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  1. The problem with what you are saying is that we weren't, for the most part, grabbing rebounds of missed shots. When its late in game and the other team is coming back on you, it is because they are making their shots or making free throws. This means that there is not an opportunity to grab a rebound and streak down the floor. If you are inbounding the ball, and you are under pressure, you have to take special care to make sure you don't turn it over. If you do it the right way, the way Majerus taught it as well, you slowly work the ball into the other team's end without turning it over. Running for the sake of running is the last thing you want to do when being pressured in your end late in the game, especially when you are inbounding the ball after the other team makes a shot.
  2. Played well enough to win and inexplicitely couldn’t hit free throws.
  3. The #13 team in the country is not good? I think very many people who know a lot more about basketball than you would disagree.
  4. Typing this with 12:00 left. Regardless of the final outcome, this is a great effort against a #13 team on the road.
  5. Jordan leads the Wizards in rebounds in the game going on against the Heat with 6 despite not starting.
  6. My group is going to the Davidson game this year. Staying in downtown Charlotte. Already have our tickets. We have 20 guys going. Let me know if you are going.
  7. Just checked the stats on ESPN.com to see if he was getting any minutes and saw that he started. What a great moment for JG.
  8. Was anybody from this board at the game? Wondering how many SLU fans were there.
  9. We are 2-1 in our big four non-con games. Any of us on this board would have taken that before the season.
  10. Totally agree with Majerus Mojo’s thoughts. Good teams sometimes lose and sometimes they lose big. We are not going to win every game. Nor will any team in the Top 10. We can’t control the fact that non-power conference schools get their losses forgiven more than we will. Knowing that is not going to magically make us win every game. So far, in our big four non-con games, we are 1-1. Let’s stay positive and see what happens.
  11. My opinion is that we shouldn't be helping the other team's fans attend our games just so that we can get an extra 300 or 400 people in the building. They're opposing fans. Screw em.
  12. When H was here, I don't recall national media giving him respect as possibly being the best point guard in the country. With Yuri, he's getting mentioned during the Texas/Gonzaga game.
  13. If he goes the whole season and he and the team preserves his redshirt by his not coming into a game, I predict that in the offseason, Ford will be talking about knowing what a good player he will have in Kramer next season as a red-shirt freshman.
  14. I feel like we’re a matchup nightmare for any team. Ford just has to determine a team’s weakness. Not good add guarding the three point line - we have guys for that. Not good guarding bigs inside - we have guys for that. Not good against a team that plays uptempo - we have guys for that. Not good against teams that play a physical game - we have guys for that. Not very deep and can get worn out be a team who is deep and will run you all over the floor - we have a whole team for that.
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