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  1. OK, in the interview Frank says early reports of Parker at practice are favorable and asks Tate about him. Tate prefaces his response by saying he doesn't want to put too much pressure on someone. Then he proceeds to say he's the next Perkins, with three years of eligibility. Every roster spot on this team, including the sixth man, perhaps even the seventh, consists of someone with a legit chance of making all conference.
  2. Long term, love the thought of 6-6 Thames playing point, combo, swing. Agree the experience and shot creation of Perk, Parker would come in handy as well.
  3. The X factor now is the high roster churn and escalating rate of transfers in today's game. Theoretically that provides even more of an advantage for fantastic recruiters.
  4. What players on Ford's first roster were better than JUNIORS Lisch and Liddell?
  5. The lowdown on Cisse's commitment/decommit from Oakland a year ago: 1 Commit https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/2021/08/03/nobody-saw-coming-prized-7-footer-spurns-high-major-hoops-powers-commits-oakland/5468339001/ 2 Decommit https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/2021/08/26/state-hoops-span-hours-oakland-lands-loses-prized-7-footer-plus-nonconference-schedules/5591420001/
  6. With that wingspan, sky is the limit if he develops a reliable sky hook.
  7. Still no big man? Help is just a phone call away: Crews gets Saint Louis' recruiting back on track | FOX Sports
  8. Going to call it right now -- Andrew Carr to SLU...if indeed his other picks are Davidson and Wake Forest. Here's why: Carr chose Delaware over two Ivy League schools -- Colgate, and William and Mary. So, he's dead serious about academics. Look at his Linked In page. His career objective and experience so center on physical therapy. SLU is the only school of the three that offers a physical therapy major accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association. The reason he's visiting Davidson is that they were one of the first schools to show interest in him before he chose Delaware... Not sure about the connection with Wake. While averaged 40 percent from three, that accounted for an average of one per game...he finished the season strong but wasn't even CAA all conference, so hard to fathom him battling Duke and UNC. He's going to need a strong supporting cast to make the jump up from the CAA easier and more successful, another reason the crystal ball says Andrew Carr to SLU.
  9. Pickett, Parker and Shaft each could potentially start, nice "problem" to have.
  10. Way too early hype. Hard to say if Perk will return to form or how soon, complex injury that's more than ACL...that being said, last season teams could focus on stopping Jimmerson, now they'll have to figure out how to defend triple threats, Perk, Parker and Jimmer.
  11. True...but a lot more goes into team performance than the quantity of points each player scores, obviously. JNezz helped in other ways and showed flashes of brilliance, agree he can be more consistent game to game.
  12. Who would have ever suspected anything would ever be unseemly with the Memphis basketball program. Wonder how this will affect the team SLU faces next season? Memphis men’s basketball facing several NCAA violations - Sports Illustrated
  13. At this point 3 open slots if JNezz leaves and Perk returns. Hate to lose JNezz but Mama Hargrove's tweet after his post seems to confirm he's done here. Freshman starter averaging nearly 10 points a game. Electrifying potential, some good D. Ford and staff keep proving they can pull rabbits out of the hat recruiting, though.
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