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  1. For sure. I was really just talking about in terms of keeping teams honest in terms of guarding him. Even getting into the lane and kicking back out, so defenders can’t overplay him at the 3-point line.
  2. Hey 3star, do you think Russell could develop into scoring more inside...at least enough to keep defenders honest so they’re not sitting on him just firing up 3s? I know it’s just a highlight video, but he seemed to show good touch on floaters and also seemed to possess some creativity and body control when he did drive. Do you think with SLU’s strength and conditioning program, he could get to the point where scoring inside is at least an option for him if defenders are overplaying him on the perimeter?
  3. Agreed. Journalism isn’t about being nice and making sure nobody’s feelings get hurt. There are editors and word counts and deadlines to contend with.
  4. With the university closed for Coronavirus, how exactly do you propose Stu get ahold of Hankton’s academic records...especially since it wasn’t confirmed that he was transferring until around 6 yesterday evening? Or maybe, while acceptable to keep him eligible, his grades weren’t worth mentioning. Or maybe this story is simply a place holder under deadline until Stu is able to gather more details for a more in-depth article. There’s a lot more that goes into journalism than “calling a source.” Calling media members lazy every time you don’t like what they have to say, is, quite frankly...lazy.
  5. For sure. Especially, this far out. Assuming everyone is healthy and ready to go, I’d be slightly surprised if the A10 preseason predictions don’t have us as the favorite. Obviously, a lot can happen between now and then. But there isn’t another team in the league that has our talent with 2 players at the level of Jimerson and Thatch that they claim as additions.
  6. I understand this, and I understand that they have everybody coming back...but essentially, we do too. Assuming Thatch and Jimerson are both coming back (healthy) next year, I think that more than makes up for the 2 games they finished ahead of us in the standings. Take away a fluke 3 buzzer beater and an epic 2nd half meltdown and we have the same record as Richmond in conference play. Plus, we beat them. I’m sorry, I just think the inevitable growth of this team (Yuri’s hands not going numb, another year of maturation for Hargrove, etc., etc.) PLUS Jimerson and Thatch (potentially) coming back, should give us the edge. Maybe that’s just obvious bias, but that’s my two cents.
  7. I’ve been saying the same thing for 2 months. If we’re gonna call kids “tools” for not coming to SLU, it makes ZERO SENSE to give up on a kid after 1 year of not playing many minutes, when he came in with a knee injury. It’s absolutely counter-intuitive. Maybe Diarra will turn out to be a bust, but NOBODY in this board really knows anything about Diarra’s game right now. It’s just blinding guessing based on how few minutes he played, and that’s it. Like I’ve said in the past, exactly zero young men who come to SLU to play basketball are finished products after their freshman years. If we dismissed every kid who wasn’t a regular contributor after their freshman year, we would be missing out on some phenomenal players.
  8. 72, let me preface this by saying, you’re not wrong. I’m not sure I believe Has can develop a reliable 10-15 footer either. But I would argue that it might be easier for him to shoot a jumper right now than free throws. It’s so obvious, whatever is wrong with his free throw stroke, is in his head. It’s a total Rick Ankiel scenario. Maybe he doesn’t make 8 outta 10 in practice like Ford says, but you can see the difference between warm-ups and game action. It’s night and day. Shooting a 12-foot jumper, there’s no time to think about whether you’re using your legs enough. You just shoot. I think that could be to his advantage. Just a thought.
  9. Think about how hard it must be for some (not all obviously) 18-19yo kids to come to a whole new country. Learn new customs, having to learn all new social norms...as an, at least, semi-awkward teenager. I mean, I’m trying to think about how I would’ve handled it, and I realize, I could barely handle my freshman year at SLU...and so grew up in St. Louis. I was smart enough academically, but I wasn’t smart enough to not make A LOT of really bad decisions. Throw in trying to juggle being a D1 basketball player, going to class, hanging out with girls, your brother is in the middle winning A10 player of the year...I mean maybe it all gets to be too much sometimes...and can you really blame him? It’s gotta be tough, and incredibly lonely sometimes. It is what it is.
  10. But I was kinda hoping that if a recruit tried to sign outside outside of the signing period, the NCAA would at least force the recruit to rent Gigli once on Amazon Prime!
  11. I figured as much. These are the things that run through my mind with no sports, but I appreciate you at least entertaining my silly hypothetical, Pistol!
  12. I figured. All good. I wasn’t calling you out. Just clarifying.
  13. Again, I’m not sure why people are so down on Diarra. Everyone knows he had an injury. If you were excited about him when he signed, you should be just as excited about him now. If you weren’t excited about him when he signed, ok, nothing has happened to change your opinion. I get that. I’m not going to go back and look up everyone’s opinion of him when committed. But to write a kid off because he didn’t play much his freshman year, when he came in with a knee injury, just seems kinda dumb to me.
  14. Don’t forget Perkins has been know to hit the occasional 3 too. (I’m not sure if his omission was a mistake, or you were implying that his shooting is a given. Either way, just throwing his name into the hat too.)
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