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  1. True Freshman Seth Anderson scores the SLU Goal in his first start for SLU. Media from Quincy came down to cover the game.
  2. Re the SLU Soccer team, #26 is Freshman Seth Anderson, from my fellow Alma Mater, Quincy Notre Dame, where he was the all-time leading goal scorer. I was very pleased to see he scored his first collegiate goal in SLU's 4-0 whitewash of Creighton of Omaha, which as some know I claim occupies SLU's Big East seat. As Courtside notes, Seth Anderson has a younger brother, who is a Junior on this year's QND Soccer team, another budding potential star, who has stepped right into his older brother's striker role. Courtside says SLU is recruiting the younger brother too. That is good news. By memory, the last QND soccer player to play for SLU was the current QND Soccer Coach, Greg Reis, a two time Parade All-American, who played for the Billikens in the 1980's. Also, the box score of that Creighton game indicates the (2nd) Asst. Referee was Don Huber. Query if that Don Huber is the same Don Huber (#10) who was a star Senior forward on the '78 SLU team, with Larry Hulcer and Ty Keough at Center Halfback, when I was a SLU Freshman. If so, we are talking progress. It never hurts to have one of your own reffing the game, especially against Creighton ... If not, he still has a good soccer name, from the SLU perspective, of course.
  3. We’ll take that 4-0 SLU blowout over Creighton of Omaha.
  4. Has would look much better wearing the vaunted Silver & Black, protected by the swords and shield, as opposed to running around with a flaming thumbtack on his helmet ... Viva Las Raiders!
  5. Zags got blitzed tonight, spent too much energy surviving UCLA Sat. night.
  6. UCLA vs. Zags are going to crunch time, Zags up 1, 3:54.
  7. I enjoyed watching Demarius Jacobs play for the Billikens, wish he wasn’t leaving, but am not surprised, as I’ve at least half expected it.
  8. Gonzaga gets the opportunity to avenge the tragic loss to UCLA in the ‘06 Tourney. I once saw Adam Morrison score 41 points at USF(CA), thought I was watching the next Larry Bird. But he never made it big in the NBA.
  9. UCLA can borrow from its Crosstown Rival from the Rose Bowl days: Beat Mich Again!
  10. This is the first ever Final Four with all four teams from West of the Mississippi. SLU is the oldest university West of the Mississippi.
  11. https://twitter.com/wilnerhotline/status/1377236737810821134?s=21 This is why the Big 10 gets 9 teams in the NCAA Tourney, 64% of its conference, and why a non-Power 5 team with an easily qualifying NET 27 spots better than that 9th Big 10 team gets snubbed to make room. It's just the following again of the Golden Rule: He who holds the gold makes the rule, or in this case, just ignores the rule. That's 27 spots better in their own rigged, self-perpetuating metric. On the other hand, we overtaxed Californians welcome the financial assistance, A cool $40 Mil for the PAC-12. Early lines: Zags by 14 over UCLA; Baylor by 5 over Houston.
  12. Roughly 25% of college players are in the transfer portal, an average of 3 per team.
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