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  1. I get that. I just still don't like the idea of losing our better players and replacing them with ones that the power conferences didn't want.
  2. I think if the 64 teams broke away, it would be for football only. The rest would remain connected to the NCAA.
  3. I thought that the story was that OU and Texas had a deal where they got a greater portion of pie than they were supposed to of Big 12 revenue sharing. When the issue of the Big 12 Network came up, they both insisted that the profits from the network be split the same way and not equally. I even seem to remember that they wanted a bigger inequity coming their way from the network and they held the idea of having their own network over the other schools' heads. That was apparently the last straw for Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, and A&M.
  4. I have no issues with the State of Texas, but I have always disliked the University of Texas. Same with the State of Ohio and Ohio State. I would love it if the SEC said, "Sure, we'll take Oklahoma, but we'd rather have Baylor as the other one. The U of Texas hasn't been a football power for a while now.
  5. This is confirmation of what many of us have been saying about the free transfer rule being bad for mid majors like SLU. This coach is basically saying that he will recruit fewer high school players, because he is counting on being able to pick up good players that have been developed at other schools like SLU. Programs like ours will have to take the risk that a high school kid will pan out our not, then the ones that do will have some level of likelihood of being poached by a power conference school.
  6. I liked Jimmy and was pulling for him. Like everyone else, I saw flashes of talent that made me think that he could be a major contributor down the road. However, I think the one thing that was going to be required for Jimmy to take the next step to being a solid contributor was improvement of his foot speed and quickness. As the weight came off, I think that Jimmy and the coaches were hoping that he would become faster and quicker. That never happened. With the speed of the college game nowadays, his lumbering up and down the court just wasn't working. That being said, I wish him the best of luck going forward.
  7. As much as I don't like the NFL or what it did, I still like watching football and would support a new team. I also believe that having an NFL team gives your city a certain level of credibility. For instance, I bet most people wouldn't guess that Buffalo's entire metro region has barely over $1million residents, since they view it as an NFL city. Here is my proposal for settlement. The NFL pays off our debts relating to the dome and anything else we are out, they build us a new stadium, and give us a team. The team is owned by the City and County jointly. This would only be for purposes of who gets the profits. The team would be run by an independent board (former players and such) that would ensure that the team is run properly and adequately funded. An article I just read from a year ago said that each NFL team last season received a $296 million last season in national revenue sharing. I would assume that each team brings in about another $50 million or so on its own. So, let's assume team revenue of $350 million. The salary cap last year was $208 million. That's just the players. Let's guess high and say that it costs another $92 million to pay coaches, staff, stadium upkeep, etc. That puts expenses at $300 million with revenue of $350 million. This means that the City and County could share $50 million each year to do with what they want. To Pistol's point above, this could be a true life raft to the City and County and be used to actually help the residents. Most profits seen by an NFL team go to one guy who is already very rich. How amazing would it be for City and County to own the team and receive those benefits to be used to improve the lives of their residents.
  8. The one player I would most love to see break out this year is Hargrove. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have several have break out seasons, but just based upon how good of a teammate he is and the fact that his upside is very high leans me toward TJ.
  9. The thing I hope for the most, right now, is that all of the owners and Goedell start turning on each other. If Goedell was ordered to turn over his financials and the judge is considering that of all of the other owners, it is because the judge feels that each of them could get hit individually with punitive damages. I really want there to be a closed door meeting of Goedell and the owners soon that turns into a screaming match, most of which is directed at Kroenke. Then I hope that the jury brings the hammer down hard.
  10. I'm very interested in what this program will be able to do in the next few years. They are now 2nd to men's basketball as far as my interest level. I think that the women's soccer team is our closest opportunity, at the moment, we have for a national championship.
  11. I didn't know that there were enough cities/towns in Iceland to have a basketball league.
  12. Why is it that we seem to have all sorts of trouble scheduling good non-con tournaments? Is it an issue of us not bringing enough fans?
  13. No, I think it will be much worse. The people that did it under the table will find out legal ways to continue to do it, but legally. However, folks that would never have wanted to offer money to college kids are now going to start offering money to the big schools. Below is article about Miami football. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/florida-company-offers-540-k-worth-of-nil-endorsement-deals-to-all-miami-scholarship-football-players-183415305.html You can't tell me that this won't be an incentive for kids to attend Miami that other smaller football programs aren't going to get. I think that you believe that I'm against poor college scholarship athletes being able to make a few bucks. I'm not. I agree with all of the arguments about kids being able to use their names and likenesses, etc. I just don't like what I believe it will do to college sports. I always cheer against the big programs and for the underdog. I cheer for mid majors in college basketball. These rules, whether they're socially correct or not, will hurt smaller programs. I just don't like that outcome.
  14. There are no examples yet. Or maybe I haven't seen enough of what has happened. I stand by my comment that Fred putting his name on a camp is an example of why some people wanted this to go through. I have no issue with someone using their name to put some money in their pocket that way. My issue is going to be, and this will happen, players choosing schools based on which program offers them the best package to monetize their NIL. This will happen. There's no doubt about it. If you think that players making their choice about what school to attend based upon who is going to offer the best financial package is a good thing, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I do not see it as a good thing for college basketball.
  15. Fred Thatch using his name on the advertising to make some money off of a basketball camp for kids at the YMCA is purest example of this NIL stuff being a good thing. Unfortunately, this will be the exception and not the rule.
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