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  1. This is a very reasonable and correct take. If the dude can help I don’t care if he comes from Mizzou or anywhere else.
  2. Isn’t that what assistant coaches are for? ”Hey coach JBJ is rested and ready to go.” ”Hey coach I think Hargrove would look good against this defense.”
  3. What in the world is the reasoning for this? Just leave a kid hanging and his future uncertain when the problem could be resolved years sooner? It seems I learn something new that the NCAA does wrong every other week.
  4. Im confident the Bills pull out the W but if I was a betting man I would take Fordham and the 14.5. Thats an awfully big number for the Bills to cover against a good defensive team.
  5. Speaking of Illinois RIP Robert Archibald.
  6. Do they know about each other? one to cook, one to clean, one to bang? Good for him!!
  7. Unfortunately I think we need to be worried about every game. Its who they are. The good news is that any team we play needs to be worried about the Bills too. We have the ability to beat any team in the league and the flaws to lose to any team in the league. I recommend stocking up on either heart burn medicine or booze. It’s going to be an exciting finish to the season.
  8. Looking like that was a bad decision.
  9. This Id run a grade school 2-1-2 Nobody outside the lane. 2 guys at the Free-throw line 2 guys on the blocks down low and a guy in the middle.
  10. Is it to early to bump the 20 point watch thread?
  11. Ive got meetings until 730 so I’ll be watching it on the DVR. I don’t mind that except that I have to turn all my alerts off and not check text messages during game time.
  12. This one has me nervous. I know Davidson hasn't been very good but they still have two of the top players in the conference. If Grady and big Thor go off anything can happen. I think we pull it off but I’m not overly confident.
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