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  1. Sorry. You did have a smattering of folks that understood your passion, as I did. I actually miss having you there, because now my loud and unruly behavior, usually yelling at the refs, is now longer overshadowed.
  2. Yes. This is why Kansas City's soccer stadium and race car track are in Kansas. Nickel and diming millionaires for their "pocket change," as NewYearBill called it, can result in much more than pocket change going to other states other than Missouri.
  3. But, isn't that basically true of all teams?
  4. Yeah. I might have been the only guy in the section to get along with 05. So, that tells you a little bit about what I'm like.
  5. This university has a huge hospital with its name on it and a ridiculous number of doctors practicing under the SLU Care umbrella. We should be able to get a doctor to give us the letter. Heck, if there are doctors out there signing off on anyone who wants it getting a weed certificate or people being able to bring peacock's on airplanes, Ford certainly should be able to get one doctor to give us the documentation that Fred needs.
  6. I was the guy with his wife right in front of you on the aisle in Row P.
  7. This board is always at its best when coming together to deal with a troll.
  8. This is the best thing you've said in any of your posts.
  9. My seats are in 102 so I was there also. I heard and saw the guy in the Dayton jersey mouthing off after the game. This dipsh#t was actually somewhat getting in the faces of older Billiken fans walking up the steps. I yelled at him, think I dropped and F Bomb on him, and waited for a response. He quieted down. If he had responded to me, it probably would have been on, because I was not in the proper mood for rational thought at that moment. I also saw the folks leaving early. Crazy. Any chance you were sitting with two other guys on the aisle in Row Q?
  10. Can't wait to see our guys holding the cup above their heads at mid court surrounded by students.
  11. Among his other coaching attributes, we all need to remember that Coach Ford is the greatest promoter of our program as a head coach that we've ever had.
  12. I think it is more likely that next season we are saying that Bell and Has are one of the best big man combos in SLU history. With Bell having more experience and better agility and Has playing the 4 where he will get better looks and an easier defensive assignment. Look out.
  13. I thought the same thing. Put it in the bold prediction category, but his shooting touch makes me think it's a possibility.
  14. Obviously, Fred's health and future are first and foremost and basketball comes somewhere behind that. However, let's assume for a moment the doctors can get this cleared up and Fred can return to basketball. At this point, I'm assuming that all parties are better off just shutting down this season and getting a medical redshirt. That way he can play three more seasons.
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