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  1. I'm going to remark on this post and Clock's Clock … Simmons threw out 34% which was exactly league average for his career. I believe Yadi is the best defensive catcher of the last 50 years. I won't comment on before then as I was too young. He's better defensively than Bench, Sunny ( who I watched live probably 150 times ) Boone, and Carter. Pudge had a better throwing arm (the best I've ever seen) but that's it. However, Bench combined great defense with great offense so I'd have to give the best all time to him Overall I go Bench, Yadi, Pudge, Carter A good discussion for example 3 star says 60/40 offense, I say 70/30 maybe 65/35 defense Mike Piazza probably the best offensive catcher in the last 50 years or Yadi, Who do you take? Obviously Yadi for me
  2. Edited as I don't want to turn this into a Yadi thread
  3. The best defensive catcher of the last 50 years is Yadi.
  4. So you're including games not played as catcher.
  5. I'm not 100% sure on this but I believe that list doesn't count postseason games.
  6. How do you figure 3rd all time in games played as a catcher? Without looking anything up I can name more than 2 with more games caught than Ted. Yadi, Pudge, Carter, Boone, Fisk. If I look it up there's probably quite a few more
  7. That's a pretty small list for 50 years. I get there are a few that could hit and were great defenders. However, that is a very small list so I'd still give more consideration to great defense rather than great offense. I'll take both if I can have it obviously
  8. I wasn't saying Sunny should be in. I'd agree that he's in the next notch under. Just really kinda making the point that offense seems to be the main consideration for catchers getting in the hall, when in my opinion defense should rule 75% of the analysis.
  9. I said it's rarely called. Not sure why the but that went out about the time palming went out. You were still agreeing so not sure why the but was added. Either way it appears I just mistook your intent ... We are obviously saying the same thing and all good.
  10. Didn't know why you added the "but that call ...
  11. I like Tommie also and realize he made himself a much better shooter. Still he'd have been down my list quite a ways when trying to guess who had hit the most 3's in a game.
  12. which I believe is basically what I said
  13. Agreed with fouling on a 3. Regarding the 1st part of your statement though, the player is usually not intending to foul, they are trying to make a clean defensive play. I agree if it's a play where you are "intending" to foul, then foul hard enough to not let the shot get to the rim, but no so hard as to make it obvious.
  14. It's technically illegal to displace a player from a set position even while blocking out. However, it's rarely called unless the player falls or exaggerates the severity of the contact.
  15. Can we drop this. He came because Box and me did our job. Period, end of discussion. Quit trying to diminish our value to the program or I'll have to put you on ignore or even worse Box and me will start a petition to have anyone who questions us banned.
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