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  1. behind it? Not that there's anything wrong with that
  2. Something along those lines is what I was thinking. Please no Archers. I know we have the Arch but even living here the name makes me think bow and arrow. Legacy seems a bit arrogant to me. I like Gateway but not standing alone. Saint Louis Gateway. I also liked the Saint Louis City someone mentioned.
  3. Could you ask Chris' parents to please urge him to do the right thing and turn down any future USMNT call ups?
  4. This is awesome. Love the ladies success
  5. Cincinnati, I want a rivalry with a school I hate and I love to hate Cinci.
  6. I don't believe there are any other RM's. If Rick had Coach K's roster every year for the last 30 he'd have 22 National Championships with 8 additional final 4's. Every NCAA basketball award would be named the Majerus Award.
  7. This is simple and there is a logical explanation. He actually didn't want to move to KY, however, when the first school in KS found out his name was actually Jethro, he was booted and told to get to KY or TN. He was told AL, VA, or MS was also a possibility but in reality KY or TN was going to be best. He then tried to be slick and enroll at another school in KS, but obviously that didn't work. In the end, everything became clear. . Despite his initial reluctance, he knew what he had to do. So he packed up his bags and he moved to Aspire Academy
  8. Thanks for the continued updates. I'm looking forward to the season with more excitement than I have had in a while
  9. No. He's an Asian guy. last name Tang
  10. Your schtick gets old. Everyone who reads the board, their families, friends, and acquaintances all know how you feel
  11. This is nice to an extent. More shots and better information will help a little. However it won't help make a poor shooter good as it does nothing to correct the technique/form that generally makes a poor shooter a poor shooter.
  12. Yep. The NCAA wouldn't be pushing tighter rules as that would restrict their ability to play favorites where guidelines gives them the opening to do whatever they wish. Hell, never mind. Rules have never been relevant to the NCAA. Their going to bend or break as they see fit (or as enhances their coffers) so it's really irrelevant what they call it
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