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  1. At this point, BAB is bringing a group of 12. Let’s Go Bills!
  2. OUTSTANDING! We're going to take over the Shark Tank!
  3. Colonel BAB may be bringing a whole battalion with him to the Shark Tank. As the late, great Joe Strauss would say, "Developing."
  4. The photo verifies the adage that a picture says a thousand words.
  5. Wear the Billikens.com SignGuy shirt. You should be given a special dispensation on protocol for the Billikens playing in the NCAA Tournament.
  6. Bona go home to Olean. Let them whine. We're playing Big Boy Basketball now, with refs who actually understand (to some extent) how to call a game, not the usual A10 East Coast Bus League zebras on the Serengeti. And if the Bonnies want to whine, what about the multitude of uncalled Bona hand checks, or does that stuff only go 1 way?
  7. I think BAB and Ms. BAB will be able to find the time in our otherwise busy schedules to be there to support #TeamBlue in San Jose! The only question is how many newly and soon to be found Bay Area Billiken fans we will be bringing with us! We could not be prouder of Our Team and Our Alma Mater. I am absolutely on Cloud 9 this Monday morning. S-L-U 2019 A10 Champs! Let's Go Bills!
  8. Thank you for your classy post. It was great meeting all the Bonnie fans in Brooklyn. Good luck to the Bonnies. You are our brothers.
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