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  1. NC state missing free throws? Where have I seen that before...
  2. I'm not super stitious, but I am a little stitious. Bills by 25.
  3. Ugh - sucks, particularly coming the day after the email announcing limited attendance would be allowed for upcoming games. First and foremost, hoping that whoever is positive recovers well and all the players and staff stay as healthy as possible.
  4. I yanked and spanked after the second half fwiw
  5. That possession that ended in the P3rkins bomb was absurd. Nc state didn't foul, we used the whole shot clock, and Javonte kissed em goodnight.
  6. I'm rarely, if ever, critical of Yuri, but feels like we're pushing a bit too much offensively.
  7. Frustrating to hear this, Steve. Hypothetically, do you know how much more another hosting service might cost? I'm happy to kick in some more money, and I'm sure we can get some other posters to also contribute more especially if it makes your time commitment to our board easier to manage.
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