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  1. Likely paid tickets, Not people there
  2. The camera showed section(s) that were maybe 60% full. While I was not there, the amount of empty seats visible at all times didn’t go well with what they were talking about
  3. Ya I counted the exh and post season, my bad
  4. The shuttle bus was just for me. I liked parking there more bc it was easier for me.. the golf carts are needed.
  5. Parking of course is an issue. Really wish the lot at HS by their baseball fields was a parking garage. Also, wish SLU had 2-3 more golf carts to take people from SLU parking garage and back. figures crossed Humps has a bus like old times.
  6. Even the Yankees series. I mean, ya it was packed. But no, it was not more packed than the dozens of playoff games Ive been too, nor the All star game. Wasn't even that close. So it has to be tickets purchased.
  7. Id like to see us give tickets to youth programs at a much cheaper rate. 1) its important to get kids involved with SLU basketball at a young age. 2) it fills the portion of the arena that barely get touched all year. When my kids get old enough for CYC, I'll do what I can for their team's to see as many games together as they can.
  8. About 3-5 games per year I'm guilty of this. But the #1 driver for me is sometimes its hard for me to want to deal with the above, when its 28 degrees on a Tuesday and we're playing an A10 team with a net of 298. I could force myself to deal with the weather or the day if its an opponent with a pulse. Point is, man I wish we didn't have as many "bad" teams in our conference every year as we do.
  9. [Steve Edit: There was a really good discussion about attendance in another topic, so I split it into its own topic] Found this pretty interesting. Seems we averaged 4,991 per last year. - If this number isn't 125k or better that'll be extremely disappointing or something bad happened.
  10. I agree with those points except I don't think I've seen a billiken in 15 years as quick and shifty as McCall. Yuri is the next closest thing to MCJ
  11. Just thought about what a lineup of Yuri -Kramer/Thames- Fred- Pickett - Okoro would look like. Late leads should not be the issue next year.
  12. Yes, that was noted by a mbm or 2 from last Sunday’s practices
  13. Thames is gonna be an annoying defender for guards. That length…
  14. Big fan of Kramer, Thames and momo defense, more so Kramer and Thames. fred gonna shoot 41% from 3 this year isn’t he ?
  15. According to a tweet by WPB, the scrimmage will be on espn+ for those who cannot make it
  16. recruiting is done once a player drops a top 15 list imo
  17. Education - hints the Harvard and Princeton basketball - kstate and Murray state- sorta
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