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  1. Please kindly provide the answer then.
  2. Which one comes first is the eternal question that no one has answered.
  3. This is a chicken and an egg problem. If attendance is low and continues low the concessions have to raise prices or close. There is demand for getting a concession inside an arena when the attendance is high, not when it is low. Once attendance is high there can be more variety and better prices. As long as the attendance stays low, you are going to be offered high prices and little variety. Concessions do not stay open unless they make money.
  4. Let's go back to the comparison of UK (Lexington, KY) with SLU (St. Louis). Lexington is a small city and other than horse racing has no professional sports events or arenas. Sports events in Lexington KY are provided by UK's teams. In these terms they are comparable to Dayton which is also not well provided with sports events. SLU (St. Louis) is located in a city with multiple professional sports teams (Cardinals, Blues, MLS) and has no lack of sports events, sometimes taking place simultaneously. I think fans in Lexington may be more like those in Dayton, both cities have limited availability of sports events. St. Louis fans have a broader base of sports events to choose from.
  5. You are correct in this post. The country is divided along many lines of belief and thought at this time. What is way too much for some people is not enough for others. Trying to keep a middle of the road attendance policy results in criticism from both sides. I have no idea how the Chaifetz is doing with attendance at their non sports events, I assume the attendance policy for these events is the same as it is for basketball.
  6. I hope Perkins gets up to full steam before the season starts.
  7. Part of the problem in streaming content from Europe is that European countries use the PAL system for TV, and the US uses NSTC which is a totally different system. European courts have equipment but they may not be able to stream using NSTC.
  8. The descriptions of the two public scrimmages so far appear to me to show a reasonable level of capacity for the coming season. It is early and the new freshmen players still have a lot to learn. Gibson and Thatch are performing well. Perkins is still a question mark in my mind, but should progress before the season starts. Picket and Forrester appear solid and ready to go. Thames and Kramer show promise. In all this appears to be a good start for the season.
  9. Thank you for telling, I did too. This is one of those books that I got a lot out of to incorporate into my thinking.
  10. You are probably correct, I am getting the reactions I wrote from Kahneman's book.
  11. No, it is more likely to get you depressed or even really mad, but hey that is not my fault. I really mean this, get a copy of Kahneman's book and read it, it is not a page turner but you will learn a lot that is valuable from it.
  12. It is really interesting to observe the reactions to a plain statement of obvious truth. This happens everywhere and in every area of discussion. Some people cannot even tolerate opinion, presented as opinion, that goes counter to their beliefs. I am not making this up, go get a copy of Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow." Sorry, it is not an easy read. Kahneman got the 2002 Nobel Prize in economics for his work in behavioral economics.
  13. Yes, I do and there are hordes of people that either do not get it or just ignore the obvious. Of course, none of those are MBMs in this board.
  14. In my opinion, the truth about these lists is that recruitment is not done until the player commits and signs.
  15. I also had great hopes for Nesbitt as well as Strickland and Traore but they all left. So we will do with what we have.
  16. I think Perkins is taking the correct approach. This is just the beginning of practice, there is no need for him to push his leg at this time. Better to start slow in the practices and build up. Hopefully he will improve by the time the season starts.
  17. Anyone seriously considering entering a Ph.D. program is not planning to go into professional sports. I think the phrase "depending on how my body will hold" is more significant than the phrase "and how long I want to be here."
  18. Strong biomedical engineering programs are generally found in Universities with Medical Schools and strong Physical Therapy Grad programs. SLU is strong in both of these areas, so we can make a good case for our biomedical engineering program to students with a strong interest in this field.
  19. I was not aware of how difficult it is getting to Olean.
  20. Taj, if you are planning to travel as far as NYC in the East and Dayton in the West to attend games, you could easily include Olean and St. Bonaventure in your list.
  21. That is exactly the problem. Some people would buy it, but no one knows how many people would like such an item enough to buy it at the price charged. If the minimum order level that is not small, many store managers would not order it. I do not know if the design of the t-shirt is proprietary or not. If it is not, you might be able to have a small run made by one of the little companies that make custom T shirts and other clothing items. The company I worked for would give employees fleece jackets and folding lawn chairs with the company logo and messages at the end of the year. I know these companies exist, but I do not know who they are or how to find them. However, it might be worthwhile to look into this by doing searches for such companies.
  22. Maybe the rules do not apply to Newsome somehow?
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