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  1. You bring the Hookers I’ll bring the blow!
  2. I liked this little blurb. Good to see coach Crews still getting some love. 29. Chris Mack, Louisville Cardinals -- Mack was a starter for his first two seasons at Evansville (1988-90), transferring in part due to an incident in which then-coach Jim Crews ordered him to fire the ball into the face of Dayton center Wes Coffee on an inbounds play. (Mack sent Coffee a letter of apology, and Crews later admitted he ordered the code red.)
  3. He said he wants the school and other people to match it. will 100 grand get a charter? How many students can fit on one charter?
  4. Cussamano was talking about this just a few minutes ago. He mentioned LSU and Vandy as schools who might be looking for coaches. He said he doesn’t think it’s a concern now but if he wins 50 games the next two years and makes a run that schools will come calling. I was surprised he even brought it up.
  5. St. Joe’s needs to think outside the box. Jameer Nelson is unemployed. They need to kick the tires on someone like that.
  6. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/benjamin-hochman/hochman-goodwin-adds-an-x-factor-that-even-billikens-can/article_6a2c0d07-ed4a-5587-9cb1-f220d2ff0a47.html nice article on Goodwin
  7. John Goodman then. He’s cooler anyway.
  8. Gretzky could bring Dustin Johnson and Paulina. That would be a site too see. I think his new show is hilarious. We need to get Nelly on board too. Billiken games are going to turn into a who’s who of St. Louis. Its going to be like going to a Lakers game with all the celebrities.
  9. Go get Smits. I know nothing about him but Rik Smits was awesome. Those Pacer teams were fun to watch. Sit him up front with Marcus Allen and Chris Pronger. That would be the strangest athlete grouping of all time.
  10. I will say the Hookies have one of the coolest football enterances in college football. luckily this is neutral site basketball game so that doesn’t matter. Beat’em down Bills!!
  11. So they were doing what fans are suppose to do? What exactly was the problem here? Is booing worse than yelling “who cares” ”so what” and the other things the band and student section yells when opposing teams are introduced at Chaifetz?
  12. https://youtu.be/vzKl3Ffbfjg I felt like Harry Doyle in major league 2 when the Bonnie’s put up that final 3 point attempt. I just knew it was going in....but then it didn’t.
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