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  1. Can’t criticize his effort, but the airball layup was a bit comical.
  2. Seems to me our ballhandling problem has to do with LOFT.
  3. That was before Daye quit. Without Ohams, you see what Fordham has, essentially nothing.
  4. Another missed Okoro layup. How is it possible?
  5. The mynuzzle.com pillow commercial has made watching this game bearable. Looking into getting one of those.
  6. Fordham has nothing with Ohams on the bench with 2 fouls.
  7. Seems to me another players only meeting at halftime might be in order.
  8. He’s got plenty, 11 of them so far!!
  9. Jones gives a spark. Up one. Fordham is not good.
  10. The only 2 players we have who can score in the paint are out today. Not seeing a win here.
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