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  1. You do realize I was responding to another poster talking about playing in an empty arena? Where was your outrage there??? Have some consistency...
  2. Then you should by all means stay home for the rest of your life.....
  3. I would encourage you to stay at home... as has always been the case, you will be at risk to acquire a virus or have a beer dumped on you by a careless fan... take no risks ever... enjoying your life is not worth it!!!!
  4. Oh, I heard of it and sadly individuals like you who can’t exist without the ability to be intoxicated forced its repeal... it’s amazing how many on here boast about being impaired.... but back to your point.. yes, prohibition was a failed policy, but what you don’t understand is that this sabotaging of the American economy is also doomed for failure....
  5. You think 88,000 is an acceptable number!!!!! What a heartless sob you are....you do however admit that it’s a major problem by saying there would be tens of thousands more deaths.. by your rational, in dealing with the Coronavirus, shouldn’t the Governor just ban all alcohol sales? Wouldn’t that insure that no one would be at risk???? Why is that risk acceptable but not the risk of acquiring a virus???? Maybe you would feel better if we had a daily posting of deaths everyday, and we could scare the crap out of every citizen and live in fear of ever leaving our home?
  6. And how well is it working dumb ass??? The whole point is we are at risk everyday of our lives, and yet we have managed until now, to go about our lives and not destroy the economy in the process... this crisis is being driven by hate and hysteria....not by facts and reality... how many in the future will be good with banning spectators to all Billiken games, as it is obvious that there will be an increased risk of being infected by a virus? What’s going on now is insane...
  7. Really, you are blaming deaths on a board member?? You really are a disgusting individual and should be removed from this board.
  8. Same old tactic, trash the messenger, ignore the message.. telling that none of you deny what I said... because you can’t, the facts tell the story... the cap button is apparently very effective in bringing out the haters and frauds....
  9. Your naive if you believe that bs... he and others wet their collective pants in their haste to one up the old guy.. by the way, where is your outrage about the old guy being called a dick??? Your silence and others, speaks volumes...
  10. Time for you to leave loser... disgusting that you are celebrating death.... and save the phony I care bull****... I knew as soon as we hit the 26,000 that the phonies would come out of the woodwork...again, IT IS ALWAYS THE BUTT HURT LIBERALS WHO START AND PERPETUATE THIS HATE...
  11. You are such a loser... have you popped the champagne???
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