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  1. Jimbo, I agree about AMD, however Intel still has the corporate idiots hooked, as well as a good % of the laptop buying public. I guess is pretty satisfactory to be ignorant and believe you know things inside and out.
  2. I never liked or felt safe in helicopters, I think they fly in a weird fashion. Bad stuff happens to good people, I was sorry to hear the news.
  3. My turn, today we took our 7 year old grandchild to the game and after coming back had to feed him (he eats slowly and talks a lot), before coming up to the computer to write this post. Sorry for the delay. This was not a well attended game, 2 tubas present with the band, about 45% or so attendance, maybe 50%. However Andre managed to keep the enthusiasm up. Some observations: Jimerson was there with the team, wearing a boot but walking OK with it and not suited (dressed in black). He sat in the row behind the team and has grown a small beard. He looked fine. Corey Tate is walking much better without the crutches now, still needs to lose some weight. Finally there was a very tall young guy with a tan coat sitting 2 rows behind the Bills (behind Corey Tate and Jimerson) who was talking with the AD at the half time, he was about a foot taller than the AD. I assume he is a player, possible recruit. Anyone has any ideas about who this kid may be? The game was less than spectacular, but we won and that is what we had to do. We played better in the first half but still won by 16 pts, which is fine. My wife told me Jacobs had been taken back through the tunnel after a collision or something with the other guys about midway in the first half. I did not see this as I was out buying a soda for the child at the time. Anyway, he came back out later on but did not play much afterwards, so I think he may have been held from playing because of whatever had happened. Anyway, very happy we won today. My grandson has a theory about this win. He says firmly that whenever he comes to a game with us we win the game. He wants to come to a lot more games to make sure the Bills win and, in order to facilitate the win, we will be happy to comply with his wish. No on to the next game, Go Bills!
  4. Sheltie Dave, I understand your concern and your interest in the Gotze case. Yes, it is tragical and it has cost a lot of money to get him back to play part time. However, you must keep in mind that all mitochondrial problems are not the same. The mitochondria is a very complex component of the cells, and the actual genetic flaw causing it to fail, or to lose effectiveness to some substandard degree can be located at many different levels. Of course, the mitochondria do not have 100% failures in function for this would cause rapid death, so what you have is a slow process with many points of entry (genetic flaws) and probably a whole lot more other issues that we really have no idea what they may be. This is NOT a one size fits all set of diseases, there is variation in both the origin of the flaw and the treatment. And, most importantly, we really do not know all the ins and outs involved. So, different people may react differently in terms of symptoms, in exercise tolerance, and in response to treatment. Like I said before, to get a good handle on Thatch, what he can and cannot do, will take time and effort. It is possible that he will be able to play full games, but not likely that this will be the outcome, at least not in my personal opinion. I think Fred will eventually need to be advised to consider a change in careers to something sedentary, like accounting, but I am fairly certain that neither Fred nor the team are anywhere close to this stage. I do believe he deserves a full chance of therapy adjustments to see how much he can do. At this time, however, we are nowhere close to this endpoint. Personally I hate to see something like this happening to anyone. As I said I will pray for Fred.
  5. Do not know why it went this way but it did, bummer. Now onto the next one, Go Bills!
  6. There is no doubt in my mind that the refs played a significant part in this game. Hassahn was clobbered by sometimes up to 4 defenders that coalesced on him, but a lot of the time no fouls were called, and so on and so forth. This does not detract from the fact that Davidson neutralized our inside game and made it extremely difficult for us to score 2 pointers. They played well and had a good defensive plan that worked, there is no way around it, they beat us.
  7. In truth they beat us fair and square. Too bad, the season is not over, but it just got harder to get where we want to go. Now onto the next one. Go Bills!
  8. Not looking good but not hopeless yet. We will see what the second half brings.
  9. Well guys, I hope that after the game is over we can change the name of this thread to: GDT: The pussycats. Go Bills!
  10. I am absolutely positive that Roy likes Hassahn French, who is not from East St. Louis.
  11. Pistol, do not put these guys down. They have a bona fide medical backgrounds and training, but their real area of expertise is to go into the stand and testify backing up their points of view. Some of these guys are very tough opponents to have in a law case. What they are currently doing with Thatch is figuring out the level of exertion he can tolerate given specific treatments. This is something that cannot be done overnight. They need time to sort this out.
  12. Pistol, any injury at all is capable of causing some degree of limitations. The issue is how severe is the degree of limitations produced by the injury. In Fred's case, there is no injury, there is a chronic disease that is producing the limitations. I am positive that any capable medical expert in this type of realm can make a reasonable claim supporting the NCAA wording and equaling his disease produced limitations to injury produced limitations. I am also certain they can support the claim this is a season ending issue. What I am not certain about is the number of playing minutes that will be required under the NCAA definition for them to say he is not suffering from a season ending problem. For example, if he can play 6 minutes per game does this make it a season ending problem? I presume the NCAA will look into this.
  13. I will disagree with you in this regard Pistol. It all depends on what the Dr. is certifying. If a specialist in myopathies was to be asked if Thatch can play a full game in a competitive environment, or even half a game, they would be likely to give some roundabout parlance basically saying they cannot say if this level of play will be possible at this time. If asked to provide a certification he cannot play they will probably do it. If they will not do this, you can be absolutely assured that some MD somewhere with a pile of Board Certifications will do it. These MDs are generally available through plaintiff lawyers. This should clean the way out. Most Dr's certifications about inability or incapacity to do something are not written in stone, they are just their personal opinion plus a statement they are willing to go to court and testify what they say is correct under oath and defend their point of view. I am absolutely certain that a specialist can be found to certify Thatch has a medical condition that will impede him from playing for the rest of the season, once Ford and Thatch decide this is the way to go. There is nothing written in stone, when viewed from a medical viewpoint, regarding disability. As a matter of fact, Drs. do not determine disability, what they determine is the extent of limitations present in a particular case. Yes, I am aware that Drs. think it is up to them to decide whether someone is disabled or not, but this is just not the case. The actual disability determination is an administrative and legal decision regarding the level of limitations determined by the Drs, and how these limitations fit the "disability" status or definition applicable to the specific case (whether NCAA's, Social Security, or a private disability coverage is the source providing the definition of disability to be used in the case). These determinations are very frequently the causes of court disputes. I have served as an expert witness in cases like these, primarily on the defense (insurance) side. What I have given above is not a medical definition of disability, it is a medico-legal definition as it is in use by organizations and companies providing benefits (in the case of the NCAA the benefit is the redshirt and the extension of the eligibility status) of some kind in cases like these. I fully agree dealing with the NCAA can present its problems, but this is what has to be done to get Thatch his red shirt.
  14. Back from a 2 week vacation at the Caribbean. We had a really nice time, nice weather (lots of rain though), pretty views, nice beaches, good food. Perfect for shutting out the rest of the world for a while and recharge the batteries. We did wonderfully well against Dayton and it was no one's fault that they sank that final hail marry shot. I think the Bills continue their steady improvement and hope tomorrow is a win. We can win this, now let's do it. Go Bills! Teamrankings Vegas inspired expected scores are: SLU 65.5, Davidson 68.5. Davidson is favored by 3 pts. They are wrong in my opinion, we will beat them. Go Bills!
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