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  1. What it seems like is an attempt to save every penny they can. I assume the ticket sales did not go well this year?
  2. It will be what it will be. We can be certain that he will try his best and work like crazy to achieve his goal.
  3. Which is exactly why a good portion of his line of clothing is Sikeston Bulldog labelled. He has business sense, he does.
  4. Just checked out Fred's website. The Bulldog is the name/emblem of the Sikeston HS athletics. He has a full line of clothing including clothing for teens and kids, it is quite extensive. A lot of it is apparently directed to the Sikeston maket with the dog. I like the "What's to Fear" graphic. I wish him all the best. Again this is not a limited lineup of products he is selling but a rather extensive line for a first effort. Check it out.
  5. The Chinese will be less likely to believe anything I say than even the members of this board do. It all comes to a personal decision, you either do something or you do not. At my age and my wife's age, we will not attend any games in person.
  6. The issue that no one appears to be aware of or dealing with in this discussion is RISK. People assume that control measures will bring the risk level to "0." This is plainly incorrect, the most strict set of regulations and requirements applied to any event WILL NOT BRING THE RISK LEVEL TO "0." Regardless of the level of regulations/restrictions applied, there will always be some degree of residual risk present, however minimal it may be. You have to decide for yourself and for your family if the level of risk YOU perceive is likely to be present with a given set of regulations is just too much for you or yours to take. If you decide that the risk is too high for you or your family to take, then do not attend the event. Having worked for the government during my career, although not at the level or for the length of time Taj did, I fully agree with his comments about the government not knowing the answers but having to do the best they can with what they have available.
  7. David, besides the issues of safety and health protection, the University is concerned by revenue. Revenue is a very important issue for them. The issue is how to keep enough people happy and attending events and still get a least a break even revenue or a profit out of the event. TV and broadcasting play a part in this, as does beer and other sales (Billiken attire for example). They cannot run the Chaifetz at a loss, not forever anyway. This is not unlike a tightrope act, blamed if you do, blamed if you don't. They need revenue.
  8. There may be a deeper reason why Thatch is trying to launch his own brand in the net. At this time he has some name recognition, however limited it may be to Bills fans and Sikeston locals, and he is trying to attract buyers for his offerings. Good for Thatch. Now, if he was lucky enough to have some of his sweatshirts (which he will no doubt bring out soon) offered by the local Sams or Costcos, he might well be onto something. I wish him good fortune in this endeavor.
  9. How much would it cost SLU to leave the A10, both in fees and in lost revenue for prior play at tournaments, anyone knows?
  10. One hand gives, the other takes it away. Nothing changes.
  11. I still think that SLU's main commitment is to academics, not sports. Getting the new building is primarily a matter of finding a donor that wanted to fund such a thing, it does not change the direction or commitment of SLU as a whole. However, O'Laughlin needed some ballyhoo acknowledging his very significant donation to SLU; maybe he will give more money for some academic area in the future. Once you find someone willing to donate at this level, you just cannot let him go feeling unhappy. If you do not believe this, just choose a charity of your choice that you have never given a cent to and make a small donation, like $10 to $20, to them. Then count the number of emails and letters you receive over the next couple of years asking for more money. The announcement yesterday was a part of the procedure for showing respect and gratitude for such a large donation. The pretty words said remain pretty words until proven otherwise.
  12. Whatever it is (this is I think something new for Bill Athletics) they are going to broadcast it live in youtube! The link is in the main screen of this board. We will not be available until later in the afternoon, I hope I can get to this link while it is still up (after the event of course).
  13. Re read the announcement please. This is just my guess, but it sounds to me like something really big. I do not think new facilities alone qualify for the kind of change they announced. This is just a personal opinion, I may well be wrong.
  14. I do not want to upset anyone but I doubt Fred will average more than 18-20 min per game by the end of the season
  15. At this level, the checkbooks will come into play later on. I am pretty sure they are counting/hoping the announcement will loosen the purse strings of ALL potential donors. One thing to keep in mind, if they are announcing significant athletic facility expansion, they probably have already secured the required financial support pledges from big donors, they are not going to use the endowment for this purpose.
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