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  1. Got it, I misread, thx, can’t wait to see him back, he was killing heading into the tourney.
  2. Relax, his response appeared to address the NBA portion of the question more than the SLU portion.
  3. Wish it were that simple, Pistol...it;s in a Facebook group, "St. Louis Memories," and someone has to first approve letting you in the group....so the link might lead to nowhere if the person clicking the link is not a group member...if you do get access, the post was 9:51 a.m. March 10.
  4. So happy for Hargrove, too -- had to be hard for a hometown kid, state champion, not to be getting any PT early...look at him now.
  5. Favorite Billiken team of all time the past 40 years. Ford made good on his promise at his introductory press conference that he would get great players locally and this would be the city’s team. The last few games they were playing Majerus-level D with better offense and rebounding. I could be mistaken but I think UMass was the only loss to a tram with a losing record. French bounced back with a vengeance after that one. Pretty consistent all year & the way they were playing at the end, they could have taken SVU. They could have taken SVU with GJ healthy, too.
  6. Great Facebook post features photos from SLU's D1 hockey team in the 1970s. I remember seeing the annual "Billikens vs. Blues rookies" exhibition as a kid and thinking the Bills' unis looked cool. In the thread, Joe Fresta writes, quote, "The 'Basketball Mafia' does not want hockey! With all the homegrown talent here hockey would bring a national championship way before basketball. They're probably afraid of that too." Thoughts?
  7. That’s why they’re on the verge of falling out of the top 100 of the NCAA Net Rankings....a few spots behind even Spumac (Missouri), you know you’re doing really bad when that happens.
  8. Hargrove just jammed home an emphatic answer to all those asking earlier this season, “What’s wrong with Hargrove?”
  9. I posted last year that my brother refs JV high school and CYC games, and that he once refed with Gus....that could have been 20-30 years ago.
  10. I am! I’ll take Perkins for 40!!!
  11. People who took potshots in the past on this board at Coach314 need to go to confession, he broke the news that Perkins was coming way before anyone else...knows his stuff.
  12. Clarification: Perkins hits from anywhere, like Hughes and Burns. Nobody better in crunch time coming down the lane than Jett however.
  13. Nailed it—Perkins and Jacobs ... Weaver will have to nail a 3 every now and then.
  14. Perkins May be right up there with Larry Hughes and David Burns as the most prolific Billiken guards ever on offense.
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