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  1. ignore da hata's. what you said is unbiased look at our shot. if this kind of stuff can't be bantered about what's the point of the board imo. the 2 smiles may mean only a stab at a chuckle which it got from me I just fear we would stifle any thinking on pertinent topics.
  2. Get back @ teams that left the Lou, St. Louis Dr. Brown's Big Red Ramhawks.
  3. Actually saw them. Opened for The Strawbs @ the pre redo Fox. Came out in white white white outfits to their hit which escapes me. It was hard not to notice. They were as awful as their music would lead one to believe.
  4. The St Louis Better Together, or go with what keeps us apart, St Louis Des Peres. fwiw I could live with Clydesdales (unless another team somewhere is already using). No other animal name more closely associated with the Lou I'd reckon.
  5. MAC way too exclusive-ish for entity that is trying to fill 22k + seats to attach itself to.
  6. Legacy isn't arrogant in regards to town's soccer history imo. Be cool if name that wins was suggested by Mr.Soccer and such a big SLU guy.
  7. None of Rick's kids was called one of 5 best 3 point shooters coming out of H S.
  8. It's like Pluto. I do not think Santos qualifies as and S_. Does school start Monday?
  9. as long as we're going there craziest local team name imo was the lady fast pitch soft ball team, The Hummers.
  10. Pot can be a month long "study". Under the influence is currently not able to be distinguished from 5 week old indulgence. YTF is that sanctioned by the powers that be?
  11. Wife said to of heard the name I suggested when first heard of acceptance is the fav but I see no mention here but here 'tis; The Gateway, so The St. Louis Gateway.
  12. How often do you think Gus would call him Cody Ellis? god help us if he ever has to leave the court for trainer help " EHLTB"
  13. 3 months till first game. At least first game we (I) know about.
  14. So they have 2 pay models and they neither includes the other?
  15. The low key redo of B H is astounding. The first year the Post guy did his top 100 Lou restaurants all 5 in the Heights were in it. Guess it will be up to 6 now that the sushi place is open. That brewery location is on the far corner of that neighborhood. Is it going to be just production or open to the public. The infill housing that is sprouting up is impressive. Saw at least one of those over in the Grove.
  16. couple youtubetv ?s, assume you can watch on anything that is Smart, and do you get to watch regular youtube without commercials which it seems you can't do anymore?
  17. who was right if either?
  18. So if all the sudden he becomes all we had hoped. B D s go 30-0 they are barred from The Dance? Too funny. if so
  19. I was at a mens/womens doubleheader last season. Might have been a Saturday, the men's game was played first and the joint pretty much cleared out after that. I was staying for the women's game and was having an expensive meal on the quiet concourse between games. A young couple with a little girl (maybe 3 or 4) came out of the alcove into the concourse just as The Billiken happened along. Little girl screams bloody murder. Bloody murder of Biblical proportions. Almost dropped my Chicken Nuggets. Birds flew out of trees miles away. A bit of the ice shelf broke away in Antarctica. The Billiken, realizing he is the cause of this ruckus, backs up and ducks out of sight until the parents can whisk the terrified youngster away. I'm afraid that young lady will never be the same and will NEVER attend SLU. Personally, I think the newer new Billiken is less scary than the older new Billiken but there is something about the side view (especially the jawline) that just ain't right. I guess it's the best they could do. I was just fine with the old Billiken but marketing, etc. I get it. It's why the Cardinals bring out a new jersey every couple of years right at the holiday shopping season. As always, can't wait for the start of the new season. Let's go Bills! And the moral is eat chicken at Southern before game and not eat those pre made over priced nuggets. (4got u were at double header)
  20. Sure was fun playing Illinois in the Dome that one season
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