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  1. Goodwin is moving forward. His is a difficult goal to achieve, but he is still on a track where he can get there with a lot of hard work and a bit of luck.
  2. Agree with you, however this was not the only surprise. Players transfer all the time, but usually to other D1 or even D2 programs. Bell transferred to JC, this was a surprise, for me at least.
  3. HoosierPal, I think that depends on the academic goals of Jimmy Bell. For example, let's say Bell has become convinced that there a future career in basketball may not work out for him, and therefore wants to change his academic major (this is just hypothetical of course). If this is the case he may have to take a number of more basic courses in certain specific areas to fill the requirements of the new major. These are courses that may be offered by Junior Colleges and credit may be transferable to SLU. As with everything, the details are important, Junior College may have his uses for JImmy Bell other than increased minutes of basketball play and faster development.
  4. Welcome to the Bills Sincere Parket, enjoy.
  5. Personally I do not care whether we play MU or not, what I want to see is a tough OOC schedule, and lots of wins by SLU. I am afraid that a fiasco like last year's long virus quarantine may happen again, and have similar results.
  6. I think that all this talk about fake vaccine IDs is both wrong headed and infantile. I think people should have the right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. However, they DO NOT have the right to pretend they are vaccinated when they are not. If you choose to take the risk of not taking the vaccine, you are also choosing to abide by the restrictions against attending events and entering businesses or arenas that require proof of vaccination.
  7. Obviously, looking at the way you described "biggest leap in performance", the easiest way to name the winner is to choose someone that is not really expected to do much at all. This does not mean he is incapable to do so, it just means that he has been kind of out of everyone's thoughts. My choice is Andre Lorentsson. I hope he gets the opportunity to play and do something for the team this year. Given how little he has played so far, it would not take much to vastly improve his performance in the upcoming season.
  8. We may not have gone up, but at least we did not go down in the rankings. That is, if you are looking at it from the glass half full point of view.
  9. I could not access the site all day yesterday but it is OK today. I assume that with the changes in the security system in use for the blog, the prior issues are resolved.
  10. Taj, if you are traveling to Pittsburgh in winter please remember the following: 1. The PA Turnpike going west from South Central PA has tunnels across the mountains. It happens that the weather may be totally different in the two sides of the tunnel. I have entered the PA pike tunnels on one side that was cold but with no precipitation to come out of the other side of the tunnel into a blizzard. A bit of caution before you come out of those tunnels is required. 2. The most beautiful view of Pittsburgh is from relatively high in the mountains west of the city, going East into the city at night. The city is a triangle of light framed by the junction of the two rivers, a really nice sight. 3. If you like art and architecture you should try to visit Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright in your way in or out of the city. It is a gem full of incredible art, including a lot of stuff from Diego Rivera. Well worth it. Have fun
  11. I just checked the schedule posted in the main page of this message board, not the official A10 schedule. Glad to see Duquesne is scheduled, as it should be.
  12. This is weird but Duquesne is not listed among our conference games for the 21-22 season.
  13. Steve one of my desktops not using Cloud flare uses OpenDNS with no problems. This is the DNS provider set in that rig's Edge: https://doh.opendns.com/dns-query{?dns} Works well for me, but CloudFlare does as well.
  14. Cloudfare is not the only free DNS service available to replace the standard Win10 DNS. You could try some of the others and see if there is improvement. And by the way, what your web host is telling you is that Cloudfare is not compatible with their system and protection systems, not that it is bad in any way. You could try the standard Win10 DNS service (free) and see if there is an improvement.
  15. This sounds like there is some kind of incompatibility between your server protection and your DNS. I have had no problems with Cloudflare and Win 10 64, but I probably run a different protection setup than your server does.
  16. Good, if it is a DNS issue you could attempt to use Cloudflare DNS, I have it working in some of my computers and it is faster than the regular DNS. I do not know if the server will allow this or not.
  17. That may depend on how much board traffic there is Labor Day. If the traffic is low, delays due to bandwidth availability may not show up. They probably will as the season comes closer.
  18. The people writing this stuff are not using AI, they just cannot afford it. What they do is their own.
  19. What is really admirable about Dr. Chaifetz is that he lived up to the promises he made when he was a student in need. He not only paid back, he became a major donor. That is something very few people do.
  20. The only undeniable advantage Traore contributes to the Bills is his height. For his first season, I think we should expect him to become someone to spell other players when needed, and to learn about D1. If he manages to score better than Bell did last year, or can block and rebound well, we will be ahead of my expectations for him for his first season. We will see. I think he can become a solid contributor in time.
  21. No crooked lawyers and teams of assassins pursuing the good guys? Is this really Grisham? Maybe he did he finally find a new plot for his novels with the next one being about the Rose Bowl, etc...? So far, as far as I am concerned, he has written only one other original and very good plot, the one in his first novel, "A time to Kill" (or something like it). The funny thing is that he could not find anyone to publish this one until he gained success with his other (standard crooked lawyer) plot.
  22. Accidents happen, lives are cut short before their times. Sorry to hear this. RIP
  23. Welcome to the Bills Lassina Taore.
  24. Slovenia may be a better place for him, we will see.
  25. Now, that is interesting. Just to make a frame of reference, what would the pension of an average (not a star) NBA player pay per month or year? Do you have any idea about how this works?
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