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  1. Well we already know that we will do a lot better than last season. I see a lot of winning this year for the Bills,. I think it is entirely possible that we will get to go to the Dance this year, and I plan to savor every single win this season,
  2. You can get Brasserie food at the Brasserie 4580 Laclede, it is always available there.
  3. It seems to me that the organization of College Sports under the NCAA is starting to crumble.
  4. You could try Tibetans as well, they are permanently adapted to it. As a matter of fact one of the reasons that the recent fighting between the Indian and Chinese Armies in the Himalayas (using truncheons and knives primarily, no guns) has been consistently won by the Indians is that the units the Indian Army has been using are ethnically Tibetan. The Chinese are mostly from sea level.
  5. This is valid, not all people react the same to altitude
  6. How long has Jokic been living in Denver?
  7. Adaptation to high altitude suitable for most people leading normal lives is not the same as adaptation that allows you to play basketball in D1. Can you get the concept that you need a hell of a lot more effort and a much greater oxygen consumption than what normal people need when you are playing D1 basketball competitively?
  8. This is correct to some extent, but not a good argument. We did not go against anyone after being eliminated during the A10 tournament. ISU played and beat every team that went against them in the NIT, with the exception of the last game. Their team did play and win against A10, ACC, Big 12, and similar level teams during the NIT.
  9. You can do two things: 1. Talk with A-Bomb and find out what it is like. 2. Take a trip to S. America and go to Machu Picchu, or Bogota and find out yourself what it is like. You could also go to Laramie and try to run around a block.
  10. Cheeseman they do, but it takes a fair amount of time to get to a state of full permanent adaptation. He would live in Laramie, but would have to go play elsewhere at much lower altitude levels. This would mess up his level of adaptation until he was completely and permanently adapted, which takes time. A lot more that a week. Ask A-Bomb, he has experienced the process.
  11. Warlick did the right thing, anyone from the low lands will have trouble playing basketball at Larramie, WY at 7900 feet above sea level. Just thinking about him playing in the Mountain conference for WY seems to me a guaranteed less than great performance for this kid, particularly in the first season.
  12. I think the effect that Schertz will have upon the Bills may be like the effect Majerus had, with one major difference, Schertz is younger and is not sick like Majerus was.
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