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  1. Yes, sometimes. The place allegedly seats 3,200, has 9 rows on one sideline, 14 on the other, and 25 behind each basket. Restrooms are in the adjoining student union. Our son, the Fordham alumnus, claims Rose Hill Gym has the only stained glass windows in College Basketball.
  2. Rose Hill Gym ... (Indigo ink needed). I BX ! One suspects NY and NYC are not viable options if Brooklyn is out.
  3. While I begrudgingly understand this consideration of moving the A10 Tourney from Brooklyn to Richmond, the A10 is (still) not the CAA.
  4. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! The vast Jesuit conspiracy against Dayton continues, unabated.
  5. Outstanding! In the immortal words of Harry Caray, Holy Cow! It's still early, and our Billikens are quarantined, but before Power 5 gerrymandering/rigging, a 12 NET translates into a 3 Seed in the NCAA Tournament,
  6. Tank, Eagles, Tank, on the road to the NFL Draft ...
  7. I was at a Raiders' game at the Oakland Coliseum on 10/28/18, and lo and behold Mo Alie-Cox, the former VCU basketball player, caught a TD pass for the Indianapolis Colts right below me. I remember the PA announcer announced who caught the TD pass, and I thought, "I've heard of that guy." I think Hasahn French absolutely will get a look from NFL teams.
  8. That was a horrible call. A10 refs gonna A10 ref.
  9. I saw Lofton’s shot live, clutch. I was glad the refs didn’t bail out Richmond at the end.
  10. SLU is better than Duquesne, has better players, needs to show it on the court.
  11. Jordan Goodwin's FT shooting has dramatically improved so far, knock on wood. Hasahn French is a great Billiken, a true Warrior, but FT's and Has are not mutually congruent.
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