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  1. Makes sense, some may feel they have waited long enough for their opportunity.
  2. watch his foot as he lands...4 different spots...
  3. Exactly right Dennis, if this team is going to be great next year, it needs Nesbitt to start and be a major contributor. I don’t want anything holding up his development.
  4. so you can't tell us either why he is a tool....got it...
  5. no, why is he a tool??? I've never heard anything bad about him...Why don't you tell us??
  6. we have more depth in the front court than we have ever had....a 4th big is going to do nothing but sit...
  7. the compelling reason for Perkins to return is to gain physical strength. That is his one glaring weakness. I think there is an argument to be made that he could accomplish that better/easier by staying in St Louis, with out the pressures of overseas living and an increased playing schedule.
  8. French may be the best interior defensive player i have ever seen in a Billiken uniform...his leaping ability and timing are amazing...it's extremely difficult to ever get him to leave his feet early...
  9. i appreciate what Martin brings to the team, and he definitely has an important role, that said, he is not remotely the defensive presence inside as French...i will agree with you about Okoro and what he could bring to the team next year...
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