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  1. Is it OK if he just shoots 45%+? Can we be happy with that? I don't know if JJ Redick made 50% from three for his career but putting expectations on Jimerson to exceed that seems excessive at this point.
  2. Great news to wake up to. Awesome job by this coaching staff. Welcome Markhi!!
  3. Wonder why some could and some couldn’t? All I got was rap the whole time.
  4. I’m thankful there’s a Billiken Madness and glad that the night was great for you in attendance. My point is that it’s unfortunate that more thought wasn’t put into the streaming side of it. All of us watching would’ve loved to see all of what you saw but the constant replays messed that up. Connecting Rammer to the stream would be great, if that’s even possible. There’s never enough “Bang, he got it” for a Billiken fan.
  5. Worked Friday and Saturday. Couldn’t squeeze in the 1320 mile round trip.
  6. For those of us watching the stream, it was music only, no Rammer. There was no big band music and the rap sucked as usual, so no sound for me. Between watching the dunk/layup replays on one end and missing Jimmmerson’s threes on the other, it wasn’t that much fun to watch.
  7. Brings up the age-old question: Why is youth wasted on the young?
  8. Add to your negative list the constant music during play, and the overuse of the replays. I would cut the music, can the replays and have a PA guy announcing who scored.
  9. Jimmmerson must have hit his threes when they were showing replays of other made baskets as I didn't see him make any. Saw KC look very smooth on two long threes though.
  10. Totally, and wtf with the music constantly playing?
  11. Reports of fights in the NW Florida State men's basketball team locker room in 3, 2, 1...
  12. Good job, Carter! Really appreciate your additions to Billiken coverage.
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