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  1. Extremely stupid. Please delete the thread.
  2. Collin and Zach, Thanks for the podcast. Good discussion and you make some fair points but some of your analysis was a little off in places. I was at the game and here are my thoughts about it. First, Davidson did triple team Has' when he received it in the post but they did it in a way that Has' was strongly double-teamed to the point where he had no place to move and they put the third defender in position to take away the passing lane in front of the rim. Once there was no cutter entering the lane, the third defender collapsed on Has' and he was in a desperation situation. slu72 pointed out that we should have brought Has' to the foul line to either find a cutter if anyone cuts, or he can drive more effectively from there. I agree that we don't send any cutters in the lane when Has' is double-teamed on the block which we should, but there were just no openings at all for him to move or pass. This was just excellent coaching by McKillop and now is the template for how to stop Has'. Also, Davidson didn't use the zone much at all. It was almost all man D and Davidson just shut us down. Has' needs to develop a pull-up 6 to 8 footer but for some reason he hasn't. For all his ability to handle the ball, drive, and spin to the rack, he is a one-trick pony when it comes to his offensive game. He is no threat to shoot from anywhere but within 3' of the rim. One thing about his shot attempts that bugs me is that he'll often receive the ball on the right block, begin to pivot to the left, his shooting hand side, then spin the other way, shoot a shot from 2' further away with his off-hand and miss. Just not smart basketball. His percentage on those shots is awful. Maybe in other games some of his shot attempts would have been called fouls but not Wednesday night. The best way to beat Davidson was for us to get Brajkovic in foul trouble and, for one reason or another, we couldn't do it. Another thing I noticed is how ineffective Hargrove was offensively. Despite his great athleticism, he is basically a standstill offensive player. He just doesn't seem to have great ball skills, doesn't create his own shot, and isn't a pure shooter. I believe he can develop the skills to do this but it's not there now. Zach, you were absolutely right in describing Davidson's offense versus ours. I often ask the question, what is our offense designed to create, and most of the time I'm stumped. You're right in that it's time to end the Jacob's starting experiment and go with Perkins as a starter with Weaver getting 15 to 20 minutes a game, more if he's hot from the arc. Defensively, our guards were abused by Gudmundsson, Grady, and Carter Collins. One reason for that is that both Gudmundsson and Grady are 6'5 and Collins is 6'3. They took advantage of the height difference all night. The first problem is that Jacobs at 6'2 has the potential to defend either of them but he is so ineffective offensively he has to sit. Then, you've got either Weaver or Collins guarding players 5-7" taller than them. You said that Davidson's guards don't drive but both Grady and Gudmundsson took both off the dribble and either scored, shot over them, or drew fouls. The other thing is that Carter Collins, the player who replaced Frampton in the lineup is better than Frampton. Collins is a much better defender and just as good a shooter. As far as the rebounding goes, keep in mind that 40% of the FG attempts in the game were three point attempts and 65% were missed. As usual, many of the misses resulted in long rebounds that Davidson tracked down before we did. This doesn't mean we weren't hustling, it's just that sometimes the ball bounces the other team's way more often than not. I've always thought that long rebounds as a result of missed threes is one of the uncontrollable variables in a game as you just never know to what part of the court the ball will carom to and which player will be there when it does. As far as Collin's concern about Perkins not rebounding, that's not the problem. Between French and Goodwin, there just aren't that many rebounds left to get. Also, you can't send 4 guys to the offensive board as you have to have one or two players back to stop the fast break. Most teams send either two or three players to the offensive glass and the other players rotate back to stop transition. At any rate, it was a game where Davidson embarrassed us and exposed all of our weaknesses. Travis was acting like a maniac on the sidelines way more than usual, and I thought it was a bad look. I hope he can calm down enough to figure out some ways to maximize our strengths and cover up some of the weaknesses. Time to earn that cash, Coach.
  3. In pre-game, I watched Has’ make 8 in a row, mostly swishes. Saw him shoot about 20 total in that stretch and he made about 70% with no airballs or missed rims. Prior to that, I also wasn’t buying the “he makes them in practice” line but I saw enough to say it’s probably true.
  4. LOL. He’s one of the best and showed why tonight.
  5. Yes, despite the outcome, it was a good time. Rammer and Earl were fun to talk to, and enjoyed meeting slu72, tarheelbilliken, BillsCPA, and his gorgeous significant other, a definite 10!! Well done, BillsCPA!! There were two other slu grads from the area who sat next to us as well who were nice folks. I should add that slu72 had the line of the night. A Davidson fan asked him what is a Billiken and he said, “It’s a troll that eats Wildcats.” That reply got a healthy laugh. Next up, got to start salvaging the season by beating Fordham. Fordham beat GW tonight at home, 59-54. At this point, can’t take anything for granted.
  6. Have to agree. McKillop is making him look like a rookie.
  7. Dagger... and we can’t throw it in the ocean. Time for some 2-3 zone d and maybe a little Hargrove?
  8. Here at the game. It’s an abomination. I’ve had more fun at funerals.
  9. Me and slu72 will be in the house tonight and we’re locked in as well. Bills better win as this is the first time in 10 years I’ve seen them in person. That last time didn’t go so well. Bills need to turn those Wildcats into Mildkittens before the night is through.
  10. My guess then is he’ll get the chance to see what he can do against Davidson and, if his teammates are as close-knit a group as they’re said to be, they’ll look to get him some shots. This team needs him to get hot from the arc.
  11. Damn it to hell, effing Crutcher. And he's only a junior. I'm sure the A-10 coaches will be happy to be there next year to hand him his diploma.
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