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  1. It is better this morning. Perhaps what you are seeing is a bandwidth problem. When more people access the server the service becomes slower. These things are tough to fix.
  2. No, Goodwin is certainly not interested in Harvard or plays the oboe. What I was doing is comparing a selection process taking place at an institution that has all kinds of applicants with top credentials with the NBA. The NBA also has the top talent in basketball lined up for the draft. How do the teams choose who to draft? The top 30 will be taken in most likely, then comes the problem with everyone else being more of the same, some a bit better in some areas, some in other areas. For the second draft, SOME of the teams may be looking for someone who is good but not at the very top, but someone that can bring in something different and fits well into the team. The draft, or admissions to a top school, are not simply a matter of statistics, it is at some point a matter of giving an edge to your team or your school. If Goodwin is seen as capable of giving an edge to a team he may well be chosen. It is not a matter of saying Goodwin will not make it because he is not top 60. For all we know any number of the draft candidates between top 30 ranking and top 60 ranking will not make it in either draft, or they may even refuse to accept a second draft offer. The empty slots from unaccepted offers will be filled with someone else, that is for sure. Who will be chosen to the NBA? no idea. Does Goodwin have a chance, I think he does.
  3. A lot of this is like getting into a fraternity, much of it is political and anyone can black ball you. I have no idea what will actually happen. Also, if you read the media you are aware of the resurgence of the virus, I do think this season may be plagued by Virus issues like the last year. Something like "Second verse, same as the first.
  4. While fully agreeing that I know nothing about the NBA draft per se, I know a fair amount about Harvard Admissions. Harvard has more than enough applicants with the highest SAT score possible. They will get some of those for sure, particularly if they fit other criteria. What they are looking for is "outliers" to give variety to the mix. If someone excels at playing the oboe and his scores are not at the very top, this person may be admitted (particularly true if the marching band oboe player is graduating). I agree with NH, Goodwin makes a good case for being an outlier in terms of his abilities, he has tested for a significant number of teams, and he has something to add to the mix that is not commonly available. I think he may make the 2nd draft somewhere. If I had to bet I would Say San Antonio.
  5. Take back what I said earlier today, this afternoon it is very slow and fails to connect with the threads you select. Sorry for the misinformation above. It is back to bad.
  6. Goodwin is REALLY motivated to improve the areas that he has been told (by his agent among others) he has to improve to get drafted by the NBA. HE is the prime motor behind the shooting improvement. There is no doubt in my mind that Goodwin is the kind of guy that really works to do what he has to do to get where he wants to go to. He has improved his chances by a lot, but this is due to HIM doing the work. He always was the best at SLU or one of the best, he felt no real need to work hard to do better. You bet that he feels very motivated NOW to improve his shooting. Remember, he was invited to the G league combine and turned it down. He WANTS to be drafted to the NBA.
  7. I just did a brief check, this is what I found. You can open a thread much faster than what it was before, this works well. I was getting messages the site could not open threads this morning, no problems now. Please understand this is a superficial try out, but the board is working better in my opinion.
  8. Interesting that someone writing about the Spurs is interested enough in Goodwin to follow him as he works out for other teams. I think this is a positive sign of interest in JG perhaps from the Spurs as well as from the writer himself.
  9. Hoosier I listened to the podcast in Spotify and really enjoyed it. I think Goodwing is going forward and has a definite chance of making it. Thank you for posting this podcast.
  10. It is true that when you are young things are always better than when you are old. Old people cannot say that things are always better, on the contrary, in a personal way they are always worse. From getting out of a car and coming close to passing out due to your blood pooling in your legs and not reaching your brain, to back and leg pains coming with no reason, getting old is not equal to getting better, the opposite is the truth. You all will find this to be true, it is just a matter or time. Getting old sucks.
  11. I just got a 522 error myself. I have also noticed significant delays in getting to specific threads, they fail to open sometimes, some other times they take a very long time to open.
  12. You are correct, If you do not use blue font I do not get it.
  13. Rose Kennedy, the mother of JFK, a Billiken Club member? Seriously?
  14. There is a word in German Schnadenfreude that means feeling good about other people's misfortune. Nothing wrong with doing this, enjoy it as much as you can.
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