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  1. LHJ is off to a slow start and we need him to get going. He went 1-7 from the floor and the six shots he missed were all poor decisions. His one make came on an impressive follow of his own shot but the first one shouldn’t have been taken. Combined with Medley they were 1-9 from the field and Medley’s 2 three point misses were shots he should’ve passed up. I think Ford’s comments about poor shot selection were addressed to those two, and probably Bruce as well for his ill-advised airball. We’ve got to get LHJ going as he figured to be a key contributor this year but hasn’t put it together yet. One other thing is that Jimerson really played well in spite of the 6-18 from the floor. While his three point shot wasn’t there, he had several great drives, had some bad luck on most of the ones he missed, and earned his trips to the stripe. I was listening to parts of the game and Rammer’s description of events made it sound like he was really off, but watching the replay showed he had an excellent game and my criticism of his play was unfair.
  2. Turnovers amounted to a baker’s two dozen. Also, 12-12 and 5-5 by Kennedy, that’s decent.
  3. Getting my popcorn ready for Tuesday night once the blowout commences.
  4. Just watched the replay. Everytime I rag on GibJim, he starts doing good stuff. Gonna keep that up. Otherwise, without Parker, there just isn’t enough talent on the roster. Looks like they play hard, but not enough shooters, height, quickness, or one on one skill. Bottom line, expecting a big number in the L column.
  5. Jimerson brings nothing. OK he can occasionally make a layup.
  6. Yes, it was just under or right at the maximun number of games he could play that year and still qualify for it.
  7. SVB dominates Jolly plus he’ll make no attempt to shoot beyond 6’.
  8. That’s why I said 6 weeks to heal plus two for a full return to game speed is likely the best case scenario. That takes it to mid-January, with the caveat that we still don’t know the actual injury.
  9. Although I think a fibula fracture would considered more to be a leg or ankle injury. It really depends on which bone is fractured and if it’s an actual fracture or a stress fracture. Stress fractures at this point in the season means you’re pretty much done for the year. A clean break and it’s six weeks, then about two more to recapture game fitness.
  10. Between his soph. and jr. seasons, French developed reverse pivots and spin moves which is why he was able to have his career game against Belmont. Unfortunately, that was the extent of his progress and everyone was prepared for it his Sr. year. The thing about French that always confused me was he’d catch it on the block, move into the lane for a 2’ jump hook, then pivot back toward the block and miss a much more difficult shot.
  11. Final, 94-66. 19 turnovers, lousy 3 pt. shooting, and absent defense told the tale.
  12. Wake carving up our D, getting about any shot they want. At the half, Wake up 44-31. McMakin with 19, turnovers continue to pile up, 12 in the half.
  13. Mid 2nd quarter, Wake up 38-27, 10 turnovers so far.
  14. The Wiz continues to deliver the smackdown. First, it was the Laramie computer cowering in the corner, now Soderball provides him company. The Wiz, your smackdowns are the equal of your Bayesian computations.
  15. Correctly complained about a hor$e$hit call.
  16. Dalger nearly breaks the backboard with a five foot jumper.
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