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  1. Yurimania has a nice ring to it, I agree.
  2. Slu 72 you are riding on the manic phase of your emotions as far as Yuri goes. He is very good, I am sure, but I think it is premature to gush like this when you have not seen him play D1 yet.
  3. Hankton and Jacobs will get minutes of play this year depending on how well they do in practice and in prior games. If they fail to deliver or if there are a number of better options sitting in the bench they will not play much. It all depends on performance as I am sure they are aware of. No need to prejudge anyone, we will see what happens during the season. I wish them all the best and hope they play a fair amount of time.
  4. With that kind of shooting, I am fairly confident that Jimerson will get to play a fair amount this season.
  5. They produce a lot of heat, but in large structures like arenas and stadiums they can be used.
  6. Whoever it was that scored that basket, he got the defender in the jaw with his knee.
  7. I am not sure about the expected life span of LED lights for Arenas and the like, but they should save some money and produce less heat than sodium lights and other types of floodlights. If you get better lights and save money in the process this is good.
  8. Bess, Thatch, Hargrove, all that this means is that we are loaded with talent. Obviously some of these kids will develop faster than others, but the team has a lot of talent in it.
  9. I find that hard to believe as well. However, he may play a role in specific circumstances during this coming season and go into a more important role for the team as his play improves.
  10. I think this year the opposing teams may have problems hiding behind a zone defense knowing our 3 pt shooting is poor. They are going to have to go man on man most of the time, and that is where we can turn the corner on them.
  11. Guys this is water under the bridge, and we are much better off now with Ford. Please let Crews R.I.P.
  12. The typical defense many other teams have used effectively against us over and over again is the zone defense. As long as we had no one capable of scoring consistently from beyond the zone defense we had trouble playing against it. With Jimerson in the team, even if his defense is not much of anything, we have someone that can be used to defeat a zone defense when it is used against us. I think he will see plenty of play minutes from the word go. As he gets better with defense his minutes will go up.
  13. Once more I agree with you cheeseman, being a nice guy does not make you a good coach.
  14. There are MBMs that are so insecure that they just cannot let things take their course, they need to be obsessing or worrying about something or the other. They are convinced that doom will visit our team again, messing us up for the year. I sincerely hope these obsessive worriers are wrong. I think we are due for a season free of disasters, and free of major injuries. I hope this is what happens this year.
  15. As far as RM's mental status when he recommended Crews to take over for him, it can be said that people that are dying do not exhibit great judgement all the time. Anyway you look at it Crews was a decent man with a marked inability to recruit and at best a mediocre HC. He probably never realized how poor his recruitment ability was. Water under the bridge. In Ford we trust.
  16. Roy, I have no contacts in the BOT, but looking at their actions, they appear to be much more interested in academic and research development than in athletics. I also believe they are very concerned about the University finances. Now, it is true that the basketball team appearance at the Dance last year provided increased income to the program. Should we have a repeat appearance at the Dance in the coming season, the athletic department could make the case that it, or at least the basketball program, is a money making area of the University that deserves more attention. Until then I am not sure what can be done to present a case for increased development funding for the athletic area, or for the basketball program, to the BOT. The truth of the matter regarding Maryville is that they can spend their money any way they want and it will really not be a concern to the BOT.
  17. Has anyone heard or seen anything about how Jacobs is doing this year?
  18. Not that I wish this to happen in any way, but as long as the seat belts are used and the car is relatively new, it is amazing how well protected you may be by the built in safety features of the car during an accident. This does not mean you will be free of pain as your body will hurt wherever it met the car restraints (seat belts and gas bags). However if you can get out of the car on your own power you will generally come out fairly whole and without major damage. In cases that require tooling (saws, jaws of life) to extricate a person from a wrecked car there generally is significant damage. This does not appear to have been the case here.
  19. On Ford we trust, remember?
  20. Congratulations coach Stuen
  21. You have to realize that a lot of these theories are just speculation and wishes with no real substance.
  22. Oh, I do not know if Loyola will get to top 50 in 2 years or not. Perhaps they got to final four because the ancient nun they had rooting for them was bringing in divine protection and miraculous shots to the Loyola team. Divine intervention, the ways of the Lord are mysterious. Talking about miracles. When the lucky supermarket was closing in Chesterfield several years ago, I bought a VERY CHEAP case of Priorat 2008 (Heredades Mestral, over 60% Carignan). It was an atrocious wine, tasted like purple water with very little taste and very little alcohol, in other words no taste, no aroma. Rather than dumping the rest of the case, I let the case sit untouched for years. Last Saturday I opened a bottle just to check it out. A miracle! It was like Jesus had come unknown to our basement and changed the tasteless purple water into real wine. It was not only real wine, it was very good wine indeed with a nice aroma to it smelling vaguely of raisins. Another miracle, the husband of one of my wife's friends was dying form an acute Burkitt's Lymphoma in blastic crisis. They expected him to die. Then all of a sudden, for no discernible reason, he started responding to the chemo he had been on for quite some time with little to no results. He may be able to leave the hospital and actually walk around among other people. How long this will last is not known, but this is such a nice thing to happen coming out of the blue sky. There is probably a reason for events like these, but I prefer to think that miracles still happen.
  23. Let's hope what he is doing is enough to bring interest upon himself for a permanent position.
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