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  1. Anyone have an FSN contact to suggest playing classic Billikens games? Even if it's in the middle of the night to DVR. The Conklin screen would temporarily raise everyone's spirits.
  2. Additionally, based on his setup he looks left handed. I think he should shift to his left on the free throw line by about two feet.
  3. Anyone know if jerseys matter? Do they split the teams randomly, or is there a main team and scrubs in summer league? Bess probably stole the ball the previous two times down the court, but that doesn't generate clicks.
  4. Steve Kline. Flipped off LaRussa from the bullpen. Cardinal legend.
  5. Early in this half the announcers mentioned VA Tech had five fouls and that could hurt them... Somehow VATech is now in double bonus with 7:30 left.
  6. On every offensive call their feet are moving. Officials must have been told you can't have four upsets tonight.
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