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  1. New posters are much more turned off by idiodic arguments like the one you are participating in/driving rather than a poster giving them a polite lesson on how posts are typically dealt with on this board. I see no problem with Quality's post.
  2. I had already resolved myself that if JB made an NBA team, I was going to buy and wear his jersey. That plan will be tested if he makes the Nuggets, since Kroenke owns the team.
  3. I still have to agree with ACE on this one. Any opportunity you give the P5 to be able to funnel talent to their teams they will take advantage of. I cannot imagine a situation where transfer rules are loosened and it does not result in mid major talent moving to the P5. If the transfer rules are changed to allow for more ease of transferring, then the A10 will be turned into extended AAU. Kids will sign with A10 schools thinking of it as a tryout for the P5. You'll start to see Coach K, Coach Self, or Coach Williams showing up for a SLU/Dayton game just like they would for the Peach Jam. It'll be just another recruiting trip. Any star players will leave for big programs as soon as the season ends.
  4. I'm guessing that Lewis assumed that he would be immediately elligible, but was told by someone in SLU's compliance department that it was unlikely that he would be able to play first semester. He then looked at going to class all summer, all fall, and all spring only to be eligible for play in the spring and decided it wasn't worth it when he could be playing for money in Europe or somewhere else.
  5. While I agree with a lot of what you said in this post, I disagree with some as well. SLU will do much better in a system that restricts transfers. We will do worse in a system of unfettered transfering. We will never get to where we want to the program to be if the good players we sign as freshmen are allowed to become free agents and sign with better schools. We could lose French and/or Goodwin after next season if they have enough credits to graduate. I know its hard when the rules bite us like they did here, but we'd rather have a system where a kid like Gordon has to consider sitting out before transferring to DePaul. Like I said, I agree with much of your point, but a free transfer system is devastating to our path to the top.
  6. Sounds like a typical Boston reaction. Idiots. If there was a Cardinal player that grew up in Boston cheering for the Bruins, I would have no problem him pulling for them now.
  7. Interesting thing I looked up: The last time St. Louis was in the World Series, the Cardinals lost - - - to Boston The last time St. Louis was in the Super Bowl, the Rams lost - - - to Boston The last time St. Louis was in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Blues lost - - - to Boston The last time St. Louis was in the NBA Finals, the Hawks lost - - - to Boston
  8. "Ryan is a big-time defender," head coach Mike Irvin said. "He can guard the pick and roll, and he’s an elite rim protector." "By him winning defensive player of the session," Irvin said. "(Ryan) is showing he’s one of the best centers in the country."
  9. And people were comparing him to Gillman and Neufeld. Don't comment if you don't know and trust Ford. This kid is for real. His mom played for SLU. Let's get him. Hopefully, his parents don't read this board.
  10. Maybe Chris Carrawell would like to come back home to St. Louis. If he's angling for a head coaching job, maybe giving him the associate head coach title might sweeten the deal for him. Not saying it's likely, just throwing it out there. Another possibility would be Jamal Walker at Illinois. If he sees the Illini as not going anywhere, he might consider jumping to his alma mater.
  11. Okay. Duh. Mike Anderson at St. John's with AC Cleveland. I still hope we pay well enough that a regular assistant coach job at St. John's is not better than the AC job at SLU.
  12. Hopefully, we pay our associate head coach better than Cleveland pays its assistant coaches.
  13. This smacks of people wanting to change just to have change. What exactly is the benefit of opening these streets back up? Right now, kids on these streets can safely ride their bikes without their parents worrying about cars flying down the road. Drug deals don't go down in the middle of those streets anymore, because the dealers know their trapped if the police show up. Now, someone who probably fashions his or her self as "progressive" wants to remove the barriers to ...... "open up the City grid?" I think that was a quote from the article. Strange motivation that sounds a lot like change just for the sake of change. Someone wants to feel better about themselves for accomplishing something without really considering the issue.
  14. I can see fans of a team like Drake or Bradley saying the same thing about scheduling us to a home and home. We turn them down for the same reasons that the Iowas or Nebraskas of the basketball world turn us down. It's sad but true. I wish the NCAA would place certain road game requirements on teams, but I don't think that will ever happen.
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