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  1. I am actually very confident for the next two games. I’ll have to look at who we have in the tournament after those two. My thoughts on them right now: I still believe this team is hurting from Covid. They just don’t have that extra step anymore and won’t the rest of the year. Lingering effects are hurting certain players more than we will ever realize. I also believe that I overrated this team pre-Covid. I bought into the hype but they weren’t as good as I thought. They have a lot of flaws that heart and determination covered. They are having a tough time finding that rig
  2. I agree that we should not have been in that situation. You can’t let a team beat you when their best player is out. You can’t have that many TO’s in the first 10 minutes of a game. They need to play better. I thought the Collins call was bad. Especially being called so late. When it looks like the official waits to see if it goes in to make the call....it just not good optics. My biggest problem was the French call. If French is still in the game does Baldwin even attempt that drive? If he still drives does French alter it enough to make him miss?
  3. I think he is playing because that’s what guys do at that level, try to play through injuries. He’s also playing out of necessity. Collins still isn’t 100% and I don’t think Russell is anywhere close to being ready for VCU pressure. I get nervous every time he sees even token pressure. Someone who can handle the ball needs to steal some minutes and he’s really the only option. You might be right. He might be perfectly fine and just slumping. I don’t have any proof. Im just going by what Ford said about guys being banged up, his minutes decreasing, and his play falling o
  4. Don’t buy that he is injured? Im pretty confident he is playing with some sort of injury and that is really hurting his game. His minutes are down and play is down. Something is wrong with him.
  5. Because he is hurt. At least that’s why I haven’t brought him up. When Ford has talked about guys being banged and possibly missing games Ive always thought he meant Jacobs. I think we see it in his play.
  6. It’s all about the start. If shots fall at the beginning we will be fine. If they come out cold.....trouble.
  7. I can see both sides of this. Trying to get some game reps for the final push but it was definitely a risk and it definitely backfired.
  8. “I thought coach had a good game plan, but the players as a whole did not follow it at all.” Jordan Goodwin Goodwin says the players didn’t follow the game plan.
  9. This. I really believe this game would have been completely different if the Bills hit any of their WIDE OPEN looks the first few trips down. They were ready to play. They missed wide open looks at an incredible clip the first 3 minutes and that caused them to panic. That where the game was lost. The missed shots got into their heads and they couldn’t recover.
  10. Agree. Thats what a coach says after every loss. Nothing more than Coach speak. That said, he could have done things different. Not a good end game performance. But when you should 19-70 it doesn’t matter. No coach is winning that game.
  11. Not Fords best in game performance but I think 19-70 played a much bigger role.
  12. That is an amazing stat. Im not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that. Mind blowing.
  13. It was fitting that Hargrove missed that last wide open jumper.
  14. This was what I call a “hide the liquor game.” If the wife doesn’t hide the booze I wake up still ticked about the game but also with an empty bar and a massive headache.
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