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  1. I agree Martin would be a fantastic follow-up to Yuri. Verbal Commits says SLU made the first offer. With Ford making the final four as a 5-9 point guard himself, be Martin will be a Billiken.
  2. Top three moments in Billikens.com history: 1. The post announcing the hiring of Rick Majerus. 2. Every "Word on the streets" post from P Diddy 3. Old Guy going out on a limb and saying Covid would be a major factor this season. He called it!
  3. SLU can beat any top ranked team by employing the take-down-Kenyon-Martin strategy.
  4. Issue with Bell has been that he was hurt. Is the ongoing issue perhaps that he’s ideally suited for the half-court game? Sure hope he can earn more minutes soon because he can be pretty dominant in stretches, based on last season.
  5. Have mercy on the secular schools, King!
  6. Good point. You’re correct as budget cuts have led to SIUE being among lowest budgets in D1.
  7. Agree, Domask is the real deal...Methdale is young and well coached so they should dominate the valley as long as they don’t lose the coach to bigger bucks.
  8. It’s bad...but not nearly as bad as Mo Valley...
  9. 51-33 Methdale second half on FS1. Making Butler look like a high school team, hitting every shot.
  10. Methdale thumping Butler at Butler 35-21. Still surprised no annual game against them.
  11. Thatch with several good outback’s tonight. Good to see him getting in synch offensively.
  12. Are Zeke Moore and Jermaine Bishop the last Crews recruits still playing? Not finding current stats but see Bishop scored 20 pts 3 games in a row this season.
  13. Will Shaft be the stat sheet stuffer once JGood plays for money?
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