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  1. I’m with you on this one. I think he could be an immediate contributor and work his way into being a high level player.
  2. I coached 7th and 8th graders who were in the Juvenile Detention Center. Those games were over as soon as the other team saw us rolling up in “Department of Corrections” vans. Intimidation is the key to winning youth basketball.
  3. I have zero knowledge of the guy. any reason you don’t like the signing or were you just hoping for a bigger impact guy?
  4. They are probably just making sure everybody involved with the program is OK with giving out Austin McBrooms #2 so soon.
  5. I use the STL today app and it was on the top stories banner in the sports section for me. Who knows! That paper is a s#%* show and rarely does anything right. I would imagine half the Employees don’t even realize they have an app. That said it was a great article. That’s the type of stuff I want to see more of from Stu. Just quick updates and human interest pieces. I’m not asking for much in the off-season just a few articles to let me know Stu is still employed.
  6. December 21 that’s a Saturday! Perfect weekend get away!! very cool.
  7. Or reading posts saying he had a chance at the NBA.
  8. If he doesn’t it kind of makes him a hypocrite. He spent years telling Tatum becoming a Billikens is best for him and it will get him the exposure he needs to go to the NBA. He was all about Tatum going to Saint Louis U, and from all accounts Tatum is basically family. Then, when his son is in the same scenario, the Bills aren’t good enough? Obviously I would love Hughes 2.0 to end up in Billiken Blue but I hope he makes the best decision for him and his family. I just think it would be a bad look for Larry to push so hard for Tatum and a few years later think his son should go to a different school.
  9. The best part about signing with the Pelicans....he gets to meet Lavar a ball!! Big Baller Brand for life!!!
  10. I’m not doubting Liddell as the best player in the metro area but Hargrove and Collins both willed their teams to championship games while playing out of their minds. You play the teams that are put in front of you and Collins and Hargrove were both playing just as well as Liddell during their state title chases.
  11. Better? Yes playing better at the end of the year? Debatable
  12. I thought Hargrove was ranked higher than Collins. No?
  13. Hmm? Drunken Brett Hull sounds exactly like Gus Phillips and now that I think about it I’ve never seen Drunken Brett Hull and Gus in the same place. Could it be? Gus Phillips is Drunken Brett Hull? Drunken Brett Hull is Gus Phillips? That sure would explain a lot. “We went blue” correction “Lets go Blues”
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