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  1. Thank you HoosierPal, this kind of confirms the economic picture the schools are facing that I posted above. The Schools will get this year approximately 37.5% of the money they expected to receive from NCAA. I also assume the money will not be distributed evenly, so some programs will get very little this June.
  2. I may be wrong about this but my understanding is that the administration just declared that they had a deficit of $20 M for last year and were worried about what this coming year would bring. This, of course, was a first public notice that budget tightening may be coming to SLU soon. While some of the top athletic programs may bring some money to SLU, this coming season they may or may not be able to count upon having streams of income from attendance to sports events and or tournaments like the NCAA BB tournaments. How are the kids going to handle getting sponsorships? will they need agents? will the schools be charged by NCAA with arranging sponsorships? For that matter did SLU get any money from NCAA last season? There was supposed to be a fair amount of NCAA funds to be distributed among the member schools (with some of the money based upon tournament participation, which did not happen), did we get any? Is the NCAA providing rules detailing how this sponsorship program will work? If every school has to work out its own sponsorship program, it will cost money, which may or may not be available this coming year, to develop the sponsorship program. Where is this money going to come from?
  3. Seriously moytoy, I never realized how mentally limited you are until this thread got going.
  4. Wherever the vaccine comes from except from China, we will be OK as long as there is no war with China.
  5. The statistical death data of both COVID and Influenza has been presented together as the total number of Covid deaths. By itself, and limiting the deaths to those with proven Covid and dying from respiratory failure, the number of deaths is much lower. If you die squashed in a car accident and are found to be (+) for Covid, should this be counted as a Covid death? This appears to be the case in a number of States.
  6. There has also been a rapid decline in deaths from heart attacks. Curious thing to happen, maybe they are being labelled as COVID deaths, who knows how records are kept in some States.
  7. Wiz, this sounds a bit far fetched to me. Remember that the issue is not only to get the vaccine approved by passing the testing stage, but to bring about large scale production in a very short period of time. I know that $250 M sounds like a lot of money, and that Gates has a lot more he can spend. But building 8 factories to test 8 different vaccines and then limit them to 1 or 2 for the final run looks to me like it will take a lot more than his $250 M and a lot longer that the time the competition will allow him to have. I think Gates will not get the brass ring in this competition. One last point is how he plans to make the vaccine. If he needs a full virus which is either killed or inactivated, then he is going to need a LONG time to get there. If he uses particles of the virus envelope to provide the antigen needed he might do it in a much shorter amount of time and at a lower budget, but I still think he is hopelessly behind.
  8. I think the first one capable of passing the tests and able to produce the vaccine in large quantities will win the race. Which one of these is the one backed by Bill Gates, do you know Wiz?
  9. In the mid 1970s, the standard surveillance network for influenza in the US detected samples of genuine "swine flu" (the cause of the 1918 epidemic). The then head of the CDC raised the alarm and went all out in the preparation of an additional "swine flu" vaccine in addition to the normal flu vaccine available for the following season. There were campaigns promoting the extrra "swine flu" vaccination and a lot of people got the vaccine (me included). The "swine flu" epidemic predicted never happened that coming season. It was all a big flop in the minds of the people. The head of the CDC became the ex head of the CDC, and there were a number of law suits against the vaccine makers for claims of allergic reactions (which are always possible with a vaccine) and for vague side effects. After this fiasco, a lot of the vaccine manufacturing migrated out of the US to other countries. We have a lot of the research done here, but vaccines generally come from elsewhere.
  10. Astra Zeneca is a very good company, I hope their efforts prove to be correct. It is nice of them to provide the vaccine at cost, compare that with Gilead and Rescidivir at $1000 per dose.
