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  1. 3 out of the top 10 in 2020 are named Jalen.
  2. I'll take a player equivalent to any of French, Goodwin, Perkins, Yuri, Jimerson, or Bell
  3. Then you are a lot better than I am.
  4. I generally do the Times Crossword also. Can usually finish Wednesday and get about 50% +/- on Thursday.
  5. Depends on the money for me. As someone who lived overseas for 4 years, it can be a great experience if you get out and meet people.
  6. I'll assume Roy isn't against a coach having an honest and frank conversation regarding his future and potential playing time with a team. (sorry if I'm wrong Roy) but if after that conversation the player wants to stay and has done what he's supposed to do, the coach shouldn't run him off anyway. I'd imagine plenty of transfers happen this way. I know if I was a player I'd want complete honesty without any sugarcoating from my coach
  7. I agree with this entire post and the Ford has made a lot of bad in game decisions is overblown and wrong.
  8. I get it but even if they keep doubling and triple teaming him all game. To get 5 assists he'd have to have probably 12-13 kick outs with immediate open looks or players driving off the ball. Many times when a big kicks it out it isn't the player he kicks it to that gets the open look, it's the 2nd or 3rd player. Teams can soft double and still close on the shooter but it's the next rotation that finds the open man. If Has has 5-6 and Yuri I think will be 6-7 minimum we are at 12 between 2 players.
  9. This is the key. How good does he shoot. Weaver had other deficiencies and was just an ok 3 pt shooter. If Russell can be high 30's low 40's from 3 he can play in the A10. I know 3 star said he really doesn't get to the rim, but with added strength that could play. He finished and even shot a floater with both hands. We've never been in danger of having too many 3 point shooters and we aren't in danger now. I'd like another big also but if I'm not able to sign one that I think will develop into a starter level player for a good team in the A10, I'd be ok with signing a great shooter with potential to develop into a more rounded player
  10. Absolutely no chance Has averages 5-6 assists per game. I'd bet as we add Jimerson to the mix the amount they double and triple Has goes down. Even if they double him every touch he won't exceed 5 assists per game. Otherwise good read
  11. This is pretty interesting to see some of the rule changes throughout the history of the NBA https://cdn.nba.net/nba-drupal-prod/nba-rules-changes-history.pdf Year by assist totals https://www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/ast_per_g_yearly.html This makes it hard to really tell for certain. As there are some decent jumps at times but usually those are aligned with a new leader. The biggest jump seems to be after 76/77 season where it jumped 2 per game and then mostly stayed over 10. Before that season just a few over 10 and only a handful under 10 since.
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