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  1. It's the coaches job to have his team ready to play
  2. I'm sorry, but this loss is on Ford
  3. My wife and I both graduated from SLU in 1973. Been a big bb supporter from Ekker through and including Tford. Travel to support the team often. Traveled to New York for the A-10 tournament this year. We had a great time. Used to carry Westy03 to the games with me along with his brother Davito.
  4. Glad you are hard to understand, makes it easier to accept your posting as garbage.
  5. No. Anyone know what Hankon's status is going into the game?
  6. I watched the Duq game when they played GW. I was not impressed with either team.
  7. At least Davola is making an effort to go to the game instead of watching the game on TV. Give him a break!
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