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  1. Ignoring Old Guy when things got bad here a few months back has made things so much better.
  2. Haha patient told me brothers profession but could have been tongue in cheek
  3. Just going to throw this out there— my patients taking hydroxychloroquine long term for maintenance of their rheumatoid arthritis have been unable to get the medication because of the rush to hoard it, and other patients have emergency supplies of it because of their podiatrist brother writing prescriptions for them “just in case.” also, the issue I had with Trump’s initial claims about it was not that there were promising signs that it could be effective for treatment, but he stated that the FDA has approved it for that indication. Which led to the aforementioned shortage/hoarding situation. (Please don’t challenge my credentials. Instead let’s see PAYSTUBS!)
  4. Heart disease and cancer are mostly noncommunicable diseases. While the flu is deadly, it is predictable. We know flu season is going to end here, and we know it is going to start up again come the fall. COVID-19 we just don know about. At best, it is going to kill “only” 2000 people in the US, and then will disappear like SARS. However, we don’t know the trajectory. In one month it could be over forever, for the year and return in the fall, or just continue building. Even with social distancing, we are seeing huge increases in the number of cases and deaths, and who knows how much hat would be exacerbated if we didn’t have these measures in place. Also, if we can at least push this peak of the curve back to AFTER flu season, the resources don’t have to be dedicated to both flu and COVID—19. I’m sure there are many more valid points people can add, but hopefully this supports why the CDC and WHO are recommending these drastic measures for this particular infection, even if there have been more realized deaths from the flu so far.
  5. Bump to relive the glory of what was scheduled to happen again today
  6. What’s disappointing is that you don’t already have the stockpile of booze to get you through times like these.
  7. I’m middle of the road in most things in life. I have had to talk my patients off the ledge for most of the past several days, and try to make sure my 3 year olds wash their hands properly. What I don’t understand is closing schools/day cares. We need medical professionals like myself and many on this board to be able to go to work to care for our patients, yet kids that practically cannot get the disease are being forced home. If someone was already there to take care of them, daycare wouldn’t be needed! In real life, basketball games are not too important and if they are delayed or cancelled it stinks but life moves on. These other decisions really can screw up people’s lives. I hope this all turns out ok for all of you...
  8. Who do we want to play? Hope for st joes to pull a couple upsets?
  9. 230 tip off time in New York, so might not need to be in their seats for another hour, but point still stands. I like this situation and hope it turns out favorably!
  10. Also, Valpo and Bradley just getting underway in their conference final. Would be nice to have Valpo get that bid. Tulane facing off against UConn as well.
  11. Houston taking care of Memphis. Though it ended as a fairly close game, hopefully enough to push us ahead of Memphis. Also need Tulsa to beat witchita state later today
  12. They will be out for revenge. But it’s a quick turnaround from their first game and overlooking that game could mean disaster for them. Let’s hope they come back with the same game plan that we saw last night
  13. Defending champs. Rolling through the last 5 games of the schedule. Gotta love the confidence this team must be bringing with it to Brooklyn.
  14. Help! Is there a link to watch the game? Youtubetv and espn+ aren’t showing it as far as I can tell
  15. What a fun string of games! Bills are looking great and it’s so easy to be proud of these guys. Keep it up!
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