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  1. Well that solves it Father B, you definitely prefer the KU board and you are aware of the way things are done there. My understanding is that you have been a member in the SLU board for a number of years and never posted much if anything. However you appear to have great knowledge about the KU board. Maybe, you should stay in the KU board rather than try to change us into something that resembles they way they do things. Just saying, are you a KU fan or a SLU fan? By the way, none of the quotes you made above show that LOK WUR is or will be a game changer anywhere, KU or SLU. So what if some KU MBM wants him, and another one thinks he is exiting as a prospect. These are personal opinions, like yours. They prove nothing.
  2. If Lamelo Ball is going to play at the Australian NBL, and his father enters the fray, the Australians will have their hands full.
  3. Who says Lok Wur is a game changing recruit? How do you justify calling him that?
  4. carterchapleymedia.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/the-case-for-javon-bess/ … The link above, posted in the Messaged board main screen, gets you to a very nice article written by an NBA scout about Javon Bess's chances at the upcoming NBA draft. The article is called "The Case for Javon Bess." For those interested in Javon Bess this is a very interesting read. Enjoy and pray for Javon, he deserves any openings he can get and there is interest in the league for him.
  5. Probably, no one on this board was born then, not even me.
  6. Sure they did, they ran short on oxygen during practice and are still lying dead on the gym. Things do not decompose rapidly on Mars, no bacteria or fungus there, no oxygen either.
  7. You've got to wait a number of years and pray that Tesla (Space X) does not go bankrupt before the University of Mars becomes a reality.
  8. 2nd translation, we end up with 150 threads instead of a single long one.
  9. WOW!!! what a game, the goalie whoever he was was absolutely magnificent. Great win for the Blues, finally the cup is coming to St. Louis! We opened a bottle of bubbly and had a flute a piece, great night. All of those people at the baseball stadium did not get soaked for nothing. Great win.
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