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  1. That’s what I figured. i guess he could end up in the G league.
  2. Interesting. i know he had an Ok year but does he have any shot of being drafted. Im guessing he will not hire an agent and pull his name but is the NBA a real possibility for him?
  3. I plan on having a case of the “Irish Flu” tomorrow morning. It usually lasts about 24 hours and I typically get it the day after consuming what some might consider too much alcohol.
  4. Those people already are doing the right thing. Unfortunately it’s the 1000’s of people who have no idea they are infected that are spreading the disease. I hear ya when it comes to the economy Roy. It’s a huge problem and something needs to be done. I just don’t think there is an easy answer here. Every idea that has been floated about has massive problems that come along with it. This is new territory and I’m not sure there is one right answer.
  5. If he ever considered dropping down to a lower division school where he would have gotten PT. Walk on at SLU never play vs Going to UMSL and getting 25 minutes a game.
  6. I agree. i think they should be given the option to stay but I think honesty from the coach is the best route. Some kids just cant hack D1 ball and I think the coach has a right to tell a student that. The student should also be given the choice to stay.
  7. What if it is in their best interest to transfer? Some guys just aren’t good enough no matter how much you work with them. I see nothing wrong with telling a player “you are more than welcome to stay but if you want playing time it’s not going to happen here.” If my coaches knew I wasn’t good enough I’d want to know so I can back my bags and head to a lower level a school.
  8. Sounds like this is going to be a series of articles. Cool idea. Good job Stu. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stltoday.com/sports/college/slu/billiken-beat/quarantined-with-slu-s-hargrove-tyler-perry-tiktok-and-school/article_736fa2af-1295-52d8-81cb-3f43e93648de.amp.html
  9. Glaze has been more of a bust as a person post basketball than he was as a player.
  10. People are buying up the toilet paper because anytime someone coughs everyone around them craps their pants.
  11. Little known fact the first “alley-oop” was completed by the Flint Michigan Tropics. It was a pass from veteran Ed Monix to high flyer Clarence Withers. This amazing feat was first used in the 1976 MegaBowl and was drawn up by Jackie Moon. The play changed the game forever.
  12. I’ve always thought of Jason Kidd.
  13. Those Detroit teams were great....I hated them! The bad boys. If you drove the lane against them you were going to end up on your backside. If you are looking for something to watch while quarantined check out the 30 for 30 “Bad Boys.” It’s amazing to see the difference in physicality between the game then and the game now.
  14. It’s awesome you saw that team live. Might be one of the best sports teams ever. The NBA talks a lot about “big 3’s” now but you will never have a big 3 that matches the defensive intensity those guys had. I saw Jordan play with the Wizards in Memphis but by that time he wasn’t Jordan anymore.
  15. That’s true he was also a once in a generation player when it came to rebounding. He also played 4 years in college and was a second round pick after averaging 25 and 15. Rodman number one priority was rebounding but he occasionally put up shots. He went 82 of 355 from 3 in his career not good but just enough to make you guard him. He also had a year with the Pistons that he hit 32 of 100 from 3. So he could shoot a little.
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