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  1. Give me Illinois and Mizzou. They scared to play little ol SLU down the street?
  2. One of the most exhilarating games I've watched as a Bills fan. Shame the fans couldn't be there live for this one. Couple of my observations: Impressive win. LSU played an incredible second half. We took their best blows and and some responded well. Believe it or not.... we WON A GAME AT THE FT LINE!! Javonte Perkins is the best pure scorer to ever don a Billiken jersey. One of the purest shots I've ever seen. He has a spot in the league if he keeps playing like this IMO. Not joking. Cam Thomas is a stud. He'll be an NBA first rounder. French should shore up our 2nd half shoddy interior defense. Linssen brings great energy, but really could've used French's defense and rebounding in the 2nd. Jacobs stepped up huge in a game with no Thatch and Yuri and Goodwin in foul trouble. This team is special. Previous Bills teams definitely would've folded. Gonna be a great year!
  3. Man, SLU looks very well coached today. They're doing all the little things right. Not overreacting to ball fakes, some really savvy and patient defensive plays. Making the skip passes. GREAT positioning for help defense driving LSU into dead ends. Not allowing any second chances to a very athletic LSU team. Creating contact and using it to our advantage on drives. Reminiscent of Majerus teams.
  4. The SLU commercial just blew LSU's out of the bayou.
  5. Interior defense and physicality has been great sans French. Definitely encouraging.
  6. Yes, but w/ 9 of his 13 being beyond the arc, that's uncharacteristic for him. Take the extra step out, but I'd be OK with him continuing to fire away from 3 as long as we give a decent contest on him.
  7. Jacobs has probably been our best guard so far tonight. He looks great.
  8. Honestly don't mind if they keep giving Smart those looks, only a 29% 3p shooter
  9. TJ with a Dwayne Wade-esque bait and block there. Heady defensive play
  10. Yuri's next step needs to be an outside shot. With his first step and playmaking ability, he's gonna have that look a lot. Gotta be able to reliably hit.
  11. LSU is not super deep. Keep attacking and racking up those fouls.
  12. Getting good looks in transition. Gotta keep the pace up. These looks will start to fall.
  13. LSU has us out of sorts early with their extended 2-3 zone. Not a lot of movement offensively. JBJ looks encouragingly active though.
  14. Great memory. It was Wilcox. I do remember a lot of whining out of Ross that game as well! This video remains Billikens porn
  15. Gonna be a good barometer to see if JBJ has taken that next step.... Think starting Linssen would be the right move to get some energy and physicality going off the tip, but this will be a big game to see what JBJ can do.
  16. Little surprised we are favored in this one tbh. Vegas is usually pretty accurate, but feel like a lot of the public/media money is going toward LSU. We are playing an LSU team that's expected to finish in the top 3 of the SEC along UK and Tenn with a potential top 20 NBA pick in Cam Thomas, probable All-SEC guys in Watford, Smart, and maybe Days along with some pretty decent transfers. This is probably the most high-level talent laden squad we play all year (unless we put another tourney on the docket or schedule a local P5 team--looking at you Mizzou), so I'm really looking forward to it. Got a good feeling this is a game where JG and HF lead us back on to the national stage again and turn some talking heads other than Jon Rothstein.
  17. I was here to say the same. That 2011 year where we stuck it to Romar and Co. on a Sunday morning really set the tone for the rest of the year. Hoping for French to set a Conk on Terrance Ross-esque screen to let them know we came to play. Biggest game on our NC docket and would be a huge resume boosting win against a team that should finish in the top 3 in the SEC... champing on the bit to get to 2PM
  18. Ok so Markhi Strickland is an athlete....
  19. Anyone happen to know/have a resource to find out what the largest margin of victory in a SLU opener is?
  20. A Billikens team that can shoot the 3 ball?? 2020 continues to give surprises.
  21. Perkins can effing shoot, man. Incredible to watch.
  22. Perkins could've gotten some run on GS last year lol.
  23. Perkins. My goodness. He doesn't even hit rim when he shoots. Gonna start getting league looks if he can score like this.
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