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  1. The opposing coach for that SLU match makes for an interesting example. How are other schools doing it? Ryan Theis, Marquette's coach, played at UWM (University Wisconsin-Milwaukee) amd then had brief assistant stops at Eastern Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, Florida, before becoming the Head Coach at Ohio for six years, and then hired at Marquette. They were top 10 last year, lost five players and still have a top 25 team.
  2. Arkansas regularly has games available on something. Strange nothing yet.
  3. I don't see any TV yet, and, it'd be a shame if there wasn't. SLU Women face Arkansas this weekend in soccer. Arkansas is a top 10 team that often plays and aesthetically pleasing style of play. Nice test for SLU.
  4. SLU Volleyball playing right now, a mid-day matchup at Top 25 Marquette, on Marquette's website. Close first set.
  5. DeSmet over Vashon by seven. Brian Taylor (SLU offer) with 18.
  6. I don't know the answer. I counted 11 each while watching because I was curious about the slightly smaller field and the numbers. It played fine in a unique one off/one game situation. And it can certainly be used for practice.
  7. It is. It's not too far from being big enough, but far enough to not be able to play there. You could tell from watch the Women's Game. So many American Football Indoor Practice Facilities are very tight with space even just for football, let alone a larger soccer field. It's too bad so few have been made with soccer in mind or multi purpose. The bubble concept helps with this. SLU's game at Marquette was regulation size field. They have a full size grass and full size turf practice field next to their Soccer Stadium. The bubble goes over the turf field, and soccer and lax games can play
  8. I did see the Women's game on ESPN+. I was editing my post when you posted to mention that SLU Men did practice in Earth City over the weekend where SLU Women defeated Illinois St.
  9. That's an unfortunate change from the original schedule. The game was moved from on campus at Butler to the indoor facility. Friday's game will be the same indoor location as today in Indy. We will have to wait and see about Friday as well. SLU Women defeated Xavier at the same place. (The Men practiced in Earth City Indoor Facility over the weekend where the Women played Saturday night.)
  10. Monday and Friday's games (Butler and Xavier) will both be played in Indy next week, indoors, Grant Park. Both early afternoon games.
  11. SLU's game with Illinois St. will be played indoors tonight, 8pm at the former Stl Rams Football Practice Facility, (now Lou Fusz) ESPN+, no fans.
  12. I'm not going to post much back and forth about Moser but I will say he has done well at Loyola. That is very difficult to dispute. (And he did well as an assistant at SLU) Loyola has played in a league for 40 years, only one other coach has won a league for them. Moser is trying to do it 3 times in 4 seasons finishing 2nd the other time. That is dominating your league (MVC) Loyola has made the NCAA's six times in school history. Prior to Moser they had made it once in the past 50 plus years. Moser will make it twice in a few seasons, and Final Fours count too. It was mentioned
  13. Some of but not the only early names mentioned have been: John Becker Vermont HC Howard Eisley Michigan Assistant Porter Moser Loyola Chicago HC Becker has done well at Vermont, can build a program. Eisley is highly thought of both as a player on BC's 1994 Elite 8 team, and NBA, as well as for guard development, in particular point guards, and recruiting. Moser knows the AD, Pat Kraft from Loyola Chicago, which is a big reason he is in the discussion. Mark Schmidt at St. Bonaventure, James Jones at Yale. Others.
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