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  1. Do you mean payments for the coming season 23-24, or the prior season 22-23?
  2. Only 2 of the teams in this list of A10 MBB programs show profit, Dayton, and VCU.
  3. If you think about it, the amount of revenue generated shows only one side of the overall financial picture, the other side is expenses. The important number, which is not supplied in these figures is the net income generated overall, which can then be partitioned by sport, by team gender, etc. It is important to realize that a given school's athletic program may generate a fair amount of revenue and still generate very little income or evn loses. Gross revenue by itself is not a meaningful measurement of the financial health of any given Athletic Department.
  4. One issue that has to be kept in mind when discussing NILs is the amount of money available for paying NILs. It is simple, NILs cannot be paid if there is no money, or not enough money, available.
  5. Hey brianstl, have you ever listened to quarterly report given by a Brazilian CEO? I used to listen to the KHC quarterly reports (owned by 3G) and they were very interesting. I think most of the analysts would leave the meeting quite confused as to what it was they had heard during the presentations.
  6. As far as I know the HQ may be in NY but the family lives in Brazil. There was a wedding involving a family member of one of their top guys a couple of years ago. It took place in Brazil. I believe some of the top guys at AB either attended or wanted to attend. 3G Capital, a private company, owns or has a controlling share in a large number of beer brands (AB, SABMiller, Foster) around the world as well as in Kraft Heinz.
  7. Ambev is owned by the 3G Capital group which is Brazilian (now they call themselves Brazilian-American).
  8. Wayne Cole posted this video in Twitter and said watching it is pure joy! I agree. Well done JG and more to come.
  9. We visited the Shrine of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, the protector of Poland, today and I wanted to post a picture of the Madonna here. Supposedly, the original image was painted by one of the apostles, St. Luke. The shrine was built by Franciscan Polish monks that migrated to Pacific, MO in 1927.
  10. Thank you 2010andBeyond.
  11. Thank you David King
  12. Thank you CenHudDude.
  13. You have nothing to worry about.
  14. Thank you VeniceMenace
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