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  1. If anyone is in Dayton for a game or whatever, hit me up. It’s a good place to be and id be happy to show you around, recommend restaurants or bars or anything else you are interested in. and @billikenroy, my wife and in-laws both are civil servants. Echoing the sentiment of previous posters, they work super hard and get paid half of what they would in the public sector. My wife is in charge of a program to help females in the Air Force actually be able to function in their roles. Did you know that in 2019, while more women are enlisted, they wear the same body armor in combat as their male counterparts? A 110 lb women swimming in an armored vest designed for a 250+ lb man? This is one of the myriad of issues that she is trying to resolve for these airmen. Btw she has a SLU science degree and an MBA, and is doing her best to perform her civic duty. I thank her for this, and you should as well. I know it is the talking point of the day to bring these people down in order to accomplish a wider political agenda. Please use your SLU education that taught us to be critical of dangerous views that damage other people in order to gain a personal advantage. And please leave these insults of my family off the Billikens board.
  2. I drive by UD arena every day and outside of Chaifetz it’s my most visited. Even after the renovation I would absolutely choose Chaifetz every time.
  3. Gosh it’s been painful so far. Hopefully we can make a run!
  4. Yes I remember him staying that as well. I just am wondering if moving up early changes the ceiling and the floor or if we are still projecting to be in the b- to b+ range in the end.
  5. Wiz I believe in your initial assessment of the season you said your system usually only allows a half letter grade movement throughout the year. Since we moved up so quickly do we still have about the same chance of moving up to that next letter grade?
  6. Gosh that dude was a real treat to have. What team was he from again?
  7. I would probably take your own advice about generalizing a profession and apply that to generalizing a generation.
  8. Catholics gotta get to church tomorrow!
  9. horrible travel calls And horrible foul on French!!!
  10. Outside the restricted area but his feet are moving!
  11. Wtf kind of call was that?
  12. Goodwin and his second chance points are my favorite
  13. Hankton looking like Ellis on D!
  14. Btw on free throws has is at 75% for the year
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