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  1. Home game scheduled vs. Hofstra on 12-9. Hofstra was 25-10 last year with an NIT win over Rutgers. They return 9 key contributors. We’ll probably be a home dog for that one.
  2. Grand Opening of the Champions Center is 10/9 at 4pm.
  3. I see 20 wins, a trip to the A-10 semis, and a completely satisfied Chris May. It’s Billiken basketball after all.
  4. Floor 14 wins, ceiling 20 wins and A-10 semis loss. The latter and we have a contract extension in the works.
  5. There’s bound to be plenty of opinions as to why it won’t work but it makes you think it could.
  6. Have you seen Bradford play? Slower than old horse walking uphill and about same vertical leap as the horse. That’s a desperation signee. Pass.
  7. Another 20 win season in the bag!! Coach Ford assured of a ninth season at the helm!! Note: The above sentences may contain sarcasm.
  8. Excellent article. Worth the read.
  9. Pretty much. Had one get mad at me once. Nearly frightening.
  10. Anyone else know an actual person named John Doe? I know one who’s 93 years old. He was raised in an area so far back in the woods that they had to pipe in the sunshine and he said his parents had no idea of the use of “John Doe” as a name for an unidentified corpse.
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