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  1. He is taking the road Ford took, it seems. Before you know it he will be coaching.
  2. That will be interesting. Did you know that there are "expert" market advisors that base their suggestions for buys and sells entirely upon astrology? These people actually make money, not so sure their clients do the same. I have no idea about who buys astronomical based market advise, but enough people do to keep these "experts" alive. However, if it works in the market, it might also work in sports, who knows?
  3. Team rankings gives a spread of 20 pts in favor of SLU to win this game with 4 stars of confidence. Again a very close spread to the Wiz's model. We have to go over the spread in this one to move forward.
  4. OK guys, the fact that the Bills cannot get anything better does not in any way or manner indicate Ford is a good coach. He is just the best available. This is what it boils down to.
  5. No blue font, and skip you just want to hear what you want to hear, entertainment, not fact. Ford is not a good coach.
  6. Dlarry, you, as everyone else, is entitled to his/her own opinion. The truth comes at the end of the season when we see exactly how we performed and can compare the actual fact to the expectations each one had before the season started. I believe we all realize by now that we are not likely to get anywhere close to sweet 16 this season. Yes, it is true that Perkins is not yet capable to play at his prior level. Before the season started I kept on saying to wait to see what he is capable of doing this season. Now that we have actually seen him in action, we know that he is not currently at his prior level of performance. And no, we are not talking about 5th graders. And I cannot believe that any adult among us enjoys being put down in public by his/her boss after a bad turn. Surely, we all handle it quietly. Resentment is almost universal in the workplace. Do you think this is a feeling that improves performance? Sulfan, no one is talking about saving puppies, or distributing orange slices and ribbons. What I am talking is resentment, it is not public and it does affect performance. And, I do not recall Ford taking the blame for a bad loss in public. If you wish to believe Ford is a great coach, please do so.
  7. Nope, after Ford says what I suggested in PUBLIC, he takes the players back to the lockers and rips them apart in PRIVATE. These are issues that should be taken care of in private, not in public. All Ford is doing is passing the blame to a player(s) in the broadcast to make himself look good for the public. This is a short term, a myopic advantage, he gains for himself at the expense of the players. The humiliation he causes among the players he chooses to put down in his broadcasts is likely to persist as resentment. Ford's public statement is a move that does not create additional team cohesion, it does not solve problems, on the contrary, it is likely to create cracks and to decrease team motivation. This mode of behavior is, by itself, indicative that he is not a good coach. The kind of performance record shown by ABomb above also points in this direction.
  8. I think Ford could have said something like: "It was a hard fought game which we came close to win." and leave it there.
  9. You may be correct, however Ford should not badmouth some of his players when he drops an important game. He is the coach and that makes him responsible.
  10. I am with you there Roy, and in my opinion Yuri is acting to favor/promote Yuri not necessarily the team. I believe (and I may be wrong) that during his NBA evaluation last spring he was told he needed to improve his shooting. I will leave it there. I do not like to have Yuri control the team's play to the degree that without him the team does not function well.
  11. We have had a number of players from Africa, Okoro is from Nigeria, cannot remember the others but there have been more.
  12. Every system or model out there has internal consistency and methodology, whatever they may be, that they adhere to. Some models are better, some are worse, but most of them are good enough to stay in business and attract followers. It really does not matter whose ranking system you (plural) follow as long as you (plural) follow a single system and not go shopping around to see who gives us the highest ranking at any point in time.
  13. I have made it clear that I do not think highly about Ford. A coach is in charge and that makes him ultimately responsible for all that happens in the team. That makes him responsible for our pattern of coming to the end of important games ahead of the opponent and losing them. I also think that throwing players under the bus in public statements after losing a game that should have been won is not acceptable. Okoro played 29 minutes, had 5 TOs, but got 7 rebounds, 1 steal and received a thorough physical beating during this game. Forrester had 2 TOs, but got 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block in the 9 minutes he was in providing some rest to Okoro. I did not hear Ford's speech but it was said that he threw these two under the bus. However, Ford did not mention Yuri's 4 TOs. This is not something a leader should do after a tough game that was lost.
  14. The only reason I can think of for the awful free throw results in the second half is the incredible level of noise the fans were making. They missed, period, this had nothing to do with Ford I am pretty sure of this. This was a tough game with lots of physical contact under the basket. It is true that Okoro, Yuri, and Forrester caused 11 out of the 12 TOs we had in the game. Auburn also had 12 TOs. We were even in this regard, probably beacuse of the high physical contact level in this game. If Ford bad mouthed Okoro, and Forrester, not Yuri (I did not hear what he said) this was wrong in my opinion. Billikenbooster to quote Napoleon: "Victory has many fathers, Defeat is an orphan." Or, like you said "things are never as bad as it seems after a loss, and never as good as it seems after a win."
  15. Checked the box score for the game. There are a few areas that Auburn dominated, they had 11 blocks to 2 blocks for us. Most other stats were close for both teams, we did have a few more assists. The issue that sank the ship was the FTs. They had 14/22 FG/FGA (63.6% for the game). We had 4/14 FG/FGA (28.6% for the game, the problem was in the 2nd half). We could not get over this issue with the poor FT results. This was the main reason I see to have lost the game. I noticed that the Auburn fans made an incredible amount of noise when the ball was in our hands. It might be worthwhile to conduct our practices with a similar background noise level to acclimate the team of playing with high level of noise.
  16. You cannot boil down a game to just the FTs but this was the major issue in this game, and it was a problem during the whole game. I agree that with the usual level of free throw hits we win the game.
  17. That is why the captain goes down with the ship rather than get in the life boats, and the surgeon gets sued for any errors made by the team. I did not hear what Ford said after the game but I hope he did not blast the team. It was a good game although not free of issues, primarily the free throws.
  18. I did see Yuri slowing the return when we were ahead towards the end of the game. I do not know if this was Yuri or Ford but that plus the free throws that cost us the game.
  19. We lost by 5, below the spread. Not a blow out.
  20. We lost by 5, below the spread. Good hard game played well but we were just off in FT scoring. Close but no cigar, now onto the next one.
  21. The game will be on the SEC Network (SECN). I know Spectrum carries it, I have no idea about Uverse.
  22. I think we have to expect Auburn to do the same.
  23. What we really need to do is to keep the pressure on Auburn all the way to the end of the game. If the starters run out of steam, bring fresh players out that are fully charged and ready to play and give the starters a rest.
  24. The Wiz called the Maryland game a double outlier. In terms of the normal distribution curve the result for this game was around 4 standard deviations away from the median. It was a game in which everything flowed favorably for Maryland, and, of course unfavorably for us. These events are very uncommon and it would be highly unusual if we had something similar happening with Auburn. We did beat Memphis and Providence both of which were strong opponents. So, let's not lose sleep tonight fearing another loss like Maryland. The spread does not favor us by 7 points and a part of it is the home game factor. We will see what happens tomorrow.
  25. A few points can be an obstacle higher than a mountain or something that can be surmounted. I think we are capable, and I would very much doubt that we will play Auburn in that day of days in which everything flows their way like it did with Maryland. These double outlier games may happen from time to time but they are most certainly not common. So, let's wait until tomorrow and see what actually happens.
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