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  1. How good is Marcus Carr? UConn Texas will be for the national championship. Of course, I said in '83 that Louisville Houston would be for the natty, and NC State wins it.
  2. Creighton SDSU tied at 56-56 with 6 seconds to go. SDSU ball after they gifted Creighton 2 points on a sidelines inbound turnover.
  3. Nope. We lost to Maryland by 28. Could not play with these teams. BTW, SIUE did beat Fairleigh, 79-78. Oddly enough, I listened to the second half of that game.
  4. Overreaction. Quotes were on point and appropriate for the situation.
  5. Watching San Diego State center Mensah, I have to say that guy makes some well-timed and very smart blocks. Down goes ‘Bama!!! Love it. SEC, so overrated.
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