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  1. A whopping 52 fouls were called in this game, 30 on LaSalle, 22 on SLU.
  2. Now on CBSSN: the Battle of Richmond, VCU @ Richmond. Now on NBCSN: the Battle of the Beltway, the Founding Fathers Face Off, George Washington @ George Mason. Only in the A10 ...
  3. I don’t like that aspect of today’s game, unless there is an unknown explanation.
  4. The video of this game should be sent to the A10 Zebra Hall of Shame. This is typed after SLU won by 15. Thus, this is quality control, not sour grapes.
  5. The refs have given us a break re Croswell. But I’d prefer they not called the game like this is IHSA Class 1A.
  6. You really wonder what these zebras are trying to do, and if they have a clue.
  7. Slow start to 2nd Half for SLU. Home crowd audibly booing the A10 Special touch foul on SLU- Weaver. Let them play!
  8. JGood just brought me out of my seat with that flush! Boom!
  9. Conventional wisdom coaching by LaSalle backfired, as Explorers we’re better in man defense than this zone.
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