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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, McBroom was an episode in the history of the Bills which is best forgotten. He has shown himself to be very capable in marketing his schemes. He has not continued a basketball career and hopefully never mentions he went to SLU.
  2. It appears that Sherrod announced his basketball career was over, so I would doubt we will see him play in the 21-22 season.
  3. White Pelican if you choose to see things through rose colored glasses now, that is OK with me. I agree this is the very best team we have had in many years, my real concern is whether or not we will manage to be able to show it given the issues unique to this particular season. This is not going to be a normal season with a set schedule, I think everybody agrees with this.
  4. Because I fear this season may be a horror show in terms of testing and scheduling games. In other words, we have a top winning team, but they can win and make it count only if they play the correct opponents. I trust Ford, but I think this season may be really difficult to schedule and play out.
  5. Wait until this season ends and then let us know if you think "it ain't hard being a Billiken fan."
  6. If Bell is capable (and allowed) to go into full practice, as this photo suggests, there should be little to worry about his boot.
  7. Taj just think about what you outlined above and tell me, what does that say about the way NCAA works?
  8. Of course you are talking about under water basket weaving 101, the one you do on the bottom of the pool with a scuba tank on your back. The advanced course is tougher you have to hold your breath while you weave your baskets. Now that is hard!
  9. If Goodwin or anyone else was given the opportunity to enter the NBA draft with a reasonable chance of being selected and make a LOT of money. Would he choose the NBA or would he choose to be the top leader in assists, points and rebounds. If this was your choice what would you choose to do? I thought so.
  10. The NBA has major problems with viewership at this time, until they find a way to fix it, they are not going to be spending a lot of time dealing with new draftees particularly not in trying to find diamonds in the rough among them. Goodwin and French went for the draft this season. My take is that Goodwin came from this experience energized and full of desire to improve certain things. French, on the other hand, has been very quiet about his NBA draft experience. I am not saying anything negative happened with French only that he came back from it very quiet and reserved.
  11. I entirely agree with what you posted Reinert310, these questions cannot be answered at this time.
  12. And why would the seniors choose to stay for an extra year? Both French and Goodwin put their names in the NBA draft this past summer. Is there a reason to think they will not try again at the end of the coming season? Is there a reason to think they will not be good enough to be chosen? Do they have any interest in enrolling in a graduate program?
  13. Bauman, recall this line from the 1960s "everybody plays the fool, no exception to the rule"? Let's say that Nesbitt heard just what he wanted to hear from Memphis. Let's just say that he will learn something valuable, likely something else than what he expects, out of his coming experience at Memphis.
  14. Have any of you people spent a night elsewhere during this period. The hotels are on minimal staff, food (I did have breakfast, did not have dinner at Marriott San Antonio) comes in plastic baggies and is of two kinds hot or cold. The public places are deserted, although you can opt to have you breakfast at the only restaurant open to the public (but empty of people). Yes, the hotels are there, do you know if they are open to the public and capable to take full teams for a period of time. Disney can arrange it, you think SLU can? Anyone here has had a normal hotel experience over the last 7 mo
  15. Disney will do whatever it needs to do to make money out of this event, even with a reduced school roster. Staging an MTE at the Chaifetz does not work. Among other items Disney has, at Disney World a score of empty or semi empty hotels which they will gladly fill with players and TV people. By the way Disney announced they are eliminating 28,000 jobs from their hospitality areas. I think they want to keep Disney World open regardless. We have no hotels, all we have is the Chaifetz. Disney has all kinds of facilities for movie production and TV broadcasting, we do not. As a final po
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