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  1. I just saw the title of this thread, did a double-take, then immediately assumed it was some kind of sick joke. I’m not even that old, and I feel old as f—k. 2027? Dear God!
  2. Good for Sekou! There’s much worse places to spend you college years than Malibu, California. Hope has a great career.
  3. I think you may be right that it’s improved, but it still far from where it should be, especially being the only D1 school and the only basketball team in the city. The Rally House selection is ok. But when you compare to the Mizzou section in the very same store, it’s disappointing. And when you look at merch available online, where most people shop these days, it’s beyond disappointing. Both can be true.
  4. You could price the jerseys to make it worth your while. Even start out with a limited supply, and do a big promotion saying “limited time offer! Get them while they last”, and use it to judge demand for the jerseys. You wouldn’t have to fully stock store shelves right away.
  5. I’d be willing to wager there’d be plenty of local high school/college age kids, especially with how many local kids we have on our roster, that would love to be able to purchase Billikens jerseys.
  6. I’d settle for having gear at Dick’s and Rally House, but more than anything, having deals with online distributors.
  7. Absolutely! But 05 is 100% right, we gotta do the research first. Make sure it’s thorough and easy to understand. And we need to present in a way that shows how it can improve the university, instead of as a failure from certain people.
  8. Get enough people involved, with thorough enough research for why it can benefit the university, they’ll absolutely take it seriously. But 05 is right, it needs to be done the right way.
  9. Oh, for sure. I don’t mean drafting it by the end of the day today. We should all get together and do research and figure out what exactly we want to say. But I just think we should have a pretty uniform template to provide to other fans and former players so they don’t have to put in too much work. That’s all.
  10. Basically what having a pre-written email does is minimizes the times people will say, “oh yeah, this is a great idea. I’m gonna send Chris May an email about gear this weekend.” And then real life happens and our original email gets buried in their inbox and nothing ever actually happens.
  11. Absolutely. And everybody has a life, jobs, families. So if we have a basic email already drafted that people can just add their name to and click send, it takes almost no time at all. And we can tell people, “if you want to add or change anything in this email, by all means. But it would mean a lot if we could as many people involved as possible.”
  12. Is there anyway you guys that produce our awesome podcasts could get ahold of former players. Doesn’t have to be just men’s basketball either. It’d be great, and probably more effective, to former players from all sports involved. If you guys want, I could draft a generic email about wanting new gear and leave a space where fans and former players can just add their name and email it to May, so everybody won’t have to waste time drafting their own emails specific emails. It’s a pretty efficient way to say what we need to say and get the most people involved.
  13. I’m not sure how easy this would be, or if they’d be willing to do it, but I know at least 1 or 2 former players have talked about wanting SLU gear. We should reach out to as many as we can to see if they’d help with the cause.
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