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  1. This is true Clock. Do you have any indication or knowledge that schools that were dealt with harshly NCAA are about to go to court, or is this a general informational report of what may be doable?
  2. That could very well be the case.
  3. I did get the article, it does not say much. It was a surprise to me to see his picture, he has a large smile in it.
  4. HoosierPal, all of this sounds great. Let's hope he chooses us.
  5. Dlarry the picture you posted contains the wrong internal image, it should have a foxhole surrounded by layers of razor wire and manned by an armed to the teeth Gordon. That would be a more accurate picture, a monkey banging cymbals is way off.
  6. Let's say that a team of shrinks examines CG, what do you think they are going to find? My guess is that there is a deep pool of anger, hurt and rebellion in there somewhere, furthermore there may be other deeply suppressed attributes that (in terms of his highly defended insides) would brand him as a weakling and a pushover, something no one is allowed to see. What do you think?
  7. I'd say the 144 list, as it does every year, undervalued a good number of teams and overvalued many of the remaining teams. In a number of cases the teams may have been valued correctly by this list. If you throw enough spaghetti to the ceiling some of it will stick, the rest will not. The 144 list may have some uses, but as a ranking system it is useless. Do you really think we will be ranked at 143 at the end of the season?
  8. Roy, lets make a few things clear to all. The overall stats for the team for last season just give you the overall averages and ratios. What the team actually did as the season progressed went through bad, not so bad, and (at the end) good. The Isabell that played most of the season was not the Isabell that ended the season and so on and so forth. I think Goodwin is great, and French is also great. I am surprised that no one mentioned our FT performance failure, but I guess people are tired of talking about the same thing over and over. So what do I expect for this year? I expect the season to start showing improvements in some individual players results from early on. I do pray and hope these improvements are evident from the start of the season primarily in FT performance, as this is one of the areas that can be corrected individually and does not depend upon other player's activities. We will not know exactly how good we are this coming year until the team starts playing like a team, however an FT performance improvement should be evident much earlier. I expect this team will be a lot better overall than last year's team, but will be pretty satisfied if they start the year with much improved FT performance than last year's. I am also willing to wait and go to the games to watch the team gelling into a fully functional unit. I think it may well be a great year for us.
  9. No, but I think the Yat is his first name and Kok is the family name.
  10. JUCO or not what Carteare really needs is a place where he can work out his issues. If he manages to get some sort of JUCO Associate's Certificate or degree much the better. This is an iffy proposition at this time, I hope he finds his way.
  11. "Sacred data" about basketball ???
  12. Hey guys, Jimerson may look at this and board find out we are spelling his name with multiple Ms, which may be considered cute to us. He may feel, with justification, that we are disrespecting his name. You know kids read this board,. It is probably a very good idea not to make him think we are constantly disrespecting him. Just saying.
  13. Before I say anything, it should be noted that what I write here are just my guesses, there is nothing technical or scientific about them, they are just guesses. I may well be totally wrong.. That said, looking at the OOC schedule, it does look pretty tough to me. There are a number of games scheduled against opponents that let's say will present challenges. I do not know how well we will be able to deal with these challenges WITHOUT the new players contribution to the Bills plan. That said, and I am not Ford (far from it), I think the new players will benefit form a lot of early experience against the easier teams, just to get the hang of D1 play, in order to be able to contribute effectively against the tougher teams. I would imagine we will see a fair amount of play from at least some of the new players from the very start of the season. Getting up to par will be a big challenge to them. I am not saying they will start but they will play, I think a fair amount, from the start. Just saying, in Ford we trust, etc...
  14. One observation about Jimerson that I read somewhere and is worth keeping in mind, is that when the Bills practice they play as two separate teams. The composition of the opposing teams changes, of course. I read somewhere that the team with Jimerson in it for the day won the practice game most of the time, regardless of who else was in it. I may be quoting something wrong here, but that I what I though I read.
  15. Since you ask, I am me and there is a lot more to that "me" than you will ever imagine. See, no blue font.
  16. Just a bit of a fantasy here. Would it help if those guys supposed to play with their back to the basket had a red dot or something on the back of their shirts, and those supposed to play facing the basket a red dot on the front of their shirts? I know it is a stupid idea, but it would make it clear who is who and what they are supposed to do in there. The blue is for the MBMs with no sense of humor.
  17. Very nice work but based upon many many holes in the thinking filled with estimates and supposition, as you say. I would take your estimates as a bottom line "this is what is possible" thing, with most projections favoring better performance will be available by the time the season starts. I should say my projections (instead of most projections) which are also, like yours, based upon estimates and supposition but nowhere as exact and detailed as yours are. Again, good job.
  18. Some architects and some developers like the retro industrial look inside large open buildings. I suppose they may keep some of the duct work after they stylize and reroute it a bit.
  19. He will be a Billiken if he wants to be a Billiken, otherwise he will be something else.
  20. In other words, slim chance to get a determination in exchange for a large amount of money spent in filing. I really have no objections to anything that makes them spend large amounts of money, I just want them to spend more.
  21. I can see that, I just hope the US supreme court rejects it. Anyway, the legal fees to take a case to the US Supreme Court must be really high. I assume he will also donate a lot of money to political campaigns to get them to press on the Supreme Court to take this case, otherwise I cannot see how this should happen. Cheeseman, just wondering, if someone donates lots of money to political campaigns on the premise that the pols will try to influence the US Supreme Court, is this a criminal action subject to prosecution?
  22. Check the post by Brighton about 20 hrs ago or so.
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