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  1. I’m not sure that condo will be big enough for ALL your mistresses, Larry.
  2. You’re the one throwing around accusations with zero evidence outside of the word of your father in law who happens to work at the med school. I’ve received contradictory testimony from people I trust far more than you and your med school father in law. Gordon being at 4 schools in 2 years prove his red flags. Believe whatever you like, but take it to the Illini board, where you can all compliment each other on how fashionable your tinfoil hats are.
  3. So your father in law, who works in the med school, knew about us paying for Gordon’s mom. Funny, because my father, who holds a much more “in the know” position within the administration that working in the med school, has always stressed how clean our program is. But glad you got that great intel from a med school faculty member.
  4. That’s not proof. That’s speculative BS. How many 5* or even 4* recruits has Ford brought to SLU? Goodwin wanted to stay home. Gordon had a lot of red flags going back to high school. That’s looking at realistically. He gets the most out of his players. Go troll somewhere else
  5. I never said any such thing. And I never will. I’m perfectly capable of accepting that people might be happier at another school besides SLU. But you come on here and your very first post ever is accusing us of cheating. How do you expect regular posters to react to that?
  6. P.S. when a new member shows up and their very first post is about SLU paying recruits, using the pronoun “we” isn’t as clever of a disguise as you think it is.
  7. Sources? Anybody can make BS accusations about anybody, but you better at least have a shred of evidence to back it up, otherwise it’s just desperate and sad.
  8. Basically just that the momentum for SLU had stalled and the point man for Illinois never kept his foot off the gas.
  9. Derek Piper just flipped his crystal ball to Illinois as well. With a 6 confidence rating.
  10. Brian Snow at 247 just flipped his crystal ball to Illinois, but with a 2 levels of confidence, which basically means he’s not confident at all. But not exactly a good sign.
  11. Exactly. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s gonna happen next week. I want Jordan Nesbitt to be a Billiken as much as anyone. I really really do! But if there’s 1 thing we know, it’s that coach Ford is gonna find talent here at SLU. Hopefully, that includes Nesbitt. But if it doesn’t, there’s no doubt in my mind, our staff will find someone else. That being said, I still really hope Nesbitt chooses SLU next Thursday.
  12. From the Athletic piece. Looks like J-Good has been working on the mechanics of his jump shot. If he can become even a respectable 3-point (and free throw) shooter, thinking about how good this team could be...oh man. I can’t wait for November!
  13. There’s an actual button that allows you to see posts from people you’ve ignored, smart guy. I didn’t watch the game tonight. I never made reference to the game tonight. I’ve only made reference to the content of your troll posts. You can play the victim as much as you want, but you’re not fooling anyone. When the only posts you EVER make on entire the board is to talk $h!t about something that, for all intents and purposes, has absolutely nothing to do with the Billikens, that makes you a troll. Sorry.
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