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  1. I read somewhere that Eastern Michigan is offering a transfer $1 million. So, at least some "mid-major" programs might find ways to compete on the new playing field. Otherwise, the big/wealthy/P5 schools having more resources than small schools to recruit top talent just sounds like more of the same, not "the end of college sports as we know it."
  2. Made official earlier today - Murray State to the MVC starting on July 1st: https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/33013789/murray-state-racers-accept-invitation-join-missouri-valley-conference-july The article also cites UIC as being in the mix with UMKC and UTA as options for further MVC expansion.
  3. That'd be an interesting turn of events, and actually would make a lot of sense. I remember when the MVC added Valpo they had also made campus visits to Nebraska-Omaha and UW-Milwaukee. UMKC seems comparable to those schools at this point.
  4. I don't see the appeal for the MVC. I guess the media market is the main attraction, but geographic coherence (and lower travel costs) seems more valuable than chasing phantom media dollars via a market's #4 D-I program (without including UT, Baylor, A&M, or Tech, who probably account for most of the eyeballs/attention). The MVC has regressed by losing Creighton, Wichita St., and Loyola. But they've made the best of a bad situation by adding Valpo, Belmont, and now Murray St. Adding UTA seems like it'd be a break from that track record - being a white knight for no apparent reason. UTA should look to the WAC or Summit.
  5. With Belmont, Murray State and Austin Peay gone the OVC is left with seven teams and no dominant programs. Time for SIUE to shine.
  6. The AAC just doesn't deserve any special, top-tier grouping. As your analysis shows, the NET doesn't appear to be "aiding" the AAC any more than the Mountain West, C-USA, or OVC, and much less so than the West Coast Conference.
  7. The AAC is 8 years old. The NET system is 3 years old. Your calculation is two days old. The idea that there's a "traditional" P7 that includes the AAC seems generous. In any event, I suppose any such "tradition" will end next year with the departure of Houston, Cincy and UCF.
  8. As evidenced by your analysis, the AAC doesn't belong in the same grouping as the P6. Also, the #3 team in the AAC, Memphis, has a NET of 58, which by no means guarantees an at-large. The "anticipated # of at-large bids + 1 auto-bid" calculation would generally over count as there will be double counting of top ranked teams that win their conference tourneys.
  9. I get that it's A10 Talk, but they should distinguish that "Philly A10 teams a perfect 4-0 this week". Three of those St. Joe and LaSalle wins came against Philly teams - Penn and Temple. Villanova and Drexel also lost.
  10. Wow. If you expand it to the P6 the list is the same. The Big East bottoms out at 110 - Georgetown.
  11. I wouldn't categorize playing 30 minutes as "benched."
  12. Another feather in the cap of @The Wiz. Well done.
  13. Stoked to smoke a P6 team by double-digits and get back on track.
  14. Not sure if it's Fordham (who will likely be .500 on December 31) having a pulse or just that there could be a lot of really bad A10 teams this year, but either way, they might not play on Wednesday!
  15. Seems like a great fit - and good result for UALR from a tough situation.
  16. Good to see Stu finally taking some personal responsibility.
  17. Agreed. They should wait until Jan. 1 to calculate/release the first official NET rankings. It's clearly too small a sample size to let anyone know where they really stand.
  18. Obviously it's meaningless come selection time, but there's still something nice about being in the Top 68.
  19. I think GCU was Baptist at some point, but is just "Christian" now and doesn't necessarily prescribe to an evangelical dogma. The only real knock against them is that they have no business in the NCAA as a for-profit school - unrelated to any faith-based mission they may adhere to.
  20. Along those lines, I think there's one SEC school Coach Ford aspires to coach, and it certainly ain't Mizzou.
  21. So much hypocrisy and corruption they make the Vatican look good. Hi-yo!
  22. Is "SUNY-Amherst" an SBU inside joke?
  23. Probably a similar calculus to why IKEA is there: centrally located, easy highway access, and a tolerable drive for a large percentage of the metro population. Looks like it'll be a short walk down Compton from the 'fetz. Could be a good pre/post-game option.
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