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  1. Is amazing a team could have 4 of the top 9 players in the country from one class and not be the best. They came pretty damn close though.
  2. You speak of the Chris Weber class @ Michigan?
  3. thnx boyz.. can't master the blue font. even if I could not a laugh track kinda guy. if something is actually funny there will be a % of folks who will never get it.
  4. Maybe he can be a grad transfer. excellent 3pt %
  5. If Jimerson really is a stud shooting wise, he'd have to be Jose Martinez bad on D to keep him off the floor.
  6. Take your Mr. Mic to the Al MacInnis statue tomorrow about this time and air it out. Maybe faithful just need a little enlightenment to show them the way.
  7. THC, or CBD has shown in many cases to be the answer. Google it I'm too.......
  8. You should keep it on the down-lo all year just to be safe.
  9. My senior memory is that it kind of screwed us when implemented. We were progressing with Douglass and Gray then Bonner and all the sudden we're playing a new game. I can't believe how slow some were to grasp what a game changer it would become. Grawer seemed to warm to hit slower than most. It seemed to have "pull the goalie vibe" to many. It has certainly changed the game and I now welcome this although don't think it will change much. The Bess's of the world won't lean toward NBA range shots when behind the arc anymore. In The NBA it's unreal how deadly those guys guys are. Will be a treat if our "top 5 shooter" is that for us.
  10. these 2 make our possible 5 on the court choices higher than anytime since I've been following/suffering. here's one that pops in my mind; Yuri, JG, and our 3 bigs. Just typing that made me visualize Yuri tossing to JG at the rim. Only 1/2 year to wait.
  11. Thanks, that all seems reasonable.
  12. When will the NBA evaluations be done?
  13. that would be a dream team. I'll be glad to get one of those 3, 2 wow, but all 3 not too likely.
  14. did we change regular MO and get the most talented brother this time?
  15. or Lewis got J Brown to join the Travis train.
  16. If injuries were anticipated I'm guessing there would be only a handful of 'em.
  17. Thanks I'm guessing we here more about this through the paper.
  18. gravity, the hardest law to break. go Blues ch 5
  19. Hawks left for Atlanta long before merger, that was the Spirits that dissolved with merging of ABA and NBA.
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