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  1. Speaking of not just court side seats but lower level seats in general. It looks very bad in TV, especially behind the TV crew. SLU should put a rule in place that allows those seats to be filled after a certain amount of time with the caveat that you have to move if the ticket holder shows up
  2. I don’t think it was a pass. I watched it a few times. If it was, it was way, way off. No way Traore could have even touched it. When the ball leaves Jones hands Traore is outside the lane on the opposite side of the rim where the pass is coming down standing flat footed. He’s not moving toward the rim at all, and would have had to go through the Fordham big, catch and do a 360 reverse dunk. In fact as Jones starts the drive and just before he enters the lane, Traore is moving away from the basket, it was clearly a shot not a pass.
  3. Not a pass unless he was passing to no one. The goaltending call was right. It was a floater shot that was clearly on the way down.
  4. Did you forget to mention the VCU game from yesterday?
  5. Did VCU play Friday Jan 14th? I'd have thought you'd be here telling us about your big win. Hello? I Can't hear you.
  6. I agree to some extent, but you have to look at games as whole. On here if you have a bad 10 minutes you're probably not good enough to play Jr High ball and if you have a great 10 minutes, ehhh you're ok. Some of the things said about Okoro in the 1st half were silly. You'd have thought he was 1-10 not 1-4. He had 4 rebounds also in 13 minutes. Ahhh but maybe we spoke too soon. He was 4-5 with 6 boards in 10 minutes in the 2nd half for a double/double in 23 minutes. Games are rarely great for 40 minutes. Good streaks and bad streaks in every game for every team. We also played this game missing our co #1 big, and probably our 7th man in Thatch. Also as far as the season goes, name me the SLU team that could lose their best player ( a player that was rated as a top 20 wing in the country by some ) and still be a tourney team. I can help if anyone is unsure. The answer is none in the last 60 years.
  7. Yes, beating the spread and the Wiz's projection = Fail
  8. Jones played 14 minutes in the 1st half
  9. The play as bad as it was, is still better than this post. Questioning whether Yuri would intentionally quit in a game is absurd.
  10. I hope your questioning of Yuri's heart was just a momentary lack of judgement.
  11. We are in agreement. I wasn't intending to say Yuri is that guy.
  12. I agree, I hope Nesbit becomes that. What Perkins brings is someone who can score without Yuri. Currently we don't have anyone who can just say give me the ball. Everything starts with Yuri
  13. Heck, I would have wanted to go just to hear Crystal Dunn who imo is maybe the most under rated player by fans on the USWNT. I don't think I've seen a left back that provides as much offense as she does while still being a better than capable defender. I've heard she'd rather be a forward, but imo she and the team are better served with her at left back. Either one among many good forwards or one of the best left backs in the world.
  14. And I'm sure if Travis believes a player is being fouled, he lets the officials know. GJim can make it obvious he's being grabbed and held without going as far as flopping. Not sure if it helps though
  15. A nice article in the Post on Kip Keller. With stock rising, Keller waits to see if he'll be No. 1 MLS pick | SLU Billikens | stltoday.com I didn't know about the broken leg. Tough kid. You could tell from the 1st time he stepped on the field at SLU he was going to be special. (Not trying to brag, but I did call it his freshman season) Maybe SLU's next USMNT player
  16. Do we have someone on the bench who can come in to the game just to punch an Iona player in the face?
  17. Rick P providing the refs with hookers?
  18. This is just a terribly officiated game
  19. And a lot of teams that play great 3 pt D, tend to maybe overplay it a bit. GJim has been really good with the back door cuts which should help to keep them honest. I'd like to see Nesbit get better at recognizing when he has that opportunity also. This could also put their big in some foul trouble if we go right at him rather than try and avoid getting our shot blocked.
  20. Heck no. I hope he hangs around to party a bit. You know he has some connections.
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