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  1. Former SLU target RJ Davis committed to North Carolina. Up until his recent UNC visit he was expected to choose Marquette. 6 months ago, possibly Pittsburgh where their assistant is a grad of Stepinac as well. UNC was actively recruiting, Cade Cunningham, Bryce Thompson, others at guard in addition to the already committed Caleb Love. It was commit now or risk not getting a spot. UNC was able to get him on campus recently and a little over a week later he committed. SLU once again identified a very good player early who became an elite top 50 recruit. Tough to hold off the UNC, UK, etc...for anyone.
  2. The team is not happy with the A-10 scheduling. SLU has to return in one week to play GW. Unlike the men who play only 7 league games, the women play 10 and have a difficult time scheduling later season strong RPI opponents. This is where SLU and other teams need to advocate for scheduling changes, and work with the men’s teams with regards to scheduling.
  3. 0-0 tie game stopped in 70th minute in terrible muddy field conditions at George Mason. After a mid week home game, SLU returns to DC in one week to play George Washington. Not ideal scheduling.
  4. You should be able to go to ESPN app and use ATT TV as your provider at log in...user name and password.
  5. If you have the ACC network with your television package Dish, DirecTV, Spectrum, Youtube TV, etc......it is available via ESPN app. .....If you do not have those types of services, I am uncertain if you can get it if you only have ESPN plus package. I have watched several ACC games via ESPN app when listed as ACC extra. I have watched many SEC women's soccer games on SEC plus or extra or whatever. Any time a game is listed as ACC extra or SEC plus etc....I have never had trouble getting the game via ESPN app. Games that specifically say ESPN plus are the ESPN online subscription games. The television channel ACC Network has been very similar to SEC Network.
  6. For the 5th time this season SLU has allowed a goal in the first 12 minutes or less. I didn’t really see anything different or unusual. It is going to happen once or twice in league play. Dayton had been playing a little better of late but it is a bad home loss. Speaking of bad home losses...Virginia lost at home to Pitt. 2-0. It’s a bad home loss. It is UVA’s first loss in 12 games. I also thought James Madison gave them a good game. UVA had been at and near the top if United Soccer poll as well as RPI. Tuesday’s showdown is a great opportunity for SLU. For those that will not be at Klockner stadium in Charlottesville, VA, the game will be available via ESPN app, no ESPN plus subscription required. 7est, 6pm cst.
  7. It's not an official Pitt account. It also frequently gets Pitt recruiting incorrect. It's more like a fan account, at least the way it is run. No affiliation with Pitt official.
  8. SLU won their 8th game in a row, with 3 league games left to play. (1-0 at Fordham) Strong finish nets regular season league title, along with playing at home for important conference tourney.
  9. San Diego St. has made the NCAA’s 7 of last 10 years. 1 winning season in 14 years prior to Steve Fisher. Then 14 of 18 under him and now continuing long time assistant Brian Dutcher.
  10. Not Pistol, but no. You get players wherever you can get them. Every year, Local, Regional, National, International, other. All that matters is if that can play well, develop at this level, and fit at SLU.
  11. I think it is about playing with more pace, moving forward with possession, but also effectively, at higher levels. Too many smaller mistakes earlier in the season led to early opponent goals, or very quick counters given up defensively. It’s getting better. I often thought Boyce was SLU’s best player last year and he’s right up there again this year with a few others. It’s Kevin’s 2nd season. He’s still mixing and matching a bit. .....UVA defeated James Madison (w/o Dike) on a nice later 2nd half strike. (James Madison was scrappy and gave them a game, and has wins over top 5 Wake Forest and top 25 Cal St. Fullerton.
  12. Class finish from 3rd generation soccer Billiken John Klein, far post upper corner 22 yards out. Denver was highly ranked pre-season. They have had many close losses to quality teams. Washington, Stanford, Indiana, Notre Dame, SMU, tied a good Seattle team, win over Cal. They just needed a couple of results their to change their season. Now they have struggled against a few less quality teams in the middle of the season.
  13. For those out of town or who cannot attend the SLU v Denver game tonight, next week SLU opponent, #1 Virginia is hosting #18 ranked James Madison at 6pm Central tonight on ACC Network. UVA is also #1 RPI and James Madison is #22 RPI.
  14. Times have changed in the Stl. Many more schools have kids that played youth/grade school football. Recently CBC, a top 5 or so Stl area team this season (DeSmet, East St. Louis etc...are a bit better than them this year) played a top 10 Division 2 Cincinnati school, Winton Woods, (2nd largest Ohio Division out of 6) and CBC won 42-31. The kids at the private schools and top public programs all have had several years of youth football experience. Some of the kids are bigger and faster and more skilled than ever. Many more good coaches out there too. Better college football opportunities. In the old days, Stl had skill positions and speed, but couldn’t control line up scrimmage and didn’t have the physicality of some of those schools of the other parts of state. That changed a while back too. It of course isn’t Ohio, nor close to it, but it’s progressed a lot.
  15. Many SLU men and women’s soccer games have been available via ESPN plus. I’d have to check but I would imagine the UVA game would be an ESPN app game. The ACC, SEC, Pac 12, show many tv games via their networks (and ESPNU) as well as ESPN app. The Big Ten also shows many via their channel and Fox streaming. A-10, w/o a national tv network would need to play schools from the above leagues to get more tv games and ESPN app games. But many SLU men and women’s soccer games have been available via ESPN plus. You would also want to check opposing team’s websites as some opponent’s have their own network or league affiliated network (Big East) for games as well.
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