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  1. Goodwin's skill set and Jacobs' skill set are very, very different. Not saying that in a bad way at all, but they're just not comparable players.
  2. I think there's a strong possibility that we actually signed the Collins triplets and Ford is always running a fresh one into the game.
  3. But maybe that's just what he needs. Get away. Get a different perspective on the world. Be forced to be self-reliant. Nothing in this country has worked for him.
  4. Everything but (edited) his shooting touch reminded me of French. If I were the coaching staff, I'd sell him on they idea of that spot opening up.
  5. Everything you say is correct. The disagreement is on expectations. He's starting right now to get the opening tip and to keep French out of foul trouble for the first 7 minutes or so. If he was on the bench at the beginning of the game, I'd bet you'd be with the rest of us who are willing to be patient and let him develop. Remember Chris Heinrich. He gave us almost nothing his first two years, and then was a decent center for us the last two. I think Bell has more potential than Heinrich. We just need to not be expecting him to be playing at an upperclassman level in the first 10 games since leaving high school.
  6. Agree. I've been a fan of what Bell has done so far. He's shown good big man moves when he's one on one. He's decent defensively. Those that are critical need to remember that it takes a big man longer to develop at the D1 level.
  7. I totally agree with some of the comments above. The identity of this team right now is its versatility. We have different guys that can match up with whatever the other team gives us. Bell has even given us extended stretches when his size was the advantage we needed. Weaver can give us speed and outside shooting. Jimerson can give us shooting and, as a pleasant surprise, a little bit of defense. Yuri can create when needed. Perkins can come in when we just need scoring. Thatch, when back to healthy, can shut an opposing star down. Ford has depth that he hasn't had here before, and, more importantly, the pieces to plug in for what the match up requires. No one other than French and Goodwin are consistent yet. Nobody is a legit superstar. This team is about Ford having so many options. Let's let him mix and match as necessary.
  8. Kentucky shouldn't have lost to Evansville. Duke shouldn't have lost to Stephen F. Austin. Even the best teams in the land have bad games. We're spending all this time talking about a bad five minutes when our team is 7-1. Maybe we should over analyze the great finishes we've had or the outstanding 2nd halves. If you dissect each game played by the national champion every year, I think you will find a five minute stretch in every game where they were outscored by the other team. Let's just enjoy that our team is built for the second half and keep enjoying these wins.
  9. And who on this team can you count on doing better than 1-2......
  10. He made one of two which is about what anyone else is going to make. I think his poise and leadership is important at the end. Until our younger guys mature, he probably should be in at the end. Who else would you have in?
  11. When do we hang to Gotham Championship banner?
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