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  1. I don't agree with this. Seeding is huge. The last thing we want is to be on the 8/9 line and get Baylor/Gonz in the 2nd round. If we just win, I think our reputation as a very good team this season will get us a 6 or better seed.
  2. I'm not saying he will or won't be good enough for us. But the good thing for him is with his dad's connections at Mizzou if he doesn't end up good enough for us he can still drop down a couple of notches and go to Mizzou
  3. That's my take. The problem is they cost as much as cable to get any channels on live TV. I switched from cable to Youtube and loved it. They have the easiest record system. They were $50 originally, then they went to $65 and dropped FSMW. I switched to HULU by the time I added record and a few things I was at $80. Fine, then 2 weeks after switching they dropped FSMW. I now am back at Spectrum. I pay $80 with tax but I get more channels and can record on my main TV. I watch my 2nd tv through the Spectrum app to save on the 2nd box. I could add $13 and record on both TV's. So $15 more than yout
  4. It wasn't the posters here saying that. It was the stats.
  5. I'm pretty sure we quit recruiting him
  6. If I've been following what's been written on here correctly it sounds like his perimeter shooting is not very good
  7. That's the kind of shot that busts a rebounder in the nose. You're just not expecting it to be in your face like that. At least he didn't hold up both hands for the 3 as he back peddled
  8. Nope. Simply selling some pics. Roy, I wasn't clear on your order. You wanted sleepy with a full grope correct?
  9. Yes. I enjoy their game and watch most on espn+. They have a nice team and are fun to watch.
  10. Me. I think there's a more than decent probability you've been on fatgrandpa.com so $.65 seems like a bargain.
  11. You can get a picture w/ me for $20.00. Available add ons I look sleepy $15.65 I grope you $227.00 (this fee can possibly be reduced depending on the gropee) Autograph $55.00 with guns $81.72 Nude $.65 This service will be very popular so please get your order in quickly. This is for a limited time only
  12. Please use the proper nomenclature for recruits when referring to them.
  13. LSU playing incredibly stupid. It appears they have no idea how the whole clock thing works. Lead down to 13 with 3 left (from 25) with 7 ish left
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