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  1. Maybe, but you liking soccer just seems so very important. You did take the time to let us all know how you felt, so it must be important
  2. I don’t know how to say just 1 or 2. Robinson had quite a few give aways vs Wales. Still dangerous getting down the line and defends well. I’d say for both combined Ream, Pulisic, and Musah. For today, literally everyone but Zim. Even with that said, and the way he’s played, I’d still keep him in. The USA has more quality attacking players than we can play at 1 time. Honestly, if you’d have asked me 10 years ago which positions would the USA have a lot of depth ai in the 2022 World Cup, I’d have said Defensive mid and Center backs lol
  3. Well damn. We are all so very disappointed. I personally was really hoping you’d become a fan. Now my day is ruined
  4. No cards also, so everyone available. If this was going to the scorecards. We win
  5. Bad foul by Musah also. Just contain
  6. Yes. Pretty damn bold. You can see he wants the win.
  7. We need Shaq’s to stick to basketball
  8. And people questioned if Ream should make the team. Damn he’s been good
  9. I don’t understand Moore for Dest.
  10. They just said Aaronson getting ready. That should be Weah I’d suppose
  11. For who? Musah or Weah? He can play inside or outside
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