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  1. Also watching. Mizzou does look good, like they have thus far against no one. I really thought this would be a good test, but then I saw WSU lost to alcorn state by like 10
  2. Some of the people mad about criticizing GGG will criticize ford. I’m confused
  3. Waiting for OG to approve this or not.
  4. Gregg’s bad, but this team is good.
  5. The Dutch are a favorable match up for sure
  6. Reams so fricking good. Better each year to at this age, may be captain come 4 years from now
  7. I've watched a few mizzou games this year. My friends are drunk as hell off the kool-aid, most saying they should - at worst - split the illinois ku games. I think their offense will make them fun to watch, but they're far from being a good team. Probably end up around 16-18 wins on the year thanks to the schedule.
  8. This is true, although its happening incredibly slowly. I'm too lazy to look it up, but are we forcing TO's at a slower pace than last year? If so, then I don't really see it being much of a positive than we cut down by 1 TO per game. I didn't see Parker being much of anything this year, I never trust JUCO's their first year. But I did expect to see at least 30% from 3 at this point in the season. The thing about the 5 spot, we knew it would dominate A10, but we needed it for the OOC. I think the defense is bad, with signs that it can be very good.
  9. While you're not wrong, I'll be shocked if auburn remains ranked. Maryland was a legit T25, Auburn so far is not.
  10. You're right, we are just slightly better than last year. Perkins injury isn't the only reason why we thought we would be further along than we are. We thought we would cut down on TO's We thought Perkins would be further along We thought Parker would come in and be instant offense, or at least hit a single 3 We though the 5 spot would be better than it is We thought defense would be better than it is
  11. Absolutely. Doesn't change anything in the Maryland game, probably makes providence feel a little more in hand than it was. This team is built to dominate non p5 teams + A10. Its funny because while I'm a little less confident in this team based on the last 2 weeks, I'm more confident in winning the A10 than I was 2 weeks ago.
  12. I have a bad feeling Auburn isn't going to end up being top 25. I know it wont change Quad wins, but it will feel like a bigger letdown.
  13. Fan's alright? they were horrible to talk with and be around last go around up here.
  14. The difference between last year and this years expections thus far. forrester is no where near ML. Parker is but a deep bench role player(as of now) perkins is 60%. Perkins needs to be at 80% to be a significant gain. More Fred and THJ until Parker and Perkins shows progress imo. Very least fred.
  15. I think what he meant is that we didn’t choke in the way we have in the past(?). Normally bad TOs we’re the root. Not saying we didn’t choke tho.
  16. Good. All for that. They were bad, and they’re seniors. Any quotes?
  17. Most cases I agree, but FTs were off all game, wasn’t like we stopped stopped hitting late. It’s possible that the players lost the game, not ford. In fact, it’s getting annoying that no matter what, ford goes to blame - and this is coming from a guy who is starting to grow tired of ford
  18. When coach said Jake and okoro were going head to head, I guess it was our fault for drawing up the conclusion that it was meant in a good way.
  19. I’m just saying for coaching this game
  20. At least we won’t hear any fire ford shite
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