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2021 NCAA Tournament Discussion

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Are we cheering for the Bonnies or LSU? My pick is LSU.  I feel we owe them for sticking with us through the whole process of non-con tournaments falling apart.  They came to our place and played us, gave us our best win on the resume, and then played great the rest of the year, unlike Minnesota or NC State.  Go Tigers.  Best the Bonnies.  Then, because I feel bad about not supporting the conference, go VCU.

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I'm all in on LSU. The way a10 twitter has treated Ford and the Bills the last two weeks (I like the unfurled guys, but the whole fanbase is getting full of themselves) I'm rooting hard for LSU.

VCU I think can win their first one but should get blown out in the next one. Garza could score a Wilt 100 if he wanted to

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-to show there is no bias at the NCAA, IU, UI and Rutgers are not playing at Purdue or IU, very noble

-just don't worry about Mich St, Ohio St, Wiscy, Mich and Maryland all playing at Purdue

-as to the BEast, neither UConn, 'Nova or Creighton will dance at Hinkle but G'twn will

-I don't know how much of an advantage it is to play in an arena where you would have played this season or last, but I have to think there is at least a little bit

-Playing at Purdue and not being subject to the extreme combover of Coach Keady in the stands might offset any advantage

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33 minutes ago, BigMouthBilliken said:

Yes seems odd as during regular season if one player came down with it the whole team basically quarantined and paused all activities. When big $$$ is at stake the rules can be bent I guess

ACC POY and virtually their whole team is out. Congrats Loyola on maybe the easiest first round win possible. 

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