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  1. NCAA College Cup Final Four: Florida St. 0 Virginia 0. (FSU wins PK’s)FSU made every Penalty Kick and Virginia missed every penalty kick. Tale of two halves. Virginia took it to FSU at times in the first half, creating lots of pressure on the left side. Great build up from Samar Guidry and Becca Jarrett. Jarrett hammers a shot off of the cross bar and straight down in the 22nd minute. Jarrett had a great first half, beating defenders from the wing. Diana Ordoñez also played well. FSU made good alf time adjustments and moved a few players around and added help against Jarrett. ht
  2. Alli Klug made 3rd team All American as a Sophomore. She made 2nd team All American as a Junior. She was 1st team All East Region as a Senior.
  3. NCAA Women's All American teams announced today. Notables of interest...SLU opponents: Anna Podojil, Arkansas Forward, 1st team. Kim Rodriguez Oklahoma St. Defender, 2nd team. Summer Yates, Washington Midfielder, 2nd team. (she sat out the NCAA Tourney game vs SLU due to injury but played the next game vs UNC) Parker Goins, Arkansas Forward, 3rd team. Local ties, Channing Foster,(SLSG) Midfielder, Ole Miss, 3rd team.
  4. Katie Shields and staff were named East Region Staff of the Year. (Chris Allen, Bry McCarthy, Montana Sutton, Olivia Silverman.)
  5. You also may want to remember that some teams are bringing back Seniors for an extra year. (Depends on player/team, but many are taking advantage of the extra year). And of course, other good teams will be bringing in strong recruiting classes. (SLU will be good and they will do fine.)
  6. I believe someone else pointed out to you that health/injuries will be a factor for the above, Hannah Larson, etc...For example, ’Anna Lawler had a serious injury very early in her college career at Oklahoma St. She didn’t play her next game until over 12 months later. Then she played last fall, was injured again, etc...Who will be healthy? At what level? all questions that will be answered early next fall. In addition to returning players, SLU will have some new faces as well. (Emily Gaebe, (goal scorer) Madelyn Smith, (field general midfielder) Katelyn Brinkman (defender), Lily-Anne Ell
  7. Yes. Men’s 8 Regions: Atlantic, East, Far West, North, Northeast, South, Southeast, West. There are 3 leagues/conferences to each region. Women’s 8 Regions: Atlantic, East, Midwest, North, Pacific, South, Southeast, West. There are 4 leagues/conferences to each region, except for the Pacific Region which only has 3.
  8. United Soccer Coaches All Region Teams: Southeast Region: 2nd Team: Kipp Keller Christian Buendia
  9. United Soccer Coaches All Region Teams: East Region: 1st team: Hannah Friedrich Brionna Halverson Abbie Miller 2nd team: Hannah Larson Emily Puricelli
  10. North Carolina 2 #5 Wake Forest 1. North Carolina (a bit overlooked this season in the ACC) advances to their 9th Men’s College Cup Final Four. And, they are seeking their 3rd National Title. UNC gave up an early 10th minute goal, but was able to overcome the early deficit. https://twitter.com/uncmenssoccer/status/1391911241984090112?s=21 #3 Indiana 2 #6 Seton Hall 0. Indiana advances to their 21st College Cup Final Four. And, they are seeking their 9th National Title. https://twitter.com/indianamsoc/status/1391892182701858816?s=21 https://twitter.com/indianamso
  11. Two completed Men’s NCAA Quarterfinals, two first time NCAA College Cup Semifinalists. #1 Pittsburgh 3 #7 Washington 0. https://twitter.com/pitt_msoc/status/1391822023547043841?s=21 Marshall 1 #8 Georgetown 0. https://twitter.com/nottherealjgrif/status/1391825598767673345?s=21
  12. It is. The ACC is such a good league. You have those 3, two other NCAA Quarterfinal teams, (Clemson, Duke), plus several other good programs such as NC St., Virginia Tech, Wake Forest. And there have been a few good recent hires at Pittsburgh, ND, BC as well. Pittsburgh hired former Notre Dame head coach Randy Waldrum. He won two National Titles at ND before leaving a few years for professional coaching. He’s trying to build something there. Both NC St. and BC hired ex Wake Forest Assistants. In the ACC you could have a pretty good program and miss the NCAA’s once in awhile. Tough league
  13. They were unseeded in the NCAA Tourney this year out of 16 seeds. They have a good team. In the NCAA Tourney, they defeated SIUE, BYU, Rice, TCU. BYU was a 12. Rice had an upset win over 5 West Virginia. TCU was the 4 seed. Virginia of course plays in the crowded ACC. Two of those teams, FSU and UNC are the two best teams Nationally. Duke was 9. Clemson 14. BYU, SLU, USC, would be perhaps 3 of the teams that moved ahead of them for seeds. Virginia is among the Power 5 leagues that played both a fall and Spring season. The ACC, SEC, and Big 12 did this. Seeding this s
  14. Santa Clara 1 Clemson 0. https://twitter.com/ncaasoccer/status/1391537328150228993?s=21 Santa Clara was able to get a mid first half goal on a forced turnover and completed numbers rush. They made it stand up despite Clemson provided plenty of pressure throughout the game, but they struggled in the final 3rd. Strong back line not giving anything inside the 18 until oater in the game for SCU. Clemson gave up a few middle of the field counters. Santa Clara advances to their 11th College Cup Final Four, and is seeking their 2nd National Title. Virginia 1 TCU 0. Virginia
  15. First two NCAA Quarterfinals: Beautiful 80 degree sunshine. North Carolina 1 Texas A&M 0 Final. Game highlights: https://twitter.com/ncaasoccer/status/1391481999962030080?s=21 UNC was able to score just before half time on a turnover counter near midfield. TAMU was able to clear initially but was never able to get organized on the play. It was a pretty even first half prior to that. Eventually UNC moved its possession to the final third more often. TAMU had a few chances mostly first half including one 1v1 from wide left that was not in the game
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