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  1. I’m so glad you pointed this out! I had totally missed that we struggled from the line but now that you mention it we could have been much better
  2. H.o.l.y. S.h.i.t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Intentional foul throwing jg to the ground?
  4. Their fouls are targeting our eyes. Makes bad free throw shooting worse when you can’t see
  5. Can’t win if they are shooting 100% from three now. Not looking good boys if you can’t make free throws
  6. Chugging the bourbon now. Up 2
  7. Cold from free throws but have doubled them!
  8. And should have been goaltending on French. And Jordan foiled on a 3! Make two come on
  9. My Apple Watch is telling me my environment is too loud. I wish it was from being at Chaifetz
  10. This. But I always have to do stupid like put the kids to bed and then get behind and can’t participate. if I was watching on my computers I’d be like 8 minutes behind lol
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