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  1. The bluebloods are already cowering with fear at the Billiken juggernaut. Looks to me like everyone else is playing for second place. Getting ready to celebrate the impending natty!!
  2. Haven’t seen highlights so, FWIW, the box score shows JGood with 5 mins. of action, going 2-4 from the floor, 0-1 from the arc, with 4 points and 1 board. Only 2 players played fewer mins., one of them a big, and one was Miles McBride, a 6’1 guard from WVU.
  3. This thread has made me realize that soccer strategy can be described in more than these six words: kick ball, head ball, stop ball. Surprising.
  4. After reading this thread, there’s no doubt I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.
  5. Well, knock me over with a feather, it isn’t??? :shockedface
  6. When you have the surgery for that condition it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Giving someone the finger.”
  7. If it’s the Turkish Super League, It’s the third ranked foreign league, allegedly. Not sure what league this is though.
  8. Reminds me a lot of Ernie DiGregorio. Saw Ernie team with Marvin Barnes when Providence advanced to the ‘73 Final Four. What a dynamic duo those two were.
  9. Pretry nice dunk, good pass, too. #Yurimania
  10. The BFIB were treated to another Cardinal victory. Goldschmidt with the Bottom 9 game-winning single. That's 19 of 20.
  11. I believe it’s 42 days prior to your first game, and you can hold 30 practices in that time period. Coach has practiced 5 days straight with two days off, but said he might take the late Coach Stuen’s suggestion and practice 3 consecutive days followed by a day off.
  12. Reminds me of the September charge by the ‘64 World Series Champs!!
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