 14 and can be divided among the players. I’m not even sure if SLU is using their full allotment. I know there was a time when they were not. Many commitments are just getting a small scholarship and are basically a preferred walk on. Regarding the current season, I have seen the current team play 4 games and they have some serious deficiencies in the MF. I was stunned at the lack of technical ability in some of the basics. Frequently they have been unable or unwilling to bring a ball down and control it and instead just flail at it while in the air and losing possession. Perhaps it’s just a lack of confidence and will improve with game experience. I was expecting a lot more from a team with top 25 aspirations.
  11. interview with TF starts in segment 5 https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  12. I’ve always thought that, because he could have found another d1 team to sign with. It makes a lot of sense.
  13. Why do you same losers always want to start crap on this board?
  14. Such a joke, all you have to do to be exempted is to hold a beer in your hand..
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