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  1. This should have it's own thread. Mods please take care of this
  2. Can't disagree regarding the bad post part of your opinion. Been saying the bad post and troll designations get overused for a while now. As for who cares, the majority of long time posters care. Keeping it in the same thread makes the following of info simpler. Why wouldn't a new or infrequent poster want to know how the board normally flows and follow along?
  3. There was no back and forth. He made a post and another poster made a statement about how we normally do it here. He wasn't rude. Why wouldn't a newer poster want to know the normal procedure and then get on board? Also it isn't really a rule as much as just a way things are normally done. I really don't understand the issue or see why his (Quality is job 1) post would bother someone. The proper response after QIJ1's post would have been. Oh, sorry, I didn't see the other thread. Thanks for the info.
  4. So your saying don't drink what you don't like, do drink what you do like?
  5. All he did was inform him that we usually don't start threads for individual players until they commit. No big deal. Also Luc was already being discussed in a recruiting thread.
  6. I get your point, but disagree. You only have so many to use, let em use them
  7. Are you saying French is like a Weeble?
  8. Been reading for years, just never felt inspired to post until now
  9. Everyone plus their family, friends, acquaintances, and people they've passed in the potato chip aisle at Dierbergs
  10. I think they all "know" it. However, knowing it and grasping the reality of it can be two different things
  11. Bernie just had an article at 101.1 espn detailing these same events.
  12. The bigger unanswered question here is why does anyone watch Sportscenter?
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