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  1. SLU’’s 2025 Volleyball commit this week is from Tamia Maddox, Outside Hitter from Lincoln-Way East High School and Adversity Volleyball Club. 2023 4A Sectional Finalist. All Area 2nd team and Special Mention All State. 331 kills. 230 digs. 22 blocks. 20 aces. All Conference. All Tourney Team at WWS. Her brother Dante recently transferred to Xavier to play basketball. (Toledo/CSUF) And her dad is the Boys Basketball Coach at Bloom High School on Chicago’s South Side.
  2. Kenzie committed to Iowa State today: https://x.com/kenzie_hare12/status/1782434637769245043?s=46&t=TsCCkuE48YmnkWfoKqc_Ng
  3. Almost forgot, good luck to Tiffany: https://gobluehose.com/news/2024/4/19/womens-basketball-presbyterian-college-names-tiffany-sardin-head-womens-basketball-coach.aspx
  4. Some of the schools that have reached out to Kenzie Hare include: Drake, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma Virginia Tech. Neither Hare nor her teammate Liza Karlen, one of the better players in the portal, are expected to follow their previous head coach to Virginia Tech. And neither are expected to stay at Marquette. Karlen visited Notre Dame last weekend. (potential final four team next year) And instead of committing, Karlen wanted to listen to some other big name schools first, including a few of the biggest.
  5. LSU’s Hailey Van Lith transferred to TCU.
  6. Don’t forget to fold up the card table on your way out.
  7. If Jay Wright wanted to coach basketball, he’d be doing it at Villanova. In his final 6 NCAA postseasons, he won 2 National Titles, and, he went to 3 Final Fours. He was also paid $6.2 million as a top 5 paid coach nationally. The Big East can make it 4 National Titles in the past 8 NCAA Tourneys tonight, as Danny Hurley and UConn go for 2 in a row. Hurley makes $5.35 million. And he’ll likely get an additional raise.
  8. For perspective, more than half of the Big East has NIL greater than $2 million. (6 teams) And some have it closer to $3 million.
  9. SLU 2 Mizzou 0 “It just means more.” Spring Ball is an opportunity to play a lot of players, try new things, etc….and to not care too much about results while always trying to win and be successful. Once in a while, a Spring game is a little bigger than others. This was one of those games. Lots of high priority recruiting targets from near and far were in attendance. Spirited game. SLU played 19 players. 2 additional players were unavailable due to injury. Gaebe has been out the past 4 months since shortly after the Fall season. She will be ready for Summer Ball. Autumn Jackson unfortunately had another set back with her knee. And her time table is longer. Lucie Schwartz who sat out the 2023 season with a knee injury, looked like her old self. She set up SLU’s first goal on the left wing, forcing a turnover, beating the defender. She earned a penalty which was converted by Lyndsey Heckel. Early in the 2nd half, SLU played a nice diagonal ball for Sawyer. She zipped past two defenders in alone and she was taken down from behind for a penalty. It was converted by Addy Lang. Mizzou was competitive, as they have made small progressive steps each year under Golan. And when they add their Freshmen this Fall, they should take a step forward this year in the SEC. SLU will also be adding 9 more Freshmen this Fall to their group. Good to see SLU commits, targets, and recent former Billikens at the game. (Kelly, Miller, Lawler, Preusser). Both teams had some good chances during the game. SLU was the better team and deserved the win. Good possession and combination play. And they figured out that against a 3-5-2 formation, diagonal balls switching fields, can be an effective strategy. But Mizzou played a good competitive game. 4-2-3-1 formation for SLU SLU won its Spring Cup group. And they will play either Michigan State or Northwestern in the group crossover game at Grand Park in Indy. (Notre Dame has been eliminated but will play a consolation game.)
