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  1. USWNT. In case anyone didn't know and might want to set it to record. Carli Lloyd plays her last game with the USWNT tonight. I don't know if anyone works any harder than Carli. I for one will miss watching her. Probably a top 10 athlete for me.
  2. I get it, I just never enjoyed it. Tried playing when I first got to StL. Just doesn't work for me.
  3. Me either. never could get on the indoor soccer bandwagon
  4. From the Athletic Top 20 wings in the country 13. Javonte Perkins, Saint Louis Billikens coach Travis Ford certainly believes his guy belongs on this list, telling The Athletic that Perkins is “one of the elite scorers in all of college basketball” and arguably “the best mid-range shooter in America.” Perkins is a three-level bucket getter who goes right and left with equal aplomb and finishes through contact. Among Atlantic 10 players with at least 24 percent usage last season, Perkins had the highest offensive rating. As a sophomore, he was the nation’s third-leading scorer in junior college. As a junior, he averaged 15 points off the bench at Saint Louis to win A-10 Sixth Man of the Year. Last season, he averaged 17.1 points, 3.9 boards, 1.8 assists and shot 38 percent from 3 to earn all-conference honors. Synergy Sports has Perkins among the top 10 percent nationally in its “possessions plus assists” offensive efficiency rating. He’s an average to slightly above-average defender, which is more than enough with the way he produces on the other end.
  5. I bet he's got a decal showing a boy pissing on the rear window of his truck
  6. I had the exact opposite experience in 2 different meetings. One was waiting for the Valet after a Billikens end of season banquet, but during that occasion he struck up the conversation and I could barely get away. I saw him again waiting for a table at a restaurant and I struck up the conversation and he was again very engaging until he was seated.
  7. The first part of this post is just stupid. I thought you were better than that.
  8. Spoon coached the Bills for about 4 years while the Rams were here
  9. You can give me all the Stats you want, I have no use for Zardes except he's very good at creating havoc with his high pressure. I'd rather go with a young guy with potential all day every day. As I said with Sargent he needs to score goals. However, from everyone listed I believe he has the highest upside. It's time though or he likely will slide down the depth chart.
  10. Yes, That's what I meant by Sargent stepping up. Agree Pepi has to be #1 right now. I just think Sargent is better than the rest, but he has to be able to put the ball in the net.
  11. Last time Box and me had to make a road trip with a briefcase, it was in the Miata. Box was shirtless with 1980's runners shorts, flip flops, and for some reason a Tottenham Hotspurs scarf. I don't mind saying it was pretty hot.
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