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  1. Duke down to S Indiana early on ACCN
  2. Seems like he is getting less PT these days
  3. Saw Pink Floyd from that section in '73!
  4. the computer and the coach both "can not do"
  5. no team sport as popular as basketball has fewer players. lose a starter it's 20% of your "army". If that 1 starter is responsible for 50% of scoring it's going to make a difference whether ur Wooden or Crewes.
  6. yep, yep,yep. never seen anyone limp on on foot from a calf cramp, but I'm hoping not 2 bad.
  7. I luv eating these words. best meal I've had since Beast Craft left the Grove.
  8. I was a fill the void with Floyd guy
  9. anyone that has the chance to play at Duke instead of here should of done the same thing. We were so lucky to get a year out of the Legend
  10. sounds like that Dusty Baker fella who toils in the national pastime up to a few years ago
  11. he's getting minutes tonight. watch for a 3 way highlight with him in the middle falling backwards as he hits Durant for the basket. fun to watch him play.
  12. now guess we have to worry about forfeiting Ws after Bruce gets repossessed:)?
  13. weird this BS still going on & NIL seems seamless especially compared to the fears ahead of it's happening.
  14. Phillips do the voice over? Maybe got on first take?
  15. defend his doctoral thesis. defend & rebound
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