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  1. True test is half court offense when facing a real team like Virginia Tech or Florida State. Who’s going to step up in those situations when the D is so tight there’s no room to breathe?
  2. Billiken Junkyard Dawgs bringing bully ball to an A10 gym near you
  3. “He probably never realized how poor his recruitment ability was.” nails it. Although surely he realized too late just how bad it was...I believe Ford immediately said what he inherited was not exactly the most athletic team...
  4. Nice he committed to stay here out of the goodness of his heart, surely the $850,000 annual payment has been donated back?
  5. Hope you’re right...for a freshman I thought Hankton was effective in limited minutes ...seems similar in style of play to Welmer. Nothing flashy but effective & an outside threat.
  6. It’s Antawn Jamison, NCAA just ruled he has another year of eligibility. 35% career from 3, now we’re loaded for long distance.
  7. The parting of the sweater vest sea...
  8. Agreed. OK, still a chance for a GT, JUCO or foreign big this summer?
  9. Solid assist-to-turnover ratio, solid 3 point percentage. We had issues at the point most of last season, and surely Weaver and Yuri will help matters...
  10. Other thread on grad transfers says Ch 5 sports reported that Weaver will be a Billiken.
  11. Have seen two different articles praising the character of Weaver....one quoting his coach on how Weaver is the heart & soul of the team...another quoting a walk-on point guard praising Weaver, his roommate, for bolstering the walk-on’s Confidence, eventually leading to playing time. I’ll take a glue guy like Weaver any day.
  12. Everyone has off nights. It sounded like he was the lead defender on his team...that’s what has me intrigued about him, that he’s a two-way player.
  13. Sounds promising, getting decent PT at the point where he played last season could be a deciding factor.
  14. Life will be fantastic if we can just land a grad transfer!
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