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  1. I don't get it. Maybe I'm just slow but I'll leave it alone
  2. After watching the replay, I believe the official made the correct call.
  3. If Abby bumped the Keeper while reentering the field of play before the ball went in the goal, it can absolutely be called a foul, it's irrelevant if it's deemed interference or just a foul.
  4. My understanding is and I'm not 100% sure though, is that she couldn't be offsides while in the goal as she's not on the field. However, did she start to reenter the field of play before the actual header? If so, she is absolutely offsides. I need to also go watch the replay
  5. Were you at the game? The Mason Keep was actually pretty good. When I first saw her, I was thinking it would be a field day as she was listed at 5'7" but was no taller than 5'5" if comparing her to teammates she was standing next to. She was also, let's just say thick. However, she was very quick and got down to low shots very fast and could cover some ground. She made a few very nice saves. Caroline Kelly was very impressive and dangerous every time she touched the ball. She had quite a physical battle going on with Mason's #13 who did a lot of grabbing and holding. I honestly though she should have gotten a yellow just for accumulation of fouls. Kelly also though can get pretty physical and gave it back well. It was a good battle and fun to watch. I sat on the side SLU shot at both halves about 25 yards out. (I moved at the beginning of the 2nd half) Hannah L looked to be moving well, like someone else said, she was pushing someone around in a wheelchair, but I couldn't tell who. When they put Groark, Gaebe, and Kelly all back in the game together with about 13 min left, I knew we'd get another goal pretty quickly and we did. Gaebe is surprisingly fast, there was a couple of runs where she just switched gears. I thought the ref was the best I've seen this year. I couldn't tell what happened on the goal that was called back, but he took his time and explained the call to both coaches. He kept up with play, made the right call as I saw it most of the time and slowed it down and spoke to players to calm things down a couple of times. I'd like to have him more often.
  6. A segment on the ladies soccer about to be on Sports Plus. Will have Bill McDermott
  7. As far as the offsides, I get the I've seen it called and not called reasoning, but imo that's flawed thinking. If he's off, he's off. And on this play, there isn't any question that he distracted the defender causing him to play between the 2. The right play for the defender should have been to play the goal scorer even before he got the ball as the other guy was unquestionably offsides and should be an obvious call if the ball is played to him, The SLU defender could have made a better quicker decision, but the reason for the slow reaction was absolutely the offsides player. Whether it consistently gets called or not isn't relevant to whether it should be. And really, that call should be made 100% of the time if it affects the play and this one absolutely did I feel bad for the Loyola Keep as he played a pretty good game, and that own goal was just a freak play that happens 1 in 100,000 times at the most at this level. I thought this was one of if not the best I've seen SLU play. We could have finished better, and a 3 or 4 goal game wouldn't have been surprising, but we were composed and patient playing the ball out of the back. We didn't just possess the ball by needlessly passing it around among defenders, but we moved it side to side as needed, stayed patient and continued looking to attack. I'm more and more impressed with Seth Anderson every game. He's so dynamic in space and seems to be able to get down the wing and even turn the corner on seemingly anyone.
  8. No. It's all good. I should know better. Just saw the 2nd goal. WTF? I don't think I've seen that since 5th grade. A Loyola player plays the ball back to the Keep from close to 50 yards out. The Loyola Keep's feet get crossed up while back peddling a little, he goes down and the ball slowly rolls into the goal.
  9. I shouldn't have looked at this I'm a little behind lol. I'm at the 35 min mark
  10. SLU down 1-0 at the half on a Loyola goal about 12-13 min in. Should have been called offsides but wasn't. The goal scorer wasn't off but there was another player maybe 7-8 yards away that was clearly off. He wasn't actively involved in the play but his position distracts the defender as he has to account for this other player causing him to be out of position to defend the goal scorer. I looked it up to see if my interpretation was correct and I believe I am correct, and it should have been called offsides. SLU despite being down had the better of play but not substantially. SLU is looking much more composed than I felt they looked in previous games. Less boot and chase. SLU scores a couple of minutes into the 2nd half. Seth Anderson turns the corner and drives towards the goal sending a low cross to CJ Coppola at the far post. This is why Seth plays the wing, this is 2 games in a row where he has space on the wing, turns the corner and crosses to a goal scorer.
  11. Wtf. That’s some serious reading between the lines genius
  12. Lost cycle? We haven't even played a game in the WC. We are going to field the youngest team in the WC with almost if not every starter except our 2 CB's (and that's not for sure) and our Keeper aged 25 or younger. During this cycle we have more players playing at the highest levels in the world than we have ever had and most of them have this plus at least 2 more WC's to play in unless they get passed up. The lost cycle isn't this one, it's the last 2. I get you are probably meaning a lost WC tournament, but to me the cycle is the 4 years leading up and imo this has the potential to be the best cycle in the history of the USMNT regardless of the results in the tourney. As far as the actual tourney goes, as I said before, it's all about health. If healthy I believe we advance. If not, probably not, but that's not due to the failing of this cycle it's due to the previous 2. In the age group 26-34 which should be players in their prime, we have a keep and 1 starting caliber player. That's it. If we had 5,6,7 or more starting level players in that group we wouldn't be worried. Yes, we still need CB talent and depth, we need more LB options and a striker needs to develop or step forward. Just think every striker we are talking about is 22 or younger. It's not a lost cycle regardless of what happens in the WC tourney.
  13. I agree with this. With 26 players how can you leave Ream off the roster. Hell, I'm not even sure he shouldn't be a 45 mpg lock with our other CB options. The biggest problem with this team is depth. If we have everyone healthy (including Miles, though I know he won't be) we advance and possibly win a game or 2 in the knockout rounds. However, almost all of our best players come from a 4-5 year period 21-26 years old mostly and a few younger ones coming up Reyna, Musah, for example. There isn't enough under 21's established enough yet to provide depth (injury, rest, etc..) that we need the 27ish plus age group to provide that. The reality is that we have a 6-10 year period that just hasn't provided any real talent, not even enough to provide real depth. Even the players that are staring caliber that are 27 or older are at the low end of that. We are needing to provide almost an entire WC roster with players aged 20-27 or close to it. If we are healthy, we will advance regardless of who's up top. By healthy I mean Adams, McKennie, Pulisic, Dest, Weah, AAronson, Reyna, Musah, A. Robinson, and Zimmerman is an absolute must. maybe the most important health on the roster, including Pulisic. Imo Sargent and Pefok have to be on the roster along with Ferreira. Can Gregg really still be considering Stefan the starter in goal? I know Gregg wants to play the ball out of the back and build up from there, and ideally that is what I prefer. However, we need to recognize that we don't have the skill set to do that against active high pressing teams. We just turn it over in bad spots or play it back and still just boot it long. It's like telling Yuri to dunk on Okoro. Just be strong and go do it. Sure ok. After the last game he said we played without imagination. What he meant was we didn't take people on enough, push the ball forward enough. He's right but he's also wrong as we didn't because we had too many players on the field that just don't possess that ability. Asking players to play a way they aren't capable is just begging for disaster and that's what we got. As much as I love Tyler Adams, and I do. He's tough gritty, wins the ball and plays with an attitude. He misses so many opportunities to turn the ball up field. His first thought is almost always to lay it off which allows the opponent to gather themselves. We need to counter quicker and more direct more often. We don't currently possess enough skill to have to constantly work the ball through a team and a defense that is packing it in.
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