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  1. Just stop, Roy didn’t insult your family, he pointed out that there are abuses with some of our government employees, which is 100% accurate. Government waste and mismanagement is universally recognized. I’m sure most government employees are hard working and people of integrity, but not all. It’s sad that some of our so called “esteemed” posters find it necessary to PERSONALLY disparage a long standing Billiken supporter, because he had a different view than theirs. That said, let’s leave the political commentary off this board....
  2. Exactly, and it’s pretty hard to argue against Ford’s usage of him when the team is 7-1...
  3. not sure what you're talking about TAj...no one is saying Bell should be playing major minutes, the only points people have made, are that Bell is not the main cause of our woes, and that Ford is correct by giving him some minutes to develop his game, BECAUSE THE TIME WILL COME THIS SEASON WHEN WE WILL NEED HIM FOR SOME MEANINGFUL MINUTES....and dennis is correct that Bell has some very good potential down the line.....
  4. The main advantage is crowd support, so yes playing in Birmingham or KC is basically a road game...
  5. Perkins was pretty good at shooting the three at SWIC (36%) and Ford mentioned on the post game show that he was good at shooting them. Hopefully the percentage will be going up.
  6. nobody should be shooting 3's when they are closely defended....i also wouldn't minimize someone hitting a shot when they are completely wide open on this team, when we can't shoot 60% from the line.......
  7. you want to put this all on Bell, and that is grossly unfair....against High Point, we had 3 Turnovers in the first 32 seconds, ball security and poor shot selection has been the biggest reason for our poor starts..i think the biggest reason, is some of the guys are too amped up to start a game....hopefully, this will improve, but some of the biggest offenders have been French and Goodwin at the start...
  8. it's another classic example of people being enamored with athleticism over basketball skill.....
  9. You just don’t get it, and probably never will. No one is arguing that Jimmy Bell is currently one of our top 5 players. Coach Ford realizes that at some point in the season, we are going to need Bell to play some significant minutes because of foul problems or injuries, and he is not going to be prepared if he doesn’t get playing time. A 7-1 record is ample proof that TF’s plan has been successful. Sometimes you have to step back and look at the big picture. I’m sure Ford’s lineup will continue to evolve as the season progresses.
  10. I know the facts aren’t important to you, but Bell had 3 rebounds in 3 minutes..,.
  11. It was at BC, not Belmont. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.boston.com/sports/college-sports/2019/11/17/bc-belmont-score-highlights-recap/amp
  12. goodwin does his best work without the ball in his hands, that is what makes him so difficult to defend...
  13. the uniforms were fine, but what's the problem with using the school colors??? that's why I wasn't a fan of the black uniforms....seems like every school in the country has to have one....
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