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  1. I had some weird displays of the main screen and other screens last week. I closed the screen for a couple of hours and then it displayed normally. This has not recurred since, not that it won't.
  2. Sounds like a good fit all around: A coach that constantly wants more than what he is given, an AD that is undermined by the president and a major donor, and a president that cannot stay away from micromanaging. A really jolly situation for all, they deserve one another. How long it will last is anyone's guess.
  3. You know that there is NO chance for most of them to get into the NBA. They will return to their teams if their bids appear to have little chance to win a spot.
  4. I'd go further, Momma Bell should be given, at least occasionally, free tickets for local games to make sure she can attend to a number of the games.
  5. Welcome to the Bills Jimmy Bell, looking forward to seeing you play.
  6. Interesting theory, lots of work and detailed watching went into it. We will see
  7. That is very interesting and rings very true as well. Sure the top dog will hang his failures upon someone else who is disposable. It is a LOT easier to terminate an AD than a University president. Gempesaw will most likely continue his MO for several years just because no one will point the finger at him.
  8. This is a good life lesson that everyone should learn. If you stretch your neck over the chopping block to get the people that run the show to support your initiative, you just MUST deliver. If something goes wrong and it does not work, you are not going to be around for much longer. People in this situation will tend to place the blame for their downfall on someone else, usually someone that works for them. Before this AD goes he will probably take his revenge upon his subordinates. They will most likely have to rebuild the Athletic Department as a result of this.
  9. Pearson asked for a release claiming his grandmother was ill and he wanted to stay near her. There was a lot of discussion in the board about this. Once he got the release he posted an "I'm now available" notice. He wanted to play for Kentucky and thought he was the hottest thing available after coming a runner up in the KY Mr. Basketball designation. He had some interest but decided to go to prep school instead. I believe he was expecting offers to rain on him and apparently none did. He is going to TCU and as I have mentioned many times before I hope he rots sitting on the bench. This guy truly thought he was too good for us. This is my recollection of the Pearson event.
  10. OK you have 13 new restaurants scheduled for the Foundry. This is great. How many do you think will be there 6 months after? It all depends on how many people become regulars. I am pretty sure that any number of these 13 restaurants will not be there 6 months after the opening. Depending on how many people work in the area, there may be enough traffic to keep a number of them alive, not all of them.
  11. Agree, there will be plenty of 4 stars and some 5 stars left after the straight pathway from HS to NBA is fully taken. The rest of the kids will go to D1.
  12. Thank you Pistol, good information.
  13. Would you think of the situation you are describing as a failure (erroneous evaluation of potential) caused by the AD?
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