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  1. They probably tuned into KSDK to hear the good news with the rest of us.
  2. And root for Michigan State, Wichita State, and Utah State to lose by 25.
  3. Somehow he'll be deemed well enough to be shipped to Texas and f*ck us over again in the first round.
  4. Lunardi updated and had Wichita State last in, we are first out now.
  5. Exactly, why limit it to one game this week? Can't stand the Cubs, but as Ernie Banks said, let's play two.
  6. ESPN shows the game on CBSSN at 5:00 CT.
  7. PG Goodwin at Fordham = triple double alert
  8. @willieDo you have an LG TV? I'm unable to cast as well, and they said it's because ESPN hasn't created a software compatible with their televisions. Androids (and I assume iphones) have a casting or mirroring option where you can link to your smart tv and see your entire phones screen. So you could stream the game on your phone and mirror it to your tv.
  9. Sadak: "Coach, what's your take aways from the start of the second half here?" Gillen: "Well, that doesn't matter John." Shades of Harry Doyle: He's not the best colorman in the league for nothing.
  10. What a dropoff from Yuri... Another soft foul called against us
  11. Agreed, but he only had one tonight. Thatch's block was icing on the cake after a great defensive set.
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