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  1. You are both right. Majority was probably the wrong word. A chunk of the fan base still believes this and that’s who May and Pestello will rally behind.
  2. I think one problem is that a majority of the the fan base still consider a 20 win season an accomplishment. May and Pestello realize this and they can use 20 wins to rally a large part of the fan base even though in todays game 20 wins doesn’t mean much.
  3. Nowell was incredible all tournament. I’m happy FAU won but am disappointed I won’t be able to watch him anymore. That said he seemed awfully casual bringing the ball up the court on that final play. Seemed like he had zero urgency and took to much time.
  4. So what do we do if a local kid wants to get out of St. Louis for college? I say we set him up in an apartment in Chicago, have him take online classes, have a jet fly him to and from practices and games. If we would have offered that package to Kalkbrenner he would be a Billiken. Some kids want to leave the nest for college and there is nothing that can be done about it.
  5. Most definitely. You’ll get not argument about that from me.
  6. I have two small children so I have no life. That means I read every post on this site. Mostly while in the bathroom while trying to steal some quiet time or while trying to put a toddler back to bed at 2 AM. There is no doubt in my mind you root for the Bills. I am sure you will be thrilled when they make it back to the tournament. Your “favorite Jesuit” school comments just rubbed me the wrong way. I also admit I may have been looking into those comment to deeply so my bad on that.
  7. You do you. Root for whoever you want to. I’ll admit I might be reading to much into you comments but every time I see you type “Gonzaga is my favorite WINNING Jesuit University” it grinds my gears. I’ve defended your Tennessee fandom on this board on more than a few occasions but your wording of your Gonzaga fandom seems like you are intentionally pushing buttons. That said…Go Zags. I’ll be pulling for them and Princeton the rest of the way.
  8. Nice! I was worried I was in too soon territory. Thanks for the back up!!
  9. I have absolutely no problem with your Tennessee fandom. Your recent repeated post about how “Gonzaga is your favorite winning Jesuit school” has pissed me right the f*** off. Why you post so much on your AT BEST third favorite schools message board is beyond me.
  10. I feel comfortable with those guys 2 years from now but freshman big rarely contribute.
  11. He has been the most exciting player in the tournament for sure. Not sure I understand his desire to jack up the occasional 40 footer but other than that not much to dislike.
  12. That’s gotta be one of the best individual performances in the history of the tournament. Unbelievable. 3 rebounds too.
  13. Sure but wouldn’t running your offense also get people moving?
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