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  1. You need to review the Memphis game, we had the game won and nearly gave the game away with 3 or 4 quick shots taken in the last few minutes. It’s not a matter of one or the other. I want a fast pace running game as well, but when the game is secured, you can’t risk giving it away with unnecessary shots.
  2. The Memphis game was a perfect example of managing the clock in the last few minutes. We had the game under control and inexplicably took some quick 3’s when we didn’t need to. I would much rather lose a game because of missed ft’s than allowing a team to beat us when all we had to do is run the clock.
  3. I understand your desire to run, but a couple of points, we weren’t filling the basket up, we were shooting at 40% rate. Secondly there comes a time in every game where you can’t give it up by taking a lot of unnecessary shots when the clock is your friend. This last game was ours if we hit even a minimal amount of ft’s in the last few minutes…the strategy was perfect unfortunately the execution wasn’t.
  4. They didn’t take the air out of the ball. I can’t think of one possession late where the shot clock went under 5 seconds. Auburn was extremely aggressive and fouled them and we missed the ft’s, it’s that simple. It wasn’t leadership, it’s just something that sometimes happens in a basketball game. This wasn’t Hassan French or Jordan Goodwin at the line. It was Collins, Perkins, Thatch, Pickett and Forester who missed the shots. I don’t think any, as some have implied are “chokers”. Yes it was extremely frustrating but hardly the end of our season. If the team stays healthy and continues to improve, they will be a real threat. We need Perkins at his best to be an elite team and I think he will get there with more games. We out rebounded the most physical team on our schedule. There is a lot to be encouraged by if you look at the big picture. I don’t think any A10 team is looking forward to playing us.
  5. Yes, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough for one night….
  6. I guess I was giving you a credit for a brain and being able to think…let me help, isn’t shooting ft’s part of performance in big games???? Again, you must delight in embarrassing yourself….
  7. You must enjoy making a fool of yourself, here is Brian’s quote… How a group of young men consistently react in high pressure, high stakes situations is almost always a direct reflection of the leader.
  8. Huh, better question did you read what he said??? He said the players performance was a reflection on Ford’s leadership… so I will ask you, are you agreeing that the team going 1 for 11 from the line in the 2nd half is Ford’s fault? The over the top reactions to a loss on this board are insane….
  9. So they missed the ft’s because of Ford.. you’re embarrassing yourself Brian….it’s so easy to pick out the Ford haters on this board…
  10. You can kiss my ass… trashing the coach because we shoot 1 for 11 on ft’s in the 2nd half is idiotic..and you’re an idiot too if you agree with him..
  11. For comparison, our opponent fg% for last season was 42.4%, through the first two games it is at 35.2%. The leader last year was Houston at 37.1%. Probably a better measurement is points per possession.
  12. What’s our grade on opponent shooting percentage? Gambling for steals isn’t always productive.
  13. I’ve tried to defend you in the past, but you’ve become an absolute joke. Making assumptions of a player based on one game, when we have 3+ years of games to evaluate him is absolutely ridiculous. Was this Yuri’s best game, no, but it was hardly terrible. 13 assists versus 5 to’s is still a very respectable ratio. How many points do you think Okoro scores last night without Collins? Yes we get it you have a grudge against him, but you are doing nothing but embarrassing yourself…
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