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  1. That is until we beat them during conference play.
  2. I want to make 2 points: 1. The leader of the team will surely emerge during the season, and it will be the team not us and not Ford that will choose him. Whoever it turns out to be God Bless and all the best. 2. Ford is NOT a guy that will ever sit on his behind after he gets to 0.500. If we are going to compete, we are going to compete and this is the coach to get us there.
  3. So he did, all this basically means that Crews could not develop talent even if it was present
  4. You see this in the market all the time slu72. If you make enough predictions eventually something comes true. Hitting the jackpot once does not make you a genius, a long string of hits does.
  5. It sure does, but if members talk about Bunge and I happen to have looked into Bunge in detail, I will comment about it. By the way I am pretty sure the bills will end the season better than 143.
  6. HoosierPal, I know you are reading the 144 list because it is there and it does provide some information. However, do you think SLU will end the season at 143 (or begin the season at 143) as they said we ranked?
  7. Right now we have two scholarships available for 2020, by the end of the season we may have more than two scholarships available and the coach may be able to promise some playing time. Besides, there is nothing wrong with finding that player that really wants to be a Billiken and is willing to work hard a wait a bit to get his playing time. Two players that I think fit that description are French and Jimerson.
  8. Entirely correct, in his Freshman year Jett was wild and did all kinds of weird things, of course by the end of his 4th years he was a superb player, but he did not start that way. That particular Freshman class had to play a lot because Kwamain and Reed were sidelined with situation I. By the way I think we should use the label "situation" only for events that involve a title IX or similar (if there are any), not for any case of a player walking out or being terminated for any reason (usually not disclosed). The point is exactly the one that has been made, even extreme talent needs time to develop.
  9. No need to apologize Roy, it is always better to see what he does in play first and then decide.
  10. I really cannot see Bell being worse than Neufeld was.
  11. If you take all coaches, all players, and the types of plays used to be equal to one another, then yes, the amount of time practicing together makes all the difference. If neither the coaches, nor the players, nor the types of plays used are equal, then the amount of practice together is just another factor in the equation. We can be just as good or better than UD by the time we get to play them this year. Stop worrying. What you are saying sounds logical but it is not accurate in terms of probability analysis.
  12. So, who would you prefer to have Matt Neufeld at 6 11 or Jimmy Bell at 6 11 or 6 10 (?).
  13. Nothing at all is ever guaranteed in sports. You can have the absolutely best team as far a stats and rankings go prior to the season, and have them blow up in little pieces due to injuries, or people leaving for ? reason, or players not performing the way they were expected to or not working well with the team. The time between November and March will expose all weaknesses or strengths of each and every team. What you are describing Ford needs to do is most likely what he is doing right now, plus other things you have never thought about. This happens every single year. We are not out of the Dance yet whether or not Bell plays or does not play significant minutes during the season. There are many moving parts within a basketball team, give them time.
  14. Agree but have a question: what was situation II? Did we have a situation III?
  15. I think it is way too early to be as concerned or worried as you appear to be Clock. Wait to play the first eight games or so, as the Wiz says every year, and then yo may have more solid ground for your concerns. I do think that we have a pretty solid foundation for this season, just give it some time to develop.
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