  10. Coaching Carousel SLU edition: Chris Mack was contacted by SLU for the 2nd straight year to gauge his interest. Nothing more than that transpired with him. He wasn’t SLU’s first or top choice. He was one of many in a list. And since his interest wasn’t strong, SLU moved on to the next candidate. Mack was more of a thing last year. Mack overestimated his demand this cycle. He was somewhat selective, only seeking P4 opportunities. But he was not a serious candidate at any of the P4 openings. He was nowhere near the top 3 at Vandy, which was in order, May, Sprinkle, Byington. But he was on a secondary list with several others. Mack was also hoping that FSU or UCF (again, P4 situations) would open so he could enter the mix there. They didn’t. He ended up at College of Charleston to get back into the mix after sitting out. It was now or never. He was not College of Charleston’s first choice. And they were not his first choice. It’s a good mid major job, which is where he needed to go to build himself up back into the mix. It took an old connection tor him to land there. Both Mack and Kelsey were assistants for Skip Prosser. And, Kelsey was an assistant for Mack. It’s been 5 years since Mack coached in the NCAA Tourney. He’s long had an aloof, loner, personality with his peers. He panic fired his staff at UL and he secretly recorded an assistant that tried to extort him. Those are all red flags for P4 programs with many other available canidates. Darian DeVries was a candidate at Michigan. And, he was ultimately hired at West Virginia. May was their first choice but DeVries was high on their list. DeVries was on SLU’s list and he had some level of interest in SLU as a fall back choice. Mark Byington was a candidate at West Virginia. He was hired by Vandy as their 3rd choice behind May and Sprinkle. SLU would have had a chance with Byington if he was pursued early as a top choice like Schertz before other opportunities opened for him. But not beyond that. Many schools are (obviously) avoiding Will Wade because of his show cause and because of his reputation. SLU of course is included in that group and SLU had no interest, not that Wade would have had any interest in SLU either. Pat Kelsey hadn’t previously been scooped up long ago because of concerns about his personality. (same reason different personality than Mack) SLU of course is included in that. His name gets mentioned often but most schools have looked for a reason to hire someone else. He ended up as a fall back choice for UL. Bryce Drew never moved up or down out of middle of the pack level at SLU or at other places. He as perceived as an elite recruiter, that has struggled with player development, x’s and o’s, in game adjustments. His PR campaign to trash his previous employer through some basketball media, hasn’t helped his candidacy elsewhere. You can’t play a what if game when you land your first choice. But up next after that for SLU were Spradlin, Henderson, McCollum, Kerns, Morrell, McMillan. Spradlin was positioned as next up, as he impressed multiple places because he interviewed well. And he landed the James Madison position. McMillan, signed a raise and extension at Samford. (He’s been a secondary candidate at a few places.), McCollum, who was middle of the pack on SLU’s list, accepted the position at Drake. ……………
  11. There wasn’t a follow up post, because the situation didn’t change. Regarding any drama after that, let’s just say some things aren’t always what they seem. Officially, SLU first made contact with Josh Schertz March 13th. Unofficially, SLU targeted, and established mutual interest with Schertz, several weeks prior to that through a third party. Contract negotiations were ongoing St. Patrick’s Day weekend. And, a deal was finalized Tuesday March 19th. He wasn’t the only coach SLU contacted. And he wasn’t the only coach SLU interviewed. But he was SLU’s first snd only choice. There were meetings on the 13th, 17th, and the 19th of March during the process. Immediately after these meetings, Trilly Donovan and Jeff Borzello were contacted by Evan Daniels and two other people.Ross Chaifetz was not one of these people. However he did communicate with them later in the process. There also seems to be some confusion and misinformation out there regarding other SLU candidates. See the Coaching Carousel post.
  12. Schertz is expected to be SLU’s Head Coach. The deal was negotiated St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, and, it was finalized last Tuesday. For the 2nd straight year, those involved with SLU’s Head Coaching decision reached out to Chris Mack to gauge his interest.There was a specific group of SLU boosters/donors who reached out to Porter Moser regarding the job. Those people were very confident about Moser. When I refer to boosters/donors, these are recent 7 figure and up donor/boosters. Schertz, DeVries, Byington, Drew were the other list of names. SLU didn’t have to go past Schertz because they knew for some time, through Kyle Bowlsby, among others, that Schertz was interested in the SLU job. Byington has a connection with Kevin Eastman. Drew had interest for the 2nd time. There were some other names beyond that if it came to that. But it didn’t even get to the above names. Blake Ahearn was not a candidate for the job. He was never considered during the recent process. Last year there was a group of boosters that wanted him to replace Ford. And they made enough of a fuss that it had to be addressed. At no time was Niele Ivey a candidate for the SLU Men’s Basketball position. She also is a former St. Louisan who was an NBA assistant to Taylor Jenkins. (after 11 years as a college assistant). Good luck to Niele as her team tries for their 3rd straight Sweet 16 this afternoon. A very small group of decision making SLU boosters/donors and a small group of SLU Admin handled the new SLU head coach hiring process. That included an additional familiar to many SLU employee that hasn’t been publicly mentioned. The mutual interest with Schertz was for several weeks. It was negotiated, finalized, and it’s been waiting to be announced. Bart Lundy and Cuonzo are two of the names contacted by Indiana State through a search firm to gauge interest as possible replacements there. For reference and perspective, Grant McCasland was hired by Texas Tech last year. It wasn’t announced until March 31st, in part because his previous team, North Texas, won the NIT Championship.
  13. Kenzie Hare, a former SLU/Stone commit, is 13th in the country in 3 point field goal percentage as a Sophomore. 89 for 206. 12th most makes. Only 3 other players in the top 35 had more attempts.
  14. They entered the portal on Monday.
  15. I think as long as things don’t fall through and get too deep into the weeds, many people will be happy and encouraged with how things play out. I did hear that Tony and Pee Wee had a moment this weekend.
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