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  1. A billion dollars would go a long way in getting this city back on track. I just hope they have the right people in place to make the monetary decisions when The settlement does come.
  2. I stopped watching. Not to hit the owners in the pocket book or to get back at Kronke. I quit watching because I lost interest. I tried watching after the Rams left I just didn’t care anymore. Sunday’s in the fall and winter are usually gorgeous. It’s a great time to get out and do something. I wasted 20 years worth of Sundays sitting in front of the TV for 11 hours straight. Even if St. Louis gets a team I won’t be going back to that.
  3. Jerry Jones is almost as big of a slime ball as Kronke. I wouldn’t piss on either if they were on fire.
  4. High Point should foul every possession
  5. A team like High Point should NEVER get a 17-0 run against a team of The Bills ability. Id make these guys run wins sprints after the game. Unexceptable!
  6. Hmm! Guess it’s going to be community college for my kids.
  7. Dumb turnovers so far. Completely unforced just Dumb!!
  8. My only concern would be Ford not wanting to run it up on his buddy Tubby.
  9. Over under at 127. Take the over...easy money. The Bills will score 80 no way they hold Them under 50.
  10. Live look at Gus trying to read the scorekeeper sheet.
  11. Scott Howard forgot to turn into the werewolf today!
  12. I’m going to file this game under needed reality check.
  13. Screw it. at this point I say go super small and staring launching threes. Collins Goodwin Jacobs Jimmerson Perkins
  14. Hopefully we can wear them down and our depth can come into play. Just get it close.
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