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  1. This seems generous. Approaching the lowest 10% isn't exactly "we have P6 facilities" Taken collectively, our facilities, budget, and salaries don't seem comparable to most P5 programs, including all ACC, Big Ten, or SEC programs. Maybe we get a little closer to the likes of K-State, Iowa State, BYU, or Washington State? And then for the P6 maybe a 1/2 step closer to Providence, Butler, Seton Hall, Marquette, Xavier? Next year there will be 80 P6 schools. CF's salary might be higher than the bottom 10%, but it seems unlikely our facilities and overall budget are.
  2. That's a high bar for a school that's gone to 10 tourneys in the 50+ years of NCAA preeminence. It can be argued that the two most successful SLU coaches ever in terms of NCAA appearances achieved 3 in 7 years. That's the ceiling so far.
  3. Another difference is that, based on his season so far, Parker is a more well-rounded offensive player. Rashad's whole game was chucking up long distance threes. Sincere's three-point shooting is secondary to his ability to drive in the paint and his mid-range game.
  4. Iona was ranked as the pre-season favorite to win the MAAC, but maybe isn't quite on the same level as last year's team considering their five-point loss at Hofstra. Boise St. has back-to-back wins against Loyola-Chi (by 22) and Colorado (who beat Tenn and Texas A&M) after losses to South Dakota St and Charlotte Boise State Drake looks good, but hasn't been test yet (Wyoming, Buffalo and Wofford don't look like tournament teams).
  5. Same goes for Florida St., Georgetown, SMU, Louisville, etc...
  6. Good points. Exciting to think we beat Providence without our full or fully healthy line-up. Our depth should be a strength this season. But it's good to see we can still win at a high level when we don't have as much of it.
  7. The refrain of "he's not a troll, he's actually a really nice guy if you get to know him" gets tired, as the two are not mutually exclusive. Similarly, how one feels about Billiken basketball and how one posts on a message board are two different things. Indeed, ignore is a useful option for all.
  8. So both teams shot themselves in the foot. Nice! Really glad we evened the score on the scheduling front.
  9. The Tuesday night scheduling was always going to make visitor attendance tough. That was a missed opportunity.
  10. Want to speed up the offense, drive the lane, and draw fouls? Play Parker. Want to go a little bigger, add a little more energy on defense, and spread the floor a little more (to make space for soul-crushing alley-oops)? Play Hargrove. There's a use for either in any game depending on what the other team is doing. Them splitting 20-25 minutes in different ways seems to be working pretty well so far.
  11. "26-year-old DeAndre Williams" Wow. A full 2 years older than JGood.
  12. Here they are, for today, 11/14: AP Poll - SLU #30: Coaches Poll - SLU #36:
  13. Guessing we'll get a few votes in the Coaches Poll this week, after getting snubbed last week.
  14. Bad night for the A10 with Rhode Island (0-2) losing to Texas State and Bonnies (1-1) losing to Canisius. SLU, La Salle, and VCU all handled their low-level opponents.
  15. Nice to see our future opponent Salukis beat Oklahoma State tonight 61-60 in Clearwater. They might actually be a solid opponent this year if they can also beat UNLV at a neutral site game on 11/22. Side note, Oklahoma State had a terrible crowd. Their stadium was mostly empty except for the very lowest courtside sections comprised of 4-5 rows.
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if in Hughes Jr. becomes a starter and integral part of the team over multiple seasons and is never on scholarship. Having one more scholarship for coach to improve the roster with might mean more to him than taking it himself.
  17. Same for sports-reference.com. Maybe the "we" is The Wiz inadvertently revealing that he considers himself a Purple Aces fan above all else.
  18. Hopefully Cissé develops enough to get a little time - similar to Traore getting pockets of time even though Linssen and Okoro were the go to options (usually because of Linssen's foul trouble).
  19. For those wondering where current D1 former SLU players are: Jordan Nesbitt - Hampton Lassina Traore - Long Beach State Andre Lorentsson - Toledo Jimmy Bell Jr. - West Virginia KC Hankton - Chattanooga Demarius Jacobs - Ball State Mickey Pearson - Ball State Phil Russell - SEMO Madani Diarra - Bowling Green Carte'are Gordon - Grambling Rashad Williams - Arkansas - Pine Bluff
  20. Good reminder about Okoro's defensive strength. On the offensive end the contrast was pretty stark last night, with Forrester seeming to have better court vision, making good passes, appearing more confident and quick with the pick n' roll, protecting the ball, going up strong and finding buckets.
  21. Everyone won except for La Salle (v. Villanova) and GMU (v. Auburn), which were expected,. and Rhody losing to Quinnipiac. Also, Loyola needed OT to beat Fairleigh Dickinson after going in as a -26.5.
  22. Now that you mention it, looks like we have one of the more interesting/meaningful match-ups in all of D1 basketball today, even without a whole lot expected from the Racers this years.
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