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  1. He does all that and then takes a 1 second pause a normal f/t
  2. Is anyone really saying Goodwin is a 1st rd draft pick as is? However to think if he improves his 3 to a consistent high 30's % with a decent amount of shots, improves his on ball defense, and his handles a bit he can't play in the NBA is nuts. JG has a heart and work ethic better than 90% of players in the NBA. Right now, he'd be one of the best rebounding guards in the league. So where he may be light in one area, he brings something different in another. He has work to do and yes probably a lot of work, but I wouldn't call it out of the question.
  3. I agree completely. Not only does ( thanks to the smart math posters Glazed) it give us more efficient offense, it also frequently puts opponents on the bench with foul trouble and gets us closer to shooting 2 when Perkins, Jacobs, etc ... go to the line.
  4. Wouldn't missed front ends of 1 and 1 's bring us down below 1 pt per possession?
  5. How many times have we played 3 teams ranked I n the top 20 during the regular season?
  6. I really don't care about trash talking it doesn't result in points for our opponent. In fact I like a bit of trash talking. Seriously I didn't notice.
  7. My game day posts. 2nd half The 2nd Obi moving screen in the 1st half was at the 9 min mark on Hightower. Near the left elbow almost the same spot as the one on Yuri. It's not close and shouldn't be missed. Besides the end of game the Bills ran into 2 more backscreens that they apparently didn't know were there. Collins went down hard. What a sequence by Yuri at the 12:50 mark of the 2nd half. He knocks the ball away from his man, scrambles to get the loose ball, attacks the basket and gets fouled (though none called), French recovers loose ball for rebound, passes to Yuri who hits a cutting Perkins with a sweet pass. Goodwin's board (he walked after coming down was amazing) Just watch that board and you see why he is the best rebounding guard in the country I think I was the 1st with the Iceman comp for Perkins and it really fits 6 - 3's 1.- Dayton player came off screen on inbounds and hit a moving 3 after JG got screened. 2.- Another moving screen by Obi on Collins (watch this one again, he actually steps into Collins to set the screen after setting the 1st screen. So far no one is sagging off the shooter and just giving up open looks. 3. Just a poor defensive play by French. Completely got faked out of his shorts. Not the defensive strategy, but the defensive player. 4. Bell on Toppin (who despite being called a great shooter by the announcers is not) He was at 33% coming into the game. Bell has to give him space out there or he gets beat to the hole. As of the 4th 3, not sure why anyone can blame the strategy or what anyone would have done differently. 5. Either Bell or French can't tell who had him just left him open sagging on the driver (who got in the lane off another moving screen by Obi. Guarantee this wasn't a defense that was supposed to give him that much space just poorly played as 3 guys all took the guy driving to help JG. However, JG doesn't need help without Obi and the moving screen. Yuri got caught on 2 guys at the 3 line but not sure why he dropped away from the shooter after the pass to prevent the pass to his man. He has to close on the shooter there though I doubt he gets close enough to disrupt. 6. Obi again frees up the ball handler with a moving screen (though probably his least egregious of the 6 or 7 he did.) Bell has to drop off to help on the drive and no one else rotates over to Obi. I'm curious after watching the 6 straight 3's what people think Ford should have done differently? Maybe someone else on Obi? Obi averages one 3 per game, except for French he dominates everyone else down low. I'd rather make a mediocre 3 point shooter make the 3 and both of his should have had fouls called on the play. Obi's moving screens aren't me just complaining. They are obvious and clear violations that should be called every time. Watching the 6th one again Obi sets a screen with the ball handler moving left to right. He gives up the screen then clearly extends 2 hands and pushes JG to the right when the ball handler cuts back left. He then sets another screen and moves to prevent JG who is now scrambling to catch back up after the push. This moving screen frees the ball handler to turn the corner and drive baseline (where he has an easy layup) Bell correctly helps and forces the kick out to Obi who hits the 3. Bell actually stops the drive at the baseline and is still the one closing on Obi at the 3 point line on the shot. Either French or Perkins has to leave their man across court and rotate to Obi or JG needed to switch to Obi after Bell picked up his man. Don't know how they coach that but one of the 2 has to happen. That's not coaching as I'm sure they are instructed one way or the other. Notice on the defensive possession where Yuri's guarding the guy who loses the ball out of bounds. Yuri has a back screen set right before that, knows that it's there and avoids it to stay with his man. As he gets more experience he's going to be a ridiculously good on ball defender. Obi fouls JG on the shot with 7 left in regulation. In OT Obi moves again with a little over 4 left on the play where JG taps it forward to French. Nice play by THJ to recognize the mismatch with Yuri on Obi and come help. On the last 3, it may have been the only properly set screen by Obi on the night. I'll reemphasize my statement earlier. Jacobs should be positioned with his butt facing the far defensive corner. If he was he see's the screen and stops the shooter from cutting to the top of the key forcing him right where he has French ready to help if he goes right of the screen and he's positioned correctly if he cuts back left (which he did) French also has to switch and close much faster after the screen. Overall I'd call it a very good game by the Bills. Obi is one whinny *****. If he's the best player in the country it's a sad year for great players.
  8. Briefcase was delivered. Me and Box always do it together for security reasons. It wasn't the delivery of the briefcase, it was the filling of the briefcase. Moy aren't you on the fill team?
  9. I just watched again. There was time and he's actually angled wrong, plus he has to be aware. However, I will say the bigger error was French. He was caught in no man's land at that point he didn't need to stay with Obi. He should have closed on the shooter. In their defense, it's 6 seconds and tough to be perfect right there. Players make plays. It's basketball
  10. I edited my post. The error there is actually on French and Jacobs. French should have been yelling and Jacobs has to know it's probable he's going to run into a screen.
  11. That's poorly played by French. Jacobs has to know the screen is there ( French should have been yelling, and Jacobs should have known there was a good possibility) and it's clear he doesn't. I don't care whether we switch off screens normally or not, there isn't time for him to pass to French's man and get a shot off. French should have closed much quicker on the shooter and he possibly blocks it if he plays it correctly.
  12. In the first half Obi set 2 moving screens besides the one he got called for. He took an extra qtr step and stuck his hip out as the defender was going by. One of them was on Yuri's 2nd foul where the guy hit the shot from the elbow.
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