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  1. Said the same thing. They showed a replay of the play and then the live feed had already inbounded the ball.
  2. Announcer: "Look at French going up with his left hand there!" Idiot.
  3. Much like the Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros, I'm horny.
  4. I can't believe French was on the floor at the end of the game and wasn't being fouled every offensive possession.
  5. East St. Louis beat Mater Dei 86-45. Hargrove had 21 points, 10 boards, 7 blocks. Towels were provided as fans left the gym.
  6. I'm really happy that this board has a nice mixture of sabermetrics and old school scout in @The Wiz and @Taj79. I love reading their previews before each game. Thank you both.
  7. Stu says same seven. Jacobs and Hankton still out.
  8. Start by fouling out French on a BS call.
  9. I understand questioning some of the offensive schemes and in-game decisions, but S2 wiped out 3.5 players, then Santos did something (?) and withdrew, and Gordon quit on his teammates midseason. Kind of hard to coach when you have a team constructed the way you want and you keep getting cut off at the knees.
  10. Probably didn't want DNP in the box score while his brother was dropping 27 on us.
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