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  1. Welcome Brock. That 3 point shot looks effortless. An article that specifically mentions SLU offer and calls it a big time offer. Smart reporter. https://phenomhoopreport.com/recruitment-picking-up-for-2023-610-brock-vice-houston-hs/
  2. A substantial improvement over the expected 48-18 halftime score
  3. I have mentioned this before with Fred. During the last half of the season he also was beginning to be a guy that didn't need the Yuri feed. He is showing the ability to create on his own in addition to his hustle scrap points. He's really been looking good.
  4. How about we lock the other thread. Those of us that follow the women’s soccer team know where to find the content regardless of the title. Can we stop the silly Courtside is a troll crap. You may think he’s arrogant, self serving, or whatever else. So what, he provides tons of info that I and other posters are interested in and could not get elsewhere. If you actually care about the content over a petty feud, you’d drop it.
  5. George Gervin dreams of being reincarnated as Javonte Perkins.
  6. Beyond what has already been written. Nick Kramer’s shot is beautiful. Not saying it’s better or ever will be better, but just from a technical standpoint it’s prettier than GJim. Perfect arch and rotation and hands finish textbook. He was nailing them in the warm ups but struggled making them during the scrimmages
  7. Straight back from ball rack on the aisle half way up
  8. Weren’t the 2 Butler finals 2 of the most viewed?
  9. This mythical back up pg just doesn't exist or isn't coming to SLU. If he would be satisfied with just being the back up pg and that's it, he isn't going to make a difference when Yuri is out anyway. Sorry, he just won't be good enough. Otherwise he needs to be good enough to take wing/guard minutes from Perk, GJim, Pick, Thatch, Parker, Hargrove, etc ... Players that good have other situations available to them that offer them more assurances for playing time.
  10. I didn’t mean to say he could. I don’t know much about him. My point was anyone we recruited to back up Yuri has to be able to earn minutes when Yuri is healthy also as no one is coming … just in case Yuri is hurt. We are so loaded at the 3 wings/guards that very few if any back up options could actually earn those minutes.
  11. Jones wasn't good enough. He wouldn't have made a difference if we lose Yuri for any length of time. With Pickett on the roster this year, would Jones have even came? Last year he had a few minutes available even with Yuri healthy. This year when Yuri is healthy, how many minutes would you think are available? I'll say very few. Who is good enough to take minutes from someone already on the roster when Yuri is healthy that we could have gotten? No one wants to be told, you'll play if Yuri goes down. I'm 100% good with who we have on the roster for the limited back up minutes available and wouldn't want to go with a lesser talent than we currently have on the roster just because he's played pg before.
  12. If we had someone the caliber of Jones last year, the season still takes a huge hit if Yuri goes down. Who was coming here to play back up that could have kept our season on track if Yuri gets hurt? A combo guard? And where were they going to get the rest of their minutes? Over Pickett, GJim, Perk, Thatch? I don’t think so.
  13. I’ve been wondering what our Roller derby uniforms would look like if we had a team.
  14. When you’ve spent your entire existence getting ***** slapped by your rival, you tend to avoid them at all costs.
  15. I've posted it before but my Dad was up from Texas visiting. They are big UT fans and were Dallas Mav season ticket holders. We went to the game and had to sit up near the top in the corner. He's like who the f//k is SLU and how the hell do they have 17k+ at their games? Until he passed we'd laugh about that all the time.
  16. The f..k if he won't. This Javonte MF Perkins we're talking about. He's going to be so damn good he's taking 2 spots. He's so good Rammer changed his middle name to Javonte Pickett lol
  17. We could have 5 players make an All Conference team. I'm not saying we will but from Yuri, Okoro, Perkins, GJim, or Perkins which does not have a chance?
  18. I get your point and it obviously has validity. However, this year we at least have some guys that have the potential to be much less Yuri dependent than basically everyone was most of last year. How will they be in November? That’s the question. The Europe trip will undoubtedly help especially if Perk is less than 80%. Pick obviously has the ability to score. I thought Thatch was beginning to show the ability at the end of last year and Parker? Though none are Perkins, it has the potential to be a better situation than last year.
  19. Yes, He was under strict orders from Ford to just stand in the corner. Any standing around Nesbitt did was due to himself
  20. I got tired of beating that horse. If Yuri had 2 less turnovers a game we'd have scored 10 less ppg last year. Can't we just ask him to quit making the passes that don't work?
  21. This is a pretty nice schedule. A few really good games at Hermann https://slubillikens.com/news/2022/6/13/2022-womens-soccer-schedule-announced.aspx https://slubillikens.com/sports/womens-soccer/schedule
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