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  1. So, we are in the East Region for our women's team, but the Southeast Region for our men's team?
  2. If he can do that at the beginning of a possession or two when he catches his defender napping or sagging back, it will draw the defender out and allow Nesbitt to blow by him the next few times.
  3. Love: Billikens, Cardinals, Blues Like, and actively cheer for: White Sox (wanted an AL team to cheer for when I was in high school), Colts & Pacers (perfect pairing with STL since they have NBA & NFL and we have MLB and NHL; also Indy is only about a 3 hours 15 minute drive), Indiana University (my son is starting there in the fall so I'm learning); and, sorry, Mizzou football and basketball (my father was a huge SLU and Mizzou fan when I was growing up so it goes way back) Don't cheer for, but appreciate from a distance: SF Giants, Boise State Football, GB Packers, Gonzaga
  4. I cannot disagree with this. Not sure if it would or would not hold up, but I don't disagree.
  5. This is being done for two reasons: 1. Social Pressure - The idea of college athletes being able to benefit from their likenesses sounds like a reasonable thing before one considers the abuses that will occur 2. Blue Bloods Realizing it Will Benefit Them - The big programs see that this will legitimize what they have been doing under the table for years. They love that it will prevent them from having to hide this activity any more and that being able to promise a kid that "if you come to ********, you will get $50,000 in endorsement deals," making it even more likely that the are a
  6. I agree with the video game argument. Divide the royalties by the number of student athletes shown and send them a check. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with extending the rule to personal appearances and advertising when it is likely that allowing so will more mostly result in pay for play scenarios rather than a business truly thinking that paying the player will really benefit their bottom line. As far as not knowing what will happen since the rule is just going into effect, somethings are just common sense. I guarantee that when this all starts, you will see colle
  7. My response to that is to say that for what you are saying to be true there would have to be some demand for players to do endorsements and appearances that is getting thwarted by the NCAA rules prohibiting such enterprise. That demand doesn't exist. So, all this is really accomplishing is to legalize what had been illegal payoffs to players. Let's just use SLU for now. Our professional athletes in town rarely get chosen for cashing in on local ad money. If they're not getting appearance money and ad money, why would SLU players? I'm a passionate Billiken fan, but I recognize that th
  8. No one is really going to say that it is a good move for their business to pay some college athlete $10,000 for a personal appearance. Let's not kid ourselves, this will all be payoffs to kids that now is legal. If a guy who owns a car dealership in St. Louis is a Mizzou guy, he'll pay his endorsement checks to Mizzou kids. If a law firm on the East Side has a bunch of partners that are Illinois fans, they will pay their money to an Illini player. I certainly don't expect our kids to have some advantage in this area for endorsement dollars. These will all be prearranged payoffs to kids fr
  9. If/When our kids get endorsement deals, will they be allowed to use the Billiken name and logo, or will they have to just go off of their name and face recognition?
  10. The shot off the crossbar was after having some decent possession of the ball. I hope we get back to that instead of just blasting the ball down the field.
  11. If these announcers refer to another pass as being “delightful” again I’m going to lose it.
  12. Announcers said it was an even half of soccer, but I thought the ball was in Washington’s half much more than it was in ours.
  13. Any chance he became friends with Nesbitt during Jordan's semester there?
  14. To follow up on Bauman's points, is SLU considered a permanent landing spot for top coach, or to put it another way, are we a destination program? If not, what are the drawbacks that prevent us from being a permanent position for a top coach wanting to build a top program?
  15. I wonder if it would be different with blackout rules for someone who lives in a market that carries Bally's Sports MW?
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