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  1. He’s not real happy about it.
  2. I’m right up there with you on the loser board, buddy. Lol. What time is the game? I have a day off tomorrow.
  3. I totally forgot about TBT. Good call!
  4. I agree that the way the PGA has handled things has made me more optimistic, but it’s exceptionally easier to social distance on a golf course than it is on a basketball court. I think a better comparison (but it’s still not apples to apples) is how professional soccer has gone on without much incident in Europe. But obviously, the situations in Europe and America aren’t exactly the same at this point, on a number of levels. I think that if the MLB can successfully get through it’s 60 games+playoffs (and furthermore, the NBA, NHL, can get through their restarts successfully) it will go a long way towards college sports being played. I think, with all the money the NCAA, conferences and schools stand to lose without sports, every effort will be made to play, in whatever fashion they can. If 1 or more of the leagues listed above can find a way complete their seasons, it could provide a blueprint for the NCAA and schools to follow while also giving administrators, faculty, student-athletes and their families the psychological optimism that we can pull all of this off safely and effectively. If all of those leagues have to shut down again without completing their restarted seasons, I think the prospects of a college basketball season will look a lot more dire. We’ll have to wait and see. Here’s hoping they can figure it out.
  5. To be clear, and not politcal, I read the thread Carter is responding to. It says if a school has partial in-person classes, circumstances could change. The thread also says this is FAR FROM a sure thing in terms of kids losing their visas. There will inevitably be a number of lawsuits and appeals. I also have it on good authority that SLU (I can’t speak for any other schools) is NOT planning to go to online-only classes this fall. This post is not intended to be political for or against either side of the aisle, just relaying the info that I have. No matter how you feel about this situation, let’s all just let it all play out before we start freaking out and pointing fingers. A lot could change between now and the start of the basketball season. Let’s not jump the gun. Go Bills!
  6. Bang out something else at community college too...if you know what I mean. I, of course, was talking about starting a community college band, playing shows for a little extra spending money. Get you mind out of the gutter!
  7. Agreed Roy. 1 of the biggest reasons to go Ivy League is all the potential connections you can make for the future. I guess you are still getting the name Harvard or Yale or Princeton on your diploma, but it’s nowhere near the same thing.
  8. Thanks @rgbilliken! That’s the article I was thinking of.
  9. I thought I remembered reading/hearing that his leg injury was a kind of wake up call for him, but my brain has been known to edit history. Does anybody else remember hearing that?
  10. Didn’t Coach Tate lose a lot of weight after he hurt his leg?
  11. Of course there are risks of injury being an athlete. But there is a very clear difference necessary risks and unnecessary ones. I have said repeatedly that JGood should be playing as many minutes as he needs to in games where there is even a minimal amount of doubt that we would win. But he doesn’t need to playing when we’re up by 25 points with 3 minutes left. That’s been my only point this entire time.
  12. Aquinas, I’d love your opinion on this, but I really love the way Ford switches between our often-frustrating man-2-man and that half/three-court 1-3-1 trap, keeping teams off balance. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but there never seems be a pattern to when Coach will switch it up. I’m wondering if we could use a full-court havoc style press defense as another way to keep teams off balance, but still use our man-2-man primarily.
  13. We offered a kid named Avery Brown out of Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) https://twitter.com/VerbalCommits/status/1278064237819113479?s=20
  14. Whatever Roy. Let’s just keep JGood playing 35 minutes in games we’re up by 35, and if he turns ankle with 40 seconds to go, nobody better complaining that he shouldn’t have been in the game!
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