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  1. Win preserved by free throws - classic. Also, play of the game goes to JGood - chasing down that loose ball to preserve possession leading to Javonte drawing a foul on his three. Love this team. WHOOSH GO BILLS!
  2. If I remember correctly for San Jose, there wasn't a specific block. I know the school paid for some SLUnatics to go, but when I bought tickets, I went for the cheapest ones I could find with a decent view of the court. (I moved over to the SLU section after arriving anyway. The venues are big enough so it's easy to find open seats just about anywhere.)
  3. Inject this sentiment directly into my veins. BILLIKENS.
  4. This 2019-2020 billikens team is young and came into this season with low expectations. It's not a negative indictment of the program at large to be excited that we're playing for a double bye in the a10 tournament today.
  5. FIFY. Bully ball everyone to death. Let's dance.
  6. Hargrove with a nice dunk to make it a...nice score.
  7. Agree - he does a good job and responds to comments frequently. It's not just about being reasonable about bubble teams - it's about being open to critique and different opinions from subscribers. He does a nice job. ...and Jared Drew left in 2013 during the Crews era. Might be time to move on.
  8. Was he the that said Hargrove should have been tackled after the dunk?
  9. Slu was 2 of 4 from beyond the arc. Didn't force anything. This team executed the game plan (and the rams) in beautiful fashion today.
  10. Love that slow death by the BILLIKENS in the second half. RI threw a couple haymakers, but the good guys simply endured. Kept crashing the boards and penetrating on offense. Thrilled with this win. BILLIKENS.
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