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  1. Isnt Matt Enright close to being first team, and he has mid D2 offers?
  2. Dang I hate that you even put that in my head
  3. I mean, you're not gonna be a bench player at williams level, so he's worth keeping. Lorentsson and Strickland are only freshman, AL has a load of potential with more weight..
  4. One was open but he was beyond nba 3 and could have taken 2 steps into a shot. GJ had a guy in his chest
  5. Shoot I’d like to see Andre play the 5 for 2 min. It would help the offense and can’t be too much worse than what traore has done
  6. I really thought okoro would be better
  7. Yuri averaging just shy of 6 TOs a game over the last 5 games
  8. We play well against tourney teams… that has held true for 4 of the 5 games, and even Memphis game was against a Memphis team who showed up which is a top 15 team when that happens
  9. Are you summarizing the entire Dayton game?
  10. Man I don’t even know about that anymore. Not sure there’s a team in our conf we can walk all over right now
  11. I’ve got a feeling GJ is gonna finish with 20+
  12. 20 point watch may be activated soon
  13. I say this only bc it’s the most mild symptoms ever..
  14. Yuri Nesbitt and okoro have been the worst 3 bills, and GJ can’t make a single shot. So by elimination, I’d say so.
  15. I’m so glad I have Covid and couldn’t watch this sh!te show in person
  16. Everyone is awful. Our bench players have outplayed the starters
  17. This may be Williams only game to showcase, gotta make the most of it
  18. Okoro’s offense is, let’s say bad enough to try and get a starting center in the portal
  19. Luckily we have a few easy games after this one for linssen to get back and ready for, that’s what I’m not worried about.
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