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  1. Next dominos are falling. Looks like no fall college sports. This was inevitable. No way college hoops starts before Jan. 1 and that season is in serious jeopardy.
  2. The first domino falls, UConn has cancelled it’s football season.
  3. If I’m wrong, I’ll own up to it, but I doubt any college sports will be played this year. The hope we had for sports as we’ve known them, which includes fan attendance without limitations, was to shut the economy down through July 4th, and have everyone follow the remediation efforts that we’re all now familiar with. Since a July 4th restart scenario wasn’t likely, I hoped we could keep everything shut down through Memorial Day, and maybe we’d get lucky. Once the “liberate states” stuff started, that was likely the end of sports in the USA for ‘20-21.
  4. Thanks Coach for all you did in building the program. Seriously, good luck, but my question is, why take a step down to South Carolina?
  5. Jimmy Bell Jr. aka "The Locomotive"
  6. Sad news. Condolences to Earl. His Uncle was an immovable object in the post.
  7. Props on the Biancardi interview. Among others, the story about Eckerle trying to guard Derrick Rose in the secret game was great. Reminded me of my futile attempts at trying to guard guys who were just way more athletic than me.
  8. When you live in ACC country you run into fans who love Duke, Carolina, and others but aren’t really familiar with teams not in the Power 5 conferences.
  9. I’ve been asked by more than “casual” sports fans.
  10. The Chris Sloan podcast is excellent. Good storytelling and plenty of good stories. His description of Izik Ohannan’s time at SLU is great and I especially liked the Channing Frye dunk story and the Dayton return plane flight. SLU owning a bunch of old airplanes is funny in its own right.
  11. Just listened to the Earl interview. Loved it. Earl lived up to his nickname as the awesome one.
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