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  1. The top Billiken players of all time in the modern era who take over a game offensively: Burns, Hughes, Jett and Perkins. From a purely offensive standpoint. The best all-around players: JGood and AB.
  2. That is correct. He averaged 12 points, 3 rebounds and 28 minutes a game for SUIE as a junior last year. Good shooting percentages — 47% overall, 38% 3pt, 78% FT. He’s a 6-7 guard...his averages are solid but with his accuracy, even as a SLU frosh, one would think he could be more dominant. Then again there’s not a whole lot of stars on that team, so that could be problematic. Although it appears their recruiting went up a notch this year, we’ll see.
  3. Agree Big East is ideal, question whether it will ever happen. I’ll say this about the A10...the one thing they did right was getting Bernadette McGlade to serve as commissioner. Shes got a way better TV exposure for the conference,. She also quickly signed on new members (Davidson) when the conference could have imploded when schools like Xavier bolted. Doug Elgin and the MVC were the toast of the town when SLU joined the A10 in the mid-2000s. She’s done a way better job keeping the A10 nationally competitive since that time... Look at the postseason bids for the two conferences year after year and there’s no comparison.
  4. Yes, I meant both video during game and via social afterward, sorry for the confusion.
  5. I’m surprised he hasn’t been sacked yet. As the Sports Illustrated article stated, one of the reasons Ford is a master recruiter is that he’s a perfectionist when it comes to a recruit’s or player’s overall experience...an all-out game-day experience translating to what the recruit sees on the campus visit...it’s no accident the jerseys look 10 times better now than they ever have with the arch on the back, in line with Ford’s assertion from Day 1 that this is the city’s team. The video during and after the game is now on par with the hockey team, which is up there nationally. Guarantee that’s a big tool for recruiting...
  6. Milik Yarbrough preferred to play helter-skelter? Surely you're joking!
  7. It will be a lovely moment when we can all give a prolonged standing O to a new PA announcer.
  8. It’s not just the pronunciations, at Billiken fanfest Jacobs gets a bucket and we’re told it’s a bucket by French. What, they all look alike?
  9. One of our worst games of the year was the collapse against UMass where Tre Mitchell scored at will. Will be interesting to see how JBell, HFrench and the transfer, Linsson, answer. Mitchell looks like a future NBA player, this should be one of the best matchups.
  10. Here are the details, including his ongoing options... https://www.ksdk.com/article/sports/college/slu/slu-basketball/mysterious-condition-keeps-slus-fred-thatch-sidelined/63-5e7fdf06-6dba-4464-8c0e-1eaaa22e14d0
  11. Can't remember all his injuries, barely played this season. Freshman year I was impressed. Had an ability to come off the bench, get active, make things happen...especially for being only a freshman. Team player, decent shooter. Should excel if he can stay healthy, which a year off would help.
  12. Best east sider ever in Billiken history is Brett Thompson. If I recall correctly his mom got on the board and went off on everybody & that’s priceless, so he earns my vote.
  13. Got to find another diamond in the rough there like Bryce Husak!!!
  14. The answers are no, no room as far as we know currently, and no, Mac is not considering SLU....he announced his list within the hour. He's a tool anyway.
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