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  1. Glad you are hard to understand, makes it easier to accept your posting as garbage.
  2. My wife and I will be there as always.
  3. No. Anyone know what Hankon's status is going into the game?
  4. I watched the Duq game when they played GW. I was not impressed with either team.
  5. At least Davola is making an effort to go to the game instead of watching the game on TV. Give him a break!
  6. I had problems with ESPN+ streaming toward the end of the game last night. It just shut down with about 5 minutes to go in the game
  7. We have the inner and mental strength to get the wins, that's been a fact. I think we will win the games we are supposed to win and a few more, it's the margin of victory that I have a problem with
  8. Don't think that is going to happen based upon what I have seen so far.
  9. Maybe Jacobs can not turn the ball over in crucial parts of the game
  10. Bills finally put it together and win by 15.
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