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  1. 2023 March Madness $ pay out by league: https://www.sportico.com/leagues/college-sports/2023/march-madness-2023-unit-payouts-1234717368/
  2. Roughly speaking, SDSU and University of Sam Diego are more similar to University of Cincinnati, and Xavier. It’s a big public school in the same city as a smaller private school. SLU would be USD and X. USD has 4 NCAA Tourneys ever. Xavier has 29. SDSU is also of course a football school. They have a new $310 million football stadium that also hosts other sports. They had over 30k this weekend for San Diego Wave (Women’s Professional Soccer team) But just to play along, you could say it took a while for Steve Fisher and Brian Dutcher to build at San Diego St., beginning 24 years ago. 12 of their 15 ever NCAA Tourney appearances in Men’s hoops have been in those 24 years. 10 in the past 13 years.
  3. Miami FL was also in the Elite 8 last year too. Pack didn’t play on that team. Pack is a good player. Out of 24 All Conference ACC players this year, Nigel Pack didn’t make any of the All Conference teams. 3 other Miami players did. It’s important for SLU to have NIL money moving forward. Few will disagree with that. I’m all for that. But many teams have won at high levels this year without big NIL money. And it isn’t the reason SLU’s results were less than some others this year.
  4. It’s 3 things. Successful players transferring up to P6. Players that transfer between P6 schools. And it’s players that transfer out of P6. SLU played Providence, a transfer friendly program under Cooley. There were a few A10 players, but 4 of the 7 were P6 players. Look at the teams still play, it’s a mix of P6 and non P6 schools, and the transfer types and amounts vary. FAU, has 3 key P6 transfers. UConn has 2 P6 transfers and 2 that moved up leagues. SDSU has 2 P6 transfers and 3 from other leagues. Texas has 5 P6 transfers, and 1 that moved up leagues. Miami has 1 P6 transfer, and 2 that moved up leagues.
  5. SLU alum Simon Becher still doing Simon Becher things: https://twitter.com/WhitecapsFC/status/1639823061041188864?t=ig9h5ggbAIlW-gWp21q09Q&s=19 https://twitter.com/WhitecapsFC/status/1639819694579531777?t=Zm-Qb2eo2GN7ViYQV12D8Q&s=19 ................. Patrick Schulte, played 90 minutes in a 6-1 Columbus win. https://twitter.com/ColumbusCrew/status/1639780763922055168?t=8-hM1XOsqVWapJbQoydYCg&s=19 ..................
  6. Miami also made the Elite 8 last year without Nigel Pack. They are 6th nationally on offense. Not a good defensive team but their offense is elite. Isaiah Wong was ACC Player of the Year. Jordan Miller was 2nd Team All ACC. Norchad Omier was 3rd Team All ACC. 24 ACC players honored. None were Nigel Pack. Pack’s a good player, but Miami has had a lot of good players the past few years.
  7. He’s incorrect anyway Using Ken Pomeroy as a reference, SLU has not had a top 49 adjusted offense efficiency in ANY of the past 7 seasons. 324 2017 225 2018 214 2019 111 2020 50 2021 63 2022 64 2023 Adjusted offensive efficiency is defined by the amount of points a team scores per 100 possessions against an average defense. Adjusted defense is points allowed per 100 possessions vs an average defense. SLU’s defense. 181 2017 80 2018 40 2019 44 2020 65 2021 81 2022 153 2023 …………….. So as it shows, SLU was able to turn around the defense more quickly than offense. However it has gotten progressively worse the past few seasons. SLU has never had a great offense the past 7 years. If you are going to have a bad offense you need an elite defense. If you have a bad defense, you need an elite offense. If you are well balanced, those rankings, roughly speaking, need to be 40’s each or better to dance. And even then that is the bubble.
  8. Well, we do live in a society where increasingly, truth, is whatever people want it to be. Why should you be any different. The people who like Travis rushed to his defense. The people who don’t like Travis, rushed to rejoice. The people who live in an obsessive hero worship/scapegoating world rushed to find a way to make a statement of fact, negatively about me. “Be a man,” says the keyboard tough guy, or you’ll throw another tantrum. if you aren’t going to seek counseling, get that dog. It’ll help you. And remember, before you hit send on your next, you’re not obsessed. But at least you are getting some attention. So. maybe it’s a win/lose for you.
  9. Conference USA. Florida Atlantic, UAB, North Texas. Pretty good ball.
  10. That’s a L-O-T of words to say you aren’t obsessed. Maybe try a hobby. Maybe get a dog. (Make sure you are nice to the dog) Here, maybe this will help you feel better. Former SLU Women’s Soccer player and Assistant, Liv Silverman, is still in the area doing private strength and conditioning training. Some of her clients include SLU Soccer commits. There, that information should hold you over a little while.
  11. The comments above are in reference to Chris May’s comments before the A10 tourney when he said Travis Ford will be SLU’s coach for years to come.. His comments this week after the A10 tourney is over: “I made those comments because I wanted to take that pressure off of the team” Oh. ”We made a head coaching change in Women’s basketball because we want to make the NCAA Tournament, and, make runs in it.” -Chris May Oh.
  12. Often times the person projecting is the last to know. There’s professional help for your unhealthy obsession with me. Like I said hero worship/scapegoating is an unhealthy way to go through life. Maybe look into it for your benefit. I’m so unimportant to you that you hit the troll the button on every one of my posts regardless of thread or topic, for months and months, and now the button coincidentally no longer exists. I’m so unimportant to you that perhaps we can send a SWAT team team to help you with the people holding you hostage, “forcing you to respond.” You say I am not credible, but if I want credibility, I need to tell you more things, or you will throw another temper tantrum. Pro tip: If one seeks more information, behaving like this isn’t the best way to go about getting it. There’s so little to it, that local television media, radio media, print media, and the AD, have all felt the need to address it this week. All that’s missing are links from supportive boosters.
  13. It's another keyboard tough guy that doesn't recognize his own angst and projections. If you have nothing to add to the board of any substance, let's troll the people who do for attention.
  14. Blink twice if you are being held hostage Brian. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing people he didn’t exist.”
  15. Lol. I think you’re projecting again. Still unhealthily obsessed? Just hit the troll button. Oh wait, after doing that on every one of my posts for 3 months, it’s no longer available. Now I see why you did that instead of just speaking/projecting. Maybe get a hobby or try therapy. Hero worship/scapegoating isn’t a healthy way to go through life Keyboard tough guy that isn’t so tough while standing next to people.
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