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  1. Sorry, you're right. I was nitpicking wording.
  2. I would argue that his performance at the end of last year was the first hint.
  3. Interesting that Nesbitt and Kern are both saying they are making their decision on October 1, although I guess Kern said "around" October 1. Is it possible that they, or Ford, have a reason to announce together that they are both coming to SLU?
  4. He just seems like the perfect replacement for JG. As much as a I love JG, Nesbitt could end up being a more skilled version of Goodwin. I hope he realizes how well he fits into what we do. If he comes here, he will be given every opportunity to succeed. At schools like Illinois and Memphis, he will be riding the pine at the first sign of struggle and they will constantly be trying to recruit over him.
  5. This seemed to make the most sense. Why would we go from being in a bubble in Orlando right to being in a different bubble in Houston? Just stay in Orlando and have games against the plethora of teams that are already there.
  6. If it is decided that fans cannot attend games, I wonder if schools will look into offering special pay-per-view television packages for all home games. I know that some would have ended up on free TV already, but putting games on advertising based television (whether it is free, cable, dish-based, streaming, etc.) doesn't bring much money in for the school. A pay-per-view format might provide a bit of revenue. Not saying its going to happen or if I like it or not. Just wondering if they are considering it.
  7. and everyone is assuming that he won't be this year. I, personally, think he will start.
  8. Seeing these rankings always makes me wonder what weird criteria they use, or that changes from year to year, that causes changes to the rankings. I sometimes think that social pressures cause US News to add considerations that aren't truly indicative of how good a school is.
  9. So, what you are saying is that we'd have to be a P5 school to get away with that kind of stuff.
  10. I think it will eliminate the Cinderella mid-major team from making a run in the tournament. In the past, those have been veteran teams that commentators laud because they have chemistry (i.e. Loyola Chicago a few years ago). If you eliminate the experience that lower level teams can build over time, then I think you won't see those surprise tournament teams anymore. I also think it will hurt fan support from many schools. The big programs that cater to one and doners have fan bases that are so strong they can overcome turning over the entire roster every two years. Non-bluechip level teams will take a hit due to their fanbases not being able to follow guys for several years. Lastly, regardless of whether it is inevitable or not, it will suck for Ford, or whoever our coach is, to bring in a guy that we hope is a diamond in the rough, a situation we rely on, and then see the kid develop into a star, only to be snapped up by a powerhouse school before getting to see the end of his career. I see Jimerson as just this type of kid. If he breaks out over the next season or two, why wouldn't he transfer to University of Virginia if they had a final four team already and Bennett tells him that he is the missing piece of their puzzle. He gets to play in his home state and his parents can come to more games. Situations like that will make it hard to be a Billiken fan. I hope Chris May is using every bit of power he has in his position on that NCAA committee to prevent that rule change from happening. EDIT - saw SLU72's comments and realize that some of our points were very similar
  11. Totally agree. I think Bell will play the 5 and Okoro will play the 4. I think of Okoro as the replacement for French, even though French often is our only big man out there. So, when I said that I wanted a big to replace Okoro, I was referring more the the 4 than the 5.
  12. I'd love to sign Nesbitt and Kern and hold the last scholarship for the Spring. Then, when we're ranked and riding high, perhaps we will be able to shoot higher than our current options for a big to come in an eventually take over for Okoro.
  13. Yeah, I have to agree. How about this, students and band get their section and nothing more. Season ticket holders get the rest of the arena. If that puts a strain on student's getting in due to social distancing, then the Athletic Department will just have to figure out a way to make sure the most dedicated students are the ones that get in.
  14. Here's a really selfish take on that question. I pay for my seats. The students typically have to be bribed with pizza or t-shirts to come to the game. I think that season ticket holders should have priority.
  15. What percentage of the capacity of Chaifetz is made up of season ticket holders? If it's 30% and that becomes the standard for in-person attendance, then great. I'd sit anywhere inside Chaifetz to be able to watch this season.
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