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  1. A couple of things I would prefer not to see during play next year is Yuri making as many TOs as he did last season, and also I would prefer to see Yuri NOT charging straight at several bigs during a game. I will be happy if these get under control.
  2. The truth about the matter is that we did not make it last year. As far as I am concerned, the question remains in the air, could we have made it? Who knows if we could have made it? What we know for sure is that we didn't.
  3. I do not believe we are cursed simply because I do not believe there are witches or warlocks that can cast a real curse. However chance and risk are always present and, as you say, we have absolutely no control over either, bad issues just happen. Yes have had issues in the past, and the likelihood is that this year we will also have encounters with unfortunate issues. We will see how we do, and keep on hoping for the best. I really see no other solution.
  4. What you say is like the new year's resolutions, the thinking and logical reasoning is there, but after all is said and done, you (plural you, I include myself in this plurality) do exactly as you (plural you) did last year. You (plural you) cannot help it, a wave of optimism and blue koolaid will wash over it all.
  5. He adds vodka when he wants to be optimistic.
  6. Hoosier, I am not predicting doom for St. Bona, what I am really saying is that they tried as best as they could to keep one of theirs in the team by raising an $80,000 NIL, and were beaten elsewhere. As long as it is play for pay, they cannot compete.
  7. So, they have a steel man and a tin man in now, plus a gaping hole of ??? in their bench. I guess we are going to see a few kids playing 40 min per game for St. Bona every game. What better way is there to develop the new future iron man squad than to use whatever they have in the team until their legs cannot go any longer for a full season? They know now that they cannot compete in term os NILs, they are out of that race, so they have to go at it in a different way.
  8. People are what they are, you cannot make an apple tree produce oranges. Obviously the AD at UNC has a level of business ability which is probably lacking among most other college ADs. If he could see an opportunity to get ahead instead of fearing change because it is change, much the better for him and for UNC, they got ahead early in the race.
  9. He will have to turn into the steel one, and carry the whole team.
  10. If you check Olean, NY in Wikipedia you will find out that it is a city of about 15,000 which has experienced a flight of businesses headquartered there with CUTCO knives as the only major manufacturer located there. I really think that offering an $80,000 in NIL money was a heroic effort in their part. However they just cannot compete with other bigger places in terms of money for NILs. I am sorry they lost to Florida, they are nice people.
  11. The concept of student athletes is a valid concept. Maybe they are not the majority of players but these guys are looking for a good education not for an NBA slot. Congratulations, well done.
  12. If you have never seen a Capoeira exhibition, you should check this out. Capoeira is the Brazilian brand of martial arts. It is different from anything else you have ever seen, except this stuff is for real and not computer generated on green screens (as in the movies). From time to time there have been Karate vs Capoeira matches in St. Louis, the Brazilians are hard to stop. The video is from the European games of 2018, at the very end of the video there is an exhibit fight between two black belts (not real, but you get the idea). So, this is a taste of Capoeira for you all:
  13. Make sure to check America's Test Kitchen site for ways to prepare hats, just in case.
  14. You are absolutely correct, and we will not know which way the changes will go, it will take years to see what comes out of this change.
  15. When I was in training I knew an orthopedic surgeon that was depressed and frustrated with his life and fate. He was one of two kids, he went to med school and was "our son the Dr" to his family, the other one played the guitar and the family thought he was a bum. The guitar player, I forgot who he was, made all kinds of money, and the roles reversed. "Our son the Dr." became the forgotten kid in the family. He hated it. Money can and does buy family approval and "love."
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