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  1. slufanskip

    Best defensive Billiken Guards

    I liked McCall also. Different kind of defender than Jett. Great off the ball and denying his man possession. Also great at staying in front of his man. Rarely got beat off the dribble. Jett was more aggressive, more of a gambler. McCall's ability to deny his man the ball and not get beat back door was fantastic. For me not that it's better but I just liked the physical nature of Jett and Redden. Fisher was more of a combination of McCall and Jett. Physical and deceptively quick. He was the total package as a defender. I see Bess in the same light. Not as physical as say Redden or as quick as McCall but an effective balance of both
  2. With a week until the next game this might be fun to discuss. With posters calling Thatch the best Billiken defensive guard ever and coach calling Bess the best on ball guard defender in the country it made me start thinking about how many good defensive guards the Bills have had over the years. 2 of my favorites were Jordair and John Redden. Love the way they could just get so physical with a player it took them out of their game. Neither were ultra quick but neither got beat off the dribble as their 1st step was just technically perfect and they were such smart defenders. Who were some of your favorite defenders and why
  3. slufanskip

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    and coaching isn't going to change that. If you're getting good makeable looks and drives to the basket, your offense is fine. Players have to make plays within their ability. If we shoot 66% from the line we beat a power conference team that Wiz has ranked as a B+ by 10. We shoot 47% from the line and 42% from the field and beat a B+ team by 4. Sounds like we have a coaching issue.
  4. slufanskip

    GDT - Bills dam up the Beavers

    I’m at work.score and time? Thx
  5. slufanskip

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Then it should also be fair to start thinking about whether we should have recruited Goodwin. Forget last year and lets just concentrate on the few games this year. This is obviously sarcasm I doubt anyone thinks it's fair to start questioning whether or not we should have recruited Goodwin after 8 games into the season. However, it's fair to question whether or not coach is a good coach 8 games in. Anyone think we'd be in this position 2 yrs 8 games into TFords time at SLU?
  6. slufanskip

    Good recruiter, bad coach?

    Someone reacted Troll to this post? Really? Any chance you could explain? Saw the explanation that came later. However, I'm not sure how it could even be labeled a bad post? Give me one too then as I'm in almost complete agreement with this post. TFord took almost nothing and coached it to a top half A10 finish last year. We were all jumping up and down and yelling from the rafters what a great hire he was. Maybe, just maybe things are going on that you don't see. Maybe he did give them in game instructions and they weren't able to carry them out. I'm 100% sure he's worked on correcting the fast break problem but it's not happening. Coach or players fault? Losses like this happen in college basketball and they happened to RM also. On the road against a good team with our probable 1st guard off the bench injured. Our best player is hobbled and our 2 best players (one a transfer from Nova and the other a top 60 recruit that this coach overcame big odds to get) go 5-23 from the field, 3 for 15 from 3, and get to the line 3 times for the entire game. Do you think coach didn't try to have them ready? Didn't talk to them about how tough a game this would be? How not to get too high from the big win as the season goes on and we don't want to lose the momentum we're building? He has said the players aren't getting the offense and he was simplifying it. However, they still don't get it. Coach or player? Put me in the 75% player camp My disagreement with the post concerns Isabell and his fit. His game is give me the ball and everyone else get the f..k out of my way. Problem is he just isn't good enough to carry a team and it's too disruptive to what the rest of the team is trying to do. He's not a pg. He's just not. He can make a decent pass sometimes a pretty slick one. He makes no one else better though and that's what a good pg does.
  7. slufanskip

    NET....a tool or to be tooled

    NCAA is already a tool
  8. slufanskip

    We Need to Talk About Our Fast Break

    I understand what you want to accomplish and agree we haven't been very good on the break. I just disagree with your solution.
  9. slufanskip

    We Need to Talk About Our Fast Break

    So you want to shoot 8 foot jumpers all day rather than finish at the rim? Taking a poorly run fast break and devising an equally poor solution won't solve the problem. It'd be silly to tell the ball handler he can't take it to the rim. Teams watch film, on a 2 v 1 break I'd simply cut the passing lane off and contest your 8 footer. Your spacing comment is helpful to a good break however the benefit of your suggestion stops there. It's really pretty simple. proper spacing, head up, and body under control and then attack the rim. Don't make it more difficult than it is.
  10. slufanskip

    But over The Bills by 8

    Thx for the explanation
  11. slufanskip

    GDT vs Buttler

    That was the best Dawg gone D I've ever seen
  12. slufanskip

    But over The Bills by 8

    I don't know that cutting down our TO's by 5 would result in 10 points. Wouldn't that be assuming we score on all 5 of those possessions?
  13. slufanskip

    GDT vs Buttler

    He was out of bounds and there were people on the Butler bench nearest the play making the point.
  14. slufanskip

    Signed Recruit Thread 2018-19

    I sat with him and watched Lance play. Tseugnekillib. He really enjoyed the Juco's and knew his stuff. Would love to hear from him regarding Javonte.