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  1. “We will rally around Javonte Perkins and we will play good basketball”
  2. Imagine how awesome the Loop Trolley would be if St. Louis had 2 billion dollars to throw at it.
  3. t The Chargers baby blues are top 5 uniform in all of sports.
  4. They will have the results around 5. when they release those results is anybodies guess. I’m betting we don’t here anything until after practice tomorrow. Possibly some unofficial Twitter leaks tonight.
  5. I wish I knew because refreshing Billikens.com and Twitter every 2 minutes isn’t the most productive way to spend my day.
  6. I had a slight tear in my MCL and was back slamming beers and hitting dingers on the slow pitch softball field 2 weeks later. Since this is obviously the same level of competition as high end D1 hoops 1 don’t see why it would be any different for Perkins. Either way Mr. Perkins has my T and Ps.
  7. Agree. If Ford only plays him 5 minute and he gets hurt in the first regular season game the same people are mad that Ford didn’t get him in game shape. It’s no win situation with some people.
  8. First game of the season. You go up 21-3 and lead 65-15 at one point. The only thing you can take away from a game like this is that at least one of the teams isn’t very good.
  9. Fingers crossed for a knee sprain.
  10. Pretty incredible guy. He has had 9 arrest warrants issued for him in Turkey for speaking out against Turkish government. His father was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison in retaliation against Kanter. They won’t show any of his games in Turkey. He has family still there and he can’t ever go back to see them.
  11. Agree completely. Im not mad at the Astors for cheating I’m mad about how they handled everything after they got caught. They all came off as a bunch of spoiled brats. Screw the Astors! Go Braves!
  12. Regardless of how I feel about masks I alway get a kick out of the chin diaper. if you are going to wear a mask WEAR A MASK. If not put the damn thing in your pocket. Why are all these people covering their chins with their masks?
  13. I hate myself for laughing as hard as I did at this.
  14. I don’t qualify for a booster so I’m just SOL?
  15. To be fair it’s not just the board that has proven this. Society as whole has proven it can’t handle any discussion regarding Covid. People need to realize that they aren’t going to change any ones opinion (especially on a message board) so there is really no reason to argue about it.
  16. Sure it will be the “the tourney to watch” but it won’t be as successful as the tourney is now. You will keep the college basketball fans but you will lose the groups who like sports but not necessary college basketball. office pools will still be available but they will have half the participants.
  17. Or they are tired of seeing their favorite team lose to the Bucknells, VCUs, Bradley’s, and Norther Iowa’s of the world.
  18. From my understanding Bob Huggin’s idea involved the power 5 and probably Big East and that’s it. He doesn’t want the A-10, MVC, Mountain West etc. involved at all. That in no way benefits Saint Louis U. It also removes what makes the NCAA tournament the most exciting tournament in sports. It might put more money in the P5 pockets but in the process it’s going to ruin the greatest sporting event around and lead to decreased viewership and interest.
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