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  1. Will be there -can't wait. Looking forward to getting a nice win over Drake before A10 play commences.
  2. Goodwin said "do what you do best, French." This half is more fun
  3. These announcers are almost as terrible as our shooting.
  4. Co-sign, and I felt very much the same when we played in the 2010 CBI. I will gladly use any excuse to see our Billikens play more, particularly in a tournament format. Give some of the younger guys more of a chance to gel and use this as a springboard like the CBI did for Kwamain, Conk Diesel, and Cody. "They represent my alma mater, my school, and I'm very proud of both the school and the team." This, over and over and over.
  5. In other words it would be... nice if we win.
  6. Experience. Depth. Poise. Weathered that second half push from UMass with ease. Bury the bonnies.
  7. NC state missing free throws? Where have I seen that before...
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