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  1. Who is in the electric blue shorts scoring at will the second half of the video?
  2. I agree with Coach 314. Jimmy Bell works his way into the lineup...then between him, French and Hargrove, Grant Golden faces a Billiken BEATDOWN!
  3. Could definitely see this happen once Bell has more time to get acclimated. Where would you put Perkins depth-wise?
  4. Got to go with the most experienced players. Of the underclassmen, Hargrove and Jimerson seem the best bets for getting the most PT.
  5. Videos: Not exactly lightening quick, little in the way of hops, kind of unorthodox layups but a sweet stroke & big body.
  6. I thought KC did a great job last year. Solid player.
  7. I want Jacobs to succeed but how does getting ripped have any effect on reducing a chronic tendency of turnovers?
  8. And clear out space for Javonte Perkins as well...
  9. Diarra’s team beat Vashon by 9 this past season in a national tournament. Have no idea whether he played in that one.
  10. It should be pointed out that this guy is team captain for a national power...after two consecutive Situations, this is a plus.
  11. More on Kalkbrenner: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rockmnation.com/platform/amp/2019/5/10/18523115/missour-tigers-basketball-recruiting-ryan-kalkbrenner-profile
  12. Great. Can’t wait to hear Gus call him Madani Diarrhea...
  13. How about Travis Deinet, that would be nice....although GJ is way taller than TD was.
  14. This guy could be the next Steve “Stipo” Stipanovich. Somebody get the briefcase To TFord ASAP so he can close the deal NOW.
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