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    OT: Midtown Development

    *As a recent Grad* To start the night we primarily went outside of MidTown to places like Soulard. However, at 12:38am(and not a minute sooner) Lannex is where everyone goes. Including the MBB team when they are in town. It is(was?) one of the few spots left for billikens to go near campus.
  2. JGR6396

    OT: Midtown Development

    Nothing to do with Uber(though it doesn't help). Bars could survive in the area, but I think SLU makes life very hard for local bar owners
  3. JGR6396

    OT: Midtown Development

    There is a rumor running around SLU that the Spring Street lofts is considering entering into a cooperative lease agreement with SLU, and The Library Annex would be closing as a result. Seems SLU has it out for the MidTown bar scene. Hump's, Diablito's, Lannex, Laclede's.
  4. JGR6396

    Recruiting - 2019

    Ford said it on one of the radio shows last week
  5. JGR6396

    The Bills Road to The Dance

    Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I was only seeing games through February. I'll chalk that up as a botched first post on my part. Thinking the Billikens will be out for blood in that one, especially after the "overrated" chants during last nights game. Hopefully we're heathier by then. RIP HUMPS indeed.
  6. JGR6396

    The Bills Road to The Dance

    Exactly ! It's amazing how quickly everyone is to call it. Bills lost one conference game, on the road.(albeit in hard-to-swallow fashion) There is plenty of play to go, and we have our biggest conference games ahead of us. I could see The Billikens winning every remaining home game, and dropping 1-2 more road games. We'd be in okay shape if we make a decent run in the tourney on top of that. Too bad we don't host The Dukes in Chaifetz later in the season, THAT would be a fun game.