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  1. I see this a lot but I’m not sure this is an option for French. I think people forget how hard it is to play in the NFL. People who have been training their entire lives can’t make it. We have no idea if French is fast enough or if he can catch a pass. Mo Alie-Cox is always thrown out there as a comp but he ran a 4.75 40. That is some serious speed for a guy his size. plus there is a good chance French doesn’t want to risk brain damage when he could make a great living overseas playing the sport he loves. Then again if Tim Tebow can do it at 33 years old, why the heck
  2. OU and Texas? You don’t see that very often. who do you root for in the Red River shoot out? I like them both too actually. Ive have a lot of cousins who live and went to UT and my grandfather is from OK and loved watching Sooners football. When they played each other I lean UT.
  3. Obviously the Bills will always be my favorite team but I go through phases with enjoying to watch other teams. I actually liked the Christian Laetnner Duke teams and the Fab 5. I was in grade school and both of those teams were larger than life. I really enjoyed watching Princeton knock off big time programs running Pete Carril’s “Princeton Offense.” I liked St. Joes before the Bills moved to the A10. I usually root for Xavier. I hate Cincinnati and Memphis from the CUSA days. I wouldn’t mind Arizona getting the death penalty. Kentucky and Kansas can go with them.
  4. The phrase “These are deals you just can’t PASS up” will definitely be used. Most likely while Yuri “passes” some rolled up carpet to Becki.
  5. Lol Poor guy just can’t get anything right.
  6. I gotta think the circus that is Penny and Memphis isn’t great for future recruiting. I would think other coaches are going to use the over recruiting and mass exodus of players against them.
  7. From the article: “It’s not like the SLU program is all about doing the right thing. This is the same program that waited until after its run to the A-10 title and NCAA Regionals in 2018 to suspend an all-conference player for “violating team policy” for an alleged sexual assault that occured in Jannuary of that year.” What an f’ing Jack Wagon. He has all these crazy theories when the most obvious answer is that the A10 investigated and found nothing.
  8. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2015/07/12/arthur-long-east-high-school-nba-drugs/30027229/ Art Long. “His most notorious confrontation with police occurred while in college when he was accused of slugging a police horse.He and Cincinnati star Danny Fortson, who was also arrested with him on allegations of drunkenness, were later acquitted.”
  9. The Bills haven’t been in a conference or played Cincinnati (that I can remember off the top of my head)in almost 20 years, yet I still hate them with a passion. To this day I believe if I saw Bobby Brannen walking down the street I would punch him right in the face. I wouldn’t be sad if Danny Fortson got a severe case of Herpes and to this day I wish Tony Bobbitt had been married to Lorena. Don't even get me started on Huggins. All that said, I wish Madsen a healthy college career.
  10. I think Hargrove is on the path most quality College players take. He comes in as a freshman and get spot minutes while learning the system and what he needs to do. Sophomore season, earn more minutes and improve on what you learned as a freshman. Junior year big contributor. Senior year even bigger contributor. I think this is how most players should develop at the college level. The problem is that the Bills haven’t been deep enough to develop players this way. We have been forced to throw freshman into big minute. With the depth they have now they ca
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