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  1. I think we quit recruiting him.
  2. Hey Andy that's not funny. Quit fu.king around and closing off your 3's. Take this seriously.
  3. Come on now. You Know Rick didn't know anything about that.
  4. I of course want the big 2 also, but we also have a large need for a big that can get minutes as Frosh. Billiken fans are so used to figuring how to work with 2-3 real bigs that we seem so accustomed to it we think it is enough. If we don't get one, than in Okoro and Bell's Sr year our 3rd and if we can have some crazy over abundance of bigs our 4th also will be Frosh. I think we want and need a high quality big in this class
  5. That big won't necessarily be for the 21-22 season but for the seasons that follow. Linnsen will be a Sr, plus Bell and Okoro will be Jr's. We will no traditional bigs in the Frosh class so imo we definitely need a big in this class. Am I missing something? Lorensson though he has some height isn't the guy you're going to want defending the opponents bigs. Neither is Hargrove.
  6. The only masters this jack off got from anyone was in baiting
  7. No. He had springs implanted when he was in elem school
  8. If no one responds he'll eventually get tired of talking to himself. Ignore feature works. You know he'll take a break from posting when his mom brings him dinner.
  9. That video really makes how easy TJ gets up standout.
  10. So you thought you had a hot take? Hot takes are really just people saying stupid Sh.t no one else will say ... Why? because it's stupid sh,t . I agree you had a hot take
  11. I agree, I like Perkins off the bench. He just brings a dynamic as a 6th man no other team can match. I'd personally start Yuri, Jim, JGood, French, and Bell.
  12. Plenty of people out of work who can't afford Pay Per View.
  13. I like watching French dunk the most. Hargrove’s might embarrass you, Frenchs will have you cowering in fear. I like the power
  14. We don’t pack em, we just deliver and collect if necessary. We are really just a glorified SLU goon squad
  15. NCAA comes calling to Box or me and Mark Emmert will find his ass in Salina KS Actually Box and me are on the Duke plan. The NCAA's head just won't turn in our direction
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