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  1. Well played. Can’t believe no one made this play sooner
  2. I’m fine with hangin banners of games we played hard in
  3. I think MM is bad. So his short bench helped by subtraction
  4. Just when I was ready to give ford credit for the first time in idk he told me to kick rocks.
  5. Here's the thing, Parker and Brad don't make up 150 spots. Ford just cant recruit in this new world.
  6. The worst part about the Jgood reference was that Jgood wasn't some overlooked kid that just worked hard, he was a 4* top 75.
  7. What’s with the ford animosity? he almost made the tourney 4 years ago. What more do you people want.
  8. What do people expect. We made 3 straight NCAA appearances and lost a lot of leadership. We’re gonna have tough years like this in between success.
  9. Relax everyone. with Parker we win this game with ease. hes just an unlucky coach. This isn’t his fault at all.
  10. Imagine not wanting a new coach after watching this because “ you don’t know who that next coach is yet”
  11. Ya mid season doesn’t make sense unless you land a deal so good you can’t wait. Which won’t be the case.
  12. Of course everyone wants to win. But a lot don’t want to do what it takes or costs to win
  13. A) this is inexcusable b) we dont have a good track history in the A10T either.
  14. Sorry, responding to NIL post. I keep seeing donate to BVF, but when I check to see what other schools are doing, all the things that I see and hear are around businesses helping with NIL.
  15. I miss spags. He always sat right next to me at SLU games, and would always carry on a convo
  16. their bigs are nothing special, so thats good
  17. And... you can try to wear out opp big men. slowing down the game wont help you. It amazes me, we know we're dealt a bad hand, and there's only so much we can do, but we dont use the very few options to combat the problem.
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