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  1. On the 101.1 app they have a “Podcast” section with different radio hosts doing a show. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karracker have one and the most recent one is a 12 minute talk about the Billikens. I haven’t listened yet but am going to put it on for my run. Not sure if it will make me happy or cringe but I figured some of you would like to know.
  2. Heck yeah. Forget the floss, the dab, or whatever else people do today, I want this team to bring back raise the roof.
  3. I like the turn back the clock “raise the roof” celebration. Goodwin bringing a 90s feel to the Fetz.
  4. dlarry

    Ingvi to transfer

    Yeah that was awesome. Thankfully he missed. Can you imagine the outcry on here if he sinks that shot and still never cracks the rotation? His legend would have grown to unbelievable levels. People would have been calling for Fords head for not playing him.
  5. Yeah you’re right. Like I said I don’t see the big deal. I can’t believe anyone is getting bent out of shape about this.
  6. dlarry

    Ingvi to transfer

    I wouldn’t feel to bad for Thor. The scenery is beautiful, the fish are huge, and the women are ridiculously hot.
  7. Coach speak but he doesn’t believe it. Its what he has to say.
  8. Are people really upset that Isabell took a meainless layup with 7 seconds left? Im more upset the St. Joe guy hammered him. Just let him go.
  9. Unless you have money on the game and need to beat the spread.
  10. Not really. i don’t care that he did it but we were up 11 when he took it to the bucket. The and 1 made it 14. He could have just dribbled it out for the 11 point win.
  11. Better a Brady Jersey than a Goff.
  12. He could have scored more. on a few occasions he has dished off on drives where he could have forced the shot. He’s had a nice game.
  13. dlarry

    Ingvi to transfer

    In his last FIBA tournament he was 6 for 38 from 3. 9 of 26 from 2 2 of 4 from the line. Not very good.
  14. Hmm? I think I’m more likely to side with 13 on this one.
  15. dlarry

    Ingvi to transfer

    When exactly did he look like a good shooter? His Iceland percentages weren’t great. He couldn’t even get on the court here. I don’t give a crap what his brother does. That’s doesnt mean squat. just wondering when he actually looked like a good shooter.