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  1. That's the kind of shot that busts a rebounder in the nose. You're just not expecting it to be in your face like that. At least he didn't hold up both hands for the 3 as he back peddled
  2. Nope. Simply selling some pics. Roy, I wasn't clear on your order. You wanted sleepy with a full grope correct?
  3. Yes. I enjoy their game and watch most on espn+. They have a nice team and are fun to watch.
  4. Me. I think there's a more than decent probability you've been on fatgrandpa.com so $.65 seems like a bargain.
  5. You can get a picture w/ me for $20.00. Available add ons I look sleepy $15.65 I grope you $227.00 (this fee can possibly be reduced depending on the gropee) Autograph $55.00 with guns $81.72 Nude $.65 This service will be very popular so please get your order in quickly. This is for a limited time only
  6. LSU playing incredibly stupid. It appears they have no idea how the whole clock thing works. Lead down to 13 with 3 left (from 25) with 7 ish left
  7. Minnie Pearl raps Re: giddy up go - YouTube
  8. Back in the Athletic power rankings. 13. Saint Louis (7-1) After a 6-0 start that included wins over LSU and NC State, Saint Louis made this list for the first time. The Billikens were a worthy inclusion, to be sure; this was clearly a very good team, perhaps especially on the offensive end, the culmination of a long, impressive rebuild by coach Travis Ford. At the time, though, SLU’s power rankings résumé was a little thin. This team had yet to leave home. When the Billikens did, on Dec. 20, they promptly lost to Minnesota, and subsequently fell out of our rankings. But that was bef
  9. One of the greatest actors in CBB history played for the Bills.
  10. From a Seth Davis article where he lists teams as Buy or Sell Saint Louis HTSR: Buy Vitals: 7-1, No. 23 AP, No. 29 KenPom I would recommend this rating if only because of the presence of my man-crush, Jordan Goodwin. The Billikens’ 6-3 senior will go down as one of the best rebounding guards in college hoops history. His 11.1 boards per game ranks ninth in the country and second in the Atlantic 10. He is also ninth in the league in scoring (16.9) and fifth in steals (2.1). That toughness ethos pervades the roster. Senior guard Javonte Perkins has emerged as an explosive scorer
  11. Shaka's seat was getting warm and there was more than a few boosters who were pushing for this to be a make or break year.
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