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  1. True about the early foul thing with the bigs but Ford was giving Franco the business about his poor D as well. He repeats the same mistake of not making the switch on the pick and roll. He hesitates to decide which player to cover the same way he hesitates to shoot from point blank range at the rim. He plays like he’s unsure of himself, which is another way of saying he lacks confidence. Rammer thinks the same thing as that’s why the subject of lacking confidence came up. A 6’9 athlete in top physical condition lacking confidence on a basketball court does not make sense. Some 6’9 guys seem to not realize how many of us wish we were 6’9 as we’d be slamming everything in sight. Franco needs to stop thinking so much and just play the game.
  2. We can’t shoot but we can definitely turn it over.
  3. 3 free points on the techs from TSU. Pickett with the three and it’s 19-16.
  4. We look like a Travis Ford coached team… aka lost.
  5. TSU came to play, not sure what the Billikens came to do.
  6. Davidson falls in OT to Charlotte 68-66 on a three-pointer at the buzzer. Loyer had 22 and Mennenga 21. Looks like the Wildcats are a two-man team.
  7. Maryland 95 - Coppin State 79 Maryland 95 - SLU 67 We’re only 12 points worse than Coppin State so it might not be fair to say we suck.
  8. Just watched a replay and Pickett did push off with both hands. I’m not sure what he was thinking there as the push off didn’t occur near the ball. That’s why the foul was hard to see as the ball wasn’t near the foul.
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