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  1. and Jimerson, and Bell had a year of Prep School ball...
  2. How about 26 points a game at the JC level....Javon Bess has also stated that he was the best player on the court in scrimmages he's participated in with him....
  3. Here's the link to the audio. Go to segment 2. https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  4. Ridiculous comparison. Thatch had a much harder transition. His game in high school was basically as an inside player, which he could frequently physically dominate his opponent. At the college level, Fred had to develop more of a perimeter oriented game, something which he is still learning. Yuri’s game is built on quickness, ball handling, passing, and game awareness. All which should translate nicely at the next level.
  5. I'm also hoping this year, that we start to become more of a running, and a high pressure defensive team. I think this style, plays to the strengths of Goodwin, French, Thatch, and a few of the newcomers.
  6. I won't be happy at all with a .500 season, this team has too much talent to have such low expectations....
  7. If he hits at 43%, he’s not sitting regardless of his defense. People continually underrate the importance of being able to shoot. 43% is equivalent to 64.5% for two point attempts..
  8. Here's the interview: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepressbox/2019/07/09/segment-4--travis-ford-7919
  9. here's a video of how it works
  10. he most certainly didn't tell you to go to hell....why the need to lie????
  11. And all of this because a Billiken fan cared enough to post a recruiting story...
  12. Have to agree about that, what a great story that was. We need more posters like Dennis.
  13. No idea who Father B is, but he sounds like a reasonable Billiken fan.....here's his exact post, please tell me what was offensive enough to be labeled a troll by you??? Probably not game changing for SLU fans to give him his own thread, but game changing enough for KU fans to give him his own thread? The difference in the tone of response on the KU board: https://247sports.com/college/kansas/Board/103719/Contents/Lok-Wur-132807725/ "Exciting prospect. A lot to work with there with a solid skill set and great length." "The offers/interest flooding in say all you need to know. This kid would be a GREAT addition this late..." "Ok, I want this dude. Where do I send the check to?"
  14. I don't need you for advice, and Father B, is certainly not a Jayhawk troll, he merely pointed out that Lok was being discussed as a possible recruit on their board.....oh, and I have an informed opinion that you are acting like an ass.........
  15. stop being a smart ass........and by the way, your opinions prove nothing either.........
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