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  1. And all this from Sagarin's #42 ranked team. Go figure.
  2. Not sure who let the dogs out but can we spring for a cheerleading scholly for the lead dancer in red?
  3. KC bounces back to defeat North Dakota 77-53. Indiana State loses again to Mo. State 70-66. Need Minn. to keep it going vs. Ohio State.
  4. From the broadcast, Fordham's players were confined to their rooms a total of 46 days, could leave only to pick up pre-packaged meals. Fitness consisted of pushups, situps, and whatever could be figured out to do in their rooms. There's a reason why they were picked 14th in the league as their talent level is low, but if all that covid-related inactivity is accurate, they've had no chance to improve.
  5. They'll need to. Despite what you may have heard, the A-10 is loaded this year.
  6. Lofton hits the three with 2.8 to go. Bonnies up 69-66. Not bad for an 11% 3 pt. shooter.
  7. Richmond's offense is so much fun to watch. Why don't more teams run it? Golden to shoot two with :15 to go and makes one, tied at 66, Bonnies ball.
  8. 66-65 Bonnies, :58 to go, Bonnies ball. Turnover Lofton, the fix had to be in to call that traveling.
  9. Bonnies in a dogfight with Richmond, up 62-58 with 5 to play. Lofton with 4 fouls.
  10. Crutcher is so clutch, Amzil is very good, Mason went cold at the end, and Paulsen got T'd up twice and ejected. Lot of questionable calls went against Mason. Dayton holds on.
  11. 58-53 Mason at the under 8. Josh Greene now lighting it up for Mason. Mason playing diamond and one and triangle and two, trying to take Crutcher and Watson out of it. Working so far.
  12. 28-9 Mason run has them ahead of Dayton 42-41 at the under 16. Freshman lefty Tyler Kolek is lighting the Flyers up. He's gonna be a pest on the level of a Dunn-Martin.
  13. Duq hangs on 75-63. GW 12-26 from the stripe. Look out for Duq’s freshman 6’7 Toby Okani who is on track to terrorize the A-10.
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