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  1. There is a difference between what the team needs, and what the team can get. If these are the best guys we can get and they have potential, then that is what we will get.
  2. Pistol, could you please also post Jimmy Bell's stats for that game. Thanks
  3. The Vegas line for today's game (prior to the game) was 13.6 in favor of SLU. We won by 18, so we beat the Vegas line. We should go up in the rankings.
  4. I did not think we could win this one by 16 pts, I was wrong, we won by 18. Now onto the next one.
  5. After this first half, I do not think we will win this game by 16, that is assuming we win it.
  6. I checked Fordham's stats in TR (compared to SLU in preparation for the game Saturday). Surprise! Fordham's defensive stats are better than SLU's, SLU's offensive stats are better than Fordham's. We will see how this plays out.
  7. A refrigerator magnet message my daughters gave me may shed some light on the question "How bad can it get?" The message was: "Remember, it always looks the darkest...............................................................before it gets REALLY BLACK."
  8. Tough game, we lost. Now onto the next one.
  9. As per TR Dayton (89 ranking TR) is expected to beat SLU (65 ranking TR) by 3 pts with 1 star of confidence. Dayton has beaten Kansas (6 TR rankings, only loss this season by KS so far, a real upset KS was expected to win with 5 stars of confidence), Belmont (46 TR ranking, only 1 star of confidence in favor of Belmont), VA Tech (27 TR ranking, only 1 star of confidence in favor of VA Tech). The stats before the KS game were much better for KS offensive, but even with Dayton in Defense. Belmont had better stats in both offensive and defensive than Dayton. VA Tech had better stats in both offensive and defensive than Dayton. The game tomorrow is interesting, the stats for SLU are a lot better in offense than Dayton's but roughly equal in defense. The level of confidence is a single star. I think this is a game that will be pretty tough to win, but we can do it. Dayton has so far 6 losses to significantly inferior teams to them. Linssen or no Linssen, I think we can beat them. Again I hope to see Strickland playing more minutes this time.
  10. The refs generally try to give equal number of fouls to the opposing teams during a game. This is fine as long as both teams are playing in a similar fashion. When one team like Iona is playing a Chaka Smart like defense, totally submerging the opposite team and using constant physical contact, and the other is not playing with the same intensity, the system of giving the roughly the same amount of fouls per team per game becomes highly inaccurate. Such a system favors the team using constant physical contact and penalizes the other team. This may have been the situation last night. Equality in fouls is inaccurate when one team plays the way described above.
  11. Last night we got fouled frequently but the refs did not call the fouls, nothing you can do about it. Iona is a really good, tough team and played a really disruptive, tough game last night. Yes, Iona tried their best to neutralize Yuri and JImerson, and I think they made the game very difficult for them. We managed to beat them, against all odds, and I think this is wonderful.
  12. There is no mystery Wiz, they are doing what they always do, they have just surrounded the process with this complex set of rules (the NET system) that no one understands and they use to do what they always did. Check my post 3 hrs ago in this thread.
  13. Roy, a lot of the members of this board are like my ex wife, nothing is ever enough for them or their expectations. Best thing to do is to ignore them and let them live their unhappy unfulfilled lives on their own, this is the way I look at my divorce.
  14. You are correct Schasz, Iona can and does play against the top teams, hold their own and, at least once against AL, beat them. We are showing that we can play at the same level Iona plays, this is good. This was a tough game and we won. Forget the NET and the margin of winning, we won.
  15. Looking at the NET from a broad point of view, you find the following principle at work: "The more complex and subjective you (in this case the NCAA) make the rules, the more freedom you have to do as you wish when you apply them." You see the application of this principle just about everywhere you care to look in depth at. Judging by the prior post from slu72, they already have a pretty good idea in their heads about who will go to the Dance this year.
  16. Hate to say this Wiz, but after tonight's game I just do not think Iona is a B team.
  17. My Lord! what a game. Tough as nails, relentless pressure the whole way. A very hard fought win, a great win. This is fabulous.
  18. Kentuck Knob is reached by narrow roads straight up a mountain/tall hill. I remember coming down from it with the transmission in 2nd gear to deal with the slope. I would prefer visiting this one in a warmer season with no snow or ice around.
  19. Very tough and very tough fought game. Bill a single point below at the half. Keep the pressure up guys, keep up the pressure.
  20. Taj, remember, if you are driving to Pittsburgh and back, Falling Water is fairly close by and it is absolutely a great place to visit, not only for the architecture but for the art it has inside. Hope you like Diego Rivera. You know, this is a house buit on top of a small river (creek) that carries water year round, I believe there is a small fall near it but I'm not sure. In winter the stuff freezes and adds a lot of beauty to it all. Lloyd Wright was a genius, for sure.
  21. JP18 just go with your parking pass and see if they let you in or not. If they do not let you use your parking pass, just pay the fee and go in anyway.
  22. It is to be remembered that the Celtic language spoken in Ireland is named Gaelic. So, a gael can be a mounted knight or something else but it certainly denotes an Irish origin.
  23. Hope you have a bit of time to get to know Pittsburgh a bit. I like it a lot, I had a daughter at Carnegie Mellon and visited her several times a year.
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