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  1. Video of the game https://jcbca.weebly.com/
  2. Now dennis, you know better..........
  3. I could, but I don't want to be criticized for telling the truth............
  4. "maybe"???? of course the knee and brace were holding him back.......the videos are almost meaningless......sometimes it takes two years to recover from an ACL injury......
  5. That is correct, the number is 12.6 per year...Most athletes receive a partial scholarship...
  6. truly is one of the nicest people you will ever meet....
  7. Again, no one is arguing that winning is not important....that said, how can you argue that a winning team with local players, is not the optimum formula for higher attendance???? do you not remember the Spoonhour years???? t
  8. at least try to be honest, no one said that a roster of local players ALONE would magically fill the arena....obviously it has to be a WINNING product.....but to argue that it's not beneficial attendance wise, is not being fair either.....i was surprised and disappointed by the attendance in the Majerus years, which didn't have any local star players...The Spoon years proved conclusively that a winning team with local players was a boon to attendance.........
  9. looking at the stats, she was a turnover machine, averaging two a game, in just 8 minutes per game...also fouled a lot...definitely looks like she has some offensive potential....also said she had 48 assists, which would be a lot for that limited playing time...i would be skeptical of the stats listed...
  10. I would like to know what the attendance was when we had 3 or more locals on the roster?
  11. I don't think Ford takes him if he wasn't confident that he would be eligible in the fall. Here's Frank's interview with Lewis....go to segment 3... https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  12. Just stop, you can never have too much talent! I want the best players on the court. Our coach should always be trying to bring in the best talent possible. I’m not worrying about minutes, I’m concerned about winning. It’s impossible to please all 13 players on a basketball roster.
  13. This was posted on the Duquesne Board. This is interesting from a rules perspective. First, the NCAA rules state that if you play a minute you have played an entire season (unless a special medical waiver is granted). So the most Mike will have is one year of eligibility left, not one and a half year as some on social media have speculated. Secondly, Mike was never on the Nevada roster, therefore his last basketball school was Duquesne, so A10 rules should apply unless a special waiver is granted or he graduates. I do not see a special; waiver being granted as a kid would only have to drop out and go to another school for a semester to defeat this rule. An interesting question is what happens if he gets his degree this summer and becomes a grad student. I am not clear on that but I think he can both be eligible this fall and the league two year rule would not apply. Any rule gurus on this board who can clarify?
  14. the announcers on the video mentioned he was going to SLU
  15. None that I could find. Scroll down to where it says related videos and click on National game.
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