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  1. I can say without a doubt that the short clip of Okoro posted by someone else impressed me.
  2. Yes, and if they transfer out of SLU again it would be a retooling process.
  3. The truth is that things like this happen (whatever the issue may be), but no one expects them to happen. I pray he recovers.
  4. Rules at the Ivy's, or at the very least at Harvard, are loose. If you get a senior member of the faculty to support you exceptions can be made.
  5. It's a bit premature unless you have lots of empty space in your garage.
  6. Agree but 21 days is not the same as 34 days, we had close to two additional weeks of quarantine, and for all I know Baylor is really much better than SLU.
  7. I think it colors your opinion in an unfair direction. If you had understood the real meaning of the 34 day quarantine, you would not have been disappointed with Ford but instead you should have been angry about the quarantine rules. The people creating the Covid rules for SLU and ST. Louis decided to go at it in a much stricter way than just about anyone else. Remember the fiasco at Richmond when we refused to play them because our rules forbid it and theirs did not? Many teams played more games and under much less strict rules, but St. Louis had to be superior to all others. Well, the team p
  8. Agree. Thatch performed surprisingly well last season, far beyond my expectations. The question here is: has he reached the maximum level of performance he can have (the maximum level allowed by his disease and the medications he gets)?, or has he still got potential for additional improvement? The second question is how stable is his disease under the present level of exertion and medications? Is it possible that he may maintain or even increase his performance level and for how long? I have no answer for these questions and I do not think his medical team does either. I think Thatch is worki
  9. Agree the Nesbitt commitment may have been what did it for Russell.
  10. Russell is gone, time to move on. What I would really like to see next season is more playing time for Hargrove.
  11. Beware of labels Deutschkind, what is called a Republican in NH or MA qualifies, in my experience, as a most liberal Democrat in Norman OK. People are very structured in New England in terms of what Church they go to, the kind of work they do, or their ethnical background (Irish, Italian, etc). NH and VT have large numbers of French Canadian origin people who tend to stick with their own. You must realize that you do not belong or are wanted in certain social circles. New England is not an easy place to move to. You can live in a town for years before people start acting like you belong ther
  12. I think that once Covid gets out of the way, and the scheduling, practice, and playing normalizes, we will have an excellent chance of going to the Dance next year. I think we have the talent and the horsepower to achieve this next season, if Covid stops being a factor.
  13. I believe firmly that this year we had a full fledged NCAA team that could have gone far. I believe the reason we got nowhere were the 34 days of quarantine imposed by St. Louis and SLU rules. After the quarantine our team just became erratic, some days hot some days cold. This year's outcome had little to do with Ford.
  14. Has Goodwin confirmed he is going to stay for next year?
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