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  1. Thanks Coach for all you did in building the program. Seriously, good luck, but my question is, why take a step down to South Carolina?
  2. Jimmy Bell Jr. aka "The Locomotive"
  3. Sad news. Condolences to Earl. His Uncle was an immovable object in the post.
  4. Props on the Biancardi interview. Among others, the story about Eckerle trying to guard Derrick Rose in the secret game was great. Reminded me of my futile attempts at trying to guard guys who were just way more athletic than me.
  5. When you live in ACC country you run into fans who love Duke, Carolina, and others but aren’t really familiar with teams not in the Power 5 conferences.
  6. I’ve been asked by more than “casual” sports fans.
  7. The Chris Sloan podcast is excellent. Good storytelling and plenty of good stories. His description of Izik Ohannan’s time at SLU is great and I especially liked the Channing Frye dunk story and the Dayton return plane flight. SLU owning a bunch of old airplanes is funny in its own right.
  8. Just listened to the Earl interview. Loved it. Earl lived up to his nickname as the awesome one.
  9. Nostradamus has nothing on you. Good call.
  10. Go Bills! They were really coming together late in the year with the 5 double digit wins to end the season. That’s especially impressive when you factor in the Thatch and Jimerson absences. I was amazed by the way Perkins came on beginning with the Davidson game. Despite his juco stats, I didn’t think he looked like a double digit scorer at the D-1 level when I watched the juco all-star game. Figured he would average 9 to 9.5 ppg and thought he didn’t look like a consistent three pt. threat. Thought most of his points would come from the 12 to 18’ range because that’s the one thing that looked solid. He proved me wrong in a big way and I’m glad I missed on this. You like comparing him to Harry Rogers but I never saw Rogers play. I did see George Gervin play and I see a lot of George Gervin in him.
  11. SluSignGuy bringing the heavy lumber. Well done!!
  12. From following the situation closely over the past month and having a healthcare background, my guess is that May 22nd is the first possible date we can begin to open up segments of the economy. Looking at the May calendar, the 26th seems like a logical date they'll settle on as it's the Tuesday following Memorial Day.
  13. XFL closing up shop. One more victim of the coronavirus.
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