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  1. I totally just went to SLUbillikens.com to track to them stats…then I realized I’m in the Eastern time zone and it’s still on 6:30 in STL. I hate time zones so much! Also, I’m dumb.
  2. Apparently Has is going full-werewolf overseas. You love to see it.
  3. She’s amazing. I’ve loved watching her play over the years.
  4. Since I’m not there, who’s typing out the play by play and posting it? I expect it to be thorough and detailed!
  5. Former Billiken Daryl Doran is an indoor soccer LEGEND. Even my buddies, who have absolutely zero interest in outdoor soccer, much less indoor soccer, know Daryl Doran. Mostly, because he was a player-coach for so long. I’d love to go see some Ambush games sometime.
  6. Hahaha Roy, I was just about to ask what your plan was for tonight. I’m still stuck down in Florida. Was hoping for a stream of the exhibition so I could watch both.
  7. Shout out to @billiken_roy! We ‘re in the World Series! Still can’t believe it!
  8. I would put Pepi, Sargent, Hoppe, Pefok and Duke over Zardes right now. Honestly wish Hoppe got more of a look at striker even though I know he’s been dynamic on the wing too.
  9. Right now, Pepi is the #1 option at striker. It’s not particularly close. But I still think Sargent has a role, even if it’s off the bench. His hold up play is superior to any other striker on the roster. If we get a lead, you could bring him on to keep possession. Or play him underneath Pepi if Pulisic and Reyna aren’t available again.
  10. I genuinely felt bad for my immediate reflex reaction being, “this is good news.” I have nothing against Zardes. He’s just not as good as our other options.
  11. https://instagram.com/unknownycofficial?utm_medium=copy_link I’m assuming for ordering, you message the account. So far it’s just T-Shirts, but I love the logo.
  12. https://fredthatchmerch.com/products/ft-embroidered-letterman-jacket Yessir. This jacket is sweet. I’ll be wearing it to Chaifetz at some point this winter.
  13. I’m gonna be getting some homefield and Unknown and Fred Thatch merch and wearing it to games this year. I genuinely really like the logo’s from Yuri and Fred
  14. William Shakespeare of Avon had the equivalent 2nd grade education in 1500’s. We have actual documents that have survived that contain his signature, and he signed his name differently every single time. His children were illiterate. There are financial records showing him being a (fairly brutal) businessman. He left zero books or manuscripts to anyone in his will. He’s the only writer of note from the era where there is not even a shred of evidence of him ever writing professionally. Sure, physical evidence from 500 years ago can be scarce, but for every other famous writer of the day, you can at least find something, save Shakespeare. And you’re going to look me in the eye and try to tell me this uneducated, brutal peasant, who could barely sign his name, wrote some of the most eloquent, emotional works of fiction of all time? Yeah, I call bullish!t on that!
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