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  1. It’s like a Yelp restaurant review. people will have hundreds of meals with great service and food and not say a word. When the same person has a negative experience they post a giant review ranting and raving about the restaurant.
  2. I thought Hanlens response was thoughtful and well done. people may complain about the timing but unfortunately this is the o only time his message will be heard.
  3. Especially a non-traditional NBA player. I could coach the Jayson Tatums of the world into the league but having a guy like Goodwin who improved each year and worked his way into the league looks really good.
  4. I’m betting this is 100% about playing time. JBJ is a junior and was going to be 3rd on the depth chart. At best he would have been 2nd next year. I’m betting he didn’t work his ass off to lose 100 pounds to ride pine. He is going to take this year and reassert himself as a force to be reckoned with. Im rooting for the guy!
  5. I was mad for years about that but I’ve come to realize that was on St. Louis and it’s “leaders” not the the Bidwells.
  6. I don’t follow the NFL like I used to but I’ll be rooting for Bidwells and the Big Red from now on.
  7. That’s how I understood it too. he also talked about his “brother” Corey Tate.
  8. Awesome! The pipeline continues. I am super excited about this one! Also and I know this is juvenile and very petty of me so I apologize but I just can’t help myself…..Suck it Mizzou!
  9. Keeps his nose out of the water but what about the ice cubes? Can he have European ice cubes?
  10. I read some reports saying they believe the Cavinder twins can make as much as 3 million a year as “social Media influencers.” I don’t think the starting QB for Alabama will be bringing in that type of change.
  11. I think this may benefit the smoke show female athlete more than anybody. A good looking woman can get millions of Instagram followers by posting one selfie in a bikini. The attractive female athlete is going to make a killing.
  12. Fosters….Yay or Nay? Does he throw shrimp on the barbie? Did the dingo eat her baby?
  13. Agree. I loved him as a player growing up. I hope he goes the pro route so I can stop criticizing every move he makes.
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