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  1. We got the ball down low to Okoro for good looks in the first half, he missed almost all of them, and we looked terrible. We got the ball down low to Okoro for good looks in the second half, he’s making them, and we look much, much better. Can anyone else see the connection? It’s not Ford not having an offensive plan, the story a bunch of guys revert to whenever we’re not scoring, even though we average like 80 points a game. It’s guys executing.
  2. Okoro hitting now. If he was hitting these shots early this wouldn’t be close.
  3. I wish Nesbit would pull up from 15 feet more often
  4. Why does no one go to the ball when a teammate is stuck at the top of the key?
  5. Ford can only get the guys in position to make baskets. He can’t make them for them.
  6. The broadcast team has said several times, and I agree, we are getting good looks and just missing them. That and the turnovers is why we look so bad.
  7. Is everyone happy that Ford isn’t pulling guys fir making horrible turnovers?
  8. The broadcast said Fred and Linssen are in Covid protocol
  9. There leading scorer quit the team before the game and their other good player is on the bench in foul trouble. We better have the lead at half.
  10. Thank you Traore. Finally, seems all season, some gets a rebound under the basket and finds an open shooter instead of forcing a shot right into three defenders. I like his instincts.
  11. How is it that someone picks up their dribble at the top of the key and no one runs out to help.
  12. Nesbit wouldn’t make a third division Tunisian team playing like this.
  13. This currently resembles an end of his time here Crews team. Hope we pick things up.
  14. That was my son's problem 11 years ago. There were like 12 babies in the race, and they put him on the end. As soon as I saw the camera man come set up next to us right before the race started, I knew it was over. All he did was want to stare at or move toward the camera. Still a good time, though. Good luck RGBilliken and WGSTL.
  15. It is having contact with your high school coach in the off season that it the issue. My son played water polo in high school. One of the assistant coaches on his high school team is a well known water polo goalie instructor. He puts on camps around the midwest. This coach scheduled a camp for the St. Louis area. My son was the only varsity goalie in the area that was not allowed to attend the camp, because he would be getting contact with one of his high school coaches in the off season. I called MSHAA and pointed out how ridiculous that was. They told me that the rule was in place to prevent high school coaches from forcing students to participate in off season workouts. I explained that this was clearly not what was happening here, but they didn't budge.
  16. I still think that Nesbitt can be that guy if we put him in that position more.
  17. Right before I read your post, I had the thought that when Perkins comes back next season, teams can't focus on both him and Jimerson. This season, teams are doing everything they can to take away Gibson. Next season..... The thought has me excited.
  18. Pistol, when I think of someone that size who does a little bit of everything, I think of Dwayne Evans. Do you think he projects like a Dwayne Evans?
  19. In my opinion, for this team to be successful, we will need to make a bit of a transition that may cost us some wins this year, but will pay off on the future. Right now, every team knows that Yuri is the engine that makes our offense go. The fact that he does all the ball handling and distributing for us is both good and bad. It's good when he does the amazing things that he does to get guys easy baskets, but bad when at team game plans to remove him via double team or zone or if he gets in foul trouble. Jones hasn't shown the ability to run the offense from the point. Here is what I think needs to happen to maximize this team's potential. Nesbitt needs to start getting time handling the ball and running the offense with instructions to create when he does. We've seen his talent level. He can beat his defender at the top of the key no problem. However, when he heads to the basket, it is only with a mind to score. I think the coaches need to pull him aside and say that they are going to put the ball in his hands more, but that he needs to pass the ball much more often than he does now once he gets in the lane. As with any freshman, this is going to require some transition and a learning curve. However, I think we need the distribution to come from two sources and not just one, albeit an incredibly talented one. If we bite the bullet and allow Nesbitt to learn this in the middle of the conference season, we will go into next season with two incredibly talented ball handlers that can both drive and dish (or score). I think that we are much better served having that ready going into next season when Perkins returns. We may have to sacrifice this season to get there for the greater good.
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