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  1. I don’t actually remember the story behind him as I didn’t follow the board closely at that time. I didn’t feel like it was quite on topic with players continuing basketball careers, though thought the basketball game would be interesting to the board. He sure is bringing in many more people than when he played for us.
  2. Starting following mcbroom after this thread. It is pretty incredible just watching the volume of response to anything that he posts. He just hosted a charity basketball game and sold out the 20,000 seat staples arena.
  3. Last week you guys made my son cry because of winning the championship on his birthday. Please help us keep those happy tears rolling tomorrow night!
  4. I am repping the bills at the first four games tonight. So a little basketball fun
  5. Same! I already promised the kids a trip to Disney world. Too bad the game is on the other coast...
  6. I want a jersey with the arch soooo badly. Luckily my old kwamain Jersey has become a Bess Jersey though.
  7. This feeling is amazing. Off now to play laser tag against a bunch of 8 year olds. I’ll try to bring home another win for Billiken nation
  8. My sons birthday is today. He is crying happy tears. Champions baby!
  9. This BWs commercial they keep playing about what has happened to us hits too close to home
  10. Using servicemen to promote a show seems like poor form from cbs
  11. Time to refill the bourbon. 16-4. Needing some liquid encouragement
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