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  1. And not recruiting at least two eligible upperclass bigs means extraordinary efforts go by the wayside…because people like Jimmer and TJ are totally gassed. Chances if they are lower with veteran bigs on the roster.
  2. Where are the dudes from last spring accusing everyone of being Ford haters? Mighty quiet lately.
  3. Not much there other than reciting regression of KenPoms over the last three years.
  4. Whoa Nellie, hold it right there 3 Star….Heinrich scored 16 points in the NCAA tourney against Kentucky, national champions. More than future pro Larry Legend! One more year and Heinrich would have parted the Red Sea and led the Bills to the promised land!
  5. Sodey was West Pine Gym era, with his additional experience at Virginia I’d take him over Ford.
  6. That’s right you don’t see us losing to SIUC, you see us losing to METHDALE!
  7. Early in what amounted to Grawer’s final year someone at a game said, “he’s being given just enough rope to hang himself.” Big Grawer fan but he was right.
  8. Notice the beat writer & none of the other media mention the elephant in the room re: recruiting fail.
  9. Only one upper class big is inexcusable…when assistant coaches transition, the head coach must close the gap on the recruiting trail. Transfer portal, JUCOs …
  10. No A10 team would want to draw SLU in the A10 tourney with a healthy Parker … even more so with a player or two who are currently ineligible. Keep the 3-pointers coming, get to the free throw line.
  11. GUT CHECK at the half by TFord nearly resulted in Miracle on Compton Avenue.
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