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  1. You know Doc, in business sometimes it is a win to take a loss, even a significant loss, rather than keep throwing money away into something they have decided is not the way they want to go. Financially, it was a loss, but it shows their management has a clear vision of where they want to go and how to get there. Their management also has the courage to take their loss now rather than keep on feeding something that does not fit their plans. Acknowledging you made a mistake and backing out of it early is good management.
  2. 2 Ivy Offers, he must be academically inclined
  3. Only if you can find a supplier of magical flying brooms and flight instructors.
  4. The Marianist Order runs St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX.
  5. In this day and age of NILs, the I think the trend will be towards dropping sports that bring no revenue rather than towards adding new sports. This will probably be a widespread trend.
  6. So what? They have to start somewhere and this somewhere will be close to the bottom. Lindenwood will take care of it and will not be there for long. If the NCAA regs require they do not go to the dance for 5 years, then that is the way it will be, no problem there. All I am saying about Lindenwood is that when they set their minds to do something they do it well.
  7. Any school that has successfully grown in attendance the way Lindenwood has cannot be underestimated. Agree they will be weak in their first couple of years but later on they may become a strong contender.
  8. You are about my age. If you are not a smoker, and have no significant disease, you should have around 12+ years of life expectancy. The Bills still have time to get there before you pass.
  9. To get such a player all you need to do is to find a bottle or an old oil lamp with a genie trapped inside. Once you get the genie out and make your wish you can have your player.
  10. If your alumni body is large enough, the probability of having enough people with enough wealth to support this level of donations in a regular basis goes up. Perhaps Ohio State can do it, I suppose it is possible.
  11. Yes, this is correct. And the fact that he wants the team to relocate to St. Louis may be a difficult condition to agree upon. This is not intended to mean anything negative about St. Louis, but most teams may just want to stay put.
  12. Do you think the price and conditions asked might have had something to do with him staying away from buying them?
  13. That is correct, at least at the UK. I do not know for sure about other countries. One interesting things is that, and I know this as well, the UK's Crown owned channel islands had their own independent taxation and banking systems. High UK corporate and government execs, and this was extended to EU execs, have accounts in these islands and paid a fraction of the taxes in the mainland. This was perfectly legal but not generally available to everybody as far as I know.
  14. I know there are players in the foreign leagues that get paid salaries which are close to the NBA, but wonder how much the average foreign league salary to US players is. I think Goodwin is not doing badly when compared to the average foreign league salaries.
  15. This is the hard way to get into the NBA, the one taken by Willie Reed, who actually made it into the Miami Heat in before wasting his opportunity, the one taken by Goodwin, who is working diligently to make the best out of whatever opportunity he gets to move into the NBA.
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