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  1. hey nitwit, if I said all accounts, I was speaking about the people who posted about it...i didn't offer an opinion on the streaming, because I was at the event, but for you to tell people they shouldn't care because it was just for the students who were there, was ridiculous.....as for what I want from you is common courtesy........
  2. Are you so arrogant that you think you represent all Billiken Fans???? This didn’t have to be an either are or thing. I appreciate fans from around the country who want to support and follow the team. No reason at all for you to act like an ass because someone makes a mild criticism of the streaming...the streaming was terrible by all accounts....Try respecting everyone, and you will be much better received...
  3. Ridiculous statement, we need as much support as possible...
  4. link to interview: go to 11:00 hour https://www.101espn.com/show_notes/stalter-rivers-september-19-2019-it-takes-two-to-replace-jamie-rivers-carey-davis-micheal-young-in/
  5. I think Collins is more likely to play 25+ mpg than Weaver.
  6. and Jimerson, and Bell had a year of Prep School ball...
  7. How about 26 points a game at the JC level....Javon Bess has also stated that he was the best player on the court in scrimmages he's participated in with him....
  8. Here's the link to the audio. Go to segment 2. https://590thefan.com/radio-shows/press-box/
  9. Ridiculous comparison. Thatch had a much harder transition. His game in high school was basically as an inside player, which he could frequently physically dominate his opponent. At the college level, Fred had to develop more of a perimeter oriented game, something which he is still learning. Yuri’s game is built on quickness, ball handling, passing, and game awareness. All which should translate nicely at the next level.
  10. I'm also hoping this year, that we start to become more of a running, and a high pressure defensive team. I think this style, plays to the strengths of Goodwin, French, Thatch, and a few of the newcomers.
  11. I won't be happy at all with a .500 season, this team has too much talent to have such low expectations....
  12. If he hits at 43%, he’s not sitting regardless of his defense. People continually underrate the importance of being able to shoot. 43% is equivalent to 64.5% for two point attempts..
  13. Here's the interview: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepressbox/2019/07/09/segment-4--travis-ford-7919
  14. here's a video of how it works
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