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  1. Taylor had 18 for DeSmet and a strong first half. They play better with their personnel when he has the ball vs off the ball. (which was more of the 2nd half). Missed about 4 to 5 good in and out shots late for the difference. That and they needed a few more makes on baseline 3's from Lovette and Duff, that Redmond would normally knock down if he were playing. Martin had a solid game, didn't try to do too much, 12 foot angle jumpers find space in the zone in the first half. Motor and effort are keys to his game. He was able to get a few more transition buckets and FT's in the 2nd. His fe
  2. Justin can shoot it and throw it down. He's a bit more athletic than his dad. He is certainly someone to keep an eye on moving forward. His sister is a 2021 Clemson soccer commit.
  3. Taylor is a good defender, long. He's a willing shooter depending on the game and circumstances. DeSmet has a different look than expected this year. Their best shooter, Thomas Redmond, who was getting interest from Moser and others last year is playing club soccer, as he is one of thr best soccer players in the state. And of course, Keita and Markway are out with injuries. It will be interesting to see how John Duff's kid (Justin) develops both physically and a player. He's getting regular time as a Sophomore this year.
  4. 1v1 step back three game winner for Freshman Jaden Ivey and a young Purdue team at Ohio St. ...Ivey getting some good minutes. His mom of course was a superstar at Cor Jesu and Notre Dame. Nice story, under recruited player. He didn't get many offers early in his recruitment. He went to Purdue's camp and they were his first big offer. He took it.
  5. A little bit on Adewale and Nicholson at STLCA from Eric Bossi: https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/St-Louis-Christians-2023-duo-of-Jayden-Nicholson-and-Sultan-Adewale-shows-promise-Illinois-Missouri-Missouri-State-Purdue-Southeast-Missouri-159038479/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Nice set play for Xavier to get the buzzer beater over Providence. Good spacing, moving without the ball, making the extra pass to get an even better look.
  7. It works similar. When I began YTTV, I negotiated a 30 day free trial on two accounts instead of a shorter 7 or 10 length. A live person waa helpful whenever there were any connectivity challenges early on etc...which lessened over time. Whenever there is a price increase and/or whenever channels get dropped it's an opportunity to negotiate for something in return, price, added complimentary premium channels etc...it was helpful having a live person at YTTV to negotiate how they would keep my business. But now, things have changed a lot with YTTV customer service,
  8. Previously with YTTV, you could only send a message online. You could either solve your problem online or request a call. A call came within seconds from California. Very good service. Perhaps there was a picture or connection issue, billing issue etc...or perhaps you want to negotiate a longer free trial to try a service, or to negotiate a better deal for premium services. Many things may require conversation and negotiation. A phone option was very helpful early with YTTV. It wasn't needed as much later on. But that all changed during the pandemic. No online and no phone for a whi
  9. I appreciate the feedback. I am doing a free trial with AT&T now. Overall I prefer the user experience with YTTV. (Better layout, unlimited storage, more channels, better price etc...) But AT&T Now is not bad, good picture, returns you to previous station. It has a few sports channels that others dropped. Perhaps even better streaming connection, at least for me. It seems to be the only streaming option for the Sinclair owned channels until Sinclair comes out with their direct to consumer option later this year.
  10. Sekou Gassama had 24 points (including 17 of 20 from the FT line) 8 rebounds going head to head with Tarris Reed Jr. last night in close game at Chaminade. (Reed had 15) Gassama had 16 and 10 in a recent game v Webster. (DeSmet of course is playing its entire season without Keita, Redmond, Markway)
  11. One goal (of many) for SLU is to have as strong of a league as possible, and, have SLU win the league. I hope every A-10 team wins every non-conference game they play. I hope there are lots and lots of strong A-10 programs annually. It’s why we’re here. Bring me Rick. Let’s sell some tix, get some tv time, and kick some butt.
  12. Do you have $80 Max plan? That appears to be the only option. How does ease of use and picture compare to YTTV? Thx.
  13. My question is does anyone have AT&T Now? Is the fine print $8.49 Regional Sports Fee I see added to your plan? I would need at least the Extra or higher plan. How is the picture, ease of use, etc? I don't see myself going back to Satellite/Cable. YTTV (and several others) dropped Sinclair owned FS Regionals, Tennis Channel, etc...There also appears to be at least a few other non sports channels that YTTV doesn't carry that AT&T Now does. YTTV customer service has declined quite a bit as well. Sinclair is using on screen sports gambling as an additional revenue stream. I don
  14. That's really the point. With Carr having a poor shooting game, I was a bit surprised they let EJ defend straight up on many possessions. He did it at both ends, forcing poor shooting games from Liddell and others. https://ohiostate.rivals.com/news/buckeyes-dearth-of-size-on-full-display-against-robbins-minnesota
  15. The first NCAA Net Rankings of 2020-2021 season are out. SLU checks in at....................12. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-net-rankings
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