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  1. French may be the best interior defensive player i have ever seen in a Billiken uniform...his leaping ability and timing are amazing...it's extremely difficult to ever get him to leave his feet early...
  2. i appreciate what Martin brings to the team, and he definitely has an important role, that said, he is not remotely the defensive presence inside as French...i will agree with you about Okoro and what he could bring to the team next year...
  3. Better question, why haven’t the moderators banned this idiot, or is that only reserved, for long standing members who are Trump supporters??
  4. Why don’t you mention that he is also looking to buy a new home in St Louis???? Frank reported this about 3 weeks ago..
  5. Sorry your feelings were hurt, you’re the classic loser who can dish it out but can’t take it...
  6. And there is no proof that it was Covid related. There are in fact a handful of heart related deaths that occur every year among young athletes. Shouldn’t we by your standards just ban all athletics because of the potential risk? Sports are voluntary, if you don’t want to participate, then don’t, but allow the rest to make THEIR OWN DECISIONS. This nonsense is destroying our country..
  7. This fear mongering needs to stop.. young healthy athletes are not dying from Covid...
  8. He’s got a right to be a prick if what he is saying is true..who knows anymore..
  9. that seems like a silly comparison to me....Goodwin beats you with his rebounding and defense, pretty hard to game plan against that..
  10. be honest, there is no liberal cause you would be embarrassed by...the players obligation when playing in a SLU event is to represent SLU, not themselves....Stu found it newsworthy, and Steve allowed it to be on his board, so what's your problem with someone commenting on it???? you would have some credibility if you ever posted concern about a liberal concern being posted, but for some reason, comments from those individuals never garners your interest...why is that???? you would think you would be embarrassed by your hypocrisy continually being exposed......
  11. Stu Durando, our "esteemed" SLU Beat Writer is the one who first brought it up.....
  12. and 4 players chose to embarrass themselves by sitting during the National Anthem...
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