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  1. "Jacobs did not become our best player/scorer." OK, that may be true, but where's the logic in using that yardstick when every player but one will fail? Jacobs succeeded in his sixth man role; he came off the bench and turned the tide of games more than once. This board was praising him. He was never the same after the prolonged COVID break, and neither was the team. The fact the NCAA is granting eligibility for another season underscores how whacked everything was. Jacobs was WAY better pre-COVID this season compared to his turnover-prone initial season. Surely that took drive,
  2. I like Cook's experience and scoring, but no way would he unseat Yuri as the starting point guard. Ford would be a nutcase to sit Collins (6 assists/2 turnovers as a soph) in favor of Cook (2 or 3 assists/2 turnovers). If he comes to SLU it means getting minutes at multiple positions, and both Cook and Nesbitt are good insurance for sliding over to play the point behind Collins.
  3. Memphis: Not many transfers away from SLU, stability says something about the program. Cook: The Gonzaga coverage says he's looking at playing pro overseas. Similar decision Perkins faced. 50/50!
  4. Nesbitt averaged 4 assists at St. Louis Christian--unselfish distributor.
  5. TheOne rules but Coach314 announced Perkins well before SLU did, never forgot those smoke signals!
  6. For this board "Happy Friday" from Coach 314 is like when smoke emanates from the roof of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
  7. Nesbitt can play and has played positions 1-4 so he can slide over when Yuri sits. Ford will use every opportunity to keep him on the floor like he did with JGood. I don't think Russell transferring is coincidental.
  8. Ford has been cursed. Situations, big men turnover in Santos and Gordon, then two seasons dashed due to COVID. Hope springs eternal with Ford's level of recruiting. Not buying into the hype is akin to no joy in life for us MBMs.
  9. I like that lineup, too, and it should stomp mid-majors like A10 teams. SLU was a little undersized, but normally that wasn't a factor due to so much athleticism and rebounding. We saw in the loss to St. Bonaventure, however, that size could become a factor due to all the swats. On paper, FT and 3-PT shooting should become stronger. Question marks: team D....plus team leadership/chemistry due to JGood leaving. Hope to be pleasantly surprised, plus it's good SLU is in a position to reload (and possibly improve) rather than rebuild.
  10. Hoping Frank said Verge because the coaches know something we don't know. The Arizona paper said he's likely going to play pro somewhere this year. Why anyone wouldn't want him here is a head scratcher, but then again this is a message board where everyone is entitled to their opinion. Where he comes from is immaterial, only one Billiken this year had a higher scoring average than he did, and he played against better competition. Also, I think Cook and McKissick would be great adds to this team as well, and they would help greatly with perimeter defense, this team's biggest weakness this
  11. I cannot say how well he defends, but Cook and Mckissick are known as strong defenders. Verge scored 28 pts vs. Oregon in conference tourney, 26 vs. Washington State in the game before that...based on those performances I would question either how much help he had or how he was used during the regular season, when he scored half that much. I'd love to see him on the court with Perkins. An 80 percent free throw shooter and, like Perkins, one of the leading scorers nationally in JUCO.
  12. Get this guy! He's surely related to former Grawer assistant Jackson Wheeler. He's the one who recruited JUCO cornerstones Travis Tadysak and Mike Ivester, the "meat and potatoes" of the Bonner era lineup!!!
  13. Bingo, season in a nutshell ... tough ending but likely three straight years of playing beyond the A10 tourney...psyched for next year.
  14. slufanskip, surely in one of those posts back then Billy Ken advocated for SLU to keep Moser and promote him to head coach!
  15. Let's close the deal on this Hardin kid! He could be the best Billiken named Hardin since Greg Hardin from New York. The press guide that year for each player gave a capsule titled "Spoonhour's review." The first sentence of Spoon's review for Hardin said "Needs to make the transition to this level..."
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