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  1. I'm guessing the wheel caught on about that quick, one rolls by all the others roll BEHIND him.
  2. we should have a MBM meet n greet @ a game sometime
  3. boy it's fun to watch these games on the +. closer to being there feeling than any real tv sports. just the crowd one camera, no gimmicks.
  4. exactly. who cares everyone has opinion don't need to hear them all. i like hearing your alls, & read pre season stuff a bit but i already consider just the time spent watching games a bit of a waste
  5. and let's not forget the below average guy who can't even afford to pay for lunch that fill the substandard schools that are that way because their has been a long history of folks against public schools & they've spent all their effort since Brown vs B of E fighting that funding.
  6. + the good press they will get from Yurimania national version.
  7. Even Q U was good then if i recall correctly.
  8. I'm loosing track but he's got to be clearing 100k in Wiz $$ alone correct?
  9. I think you get a few years between slaps so you can recover
  10. If one has a degree at an institution that closed it's doors I assume it's still valid.
  11. as much as i root 4 all SLU teams but c all $$ not spent on revenue earners is $$ that could of been spent on MBM . title 9 & other things of course come up the works but....
  12. Men's basketball top sport here & kinda sorta has sucked a good portion of time. expecting a lot out of some lesser sports seems a waste of time imo
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