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  1. I trust yours and Pistol’s knowledge on recruiting so if you feel playing UNI could benefit SLU in area that could produce some exposure on good recruits I am all in for that.
  2. Loyola is the only Valley team I would be interested in playing a home and home with like SIUC. SLU recruits in Chicago and I like Porter. I would like a bigger foot print in that region. SLU has landed some good players from Chicago like Perry, Evans, McCall, and Jacobs. I would like to see more Chicago players if we cannot get local players.
  3. I agree with your last statement but this is a different time. No Hockey or baseball currently going on and the problems that people have dealt with since March I think our area is waiting to embrace something and I cannot think of anything better in sports to embrace if this turns out to be the special season that SLU will play in the third week of the big dance. Be well Roy
  4. The wife and I stayed after the game on senior night and it was a great experience and for those that did not stay for it I encourage fans to stick around you will love it. If it is after the game with JGood, French, and Perkins being seniors should draw quite the crowd and then if team blue is a 2 loss team for the season on that night it will keep fans in the building. Team Blue will be loved by this town and surrounding counties.
  5. The pressure of performing in the class and on the court is tough and it is one big reason I have been a fan of SLU basketball. Way to go TJ on your academics. Someday soon our smart athletic players will make it to the final 4.
  6. Hang in there with 2 years of eligibility there is time to fulfill your dream of SLU signing da Mutt as a GT. After SLU’s final 4 trip Kofi Cockburn understanding his only chance to play in a final 4 is to transfer to SLU my dream will be fulfilled.
  7. Just having fun with the name Box and other posters like myself have some fun with it. I wanted Kofi Cockburn though they pronounce it Co-burn I am not buying it.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Great for selling SLU to recruits and new fans. I hope the season can be played with fans attending it is going to be special and will probably be the reason Ford will get the recruits he wants for 2021. Happy Friday
  9. What trip down memory lane. I attended that Bradley game. How we all looked and dressed has changed a lot since that game.
  10. Thank you, coach Ford has plenty of time, lol.
  11. What class is Bonner’s son?
  12. 5000 would take care of the season ticket base and would be a full house during the pandemic. I would think that fans will be social distanced from the players and coaches. I will do everything necessary to be able to attend where the players, coaches, workers, and fellow fans will feel comfortable with me being around them. If we have to move to the upper bowl for the same price because of social distancing we are willing to do that for SLU and the team. I hope you are able to attend practices. I enjoy reading your posts about your perspective of what you are seeing.
  13. I will be happy to wear a mask, gloves gown, and sign a waiver to be able to attend games. I hope we are given a choice unless the Coaches and players would not be comfortable with fans because of the virus and I respect that. We have waited for a team like this for quite a while and it would be a shame not to see it on our home court.
  14. Thank you for posting the link to the article. What also is not mentioned is Hargrove’s contributions coming off the bench. Does Richmond have a good bench that will feature players like Hargrove, Jimerson, Jacobs, Linnsen, Lorentsson, Strickland, and Thatch, no they don’t. Who on Richmond defends Bell? I expect our team to come out of the gates like Dayton did last season and give a beat down to some good teams in the non-conference games to set up team blue for a high seed in the big dance.
  15. At least he can come home and play a game in front of his family. I really wanted Levi to play for coach Schmidt. There should be playing time for Levi since Santo-Silva transferred. Best of luck Levi except when you play the Billikens.
  16. Hopefully SLU is, I look forward to seeing Larry Hughes SR at all of the home games to watch his son become the next legend.
  17. Maybe not, hopefully masks and gloves allow all of us in to enjoy the upcoming season. The only difference will be that our cheers and applause will be muffled from the mask and gloves.
  18. I watch Tucker every night, he said there is no scientific proof that social distancing had anything to do with flattening the curve and the reason is because we do not know how many people actually had COVID-19. Tucker said it could be true just no proof. Your a good poster on this site I really like your opinion on Billiken basketball and I wish everyone will stop posting on a thread that brings out the worst in us when Billiken fans have so much to be excited about. @dennis_w don’t leave when the best of the Billikens is coming I hope you stick around to share in the excitement of an A10 championship and a run to the final 4. Be well Billiken fans.
  19. I really miss playing Xavier and l loved it when SLU finally beat them. So many times in the MCC conference in the Rich Grawer coaching years SLU was beaten by Xavier and finally it happened in the A10. One of the reasons I liked the A10 was the opportunity to play Xavier.
  20. Good health and good luck I hope you have great success at your next school.
  21. I forgot about Courtney. I would rather play for Schmidt than VCU. Good post
  22. VCU needs help and the Bonnies have a great coach. The Bonnies are geographically challenged. I wish the best for our local kid.
  23. Thank you for the information it appears the Indiana program will never be happy and sooner or later might have trouble finding a coach to risk a good mid major position to coach a Indiana program with unreasonable expectations.
  24. Sad to hear about a young life going to waste. Had the pandemic not happened he probably would have still been in school. Condolences to the victims family.
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