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  1. I think I should explain my post when I said the trick was to get them to believe Duke is everything. As you all know people can believe anything and everything, and the fact they believe something may not have a strong connection to reality. My post just above talks about the reality of the advantages associated with a prestige degree. However, the students (including basketball players) may be totally convinced that the Duke degree (or Harvard, etc...) is a passport to moving up in the world. This image, or this belief, which is not reality, is what the benchwarmers in the Duke team have to embrace to stay where they are. Yes, a Duke degree is valuable, no it will not automatically propel you to CEO level.
  2. That is looking at it from a primarily basketball point of view Sheltiedave. From an academic point of view you must understand that there is a crop of misunderstandings, false images, and disappointments that happen frequently. It is true a Duke degree may be on par with other prestigious degreess like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Virginia. They all have high power teaching staffs, world class research, all kinds of grad schools and fat connections that can be made during the college years that may or will help later on. However there is no guarantee of success that comes with a Duke or Harvard or Yale, etc... degree. In truth all such a degree does is to give you a boost to a more prestigious initial job once you graduate. From here on you are really on your own, Duke or no Duke, Harvard or no Harvard... Do you disagree that the corporate world, like the academic world, is a dog eats dog type of environment? You have to survive that and move ahead, and you have to do it on your own. Your prestige degree will not carry you very far in that environment, indeed it may hurt you (like when your bosses immediately and a couple of levels above have State U. degrees and decide to prove you are not better than they are). Moneyed connections abound in Duke and other prestige places, but that does not mean they are available to YOU. The moneyed kids tend to stick with one another, keep that in mind.
  3. Simple SLU 72, the trick is to convince the bench warmers that being at Duke is everything.
  4. Entirely correct statement Taj, winning is not as important as abundant positive media coverage. The issue here is to get people to believe what is said about Duke.
  5. I had some weird displays of the main screen and other screens last week. I closed the screen for a couple of hours and then it displayed normally. This has not recurred since, not that it won't.
  6. Sounds like a good fit all around: A coach that constantly wants more than what he is given, an AD that is undermined by the president and a major donor, and a president that cannot stay away from micromanaging. A really jolly situation for all, they deserve one another. How long it will last is anyone's guess.
  7. You know that there is NO chance for most of them to get into the NBA. They will return to their teams if their bids appear to have little chance to win a spot.
  8. I'd go further, Momma Bell should be given, at least occasionally, free tickets for local games to make sure she can attend to a number of the games.
  9. Welcome to the Bills Jimmy Bell, looking forward to seeing you play.
  10. Interesting theory, lots of work and detailed watching went into it. We will see
  11. That is very interesting and rings very true as well. Sure the top dog will hang his failures upon someone else who is disposable. It is a LOT easier to terminate an AD than a University president. Gempesaw will most likely continue his MO for several years just because no one will point the finger at him.
  12. This is a good life lesson that everyone should learn. If you stretch your neck over the chopping block to get the people that run the show to support your initiative, you just MUST deliver. If something goes wrong and it does not work, you are not going to be around for much longer. People in this situation will tend to place the blame for their downfall on someone else, usually someone that works for them. Before this AD goes he will probably take his revenge upon his subordinates. They will most likely have to rebuild the Athletic Department as a result of this.
  13. Pearson asked for a release claiming his grandmother was ill and he wanted to stay near her. There was a lot of discussion in the board about this. Once he got the release he posted an "I'm now available" notice. He wanted to play for Kentucky and thought he was the hottest thing available after coming a runner up in the KY Mr. Basketball designation. He had some interest but decided to go to prep school instead. I believe he was expecting offers to rain on him and apparently none did. He is going to TCU and as I have mentioned many times before I hope he rots sitting on the bench. This guy truly thought he was too good for us. This is my recollection of the Pearson event.
  14. OK you have 13 new restaurants scheduled for the Foundry. This is great. How many do you think will be there 6 months after? It all depends on how many people become regulars. I am pretty sure that any number of these 13 restaurants will not be there 6 months after the opening. Depending on how many people work in the area, there may be enough traffic to keep a number of them alive, not all of them.
  15. Agree, there will be plenty of 4 stars and some 5 stars left after the straight pathway from HS to NBA is fully taken. The rest of the kids will go to D1.
  16. Thank you Pistol, good information.
  17. Would you think of the situation you are describing as a failure (erroneous evaluation of potential) caused by the AD?
  18. Sure we will be getting top 30 local guys from time to time, we already have with Gordon. The fact that he did not work out for us is another matter, we did get him. We will get more top 30 local guys in time and the chances are that some of them will work out just fine for the Bills.
  19. That is pretty negative projection ankiel. GOT is not a series about Armageddon, it is a series about good and evil in many different forms. I have no doubt a lot of people will die, I also have no doubt the white walkers will be exterminated and Cersei will have a painful protracted death. However, like in most good Hollywood movies, evil will lose and good will remain. Mind you, we are not talking about reality here, it is a movie. Or a book if you wish to bring this up as well.
  20. Wiz and NH let's not lose sight that raw data is real data, ie measured directly. Every other measurement you can conceive of is derived from the raw data available. For example this is very evident in the market, there are only 5 points of data available (high, low, open, close, volume) from which literally thousands of data points are developed to produce indicators (as in averages, RSI, pair deviation or standard deviation, etc...). Whenever a point of raw data is subject to any kind of mathematical manipulation, there are errors introduced in the results. The errors can be tiny, particularly if the number of mathematical processing steps is small, or fairly large and significant, when the results are obtained by manipulating other derived (from primary data) data. This is true for any derived data that is developed from primary data or from prior manipulated data (non primary).
  21. That is what I thought, if his bid for the NBA does not go well.
  22. Not this time, George R. Martin got caught in the filming of the series (which I would guess made a lot more money for him than the books had). I do not think there is any information as to the contractual requirements signed between Martin and HBO. At least the last couple of seasons of the series have gone beyond the book. Some differences were evident already between the book and the series before the last two seasons were filmed, for example the last book in the series introduced a new Targaryan heir to the throne which is not included in the series. It will be interesting to see how Martin deals with the differences when he writes the final books. Will he follow the series plot for the last two seasons or will the book plot deviate from that of the series? We will have to wait and see.
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