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  1. Dm me your email address if you'd like my 2 in 219.
  2. Followed on my phone and saw French's boom shakalaka jam and swatting a shot out of existence. After seeing this team win the a10 tournament last year on a gassed roster, I have no doubts that Ford will keep coaching these dudes up. The energy is there. The defense will solidify. HATE.
  3. I have a couple in 219. Go BILLIKENS!
  4. Our 25 rando students have been standing and quiet all game. I just yelled at them, but I doubt it will help.
  5. SLU - it's not letting me upload a pic of Vatech's section but it's...sad
  6. Alumni did a great job. The SLU section is solid blue. Vatech fans are scattered at best.
  7. We got NUMBERS. This pic was before the attendance at least doubled.
  8. Turn on UC/Iowa. Trading leads in a 4 pt game with 14 mins to go.
  9. The 2012 NCAA Tournament. The whole process was magical. Selection Sunday, beating Memphis and celebrating at our host bar with lots of SLU fans (I bought Earl Austin Jr. a pink lemonade, per his request), and giving Michigan State virtually all they could handle. My favorite thread of SLU tourney appearances this decade is that when we get a bid, we don't lose in the first round. Excited for this to continue tonight.
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