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  1. I guess the good news for Carteare is that it’s a step up from DePaul.
  2. Unfortunately if the guy goes overseas to play professionally he’s going to end up in an foreign prison. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see any other outcome. I hope he can find a Nice Juco and that is the reality check he needs to straighten up. I just don’t see it happening. I just don’t see us hearing any positive news about CG ever again. I wish the guy luck!
  3. There is no possible way that Thatch only averages 2.5. He averaged over 4 last year and will have a bigger role this year. With the minutes Thatch is going to get if he only gives us 2 points per game we are in serious trouble. Do not expect him to take a step forward offensively is crazy. JMO Thanks for putting in the work to do this. I do appreciate it.
  4. I think we will see a larger rotation this year but Ford has to say that. He can’t say “I’m only going to play 7 guys this year.” As soon as he says that he runs the risk of the other guys shutting it down. why bust your ass if you know you aren’t getting any PT? As for Skinny DannyMac I now call him Skeletor!
  5. Good stuff. I want to see all their dirty laundry aired out. We are going to be watching a 30 for 30 as it happens live.
  6. Just remember it’s not always about the cash. some kids want the bag of cash, some want tractors for their farm, some want a house and a job for their mom.
  7. Instead of giving him a duffle bag of cash maybe we should have offered to make a charitable donation in his name! This miss is more on the board than on Ford.
  8. Definitely a tool. Not even a cool tool. He’s like the Allen Wrench that comes with the new end table you buy. you use the thing once to put the table together then it’s never to be seen or heard from again.
  9. This was pretty cool and the Cardinals won today. i also drank a bunch of beers so overall it was a pretty successful day!
  10. You’ve obviously never seen me with a sack of quarters and a Ms. Pac Man machine!
  11. Sure but I could never in my wildest dreams do a 360 dunk. I can grab a controller and hit up up down down left right left right B A select start get my 30 guys in Contra and kick some serious ass. growing up waiting your turn to play a video game sucked and I was watching friends play. I sure don’t want to watch strangers do it and never get to play myself.
  12. Agree. The problem is that he isn’t good enough for the NBA and I don’t think he would last a week on his own in a foreign country.
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