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  1. The high elevation is only a problem when mixed with ice cubes formed in low elevation.
  2. I’d throw money at dumb stuff too but I’m thinking more along the lines of a hovercraft or my own island not some dude who averaged 18 and 9.
  3. Could be the best Irish Billiken since Izik O’hanon.
  4. I can see this argument too. I am just programmed to avoid Slaten at all cost.
  5. Glad the interview turned out ok but I wish someone would have advised him not to go on Slaten’s show. Best case scenario 200-250 60+ year old men hear you on a radio station that has about a 50 mile listening radius. There is no benefit from talking to that man.
  6. Dayton?!? That makes him more than a tool. It makes him a giant tool.
  7. Cheese and cracker are delicious. I can understand not considering Imo’s “pizza” but whatever you want to call it I’m eating it. Is it the cheese? I love it. But I’m a huge provel guy. Most people I know who don’t like it can’t stand provel.
  8. Jerseys are the perfect pool, beach, and float trip attire regardless of age.
  9. Imo’s is like the Creed of pizza places. It’s fine but for some reason people love to hate it. That said I think Imo’s is great and I’m not a fan of Creed.
  10. Avila being from Chicago will probably not be a fan of Imo’s. Not many of our neighbors from the north enjoy the square beyond compare.
  11. To win 1. score 2. score some more
  12. He was a starter on a 22-11, NET 66 team in a competitive West Coast Conference. I don't see a down side here. But no he is not the rebounder nor rim protector I believe we still need.
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