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  1. No complaints about unis. TFord runs a first class program and what they wear now reflects that.
  2. At least it's not as ugly as the PA announcer mishaps on Madness night.
  3. Couple positives: 1. Ford has a solid core of experienced guys, likely starters, mostly upperclassmen ... Weaver, Goodwin, Thatch, Perkins, French... 2. It would not be surprising if any one of 10 or 11 guys shine and earn a starting spot during the course of the season.... Don't know if this has been posted but the new roster is up: http://www.slubillikens.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=27200&SPID=93215&SPSID=632633&DB_OEM_ID=27200&_ga=2.95535324.112765122.1568170196-1336061088.1568170196
  4. Everyone on Kentucky plays professionally—get the briefcase and plane tickets to TFord ASAP!
  5. Appreciate the alert...Nice article in the Columbia Post-Dispatch today about how Mizzou won’t lock down STL recruiting...uh-huh....JGood, Thatch, Hargrove, Collins, Perkins...
  6. What about Brett Jolly, could he average 9 at Siena? For that matter could 95 percent of the recruits of his era average 9 at Siena?
  7. Good sign, thanks for pointing it out.
  8. I think Ford got some senior leadership this year. Weaver isn’t a Power 5 guard but the reports on his leadership from his coach and a teammate have been complimentary.
  9. Thx for sharing the good news!
  10. That being said...we have yet to see a Ford recruit who, with time, has been a flop or a stiff. For that reason I have faith these two big men will help.
  11. I think Coach314, the one who broke the news of the Perkins commitment, posted that Perkins is due in August.
  12. True test is half court offense when facing a real team like Virginia Tech or Florida State. Who’s going to step up in those situations when the D is so tight there’s no room to breathe?
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