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  1. Agree, great game plan by Davidson & SLU should employ the press more often. They have the athleticism and quickness to rattle opponents. Jacobs being a non factor hurt tonight as well. He’s the kind of player who needs to get active via the press, which creates offensive opportunities in transition. Those opportunities to drive the lane weren’t happening otherwise tonight.
  2. SLU comes within a tenth of a second of beating Dayton and someone is equating Ford to Barry Odom? Ford has the 300th least experienced team out of the 353 Division I teams...for decent chunks of the game freshman like Bell and Hargrove defending America NBA lotto pick. Other than their first game of the year, every single Dayton win up until this one was by double digits....their only losses were to two Top 25 teams, both in OT. SLU has a NET ranking of 54, in the dance conversation. This is arguably the best coaching job of any SLU coach in the past 40 years and he’s being labeled the next Barry Odom.
  3. Good idea, 3 Star...Illinois State has a good track record of taking in malcontents with loads of talent who want to “play my game” Instead of the team’s game...then get suspended & kicked off the team.
  4. Interesting headline from the Richmond newspaper....the truth but not the whole truth: Eight-minute cold spell dooms Spiders in 74-58 loss to Billikens
  5. I think at the palace they would tell us, "You've never been here before, have you?"
  6. I’ve got a fever! And the only prescription...is more JBell!
  7. Good analysis on UMass and the fact that they may be underrated, which comes after the first few paragraphs about Chase Johnson leaving: https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/dayton-flyers-will-wary-young-umass-saturday/ZT2gD6x5XJwWD2yVCOTu0O/ Wish our newspaper coverage were this good.
  8. OR grab another JUCO to fill the gap and help deflect all the defenses swarming French. And/or a grad transfer if another scholarship opens. Plenty of underclassmen and the future is NOW!.
  9. This team has legit local studs like Goodwin, Perkins and Collins -- guys who wouldn't have thought twice about attending SLU before Ford. This team is averaging over 70 points a game, at least 10 percent more than previous years. This team has just two noncon losses -- only two teams the past decade have achieved that. Enjoy it!
  10. Could be the most anticipated mid season spectacle since Cody Ellis.
  11. I've got a fever...and the only prescription is more Hargrove
  12. Hmmm, I believe Pearson is now redshirting at TCU. Also, is Zeke Moore the last Crews recruit playing? Saw where Moore and the Cougars lost at home to Chicago State, which had a 58-game losing streak on the road.
  13. Interesting that Thatch's problem relates to chronic cramps, I recall he sat out much of Billiken madness supposedly due to cramps. Hankton is also a mystery, wonder if it's whatever he had last year.
  14. With Javonte Perkins adding offensive firepower to the French/Goodwin 1-2 punch, I'm taking SLU over both Tulane and, later, K-State.
  15. He doesn't ever have to be the spotlight because he's perhaps the most unselfish player in the modern era.
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