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  1. that kind of booboo can cost u in golf
  2. Just seems weird sums up his 4 year “career” so far for sure.
  3. does the above still hold true replacing biased ref with healthy JP?
  4. Remember his coach Lewis standing on a stepladder showing Olajuwon how to slam it through the net.
  5. State champs with Parade Magazine all purpose player of the year in the oughts. Now the turkey @ annual Thanksgiving game. Quite a turn around. Basketball still sound.
  6. so simple but simply ignored by so many.
  7. GJ been covered too well to get off that many 3's.
  8. rooting for their teams to go deep in championship terms.
  9. speaking of floaters a couple by TJ were sweet.
  10. behind paywall but there is something about SLU employee nailed for fraud to tune of 518K. haven't a clue y that would be something but.....
  11. you should emulate his finest moment, here on the Billiken fan Board and abruptly split like he did on Comedy Central.
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