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  1. Nude for $.65? Grandy, is that you? And how did you get ahold of @slufanskip’s account?
  2. I didn’t have any issues, but wasn’t posting much.
  3. We dropped 82 tonight on a better team and we didn’t shoot very well. I think 85 is probably a little conservative.
  4. How many times is Robbins gonna get away wit over the back?
  5. Is it just me, or does this color guy sound like he just a root canal and is still full of Novacaine.
  6. Did St. John’s seriously just call a timeout to make a substitution, when they were up by 14 points, with a minute left? Did that really just happen?
  7. It’s a 16 point game, why, IN THE HELL, are they fouling?
  8. Our tip has been delayed 10 minutes to 7:40 (central). Hopefully that helps.
  9. Exactly. I probably did a bad job explaining. Thank you 3 star. I think you’re right that this will become Yuri’s team once JGood is gone. I was just saying Thatch could end up being a similar type player to JGood.
  10. What goal posts did I move? I’m genuinely asking?
  11. I haven’t changed my mind once. About any of it. If you keep talking sh!t, I’m going to keep responding. I’m actually actively trying to end this conversation amicably.
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