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  1. I find that hard to believe and absolutely ridiculous if true.
  2. Haven't watched since they announced they were leaving. I let my mom and brother watch the Cowboys on Thanksgiving when they were visiting but said they'd have to go to sports bar for any other games. Yep, I'm one of those a$$holes
  3. Oh come on. You actually think we have a D1 staff that doesn't teach fundamentals or particularly shot mechanics? Why do the players always seem to get a pass? If they don't learn it's always they weren't coached not they didn't or couldn't learn. If I had Jordan Goodwin's natural athleticism and abilities, I can tell you with 100% certainty, I'd be able to shoot. I don't care if I had to download mechanics off the internet to learn, somehow, some way I'd learn. If he could hit high 30's from 3 he'd be an NBA prospect. I've given private shooting lessons to kids from Elementary school through college. First lesson, I ask them all this question. Do you believe I can make you a great shooter, all of them answer yes. It's the wrong answer. Only they can make themselves great. It's up to the player. It's the coach's job to teach and show and correct. It's the players responsibility to work on it. And by work I mean focus and self correct while putting in the reps and the work not just go through the motions. You think bad results mean the players aren't getting taught. I don't buy it. Players like Goodwin and French who's main attributes are strength and athleticism generally excel at effort parts of the game. They have been failed by coaches and a mentality that puts far too much emphasis on winning at a young age. It's not their college coaches as winning is too relevant at that stage. By no means am I saying Goodwin doesn't put in effort. Hell, just watch him play, effort and motor is what his game is about. Somewhere down his line (and I'd put French in the same category) someone should have held him accountable to put in the technical or fundamental work even it's going to cost your team some games. They don't take their 7th grade won/loss record with them. Hell they won't even remember it 3/4 years later. They will take the skills learned forward and it'll make a lot more difference in their career then that 42-17 win over xxxxx team in 8th grade
  4. And you don't think they're getting taught proper mechanics? In some cases practicing bad habits is worse than not practicing at all. I can't imagine there is a player at SLU who hasn't been taught proper shot mechanics just to speak of one item
  5. 90% of development and improvement is on the player as far as personal skills are concerned.
  6. Are they jackrabbit, or cottontail fans?
  7. Looks like it could be but he's actually got a nice shot for a frosh in HS. Seems to have good vision and one thing that always makes me feel like a kid puts in the work necessary to get better. He finishes with the left from the left and the right from the right at least from what I just watched. This doesn't just happen naturally, he worked at it.
  8. There's no question SLU should upgrade their baseball facilities. However, this OP's constant schtick is old and worn out. It's the only thing he ever posts. He's a troll
  9. I like SC 1764 also. Just submitted that through the link. I suggest everyone who likes this submit it. Click on the article above and it'll give you a link to make a suggestion
  10. Jacobs wasn't in the dunk contest was he? Did I miss him some how? Tay Weaver was in it
  11. Much of their sped up play will be due to their defense. I hope we see a lot more pressing. We sure have the athleticism and bodies to do it. I remember when we all knew who the winner of the dunk contest would be as that would be the only guy that actually could dunk lol.
  12. I was excited last year as I thought they'd be good. However, even though we aren't picked as high, I'm just really looking forward to watching this team grow. We are so well rounded as a roster.
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