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  1. I'd like to participate if we do a Billikens.com donation
  2. Prayers to the Stuen family. Very, very sad day.
  3. Shot foot forward. The main thing for me is that the elbow points to the center of the rim. For most players it's easier to get there with the shot foot forward. For many it also helps to rotate slightly to the off hand side. Especially people with broad shoulders. Pulling that elbow in can feel stretched and unnatural. You can see he turns slightly left. What I like is he was consistent. He hit his shot pocket and didn't just push up through it and had a quick release. His hands finish great. His trajectory is perfect. It's just 4 shots and you could probably sit in front and nit pick b
  4. That's funny. Don't drive into smoke is a joke between my brother and I. Anytime one of us his driving home to DFW the other will call about when we enter Ok and remind you not to drive into smoke. Gotta be careful that first 10 or so miles on 69 after Big Cabin. Smokey's looking to get you there
  5. OU Boomer Sooner. I grew up the black sheep, an OU fan in a house of UT fanatics. My older brother went to school there. My youngest brother's first words were Hook em Horns. We all wore burnt orange and white at my Dad's funeral ( even his best friend who is an Aggie professor ) released orange and white balloons and sang the Eyes Of Texas with the Hook em sign held high. As a kid I literally was not allowed to watch the OU - Tx game in the living room unless I wore a UT hat. I never did. I watched from the hallway lol. However as an Adult I've leaned a bit away from OU ( just way too m
  6. MLB - Love Cardinals and very minor like due to growing up there and going to many games Texas Rangers. Hate Cubs, Yankees. I know this was only teams but there are certain players I like to watch such as Lindor and Kershaw and Acuna Jr is growing on me. CBB - Love Billikens, Like OU and Texas. Hate Duke Soccer - Love USWNT, USMNT, Billiken women and men CFB - Like OU and Texas NHL - Blues but don't really watch NBA - Don't really watch check in Mavs and Celts Can't think of another major sport
  7. I guess if you consider intensity and assertiveness offensively the same thing.
  8. Also I don't think he played with a lack of intensity at all. I think he could have asserted himself more offensively at times. However, when you're on a team with JGood, Has, and Perkins it tough to always know when to be aggressive and when to defer to the big 3. I wish him all the best at Ball State. He seems like a good guy and team mate
  9. Just a reminder Nine Billikens Earn A-10 Postseason Honors - Saint Louis University (slubillikens.com) 7 first team all conference players / 1 Sr / 1 Jr / 1 Soph / 4 Freshman / Conference Defender of the year Purcelli - Freshman / Midfielder of they year Miller- Soph / Offensive player of the year Freidrich -Jr SLU's breakdown of minutes played Freshman 41% / Soph 30% / Jr 15% / Sr 14% = 71% Fresh/Soph These are just amazing For comparison Washington ( who just beat them in the tourney PK's ) Freshman 7% / Soph 12 % / Jr's 39% / Sr's
  10. What do you know about Hadley Cytron the Tenn transfer?
  11. Disappointing but Congratulations to the women on a fantastic season. They didn’t get a NCAA win but the bye is really the same as a win. First time in the 2nd round and we are so young. 3 out of 5 PK’s by frosh. We took another step forward this year. Now just keep rising.
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