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  1. They will probably make more money off of me this year because Im betting I will be drinking more beers during the games.
  2. I could take him or leave him when he was doing Billiken games but I thought he was a hell of a baseball announcer.
  3. The part the caught my attention was “She wished the band was a more welcoming place to underclassman.” Could that be another reason numbers are down? I don’t see underclassman joining anything when they don’t feel wanted or welcomed.
  4. I’ve read articles stating fan friendly pricing actually increases revenue. So your fan base is happy and you make more money. Seems like an easy choice.
  5. Plot twist….He’s returning to school but not to play basketball. he want to concentrate on academics and achieve a double major in Art History and interior design.
  6. It’s definitely not a stacked tournament but it’s the tournament we needed. With all the news pieces and moving parts this is much more beneficial than getting smacked around by experienced tournament teams.
  7. If Gonzaga contacted Dandridge it’s because they dialed the wrong number.
  8. Eventually some desperate team will just slap the franchise tag on him.
  9. You have blue font yet what you say is somewhat true. If people are constantly complaining about the University rankings the people in charge will hear it and take notice. If everyone is happy with the status quo why put in the work to change things.
  10. This was definitely needed in this thread thank you for the opening.
  11. I can’t wait to watch videos of Malcom Dandridge working out at SLU next off-season. It will be after a year that he puts up 10 and 10 for Michigan and leads them to a final 4.
  12. He’s right. I was all for a college athlete doing a local restaurant commercial for a nice payday or selling autographed pictures on social media for a few bucks but what it has become is ridiculous and it’s going to destroy college sports. The NCAA has nobody to blame but themselves. They have been picking the wrong battles and playing favorites for years. Now they roll this NIL “plan” out with absolutely zero thought about what was going to happen. It’s mind blowing how stupid and corrupt the NCAA is.
  13. Yes but a really cool tool like a circular saw or a Swiss Army knife.
  14. Yeah 13 seems pretty high. I see him raising his ppg a bunch but not that much. Right now I would guess a shade under 10. I can see him blossoming in a leadership role and that helping his confidence on the offensive end. But 13.7 is a huge jump.
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