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  1. So there aren’t any crystal ball predictions for The Bills anymore? My confidence level is dropping daily.
  2. Can’t say I agree with your other Tatum posts but this made me laugh.
  3. I’m assuming she had to move when Gordon transferred? So her condo is probably back on the market? I’m Looking for a nice weekend place to take my mistresses.
  4. I like Mizzou football. Make it to 3-4 games most years. But Georgia has been a top 10 program for years. They are always a national title contender. Mizzou is....well, Mizzou.
  5. Ohio State Alabama Georgia Oklahoma Mizzou
  6. It’s crazy that “waiting on my photoshop guy” makes the most sense to me for a delay.
  7. All I know is that past-self would be pretty disappointed in present-self if I would have known I’d be sitting around refreshing some kids social media account waiting for him to make a college decision. Past-self would also be wondering what the hell social media is.
  8. 99/100 isn’t bad. Im pretty sure that’s right around the message board national average for guys making crap up.
  9. I’d be willing to bet the majority of the NBA does the same thing. The A-Holes make the headlines not the good guys I bet the NBA has a lot more good guys than you think.
  10. Link isn’t working for me?!?!?
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