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  1. Tillmon had the potential to be a first round pick but for whatever reason it just never came together. I’d like to see this matchup to see how quickly French could get Tillmon in foul trouble. He would have him on the bench by the Bills 6th possession.
  2. I think streaming, AT&T now is the only option. I think most cable providers still have it minus few.
  3. Thanks for the info. I’m pumped it’s ESPN+ gives me a few extra days to figure out my FSMW situation. Plus the 11 AM start is perfect for Bloody Mary’s
  4. Same here. Finally started using a lumbar roll when driving and paying more attention to how I sit and my posture. It’s slowly getting better but each wrong move reminds me it’s still a problem. Bad backs suck.
  5. I’m in. 5’11 with a build like Donnie Dobbs. At one point I was probably 6 foot but back problems seem to be causing me to shrink.
  6. This will forever be one of my favorite sports plays of all time. It ranks right up there with Ozzie’s go crazy home run and the Rams smacking the 49ers in week 5 on their way to the super bowl. It wasn’t just the sequence of what happened but the meaning of it all. Dominating a P5 team, a perfect half of basketball, a perfect call by Rammer, Earl giddy as a school girl. The combination of everything that happened in those few minutes made it a defining moment in Billiken basketball history. It’s a moment I will never forget and every time I hear the call I will get goose bumps
  7. No fans you say? We will see about that. they will never know.
  8. If that’s the case....One of these things is getting slaughtered next week....The other is a Turkey!
  9. NFL is a ratings monster. It sucks but I get it. As long as it’s always 97.1 when they are bumped I’ll be happy. When they got bumped on 101.1 it seemed you never knew what station they would be moved to. It sounds like it will always be 97.1 so it will at least be consistent.
  10. VIPBOX.COM FIRSTROWSPORTS.COM What a pain in the asss that was.
  11. No point in canceling it nobody else has FSMW either.
  12. I’m pretty sure it’s Sinclair being a bunch of greedy SOBs. FSMW has also been dropped by Sling and FuboTV plus I’m pretty sure they are still in a dispute with dish. I think AT&T streaming or AT&T Direct TV/Uverse are the only carriers that provide FSMW.
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