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  1. Yeah kind of a dick move. I gained 5 channels I’ll never watch and it’s going to cost me 15 bucks a month. I might switch to something else just out of principle. The problem is I really like YTTV I have until the end of July to decide.
  2. I’m OK with this. Goodwin is a senior leader. He knows when he needs a breather. Take him out when the score gets out of hand or when he says he needs a quick blow.
  3. If you aren’t playing your best player 33+ minutes you are doing it wrong. Not only is Goodwin the best player on the team he is the leader of the team. In close games he needs to be out there at least 33 minutes. He understands this and will be ready. He can catch a breather during the blow outs.
  4. I went from DirectTV to YouTube TV. love it! Absolutely no regrets. As much as I enjoy YouTube TV the best part of making the switch is not needing to deal with AT&T anymore. The customer service at AT&T might be the worst in the history of businesses. Every time I needed to talk to them it turned into a 30 minute shouting match. I was convinced my wife was going to come home from work one day and I’d be dead on the floor...cause of death “heart attack from dealing with AT&T.” Im a pretty calm guy but talking to them was just awful. Towards the end I knew how bad it was going to be so I’d pour a whiskey on the rocks before making the call. Then I’d need another after the call. F those people. I’m getting mad just thinking about it.
  5. Horrible news. He sure was fun to watch. As a guy in his 40s who drinks too much and doesn’t have the healthiest eating habits hearing news like this sure puts a scare into you.
  6. The Stocktons at Gonzaga. The Ewings at G-Town. But I think you’re right. Their aren’t very many of them.
  7. No doubt. I also think kids should listen to their parents advice and learn from their experiences. If Sr had great experiences being a Billiken I think he should share that with Jr. Ultimately it’s Jrs choice but if Sr feels it’s the best choice for his kids he wouldn’t be doing his job as a parent if he didn’t share his opinion and knowledge of the situation.
  8. Not sure. Also not sure how many dads openly campaign for friends of the family to attend their alma mater. I wouldn’t think as much of the connection except that Sr. was open about wanting Tatum to be a Billiken. I don’t think he would be pushing Tatum one way and not doing the same for his son. Jr may not end up a Billiken but you’re crazy if you don’t think the Hughes family is in his ear about attending Saint Louis U.
  9. This is why I’m so confident in the Ford and Co. landing Legend 2.0. The OG legend seemed to be all about Tatum staying home. I just can’t believe he would be that vocal about it and then not do the same for his son.
  10. The MAC? The MAC has produced a few interesting characters. Big Ben, Antonio Gates are hall of famers. Kenny Golladay puts up big numbers. I always liked Wally Szczerbiak. Ron Harper was cool. The Ice Man was The Man. As a conference as a whole...I’d rather join the OVC.
  11. This. OSU was facing 1 violation Rock Chalk is looking at 5. I think the NCAA knows the backlash will be to much to handle if they give them a slap on the wrist. KU fans should be worried.
  12. Anybody ever see a senior night at another school? Im curious how the fan turn out is at the Arkansas’ or Rhode Island’s of the world. I stay because I follow the guys from when they were Freshman until they are seniors. I don’t miss a game, I read about the players, and know about their life. These guys become a big part of my life in 4 years.I’m sure everyone on this board feels same way. However a big part of a game day crowd is just the casual fan. These people cheer for the Billikens but might only be able to name 3 or 4 guys on the team. They don’t know where Goodwin or French are from, they might not even know they are seniors. Heck a chunk of the crowd might not even know who the coach is. Im not surprised this group leaves. I’m going to continue to enjoy the senior night activities I think they are awesome but I’m not surprised a lot of people leave.
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