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  1. This one time I was at Francis Park and it has a small creek in it. The creek is about a foot and a half wide and I went to jump over it. I jumped and landed safely on the other side. I also could touch the net in my teen years. So I understand Hargrove’s freakish jumping ability.
  2. This!! why be safe when you can do something cool?
  3. We need to get this guy so I can find out where he got that jacket. His sighting may not help the team but it will definitely help my style.
  4. Yep. Weber was ranked 1 Juwan Howard 3 Jalen Rose 6 Jimmy King 9 Ray Jackson 84 They were a bunch of cheaters too but overall a higher ranked group of cheaters than Memphis. The 2013 Kentucky class was also better than Memphis. they had 5 guys in the top 11.
  5. The most interesting thing about Memphis will be monitoring how quickly their wins get vacated for cheating. For the record The Fab 5 recruiting class had 4 guys in the top 10. And one more in the top 100.
  6. What bothers me most about the no call is that at least one of the officials saw it but didn’t have the balls to over turn the goal. During the conference you can see the ref making the hand gesture of “he pushed it like this” he was obviously showing the other officials what he saw. It was the exact motion the the hand pass was made with. That tells me the official saw it but was afraid to make a the call. The Blues screwed up but at least that was their own doing. That final goal was a gift from the NHL. The handling of it by the league after it was over was just as bad.
  7. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time they moved the line back. Did the % go down when they moved it back last time? I bet it did. I would also wager it crept back up the next few years. Thats probably what will happen this time too.
  8. I’ve read this thread but haven’t posted anything. here are my thoughts on next year...
  9. That would be cool. loved him at Arkansas. He hit a once in a lifetime shot that people will never forget.
  10. I would go visit people in Carbondale pretty often. i always had a blast. Bars were fun, drinks were cheap, people were nice, women were easy. That’s all I want in a college town.
  11. Very nice. this board needs more Weird Al references.
  12. Details! Did you go wire to wire? Pass someone with final Jeopardy? People want to know!!!
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