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  1. Let's hope. either way would of been so much better if they had come in undefeated and ranked 12th before upending #3 on their way to Compton Ave.
  2. I just hate when team relies on that 1 guy to dribble down and then make his move with few seconds left. seems like it does not work more often then would some motion activity.
  3. hero ball failed. I hope we don't become that with any of our potential heroes. they are going to be hungry Sunday and less impressive if we win. bummer ending. no call ridiculous when 500# collide 18" of the ground has to be a foul.
  4. we could have a lotta long faces around here come Sunday evening.
  5. that shows how much he loves those As.
  6. We got 10 fouls between twin towers then Hankton's 5 .
  7. Bell has won each jump ball to start the game.
  8. This is the most fun freshman class to watch since the Billy kids. They went 5-23
  9. Sounds like we got competition for president of the Yurimania club
  10. Courtney now tied with Raboin for career 3 pt %?
  11. Once the team gets up to Yurispeed his assists will increase. there were a few easy shots and passes missed.
  12. This should not be the MO until Yuri has left the building for the next four years!
  13. Hurley down 10-0 to St Joe on CBSSN. Still fun to hate even though he's now @ UConn.
  14. High Point and Boston College two future foes square off @ 6 .
  15. keep thread updated with his stats this year please.
  16. It is taking hold outside the board. Frank on his show today was hyperbolic (an obvious symptom ). Word is best pure point from local area in memory.
  17. My fear with Yuri is the better players in A-10 will thwart the style we've seen so far. He seems smart enough to just reign it end rather than not try what he can't do. It ain't really a fear just looking for something. I think we have a prodigy for real.
  18. Depaul not missing him either. 3-0 leads 1-0 Iowa @ Iowa up 29-13 1/4 through
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