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  1. Margo has always been fantastic. She will be missed by all in the Billiken World.
  2. That is something I hadn't heard that they wanted a bigger share of the pie if a Big 12 Network came about. It may be correct.
  3. Actually I owe you an apology, I was attributing Brighton's original post to you.
  4. So still not sure I understand your original statement about what Texas did to the SWC and Big 8. Were you able to find the years Texas was in the Big 8?
  5. When those schools left the Big 12, the main reasoning was Texas not wanting to share revenues from the Longhorn Network. However, what is never mentioned is that Texas first wanted a Big 12 network but no one else thought it worth the investment. So Texas went on their own, when it became successful everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Typical
  6. I'm still not understanding what Texas did to the SWC besides flirt with another conference as the one they were in was as you correctly stated on it's last legs
  7. Just curious what you believe Texas did to the SWC and then the Big 8? Which years were they in the Big 8?
  8. I currently don't really follow the NBA but I'll become a huge fan of any team JGood plays for
  9. I'm sorry to see him go, I wish him the best and believe he'll have a good career were ever he lands.
  10. Except does anyone really want an NFL franchise? If so why? I honestly can't understand why anyone in St. Louis would ever watch another NFL game. Think it was just Kroenke? Nope, it was almost the entire NFL, but yet we'll keep throwing our time and money to the organization that just robbed us.
  11. I don't see Nesbit coming off the bench.
  12. Why do we want to give Mizzou two distinct advantages?
  13. If Football is all that matters, that's kind of sad.
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