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  1. Agree with KShoe. If you polled the fans at Creighton, Xavier, and Butler and asked them if they are happy to be in the BigEast or feel they should have stayed in their former conference, does anyone really think the results would be any less than 98% or more saying they are happy to be in the BigEast? Again, it's a no brainer. If we don't want it, other schools will seize the opportunity and then we will be crying in our milk that we didn't do everything possible to get in.
  2. If I am looking at the SLU campus map correctly, it looks like this is going to take up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the parking lot that sits adjacent to the arena. Am I correct?
  3. If the student athletes don't live at this place, are we really expecting them to walk to it to get a smoothie? I hope it is near enough to where all of the athletes are living that they use it.
  4. I have zero reservations about joining the Big East. Ford already recruits well to our A-10 program. If we were in the Big East, we could be viewed as landing spots for guys like Beal and Tatum that come along in the future.
  5. To answer the question, SLU could have men's and women's Division 1 hockey teams, thus balancing out any Title 9 implications. To have a football team, we would have to add five women's teams in sports we don't already have.
  6. Wild speculation here, with a little bit of hope mixed in. How about an on campus hockey arena is being constructed to be followed by a D-1 hockey program?
  7. The last four World Series winning managers were on their first managerial jobs and hadn't won a World Series until they did. Dave Roberts won in his 5th full year of being a manager. Alex Cora won in his 1st season as a manager. Dave Martinez won in his 2nd year of managing. A.J. Hinch was in his, basically 4th year of being a manager when he won. The trend lately is definitely not for long tenured, experienced managers winning the World Series. Its all been new guys. Not sure that just saying a guy is "no world series winner" is a valid justification for hiring or not hiring.
  8. The annual trip I do with a group of alums, probably 10 - 12 this year, will be to Duquesne. Any have plans for going to the Duquesne game?
  9. Don't get too happy about it. They are the least of the evils in front of us. I will be cheering for the Barves, but not so much that I will be doing the chop. At this point, me wanting the Barves to win is more about not wanting the other teams to win.
  10. The last time the NFL got sued in this situation, it was Cleveland. The Browns had moved to Baltimore and Cleveland sued. What the NFL had going for it at the time was the Cleveland was so hungry for football that offering it an expansion team was an easy fix to the situation. After settling that case, the NFL put new relocation guidelines in place that were intended to, if followed, prevent them from being sued again. Then the Rams moved to LA. The NFL completely ignored the relocation guidelines it put in place during the Cleveland lawsuit when it allowed the Rams to move. This fact has actually made the St. Louis lawsuit better than the one Cleveland had. When more stringent, very logical and straight forward guidelines are blown off, the case looks better to a jury. Now there are stories about offering St. Louis a team. I suspect that the owners, hearing that things look dire for them, are now wanting to make it go away without actually having to pay out real money. An expansion team requires logistics, but doesn't require the NFL to write a check. There are several differences between this situation and the one in Cleveland that the idiot NFL owners are not considering: 1. Most people in St. Louis don't want a team. I would take one, but I know that many wouldn't. People in St. Louis aren't going to be willing to trade the vengeance that comes with this lawsuit for a new team like Cleveland did. 2. St. Louis's lawsuit is better than the one Cleveland had for the reason's mentioned above. 3. The NFL has 32 teams divided into two 16 team conferences which are made up of 4-four team divisions. It is perfectly symmetrical right now. 33 teams is a mess. Having an odd number of teams means going back to one team having a bye every week. They would also have one division with 5 teams when all the others have 4. It just doesn't work out. It think the talk about an expansion team is just newly discovered desperation by the NFL owners. Kinda makes me smile.
  11. On the positive side, he has, by my calculations, 13 points in 14 minutes of playing time. Hopefully, the Wizard's coaching staff sees the efficiency he produces.
  12. If anyone sees Inigo Montoya milling around Chaifetz, call security immediately.
  13. One of his misses was 3/4 court heave at the buzzer. So, his stats were even better than they appeared. I only wish he didn't have that one airball mixed in there.
  14. Four teams in the wild card/play-in games and the Giants and As.
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