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  1. SeattleU, a Jesuit school, was a WCC (then WCAC) member from 1971-1980, is returning after a long absence, officially puts the WCC back in Seattle, the #12 TV market nationally. Grand Canyon is in Phoenix, the #11 TV market nationally. The other possibility mentioned for WCC expansion has been the University of Denver, in the #16 TV market, but that one has not yet happened. Oregon State and Washington State, right now, are joining the WCC in Hoops for only the next two seasons, as they attempt to resurrect the Pac-12 from the soon to be Pac-2.
  2. Pizza-A-Go-Go was our #1 takeout pizza choice in the SLU Glory Days when it was on Grand & Gravois, well before moving to its current location. I haven’t been to the current spot, but am glad it’s still in operation.
  3. This is fantastic news️ Bravo Robbie Avila, Bravo Coach Schertz, Bravo SLU and all involved️
  4. As Billiken great and then Assistant Coach Harry Rogers once told a certain young SLU undergraduate student in the lobby at the elevator in Griesedieck Hall: "The Bills are back, so back the Bills." And as Ms. Blue said on The Jack Carney Show on KMOX, “All is well. All is well.”
  5. What an impressive performance that was. Billikens played their hearts out, played scrappy defense, hit big 3’s, blew out Big Ten Minnesota. Bravo and congratulations from the Left Coast. SLU had a good, Blue clad turnout across the River.
  6. Creighton joins Marquette and Gonzaga. The last time the Jesuits had that bad a day they were suppressed in France.
  7. Altitude is a factor in this one, Wiz.
  8. Here's hoping Louisville listens to the cons conveyed by Dalton Pence.
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