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  1. A secondary factor was the timeouts called by SLU players on the floor, one by Perkins, one by Hargrove against the Auburn press. SLU had only 1 timeout left at crunch time, none to quell the late Auburn run with the decision to save it until absolutely needed. Perhaps you can burn one, but not two.
  2. The A10 really looks bad. SLU is the best team in the A10, needs to show it on the court.
  3. Outscored 12-2 in last 4+ minutes after taking 58-53 lead. 10 missed FT’s spelled doom.
  4. Nightmare finish, just like last season. SLU is better than Auburn, has blown both games at crunch time. 4-14 FT’s from season 81% FT team, 1-11 in 2nd half, is inexplicable. Only one word is applicable.
  5. SLU 4-12 FT’s is keeping Auburn in this game.
  6. My understanding is for SLU the stats count and the game counts in SLU’s overall Won-Loss record. However, the game result and stats do not count for SLU for NCAA NET and NCAA Tourney selection purposes. The benefit is merely playing this game does not hurt SLU’s NET like playing a low con D-1 potentially could.
  7. A former (alive) Paul Quinn Coach once entered the premises for the game in a coffin.
  8. Perhaps you haven’t read the Big East and Marquette boards.
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