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  1. But it’s my understanding that Mars Hill University has offered, and will roll out the green carpet for Mr. Wur.
  2. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!!! Unbelievable!!!
  3. Might be right, might not. No need to get your panties in a wad about it.
  4. Perkins is a decent athlete, a little bit of a quirky shot but looked comfortable knocking down some mid-range jumpers. Attempted some drives but didn't show the explosiveness to turn the corner and create his own shot. If coming from high school, he'd be a three star recruit. My guess is he'll be an 8-10 ppg scorer playing 20 mins. a game, plus or minus a few. A solid pick-up but as the all-time scorer at SWIC, I was hoping for a little more. I wasn't familiar with Oregon signee Chris Duarte, but it's obvious why he's the NJCAA POY. Scored 26 on 10-13 shooting, 4-5 from the arc, and was toying with the competition. He'll be a big-time player for the Ducks. As an aside, and this is completely unimportant, but I spent my first two years of college at an NJCAA school so I especially enjoyed watching this.`
  5. You misunderstood. He passed the Admissions test into the SLU Hall of Fame!
  6. What would you charge me for a copy of that? Seriously.
  7. Didn’t attend, but the Bills beat the Fighting Tony Bennetts 58-54.
  8. Correction, the NCAA Tourney only had 25 teams until 1975.
  9. Great job, The Wiz! Always look forward to your posts and prognostications.
  10. Even though you're being a wise a$$, I won't bad post you again.
  11. False. I’ve seen balls tipped by the defender slide off the fingertips of the offensive player many times but it’s subtle and often missed. The same thing used to frustrate me in high school when I knew it went off the other player but the refs didn’t catch it. Seeing this for 50 years, I just figured it was a play refs couldn’t get right and that was that.
  12. I thought it went off Tech in real time so the replay got it right. I’ve seen that same situation go against the defender hundreds of times and the refs usually miss it. Props to the refs for overturning it.
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