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  1. tightening up on putting bunnies in the hoop would also be a worthy pursuit.
  2. 90% of our season minute by minute has been uncomfortable.
  3. incoming 5'10", departing 6'1" is what we're told. Outside of the fact that everyone suspects fudging on H&W reporting across the board in sports, is there some good reason for your inquiry?
  4. you owe us a report on your experience.
  5. If commenting or attending was limited to those on the same level as the talent arenas would be empty.
  6. If we readdress him moving up this chart later we will be in some kind of rarefied air. fingers crossed
  7. One would be aces + in the maturity graph not to feel the hate around here sometimes. I'm sure one Jolly player from the past not likely to be all smiles at a MBM meet n greet.
  8. and his TRav buddy, twin, alter ego?
  9. Surely he could help in the keep HF away from ball at the end on offense strategy .
  10. I find that kind of depressing. Hate to think guys just mouthing off in our little clubhouse are being read by their subjects. We've surely did some damage to some of the most abused if they really follow.
  11. If we do get blown away won't be too embarrassing.
  12. We get it you were in Brooklyn. Right across McKinley Bridge! No arrests this time I hope
  13. City Spud out of the can yet? Jon Hamm should be a go.
  14. was dawning on me when i hit send. thanks, sorry
  15. if we get blown out from the get go would be a bummer but just making it after the BS and seeing how bright our future looks I won't be nearly as bummed as have been in past dances. Anything is possible but an upset doesn't seem that impossible to me. Has anyone seen player stats for just the tournament's 4 games?
  16. <we are towards the top nationally in: .... and free-throw rate (31st)> we went from 350 to 31rst!?
  17. If his brother could of we'd be much higher seed. Fun contrast going from Frank's more fanlike show to Ramsey's more coach like analysis now
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