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  1. According to Neil Ferguson (not me) Ferguson did not change projection in number of deaths as you stated in your post. My source is him, as in the guy involved with the exact models you referenced. This will be my last post on the subject. Read his tweets which I kindly posted in my first response and start there and work backwards. Again of all the wide variety of things associated with COVID-19, this is one of which my interest level is small. Your post initial post was not accurate according to Neil Ferguson. I recommend you strike up a conversation with him movinh forward, as, I am not involved.
  2. I don't think you understand. I do not care about the Imperial model. Your changed conclusion is incorrect according the author. My source was the author in his own words. I am not involved in your dispute with Ferguson. Take it up with him. What I do care about is misrepresented information. Many other aspects of COVID-19 are of more interest to me.
  3. It's his model. He clarified and explained his model because some people such as yourself were drawing incorrect conclusions from it. Now you repeatedly told me to believe what I wish. Well, why not believe the gentleman who's model you posted? You did until the conclusion isn't what you wanted so now you don't. Got it.
  4. It isn't about what I believe or don't believe. It was about you posting misinformation that was corrected by the person of whom whose information you used. Did I feel good posting it? I felt indifferent because it's about you and him.
  5. Huh? You referenced the Imperial College Model and made conclusions from which the author of it disagrees. I merely posted what he said. You may want to take it up with him.
  6. This is not true. Source? Neil Ferguson himself of Imperial College, and the model you referenced helps explain some people's misinterpretations below. (by the way even in the incorrect reduced numbers, that's still twice the number of annual England flu deaths, let alone even the exponentially more predicted.
  7. Jimmy Carter's approval rating jumped 26% during the first few months of the Iran hostage crisis. The difference between now and some of the recent past Presidents, is that Trump's numbers are relatively flat during the same time others have received a larger initial bump. Then of course things changed longer term for some.
  8. Luther Burden was offered by Alabama Football today. His football offers include Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, USC, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas St. Mizzou, Illinois, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, Arizona St., KU, Iowa St., TCU, West Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Louisville, Indiana, etc...
  9. The behind the scenes of a wasted two months: https://twitter.com/jdawsey1/status/1241156349515440140?s=19
  10. Ramean Hinton, Chicago Curie guard, was named first team all state Illinois. Has SLU offer.
  11. Marquette assistant Stan Johnson is the new head coach at Loyola Marymount. (last year Brett Nelson became head coach at Holy Cross. Some Jesuit movement there)
  12. Tarris Reed was offered by Mizzou today.
  13. But that wasn't his post. His post was that Vandy had mediocre guards. I named 3 that Drew recruited that have been much better than that. I do not dispute the lack of.on court success with Drew in his 3 seasons there. What I said above and in the past is Stackhouse has a well earned reputation of being very good at player development. It is one of his biggest strengths as a coach. And don't former Drew Vandy recruit Yanni Wetzell had a very good season for an elite San Diego St. team this year.
  14. Garland was an NBA lottery pick last year. Nesmith is an NBA first rounder as a Junior this year. He would have been a lottery pick had his season not been shortened by a foot stress fracture. He led the country with a 52% 3 point %. He will leave school early for the NBA. Saben Lee is a top 50 draft board player right now, that will return next year. He will play in the NBA. Lee was named 2nd team all SEC. Scottie Pippen was named to the All SEC Freshman team this year. All of the above players were Bryce Drew recruits.
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