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  1. The name gives you options… Miami Vice theme after made threes? Giant pictures of Vice Grips? Plus he looks like a valuable player.
  2. This is definitely an issue. I think the availability of other games hurts too. People m can catch every Gonzaga, Duke, Kentucky, game they want so they latch onto these teams at a young age. When they get older they continue rooting for these teams so instead of getting season tickets they go when offered tickets. It’s a problem everywhere and I’m not sure there is a fix.
  3. I can look past that but if I ever hear Frank Cussamano say “The red hot TeamBlue took on Dayton tonight at Chaifetz arena” on the 10 PM news I’ll be pissed.
  4. I agree with this. It might pop up on social media every once in awhile but I’m not hearing it anywhere else. Maybe I don’t notice it but I don’t hear it on local sports talk or any of the local news shows. Nobody I know uses it when the team comes up in conversation. The most I see of it is people arguing about it on this board.
  5. Very similar to when I was dominating the intramural courts and deciding if I wanted to drop out with only my associates or continue on towards my bachelors.
  6. I wasn’t able to watch it all but the parts I did Thatch was awesome. Draining 3s, put backs, strong defense, getting to the bucket. If Thatch can do those things consistently there is no telling how good this team can be.
  7. You both missed the obvious first round pick for dodgeball…..Fred Thatch Jr. Strong, good hands, quick, jumping ability he’s the dodgeball total package.
  8. Any former players in Spanish or Italian leagues who might drop by a practice?
  9. Don’t tell that to Sammy the Banana Slug of UC Santa Cruz! He’s the most popular mascot around!
  10. I don’t think it’s for fans as much as it’s for teammates. Students, student athletes, alumni, faculty, are all Billikens. The basketball team is Team Blue. A smaller subset within the Billiken community. I think it’s to promote a family environment amongst the players. I think it’s kind of boring but whatever.
  11. A lot of men are doing other life things like resting their balls.
  12. Solepack not to be confused with soul-patch
  13. They just need to start over and divide all D1 football schools by geography. Then take all the non football D1 schools and do the same. Football playoffs come out of each conference and March Madness stays the same. Unfortunately this wouldn’t give the current football blue bloods enough power so it will never happenstances.
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