  11. That is correct, some businesses are starting to lay off people (Southwest Airlines and Boeing) in large amounts, even as the country starts to open up. Opening up does NOT mean all employees furloughed are recalled, most businesses will re start in a tentative fashion and gradually increase the number of recalls. Some businesses (retailers and restaurant chains) will use this lock down period to close locations that are not productive. So what you have in place is competing layoffs and furloughs vs recalls. Eventually the recalls will get the upper hand, but not immediately. Another factor that is coming our way real soon is the earnings reports for the Jan to March quarter. These are going to be, without a shade of a doubt, negative reports based upon the lock down of the economy last quarter. So we will be hit by a combination of poor earning reports plus increasing net layoffs and furloughs in the short term. By the way SSM is furloughing 2000 people. The hospitals are full of empty wards. Cars are still not selling, and regular people are having lots of problems paying rent and debt. All of these numbers will turn around but it will take time. Right now the economy is still on the way down.
  12. Not a golf course, not cheap either. You can use it as a golf range or to play a digital version of the game. They are interested in serving food to those attending, this is a big part of their business plan. Finally the structure of a top golf location is pretty intrusive with very high steel towers and nets that are very visible from far away.
  13. Well courtside, I just hope and pray you get it, progress all the way into ventilation, and gracefully become one more death statistic among the 80+% who don't make it out of ventilation. This will allow you to die in peace knowing that all of your learned thoughts and information were absolutely true and correct. If nothing else you will know you were right. Make sure you refuse all unproven and dangerous medications in your progression to ventilatory support. In fact, make sure you write this down as part of your living will. And don't worry if you miss the first wave there will be a second wave, and a third, and umpteenth waves coming shortly, you will have plenty of chance to achieve your goal of Posthumous Rightfulness. I know what a heavy burden you carry upon your shoulders, being right is such an enormous load to bear. It is only made more burdensome by the duty to call everyone else who does not agree with you whatever you wish to call them. Such a load to bear.
  14. I know that a low 6 figure salary means a lot to a lot of people, but it really is not as great a figure as you may think. Think taxes, European personal taxes tend to be a lot higher than US personal taxes, then add to it cost of living. Surely you need to compare cost of living in places you are considering with the average cost of living in a US city. By the way, the cost of living in St. Louis is not among the highest in the US. Whatever you can clear after taxes and cost of living should be a major part of the calculations, but I doubt any college kid would understand that. 6 figures in California is not the same as the exact same salary in St. Louis. 6 figures in Brussels is not the same as 6 figures in Belgrade. They will probably need guidance from an agent to deal with issues like these, but once they hire an agent the game is off and they cannot come back to D1, or so I believe. It is a real quandary, when you have a dream and find out that you cannot get it, not yet, but you can make at least a portion of that dream come true, right now, no details provided. Perhaps, it might be worthwhile if the team provided this information to the players, just in order for the kids to know what they may be facing some day. The kind of information provided above is necessary to reach a decision about foreign league playing, or G league playing.
  15. I do not want to rain on this party BUT, the school itself is in a very difficult situation at this time, and everything you all are talking about depends entirely upon the school reopening with students on campus. Otherwise things may well become a lot dimmer than they were this last season.
  16. All the best to you Madani Diarra
  17. I have been looking at the stuff from pivot analytics up above and all I can say is that these are based upon statistical analysis of results and perhaps viewing videos of specific games. These are not to be taken seriously at this time, it is like a preliminary screen to see who they the NBA might want to see in more detail.
  18. These things do not generally happen just for the fun of it, particularly not if they do not happen during a burglary, which apparently was not the case. The murder took place inside the victim's apartment. With no burglary, there probably was a reason for the assault and murder of that particular person. Six people were involved in this event, including Teshaun's brother. 5 are under arrest. Yes, his life has taken a turn for the worse, much worse.
  19. I have read the arguments posted, it will be as it will be.
  20. Nice to have a way to listen to your seminar. I bet there are a lot of really interesting virtual discussions and lectures given at SLU every day which would be nice to have access to (listening only).
  21. Hell no, the train wreck is a lot more interesting with all the mangled equipment and the surrounding field destruction. At Tiger board you just have self entitled prissy people showing their perceived superiority. A train wreck has real substance, Tiger board has the substance of a bean fart, ethereal and stinky at the same time.
  22. Why waste time checking Tiger bore?
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