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  1. I don't care what you think about whether SLU will have better attendance with local players or not. I think it'll help but not as much as winning will. I was responding to your digs at St. Louis.
  2. Thanks for the correction. I'm not from here so I was obviously confused
  3. This is truly a brilliant post. I'm amazed that you could name so many minor league teams. St. Louis lost Football but neither time was any different than Baltimore losing the Colts. They lost the Hawks when the League merged with the NBA but again you know all this. Didn't Baltimore lose both the Bullets and the Colts? They don't support their baseball team unless they're winning and I'm sure I could do some research and find a list of minor league sports that have come and gone. NCAA D1 average attendance 4600. SLU average attendance 6200. Saint Louis actually does a decent job supporting the Bills. I can only find the top 30 and a listing of all teams in alphabetical order but a quick scan of the list tells me we're probably in the top 100. I'd bet our attendance ranking is better than our rpi most years.
  4. So you think it'll be like the Orioles and Camden Yards or the Indians and Jacobs Field.
  5. Actually I did respond but you think what you want. I believe you know the reason we don't have a team. Is has nothing to do with what the MLS believes fan support will be, but you already know that.
  6. This is just ridiculous and wrong. But since you mentioned the Phillies averaged 46k =/- during 2011/2111 when they averaged 99.5 wins. 2016/2017 they averaged 68.5 wins and under 24k per year. Can a teams fans be anymore front running than this? Baltimore's attendance drops 20% when they don't make the playoffs and the Phillies drop 50%. Now those are front running cities.
  7. This is just wrong. The MLS not being here has nothing to do with whether or not they believed St. Louis would support a team. With very few exceptions all cities are frontrunners to some extent. Team wins more fans come. Seems pretty simple. How about those frontrunning Oriole fans? Approximately 20% less came last year than the year before and about 33% less than 2014 when they made the playoffs.
  8. Strength and power are nice but an inside player can certainly be successful without being strong. I like the way this kid moves, his ability to put the ball on the floor and his soft hands. Don't know if he has any kind of outside shot but if he can hit a 15+ ft shot with any regularity I wouldn't dismiss his chance to contribute early. He's much more fluid in his movements than Austin Gilmore or some of our past skinny bigs.
  9. Teams better put a lock on the back door. I love that Yuri always has his eyes up the court. In some of the clips I've seen he's even got them up while under a bit of pressure.
  10. you may be right I didn't look it up. I just don't remember him ever being very good. After looking it up, he had a good World Series 2.2 scoreless innings but other than that he wasn't particularly good. He had a 3.97 and an era+ of 95 so 5% below league average plus a 1.45 whip. Imo whip is huge for a mid innings reliever as you're probably depending on other relievers to save your ass a lot with a whip at almost 1.5
  11. He said successful. Scrabble's era as a Card was probably close to or maybe even above 4. Don't think he had a year much under if at all
  12. scroll down a bit and look for the link that says National Game
  13. and with what's being talked about it'd become much easier and possibly legal. Do you suppose it might become more prevalent?
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