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  1. J.J. Culver, an NAIA player from Wayland Baptist went for 100 last night in a 124-60 victory over SW Adventist. Looks like a legit 100, not the Grinnell type 100. He was 12-33 from three, 20-27 from the line, and 22-29 on 2pt. FGs. His coach said he got off to a hot start so his players kept setting him up. Turns out his younger brother, Jarrett, played in the Final Four for Texas Tech and is an NBA rookie with the T-Wolves.
  2. 2011-12 team beating Illinois-Springfield 72-62 is probably the game you’re referring to. That Illinois-Springfield team looks like the Warriors compared to Maryville.
  3. Maryville is playing on ESPN+ against Bradley. Who's scouting them? Just checked in on the Saints. Hope TJ and Diarra are ready for extended minutes. They're not good.
  4. This foul use to frustrate me to no end. I had about a 3” vertical but loved trying to root somebody out of position so our athletic guys could rebound. Don’t know what it was but got called for it more than once and got teed up once when I complained about it. That and the one clean block that was called a foul frustrated me.
  5. Checking Duq’s roster, it’s surprisingly good, even with the loss of Williams. They’ve not only been winning, they’ve been winning mostly by large margins. I see they’re not playing Pitt this year so hard to get a real read on them before conference play. Regardless of their non-con schedule, beating the Dukes this year will not be easy.
  6. Boxing out is trickier than it seems, even more difficult at 5’10. The primary problem is that you have to put your body on the man and hopefully, create some space. However, the space you can create is very limited. If you box out, then start backing into the man, you’ve given the ref a reason to call a foul. At 5’10, the added problem is that even if you back into the man just a little, you create a situation where it appears you’ve undercut the player and to the ref it looks like you’ve created a dangerous play. I’ve seen broadcasters claim that a player was undercut, when in fact, he went over a shorter player’s back, created the contact, and should’ve been called for the foul.
  7. Jermaine is playing well at Norfolk State. Sat out the better part of 3 seasons and is averaging 13.7 a game and shooting 38% from three. Leaving S2 out of the discussion, I’m glad he found a place to play and is doing well.
  8. Are you sure there weren’t bags of involved.
  9. I think he’s referring to the fact that we have 12 recruited scholarship players. The 13th would be awarded to Raboin since it was available and he’s done everything asked of him. However, I could be wrong about it.
  10. All I know is that he was Gibson Jimmmmmmerson today.
  11. You're leaving out the part where he didn't start fouling to lengthen the game, but it's fine with me as I'm glad they lost.
  12. Still, if you're serious about winning, you make a bucket before the final minute, you call timeout so the clock doesn't keep running for 4-5 seconds before the ball is inbounded. Also, you can set up a press if you want. Roy quit today. Maybe he was sending a message to his team but it was the wrong way to send it.
  13. Since this is about other games, I was shocked at how Roy Williams completely gave up against UVa today. They did not foul to extend the game at any point over the final five minutes and called no timeouts after made baskets. I think they ended the game with three timeouts in their pocket. They only lost by nine and how any Carolina fan can be happy with that surrender, I won't understand it. Trust me, I'm an ABC fan, aka Anybody But Carolina, but that was a shameful and very puzzling coaching job by Roy.
  14. When it was 48-37 and Yuri hit the triple when the shotclock was running down, that shot was so money. When he figures it all out, he's going to be so good. Don't want to jinx it and compare him to anyone, but he reminds me a very good point guard who came out of nowhere to be a dominant player.
  15. If you're on firestick, log in to ESPN and ESPN plus is on the top navigation. Otherwise, just go to watch espn online and you can find it there. During basketball season, I subscribe to espn plus and it's the best $4.95 I spend every month.
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