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  1. You people support a proven liar who lies about his lies. You promote a party and a right wing media that promotes division and hate. Drumpf is a proven crook who should’ve been locked up years ago. If that’s what you like and support, then you’re no better than the leader you worship. That’s the last I have to say about it.
  2. A stopped clock is right twice a day which is two more times than pResident Covid-45 is ever right about anything.
  3. This is a great post. Well done in delineating the joke of a pResident occupying the White House. I call him by his new nickname, Covid-45.
  4. Thanks for your effort, KC. Good message and hope you find success on and off the court.
  5. I adapted the real Valvano zing. Valvano was 29 when he got the Iona job and the story is he said to the player, “I’m Jim Valvano, Iona College.” He said the reply was, “You look too young to own a college.”
  6. Just heard that a player had an exchange with Pitino that went like this, “Young man, my name is Rick Pitino, Iona College.” The player replied, “OK, which one?”
  7. NABC District 4 is the 14 teams in the A-10. There are 24 districts, 18 represent one conference and 7 represent 2 conferences. Toppin, Crutcher, Lofton, and Russell were the other 4, so those 5 together were 5 of the 6 named to the All A-10 first team.
  8. Having had some days off over the past week, I've watched the SLU-St.B replay a few times and have to say that it was as dominant a performance as I've ever seen by a Billiken team. The D completely stuffed the Bonnies' offense, the effort on the boards was great, and the fast break offense was like watching a freight train going downhill. The halfcourt offense was precise and resulted in one open shot after another. The Bonnies didn't know what hit them or which direction the hits were coming from. When our A-10 record was 7-5 following the LaSalle game, I think most of us would've gladly taken 12-6 for a final record. The last six games all had their potential pitfalls with VCU, Rhodey, and St. B being the ones where a struggle could be expected, while also being on the road at UMass and Mason, and home against the Joeys considering the struggle we had to beat them in Philly. Going 5-1 was very good and the frustrating thing was losing to UMass after building a 16 pt. lead. I believe that we were going to take down the Bonnies again, get our revenge over Dayton, and defeat Richmond for the A-10 title. Our guys were playing that well to end the season. Here's my Top 10 list of things I enjoyed most from the season: 1. Watching Jimerson aka Jimmmerson knocking down threes but also showing that he is more than just a catch and shoot player. 2. Seeing slu72's prediction about Yuri come to life. (Also meeting slu72, tarheelbilliken, and others at the Davidson game, and chatting with Rammer and Earl prior to the game.) 3. Has' amazing athleticism with his ability to run the court and block shots. 4. JGood's work on the defensive end and glass. 5. TJ coming from riding the pine to showing off just how much upside potential he has (credit to Hubie Brown for coining the phrase "upside potential.") 6. Watching The Locomotive power his way to hoop for timely buckets. 7. Has' incredible performance against Belmont. 8. The OT win on the road against LaSalle aka “The Josh Hightower game.” 9. Javonte's emergence as a flat-out baller. 10. Winning the final five games all by double digits. Assuming there is a next season, I can't wait to see how our players develop and if they can pick up where they left off this year.
  9. It's my understanding that people are buying toilet paper in large quantities in an attempt to wipe out the corona virus.
  10. Officiating was terrible. How they could call those nothing fouls on French boggles my mind.
  11. Speaking of Smart, he tested positive for Covid-19. Says he feels totally normal and could play a game right now. I'm only reporting it since his name came up, not offering any commentary about it.
  12. Timely question, was wondering the same thing last night. My guess is they'll put it off this year. It'll probably be more valuable the following year anyway with having to replace Has', JGood, and The Perkulator.
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