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  1. Parker scored 22 points vs. #11 Indian Hills, Jimmy Bell double/double 11/11 in a loss. Kramer carried SLUH on his back tonight with clutch baskets vs. Fr. Tolton, a team that won district last year and could win state this year. Tolton's freshman point guard, Aaron Rowe, has offers from SLU and Tennessee.
  2. Roll Bills this season and next -- everyone should return except for Jones and anyone not getting enough PT.
  3. Time for the team to watch JLove/Kenyon Martin highlights?
  4. Regardless of what happens in Memphis...between Yuri and the centers, this team will give A10-level competition fits.
  5. Thanks for the link. Sincere Parker leads in scoring with 19, Jimmy Bell next with 13. Moberly coach raves about Jimmy Bell getting healthier and rebounding strong. Not seeing any recap of how many rebounds.
  6. Thanks for the takeaways. Regarding point #5, Okoro fouled out 4 times in the 66 games he played with Oregon...he started two-thirds of those games and averaged 15 minutes of PT. When it comes to fouling, he's not exactly the next Tom Frericks.
  7. Agreed, and surely other criteria will be considered like, first and foremost, basketball and athletics budget, facilities, attendance, TV market size, geography/transport options, fit with new conference, U prez not being a jerk, etc. If SLU by now has a budget anywhere close to Xavier's, they could join Big East during next round of expansion. At one time that wasn't the case.
  8. Is Jeremiah Johnson related to former Billikens Justin Johnson or Jalen Johnson? Got to close the deal on this kid just to further confuse Gus.
  9. Best skywalking display from a SLU recruit since Larry Hughes in the McDonalds All-America game.
  10. Sorry, this is the official link...there are some inaccurate #s on the previous link: NJCAA
  11. Sincere Parker NCAA Stats, Moberly, Awards - RealGM
  12. Will take the 40% from 3 AND 80% from the line. This guy scored only 20 points his entire sophomore season in high school, then the next year averaged 19 points a game, named second-team Illinois all-state. He's a baller & even better a JUCO baller, successor to Perk.
  13. From what I see he's a solid defender and rebounder/shot blocker. Transferred senior year of high school to Shadow Mountain (Arizona) coached at the time by NBA vet Mike Bibby. They played the top high school teams in the nation. If Lamin was a decent enough big man to be recruited by that program, he'll can be a solid backup at SLU.
  14. Anyone who is a 6-5 junior point guard averaging nearly 6 assists a game is worth a look. Stat sheet stuffer who can play PG, SG and wing, mega versatility there.
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