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  1. Totally agree. That's the toughest part about having to try to combat this over optimism. I'm extremely excited about these guys. I just don't want to submarine them by saddling the team with expectations that are too high. But, my excitement for watching a group develop over a few seasons hasn't been higher.
  2. Whenever you add seven new players, it’s obviously about figuring everything out. It’s going to take time. We put together a very tough schedule. But we think, physically and talent-wise, we’re going to be able to compete in what I think will be the best A-10 in the past 10 years. It’s going to be a lot for our team because we’re so young. But if we can get that leadership from those three core guys, then we have a chance. But again, it’s just going to take a while. It’s not going to happen overnight with this team, where last year we got out of the gates on fire. I agree. He must not read this board. He clearly should know that every player is going to play up to their four year potential on day one and mesh perfectly together. We're headed for a title baby. Don't be such a downer Ford.
  3. The Missouri Athletic Club has a deep connection with the sport of soccer. It gives out the equivalent to the Heisman Trophy for college soccer every year. If Kavanaugh want to use this connection, he could call the team Missouri Athletic Club (with permission, obviously). The nickname could be the Macs. Symbol for the shield would already be there. No issue with the Kansas City team, since they play in Kansas. One issue would be no "St. Louis" in the title. I don't necessarily love it, but its an idea.
  4. Even if he chooses someone else (other than Dayton, of course), I think he would escape the "tool" designation given his comments and putting us in the mix with so many P5 schools.
  5. I like either Gateway St. Louis or the Spirit of St. Louis (resurrecting the old ABA team name). Please no St. Louis FC.
  6. I totally agree. So, why aren't we applying the same standard to the present class. We believe that they have a lot of potential, but it has to be developed and they will have to do some growing up before they become the legends that we will remember.
  7. That's fine. That team went 12-19. Let's say this group is five wins better. That would make them 17-14, which I would say is a reasonable expectation. Saying that they are going to contend in the A-10 is something we can hope for, but not expect. Also, the experienced guys you are counting on include Perkins, who's only played JUCO, Weaver, who's only success was in the Ohio Valley, and then Goodwin, Thatch, and French. I don't think its that different. Conklin and Ellis could shoot. Goodwin, Thatch, and French have not shown they can consistently. We're hopeful, but they haven't shown it. These guys have some skills that Conklin and Ellis didn't have, but the comparison isn't that bad.
  8. A lot of folks keep citing the incredible talent we have as a reason why we will or should compete for the A-10 this year. Let's compare this year to 2010-2011. That team's freshmen class had Jordair Jett, Mike McCall, Rob Loe, and Dwayne Evans. In retrospect, you could call this freshman class one of the most talented freshmen classes we've had. They were complimented by a quality inside big, Brian Conklin, and a big-man, outside shooter in Sophomore Cody Ellis. I know that Kwamain was out that year, but otherwise, things on that team seem rather similar to the young talent that we are excited about this year. This bunch was coached by RickMa. That group went 12-19. There are guys like myself who want to be careful about the expectations this year. Being careful/realistic about the chances this season does not mean that we aren't excited about the guys coming in. I was very excited about the 2010-2011 freshmen class as well. My excitement was rewarded two to three years later. If we had expected that group to contend (whatever that means to whomever is using the term) we would have been doing a great disservice to those freshmen and to Rick. We all are happy with this class. Be patient and give them time to develop.
  9. If you remember, Ford talked a lot before last season about how bad they looked and how much work they had to do. His comments seem different this year. I still think we have an uphill climb this season to keep up with the top of the A-10, but I like what Ford thinks of his team so far.
  10. It'll be interesting to see if Hazelwood Central can keep both of these kids all four years.
  11. I find it funny when you point out to millennials that have "cut the cord" that they are actually paying more for less service when you add up all of the different sites they send money to.
  12. They look like pajama tops, if anyone actually wears those anymore.
  13. I agree that Goodwin dominated the offense boards against the point guards that were guarding him. It's a huge advantage that he has. I don't agree that doing so is the equivalent of dominating in his overall game. He's showing signs that he could become that player. He just hasn't done it yet.
  14. You're right. We agree on a lot more than it appeared. I think all of the things you are saying could happen. I am hopeful that all those things happen. However, all of them would need to happen to make us better this season than last season. That's asking a lot. Here's to hoping.
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