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  1. No actually I don’t. I’ve participated in the real world where actual experience leading a team counts more than 2nd fiddle experience. As the Assistant coach at UT for example you are recruiting at a big time level but you’re recruiting players to play for someone else. In someone else’s system and you have someone else to seal the deal. As the assistant it isn’t your system, you may have input but you don’t really have the say on what you do or don’t do. There’s a lot of responsibility you don’t have and have never shouldered. I’ve promoted many very good Asst’s who were never as good Mgrs as they were Asst’s. Jackson-Durrett may prove to be very good but so may Tillett. As far as Resumes go I’d have chosen Tillett easily. I’m sure they are both very impressive in an interview.
  2. How does an Assistant who has never actually led a team to anything have a better resume than a coach who took a team that won 23 games total in the 4 years preceding her hire to the NCAA tournament in just 4 years.
  3. Criticize away. Seems silly though to criticize decisions of which you have no knowledge of how they’ll turn out. You don’t know if the hires are great or not do you? If I’m wrong and you have some inside info on them, please tell. You weren’t on board with her hire from day 1. At least give her an opportunity to fail first
  4. Is she on scholarship? I'd agree that's a lot of staff following her, but there seems to be some ridiculous expectations for a coach that was previously recruiting to a lower level school to have filled slots with high ranked recruits after 1 month on the job. We need to give her a chance to succeed before criticizing her.
  5. That guy got his a$$ kicked in Bloodsport. Clearly not that good
  6. Between Thatch, Hargrove, Perkins and maybe Pickett I'm not as concerned about defending the 4 as I am defending the middle when Okoro isn't on the floor. None of those 4 are probably ideal to defend the 4, but then on the other hand they have to be defended and few bigger 4's will be able to do that so it's a bit of a give and take.
  7. I'm with you. It'd be nice to have a PF or a stretch 4 that can at least defend the 5, but the most important need is someone who can play the 5 at least 15 mpg.
  8. It's been 4 weeks. What are your expectations? She was recruiting players that were a fit for Longwood. This transfer actually looks decent. She had 19 vs Iowa State and 19 vs NC State in the tourney. She's averaged 18/5 in her 3 years at Longwood.
  9. The discussion of RM over TF has to be one of the dumbest discussions ever on Billikens.com Is there a person alive that wouldn't take a healthy RM over TF? So what? He's dead.
  10. Well OK. And your point is what? I'll take John Wooden, Coach K, and any number of HOF or dead coaches over TF. However, I have a sneaking suspicion they aren't available
  11. Didn’t read this first but essentially the same point I made.
  12. This is a long period of time. I’d bet if you knew other rosters like you know ours you’d likely find more or less the same to be true. It’s easier to hit when you’re mostly recruiting 4 and 5 star guys but when you’re at 2-4, sometimes you have a spot and see someone who has something so you take a chance. Markhi is a prime example. Extreme athleticism, can he turn into a real player? He left but was it worth the gamble? I say yes.
  13. I didn’t say the A10 was better than the Big East. You just listed top Big East Teams and bottom A10 teams as if that makes a point. At least list the top of both or the bottom of both
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