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  1. Yes!, entirely correct. That is why we NEED to have the tournament in a jurisdiction or city which is not obsessively strict with Covid and quarantine rules. Why is this so hard to understand? We, all the D1 teams chosen for the Dance, need to be able to play for a number of weeks, and they will NOT be able to do it if whole teams are quarantined for weeks at a time.
  2. Some player or multiple players are virtually guaranteed to turn (+) during the time of the tournament. If whole teams are kept from playing during a tournament and quarantined for 14 or more days with only one or two players testing (+), there is no way the tournament can be played to completion. This is not a matter of money, it is a matter of trying to figure out how an NCAA tournament can be made feasible.
  3. That might have been it, I was about 12 at the time, I really do not know.
  4. I believe he did but I do not remember the name. There was a tune in that movie called "Baby Elephant Walk" that I liked, I was in my early teens then. He was not in a safari, he made a living by catching wild animals for zoos, that much I recall.
  5. Thank you, happy to hear that Indianapolis is not obsessed with over regulation of Covid.
  6. Assuming that means Indianapolis, it would be interesting to find out how restrictive are the Covid regulations in that particular city.
  7. Let's hope they choose to play at locations without very strict Covid Regs. This is the type of tournament that having a few positives here and there among the players or staff may wreck the structure of the whole tournament. Think of it, your team has played and won rounds one and two. It is time for Sweet 16 and your opponent cannot play because of a few (+) tests keep the whole team out of play. What is there to be done?, is the infected team eliminated because they forfeited and the team that could play advances to Elite 8? They cannot postpone the whole tournament every time a few players
  8. Lasanta is produced by Glenmorangie, it is a Highland single malt Scotch. Total Wine carries it (at least in St. Louis, Town and Country store). Price $47.49 which is not a bad price for a single malt scotch.
  9. We are not, not all of them. I really do not know the answer to the following question: How many games did Fordham miss early in the season because they were quarantined? Anyone knows the answer?
  10. Let's look at this analytically. It looks like the protocols for testing and allowing play to happen are becoming more strict instead of more open. This certainly appears to be the case with SLU. This will result in less games played not only by SLU but across the board. There is also likely to be a lot less practice taking place. I have no idea how much practice or what kind of practice is allowed during the times the teams do not play because of Covid, but assume it is limited even if it is allowed. All of this means that the total number of games played by the teams will be reduced, pr
  11. Agree about not trying to direct the players to any destinations, they have to decide what is best for themselves. Remember that there are places that are great to live in, and other places that may not be so great to live in, all of this has to go into the mix. I wish them all all the best with their decisions and their careers.
  12. Remember Covid, 68 teams constrained into playing game after game until they reach the end run, does not appear to be a good way to prevent the spread of the damned virus. Just keep that in mind.
  13. HoosierPal, I have no doubt that foreign leagues MAY pay some players over $80,000 but not all players will get this level. Every country and every league is likely to have its own pay standards for the elite players and the rest of the players. There is no guarantee Perkins will be offered an elite level salary by a foreign league
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