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  1. I love the way you were able to start another fire coach thread by just having a different title to the thread. Smart
  2. The real misconception is thinking that it matters what people (besides big donors) who follow the program think. Everyone complains but I guarantee you very few do anything more than complain. I’d bet the do very little more than complain list includes you
  3. You can’t think that here. When players play poorly and we lose it’s bad coaching (except sometimes it’s also bad Yuri). When players play well and we win. It’s all due to the players
  4. It’s funny when you bring up the fact Ford has a better winning percentage than Majerus there are reasons why. However, when it comes to Travis the reasons become excuses.
  5. I’ve said the same thing all year. An entire team that is dependent on Yuri to create for them. I think we thought Perk could be the guy that was not dependent and that just has not turned out to be the case. Like you my biggest disappointment with Yuri is that he still can’t keep defenses honest with his 3 and that despite the hype defensively he’s not been much better at staying in front of his man than Gib, Perk, or Pick allowing opposing guards to get in the lane too easily. Once a guard gets beat someone has to help generally leaving an open shooter.
  6. Leaders come in all types. Some are vocal, some are quiet and lead by example. I'd bet those close to the team and at practice daily disagree. That wasn't your precious statement though and honestly, I think leadership is hard to judge from the outside looking in. I've knpwn and witnessed very vocal people that looked like they were leaders from the outside, yet had little respect and weren't thought of as leaders by those supposedly being led
  7. This is just a ridiculous statement. Has he made bad decisions that contributed to a loss? Sure, so has every college basketball player in the country and he's contributed more to wins than any player on the roster. He hasn't had any larger of an effect on losses than GJim's poor shooting in big games. Maybe you should review some of the losses.
  8. Agreed when your passes can’t make your shooters hit open 3’s in the big games. WTF
  9. Of course. If he was more of a vocal leader he should have transferred.
  10. The thing with fouling or not fouling on that last possession was that it wouldn’t have even sent them to the line, it would have just made them inbound the ball with 3-4 seconds left.
  11. I want Ford to stay if only for the Joy I’ll get knowing how many posters it has pissed off.
  12. What I liked from the start was she had built a program to a tournament appearance from nothing. Longwood was Crewsish when she got there. Not the same level but there is something to be said for having done it before
  13. Glad to see you write that. We had some back and forth over the hiring when it happened. I wouldn’t say I was pro Tillett when she was hired but after looking at the resume and hearing her speak, I was definitely liking the hire. Something to be said for actually running a program and building success from nothing as opposed to being a very good asst. There have been good and bad hires both ways, but this one certainly looks like a great decision today. And, I’d have been happy with the year even if we had lost yesterday or today
  14. I don’t know. Yes, this season will be our first tournament, but Coach Stone was the ladies Coach Grawer. Let’s see if we can build from here 1st
  15. To give up that 3, so many teams fold at that point. Not these women. Congratulations Coach and team. You never gave up, kept fighting and working until the confidence began to grow. No stopping you at that point. Kudos to McMakin for coming back, having a good game and for being clutch down the stretch
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