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  1. As long as it is a sit down restaurant (apparently room for around 50 seated) with a food menu (not hot dogs and nachos) right inside the Chaifetz, who cares what it is called. I am sure that they will have a liquor license, and they will serve beer and spirits, which I also assume their customers will want. As far as having a lineup of wines, who cares? slushies, who cares? Sure you can have dinner at Vito's or Triumph and then walk to the Chaifetz, but it will be nice to have a place inside there for those days when wind and snow make you feel naked and flapping in the wind as you walk from the garage.
  2. That is an interesting question that I have no answer for, we will have to see.
  3. Clock, I totally agree that it would be absolutely wonderful and also intriguing to see how RM would handle the present team. Unfortunately he died many years ago, and I really do not think we will be able to see him handling the team. I have no idea how Ford will handle this team but I am pretty sure he will not do it as Majerus might have, had he had the chance. So, in Ford we trust and GO BILLS!
  4. Agree. Take for example Javon Bess, he worked and worked to develop skills, and become a better player which he succeeded in doing. Javon is doing the same while in the Pelicans and he may still get favorable results. What we do NOT need are the entitled prima donnas who think they deserve the world and act disruptively. Just look at the pictures of Jacobs last year and the pre-season pictures for this year and tell me if you think this guy is working hard at improving himself or not. Physically or body wise speaking he is markedly different from last year. I think he may do fine this year.
  5. Clock, the optimal composition desired for a team may be X, and you may not be able to get the necessary talent to get all the players you desire to have. So let's say you are some distance away from what you would consider the optimal composition of the team, what is a good coach to do? You do what you need to do to adapt play style to the actual on site team strengths and weaknesses, and develop the talent within the team. Does this mean you are not going to play a really good season? No, of course not. I believe we may wind up with very good results this season. I would NOT discount off the cuff the possibility of going back to the dance this year. All I can say is that we will see, and that the season will start real soon. I can't wait.
  6. Did you check out the brief clip showing Goodwin making a half court shot? Chaifetz just retweeted it, I know it is at least 50% luck but it is nice to see.
  7. Generally when you are looking from the outside into a large organization, and SLU qualifies as a large organization, there are many things that you (the outside bystander) thinks can or should be improved. There is no exception to this rule. The fact of the case are these: situation 2 happened and was dealt with. Yes there were a lot of objectionable factors, but it is OVER by now and the school, the department, and the team kept on going. Yes, things could be better with the athletic department, but I bet the same can be said about every single department within the University. Regardless, the school and its departments continue being a going concern. Despite all SLU has shown some improvement over the years and this appears to continue. The degree of improvement may not be enough to satisfy everyone but it is there. So, what else is new?
  8. Roy, it is up to Bess to decide what and when to do whatever it is he does. He is level headed, works hard, is liked by the team and not money hungry or self centered, all qualities known to the team. He sees some advantage in staying where he is at this time.
  9. In real life, the very best option may not look like the very best option at the time of the decision and is not tapped. All kinds of bad options (people who have a great ability to promote themselves but prove to be worthless) can and are oftentimes chosen, just to be discarded later on. Bruce Weber or Stallings may or may not have been better for SLU but one felt he was better than SLU and would not have lasted at the job, the other was still trying to keep the position he had (not available). Just about everyone, including the self promoting disasters might have been better than Crews in the final analysis. There is really nothing to be gained by revisiting the old list of choices and prospects we had then. All in all Ford has turned out to be a wonderful choice for us. Good recruiter and good coach with a good staff of his own. Ford is someone who has settled well in St. Louis and appears to be willing to remain here for quite some time. We made a wonderful choice to appoint as HC. In reality we hit the jackpot by hiring him. In Ford we trust
  10. Congratulations to Javon Bess for making the cut into the 2019-2020 Pelicans team. We wish you all the best.
  11. Sounds like he managed to institute some kind of a Conklin summer for all his freshmen players after their first season. It might be interesting to find out what exactly did he have his players do during that first summer in the team.
  12. Gloucester is by Cape Ann North of Boston, Greenfield and Pittsfield (which truthfully is the Pits) are in the Western part of MA. Mt. Washington is in northern NH (not sure if it is in the Greeen Mountains or the White Mountains), Truro is way out near the tip of Cape Cod and I have no idea where Longmeadow is at. Yes, it is a nice idea to have a picture of the state in the court, but the size they chose is way over done. Thinking about it, if you were to visit all of these places by car you would have to cover a good chunk of MA plus nice piece of NH. My favorite area out of all of those mentioned are the Gloucester area and Cape Ann. Good memories, my first scuba certification dive was off Cape Ann, way back in 1975.
  13. When you have been struggling not to be at the very bottom, as we were during Ford's first season, the only way to go is up. I like this, let's make it a habit and continue going up.
  14. In terms of the level of confidence shown during play last year, Thatch was a lot more confident than Jacobs.
  15. Jimbo, it depends on what the team's remaining needs/requirements are, but I would hope it is better than a 50/50 probability, how much better I have no idea. Listen to the interview, the team appears to like him.
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