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  1. I'm curious how recent the negative test has to be. 1 week, 2 weeks, a month?
  2. Damn. If you're able to get on now, he needs to give me my money back.
  3. An oral commitment is always a good thing
  4. No, just no to that pic. That is not Dr Frank-n-furter
  5. And Don't cry Janet, it's not the first time you've eaten Meatloaf. My brother and I went every Friday night just for just about a year. Rice, Squirt guns, confetti and newspaper in hand. I'm sure they did the same here but they used to act out the movie in front of the theater. I acted the part of Brad during one half drunken night, performed for 45 min in my underwear. When we first got to St. louis in about '91 or '92 I took my wife to see it as she had never been. It had gotten so out of hand with too many new lines being yelled and props I had no idea what they were for.
  6. Trivia? What's the movie ... Meatloaf for dinner again?
  7. My mom doesn't like Meatloaf. The singer or the food. I agree it doesn't make sense.
  8. Just throw the ball directly at their nose, and hard enough to break it. You have the right to stand there, I have the right to throw it in where I please.
  9. For me the Robinson boys should be written in ink. Brooks place should be questioned. Pepi plays until he proves otherwise and Aaronson is moving the needle up.
  10. Yes but it doesn’t change how poorly they’ve played these 3 games
  11. We are playing the ball to the corner with 13 min left
  12. The US plays like they can string together 25 passes and work the ball up the field. The reality is the only way they can string together 10 passes is if they are all backwards and that actually is likely to happen pretty often They are kind of like the rhythmless guy on the dance floor who has no clue he can’t dance. They’re damn lucky Honduras is just bad
  13. Turn the ball up the field Sargent. Damn
  14. Get John Brooks off the field. Turn it over then slowly jog back trailing the play. That lack of hustle sucks. He’ 6 yards be hind the goal scorer, he easily could have hustled back and defended that cross. Watch the play.
  15. Let’s see if we can play it back to the keep so he can play it long Or misplay the 1st touch then scramble to the loose ball and drop it back
  16. I don’t know how I would have reacted had the decision been mine.
  17. Has anyone heard exactly what McKennie did? It had better be petty bad. The 2 Robinsons had good games on the back line. Miles is proving he should be written in as a starter in ink every time he steps on the field and Antonee is clearly our best option at LB and imo has improved a great deal the last couple of years. I like what Dest brings to the attack enough that I’m willing to trade his defensive liabilities. Yedlin brings nothing either way. Aaron son had a much better game last night and not just due to the goal. He did miss another great opportunity when Prefok fought and made the pass across goal on the ball off Pulisic’s shoulder. He was watching and even stepped towards the ball when he should have been going to the far post. No way Prefok pulls the ball back to him, he can’t do anything at the near post. The only opportunity was going to be at the far post and he never attempts to get there. If he does he has a tap in. I know he’s young but plays like this where you simply put yourself in the right place frequently make the difference. The Canada goal was the same thing we’ve seen from this team for years. Get beat from being out of position and then everyone ball watch. Yedlin’s error was terrible but not surprising. Brooks has to be aware of who’s around him. Despite Yedlin if Brooks plays it correctly we probably prevent the goal Lletget made a really nice savvy play on the turn and pass to Aaronson that lead to Pulisic hitting the post but far to often his first play when winning a ball is to lay it off back. Adams was good but IMO everything he did well was negated by the one stupid play.
  18. We’re on a break and it gets called back because Tyler Adams has to commit an obvious foul away from the ball. Stupid Stupid Stupid
  19. Fu king Yedlin. And what the hell is Brooks doing
  20. Losing Dest is huge. Yelling scares me defensively. We’ve waited and talked for 2 years about the big 5 Pulisic, Reyna, McKennie, Adams, and Dest and we play the 1st game without Pulisic and now no Reyna or McKennie and we lose Dest before halftime in the 2nd game
  21. This ref would have inspired the younger Skip to make an appearance.
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