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  1. To be fair the USMNT has made a sweet 16.
  2. I’ll be there but these 8 PM weekday starts suck. The 5 AM alarm comes quick when you don’t get home until 10:30.
  3. Win or lose message boards exist to dissect the game and criticize/praise coaches and players. I don’t understand why people are getting so bent out of shape because I few people don’t agree with coaching decisions. As someone who is excited about MLS in the STL and watches the WC and the Olympics I appreciate the criticism. I don’t follow it enough to make my own educated decisions.
  4. After he says that he can give them all orange slices and a participation trophy.
  5. Don’t let them fool ya. Even the Post Dispatch’s Jeff Gordon is still ranking The Bills over Mizzou and he is a huge Mizzou honk.
  6. I agree about taking the next step. 0 for whatever it is now against ranked teams sucks. But I don’t think we need to turn this season around. I think most People were thinking 6-2 at this point. Still in good shape. The hardest game of the year is out of the way. Finish off the non con without anymore losses and we are still looking at an At Large bid.
  7. I kind of chalked the Maryland game up to a bad day at the office. They happen. The Bills just did it in incredible fashion. This one bothers me because we should have won. We are on the same page with everything else.
  8. That is a very very very disappointing loss. This one is going to sting for awhile. That said I feel better about this team now than I did 24 hours ago. This was their toughest game of the season and they should have won. Learn from it, move on, and sweep the rest of the non con.
  9. Almost chocked against Memphis too. We held on but it wasn’t pretty.
  10. Super frustrating when we have been shooting them pretty well this year. This wasn’t French and Goodwin banging them off the iron.
  11. Agree. If they can play defense like this the rest of the year I like four chances.
  12. I thought they slowed down a bit but they were still getting good shots and getting to the line.
  13. I don’t feel anything about that post. It just how I feel. I actually kind of agree with you that they slowed down. I just don’t think that’s what cost them. They were up 5 and began to slow down a bit. They were getting to the line. Kind of what you want when you are a good free throw shooting team. Before this game the Bills have been a good free throw shooting team. If they make the free throws up 5 the game is most likely over. Missing is contagious and that’s what happened. If they make the first couple free throw while they were up I think they close it out no problem.
  14. The only thing Ford should have done differently was shoot free throws for them.
  15. I don’t know which is more disappointing the fact the Bills are 0-16 vs ranked teams or that they have only played 16 ranked teams in 10 years. They have been just good enough for ranked teams to not overlook us.
  16. You needed to see Perkins play Paul Quinn to know he can perform against lower level teams? For the record we know Perkins can perform against any type of team. Lower level or top 25 Perkins can perform just fine.
  17. Well they beat up on an inferior team and showed me very little in the process. If Dr. Quinn can turn them over 10 times in a half how many can Auburn force?
  18. This team turns it over too much to be a great team.
  19. I’m not sure his shot was off as much as he just didn’t get the space to shoot. 2/5 from 3 yesterday for 40 percent and only 2/3 from 2. Not sure if his lack of shots was by design or just something that happened. Either way he needs to be more involved going forward.
  20. Definitely, but the real question is… who is better Bynum or H Waldman?
  21. They can complain about the final Providence shot being a foul but he walked before the foul anyway.
  22. Travis’s temper tantrum fired up the boys. Lol
  23. Can they not review that? They reviewed to see if the airball hit the rim but they can’t check on deflections? I have no idea what the rule is.
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