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  1. Almost Billiken Loren Woods with a role in the movie Spirited.
  2. Says the guy who admittedly knows little about basketball Though just for future reference, you didn’t need to admit it. It’s pretty clear.
  3. I’ll take this for old guy. if he’s been accurately diagnosed with a pelvic contusion, he could be out for just a short time, or he could be out longer. The severity of the pelvic contusion wii determine the length of time missed and Christian!s availability for the next game. Even if he does play he may or may not be fully recovered which could have an effect on the quality of his play.
  4. My point was simply if you just want the coach to basically say everyone played good, then why interview him at all. Everyone played well, we already know it.
  5. Bigger than anyone? Are you typing this from the game. Maybe as big as anyone.
  6. I’m in agreement on Moore. I don’t get it. However we wanted defense and that’s not Yedlin either. I just haven’t seen enough of Scally to have an opinion. I have no problem bringing in Acosta to help close out a game with a 1 goal lead.
  7. It’s not anything Coach does that inspires the old guy nonsense.
  8. Look just admit if Coach Ford ran into a burning building to save puppies but only saved 4 of 5, you’d be complaining because he didn’t go back in for the 5th
  9. Then why even interview a coach? I want his real feelings not some canned BS, even if it’s harsh. Ford throws himself under the bus quite often also.
  10. So you’re saying he does decide if we have the advantage, you just disagree with his decision.
  11. Are the players not also responsible? As D1 players to hit free throws?
  12. I sure wish we had this much interest or get this much interest when we are winning
  13. And even then if the guards decided to hold up you’d have a large percentage of posters claiming it was the wrong decision
  14. We blew a big lead due to poor clock management. We jacked up quick poor shots more than once.
  15. The #13 team on the road. I get we had a chance to win and probably should have as nothing Auburn did caused missed free throws. In the end though a 5 pt road loss to the 13th ranked team in the country will not hurt our resume at all. We showed we belong with that level of a team
  16. This 3 point shooting is unreal. 13.8% is that possible for actual basketball players?
  17. Maybe, but you liking soccer just seems so very important. You did take the time to let us all know how you felt, so it must be important
  18. I don’t know how to say just 1 or 2. Robinson had quite a few give aways vs Wales. Still dangerous getting down the line and defends well. I’d say for both combined Ream, Pulisic, and Musah. For today, literally everyone but Zim. Even with that said, and the way he’s played, I’d still keep him in. The USA has more quality attacking players than we can play at 1 time. Honestly, if you’d have asked me 10 years ago which positions would the USA have a lot of depth ai in the 2022 World Cup, I’d have said Defensive mid and Center backs lol
  19. Well damn. We are all so very disappointed. I personally was really hoping you’d become a fan. Now my day is ruined
  20. No cards also, so everyone available. If this was going to the scorecards. We win
  21. Bad foul by Musah also. Just contain
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