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  1. Congratulations on a great season ladies. You keep moving the needle forward.
  2. And you clearly don’t get a top 53,000 announcer for a womens sweet 16 game
  3. This ref seems to rarely get the call right for either team
  4. It’s a shame that teams are given home games in the sweet 16
  5. And the last foul against Kelly in SLU’s favor was probably a good call right?
  6. I thought it was a good call. Lots of weak ones so far but imo that was the right call
  7. Wow. That sucks. Hard to argue with the call that gave the free kick
  8. Way to early for the corner tactic which rarely actually is effective
  9. SLU got a big break on the weak foul vs Larson that SLU scored on but yhe PS gets even a bigger poor call for the PK and Emily comes up huge.
  10. Wow. No idea why the PK was called and then What a save by Emily. That was incredible
  11. Strange game. The teams alternated dominating qtrs. 1st - M by 4 2nd - SLU by 8 3rd - M by 11 4th - SLU by 15 Mizzou didn’t play bad except they got in a lot of foul trouble. Like always maybe a couple they could complain about but mostly they committed the fouls. Mizzou shot 50% from the field and 41% from 3. Nice game by the Bills
  12. Brooklyn Gray is going to cause teams some problems. She can play. 87-80 SLU. SLU inbounding after a made basket by Mizzou
  13. Bills up 5. 50 seconds left Mizzou inbounding Bills get the shot clock violation. 39.7 left
  14. It’s funny how if a player doesn’t improve enough it’s the coaches fault, not the players. Except if we don’t like the player, then of course it’s his/her fault. There’s nothing about basketball fundamentals that is rocket science. It’s not about the teacher, it’s about the work. You can get a video of how to shoot and a video camera to record yourself if you really wanted to. Jordan Goidwin became my favorite Billiken ever but his failure to become a much better 3 pt shooter in college was on him not the coaching staff
  15. Not necessarily to do with this game but is there any player in the country better at delivering a dangerous free kick from 40-50+ yards out than Katie Houck?
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