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  1. I'd take a kid who a good shooter, even if he was a slight step back from Gibson level, if that kid had a bit more of an upside athletically and a father with a very strong connection to the program.
  2. These refs don't seem to want to give the Lady Bills any calls. I think it's time for Stone to launch another shoe.
  3. I don't disagree with what you are saying. I'm just saying that if he can shoot at a level near what Gibson can, I'd strongly consider taking him. I have to assume that he can defend at a better or same level as Gibson could when he first arrived. If his shooting doesn't pan out to what was previously discussed, then we'd have to think twice.
  4. He doesn't have to be his father to be a contributor here. If he can step into Jimerson's spot as our outside threat, that would be fine by me. I'm not saying that he has Gibson's shooting ability. That remains to be seen. I'm just saying that a consistent outside shooting threat is nothing to turn our noses up to.
  5. Love watching gals hit threes so consistently in the ladies game. Their form is always perfect.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Perfect distraction between mundane tasks at work.
  7. Depends on your definition of "key part." He's not going to be getting as many minutes as French or Linssen. As DOC pointed out, Ford often likes to play with just one big. I think Bell will contribute as our third big. His contribution will be important. However, I don't know that I believe that what he will give this year will be considered "a key part of the team."
  8. The only thing keeping me going during this COVID pause is being able to cheer for LSU, Minnesota, and NC State.
  9. Hey 3star, can Hughes Jr. defend? His reputation is as a shooter, even though he has more to prove in that regard. On the offensive end, you can be one dimensional if your special skill is shooting. However, you need to be able to defend to be effective on the Billikens. What have you seen?
  10. I have thought the same thing. The research shows that the incubation period can be 2-14 days, but the most like scenario is that you get exposed 4-7 days prior to symptoms showing up or a positive test. This puts the exposure that started all this smack dab around the KC game where all the families were allowed to attend. I doubt it was the families being in Chaifetz, but rather the players being exposed to their families before and after the game. The families may not have been following the strict protocols that the team was adhering to. This is not a criticism of any decision to a
  11. Yes. Please read this and understand it. There is no kicking programs out of conferences. Can we stop mentioning that now?
  12. NC State against #19 Clemson is on the ACC Network tonight at 6:00 Central. It might be on ESPN+ as well. Go Wolfpack!!!
  13. And that's why this is the best college basketball fan site in the nation!!!
  14. If things get better COVID-wise, and I'm not counting on it by any means just hoping, this could be a great development for SLU fans if fans end up being allowed in some capacity. Indy is only a 3 hour 20 minute drive from the Lou.
  15. I feel like being ranked again is worthy of some pit bull. Anyone got it. I don't.
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